One Life to Live Recaps: The week of February 16, 2004 on OLTL

Marcie saw Al in Michael's eyes as Al disappeared for good. John was able to identify the Music Box Killer. Starr had a fight in school while she defended her father. Asa announced his retirement from Buchanan Enterprises and appointed Kevin as CEO. Todd fired Evangeline and represented himself in court. The killer chose Rae as his next victim.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of February 16, 2004 on OLTL
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Monday, February 16, 2004

Angel Square

Michael urges Marcie to look into his eyes. He almost tells her who he is, but Luna stops him. He must trust her to see who he really is. Marcie and Michael share a kiss. She realizes it is Al. Marcie cannot believe that Al is real. He explains about Luna and his experience after he died. Time runs out for Al and Marcie. Luna gives him more time to talk. He tells her that all Al's memories will be wiped out and only Michael's will exist. But deep down Al's spirit will always be there. He also tells her that she will never remember what is happening. He asks her to be there for Michael because he needs her. He asks her to do it for him. They kiss one final kiss goodbye. Michael takes over and tells her Valentine's Day is definitely his favorite holiday. They feel like something important happened, but they are not sure what.

Jen's House

Rex refuses to leave. Jen doesn't buy that Rex loves her. He tells her he will prove that he is not sleeping with Lindsay. Jen decides to trust Rex. He leaves her without trying to get her in bed.

Nora's House

Blair tells Nora she cannot testify against Todd. After some pushing from Nora, she sees she has no other choice. She gets another headache due to stress. She promises to show up in court and to not let Nora down. Matthew races down the stairs when Bo shows up to give him and Nora their V-Day present. Bo and Nora talk about Blair's case. Matthew gives them each their gift. Each got CDs with oldies. They start to dance in the living room.


Viki is excited to see Ben open his eyes. Megan appears as a nurse. Asa and Renee hear the good news. Viki tells the nurse she reminds her of Megan. The doctor informs Viki that Ben's improvement may only be temporary, Ben may slip back into a coma.

Viki is disappointed by the news. Asa and Renee have a talk with Ben. They tell him of the good news, their marriage. Ben tells Megan to take care of Viki. He wants her to be happy and find someone else. Megan gives Viki his message. He wakes up to tell Viki it was the best Valentine's Day ever.


R.J. expresses his joy at the thought of Todd in jail. He accused Blair of still loving Todd. R.J. buys Blair a drink. He goes down the list of bad things Todd did to her and other women. He tells her if she lets Todd go, he will walk all over her. He reminds her that Nora cannot get a conviction without her.

Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Looking through old photos of a press conference about a serial killer, John spots a fuzzy face in the crowd. Giving it a second glance, he realizes the identity of the Music Box Killer.

Meanwhile, the killer, Stephen Haver, makes himself known to Rae, who hides her extreme fear. When Rae looked through Stephen's datebook and realized that he had planned his attacks and murders -- five in total -- she panicked. She asked if she was going to be one of the women he killed. Stephen took a red scarf and wrapped it around Rae's throat. After toying with Rae for a few long minutes, Stephen announced that he wouldn't kill her. The identities of the two women he did plan to kill, however, were kept a secret from Rae.

Evangeline brings Marty Saybrooke to see a shocked Todd. She tells him there is a chance that Marty will testify in his defense. But first, she wants to see for herself whether or not he's a changed man.

Natalie and Jessica alert Blair that Starr was in a fight in school, caused when she was forced to defend Todd. Blair has a heartfelt talk with her daughter and breaks down. At the same time, Lindsay spots Nora and Daniel together at Capricorn and immediately becomes jealous.

Wednesday, February 18, 2004

As Todd's trial is set to resume, he reminds his attorney that she cannot go after Blair and he again asks Blair to stop what she's doing.

At the police station, Jess and John get into an argument about Stephen Haver after John figures out that she's been snooping. He accuses her of overstepping her bounds and orders her to stay out of the case. When Bo returns to the office, he and John express concern over Rae's whereabouts and begin discussion on Stephen's background. At the same time, Stephen tells his prisoner, Rae, that her time is up, but she manages to pique his curiosity by analyzing him and talking about his childhood. She praises him for being brilliant as he taunts her with a red leotard. It is learned that Stephen's mother was a hippie who went from man to man. She left him with his grandparents to raise him. Stephen mentions how he learned "bad" from his grandmother. As the cops talk about the grandmother who beat the boy in public, while the wheelchair bound grandfather sat by, the deranged doctor discloses how "rayon and polyester" went up like a torch. While they burned in the locked bedroom, he managed to jump from a second story window. When his mother came back with a new, older husband, she wasn't happy that she had to take Stephen with her. He wonders why she kept his brother, Kenny. He demands that Rae name his next victim, but she is unable and unwilling to do so. Not wanting to influence him in any way, she also realizes that it won't be her, but she surmises he'll want to come back and give her all of the gory details.

When Blair takes the stand, she testifies about the night in question and the events as she remembers them happening. She swears under oath that she asked Todd to stop but he kept on raping her. Evangeline wonders why Blair didn't confront Todd for 3 weeks after she learned his true identity and brings up the document that she wanted him to sign, tricking him into giving up the children's custody. This is in response to her expressed fear that he would be the one to take the kids from her. Blair is asked if she had sex with Kevin because she loved him but she admits that she did it to hurt Todd and throw it in his face. Starting to argue, the yelling escalates until the entire courtroom is awash with commotion. The judge struggles to regain control of the trial as an emotional Blair leaves the stand. Todd is furious with Evangeline for attacking Blair. When the commonwealth rests their case, Viki is called to testify on Todd's behalf. She praises her much improved brother and how he loves his family deeply. When Kevin is called, he states that he didn't know that Blair wanted to hurt her husband. Evangeline is close to badgering him as she asks why he wanted to protect her then. When he suggests that they ask Marty, she immediately calls for a mistrial, to no avail. Coincidentally, Marty is the next witness called to the stand. She is now a psychiatrist, herself. She testifies that Todd has faced his developmental problems maturely, that he's not a classic case of a rapist. Furthermore, she saw him conquer his various demons over the years that she knew him and she firmly believes that he is not now capable of rape. He has trouble controlling his impulses, she continues, but not regarding rape. She also can't help but note how much he loves Blair. When Nora begins questioning her, she reluctantly asks her to relive the night of her own rape, by Todd and 2 fellow fraternity brothers. Dr. Saybrooke admits that she was raped because she made fun of him and rejected him and she still has not forgiven Todd. Nora compares the situation to Blair rejecting Todd but immediately withdraws her statement upon objection from the defense. When Evangeline requestions the now crying doctor, she makes it clear that though she hasn't forgiven him, she still doesn't believe him capable of raping Blair. Kevin follows Marty out to make sure she's ok, and makes arrangements to meet for coffee. He wonders why she testified on Todd's behalf; she makes it clear that she did it for herself. People change, she tells him, and Todd is not the same person he was back then.

Stephen's brother Kenny, also a psychiatrist, finds his way to Bo's office. Skeptical that his brother could be a killer, he also admits that it explains several things. He is flabbergasted to see a music box, similar to the one that Stephen had as a child, sitting on Bo's desk. John places a call to Stephen. There's been a break in the case and they think they've captured the killer, with a red leotard in his backpack,he's told. They'd like the doctor's help. Stephen smugly agrees to get down to the station immediately. Though Bo was doubtful before, he now sees that John was right in his suspicions of Dr. Haver.

Todd again demands that Evangeline not call Blair to the stand but him instead. He wants to testify. When Evangeline refuses, he fires her and announces to the court that he will now represent himself. He calls himself to the stand.

As John and Bo await Stephen's arrival, they can't help but notice how conceited he's been. Stephen runs into Jess who is attending Todd's trial. She puts John's orders out of her mind as she tells the doctor that he's a suspect in the case.

Thursday, February 19, 2004

Jessica tells Stephen how John came to suspect him of the Music Box killings. When she shows up at the police station, John and Bo realize that Jessica tipped Stephen off before he could arrive at the station. Rae manages to open a vent and escape, but Stephen shows up before she can get help. Stephen calls John to see if he can get a feel for what they suspect.

Todd fires Evangeline despite Viki and Jessica's pleas. Representing himself, Todd takes the stand. Nora gloats as Todd continually makes himself look bad. When Todd insists that he would never hurt her, Blair has an outburst. After leaving the courtroom, Blair runs into Kevin and leans on him for support, which angers Todd. As Nora cross examines, Starr sneaks into the courtroom, but is spotted by Viki before she overhears too much. When Todd rests his case, he and Nora start their closing arguments.

Asa announces that he plans to retire from Buchanan Enterprises and offers Kevin his position as CEO.

Marcie encourages Michael to get closer to his brother.

Friday, February 20, 2004

R.J. offers Evangeline a sympathetic ear as she bemoans being dismissed by her client before she had a chance to clear his name. At Llanfair, Jessica tells her mother she's certain Professor Haver is completely innocent. As he and Bo go over the latest developments in the case of the Music Box murders, John theorizes that Stephen hates him because he insulted the serial killer during his press conference. Daniel confides to Lindsay how he's sure his son has begun using drugs again. Natalie looks through Cristian's sketchbook for ideas about his upcoming memorial service. Lindsay reminds Rex why their affair must end. Nora begins to wonder about her performance during Todd's trial as the jury enters its second day of deliberations. John and Bo return to Statesville to interrogate Troy, who admits under truth serum how Stephen arranged for him to leave the prison and instructed him to confess to Gabrielle's murder. Natalie surprises herself by fantasizing about a torrid moment with John. Meanwhile, Stephen pressures a trembling Rae to help him dissect his opponent's psyche for clues to combating the FBI agent who's hot on his trail. Rae suggests to Stephen that he's been trying to punish his mother over and over again by killing women who remind him of her. Stephen forces Rae to sit on the floor with her legs crossed and sign "We Shall Overcome." Stephen momentarily drifts off, but he suddenly jumps up and tells Rae that her role-playing experiment failed. After killing Rae, Stephen lays her out in the middle of a bundle of cloths. He douses the area with gasoline and coldly announces that no one will ever find Rae's body. He then tosses a match on the gasoline and sets Rae ablaze. After disposing of Rae, Stephen heads over to Jessica and Antonio's loft.

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