One Life to Live Recaps: The week of January 27, 2003 on OLTL

Cristian stopped Natalie from sleeping with Mitch and took her away from Llanview. Todd arranged for someone to pretend to be from the mob to follow Blair so that he could rescue her. Blair agreed to marry Todd. Troy thought about killing Lindsay.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of January 27, 2003 on OLTL
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Monday, January 27, 2003

Viki is desperate to find Natalie. Rex keeps Natalie's confidence and doesn't tell Viki that Natalie is at The Palace with Mitch. Mitch insists that he and Natalie consummate their marriage and explains to Natalie his evil and twisted reasons for doing so. Seeing no other alternative, Natalie prepares to do the unthinkable.

Jen confesses to Cristian that Al was the father of the baby she lost and admits her responsibility in Cristian being sent to jail. Cristian is furious at Jen, who is shocked that her latest attempt at manipulation blew up in her face. Cristian is released from jail and races out to find Natalie.

Todd returns to the penthouse as the hit man is about to strangle Blair. Todd fights with the hit man before two Federal agents arrive and arrest him. The agents inform Blair that the hit man will be sent to jail and that she is now safe. Todd later pays off the supposed hit man and agents, who were all part of his elaborate plan to force Blair into hiding out at the penthouse in order to win her back.

Max and Al move out of the millhouse. Max and Roxy are both pained by the turn of events. Rex moves in with Roxy after learning she was awarded all of Max's money. Rex tells Roxy that Natalie is with Mitch. Roxy tells Viki that Natalie is in trouble. Renee tries to bolster Max's confidence.

Tuesday, January 28, 2003

Roxanne blurts out Natalie's intention to sleep with Mitch to Viki just as Cristian is entering the solarium. Viki and Cristian immediately leave for The Palace Hotel.

In The Palace Hotel's honeymoon suite, Mitch begins his unwelcome seduction of Natalie. Her skin almost visibly crawling, she retreats from him and exclaims that she "can't do this!" Mitch picks up the phone to again assert his threat towards Cristian. She grabs the phone out of his hand and he hangs up. She reluctantly makes her way to the bed. Mitch pulls off one of her ostrich mules and begins kissing her leg. Natalie bursts into tears. As he works his way up her body, Cristian bursts through the door and throws him up against the wall. Viki rushes in and throws her arms around her daughter. Cristian accuses Mitch of trying to rape her and Bo arrives on the scene in time to prevent Cristian from pummeling Mitch. Bo asks Natalie if she wants to press charges against Mitch. "You are evil down to your marrow," Viki seethes. As everyone bickers around her, Natalie finally tells the truth about Mitch's threats. Bo escorts Mitch to the lobby where Viki catches up with them and begs to accompany them to the jail. Mitch is confident that no real charges will apply to him. Upstairs in the suite with Cristian, a shaking, sobbing Natalie is ashamed of herself for not fighting Mitch.

Nora sashays into Capricorn and hands R.J. an invitation to her wedding to Troy. "You can bring anyone but Lindsay," she cheerfully warns. Nora presses for a definition of his relationship with "Ms. Rappaport" but R.J. downplays it and concedes his affection for Liz. Max swaggers up to the bar just as R.J. is explaining that unfortunately he and Liz "don't want the same things." Nora notices Max's intoxicated state and even smiles as he calls her "Ally McBeal." Nora invites him to her wedding, as well. The two men generally bash to concept of marriage and R.J. goes so far as to warn Nora not to get hurt by Troy. Before Nora can properly chastise R.J. for his comments, she receives a call from the court and leaves. R.J. shuts Max off and offers him a cab and the keys to his apartment. Max has an AbFab moment before crawling away.

Roxanne arrives at Capricorn only to learn that Max has left. She casually pumps R.J. for information on what she suspects is Max's celebration of freedom from her. But R.J. reveals he's not doing very well at all. Roxanne is convinced she can help him.

Max stumbles into R.J.'s apartment and his suitcase falls open. One of Luna's videotapes is on the top of the pile and he pops it into the VCR. Luna assures him from the grave that her love will always be with him and that he should mend relationships in his life. The tape viewing is interrupted by Liz returning her key and picking up her things. Liz glances at the paused tape and describes Luna's eyes as "comforting." They briefly discuss their shared widowhood. Liz plunks down on the couch and asks Max to unburden his heart.

Allison Perkins receives an unexpected prison visit from Lindsay, who is frantic for her silence. Lindsay's incarceration nemesis, Tilly, saunters up behind Allison and declares they are good friends. Pulling up a chair next to Allison, Tilly laughs and offers to "take care of" Lindsay if she bothers Allison. After she leaves, Lindsay is relieved to learn that Allison hasn't spilled any of the true details of their prison escape. Lindsay commends her loyalty. The two women actually begin to confide in each other. They discuss Lindsay's affair with Troy, which Allison compares to the falseness of her relationship with Ben "Dave" Davidson. Lindsay contends that Troy really does care for her.

Nora enters the prison visiting area. She's been assigned to represent Allison. Nora pulls Lindsay aside and tells her not to get in the way of R.J. having true love. Lindsay smugly declares, "I'm pretty proud of my sex life, Nora. How about you?" She leaves Nora to confer with her new client. Nora informs Allison that she can't get a sentence reduction because Allison has been identified as the mastermind of the prison break. Allison mumbles to herself, "What the heck, I don't owe that whiny little blond anything." Then she makes casual inquiries about Nora's engagement ring and wedding plans. Nora explores a mental breakdown defense. Allison bargains that if it works, she'll reveal the identity of Lindsay's sex partner.

At The Palace bar, Emily recounts her discovery of a disheveled Lindsay in Troy's office. As they talk, Emily figures out their sexual entanglement. She's disgusted and horrified. Troy tells his sister that it's temporary as he has an angle to get Lindsay back into prison.

Lindsay arrives at Capricorn and implores R.J. to support her lies and continue to keep her affair with Troy under wraps. R.J. gives her the sudden news that Troy and Nora are getting married on Valentine's Day. Lindsay's response: "The hell they are."

Wednesday, January 29, 2003

Blair heads to the park with Todd; she's ecstatic that she's free and tells him how much she loves him for it. She's chomping at the bit to testify against the man who shot Suzanne but Todd has news for her. She doesn't have to testify at all since the man is wanted in other states for crimes committed. He'll be taken care of before a trial in Llanview would even come to be. An emphatic Blair retorts that she absolutely cannot let this man off but Todd insists she won't be needed and wants her to forget it and move on. He has business to take care of and heads back to the penthouse but suggests she stay and go for her jog. As she does some stretching, Sam happens to saunter by. He can hardly believe he's seeing Blair. She explains about the mob guy and how Todd grabbed him when he broke into the apartment. No, she doesn't know why the alarm didn't go off and why there were no cops, she answers to Sam's questions. The feds showed up though. Sam is thoroughly confused but is happy that the shooter is in custody. She tries to apologize for their broken relationship but he runs off, needing to check her story further.

A drunken Max shares his sorrow with Liz over his situation of being broke, without a job and no place to live. She thinks he's upset about his marriage and tries to comfort him. Max tells her how Roxy found his Luna tapes and handed them over even though she risked her own happiness by doing that. As Liz wraps her arms around him Roxy arrives, having been tipped off by R.J. that Max was staying at his place. Seeing the pair in a compromising position, she storms out. An even more agitated Max goes for his coat and car keys but Liz prevents him from leaving in his condition. He sings her praises for helping him out. She attempts to give him some coffee and offers to find Roxy and clear things up before Roxy squeals to R.J.

R.J. reiterates the wedding date of Troy and Nora to Lindsay but she claims not to care. He reminds her that her affair with the groom will be over but she disagrees. Troy wants her, she insists, and he will dump Nora instead. She can't wait to see Nora's face! R.J. only thinks that Lindsay's crazy and doesn't hesitate to tell her so. He tries to convince her that the opposite will happen but when she refuses to listen, he realizes that Lindsay has something on Troy and is blackmailing him. Only at first, she purrs. He will no longer cover for her, he advises her, and suggests she hang out elsewhere.

Allison offers to disclose Lindsay's sleeping partner to Nora if she'll help her out. When a disinterested Nora turns her down, she insists on giving her the information for free but they are interrupted by Troy. He quickly advises Allison not to even mention Lindsay as there is too much hurt there for Nora and himself. When Nora inquires as to why he's at the prison, Troy quickly replies that he wants to prove that Lindsay was behind the prison break and was seeking help from Allison. Nora is confused; she thought he wanted her to let go of the whole Lindsay incident. Why is he still involved? They're still being bothered by Lindsay and he really wanted to be able to show what happened, he says, though they decide that the governor will probably never make her return to jail after his pardon. As Allison is taken away by guards, she starts to yell about lying men and how she was betrayed by Mitch and Ben. She warns Nora that Troy will betray her too. Troy pretends not to understand and suggests that Nora stay away from Allison instead since she's crazy. Nora reminds him that she is entitled to legal defense but will try to get someone else to take her case. They talk about Lindsay and Allison and he agrees that Allison wouldn't be much help in his trying to make a case against Lindsay. They also agree that Lindsay can't hurt them and they should forget about her and Allison. She keeps popping up, Nora complains, wanting to tell Nora who she's sleeping with. Troy insists that they just ignore her and she'll go away.

Cris voices his dismay that Natalie almost went to bed with Mitch when he begged her not to go near him. Crying, she insists that she did it to save his life. Cris blames himself. She reveals that Mitch had another person in the jail working for him, the drunk man that was brought in. She just had no other choice. She feels that Cris will never look at her the same way again because she saw his face when he first found her. He admits that he loves her even more for what she did for him and she shouldn't be ashamed. Suddenly, she wonders why he's out of jail and Cris reveals that Jen and Mitch were working together and it came to light. The charges were dismissed. As they kiss, the phone rings. It's Bo, wanting Nat to come down to the police station to make a statement. Cris agrees to accompany her as he never wants to let her out of his sight again.

Storming into Capricorn, Roxy begins to yell at R.J. that Max couldn't possibly be missing her since he's already making it with another woman at R.J.'s place, that Liz woman. It's R.J.'s turn to dash off hastily.

At the penthouse, the angry mobster arrives to see Todd. He wants more money. Todd reminds him of their deal but when the man threatens to tell Blair the truth, Todd grabs him and gives him what money he pulls out of his pocket. He'll kill the man if he sees him again, he snarls back. A short time later, there's a knock at the door. Thinking it's the same man, Todd answers, yelling at the man for returning. He smiles weakly when he sees that it's Sam. He can't believe it, Sam says. The shooter was coincidentally caught just when Todd and Blair got back together. In fact, he really doesn't think there ever was a shooter.

Still at Capricorn, Lindsay sits at the bar, swirling her drink and daydreaming that Troy has finally dropped Nora for her, finally admitting his love. She picks up the wedding invitation and holding a match to it, she repeats what Troy has told her in her daydream. It will happen.

As Max is packing his things a bellowing R.J. returns home. Not giving Max a chance to explain that nothing happened, he tosses his things out into the hallway. Later, Liz returns to hear R.J. confess that he threw Max out for hitting on her.

Thursday, January 30, 2003

by Beth

Mitch tries to convince Bo and Viki that what was happening between he and Natalie was consentual. Of course neither of them believes him. Natalie and Cris show up at the station and Natalie tells Bo that Mitch threatened Cristian's life unless she consummated their marriage. Mitch insists that he be released or charged and continues to say that Natalie was "begging" for him to make love to her. Bo speaks to Cris, Natalie and Viki out of the office and tells them that he can't hold Mitch for lack of evidence. He advises Natalie to leave town -- Cris says he's going with her. Mitch yells to "Mrs. Laurence" not to dare walk out on him when he sees Cris and Natalie leaving. Nat and Cris turn their backs and leave. Mitch starts quoting scripture about vengeance and "smiting" ..... Viki stares at him, realizing just how crazy he is..... (after all who uses the word "smite" anymore...)

R.J. tells Liz that he loves her and she tells him that there's someone else. R.J. doesn't believe Liz and demands an explanation. Liz tells R.J. that she met "someone" after Steve --this person comforted her and he's waiting for her in Chicago. R.J. still doesn't believe that with everything that's happened between he and Liz that she would still leave Llanview.

While his mother visits his fiancée, Antonio is out in the hallway telling Hank that he will tell Keri the truth about he and Liz once the baby is out of danger. Carlotta visits with Keri and tells her about her own recent hospital stay. Keri was unaware that Carlotta had been admitted after eating Keri's birthday cake. Keri flips out after realizing that she ate some of the cake and is worried that she may have poisoned her baby. Antonio and Hank hear the commotion and call for a doctor. The doctor pronounces Keri and the baby fine -- it was just stress. Antonio tells Hank that there's no way that he can't tell Keri while she's still pregnant. Keri chastises Antonio for not telling her about his mother's near death. Antonio leaves ... R.J. shows up to visit, looking troubled. R.J. tells Keri that Liz has someone else in her life -- Keri is surprised that her mother wouldn't have told her. Keri says to not give up hope -- there was a time that she and Antonio looked "over" and it still worked out. R.J. says that her situation was different as Antonio wasn't involved with someone else ... Keri confides that yes, he was. R.J. is stunned that "Mr. Upstanding" had an affair. Keri explains that Antonio was merely comforted by this other woman when "both were at a low point in their lives."...echoing the same phrase Liz used when describing her "other man" to R.J......

Sam confronts Todd about the "shooter" and accuses him of deceiving Blair to get her back. Todd of course denies everything. Blair comes back from her run and wonders what Sam is doing there. Todd dares Sam to tell Blair. Blair wants Sam to tell her what he's concerned about, but Sam declines and says that he and Todd were arguing because Todd blames Sam for Blair's near death.

Sam leaves and Starr shows up in a bad mood because she misses Suzanne. Blair sits down to explain to Starr that Suzanne has died. Todd looks on, feeling a little guilty (a little but not TOO much cause after all this IS Todd we're talking about!) that his plan to get back Blair has taken away someone Starr loves.

Todd excuses himself to make a phone call while Blair comforts Starr. Starr decides that to honour Suzanne's memory she will name her iguana after Suzanne. Todd comes down and tells Blair that there's something he needs to tell her. The doorbell rings and there's Andrew -- come to marry Blair and Todd immediately.

In the meantime, Sam asks Hank to help him find out who "really" killed Suzanne. Hank gets the file for Sam.

Roxy turns up in Atlantic City to have some fun and try to forget Max. She sees young couples in love and flashbacks to "catching" Max with Liz. Roxy runs into her dear old mother at the roulette table and dear old mom starts telling Roxy what a pathetic loser she is since her husband dumped her. Roxy tells "Mom" that SHE dumped MAX, but of course her mother doesn't believe her and continues to insult her until Rex shows up and demands to know why some old lady is calling his mother a loser. Roxy introduces Grandma to Rex who exclaims "this old hag is my GRANDMOTHER??" Rex backs up Roxy story that she dumped Max but Grandma still tells Roxy that she's a loser because she doesn't have a man. Roxy is determined to prove her mother and everyone else in the world that she's not a loser and continues to place some bets with her "baby boy" at her side.

Max turns up to visit Andrew and seek some life advice. He tells Andrew that not only did he lose his house and business, but he also lost Roxy...that he really misses her and feels like his life isn't worth anything. Max also tells him that he misses Luna and his kids and basically feels like he is not important to anyone. Andrew gets a call and has to rush off, leaving Max to contemplate his life. Max gets a call from Chad at Break Bar as there is a problem with the cooler and Max tells him sadly that he doesn't own the bar anymore.

Friday, January 31, 2003

Blair is stunned to realize that Todd has arranged yet another wedding for them. After asking the reverend to excuse them, she questions his motives before finally agreeing to the marriage proposal. As the ceremony gets underway, Sam barges in, pulling a very alive Suzanne behind him.

At the Silver Moon Boutique, Nora and Emily's preparations for Nora's Valentine's Day wedding are interrupted when Lindsay shows up. While Emily is trying on her bridesmaid dress, Lindsay again begins tormenting Nora about her secret lover. After Nora leaves to try on another dress, Emily confronts Lindsay with her knowledge of her and Troy's affair and insists that eventually Troy will shut her up permanently. After Lindsay leaves, Nora begins to wonder if Troy is the man Lindsay has been sleeping with.

After Allison assures Troy that Lindsay is in love with him and he is stuck with her, Tillie informs him that there is one sure fire way to rid himself of her: kill her. Back at the gallery, Lindsay is stunned to find her displays smashed and is even more shocked to realize that it was Troy that did it. At first she thinks his rough treatment is a game, but quickly realizes he's very serious.

When Keri tells her father about Antonio's one-night stand, R.J. realizes who Liz's mystery man is. Confronting her at her home, Liz confesses that not only did she sleep with Antonio, but that he is the father of her baby. Enraged, R.J. storms off while Liz begs him not to tell their daughter the truth. Meanwhile, Keri is released from the hospital and happy to be going home with Antonio.

At the police station, Mitch threatens Viki when he realizes that Natalie and Cristian have left. After he is released, Mitch visits an old man who wants to know if Mitch brought "her" with him.

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