One Life to Live Recaps: The week of August 13, 2007 on OLTL

Asa passed away, and several family members returned to Llanview. A group of teens had a great, unsupervised evening at La Boulaie. Max asked Blair to leave town with him. Nigel wondered about disclosing Asa's secret. Bo had difficulty dealing with his father's death. Viki was ready to head out of town.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of August 13, 2007 on OLTL
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Monday, August 13, 2007

At the diner, Michael panics when he sees Blair holding Tommy. A nervous Michael privately prays that Blair is right when she says she thinks Todd is starting to put the situation with his son behind him. Meanwhile, John goes to confession and shares his dilemma with the priest, who morphs into Thomas McBain. John is clearly tortured by the impossible decision he has to make and asks his father what he should do. Thomas knows John will have to make his own decision. John admits to the priest that he believes it is wrong to keep a child from its father. Viki is concerned about Natalie's growing friendship with Miles. Natalie and Miles head to Monte Carlo night at the Country Club, where they come face to face with Todd and Blair. Dorian challenges Viki to a game of Texas Hold 'Em. Back at Dorian's, Starr, Cole, Langston and Markko are hanging out by the pool when Langston suggests they play strip poker. Jessica and Nash make love and enjoy being together before leaving for Monte Carlo night. Sarah decides to attend the event in the hope of hitting Asa up for money.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Miles surprises everyone when he pleads guilty to theft and wants to take his punishment. Todd and Blair want Nora to make sure that Miles does hard time. Michael is furious when he believes John still thinks Marcie could have killed Spencer and the two brothers have a heated argument. Michael accuses John of being unwilling to accept the fact that Marty is a killer. John is tormented by the secret he's keeping about Tommy. Michael pleads with John not to destroy his family and let the truth stay buried. Clint is impressed when Dorian makes short work of a reporter who'd been harassing him. Lindsay supports Bo, who is still reeling from Asa's death. Dorian stays true to form when she learns Lindsay has been named Woman of the Year. At the gym, a handsome, mysterious stranger takes an interest in Buchanan Enterprises and later overhears Rex telling Nash and Vincent about a high stakes poker game. The man later arrives at Natalie's office and introduces himself as Jared Banks. Nash considers joining the poker game to try to get enough money to buy back Antonio's share of the vineyard.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Starr and Cole play Marco Polo in the pool at La Boulaie. Kissing ensues. Meanwhile, Langston and Markko are having a whipped cream fight in Dorian's kitchen and are rolling around on the floor and kissing. They decide to take a shower and then talk about having sex; Langston says she has a condom, which freaks Markko out, and he puts the brakes on, fast. Markko and Langston, angry at each other, start cleaning up the mess. Markko tells Langston he likes her and he respects her, then goes to leave. Langston begs him to stay. Markko tells her he will stick around even if she doesn't want to have sex. They kiss and make up. Cole tells Starr he feels guilty for having fun. They talk about Marty being innocent. Markko and Langston are still licking chocolate off each other when Starr and Cole walk in to the kitchen, shocked. All four of them start cleaning up the mess in the kitchen, which quickly devolves into a water fight.

Dorian has bet Viki $10 million of Clint's money in a poker game at the BE casino night. Viki thinks she's bluffing, and writes an IOU on a cocktail napkin, calling Dorian's bet. Roxy checks the rule book. Clint puts his foot down and says the poker game is over. Viki and Dorian both tell him to back off. They show their cards: Viki has four aces. Dorian has a royal flush and wins. Dorian gives Clint back his $10 million check and she gives Roxy the IOU from Viki. Nora, Natalie and Viki retreat to the bar, but Viki says she's fine. Then she admits to Nora that she feels like a fool. Natalie marches up to Clint and demands to talk to him, alone. Clint tells her not to worry, and she walks off in a huff. Nora asks Viki why she let things go so far with Dorian, then volunteers that Viki did so in order to impress Clint. Lindsay talks to Bo about the poker game. She mentions he seems down, and asks if she can help. He says he misses Paige, but what's really bothering him is Asa's health and the fact that he did something that Bo ignored, but shouldn't have ignored. Lindsay agrees Bo is in a tough spot. Clint wants to go home and Dorian wants to celebrate, which annoys Clint. He says she's over-celebrating. Viki decides she doesn't want Clint. Nora agrees, but says she doesn't want Dorian to have him either, and tells Viki to let it go.

John is up on the roof of the Angel Square Hotel when Marcie appears with Tommy. John asks Marcie if there is any way Spencer knew that Marcie couldn't have children. John imagines Marcie stabbing Spencer with the scissors. Marcie realizes John is thinking about Spencer's murder. They talk about the suspects in Spencer's murder. Marcie then blames John for screwing up her marriage. She says Michael is acting weird because John is consumed with the Truman case. He tells her he knows Michael didn't kill Spencer. Marcie goes over what happened that night. Marcie realizes John wonders if Marcie killed Spencer. She's upset and tells him she's to short to have done it, then asks him sarcastically to watch Tommy so she can go on another bloody rampage. She asks John what motive she'd have for killing Spencer, and John looks meaningfully at Tommy. Michael arrives to find John, Marcie, and Tommy on the roof. John says he doesn't think Marcie killed anyone. Michael is annoyed that John was grilling Marcie, but Marcie understands. Michael asks Marcie to take Tommy and leave because he wants to talk to John alone. Marcie reads John the riot act, then leaves with Tommy. As soon as Marcie leaves, Michael loses it and grabs John and wrestles him to the edge of the roof. Michael finally lets him up, then yells at John for thinking Marcie could have killed someone. Michael and John go over the facts of the Truman case one more time. Michael says Marcie has blind faith in him. John says Spencer brought out the worst in people. Michael criticizes John's relationship skills, then asks John to promise not to tell Marcie anything about Tommy. John can't make that promise. Michael says if John tells, then he and John aren't brothers anymore. John holds back tears.

Todd makes Miles spill his drink on himself, then he and Blair argue with Miles and Natalie. Blair purposely steps on Natalie's foot. Bo comes over and tells them to be cool or go home. Natalie takes Miles back inside the casino night room. Todd and Blair, now alone at the Palace Bar, almost kiss, but back out at the last second. They decide not to make the same mistake again. They both accuse the other of being too complicated and are surprised to notice they are getting along. They agree they will always have something between them, and they couldn't get rid of each other even if they tried. Todd keeps the discussion centered on the kids; Blair adds that they also share an interest in making Miles pay. Todd says he's going to pay Miles back on his own: Blair wants to help him. They glare at Miles and Natalie across the room.

Antonio and Talia arrive at the Diner, which is closed. Antonio brags about Carlotta's flan. Talia has never had flan before, so Antonio serves them both a slice. Both Talia and Antonio prefer a local bar to the local society scene. Antonio says Talia is like one of the guys, then covers it by saying she looks great in her dress. Antonio asks Talia if she's seeing anyone, then presses her for details. Talia changes the subject back to flan. Antonio won't let Talia off the hook, so, on the spot, she makes up a boyfriend named George. Antonio wants to meet George, so Talia says he's shy, and then says Antonio can't meet him.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Nigel makes a heartbreaking discovery. News of Asa's death reverberates throughout Llanview. Todd embarrasses Viki in The Sun in order to get back at her for her "betrayal." Renee is heartened when Max Holden arrives for Asa's funeral. Kevin and Joey Buchanan and Cord Roberts have an emotional reunion with their family before heading to Asa's funeral. Out of respect to Jessica, Todd prints a flattering headline in The Sun about Asa, but scores no points with Blair when he shows her what he really wanted to print. Alex Olanov arrives at the mansion playing the grieving widow. Clint, Nora and Lindsay are concerned for Bo. Viki and Dorian end up locked in the wine cellar together.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Kevin, Joey, Natalie and Jessica reminisce about Asa and the good times they shared. Natalie is saddened that she didn't grow up with her brothers and sister. Sarah tells Cord that she is a terrible person because she only came to visit Asa for financial gain. Sarah regrets she never told her grandfather how much she loved him. Cord comforts his daughter and convinces her that Asa knew her true feelings and that she is very much a member of the Buchanan family. Lindsay arrives at the mansion and questions Nora about Bo's state of mind. Nora and Lindsay argue about what is best for Bo. Lindsay retreats. Alex appears at the mansions and inquires about the reading of the will. After making several remarks at different family members, Alex begins to wander the mansion.

While locked in the wine cellar, Viki and Dorian argue. Dorian taunts Viki about how she has found happiness, while Viki's life is currently empty. Viki attempts to convince Dorian that her life is fulfilled. Alex listens on the other side of the cellar door; she enjoys the conversation but never bothers to open the door. Nigel eventually rescues the two women.

Clint finds Bo in the stables drinking and sulking about Asa. Clint advises Bo that he should not be angry at their father any longer. Bo is upset that Asa never respected his career choice. Clint tells Bo that Asa loved him but was also jealous of the type of man he was. Nora finds Bo and Clint in the stables and she notices that Bo is distraught. Bo asks to be alone for awhile. Nora breaks down in Clint's arms; she is obviously concerned about Bo's current state. Matthew finds his father in the stables. The two talk about Asa and their own relationship. Matthew comforts his father.

After giving Blair a passionate kiss, Max asks her to return to Argentina with him. Max reveals that he misses her and wants to renew their relationship. Blair tells Max that he is a great guy, but Todd is the love of her life. Nigel meets with Max and asks him to keep their conversation in strict confidence. Nigel reveals to Max that David Vickers is Asa's son. Nigel questions Max about whether or not he should reveal this secret to the family. Max suggests that he gives his decision a great deal of thought, but to give the family time to mourn their loss. Alex listens at the door and overhears the secret. She later steps outside to phone someone, requesting that David Vickers is located.

The family says their goodbyes to Cord, Kevin and Joey at the airport. Renee, Blair and Nigel all sadly think about Asa. Dorian comforts Clint. Viki is sitting alone in the airport. She approaches the ticket agent and requests a one way ticket on the next flight leaving Llanview. The agent asks where she is headed. Viki replies that it doesn't matter.

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