One Life to Live Recaps: The week of February 3, 2003 on OLTL

Cristian and Natalie made love. Blair swore she would never forgive Todd after she learned of his actions. Nora found Lindsay and Troy in bed together. Joey thrilled his family when he returned to Llanview. The town was hit with a huge snowstorm.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of February 3, 2003 on OLTL
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Monday, February 3, 2003

Llanview is hit by a severe snowstorm. On the radio, the Voice of the Night makes the ominous warning that such storms can bring out the best and the worst in people. This prophecy seems to oddly parallel the actions of many Llanview residents.

Blair and Todd's wedding comes to a screeching halt when Sam arrives with Suzanne. Blair is heartbroken when she realizes Todd orchestrated Suzanne's "death" and the subsequent threats against her. After sending the others home, a drained Blair informs Todd she can't forgive him this time and leaves the penthouse with Jack and Starr.

Cristian and Natalie hide out at the Buchanan lodge, where they make love for the first time. Troy threatens to kill Lindsay but his anger turns to lust and they engage in raw sex. Later, Nora arrives and is shocked to see Troy and Lindsay in bed together.

Mitch has a cryptic meeting with an elderly, wheelchair-bound man. Mitch orders one of his disciples to find Natalie. Jen breaks into the cult house and searches for information about Mitch. Jen is alarmed by a file she finds and comes face to face with Mitch as she is about to leave.

Gabrielle and Bo's relationship continues to flourish. A young man returns home to Llanview, making his way on foot after his car breaks down.

Tuesday, February 4, 2003

Nora is sickened to find Troy and Lindsay in bed together and runs off. Troy follows Nora to Angel Square and begs her to let him try to explain himself.

Mitch catches Jen hiding in the cult house and insists she get out of her wet clothes and take a hot shower. Mitch realizes Jen was snooping through his files on Natalie as he wraps a scarf monogrammed with the letter "L" around her neck. Dressed in only a robe, Jen escapes from a threatening Mitch, but falls on the ice and knocks herself unconscious as the snow piles up around her.

After making love for the first time, Natalie and Cristian open up to each other about their childhood dreams. Cristian tells Natalie how his hand injury derailed his career as an artist. Natalie coaxes Cristian to sketch her in the nude.

The handsome young man makes his way to the diner, where he tells Marcie that he is a curate and explains that is a like a priest in training. A young girl follows the curate into the diner and steals his wallet. The curate tells the girl she can keep the money if she just returns the wallet. Before leaving, the girl tells the curate her name is Flash.

Rex gives Roxy the bad news that she is almost bankrupt. Rae suggests that Roxy work for a living. Viki plans on going to London to be with Jessica after Bo tells her that Jessica isn't doing well. The Voice of the Night continues his broadcast, which eerily mirrors the events of the night.

Wednesday, February 5, 2003

As the storm continues, Lindsay leaves a message for Troy, advising him that things have worked out for the best.

Attempting to explain the situation to Nora, Troy finally mentions his wife. Nora can only laugh and wonder how many secrets Troy might have. Troy explains Joanna's death and how he tried to tell her about it. He confesses all, including the circumstances of her untimely death. Nora becomes further infuriated when she learns that Lindsay has known the details for months. How could he confide in Lindsay and not her, Nora asks. Troy denies telling Lindsay anything, making it clear that she was the one who searched for the information to use it against him, to destroy him. He had to stop her and that was the way, because he knew she was obsessed with him. Making it known that she's hurt because he never gave her a chance, Nora tries to get things straight. All that for her, she says disgustedly. He's sick and twisted and just should have trusted her. As for herself, she should have trusted her first instincts when she thought she was seeing Colin. He's no better and isn't really in love with her, he just wanted to be in love to show how good and proper he is. She accuses him of sleeping with Lindsay because he wanted to really, on some level. He denies all of this as she tells him she could have accepted the event in Africa. He pleads that he loves her so much and can't possibly lose her. She can't accept lying and cheating, she enlightens him, and he's destroyed any and all feelings so it's over. Troy accuses her of making past mistakes and she agrees with him without question. But she's paid for them and she didn't make this one, she retorts. He can just live with it. She turns her back on him and he finally turns and walks away.

Keri arrives at the diner to meet Antonio, much to Carlotta's chagrin. She shouldn't be out in the storm, she tells her. Arriving close behind is R.J., also intent on locating Antonio. The diner begins to fill up as Al sits down and has words with Marcie as he is looking at his school grades. Renee joins him, wanting to talk about her concern for Max. As Andrew removes his coat and sits down, he puts Renee's mind at ease by mentioning that Max is staying with him. Offering Al an ear if he wants some help, he is politely turned down. A worried Marcie tries to locate Jen by phone. Leaving the diner, Al overhears and asks what's going on but Marcie refuses to disclose anything to him. Liz bursts in and stops R.J. from saying anything to Keri, who in turn becomes annoyed that she's being treated like a child. She and baby are fine, she announces firmly. Liz pulls R.J. aside and tells him that Antonio should be the one to tell Keri the truth.

Max begins to unpack, placing photos from his past around him. His thoughts are filled with Luna.

Trying to return to Llanview from NY, who does Antonio run into at the train station but Jessica, on her way home from England. She realized that she couldn't run away from her problems but must patch things up instead. She's attempted to call her mom because Viki doesn't know that she's coming home. Antonio catches her up on all of the latest Llanview news. She's anxious to work things out with everyone. She attempts to call Viki again but there's another bad connection. Suddenly, there's a loud screeching of tires and a crash. Antonio goes into action and learns of an accident that will tie up the trains even longer. He and Jess aid the victims.

Operations are slowing down at the airport and Viki is not able to leave for England. When she notices a man on a phone who appears to be following her, she strides over to him and gives him a message for Mitch. The man denies any knowledge but disappears quickly. Shortly after, she encounters Bo and Gabrielle who have been delayed on their trip to Washington. They talk about the revenge that Mitch wants, with Viki mentioning how happy she is that Jess is with Clint in England. She's heard that she's not doing well and is on her way there, she informs the others. She's received a garbled message from Clint but has been unable to reach him back.

Jen lies in the snow, barely conscious. There's a chance that some kids playing nearby will help her out but they're called by their mother and leave her.

Hearing of the accident by the train station over the radio, everyone at the diner is shaken, knowing that Antonio is there and could be involved. When he calls and manages to get across that he's fine, a frantic Keri relaxes. He also reveals that he's with Jess and wants the message passed on to Viki. Everyone comforts Keri as R.J. can only glare. He's livid and doesn't think Antonio deserves to make things right.

As Max looks at a piece of crystal and thinks about Luna, Al arrives. He suggests that Max always thinks of Luna when things aren't going right, thinking that she can still help him. Max reassures his son that he'll be fine. Al says he's ok too, though he has some incompletes from school for last semester. He sees that Max has enough company already with all of this thoughts being there and leaves. Sure he's ok, he mutters to himself. He's flunking several courses and is about to be expelled.

Lindsay climbs into bed and remembers her last encounter with Troy. Suddenly, three men dressed in black burst in. They're looking for Jen and demand to know her whereabouts. Lindsay insists that she doesn't know where her daughter is. Unconcerned, they advise her that they'll find her. Once they're gone, Lindsay plays back the message that Marcie has left and then she leaves an agitated message for Jen to call her.

Gabrielle announces that the airport is closing. Viki wants to try to get Asa's plane though Bo doesn't think that would be at all possible with the storm as heavy as it is.

Making an effort to get a snack from a machine, Jess resorts to having to kick it when nothing falls. She loses her balance and falls backward, only to be caught by Antonio. They have a moment and she awkwardly confesses to trying to obtain a bunch of snacks for everyone as several items become loosened and fall.

Standing alone in the falling snow, Nora removes her glove and then her engagement ring.

A car approaches the almost hidden Jen and stops. An unknown man picks her up.

Thursday, February 6, 2003

The storm prevents Viki from leaving for London and also delays Bo and Gabrielle's plans to go to Washington, D.C. Bo and Gabrielle take Viki to St. James at Andrew's request.

Mitch approaches Viki as she sits in the empty church praying that her family remains safe from Mitch. Viki is chilled when Mitch leaves her with a warning about Natalie. Viki is thrilled to be reunited with Joey, who has been assigned to St. James parish after finishing his studies at theology school.

Antonio and Jessica make their way to the diner. Jessica admits to Antonio she is having second thoughts about seeing Viki. Joey takes Viki back to Llanfair, where they find Jessica.

R.J. warns Antonio that he is going to tell Keri the truth about the baby and Liz and Antonio's affair. Carlotta overhears R.J. and is shocked by the news about Liz and Antonio. Antonio handcuffs R.J. to the counter to prevent him from going to Keri. Antonio is determined to tell Keri the truth himself.

Suzanne tells Blair that Todd did what he did because he loves Blair more than anything in the world. Starr forgives Todd, but Blair can't bring herself to do the same. Blair and Starr leave Todd alone at the penthouse.

A frantic Lindsay tells Sam that Jen is in danger from Mitch. Gabrielle learns Max lost everything he had. Max explodes when Gabrielle says that she will support Al. Mitch works to speed up his mysterious plan after learning the elderly man is growing weaker. Cristian is surprised by a phone call from Mitch.

Friday, February 7, 2003

Reunited with her mother and brother, Jessica vows that Mitch will never be her father. Viki and Joey promise to help her as much as possible. Though she is upset that Natalie has to be in hiding, Jessica confirms that she is happy to be home. Bursting in the reunion, Todd asks Viki to get the two newspapers together to go after Mitch. Certain that his anger isn't toward Mitch; Viki gets Todd to confess what he did to Blair. When Viki refuses to help her brother, he storms out, leaving her alone with her children.

After Mitch calls Cristian and warns him that they are not safe, Natalie and Cris decide to leave. While straightening up, Natalie knocks a mirror off the wall and cuts her leg. While Cristian is preparing them to leave, they realize the cut has become infected.

At Dorian's, Blair refuses to let Starr call Todd and becomes upset while trying to explain it to her. Starr comforts her mother, but quickly starts demanding to speak to her father once again. When Blair goes upstairs to check on Jack, Starr falls asleep on the couch not realizing she left the back door open. While she sleeps, Mitch sneaks in and lifts her off the sofa.

Waking in the hospital after Al saved her, Jen demands that someone call the police, then informs Bo that she saw documents at Mitch's house and that she is scared for Natalie and Jessica. When her parents and the commissioner leave her room, Jen asks Al why he saved her after all she had done to him.

While R.J. bribed Flash to help him out of the cuffs so he could get to his daughter, Antonio finally confessed to Keri that not only did he sleep with her mother, but the baby she is carrying is his. Distraught, Keri tries to leave, but finds Liz standing in the doorway. Liz and Antonio try to make Keri understand, but the stress caused her to go into labor.

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