One Life to Live Recaps: The week of February 23, 2004 on OLTL

Todd was found guilty of rape and sentenced to ten years in prison. Jen concluded that Lindsay and Rex were sleeping together. After receiving a phone call from a panicked Jessica, who had been locked in a cabin, Antonio was able to find her. Blair was diagnosed with a brain tumor.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of February 23, 2004 on OLTL
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Monday, FEBRUARY 23, 2004

Dorian prepared Adriana to meet Aunt Betsy. Blair noticed Dorian's engagement ring. David explained that he loved Dorian. Blair almost fainted. Aunt Betsy arrived, and Starr was not very pleasant. Aunt Betsy was charmed by Adriana.

Paul barged in to stop the Cramer women. He told Aunt Betsy that Adriana had eloped to get married. Dorian told Aunt Betsy that Paul had tried to get Adriana and River married. Aunt Betsy was disappointed in Dorian for being with David, but Dorian told her that David was a great lover, and if Aunt Betsy had ever had a lover, she would feel the same way. Viki stopped by to hear the bickering. Blair was not happy she had stopped by.

At Capricorn, Evangeline was distracted with her thoughts on the jury. R.J. told her it was not her problem anymore. Evangeline was happy on champagne. Todd called her cell phone to see her. Natalie decided to have a drink to take off the edge but had visions of John. Babe wanted Paul to go and steal a look at the paternity test.

At the police station, Nora was surprised to hear Jessica had tipped off Stephen. Bo and Nora heard about the fire at the clinic. Bo decided to take a break from the case. Marcie and Michael talked about Al. They couldn't seem to find time for each other. They went through their calendars to see when a good time would be. Natalie stopped by to tell John she felt Jessica was in trouble. They rushed out to find Jessica.

Stephen wormed his way into Jessica's apartment. Stephen decided to wait for Antonio. Jessica asked him to take his coat off and be comfortable. Rae's I.D. fell out of his coat. He explained that he had found it and had contacted Rae to return it to her. Natalie arrived to check on Jessica. Jessica lied and said she was interviewing someone from the Banner. Jessica left with Stephen.

Natalie and John used the spare key to get in. John found one of the victim's driver licenses in the baby bassinet. He knew Stephen had left it on purpose.

At the jail, Viki defended Evangeline. She was concerned with Blair's testimony because it had been so convincing. Viki urged Todd to call Evangeline. She thought he would need her if he was found guilty. Evangeline showed up for Todd. Todd told Evangeline that he had been foolish to fire her and represent himself. Todd gave her carte blanche to handle Blair however she wanted during appeal. The jury was in.

Tuesday, FEBRUARY 24, 2004

John was confident Stephen had Jessica. Bo was optimistic that Jessica and Rae were alive. Bo was searching for Stephen. Stephen showed up with his lawyer. He told them Jessica had dropped him off. His lawyer had alibis for each murder. All his alibis checked out, and they were obligated to release him. John promised he would break Stephen.

Stephen deleted Jessica's cell phone messages. She told him they had to go to Bo to deal with the accusations. Stephen continued to play the victim of John's paranoia. He urged Jessica to call Bo. Jessica refused to tell Bo where she was. She wanted him to believe Stephen was innocent.

Bo pleaded with Jessica to have Stephen go in. Stephen gave her a cup of tea. Jessica woke up from being drugged. She tried to make a phone call but found the phone line cut. She was locked in. She tried to find a way out. She instead found a music box.

Marcie and Michael invited Natalie to lunch with John and their mother. At lunch, John's mother told Natalie that John had never been the same after Caitlin died.

David and Paul bickered back and forth about Adriana's legitimacy. Aunty Betsy told Paul she had decided to put him in her will. She left him a sum of one hundred dollars and Adriana thirty million. Paul lost his patience and called her a dried-up, nasty old bag. David flattered Aunt Betsy some more and fixed her a brandy.

Aunt Betsy made a request. She wanted to experience the ecstasy that Dorian said she felt with David. She wanted to sleep with David. David told her he wouldn't be dishonest to Dorian. She offered him a million dollars to sleep with her.

Aunt Betsy played David by telling him that Dorian might not give him a cent of the thirty million dollars. She adjusted the offer to just a few passionate kisses. He still said no until a call from Dorian then he decided to take Aunt Betsy's offer. David planted one on her, and she took control. Dorian showed up and found a dead Aunt Betsy and David.

A drunk Paul spilled all to the bartender. He vowed to ruin David. Kelly, Blair, and Dorian found Paul at the bar. Dorian ignored him.

Todd was found guilty of rape. The judge sentenced him to ten years in prison. Todd told Nora he hoped she was able to sleep at night, since she was putting an innocent man in jail. Starr said goodbye to Todd. He was escorted to prison.

Wednesday, FEBRUARY 25, 2004

Evangeline visited Todd at Statesville to let him know that she was working on his appeal. She hesitatingly divulged that Blair was seeking full custody of the children. He calmed down after being reminded that his temper had done him in already, and a visit from Marty interrupted them. She reiterated that she knew Todd was innocent; she had been involved with treating the male offenders, and she could see that he had changed.

Kevin gleefully told his grandfather that he had acquired the Sun, thanks to Todd's selling some shares to pay his attorney's fees. Asa was angry that Blair would be involved with it, but Kevin tried to make Asa see that the reason was because Blair was good at what she did. When Asa warned Kelly and suggested she carry a gun, Kelly explained that she and Kevin trusted each other.

Jen refused to talk to Lindsay, who tracked her down at the university; she was flunking out and had major problems. Riley rescued her by mentioning their studying. He thought Jen should try to work things out with Marcie. Nearby, Michael and Marcie chatted; he couldn't believe she liked him after some of the things he had pulled, while she admitted that she could relate to John's behavior after losing his fiancée.

Jen approached, and she and Marcie agreed on a truce; Marcie wanted to forget the kissing incident, and she needed to forgive Jen if she had done so with Michael. Feeling guilty over how she had treated her mom, Jen admitted that she thought her mother was with Rex, but she was probably just being paranoid. Riley took off when Jen only wanted to dwell on her problems. Everyone had them, he informed her.

Dorian announced that Aunt Betsy was dead and wanted the truth from David. He glossed over the events of the afternoon; they had merely been toasting the will, and she had been kissing him and rubbing against him. Aunt Betsy had hated men, Dorian reminded David, and had been on medication and didn't drink. Dorian wanted an autopsy.

As Betsy was wheeled out, Dorian could hardly contain herself with the telling of her story. Much to David's surprise, she backed him up instead of turning him in like she had scared him into believing. Dorian continued to demand the truth, and David finally recounted Betsy's last request. Dorian immediately asked how much and smacked him when he told her. The police could be suspicious, she thought. Paul walked in on them as they kissed; he would demand the autopsy.

Viki took Starr to visit her mother at the Palace, but Starr stole Roxy's lipstick and scrawled "Free Todd Manning" on the ladies' room walls. She was afraid she would never see her dad again and figured that way she could be sent to Statesville to be with him. She blamed her mom. Blair gave Viki a picture of the children to give to Todd.

Roxy busily set up a picket line for Nigel against Asa while she told Rex to stay away from Lindsay. His mentioning that Lindsay had tried to dump him made Roxy happy. He wanted to be friends with her though, as she had taught him lots of useful things -- and not what Roxy was picturing, he scolded her. After thinking about it, he believed it was better to break everything off and vowed to tell Lindsay. After what had happened to Troy, Roxy sneered and said that she'd call the cops if he disappeared.

When Lindsay arrived, first she tried to find out anything that she could about Rex and Jen. Rex gently told her that they should break off their friendship. Their goodbye kiss turned passionate as Jen walked in, looking for her mother. Spotting the pair, she turned and ran out. Rex and Lindsay agreed it was good they had stopped their friendship before someone got hurt.

Marty found Blair and explained that Todd had refused to let Evangeline pursue her line of attack on Blair and that he had fired her for what she had done. She knew that Todd loved Blair and had gone to prison for her. The women argued over their different circumstances, with Blair finally ordering Marty to stay away from her. Kevin ran into Blair shortly after, but she keeled over in a dead faint.

Viki gave Todd the picture from Blair. He insisted that Blair loved him and knew how he had protected her at the trial. He vowed that he'd get her back someday.

Thursday, December 18, 2004

Blair was evasive when Kevin wanted her to divorce Walker and be with him. Walker unnerved Blair with his calm demeanor.

Michael/Al was determined to tell Marcie the truth, and Michael's soul regained control of his body after he did so. Al was called to a higher plane, but Luna arranged for Al to meet with an angel, who would give Al another chance in Michael's body if he could make Michael commit three good deeds in three days.

Bo received a written, coded message from the Music Box Killer. Riley helped Bo and John break the code. Bo and John realized the decoded message was the address of Troy's former loft. Nora went to see Troy in Statesville. Bo feared the killer might target Flash as his next victim and placed her under police protection.

Nigel told Roxy that his dream was to buy and refurbish the formerly grand Angel Square Hotel. Roxy took Nigel to meet with the owner of the hotel.

Friday, FEBRUARY 27, 2004

Kevin took an unconscious Blair to the hospital. Worried about her mother, Starr visited Blair. Dorian consented to surgery to remove Blair's tumor. Starr tried to convince Kelly to call Todd to let Todd know that Blair was sick. When Blair asked to speak to Kevin, Kelly agreed to make the call. Upset, Todd started planning a way to get out of prison. Recalling his cellmate's offer to sell him drugs, Todd overdosed as a way to get out of his cell.

Antonio was shocked when Jessica continued to defend Stephen. After Antonio left her at home with police protection, Stephen called Jessica to put further doubts about Antonio in her head. The next morning, Antonio asked Jessica to go into hiding with Natalie. She agreed but remembered Stephen's warning that he was the only one she could trust. When he called, Stephen got Jessica to tell him about John's and Antonio's plans.

John told Natalie that she was still in danger. Telling Antonio of his plans to move Natalie to a safe house until they could arrest Stephen for kidnapping, John was surprised when he found out Jessica insisted she had gone willingly. Stephen planned to kill Jessica and Natalie.

Jen saw Lindsay and Rex together but refused to run away. Later, she confronted them and told them both to stay away from her.

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