One Life to Live Recaps: The week of June 8, 2009 on OLTL

Starr reluctantly signed Hope's adoption papers. Cole graduated with the stipulation that he pass a summer school course. Jessica blamed herself for Chloe's death. Viki accepted Charlie's proposal of marriage. Dorian was disappointed that Ray had decided to leave Llanview with his daughter. Shane overheard the truth about Gigi and Brody not sleeping together, but Stacy persuaded Shane not to tell Rex.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of June 8, 2009 on OLTL
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Monday, June 8, 2009

Baby Mine

At Llanfair, Clint expressed concern over Jessica being alone with Brody. Pointing out that Jessica was in a fragile state, Clint worried that Brody might upset her. Assuring Clint that Brody loved Jessica, Viki was certain that Brody was the one person who could help Jessica get over the loss of her child. Clint didn't want to leave Viki alone, but Viki informed him that Charlie was due home shortly. When Clint mentioned that he was going home to Nora, Viki asked him to open up to Nora concerning the loss of Chloe. Viki warned Clint not to shut Nora out while he grieved the loss of Jessica's baby.

Later, Charlie arrived home and found Viki in a depressed state. Viki told Charlie that she felt responsible for Jessica losing the baby. Viki regretted leaving town after Nash's death. Viki was certain that she would have realized that Tess had surfaced. Reminding Viki that she had always been a support system for Jessica, Charlie told Viki that she had no reason to blame herself.

Presenting her with a ring, Charlie asked a shocked Viki to marry him. Viki accepted Charlie's proposal and the two shared an embrace. Staring at her ring, Viki told Charlie that she hoped Jessica would find a guy to love who was as wonderful as Charlie.

Meanwhile, upstairs, Jessica blamed herself for causing misery to so many people and asked Brody to leave her alone. Brody tried to convince Jessica that Tess was responsible for what had happened, but Jessica refused to listen. Jessica insisted that her baby had died because she had failed to see her doctor on a regular basis during her pregnancy. Declaring his love for her, Brody told Jessica that he intended to stand by her side and help her through the crisis. As a distraught Jessica reminisced about her short time with Chloe, Brody held her in his arms.

At the Buchanan mansion, Nora and Rachel discussed Nora and Clint's upcoming nuptials. Upon learning that Nora hadn't mentioned Clint's proposal to Matthew, Rachel wondered if her mother still had feelings for Bo. Nora was adamant that she wanted to marry Clint. As Nora tried her best to convince Rachel that she only had eyes for Clint, Nora was startled when Clint entered the room and questioned what was going on.

Alone with Clint, Nora asked about Jessica's state, but Clint refused to talk about it. Instead, Clint announced that he wanted to set a wedding date. Stunned, Nora questioned whether the time was right. As Nora made excuses, Clint wondered if she felt pressured. Nora hesitated for a brief moment, and then agreed to set a date. Insisting that he wanted to get married immediately, Clint suggested that they elope the next day. Nora agreed.

At Rodi's, Bo asked John to reconsider returning to the Llanview Police Department and offered him the position of Chief of Detectives. Stating that he was tired of the politics that came along with the job, John declined Bo's offer. Reminding John that his investigative skills were a gift, Bo pleaded with him to change his mind. John promised to think about returning to the LPD.

Informing John that he intended to throw Clint a party in celebration of his upcoming wedding, Bo asked John if he could rent the restaurant for the big event. John wondered how Bo felt about Clint marrying Nora. Bo claimed that he didn't mind that his ex-wife and brother were engaged to be married.

Back at the Buchanan mansion, Bo entered the room as Nora stared at a photo of Bo, Matthew, and herself. Bo and Nora smiled at each other. Afterward, Nora smiled as she continued staring at the photo.

Inside their apartment at the Angel Square Hotel, Michael asked Marcie to marry him. Michael insisted that they had so much to be thankful for w- their relationship was stronger than ever and they had a new baby. Citing that they were on the verge of a new beginning, Michael said that he thought it was important that they renewed their wedding vows. Eager to start over, Marcie agreed to marry Michael again.

At La Boulaie, Starr told Cole that the adoption wasn't official because she hadn't signed the adoption papers. Before Starr and Cole could discuss the matter any further, Marty interrupted with news that Todd and Blair had returned with Hope. Starr cried as Blair placed Hope in her arms. Realizing that Cole was nervous, Starr suggested that he hold his daughter. As she watched Cole enjoy time with Hope, Starr looked sad when she glanced over at the unsigned adoption papers.

Meanwhile, Todd phoned Michael and told him that Hope was at La Boulaie. Michael and Marcie headed over to La Boulaie to pick up Hope. After hanging up with Michael, Todd watched as Starr and Cole bonded with their daughter.

The mood was somber when Michael and Marcie arrived at La Boulaie. Todd, Blair, and Marty watched as Starr and Cole handed the child over to Marcie. Starr announced that the adoption wouldn't be finalized until she signed the adoption papers. As Starr prepared to sign the papers, Blair stopped her and suggested that Starr give the decision more thought. Dismissing her mother's plea, Starr signed the papers with great sadness.

Holding Hope, Marcie suggested that Starr take a lock of Hope's hair to place in her locket. Cole gave Marcie his father's book of poems and requested that the new parents read the poems to Hope. Thanking Starr for making the ultimate sacrifice, Marcie promised that she and Michael would be great parents to Hope. Unable to remain strong any longer, Starr politely suggested that the McBains leave. As she walked away with Hope, Marcie looked back at the child's devastated parents.

Alone, Cole and Starr sat in silence.

Out in the foyer, Blair and Todd walked Marty to the door. As she left, Marty told Blair that they would all remember that dreadful day forever. Afterward, Blair thanked Todd for being supportive of Starr. They discussed their beautiful granddaughter and shared a hug.

Starr told Cole that she wished that she could have spent more time with Hope. Placing the locket around Starr's neck, Cole told her that Hope would always be close to Starr's heart.

Back at the Angel Square Hotel, Marcie and Michael enjoyed time with Hope. They told the child that she was at home and had everything that she could possibly need.

Marty paid John a visit at Rodi's. Marty told John that Cole was having trouble dealing with Hope's adoption. Realizing that Marty was troubled, John held her in his arms.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Top Chef

Schuyler showed up on Gigi's doorstep with the results of the DNA test on Stacy's hair. Gigi didn't want to discuss the situation with Stacy until the comparison results, establishing whether or not Stacy could have donated bone marrow to Shane, were in. As Schuyler prepared to leave, he mentioned heading home for a cheap dinner. Gigi was horrified at the idea him eating hot dogs, so she invited Schuyler to stay for dinner. She only had leftovers, but she assured Schuyler that they would be tastier than the dinner he had planned.

Later, Gigi and Schuyler sat down to enjoy leftover lasagna. Schuyler flipped through some old Morasco family pictures. He observed that Stacy hadn't been in any of the pictures. Gigi explained that Stacy had shied away from pictures because she had braces, thick glasses, and "blackheads" during her early years. Gigi added that the few pictures that had been taken of Stacy, when she was a child, had vanished long ago.

Gigi asked Schuyler what had drawn him to Stacy. Schuyler chuckled as he admitted that Stacy had made a mean chicken parmesan. He told Gigi that, all kidding aside, Stacy had been a different person before she had crossed paths with Rex in Las Vegas. Schuyler credited Stacy for helping him through the withdrawal of drugs and maintaining sobriety. Gigi thought that Schuyler was too good for her sister.

When Schuyler tried to defend Stacy, Gigi reminded Schuyler of Stacy's claim that Schuyler had stolen twenty thousand dollars. Schuyler attributed Stacy's lie to not seeing things straight. Schuyler likened Stacy's obsession with Rex to his own addiction to drugs. He was determined to help Stacy realize that Rex wasn't good for her. Schuyler felt that he owed it to Stacy.

Rex returned to his loft after an intense workout at the gym. Stacy stood in the kitchen, cooking dinner. Stacy offered him a sample of the fragrant food she had prepared. Rex was pleasantly surprised; he had no idea that Stacy could cook. While Rex went upstairs to shower, Stacy finished the meal then changed clothes.

Stacy was busy setting the table when Rex came downstairs. Stacy caught Rex's reflection, as he dressed, in a mirror. She quickly looked away before Rex realized that she'd been staring. Minutes later, Rex joined Stacy at the table for dinner. Rex was impressed with the chicken parmesan that Stacy had made.

Stacy beamed with pride as Rex complimented her. She told him that she had cooked the dinner to thank Rex for all he had done for her. Rex insisted that Stacy didn't owe him for anything. As dinner ended, Rex commented that it had been a long time since he'd had a home-cooked meal. Stacy pretended to have sympathy for all Rex had been through in recent months. She assured Rex that things would improve.

Viki went to the hospital to visit Téa. Téa was stunned when Viki told her about Jessica's breakdown and Hope's return to Starr. They also talked about Powell. Téa confided that she and Blair had reached an understanding during their ordeal in the boiler room. Téa was careful to keep Blair's secrets. However, Téa freely talked about her own feelings for Todd.

Viki admitted that she knew Téa had loved Todd, but she had never suspected that Téa considered Todd to be the love of her life. Téa made it clear that she did not intend for Todd to find out. Viki asked if Téa was worried that Blair might say something to Todd. Téa was confident that Blair would keep Téa's secret, because Blair had just as much to lose as Téa did.

As Viki stood up, Téa noticed the engagement ring. Viki confirmed that she had accepted Charlie's proposal. Téa was happy for Viki; she wished she could find a man like Charlie. However, Téa realized that it was unlikely, since she was drawn to bad boys.

Viki changed the subject by asking Téa when she would be released from the hospital. Téa revealed that the hospital was ready to discharge her. Viki invited Téa to recuperate at Llanfair, but Téa declined the offer. She told Viki that Todd had asked her to stay with him. Téa was hopeful that Todd would recall the invitation.

At Rodi's, Marty talked to John about Cole. Marty was concerned about Cole's reaction to giving Hope up for adoption. She asked John to tell her that everything would be all right. John assured Marty that things would work out.

As they talked, Marty confessed that she finally knew who she was and what she wanted. What Marty wanted was John. Marty told John that she had the impression that John felt the same way about her. John admitted that he didn't know what to say. Marty realized that she'd had two years to figure things out; she offered to give John a few days to do the same. She asked him to call her when he had made his decision.

In La Boulaie's kitchen, Dorian tried to instruct Moe on how to prepare a meal. Moe didn't appreciate Dorian's interference. Noelle stepped in to play peacemaker. She complimented Dorian for arranging a special dinner for Ray. Dorian insisted that Ray deserved some kindness after everything he had through.

Noelle realized that Ray was important to Dorian. Dorian tried to deny it, but Moe and Noelle didn't believe her. They assured Dorian that they would do their best to make her evening with Ray go smoothly. Dorian credited Moe and Noelle for bringing her and Ray together. Had Moe not invited Ray to stay at La Boulaie, Dorian would never have given Ray a second glance. Noelle smiled brightly as she suggested that Ray could be "the one" for Dorian.

In La Boulaie's foyer, Blair and Todd shared a hug. Their camaraderie came to an abrupt end when Todd asked Blair to get the kids. She realized that Todd intended take the children home with him. Blair was furious when Todd confirmed her suspicions. She accused him of using the kids to ease his loneliness.

Todd denied that his children were a consolation prize to fill his empty home. Blair didn't believe Todd. She insisted that Starr wanted to live at La Boulaie. Blair was also concerned about the reaction the boys might have to returning to the place where Powell and Rebecca had terrorized them. Todd reminded Blair that Powell and Rebecca were dead, so there was nothing for the kids to fear.

Todd cautioned Blair that he had custody of the children. Blair clarified that he'd only been granted temporary custody while she had recovered from a brutal attack. Blair pointed out that she was out of the hospital, healthy, and capable of resuming guardianship over the children. Blair also reminded Todd that the charges against John had been dropped.

Blair was confident that the judge would reinstate custody of the children to her, especially when the judge learned that Todd had slept with Blair's attorney the night before the last custody hearing. Blair promised Todd that the only way he could win custody of the children was if he married a woman who was a cross between Mother Theresa and Eleanor Roosevelt. Blair instantly realized her mistake when Todd perked up at the suggestion. She warned Todd, "Don't you dare."

Todd threatened to call the police, to enforce his custodial rights, if Blair didn't stop stalling. Blair was livid; she couldn't believe that Todd would put Starr through more emotional turmoil. Todd reluctantly agreed to allow Starr to remain at La Boulaie. However, he insisted that the boys had to leave with him. Blair was disgusted; she mumbled that she couldn't believe she had almost, "said it out loud."

Todd found the remark curious. He asked her to explain the comment. Blair had a flashback of sitting in the boiler room, with Téa, and confessing that Todd had been the love of her life. Blair shook the memory away and ignored Todd's question. Luckily for Blair, Todd didn't pursue it. He was too focused on getting Blair to comply with his demands. Blair realized that she had little choice in the matter, so she called up to Jack.

As Todd and the boys prepared to leave, Jack realized that Blair was not joining them. Blair explained that she had only moved in with Todd temporarily while she recovered. Blair made it clear that her home was La Boulaie. Jack was disappointed when he learned that Starr would also remain at La Boulaie. Blair promised both boys that Starr would visit them. Jack sensed that his parents weren't telling him everything. He wondered if it had something to do with "McPain." Todd and Blair assured Jack that they weren't keeping secrets from him.

After Todd left La Boulaie with the boys, they went to the hospital. Téa was delighted to see them walk into her room. Téa glowed with joy when Todd asked her if she was ready to go home with him.

At Rodi's, John was deep in thought. He recalled kissing Marty passionately. Meanwhile, Marty's confession about her feelings for John replayed in his head. He was startled when Blair interrupted his contemplation. Blair told John that she wanted to discuss their relationship. Blair admitted that they had an unconventional marriage. However, Blair thought it was worth fighting for. Blair also confessed that she needed John more than ever.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Change Partners And Dance

Cole and Marty shared an evening in Marty's suite at the Palace Hotel, where Cole was pleased to learn that Marty was planning to renew her medical license and resume practicing medicine. He told his mother it was time she got her life back. Marty encouraged Cole to do the same by going to graduation the next day, but Cole was reticent, since he had yet to complete his necessary credits and would only be walking with his class during the ceremony, where the gossip and rumors about his drug use would be rampant.

Marty told Cole she'd faced rumors and hearsay before, and urged him not to hide, but rather to be proud for what he'd come through. Reconsidering, Cole agreed to go to graduation. He said his relationship with Starr remained in a holding pattern, but asked his embarrassed mother what would become of her and John. Marty remained silent.

At Rodi's, Blair told John that Todd had taken Jack and Sam back to his house, and she needed his help more than ever in court. John told Blair he was sorry, but he couldn't be her husband anymore. He promised to stay for the children until Blair could regain custody, but said that when the court case was handled, he would leave.

John said they hadn't been honest with each other before, but he was ready to start. Blair realized that John wanted to renew his relationship with Marty, since she had regained her memory. John explained that they weren't right for each other, and claimed it wasn't just Marty coming between them. Blair grew emotional, and admitted that he was right; Todd still held a place in her heart. She said she'd been trying to shake his influence, and tearfully told John that he had been helping to cure her of her need for Todd. She wished they could have worked out, but they both agreed they couldn't go back in time to before Marty's return. Blair thanked John for his continuing help, and called him a good man. Losing her composure, she bade him a quick goodbye and rushed out of Rodi's.

At Rex's loft, Stacy and Rex horsed around after dinner, getting each other drenched in water. Stacy wriggled out of her top, leaving Rex flustered, much to her delight.

As Stacy changed and put her wet clothes on the fire escape to dry, Rex complimented Stacy on her free spirit and lack of pretension. Stacy said she hadn't always been beautiful; she reminded Rex that she'd been ugly in school and he hadn't looked twice at her. Stacy said she'd had a sense of power and freedom from stripping in Vegas, but that had given way to numbness, and she had dreamed of a man who would take her away from that life. She said she wanted to find more work, but refused to go back to stripping.

Rex asked about her passion for non-exotic dancing, and Stacy said she'd considered teaching dance. Rex told her he wasn't any good at dancing, so Stacy gave him a free lesson, leading to another intimate moment.

After they finished dancing, Rex offered Stacy the use of Ultra Violet as a teaching space during the day. As they bid each other goodnight, Stacy thanked Rex for everything and embraced him.

At the carriage house, Gigi and Schuyler finished their dinner, toasting over milk with Schuyler pledging to "save Stacy from herself." Just then, Shane burst in, having come home from his sleepover early. Shane was disgusted to see Gigi entertaining another gentleman caller, and refused to believe Schuyler was just a friend. After Shane snapped at Schuyler, Gigi grounded him and sent him upstairs. As Shane stalked off to his room, he screamed, "I hate you!" at his mother.

Schuyler attempted to lift Gigi's spirits, assuring her that Shane still loved her and knew she cared for him. He knew she was letting Shane believe Stacy's lies, but he promised Gigi that the truth would come out. Gigi told Schuyler that she understood why Shane was angry with her, but hated that she couldn't even tell him the truth. As Gigi ushered Schuuyler out, Shane crept down the staircase, overhearing as Gigi expressed her need to tell her son she'd never slept with Brody.

Minutes later, Shane placed a call to Rex, getting his voicemail. Speaking in hushed tones, Shane told Rex to call him right away.

At Todd's house, a proud Todd wheeled Téa into the foyer amidst balloons and celebration, but his children remained skeptical. "How long is 'Naked Lady' going to be staying with us?" Jack asked. "Her name is Téa, Jack!" Todd barked. He told Jack that Téa would be staying with them for as long as her recovery needed.

As Todd wheeled her into the living room, Téa got down to brass tacks and asked him to admit why he was really taking care of her. Todd admitted that he wanted her help with the custody battle against Blair, and asked her to tell the judge that she had engineered John and Blair's sham marriage. Téa was outraged to learn Todd's kindness was a ploy, and reminded him that she could be censured and disbarred, especially if Blair blew the whistle on her dalliance with Todd. She was disgusted that Todd had used her feelings to manipulate her once again, but Todd said that the custody case wasn't the only reason he wanted her with him. Téa scoffed that she knew he wanted the other "fringe benefits" of their relationship back.

Jack walked in with Téa's luggage, and pointedly asked his father if her bags should go in the guest room or his bedroom. After the boy left, Todd and Téa continued to debate the question. Téa told Todd she was not ready to sleep in his room, and said that with his children on the premises, things had become "too intimate." Todd remarked that intimacy hadn't been a problem of late, but Téa said that sex and romance were different, and asked Todd if he was truly ready for a relationship again. When Todd hedged, Téa brought up the perverse irony of her staying in Marty's old room, and asked him if he still wanted his rape victim.

Todd told Téa that he hadn't been in his right mind when he had discovered Marty the year before, and said that after the ordeal with Powell and her memories returning, he and Marty had found "closure," and he no longer felt the same way about her. "And Blair?" Téa asked. Todd muttered that Blair was still the mother of his children, but had no interest in him. When Téa asked Todd what he wanted, he was unable to answer. Seizing on his silence, Téa told Todd that until he could answer that question, she'd be staying in the guest room.

At La Boulaie, Dorian surprised Ray with a candlelit dinner on the patio. Ray was touched, but told her he couldn't stay for dinner, or at all. Instead, he said he was transferring Lola to a specialized mental health facility far away from Llanview, and would be going with her.

Dorian was stunned as Ray told her that there was too much pain for Lola in Llanview, and she needed to get away from the scene of her breakdown in order to recover. "What about what her father needs?" Dorian asked. Ray told her that his needs were not important, and that he had to put Lola first. He said he loved his niece and would miss both Langston and Dorian, but could no longer be distracted from Lola's illness.

Dorian grew irate, asking if she was merely a "distraction" to Ray. "You've been my only light!" Ray replied, and told her she meant a great deal to him, but said that his pursuit of her had blinded him to the fact that his daughter had gone to pieces. As Dorian listened numbly, Ray told her that what they'd had was "brief but beautiful," and he was sorry.

After packing, Ray rejoined Dorian in the foyer. He told her he'd never forget her, and Dorian, struggling to contain her emotions, said she didn't think he would. Ray moved to kiss her, but Dorian shrank away. Giving her a final sorrowful glance, Ray left the mansion.

Alone again, Dorian walked quietly back out to the patio, reeling. Then, she began to trash the candlelit dinner, overturning tables and chairs as she let out a primal scream.

Back at Marty's suite, Marty went to answer her doorbell, thinking it was Cole. Instead, she found John, who held up a single rose. John told Marty he'd taken time to think, and wanted to explore where they were headed before her accident. He told her that he would stay married to Blair only as long as it took her to regain custody of the children. Marty said she could accept that as long as she knew they both wanted the same thing, and they did -- a passionate kiss.

Blair wandered over to Todd's house and was about to ring the bell, but overheard noises from inside. Stepping into the foyer, she found herself looking in on Todd, Téa, and the boys in a cozy family scene in the living room, playing video games. Heartbroken, Blair quickly left without a word. But in the living room, Todd's ears perked up, as he sensed someone had been there.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Promises To Keep

Intercepting Shane's urgent call to Rex, Stacy deleted it from his phone before Rex could see it. When Rex walked into the room unexpectedly and caught Stacy with the phone, she quickly responded that his phone was dying and she was merely plugging it in. He cheerfully presented her with a set of keys to his club, hoping that she would put her plan into action for starting a school of dance.

After Rex left, Stacy began to change her clothes, Shane interrupted when he walked in unannounced. Hiding his eyes, he demanded to know Rex's whereabouts. An evasive Stacy denied having any knowledge as to where Rex was, but coerced Shane into trusting her and revealing the reason for his need to speak to his dad. Shane disclosed that he had overheard his mother telling Schuyler that she had not really cheated on his dad with Brody. He thought his dad should know and then his parents would be back together.

Sighing, Stacy told the boy that his mother had made it up to impress Schuyler because she "had a thing for Schuyler." A disappointed Shane was not happy that his aunt was suggesting that Gigi was a slut. Backpedaling slightly, Stacy denied meaning exactly that, but reminded Shane of all the guys his mom was spending time with. She understood that Gigi wanted Schuyler to like her, Stacy lied. Gigi was under stress, she disclosed. She felt that Shane had to let his parents move on. She suggested that his dad needed to find someone to make him happy, too. Shane thought maybe someone like Stacy would be good.

At Llanfair, Jessica burst into Chloe's room hysterically crying and hoping that it was only a nightmare that the baby was gone. Hearing her crying, Natalie did her best to comfort her sister. She also revealed that she had known the true identity of the baby and the fact that Bess had switched her for some time. She explained how she and Jared had pursued the truth after finding the hospital parking receipt from the night of the babies' births. She had decided to keep quiet because the baby was holding Jessica together, she continued.

As Jessica continued to cry, she expressed her disbelief that Natalie had wanted to care for her after all Jessica had done to Natalie and Jared. Natalie resolutely declared her love for her sister as her motivation for protecting her. Jessica expressed a desire to visit Marcie to apologize for her actions, but Natalie felt that it wasn't a very good idea. She assumed that Jessica really wanted to see the baby, and Jessica reluctantly admitted that was true.

Natalie offered to visit the McBains instead and extend apologies from both of them. She let the baby swap go on for too long, she clarified. She reminded Jessica that she still had Bree who needed her. Jessica asked that Natalie tell Chloe she loved her.

As Marcie sat and played with Hope, she told Michael of her concern in taking the baby away from Starr and how difficult it had been to look at Starr when the baby had been handed over to them. Michael expressed his view that Starr was too young to be a mother to Hope, but Marcie felt that things were different. She explained that the baby was real and not just an abstract to Starr as she was before the birth.

She felt that something had changed in Starr and that she was more grown up and ready to be a mom since Hope's birth. Starr had also pursued the baby's death and didn't sit back as Marcie had, willing to accept whatever happened, Marcie continued. When there was a knock at the door, the couple was surprised to see Natalie. She explained that she was there to extend her regrets over what happened. She informed them that they could have had the baby months earlier if not for her. She explained how and when she had learned of the deception committed by Bess.

Jessica had suffered so much that Natalie felt compelled to keep her secret, she elaborated for the McBains. While Marcie insisted that they understood, she also pointed out how Natalie had watched them suffer, too. While trying to justify her actions, Natalie admitted that she had been wrong in doing what she did. The McBains were accepting and said they were fine, especially since they had their baby. Marcie added that Jessica was welcome to visit. It was hard enough for herself, Natalie pointed out, and thought they needed to let go.

As Starr agonized over the signed adoption papers at La Boulaie, she spied Langston carrying some balloons. Realizing she had forgotten about Markko's graduation, she apologized to her friend. Starr admitted that she missed her baby and Cole, and had thought about not signing the adoption papers, but felt she couldn't break Marcie's heart. Langston wondered about Starr's heart after all that had happened, but Starr didn't think that Marcie could bear to lose the baby after already losing one to Todd. She was also reluctant to tell Cole, thinking that he would hate her if he found out she wanted to change her mind about the adoption, Starr confided to Langston.

At the diner, Cole had a talk with Markko and confessed that he missed his baby and Starr, but didn't think he could be with Starr. He didn't think he'd be able to express his true feelings. Markko strongly believed that Starr would actually help Cole to feel better. Cole explained that he had wanted to keep the baby, but didn't want to mess with Starr's head again. He felt empty, though, he added. Markko thought that his friend would turn out to be a bigger jerk than he was in the past if he didn't share his emotions with Starr.

At Rodi's, Brody asked for Gigi's forgiveness, explaining that his relationship with Jessica was no longer a secret. He felt bad that Gigi was not able to admit to everyone that her sleeping with him was not true. She assured him that the truth would be out soon and she'd be able to expose Stacy for not being the true donor of Shane's stem cells. Explaining to an astonished Brody that it was very possible that the stem cells were switched from an unknown person, an excited Gigi jumped into Brody's arms to give him a huge hug. That was the first thing Rex saw when he walked in, and he immediately made his disgust known.

Gigi accused him of jumping to conclusions when he made some wise cracks about her men. She reminded him that she was a good mother, though he added that she had been doing crazy things. She told him she'd explain it all soon, which provoked Rex's curiosity. She refused to say anything further, and instead, wondered why he was there. Rex wanted to know which of Shane's band concerts she'd be attending, to make sure they weren't at the same performance. After working out their schedules, Rex admitted he was confused. He only wanted things fixed and wanted her to explain it all.

As Starr continued to express her regrets over Hope's adoption, there was a knock at the door. It was Cole, who, when she wondered how he was, responded that he had seen better days. He then advised her that his mother really wanted him to attend the high school graduation, and it would mean a lot to him if he saw Starr sitting out in the crowd.

A happy Starr conceded that she thought Cole would be finished with her once the adoption papers were signed. Cole declared that he understood that she had made a promise and he knew it was difficult for her. He didn't want to lose her or their relationship, he added. He still wanted her to be in his life. He stressed that she was the only one who totally understood his feelings for what had transpired. Starr confessed that he had just made things better. The couple shared a kiss, and realized that they needed to be with each other.

Jess and Bree stopped at Rodi's and visited with Brody, especially because Bree had mentioned that she missed him. She missed her sister, too, Bree told Brody, but knew she was with her new mommy. Brody did some bonding with Bree.

An adamant Stacy warned Shane not to tell Rex what he had heard from his mother. When Rex walked in, Shane claimed to be there to extend an invitation to his concert.

At the diner, Langston arrived to see Markko. The McBains with baby Hope were seated nearby. When Marcie went in search of a bib, she overheard the young couple talking. Langston admitted that she was concerned about Starr and Cole because they had wanted to keep their baby.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Pomp & Circumstance

As Moe and Noelle happily decorated the terrace in preparation of the graduation party, Dorian, who was upset because Ray had left town, complained and criticized every detail. Realizing that Dorian was upset over losing Ray, Moe and Noelle tried to raise her spirits, but Dorian continued to hurl insults at them. Envious of their happy relationship, Dorian was anxious to make a fast exit. Dorian announced that she was headed to the Palace Hotel, in search of a decent bottle of champagne for the party.

Inside La Boulaie, Starr and Cole decided to give their relationship another chance. Dorian took a detour through the living room and discovered Starr and Cole sharing a passionate kiss. Disgusted by their display of affection, Dorian suggested that the teens reconsider rekindling their relationship. Ignoring Dorian's advice, Starr reminded Cole that his graduation ceremony was scheduled to begin in a few hours at the high school. After giving him a kiss goodbye, Starr promised to attend the ceremony.

At the Palace Hotel, Viki and Charlie announced their engagement and learned that Clint and Nora were planning to wed on the same day. Renee congratulated both couples and remarked that they should consider a double ceremony. Dorian arrived at the Palace and was shocked to learn that both couples were engaged to be married. Dorian sulked and directed several rude comments at them.

Reminding Dorian that she had previously booked a romantic booth for herself and Ray at the Palace, Renee commented that Dorian also had a special night ahead. Dorian promptly informed Renee that she intended to cancel the reservation. Dorian grimaced when a gentlemen suitor interrupted and gave Renee a gentle hug. The gentlemen advised Renee that he wanted to reserve the booth and share a romantic night with her. A look of disgust crossed Dorian's face, as Renee chuckled and Charlie sang, "Love is in the air!"

When Charlie asked Dorian if he would ever get the opportunity to meet her new guy, Dorian snapped, "Never, if I ever have anything to say about it!" As Dorian stormed off, everyone joked that Dorian was alone and miserable. Afterward, Charlie expressed guilt over laughing at Dorian's misfortune, but everyone else insisted that Dorian was the cause of her own troubles.

At the courthouse, Blair and John went head-to-head with Todd over custody of the children. Todd told the judge that Blair and John had only wed in an attempt to prevent Todd from gaining custody of his children. When the judge advised Todd that he needed to provide proof to support his claim, Todd assured the judge that his surprise witness would prove that Blair and John's marriage was a scam. Todd stated that his witness would arrive shortly.

OLTL Recap Photo 090612 Hoping to speak with Cole, Marty rushed inside the high school gymnasium. Unable to locate Cole, Marty approached Rachel and asked her to inform Cole that Marty might be late for the ceremony. Marty stated that she had received a subpoena ordering her to testify at the custody hearing on Todd's behalf.

At the Buenos Dias Café, while Mike fed Hope, Marcie overheard a conversation between Langston and Markko. Langston told Markko that Starr had second thoughts about giving her baby up for adoption. A shocked Marcie listened as Langston confided in Markko that Starr had considered not signing the adoption papers. Langston said that Starr only signed the papers because she had made a promise to Marcie. Langston related that Starr wanted to raise her child with Cole. While Markko expressed concern for Marcie and Michael's feelings, Langston wondered how Hope would feel once she learned that her parents had never wanted to give her up.

Realizing that the graduation would soon be underway, Markko and Langston decided to head to the high school. Marcie returned to Michael and Hope. Kissing Hope goodbye, Marcie told Michael that she wanted to attend the graduation.

Back inside the courtroom, as Todd and Blair argued relentlessly, Marty stormed into the room and demanded to know why she had been summoned to appear. Reminding Marty that she was under oath, Todd's attorney asked Marty if she was involved in an intimate relationship with John. Denying that she was romantically involved with John, Marty stated that John was committed to his marriage to Blair. As Todd's lawyer attempted to pressure Marty into recanting her statement, Marty announced that her memory was vague because she had suffered a serious brain injury.

Fed up with the confusion, the judge excused Marty and called a recess. Marty rushed off to attend Cole's graduation. Grateful for Marty's help, Blair suggested that John accompany her to Cole's graduation. While Blair awaited the judge's ruling, John left to attend Cole's graduation.

Inside the high school gymnasium, as the graduates of Llanview High School's Class of 2009 prepared to march down the aisle, Cole searched the crowd for his mother. Although he was pleased to see Starr, Cole was concerned about his mother's absence. Both Cole and Starr were annoyed when Rachel informed them that Marty had received a subpoena-courtesy of Todd. Starr apologized for Todd's poor judgment, but the thought of his mother missing his graduation, troubled Cole.

Rachel asked Starr and Cole how they were handling the adoption. As Starr and Cole confided in Rachel that they felt uncomfortable about handing their child over to the McBains, Marcie overheard the conversation. Upon noticing Marcie, Starr immediately changed the subject and welcomed Marcie. Insisting that she was proud of his accomplishments, Marcie congratulated Cole.

Meanwhile, Markko's mother criticized Langston's style of dress. Uncomfortable by Mrs. Rivera's harsh words, Langston worried that Markko's mother didn't like her. Markko assured Langston that his mother had no concerns about their relationship.

As the ceremony got underway, the class of 2009 applauded as Markko, the valedictorian, gave his speech. Marcie was moved as she listened to Markko's words and observed Starr and Cole's demeanor. Markko stated that the graduates had matured a great deal over the past several months. Markko related that they were capable of facing obstacles that they couldn't have handled in the past. Unnoticed, Marcie quietly exited the gymnasium. As Cole stepped on stage to receive his diploma, he was pleasantly surprised to see Marty and John rush into the gymnasium. Afterward, Cole looked inside the diploma case. His smile faded when he saw the notice inside that reminded him that he would receive his actual diploma upon completion of additional coursework.

OLTL Recap Photo 090612 After the ceremony, as everyone congratulated the graduates, Cole told his mother and friends that he hadn't really graduated. Insisting that they were proud of him, everyone reminded Cole that he would receive his diploma at a later date. Claiming that he needed to be alone, Cole said that he would meet everyone at the graduation party later.

Marty, Starr, and John were concerned as Cole walked away. Marty asked Rachel if Cole would be okay. Stating that Cole had experienced a difficult day, Rachel told Marty that Cole would have to learn to deal with the difficult days. Later, Marty thanked John for attending the ceremony and supporting Cole. Marty was concerned that Cole appeared lost.

Later, Cole peered inside the Buenos Dias Café, and spotted Michael reading Patrick's book of poems to Hope. Unable to watch his daughter with Michael, a devastated Cole ran off. Marcie entered the café and approached Michael. Near tears, Marcie stared at Hope and announced that she had something to tell Michael.

Cole walked along the pier and tossed his graduation cap into the river. As he looked down at the diploma cover, Asher appeared. With a sly look, Asher remarked, "Long time, no see!"

Back at La Boulaie, Dorian remained in a foul mood. Shaun did his best to help Dorian deal with her pain. Pleased by Shaun's concern for her, Dorian apologized for her behavior. Commenting that everyone was displaying their love lives for all to see, Dorian thanked Shaun for keeping his relationship discreet. At that moment, Rachel entered and thanked Shaun for inviting her over. Upon learning that Shaun and Rachel were dating, a disgusted Dorian hissed and walked away.

As Dorian stepped out on the terrace, she spotted Langston and Markko in a loving embrace. Unable to contain her resentment any longer, Dorian screamed and shattered her champagne glass with her bare hand.

Starr rushed into the house hoping to find Cole. When the doorbell chimed, Starr raced to the door. Starr was stunned when she opened the door and discovered Marcie and Hope. As she held Hope in her arms, Marcie smiled at Starr.

Inside the courtroom, Todd's lawyer warned him that he would lose the case unless he could provide solid proof that Blair and John conspired to defraud him. Todd informed his lawyer that he had another witness who could back up his claim. When asked why he hadn't presented the witness earlier, Todd stated that he wasn't sure if he wanted to drag the person into his legal problems. The lawyer advised Todd to come up with his mystery witness before it was too late.

The judge returned and announced that he was ready to rule. Pointing toward the door, Todd interrupted and stated that he had another witness. A look of shock crossed Blair's face as she snarled, "Todd, you bastard!"

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