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Nick told Sharon that he loved her and always would. Kevin blackmailed Gloria into loaning him the money for Jana's surgery. Cane got Amber to admit that they had never been legally married. The jury found Phyllis guilty. Jana gave Kevin her power of attorney.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of August 13, 2007 on Y&R
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Monday, August 13, 2007

Nikki fumed while she waited for her meeting with Victor, so she could request a loan. And although Victoria tried to make light of Victor's hostile tactics, she changed her tune once Victor finally allowed his wife and daughter into the conference room. While Nikki waited to request a loan from Victor, both Jack and Nikki spoke to others on the phone, from their respective offices, about their involvement in the building project. Jack said that he didn't want to invest more money in Clear Springs until he was certain that Nikki could get the funding to eradicate the methane problem at the building sites. Nikki assured her caller that Jack would stay with the project, but that he was stalling until the last minute. However, Jack also told his caller that he didn't have to rely on the project at Clear Springs because he could locate his casinos anywhere. When Nikki and Victoria were finally allowed to meet with Victor, along with Neil and Michael, Victor turned down, without explanation, Nikki's request of a loan to remove the methane. Nikki berated Victor for his unprofessional conduct and stormed out. Victoria offered arguments supporting her mother's complaints, but Victor barked at his daughter, telling Victoria that what Nikki had done wasn't right. Victoria, in frustration, abruptly left the meeting, too, following after her mother.

Michael and Neil remained in the conference room. Michael told Victor that he couldn't understand Victor's reasons for forcing N.V. P. to default. Neil chimed in that Newman Enterprises was not forcing a default. Michael explained that the first loan Victor had made could be protected if Newman funded the methane abatement so the project could continue, but again Neil defended the company and Victor. However, Victor warned that other contaminants could be present. After Michael left, Victor said he couldn't win either way because it looks like a personal decision whether he approves or declines a loan to family members. A still-frustrated Nikki became even more agitated when Jack stopped by and told her that he could take his casinos anywhere if she failed to offer an incentive for him to partially fund removal of the methane. Nikki forced Jack to leave her office, telling him that she was tired of his posturing.

At the club, Kay and Cane discussed Victor's and Nikki's inability to get along both personally and professionally. Cane said that none of the people involved with Clear Springs seemed interested in investing the money to continue the project. When Kay asked Cane if he thought Nikki and Victor were calling Cane's bluff, Cane assured his grandmother that he wasn't bluffing. Kay was delighted to hear that Cane would shut the project down if the investors failed to provide adequate funding. However, Cane also told Kay that he believed that Victor would eventually come around and support his wife's endeavor.

Nikki and Victoria phoned several lenders and investors, but each failed to secure a loan. Cane stopped by and informed a dejected Nikki that he had shut the project down. When Neil stopped by Victor's office to tell him that Cane had shut down the project, Neil voiced concern about what Newman would do with useless land. However, Victor showed Neil a contract, drawn up by a Chicago law firm, proving that Newman had retained mineral rights to the land at Clear Springs. Land that Victor claimed was ripe for drilling and worth more in natural resources than for development. Neil congratulated Victor and noted that Michael had been left out of the loop since another law firm had been involved. Victor seemed quite pleased that he'd soon gain control of the land once Nikki's company defaults.

Before Victor met with Nikki and Victoria, Michael and Neil shared an elevator ride. Michael pointed out the fact that Victor's refusal to fund the project could cause Nikki's company to default on the loan, thereby turning over ownership of the Clear Springs properties to Victor, who, in Michael's opinion, wouldn't be able to sell the problem-plagued properties. However, Neil remained mum about what actions Victor planned to take. Neil also remained mum when Michael asked him if Victor was trying to tick off his wife by keeping her waiting. A frustrated Michael was clearly not amused by Neil's stalwart loyalty to his boss. Michael later told Lauren that Victor had refused Nikki's request for a loan, and he thought the project to be doomed. Lauren, however, believed that Nikki could find another lender. Later, after Lauren left, Michael worked on cases at the club bar. Gloria stopped by and told Michael that she was concerned that Jeff had come to get William's money.

While they sipped coffee, Lily begged Devon to fix her up with one of his friends, but Devon stalled. When Lily pushed the issue, Devon offered a different explanation about why each of his friends was not available. When Devon seemed to run out of plausible excuses to rule out his friends as suitable dates, he told Lily, after attempting to phone one guy Lily was truly interested in, that the friend's cell number was no longer working. After a disappointed Lily left the coffeehouse, a waiter, who'd overheard most of Lily and Devon's conversation, advised Devon to actually turn on his phone the next time he wished to lie about not being able to reach someone because Lily might take notice the next time he tries the same stunt. Later, in the break room at the office, Devon phoned Colleen and asked her about Lily's favorite places to eat and visit. When Colleen asked if Devon was possibly arranging a date for Lily, her brother explained that he was planning a special night out just for Lily and himself in order to get Lily's mind off of dating. Daniel walked in, and Devon cut his call short, so he could harass his brother-in-law. Daniel advised Devon to at least act in a professional manner toward him at the office. Later, when Neil stopped by the break room, he asked Devon why Lily had claimed that Devon was refusing to set her up with a date. Devon evaded the question, but he assured his father that he and Lily had not fought over the issue. Later, at their apartment, Devon surprised Lily when he told her that he'd planned a special night out with him to all of her favorite places. However, Lily burst Devon's bubble when she told him that she already had a date that night. When Devon tried to get Lily to change her mind about dating a guy she'd recently met, she informed her brother that her date's cousin had already been invited along to be a double-date match for Devon.

After Nick and Sharon found themselves locked in a stuffy, abandoned bank vault, they made themselves cozy on the floor after they removed a few outer garments. Nick asked Sharon why she hadn't shared with Jack her desire to have another baby. Sharon answered that she hadn't found the right time to do so, but admitted that her urge to have another child grows stronger every year when she oversees Cassie's benefit. Nick told Sharon that he regretted not having had another child with her, but Sharon said that talking about the past wouldn't change what went wrong with their relationship after Cassie died. Nick blamed himself for emotionally abandoning Sharon after their daughter died. Nick moved closer to Sharon and kissed her. When they shared a tender hug, Sharon told Nick that she felt comfortable in his arms and wished to remain there forever. Nick asked to lie down and snuggle with Sharon. Although Sharon first refused, Nick persuaded her by explaining that they might not have another chance to share tender, intimate moments with each other, away from prying eyes. Nick assured Sharon that they'd have advance warning before the vault door was reopened. While Nick cradled Sharon in his arms as they both stretched out atop a pile of mover's blankets, Jack placed a call to Sharon's cell. Unable to reach her, he left a message wishing her well with her photoshoot scouting and telling her that he hoped she had found just what she was looking for. However, Sharon's mind was a million miles away from Jack while she lay in Nick's arms, as the two drifted into and out of sleep. When the vault door was finally reopened, Nick and Sharon quickly stood up and moved away from each other. Sharon put on her jacket and reluctantly walked out of the vault. When Nick put his shoes back on, he noticed Sharon's earring on the floor. He slipped the earring into his pocket.

Back at the office, Jack learned that Nick and Sharon had been locked in the vault. Jack was shocked that no one from the camera crew had called him. Nick assured Jack that he and Sharon were fine. Jack noticed that Sharon's earring was missing, but a flustered Sharon said she didn't know where she'd lost the earring. However, Nick fished the earring out of his pocket, explaining that he had found it in the vault and had meant to return it. After Jack left, Sharon asked Nick if he thought Jack had noticed that she was blushing. Nick told Sharon that she was too beautiful to blush. Sharon admonished Nick to tell that to his wife instead of her, and she left the office in a huff. Later, Nick again stopped by the break room, where Sharon was working. He told Sharon that he loved her. Nick also said that his devotion to Sharon was his problem to deal with, but that he would never stop loving her. As Nick was pouring out his soul to his ex, he received a phone call informing him that Phyllis' verdict was in from the jury and would soon be delivered.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Nikki pleads with Kay to talk to Cane and change his mind about Clear Springs. Nikki asks Kay for another loan but Kay declines. Kay explains that she'll finance a loan to keep construction going at Clear Springs for one more week while Nikki finds alternate financing. Nikki tells Victor she will use her marital assets as collateral for a loan to clean up Clear Springs. Victor tells her to get the papers drawn up. Michael gets a call that Phyllis' verdict will be announced at 3:00 today. Phyllis calls Jack, saying that she has to run away with Summer. Sharon overhears the conversation. Michael tells Nick that Phyllis is taking Summer and leaving town. Nick calls Phyllis to try to stop her, but Phyllis says that she's taking Summer away so that they never have to be apart, then dresses Summer in boys clothes. Michael tells Nick that they are going to tell people that Phyllis has a stomach bug and will be at the courthouse as soon as possible. They rush to find Jack and Daniel, asking Jack to call her and talk her out of doing something this foolish. Michael tries to persuade the judge to hold the verdict announcement until tomorrow, but the favor isn't granted. Gloria buys expensive gifts for Michael, Lauren and Kevin. Kevin notices an expensive bottle of wine, and is shocked when Jeffrey enters and Gloria gives it to him, noticing how much he looks like William. Kevin visits Jana at the psych ward. He paints her toenails and they have a great time. Suddenly Jana starts to slur her words and Kevin yells for a nurse. Kevin tells Gloria that if she doesn't give him the money to pay for Jana's surgery, he will go to the police and tell them that she is responsible for tampering with the Jabot cream. Later, they make a deal, saying that Kevin will use his coffeehouse security cameras to spy on Jeffrey, then he'll get the money from Gloria.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Michael tries to phone Phyllis while the Judge and Prosecutor wait. Michael insists Phyllis is delayed because of an illness. The Judge says Phyllis must show up within an hour or he'll put out a warrant for her arrest and order Michael in contempt of court. J.T. gives Victoria a gift for the baby from his mom. J.T. hopes they find out what the sex of their baby is, but Victoria isn't sure she wants to know. Amber is looking for a job and gets an interview, but once they learn who she is they hang up on her.

Michael continues to try to reach Phyllis. Lauren worries that the judge will put Michael in jail if Phyllis doesn't show up. Nick tells Daniel that Phyllis will not show up, when Phyllis walks in. Nick tells her they were growing to throw Michael in jail if she didn't show up. Phyllis apologizes to Nick and Daniel and says she turned back when she realized she couldn't take Summer away from them. Michael rushes her into the court room. J.T. and Victoria await the doctor at their appointment, discussing whether they should find out if they're having a boy or a girl. They finally decide that they want to know. Once the court is back in session, the Judge asks the jury if they've made a decision. The head juror says they haven't. The judge asks why the jury couldn't come up with a verdict. They explain that they had come up with a verdict, but one of the jurors changed their mind on their way into the court room. The Judge recesses the court and asks to speak with that juror in his chambers.

Amber surfs the net trying to find a job. Cane calls her and tells her that he needs to speak with her. The doctor tells Victoria and J.T. that their baby is healthy and asks if they want to know the sex of the baby. The doctor starts to tell them but Victoria then says she doesn't want to know. The doctor whispers in J.T.'s ear so that he knows. The Judge gives Michael a chance to convince him that he should declare a mistrial. The Prosecutor wants to finish this trial. The Judge decides that he will give cha jury a chance to make a decision. Sharon tells Jack that she has no sympathy for Phyllis. Jack decides to go back to work and Sharon decides to go to the gym. Phyllis tells Michael that it's good the jury can't come to a decision, since she still has a chance. Michael won't let Phyllis leave the court room until the decision is announced. Carson irritates Amber at the coffee shop. She tells him he needs to drop the trespassing charges against her. Brad runs into Sharon at the Club and she explains to him that the jury hasn't reached a decision yet. Sharon asks him why he's there in the middle of the day and Brad explains that he is not busy at work since Victoria is taking all his work for him. Sharon says he needs to join her at the gym to use the punching bag.

J.T. and Victoria look through the ultrasound pictures of their baby. J.T. tells Victoria he got headphones to put on her stomach so he can play music for the baby. He then tells her they should figure out a name for the baby. He suggests ‘Sam'; still leaving Victoria with no idea what the baby is. He then suggests other names that are used for both sexes. Phyllis tells Nick that she would never take Summer from him, that she just panicked. Nick tells her that she's too unpredictable. Phyllis says that he used to like that about her. Nick tells her to never take his daughter away from him again. Michael comes in and explains that the jury wants to hear Sharon's testimony again.

Michael, Phyllis, Lauren, Nick and Daniel try to figure out why the jury wants to hear Sharon's testimony again. Michael says that he hopes this has the D.A. spooked and that she might be willing to make a deal in the case without jail time for Phyllis.

Sharon and Brad discuss Brad's bad week at the bar. He then tells her he's had a bad year professionally and personally. Sharon tells him that maybe he should leave Newman and start his own business. He says he will not give Victoria that satisfaction. He also tells Sharon that if Victoria fires him they will owe him tons of money. She asks how Victoria's pregnancy is going and he explains that Victoria hasn't told him anything. J.T. and Victoria discuss Nick and Phyllis at the coffee shop. She explains she told Nick she will support him no matter what. Cane wants Amber to sign an affidavit that explains their marriage was never legal and that she is not entitled to any of his families assets. He tells her that they are finished. Amber tells him that he did everything he could to humiliate her and that she's still there because she loves him. He says that she's a liar and a felon and does not believe a single word that comes out of her mouth. He tells her that if she doesn't sign the affidavit that after she serves time for stealing the money that he'll have her shipped to Las Vegas where she'll face more charges. Amber signs the paper and asks if he's happy. Cane says he's ecstatic. Cane leaves the room and Amber looks at a picture of her and Cane when Katherine walks in. She tells Katherine that she should be leaving and then tries to explain everything to her. Katherine tells her that she understands and that she's not the first young woman she's known that hasn't tried to trick her way into getting what she wants. Katherine tells her that she's underestimating herself. She explains to Amber that she never fooled Katherine since she first met her, but that it didn't stop her from loving Amber. Amber smiles. Katherine tells Amber that she wishes she would go far enough away so that Cane and Jill never see her again. She says she can't since she's charged with a felony. Katherine tells her that she can't and won't help her with that, but that she's sorry.

Michael and Heather discuss the jury. They both think that they will come out on top in the end. Michael tells Heather not to re-try this case. He then tells her that he wants to make a deal. Heather says that any deal will include jail time. Daniel tells Phyllis that he's working for Jack and needs to get back to work. Daniel leaves then she asks Nick if he fired Daniel. Nick says it wasn't him but she rails into him saying he could have stopped Daniel from getting fired. Nick explains to Phyllis what Daniel did to get fired. Nick tells Phyllis that he won't be surprised if she goes to jail. Brad and Sharon discuss Phyllis and how she is a bad mother. She tells Brad how Jack practically begged Phyllis over the phone not to run away. Sharon then confesses that she kissed Nick.

Jack tells Daniel he did a great job on a project and he admires his attitude. Jack tries to encourage Daniel by telling him about when he and Phyllis got divorced and how he thought he wouldn't be happen again; until he found Sharon. Sharon tells Brad how she and Nick got stuck in the bank vault and how they ended up kissing. Brad thinks that Nick has a plan to get her back. Sharon says it won't work since she's in love with Jack. Brad tells her that she admires Jack; that she doesn't love him. Sharon says that she's perfectly satisfied with her husband. He tells her that wives who are happily married don't kiss other men. J.T. talks Victoria into leaving work earlier and going home so they can enjoy a bubble bath. She gets a phone call and lays the envelope with the sonogram pictures down on the break room table. They head home, forgetting the photos. Cane is sitting in the living room upset when Katherine walks in and tells him that she knows how he's feeling. She explains that he's angry because Amber made a fool of her. Katherine tells him that he's not the only one. She explains that Amber made a fool of a lot of people. Carson returns to the coffee shop and tells Amber that he dropped the trespassing charges against her. He then tells her that he'll help her find the money. He says if she split's the money with, it's only split two ways; that way she can pay her third of the money back to the courts and they can split the rest (leaving Daniel and Kevin out of the equation). Brad goes into the break room and finds the envelope and looks at the sonogram pictures. Victoria returns to get them and Brad says ‘It's a boy'.

Michael tries to convince Phyllis to accept a deal, but she doesn't want to go to jail. He says it will be less jail time than a conviction. She asks Nick what she should do and he tells her that she should listen to her lawyer. Michael pleads with her to take the deal. Phyllis says that a woman in the jury was smiling at her and she refuses to accept the deal; she says she'll take her chances on the jury. Just then the bailiff comes in and tells them that the jury has reached a verdict.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

The jury finds Phyllis guilty for extortion. Michael polls the jurors individually, but they all maintain their guilty vote. The judge thanks the jurors for their participation in this process. The judge says that the sentencing will take place tomorrow afternoon. Michael asks to put Phyllis on house arrest while she waits her sentencing. The Plaintiff argues against it, but Michael says that Phyllis has a baby and husband at home, and a son who is also awaiting a trial date. The judge decides to let Phyllis go home, providing she forfeit her passport, and check in with her probation officer on the hour.

Daniel goes to his mother and hugs her. She hopes that he doesn't think the worst of her. Phyllis asks if Daniel will have dinner with her and Nick. Daniel agrees.

As Sharon and Jack leave, Nick runs after Sharon. He wants to know if they can tell Noah about Phyllis' verdict together. Sharon says that Noah is on a camping trip, but when he returns she will call Nick. Phyllis tells Sharon that she is probably happy now that she is going to be put away. Sharon angrily tells Phyllis that she is getting what she deserves. Nick says that it's time to go home. Jack tells Sharon that he doesn't believe that Phyllis deserves to go to jail. When Noah returns home early, he has heard about the verdict and is angry with Sharon. Jack tries to explain that Sharon had no choice, but when Sharon asks him if he feels that Phyllis' sentencing is her fault, Jack doesn't say anything.

Michael tells Phyllis that he is going to do everything he can to appeal. At a lunch with Fen, Lauren worries that Michael is in over his head.

Devon is ecstatic when he hears of Phyllis' sentencing. He says that he wishes she would be put away for murdering their mother. Neil thinks that it's time to put it all behind them. They decide to have their own special Winters New Years. They reminisce about how wonderful their mother was. Devon remembers when Drucilla took him in. He tells Neil that Drucilla told him that she always wanted a son, and having him was better than giving birth to him. Neil says that having Devon was a gift to them all.

Daniel goes to Gina's and talks to her about his worries about his mother. Gina says that Daniel also needs to be worried about his own trial. Daniel says that he can handle it. What he can't handle is the fact that Lily hates him.

When Lily goes to Gina's to pick up some take out for the Winterses for dinner, she sees Daniel. Daniel asks her how she is doing. She tells him that she is thankful that the trial is all over. When Lily returns home, the Winters wonder why she was gone so long. Lily says that after seeing Daniel, she decided to drive around for awhile.

When Nikki and Brad hear the news about Phyllis, Nikki is thrilled. Brad wishes none of it ever happened. When Nikki sees Phyllis, she gloats about Phyllis' verdict. Nick tells Nikki to leave her alone.

Victor tells Nikki that it's her fault that Phyllis is going to jail. He says that she will have to live with the guilt knowing that she put the mother of her grandchild in jail.

When Phyllis sees Brad, she tells him that she doesn't have to do anything to Brad; his life is going down on his own. This angers Brad, and he goes to the plaintiff to tell her that Phyllis had initially left town.

At dinner, Phyllis breaks down in front of Nick. As she is crying, Nick holds her and tells her that he will be there for her and her son.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Ben informs Jack that he's taking a nosedive in the popularity polls because of his friendship with Phyllis. Ben suggests that Jack cut all ties with Phyllis since she was found guilty. Jack asks Sharon if she told Heather about Phyllis possibly leaving town, but Sharon says no. Sharon tells Jack that she told Brad about it, and that he probably said something. Jack gives a great interview to the probation officer. Phyllis' interview with the probation officer also goes well, until she opens her purse to reveal her wig. Phyllis tries to cover, but doesn't know if it was believable. Phyllis tells Michael that her probation officer saw her wig. Heather finds an airline security camera photo of Phyllis, in the wig, about to buy a ticket out of the country and shows it to Officer Cavanaugh, the probation officer. Kevin tells Jana that Gloria agreed to pay for Jana's brain surgery, which Jana takes as Gloria accepting her and giving them her blessing to be together. Jana tells Kevin that she wants Michael to draw up the papers to give Kevin power of attorney over her, in case anything goes wrong during surgery. Jana's doctors tell her that her tumor is in an important part of the brain and that the surgery may either save her life or kill her.

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