One Life to Live Recaps: The week of December 4, 2006 on OLTL

After a difference of opinion on Spencer's sanity, the trial was continued. Spencer tried to harm himself in his cell, and a mistrial was called. Todd ambushed and kidnapped Spencer, who was riding in a cop car. John dreamed of his father. Blair suffered from headaches. Jack accepted Todd. Jessica's past showed up in the form of Tess.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of December 4, 2006 on OLTL
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Monday, December 4, 2006

Antonio and Jessica arrive back unexpectedly from their honeymoon after missing their children so much. To show their appreciation for Nash taking care of Bree, they take him to Rodi's for dinner. They run into Kelly and Viki who are also enjoying a quiet dinner at Rodi's. When Viki wonders why Antonio and Jessica are back so soon, Jessica admits that she and Antonio missed the girls too much to stay away any longer. Kelly comments on how beautiful Bree is and hopes that one day she and Zane will become close friends. When Jessica tells Viki that she has been trying to get in touch with Natalie, Viki reveals that John is alive and Natalie has been by his bedside ever since the revelation was made. Marcie arrives and tells them how Spencer faked a mental breakdown on the stand and now may be declared too incompetent to stand trial. Viki is worried about Todd and decides to go and check on him while Jessica heads back to her table with Antonio and Nash. As they are sitting around, a guy who was sitting at the bar greets "Tess." Antonio and Jessica correct him by letting him know that the woman he sees is not Tess. Nash wonders if Jessica remembers him and Jessica does have a memory of a few times that Tess shared with him. The man goes back to his seat at the bar thinking that Jessica is playing a poor little bored housewife game with him and vows to play the game too.

Marty takes the stand to evaluate Spencer's mental condition to the dismay of Evangeline, Todd, and Blair. While on the stand, Marty tells the judge that she believes that Spencer is delusional. When Spencer's lawyer asks her if she believes that Spencer is ill, Marty agrees that Spencer is in need of psychiatric help. Evangeline tries to counter that Marty is in no position to give an expert opinion when she hasn't been there long enough to effectively diagnose Spencer as being mentally ill. Evangeline that Spencer faked a breakdown in order to avoid the continuation of the trial and vows that neither Spencer nor his lawyer will get away with it. Marty visits Spencer in his jail cell after a recess is called and tries to get Spencer to tell her his deepest, darkest secrets. Spencer feels that Marty helped him because it was her way of sticking it to Todd and Blair but Marty feels that Spencer really is in need of psychiatric help and implores him to trust her and tell her all that he has done. Spencer tells Marty that she has no idea of the things he has done but he has learned that it's best not to play all his hands at once.

After having a confrontation with Marty, Blair almost faints and winds up at the hospital for her appointment with Michael. She wonders if the tumor that she had has come back again but Michael cannot give her a definitive answer until they run some tests and call in a neurologist. Michael tries to get Blair to calm down but she goes on and on about how Marty is trying to convince everyone that Spencer had a nervous breakdown and is too incompetent to stand trial. Michael gets upset but still tries to get Blair to calm down so that he can take her blood pressure. Blair makes Michael promise not to tell anyone that she is there and is concerned about the possible recurrence of her tumor.

Natalie runs back to John's side after the trial even though John and Michael have insisted that Natalie go home and get some rest. When Natalie decides that she wants to get a bite to eat, she asks John what he wants and he tells her that he would like a newspaper so that he can find out what's been going on while he was under. John asks Natalie to tell him how the trial is going and Natalie tells him a filtered version until John confesses that Michael already told him about Spencer's "nervous breakdown." Natalie confirms the story and tells him that Evangeline did a good job during her cross examination but she fears that Spencer's lawyer may get him off with an insanity plea.

Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Adriana and Rex have a discussion about Rex's decision regarding Tommy. Although Rex hasn't officially made a decision, he does feel that for the moment Tommy is better off with his adoptive parents especially with Spencer's trial underway. Their talk is interrupted by a call from Layla who is distraught after running into Vincent at the gym. The rush down to make sure that Layla is all right. After Vincent assures Layla that he had no idea that she would be there, Layla apologizes for bothering Adriana and Rex. Adriana and Layla take off for a moment to scope out a business idea and Rex uses the time to speak with Vincent. He tells Vincent that he understands his feelings for Layla and hopes that maybe they will be able to work things out. Vincent thanks Rex before taking his leave. When Adriana and Layla return, Rex tells them that he believes Vincent finally understands that Layla is no longer interested in seeing him.

Blair shows her boxing side again when she attacks Marty outside the courtroom. Their fight is ended by one of Blair headache episodes. Todd becomes worried but Blair assures him that she is ok. Evangeline pulls Michael aside to tell him about Blair attacking Marty and to get his opinion on Spencer's drugged out, nearly catatonic demeanor. Michael reminds Evangeline that Spencer is very familiar with many different drugs and their effects on people. Michael has no doubts is once again putting on a show for the judge. Evangeline call another Psychiatrist to the stand who disputes Marty's assessment of Spencer's mental state. He believes that Spencer understands the difference between right and wrong and that he is competent to stand trial. Casey tries to discredit the doctor's testimony by pointing out that while Marty has spent many sessions with Spencer and knows what his normal behavior is, Evangeline's expert has only spent 45 minutes with Spencer and is not capable of judging his mental capacity in such a short amount of time. The judge decides that based on what he has heard from the two doctors Spencer is fit to stand trial. Evangeline and Casey each present their closing arguments to the jurors.

Natalie and John discuss his recovery and how she is the reason he was determined to survive. Natalie shows him the engagement ring and explains how Eve gave her the ring because she knew that John was on his way to propose to Natalie before the accident. John tells Natalie to take a good look at him and realize that things have changed since that night. Natalie tearfully agrees that they should remain focused on his recovery. John apologizes for the situation but Natalie tells him that she has no regrets.

Cole and Starr discuss their situation. Starr explains that it was Langston who sent him the nasty IM but she does admit that knowing about Marty and Todd's past makes it hard to know what to say to Cole especially since Cole's mother was the victim. Cole can't understand why Blair hates his mom so much but Starr explains that her mother is only trying to protect her father now at least. Cole hopes that the two of them will be able to find a way to get past what happened and become friends again. Marcie walks up and sends Cole on his way. After making sure that Starr is ok, Marcie wants to know if Starr would like to babysit for Tommy. Starr is surprised that Marcie would ask her to watch her child. Marcie comments on how good Starr is with her little brother, Jack, and knows that she would be a good babysitter for Tommy. Starr agrees and after naming her price, she heads off to find Langston who is not happy to see that Starr is on the verge of forgiving Cole.

Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Everyone in Llanview awaits the return of the jury in Spencer's trial. ‘Silence is golden,' Rex decides, when it comes to Tommy and the fact that he's really Todd's son. He convinces Adriana that they will keep quiet forever. Evangeline, dressed for court just in case, collides with Marty and a hot cup of coffee. Her outfit ruined, she trades in for Cris' t-shirt to wear under her jacket. She blames Marty for bumping into her on purpose though Nora, who has witnessed the entire thing, realizes it was an accident. She apologizes for Evangeline. They talk about being in love and Nora assures her that she'll find love again. She wishes the doctor well. She also warns her about associating with Spencer, a dangerous man. They find it somewhat amusing that they always seem to end up on opposite sides. Adriana receives a call from someone who wants to invest in her company and she agrees to a meeting.

Dorian pays a visit to the Buchanan mansion to show her support regarding Spencer. If all goes well, Spencer will be found guilty. She tells Clint that she's working on changing so that she can make things up to Adriana. Viki arrives for the same reason; support. She doesn't want Spencer executed but merely found guilty and put away for life.

Blair finds Todd sitting alone in the courtroom. He's been thinking about almost being put to death. She's still sorry for not believing in him and will always try to make it up. She starts today by bringing Jack with her. He's always loved Todd but was merely confused. He's been straightened out by his mom and is eager to work on his relationship with his dad. Todd is thrilled.

John awakens from a dream of his father being killed; Natalie is still sitting there, with the ring on the table, calling out to her, though she denies it. The doctor shows up to take some tests and check John over. Cris and an overwhelmed Evangeline visit. The guys enjoy teasing over saving each other's lives. Later, the doctor mentions that John has come through the exam and the surgery with flying colors. Nat goes off to seek a remote even though John has been forbidden to watch TV or become stressed. The doctor returns and announces that the O.R. is being prepped for surgery. Not now, both Nat and John stress. He's waiting for news and no; he will not wait until after he's in recovery to hear anything. The doctor is extremely annoyed, having re-arranged his schedule.

Tommy and Michael pay a visit to Marcie at school. Starr lingers outside of the classroom and Cole is quick to follow. They overhear talk about Marty's testimony on Spencer's mental health and their worry over how it might affect the outcome of the trial. An angered Michael vows to take the law into his own hands though Marcie points out how crazy that is coming from him. Blair's health is another worry. The teens argue over Spencer and what Marty has said about him. Starr too mentions that she'll see that Spencer gets what's coming to him if he's not found guilty. Cole can hardly believe that she's talking revenge. He calls Marty to get her side of the story; Spencer is bad news and he's concerned about his mom without his dad being around. He's on her side when he hears that she's merely doing her job. He loves her and trusts her and understands that she's just doing her job. Starr hangs out with the McBains and mentions how Tommy looks just like Jack did when he was the same age.

Spencer sits in his cell, thinking of delivering Margaret's baby. The tears roll down his cheeks. When Bo comes by, he gloats over the fact that the jury has made no attempt to clarify or go over any of the information heard at the trial. They're moving along so that means he'll be found guilty, he continues. No worries, replies Spencer. He always gets away with everything. When Marty visits, she comes upon a shocking sight. Writing in blood on the wall is Spencer. When he "runs out of ink," he bangs his head to retrieve more blood from the cut on his head. He has words in his head, he tells her. Calling quickly for help, she has Spencer put into a strait jacket and his wounds tended to. Bo and Marty have words concerning Spencer's behavior.

Dorian arrives just as Adriana receives her phone call and wonders how the caller knew of her up and coming business. Feeling rather pleased with herself, Dorian wanders over to her daughter who immediately accuses her of spying. Dorian makes a comment about getting to the courthouse when the guilty verdict comes down on Spencer. It's nice when people are punished, Adriana retorts. She calls her Dorian, which angers her mother. She apologizes again for the mix-up at the bank, to which Adriana can only give a sarcastic laugh. You will call me mother again someday, Dorian vows, if only to herself.

The Llanview residents begin to receive mysterious phone calls, summoning them to the courthouse. As they begin to converge, everyone wonders what is going on. Todd almost shows he cares when Blair mentions she needs to get her CAT scan. She also can tell that Todd is up to something. Viki jumps into the seat quickly next to Clint, when Dorian stops to primp in her mirror first. Clint notes how too happy she is to make Dorian jealous. Cole tells Starr how difficult it is coming off of steroids cold turkey. She wants to cut class to hear the news, after she hears Michael get a phone call. Marcie hears her and forbids her from leaving. The jury is sent home for the night.

Thursday, December 7, 2006

The judge asked Spencer to rise and told him that although he had previously ruled him fit to stand trial, he was now thinking of changing his mind after hearing about his recent behavior in the jail cell (a.k.a the head bashing and blood painting). Spencer had a fit, yelling to the judge that he is completely sane, but seeming all the more insane from having the tantrum. The judge called Marty back to the stand to explain to the court what she saw in Spencer's cell. She explained the incident and concluded that in her professional opinion Spencer's sanity is rapidly declining and he is unfit to stand trial. Blair stood up to curse out Spencer and Marty a few times, but Todd sat calmly throughout the entire ordeal. The judge dismissed Marty and then ruled Spencer mentally unable to defend himself. "I have no choice but to declare a mistrial," he said, sentencing Spencer to a mental health facility until he is deemed competent to stand trial. After court was adjourned, Nora pointed out to Evangeline and Cristian that Spencer didn't beat the case, just postponed it. She also said the facility will be no picnic for him and guessed that Spencer would beg the judge to let him out within a week.

Blair told Todd she was going to the doctor. Todd asked Dorian to take Blair because he had something he had to tend to. Blair warned Todd to not do anything stupid as she and Dorian left. Spencer drooled and screamed as Todd antagonized him. The guards carried Spencer away. Todd left, went into a safe and pulled out a gun. "All right, Spencer," he said to himself. "Say hello to Mr. nine-millimeter."

Blair told Dorian that Todd's calmness means he's up to something and worried that whatever it was would backfire.

Marty met up with Cole. He asked his mother if she had merely convinced herself that Spencer was crazy because she really wanted to get revenge on Todd. Marty said after a lot of soul-searching she can honestly say that the past did not influence her decision.

John told the plastic surgeon he would not go under for surgery until he hears the verdict at Spencer's trial. The doctor said he'd try to reschedule. Natalie flipped on the news and the two watched the update about he judge's ruling Spencer unfit to stand trial. Later, Bo caught Natalie alone outside of John's room and the two both worried about what the judge's decision would to do John.

Jessica took a break from holiday shopping to grab a cup of hot chocolate at Rodi's. Reg eyed her from the bar with a creepy smirk on his face. He walked over and asked Jessica if she's being careful to keep her "other life" from her husband. Jessica said she didn't know what he meant, and Reg answered, "Sure you do — Tess." Reg alluded to a sexual past between them. Jessica got up to walk away but Reg blocked her and suggested they go get a room somewhere. He started touching Jessica but backed off when she threatened to call her husband, the cop. Reg went back to the bar and said to himself, "Hard-to-get is my favorite game."

Antonio was helping Nash at the winery when Jessica came by. Antonio noticed she was tense so he sent her off to get a massage. Just outside the winery door, Reg grabbed Jessica and dragged her off. She dropped her purse.

Friday, December 8, 2006

At the docks, a man mistaking Jessica for Tess tried to grope her. "I am not Tess!" Jessica exclaimed, shoving him away. Things got worse when his pal joined in, offering, "Two for one." A quick-thinking Jessica pretended to be Tess and tricked one into handing over his cell phone. She then called Antonio, who was conveniently hanging out with Nash. The guys were off to the rescue! One tried to attack Nash with a wooden beam, but Antonio punched him in the face before he could do any harm. Jess then bashed the other thug over the head with a bottle.

Natalie kept vigil by a bandaged John's hospital bed as he awakened from surgery. They joked about how much she liked seeing him in bandages. The light mood was ruined when Vincent stopped by and Nat told him in private that their friendship needs to be "on hold." Vincent replied that he understands, then told John he's there if John needs anything. "We need to talk about Natalie," John stated, making it clear that he's back in the picture. "Sorry, John, but I can't make any promises," Vincent said to himself.

At the hospital, Dorian urged an ill Blair to worry about herself and not Todd. Blair reminded her aunt that Todd's the mother of her children and that she and Todd used to be a team. Dorian understood her desire to have her family back, but insisted Blair see a doctor to find out what's wrong with her.

Rex was determined to keep the truth that the McBains adopted Todd's son and went to the hospital to snatch a particular file. Adriana told Michael she's sorry to hear the judge's ruling about Spencer. Dorian ran into them and informed Adriana that Blair is ill. Adriana temporarily dropped her feud with her mom to join in on supporting Blair. However, she turned down Dorian's offer to start planning for how they'll care for Jack and Starr's kids if Blair dies. Rex emerged from the records room with the file, but Dorian caught him in the act. Dorian delighted in having the upper hand. Adriana grudgingly thanked her for telling her about Blair. Blair, meanwhile, got the news that she's pregnant. Dorian wondered if the baby is Todd's or Spencer's.... Rex later called Michael and told him he got the file on Tommy's birth parents.

Bo entered his office and was surprised to see his son waiting with take-out for him. Bo was grateful for the chance to salvage his bad day and made a special toast. After, Matthew stated that Bo would be a lot happier if he were married. Matthew asked why he isn't marrying Paige. Bo explained that he wants to give Paige time to grieve over Hugh's death.

Starr complained to Viki that her family can't catch a break and that her parents are never going to get together. Viki encouraged her to remain optimistic. Starr admitted to being confused over what to feel after meeting Todd's rape victim, Marty, in person. Viki said that Todd is still paying for the crime. Starr wasn't sure what to say to him, so Viki suggested she tell Todd she loves him.

The cop car carrying Spencer had to stop suddenly on the road, due to an unseen obstacle. Meanwhile, an armed Todd hid in the bushes. They were shocked when a bullet hit the window. When the cops emerged, a masked Todd tackled them to the ground and took over driving the van. "I love to drive!" Todd gleefully shouted out, as he sang a Christmas tune. Spencer wanted to know where they were going. "You'll understand when we get there," Todd replied.

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