One Life to Live Recaps: The week of March 8, 2004 on OLTL

Kelly lost her baby but decided to hide it from Kevin. Todd plotted revenge against Kevin. Stephen held Natalie hostage and wired her with a bomb. Asa questioned Kevin's decisions. Nora apologized to Troy. Todd was released from prison. Kelly offered to help Paul prove that Dorian and David had killed Aunt Betsy in exchange for a baby.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of March 8, 2004 on OLTL
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Monday, March 8, 2004

Nora visits Blair. Nora asks her if she is sure about what happened on New Year's Eve. Kevin shows up after Nora. She breaks down in his arms telling him she needs help. Kevin swears he will see to it that Todd never hurts her again. He tells her he is her friend and she is not in the way of his new family. He tells her she can count on him even after the baby comes.

Evangeline tells Todd that one of Juror's hearing aids went dead and he missed four hours of vital testimony. Evangeline convinced the judge to give Todd a new trial. Todd tells Viki that she betrayed him. He tells her that Kevin told him about Blair getting sole custody of the kids. He tells her that Kevin has taken away everything he loves. Viki yells at him to get his act together before he drives away the only person besides Starr who cares about him. He agrees with her that she and Starr are the only people on his side. She tells him she believes that deep, deep down inside him there is a good person. When Viki leaves, Todd vows to himself that when he gets out he will destroy Kevin and take away everything, his wife and his child.

Evangeline tells Nora that she had a few doctors look at Blair's chart and they all confirm that with a tumor such as her she would experience poor judgment and confusion. She also gives her sworn affidavit from various people who will testify to Blair's irrational behavior before and after the rape. Evangeline tells Nora that she believes Nora thinks Todd is innocent.

John and Bo talk to Stephen's mother. She is uncooperative at first. She talks about how she did not raise Stephen but her mother did and turned him into a puritanical creep, who thought he was better than everyone. She then tells them about the husband that she had who collected artifacts from crime. She tells them that before she left him she gave him a music box. John asks her if it ever occurred to her that her son was the killer. She admits yes and that he is evil. They implore her to help them catch Stephen.

Stephen taunts Eve. He tells her Natalie will die the same way Caitlin did.

Natalie collects her pay from Rodi's and runs to Cristian. Natalie catches her flight. She calls the hospital to talk to Cristian but they don't have a Cristian Vega as a patient.

As her flight begins to board, Stephen, disguised as an officer, stops her with a gun.

Paul brings Kelly to Pine Valley hospital. She is admitted. She regrets going to see Todd. She refuses to call Kevin. She gives birth. The baby is still born. She is devastated.

Kevin and Renee meet at Rodi's. He asks her to get Asa to back off a little and let him do his job as CEO. Asa shows up upset about an order of 1000 computers. Kevin tells Asa he has to stop questioning his decisions as CEO.

Tuesday, March 9, 2004

David hears Dorian on the phone saying she is not sure a man is what she needs in her life right now especially David. She tells him she wants to be respected by everyone and his status is questionable. She doesn't want to ruin her chances of getting back into the medical circle. She meets with Dr. Long from the hospital about physician recruiting. He offers her position of Director of Community Relations. She promises to give it a great deal of consideration. She tells David that Dr. Long only wanted to get a piece of Adriana's fortune. David tells her to take the position if it will make her happy. She tells him to get a job.

Paul eagerly asks Michael if his Aunt's death was murder. Michael confirms it was not foul play. Paul threatens David that he will find a way to prove they did something to Aunt Betsy.

Riley updates Jen on Flash's recovery. He talks about how much he misses her. Jen gets awkward. She feels Joe was her one last chance to be good and if her came back for her she would finally be worth something. Rex and Jen get into it again. She tells him she doesn't want to be with a guy right now. He makes some crude remark about her sleeping with Riley. Michael tells Riley he thinks his mom is missing.

Jessica asks Antonio what's wrong with her. She wants to know how he knew she would trust him. She brings up her situation with Mitch. He tells her she loves people and trusts them. He admits to her that sometimes she is a little too trusting but not after this Haver situation. He tells her doesn't want her to become someone else. She promises to wise up some day.

Stephen forces Natalie to go with him. He drugs her and tells her the truth that Cristian is not really alive. Rex stops by after Paul leaves. Stephen calls John from Eve's phone. He tells him he has Natalie and Eve.

John calls Michael to see if he heard from Eve. He finds out that she lied to the Manager at Rodi's and got her last check. John gets to the airport. He gets a call form Stephen that Natalie is at the house they are waiting for him. John gets to Stephen and pulls a gun on him. Stephen tells him if he shoots Natalie dies. He tells him that the remote he has is connected to a explosive vest attached to Natalie. Natalie shakes in fear as she is strapped to a bed with the bomb attached to her.

Bo and a team go in search of Eve. He gets to the pier and realizes that is where Haver was to meet Jessica. He makes arrangements for divers then spots something in the water. They pull her from the water. Bo gives her CPR and revives her. She comes to and asks for John.

Nora visits Troy and apologizes to him. She arranges for him to go to a minimum-security facility. He asks her how she feels about him. She tells him she is no longer afraid of him. He asks about Matthew. He hopes he can make it up to him. She tells him he can by stop beating himself up. He asks her if she is happy. She tells him she is happy at work and going home to Matthew. He wishes he could start over. She tells him he is not Colin or Haver's puppet; he is a good man, the good man she fell in love with and that there are people out there rooting for him.

Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Starr still insists that Blair lied during the trial though Blair insists that she only had SOME confusion. David job-hunts through the newspaper in the study and promises to keep Blair safe. She scoffs at that and indicates that she only feels safe with Kevin.

Antonio and Jess are filled in on the situations with Eve and Natalie. Eve blames herself for Natalie's being trapped. Bo and Antonio head for the hotel, along with several other cops.

Kelly wakes up in the hospital with Paul by her side. She can't go home without a child, she cries, and she can't let Kevin know that she has lost theirs. Going back to sleep, she dreams of Kevin visiting her but abruptly leaving when he learns the truth about the baby. He demands a divorce.

As Viki waits for Jess to appear at the Palace, she joins Kevin, who is expecting Blair. A business meeting, he stresses to his mother. He's also worried about Kelly as he can't seem to reach her by phone. Blair arrives and the three chat about the purchase of the Sun by Buchanan Enterprises and merging it with the Banner. Blair is saddened that Starr's legacy is no longer there, in the same form at least. Left alone, Blair and Kevin discuss the publishing of a new magazine. Interrupted by Paul who announces that he's there on Kelly's behalf, Blair decides to head for home. Kelly has decided to go out of town for a few days, Paul explains. Being upset about Kevin and Blair, she's decided to head for Houston. Kevin is confused on the way he's been notified. Nearby, Marcie and Michael attempt to arrange a date within the next week or so. Finally setting on an agreeable time, Viki finds them and extends an invite to Marcie for the same exact time, to meet a poet for her radio show. She accepts at Michael's encouragement, but it's back to the datebooks for the pair. Babe shows up with a final payment for Paul, who wants to know when they'll see each other, as she promised. Never again, she sniffs at him. He attempts to threaten her, but she's back in his face with an equal threat. Checkmate! Viki stops by Kevin's table again to ask about Blair but he contends their relationship involves only business matters, that he loves Kelly. Appearing doubtful, Viki accepts her annoyed son's answer. Jess finally gets to the Palace and relates the latest happenings concerning Eve and Natalie. She does not know the full story of what is going on at John's place.

Todd plans revenge against the people who have harmed him, beginning with Kevin. David pays him a visit and orders him to stay away from Blair. With both of the men threatening each other, Todd finds it comical. Next visitor for the day is Blair, who is certainly not there to apologize as Todd thinks she is. She never lied, she only had headaches, and she had no problem with her judgment, she advises him. He relates the evening to her as he recalls it, that he never forced her to do anything. If there is another trial, she will not change her story, she promises. She assures him that they will never be together and that she will do her best to keep the kids away from him. It's for all the years of grief that he's handed her, she continues, not just for New Year's Eve. They are finished. On the contrary, Todd retorts, it's only the beginning. He gets up abruptly and walks out, leaving her surprised and exasperated.

Paul's next stop is Dorian's house, where he informs David of Kelly's last minute trip. He goes back to sit with Kelly and confirms that he's followed her directions in letting everyone know that she's away. He tells her that Kevin was worried about her and yes, he lies, he was alone at the Palace. Kelly is fearful that she'll lose him if he finds out that she lost the baby.

Kevin looks for Blair at Dorian's but only runs into David who taunts him about his situation.

John trains his gun on Stephen who sneers that Natalie is in his bed strapped to a bomb, same place that Caitlin was. Leading the way up to John's room, Stephen happily points to Nat on the bed, on the verge of hysterics. Téasing them, Stephen almost drops the control, but he admits that he's tired and it's time to move on. He brags about his never making any mistakes during all of these years and how he hasn't been caught yet. As Bo, Antonio and others quietly make their way to the room, John informs Stephen that he has indeed made a mistake, that one of his victims is alive and can identify him! Stephen knows very well that Flash is alive, but in no way can she identify him, he retorts. He's not talking about Flash, John replies. Suddenly, Rae walks into the room!! John jumps up as though he's seen a ghost. She crawled out when the door blew off in the fire but before the explosion, Rae informs her captor. John proceeds to taunt the doctor for being a gimp as Rae inquires about his college girlfriend, the one who dumped him. Stephen blows up and yells that he's the one who broke it off, because she was a whore. They heard otherwise, they say. When Rae begins to speak to Stephen as his mother would, the man loses it. She understands how terrifying it was when women left him, as his mother did, she continues. Stephen bellows for her to stop. Informed that he's finished, Stephen is finally captured when John finds the right time to jump on him. The others rush into the room and Antonio is able to make a catch of the control that has flown out of Stephen's hand. The day is saved and Stephen is taken out in cuffs, with almost everyone following, save Natalie and John. Without warning, a beeper begins to sound. There's a second device that shows only 4 minutes to go before the bomb is set off! With no time to spare, John calmly speaks to Natalie as they decide which wire he should cut. Down to virtually the last second, success is achieved when John chooses the white one. Nat falls into his arms.

Back at the police station, Viki and Jess learn that Nat is safe and are ecstatic to see a tired out Rae. Stephen goes by in cuffs and Nat and John arrive. John saved her life, Nat declares.

Thursday, March 11, 2004

The judge forgoes a retrial and releases Todd from prison. Viki beckons Todd to leave Kevin alone once he is free. Nora tries to strike a deal with Evangeline to avoid pressing charges against Todd again, but Daniel initially refuses to cooperate. Later, Evangeline goes to Todd, asking him to plead no contest to avoid a future trial. He hesitantly agrees. Going to see Blair, Evangeline warns her and Kevin that Todd is very angry and about to be free.

Kevin voices his concerns for his wife to Blair while Kelly continues to dream of a life with Kevin. Determined to keep the miscarriage from Kevin, Kelly continues to ask Paul for help. Certain that the only way that Kevin will love her is if she has his baby, she asks Paul to find her a baby. When he is hesitant, she offers to help improve that Dorian and David are guilty of murdering Aunt Betsy in exchange for his help.

At Llanview University, the news of the Music Box Killer's identity shocks the students. When Shannon makes a sarcastic remark, she gets in trouble with Viki. Speaking to the students, she tells them the measures that will be taken to insure their safety

After feigning psychosis, Stephen finally asks to see his lawyer. Eve contemplates moving to Llanview. Roxy offers to let her move in with her and Natalie, hoping that it will give John a reason to see Natalie more. John is furious when Asa sneaks a gun into the police department and asks him to kill Stephen.

Friday, March 12, 2004

John refuses to shoot Stephen and threatens to arrest Asa if he tries to plan another attack on the criminal. When Bo walks into the office, seeing the gun, he too criticizes his father. When the DA comes in, he refuses to arrest Asa for fear that he will do something to ruin their case against Stephen. Later, as Stephen is escorted to his cell, a gun is pointed at him.

Dorian tells Adriana that she is reconsidering getting married then she finds a dress that David bought for her. Adriana tries to get to know her mother better and offers to be her maid of honor. After asking Blair to be Dorian's matron of honor, David is hurt when she tells me that Dorian isn't intending to marry him. Seeing her working on her magazine, David convinces her to hire him. At the church, David is disappointed when Dorian doesn't show on time for the wedding.

R.J. questions Lindsay after seeing her with Daniel, wondering why she is in a relationship with him. Rex sits with Lindsay while she waits for Daniel to return and tells her his plans to extend his business and asks her to invest. Following her to the ladies room, Rex pins her against the wall in a passionate kiss. When Daniel returns looking for Lindsay, Nora offers to find her for him and catches the two kissing.

John Sykes returns to Llanview to take Rae away. After saying her goodbyes, she leaves town.

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