One Life to Live Recaps: The week of December 11, 2006 on OLTL

Todd took Spencer to the same room where Spencer had delivered Margaret's baby. Blair learned that she was pregnant. Marcie and Michael learned that Tommy's mother suffered from mental illness when they received Tommy's medical records from Rex, who did not divulge any other information. Dorian refused to give up on Adriana.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of December 11, 2006 on OLTL
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Monday, December 11, 2006

As Bo and Antonio dig through scant clues trying to figure out who Spencer escape, Todd reveals himself as Spencer's captor. Todd threatens to shoot Spencer unless he tells him where his son is. Spencer can't believe that Todd would be so concerned about a child he had with a woman he despised but Todd is adamant about finding his son. When Spencer claims to not know the whereabouts of the baby boy, Todd begins to torture him. When Spencer begins to gloat about ending up at a mental hospital as opposed to prison Todd steps up his torture session a notch with the Chinese water torture. Spencer laughs at Todd's torture methods but after being left alone Spencer begins to lose it.

Bo guesses that whoever aided Spencer with his escape had a vehicle nearby to whisk Spencer away. He and Antonio go over the list of Spencer's friends and family who may have helped him but they both agree that neither David nor Blair would ever help Spencer escape. They go over his list of colleagues but since his shady associates have all been rounded up, they rule them out as well. Bo wonders if they are looking in the wrong direction and maybe instead of looking at people who wanted to help Spencer maybe they should be looking at people who felt that Spencer didn't get the justice he deserved.

While Blair is worried about the re-emergence of her tumor, Dorian begins to suspect that Blair might be pregnant. Blair tells Dorian that she would know if she were pregnant, but Dorian is convinced that with all of the stress that Blair has been under, she could be misreading her pregnancy symptoms. The doctor walks in and confirms that Blair's headaches are being caused by an increase in blood flow due to Blair's pregnancy. Blair is stunned, takes out her calendar and traces the night of conception to the one night she and Todd spent together. Dorian is more realistic and reminds Blair that although she spent one night with Todd, she spent many nights with Spencer. Blair refuses to believe that Spencer could be the father and decides that even if he is, she is going to pass the baby off as Todd's. Dorian warns Blair that Todd is no fool and will suspect that the baby could have been fathered by his arch enemy. Blair decides to find out as quickly as possible who the father of her unborn child is.

Rex reveals to Michael and Marcie that Tommy's birth mother was mentally ill. Marcie begins to worry immediately while Michael is convinced that the chances of Tommy also being ill are very slim. As Rex is ready to turn over his report, Adriana grabs it and tells them that she and Rex forgot to make copies of the report. Rex is surprised but when Adriana shows him that Todd is named as Tommy's father, he goes along with her story that she needs to run next door and get copies made. Michael takes a call from Natalie while Marcie confides her fears to Rex that Michael was trying to make her feel better about Tommy's potential health issues. Michael returns to the table and Adriana hands them a copy of Rex's report to look over. Marcie is concerned when she sees that Tommy's mother had severe mental illness. Michael feels that he and Marcie should sit back and continue to watch over their healthy and normal son as they have done in the past. The question of Tommy's father comes up and Michael is convinced that if Tommy's father really wanted him, he would do whatever it took to find him. After Michael and Marcie leave, Adriana reveals that she too believes that Todd will not give up looking for his son so Rex decides that he needs to make sure that Todd no longer has a reason to continue his search.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Jessica invites Nash to spend some time with her and the Buchanan's as they get into the Christmas spirit. Nash listens as they all reminisce about the past Christmas times that they have shared together. Clint asks Nash if he would like to help him string the lights on the Christmas tree and Nash agrees. When Clint wonders if Nash would like to start on the top or the bottom of the tree, Nash tells him that since he has never decorated a tree he would follow Clint's lead. Jessica tells Nash that she remembers the conversations that Nash had with Tess regarding his growing up in foster homes and never really having any Christmas memories. Nash is grateful that Bree will be spending a loving and family oriented Christmas day. When Jessica wonders if Nash is going to have a tree, Nash tells her that the tree they have is enough for Bree so he has decided not to decorate for Christmas.

Todd noses around trying to find out what Bo knows about Spencer's transport to Wingdale. When Bo begins to question Todd about Spencer's escape, Todd acts insulted. Marty also stops by and learns that Spencer has disappeared on the way to Wingdale. After Todd's departure, Bo questions Marty about her testimony which led to Spencer being hospitalized instead of going to prison. Marty feels that Spencer was not faking his illness and even if he was, all of the things he did to Todd show that he has some issues that he needs psychiatric help for. Bo asks Marty if she feels that Todd had anything to do with Spencer's disappearance and although Marty is hesitant to give any professional opinions about Todd, she does tell Bo that he should keep his eye on Todd.

As the water torture begins to affect Spencer, he hallucinates about Blair. In his first hallucination, Blair comes to rescue him as she proclaims her love for Spencer and her hatred for Todd. In the second hallucination, Blair laughs in Spencer's face for thinking that she would come to his rescue since she loathes him and is in love with Todd. Spencer imagines that he is strangling Blair for turning her back on him and going back to Todd. When he comes back to reality he starts to try to loosen his hand from one of the handcuffs as he vows to get revenge on an unfaithful Blair.

Blair and Dorian run into Kelly at the hospital. Kelly finds out that Blair is pregnant but unsure of the paternity of her baby. Kelly shares with them her good news that she is able to take Zane home and that since he has been cleared to travel, she is eager to leave as soon as possible to join Kevin in London. Dorian tries to talk Kelly out of going but Kelly asks her to be happy for her, Kevin, and Zane now that they have found each other again and have a real chance at happiness. Although Dorian doesn't agree she tells Kelly that she loves her and that if she feels that she can really be happy with Kevin then Dorian won't stand in her way. Kelly is grateful and takes Zane to visit the Buchanan's while Dorian comforts Blair who is distraught that she will have to wait a week to find out the results of the DNA test. Dorian eases Blair's mind somewhat by telling her that she pulled some favors so that Blair would have the results the next day. Back at home, Todd comes home while Blair and Dorian are chatting. He wonders about her doctor's visit and Blair tells him that the tumor has not returned but she is still waiting on the results of the test to find out what is going on with her. When Todd offers to pour Blair some wine and she refuses him, Todd demands to know what's really going on.

John listens as Natalie and Cris explain how Spencer is on his way to Wingdale instead of being sentenced to prison time. John is furious but does a good job of not letting Natalie see how upset he is. John asks Cris to let Evangeline know that she did a good job and it's not her fault that Spencer is getting a light sentence. John sends Natalie on an errand to find him something to drink and she thanks Cris for being such a good friend to John. Cris reminds her that he is also her friend and that she shouldn't be going through this alone. While Natalie is in the hall with Cris, John calls Michael and tells him that he must get his surgeries pushed through as quickly as possible so that he can bring Spencer to justice himself. A seething Natalie walks in and informs John that he is not going after Spencer.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Spencer plans Todd's death while he is consumed with staying focused and trying to set himself free. He doesn't ever lose, he mutters, as he imagines his mother being there. Stay focused, he tells himself, as he pictures himself arising and walking over to his dying mother. "Your father left us," she says. "He's a Buchanan." Spencer is confused. "Asa?" he asks. "He got me pregnant. I had his son and he abandoned us. Make him pay."

While at the police station, Evangeline learns that Bo is not only searching for Spencer but is convinced that Todd is responsible for his disappearance. She can't believe that Todd is a suspect in a possible abduction but Bo makes a case for Todd taking justice into his own hands.

Cris tries his hand at painting again but quickly covers up the easel when there's a knock at the door. It's Antonio. He's down because he can't propose, Cris complains. He can't afford it and doesn't want people thinking he's a freeloader. Antonio offers his help and also offers advice. He suggests that his brother think about what he CAN do, not what he can't. He should concentrate on being in love. He points out the various things that Cris should be happy about. Cris in turn can't understand how Antonio can be so accepting of Jess spending time with Nash. He has to learn to deal with it, Antonio replies. He's part of their family. When Evangeline shows up, Cris tries to get her to relax and de-stress.

Feeling an urgency to leave the hospital, John upsets Natalie with his demands. He asks Michael to check with the doctors so that he can leave once his grafts are quickly completed. Michael agrees with Nat as she promises to stop John from hurting himself, though they realize that he will not listen to reason. When Bo arrives at the hospital to share the news of Spencer being taken by a masked assailant, most likely Todd, John's rush to leave is magnified even more. He has to finish what he started, he insists. When they learn that his blood pressure is elevated because of too much stress, Nat and Michael are convinced more than ever that John has to stay calm. Finally, Michael is worn down and resigned to speak to the doctors on John's behalf. Nat reluctantly gives in too. He'd better not leave her again though, she warns him.

Jess arrives at Nash's place with a tree and decorations but he's had enough of the holiday, he tells her. She doesn't want to see him depressed though he claims not to be. She refuses to take the tree back and tries to guilt him into it, citing future pictures that their daughter will be flipping through. She feels sad for him that Tess isn't around but refuses to feel responsible. He accuses her of wanting to give him a Christmas just so she won't feel guilty. Antonio knocks on the door and has the tree in hand; Nash is unable to get out of having it set up. He unenthusiastically turns off the lights so that the tree lights will shine in all their glory. "It's perfect," he says unconvincingly.

Blair stalls on giving Todd a totally honest answer on her health exam, merely telling him that her brain tumor has not returned. He thinks maybe she just feels ill from feeling guilty that she was unable to take Spencer down. He in turn, confides his recent actions, suggesting that lies and secrets is what has driven them apart. Spencer is being tortured until he divulges his son's whereabouts. A somber Blair at first thinks she should call the cops but then becomes gleeful and offers to help. Spencer will merely crack from the Chinese water torture and tell him what he wants to know or will literally go crazy and be confined to Wingdale after all, Todd explains. He wins either way and Spencer loses. He'll consider making a deal. He wonders how Blair would feel raising his son, being Margaret's son too. He himself could never accept her having a child with another man.

Back at the station, Bo gives orders on locating Spencer and tailing Todd. Todd is an idiot and doesn't realize that Bo is on his side. He's trying to save Todd from himself.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Nash and Jessica were getting into the Christmas spirit, wrapping presents. Claudia dropped off the take from last night but Antonio knew that she had been drinking. Claudia sobbed. Antonio assured Claudia that she wouldn't lose her job but encouraged her to go to AA meetings. She should sing but not hang out at the bar. Claudia left Llanfair, but not before she had a testy exchange with Jessica. Claudia accused Jessica of keeping Nash on a string in case her marriage didn't work out. Jessica said she was going to set Nash up with a nice woman, but that she wouldn't be Claudia.

Layla told Rex that someone was trying to invest in their company. Layla was concerned that maybe Vincent was investing. Rex said it wasn't Vincent, but he thought he knew exactly who it was.

Dorian hoped that Adriana would stay for lunch with Kelly. Adriana was glad everything was working out for Kelly and Kevin. Dorian began lecturing Adriana about forgiveness. Adriana brought up the stalker. Dorian admitted to having made mistakes. Adriana accused Dorian of leaving her in Puerto Rico because she was a Santi, and she accused Dorian of not making sacrifices for her. Dorian repeated that she loved her. Adriana replied she couldn't love someone she didn't trust. Adriana said goodbye to Zane and then left. Layla thought it was a shame that Adriana was losing her mother. Layla said it was bad karma for Adriana to want to get back at her mother.

Dorian assured Rex that she wasn't giving up on Adriana. Rex found out that Dorian was giving money to Adriana's company. Rex decided not to tell Adriana this tidbit of information.

Evangeline called Todd and asked him if he had anything to do with Spencer's disappearance. Todd lied but was grateful that Evangeline was talking to him again. Blair took the kids to Dorian's for lunch and left Todd. "Don't read anything too dangerous," she said. Todd immediately called the governor's office. Moments later, Bo reported to Evangeline that the governor had called him to take the tail off of Todd. Bo wondered what Todd could be up to.

Spencer continued to hallucinate that he was having a conversation with his mother. He relived the time when his mother divulged that Asa was his father. "Make them all pay," she begged. Spencer, still undergoing the water torture, renewed his vow that he'd make every last Buchanan pay. Todd returned, gun in hand. "Hi, Spence. Did you miss me?"

Friday, December 15, 2006

Nash arrived at Capricorn looking for Jessica, but instead found Antonio. He lamented that Jessica was fixated on setting him up. Meanwhile, Jessica showed up at Layla's. "You and I are going out," she grinned. She had a "friend" she wanted Layla to meet. Later, right as Nash was about to leave the club, Jessica arrived with Layla. Neither Nash or Layla seemed happy about the set-up. During the unbearably awkward dinner date between the four, Nash and Layla broke away from Antonio and Jessica. They two plotted to appear close and while they danced, Jessica appeared to be slightly bothered.

Nora and Marty had a heart-to-heart about Marty helping Spencer. Marty was hurt and defensive when Nora claimed she was trying to punish Todd because of all the hurt Patrick's death left her feeling. However, Nora assured Marty she was there for her if she ever needed to talk. Meanwhile, Starr lamented her Spencer/Marty troubles to Langston. Langston pointed out her problems were more with Cole, not his mother. She still didn't approve of Cole, but Starr was torn. When Cole arrived, Langston left. During a sweet conversation, Starr poignantly claimed, "I forgive you, Cole. Start forgiving yourself." He was touched and thanked her before kissing her cheek. When Marty spotted the sign of affection, she went over to her son and told the pair it was a bad idea. Starr used the opportunity to question Marty's motives regarding Spencer and her dad.

Todd continued to torture Spencer, and Spencer continued to refuse to give Todd any info about his son. Meanwhile, at the hospital, Blair had a nightmare that the baby she's carrying is Spencer's. She knew life with Todd would be over if that were the case. Dorian walked into her exam room and snapped her back to reality. When the doctor did arrive, she gave Blair the good news that Todd was the father. When Blair called Todd to tell him the news, it gave Spencer the opportunity he needed to escape. Before Blair told him the news, Spencer managed to pry himself free and knock Todd out. Spencer grabbed the phone and told Blair that in order to save Todd's life, she had to keep her mouth shut and bring him the cash at the warehouse. When Blair finally arrived, Todd and Spencer were fighting on the roof. She got involved and when Todd pushed Spencer away from him, Spencer fell off the roof and took Blair with him.

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