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John and Natalie found Pamela Stuart's body lying next to Jared's wallet at the Buchanan Lodge. Blair got her memory back but decided not to tell Todd about his daughter with Téa. Matthew accused his parents of kidnapping him after they sent him to a boarding school in England. Fish was surprised to hear that Kyle had accepted Nick's marriage proposal. Layla and Cristian kissed. Jessica heard Nash's voice.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of October 19, 2009 on OLTL
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Monday, October 19, 2009

The Born Identity

Inside Blair's hospital room, Blair was visibly upset when Todd informed her that he had asked Marty to hypnotize Blair, in hopes of Blair recalling the lapse in memory she was experiencing. After a brief hesitation, Blair thanked Todd for his help and agreed to allow Marty to hypnotize her. Todd exited the room, and Marty set out to help Blair remember her argument with Téa.

Explaining that she would place Blair in a state of relaxed concentration, Marty was certain that Blair would remember every detail of her argument with Téa. Once Blair was under hypnosis, Marty asked Blair to recall everything that had taken place prior to her fall. Immediately, Blair remembered her altercation with Téa. A look of horror crossed Blair's face when she realized that Téa had admitted that she had a child. When Blair awoke, she stared at Marty in disbelief and remarked, "Téa has a child with Todd."

At the Palace Hotel, Téa spoke to her child over the phone. Téa promised to visit her child at boarding school during Parent's Weekend, but hesitated when the child asked for her father to accompany Téa. As a nervous Téa attempted to deflect her child's questions, Carlotta arrived and interrupted the phone conversation. Promising to see her child soon, Téa quickly ended the call.

Relieved to see a friendly face, Téa broke down and told Carlotta of her recent troubles. Attempting to console Téa, Carlotta questioned if Téa was in love with two men, Todd and her husband. With tears in her eyes, Téa responded, "Only one!"

Meanwhile, Todd sat in the hall outside of Blair's room. Twirling his wedding band, a frustrated Todd leaped to his feet and rushed off.

Back inside Téa's room at the Palace Hotel, Carlotta continued to question what was troubling Téa. Struggling to keep her composure, Téa blurted out,"Things would be different if Todd knew the truth!" As Carlotta pressed Téa for answers, Todd arrived and interrupted the conversation.

Alone with Téa, Todd handed her his wedding band, but she refused to accept it. Referring to their marriage as meaningless, Todd stated that it was senseless for him and Téa to wear wedding bands. Angered by Todd's actions, Téa challenged Todd to admit that he no longer loved her. When Todd didn't deny his feelings for her, Téa insisted that Todd loved her as much as she loved him. Refusing to admit his love for her, Todd handed Téa his wedding band and exited her apartment. A devastated Téa stared at the photo of her child and wept. Meanwhile, Todd stood outside her door and appeared conflicted.

Upon hearing Blair's startling revelation, Marty suggested that Blair inform Todd, and offered to locate him. To Marty's surprise, Blair declared, "No, I'm not telling Todd a damn thing!" Reminding Marty that their session was confidential, Blair demanded that Marty remain quiet about her discovery. Blair feared that Todd might reunite with Téa if Blair told him about the child. Blair warned, "If you repeat one word, you'll never practice medicine again!" Before Marty could respond, Todd entered Blair's room and asked if Blair had remembered anything. When Blair informed Todd that the hypnosis hadn't worked, Marty stormed out of the room.

After making Blair comfortable in her hospital bed, Todd made himself comfortable on the couch. Todd expressed his regret that the hypnosis had been unsuccessful. With a sly smile Blair remarked, "I guess I'll just have to live without those memories forever!"

At the jail, Elijah told Ross that he had been unsuccessful at retrieving Téa's briefcase. Elijah told Ross that he wasn't any closer to finding Ross's child. Stating that he hadn't been in his child's life, Ross questioned whether he should stop fighting Téa for the right to be involved with his child. Revealing that Ross was his brother, Elijah insisted that he would never allow Ross to make such a decision. Maintaining that Ross had a legal right to his child, Elijah vowed to help his brother.

As Ross began to discuss Blair, Elijah realized that Ross had strong feelings for Blair, and urged his brother to pursue her. Recalling his past episodes with Blair, Ross stated that Blair was strong and unlike any other woman he had ever met. Although he acknowledged that a spark existed between him and Blair, Ross doubted that he stood a chance with Blair because he felt she still loved Todd. Elijah hoped that Ross was correct about Blair having feelings for Ross. Elijah stated that Blair's soft spot for Ross might be the only chance he had of beating the criminal charges he faced.

At Rodi's, Layla dropped in on Cristian, who was working in the kitchen. Looking around the kitchen, Layla recalled the night that she and Cristian were locked inside the freezer. As they laughed about that night, Layla stated, "We've come a long way!" Layla turned to leave, but Cristian asked her to stay and help him cook. After asking her to taste his new creation, Cristian kissed Layla.

Layla responded to Cristian's kiss, but suddenly pulled away. Initially, Cristian apologized, but quickly retracted his statement. Cristian admitted that he had wanted to kiss Layla for quite some time. To Cristian's surprise, Layla admitted that she had also wanted to experience the kiss, but insisted that they could never share another intimate moment again. Layla informed Cristian that she feared a relationship with him would be a betrayal to Evangeline. Acknowledging his love for Evangeline, Cristian told Layla that her sister would want them to be happy. Layla refused to believe that Evangeline would want them to become involved romantically, and rushed out of the diner.

At the police station, Jessica and Brody told Viki and Charlie about Jared's involvement in the stalking of Jessica. Charlie refused to believe that Jared would cause Jessica any harm, but Brody revealed that Jared had confessed to Natalie. Charlie and Viki phoned both Jared and Natalie but were unable to make contact. Viki grew alarmed when Jessica told her about Madame Delphina's prediction that someone else would die.

Meanwhile, at the Buchanan Lodge, after hearing Natalie's screams, John rushed into the cabin and discovered Natalie kneeling over a dead body. Gasping, Natalie informed John that Pamela Stewart, Asa's ex-wife, was the victim. As John stepped away to call for help, Natalie stood over Pamela's body and exclaimed, "Jared, where are you?" When John returned, Natalie stated that Jared would never murder anyone. Before John could respond, Clint entered the cabin. Natalie and Jared updated Clint on what had taken place.

In the Llanview Police Station, after receiving a call from John, Brody informed everyone that John and Natalie had discovered Pamela Stewart's dead body at the lodge. A panicked Jessica exclaimed, "Oh, my God, Delphina was right!"

Back at the lodge, Clint reminded John that Pamela had foiled Jared's plan of passing himself off as Asa's son. John stated that Pamela had ties to both Buchanan Enterprises and Jared. Natalie begged John not to condemn Jared without knowing all the facts. Presenting the evidence team with the murder weapon, John told them that Pamela was bludgeoned to death -- in the same manner that Wayne Landers was murdered, before Jared found him.

After Clint, Natalie, and the evidence team left, John noticed a wallet on the couch. It belonged to Jared.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

London Calling

When Destiny failed to reach Matthew on the cell phone, she decided to leave him a message. Destiny hoped that Matthew would be walking the next time that she saw him. As Rachel approached, she overheard Destiny. When Destiny ended the call, Rachel asked how Matthew was. Destiny admitted that she hadn't spoken to Matthew since he had left for Seattle. Rachel and Destiny's conversation turned to Shaun. Rachel smiled nervously when Destiny confessed that Shaun hadn't stopped talking about Rachel.

In Shaun's room, Greg checked his brother's vitals while their parents hovered nearby. Shaun was eager to be discharged, so that he could spend time with Rachel. Mr. and Mrs. Evans confided that Rachel seemed to have eyes only for Shaun. Greg took exception to his family's observations about Rachel; he reminded everyone that Rachel and Shaun were not exactly engaged. Shaun was surprised by Greg's comment.

Rachel and Destiny entered the room just as Shaun wondered if he had competition for Rachel's affection. Destiny immediately eased Shaun's concerns by claiming that Rachel was only interested in Shaun. Rachel smiled, but didn't respond. Moments later, Rachel noted that Shaun appeared to have plenty of visitors, so she excused herself. As Greg prepared to follow Rachel, Shaun requested that his brother ask Rachel to return.

In the hallway, Greg tried to talk to Rachel about what had happened between them. Rachel had a flashback of her heated encounter with Greg in the hotel room, but she didn't want to talk about it. Rachel was relieved when Mrs. Evans stepped out of Shaun's room to ask Greg for a moment of his time. Before Greg could object, Rachel quickly excused herself and then walked away.

Greg was shocked when his mother suddenly slapped him across the face and then ordered him to leave Shaun's girlfriend alone. Greg told his mother that he couldn't help the way that he felt about Rachel. Mrs. Evans countered that Greg could control how he acted on those feelings. She made it clear that she expected Greg to stay away from Rachel.

Rachel walked up just in time to hear Greg ask his mother what if Rachel didn't want him to stay away from her. Rachel ignored the question as she asked if everything was okay. Mrs. Evans assured Rachel that they were fine and then invited Rachel to visit with Shaun. After Rachel entered Shaun's room, Greg asked his mother if she had noticed Rachel's reaction.

Greg revealed that Rachel had intended to break off her relationship with Shaun the night that Shaun had been shot. Mrs. Evans suggested that Shaun might have changed Rachel's mind. However, it didn't matter to her because Greg could not be with the woman that his brother was in love with.

In Shaun's room, Destiny warned her brother to stop pressuring Rachel. Destiny pointed out that Shaun was rushing things by talking about how much he loved Rachel. Destiny feared that it might push Rachel away. Mr. Evans agreed with Destiny. Moments later, Rachel entered the room. Mr. Evans took the opportunity to show Shaun the medal that the city had awarded Shaun for his bravery and self-sacrifice during Starr and Hope's rescue.

When Mrs. Evans returned to Shaun's room, she noticed Destiny huddled in a corner on the phone. Destiny revealed that she had called the hospital to check on Matthew. Destiny had been informed that Matthew's surgery had been canceled. Destiny was worried because she had not been able to reach Matthew. Rachel appeared equally concerned about her family.

Nora knocked on Kevin's front door, while Matthew grumbled that his parents had kidnapped him, in order to circumvent his decision to have spinal surgery. Nora and Bo didn't apologize for their tactics. Moments later, Kevin greeted his family. As Kevin ushered them into the house, he explained that Joey and Cord were in Beijing on business. Meanwhile, Kelly had taken Zane to preschool. Matthew remained sullen when he realized that Kevin was aware of Nora and Bo's deception.

Later, Matthew tried to call the United States, but didn't know how to make an overseas phone call. Nora snatched the phone away from Matthew as she explained that he wouldn't be allowed to make any calls until she could trust him. Matthew couldn't believe his mother had the gall to talk to him about trust, given her betrayal. When Matthew threatened to tell Kevin about Nora and Bo's kiss, Nora accused Matthew of acting out of spite. By comparison, she was motivated by concern.

Kevin and Bo returned from a walk a short time later. Kevin admitted that it had been difficult for him to see Matthew in a wheelchair. However, Kevin offered to talk to Matthew on Bo's behalf. Bo appreciated Kevin's support. Kevin wanted to help in any way that he could because he didn't want Bo and Matthew to have the same strained relationship that Kevin had with Duke.

When Kevin and Bo entered the living room, Nora announced that Matthew had something to say. Matthew hesitated a moment and then apologized for his surly attitude when they had first arrived. Kevin accepted the apology and then offered to take Matthew out for dinner. Matthew declined the invitation, but he suggested that Kevin ask Bo and Nora to join him, since they seemed to enjoy each other's company more than they did their son's.

Later, Kevin sought Matthew out for a private chat. Neither realized that Bo lurked nearby, listening. When Kevin explained that Bo was afraid of losing Matthew, Matthew revealed that it was too late. Bo was losing Matthew by blocking the surgery.

Viki found Charlie at the Buchanan lodge. Charlie was desperate to find a clue that might help him to locate Jared. Viki promised that she would use the Banner to help Jared if it were necessary. Charlie felt terrible that Jared's trouble had affected Viki's campaign. Viki assured her husband that everything would work out. As they left the lodge, reporters besieged them. One of the reporters wondered if Viki would use the mayor's office to impede the murder investigation.

Charlie insisted that his son had not murdered anyone. Viki reminded the reporter that people were considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

At the Llanview Police Station, Natalie and Clint waited for word on Jared. Natalie wanted John to search for evidence that Jared had been framed, but John refused to discuss the case with Natalie. John explained that it wouldn't be appropriate for him to update her about the investigation because she was the suspect's wife. Natalie was upset, so Clint guided her away from John, in order to calm her down.

Oliver approached John to volunteer his help. John appreciated Oliver's offer, but he insisted that Oliver had to turn in his gun and badge. John explained that Oliver was on temporary leave because of the lawsuit that Elijah had filed on Ross's behalf. Oliver couldn't believe that an officer who had recently received a medal of commendation would be suspended over a false allegation. Oliver was concerned that an Internal Affairs investigation would delve into his personal life, including his sexuality.

John didn't think that Oliver's personal life would be an issue, but he promised that he had Oliver's back. Later, as Oliver prepared to leave the station, a fellow officer mentioned that the Buenos Dias Café was hosting a charity dinner for the homeless. Oliver decided to head to the diner to volunteer his services.

Nora called Clint to let him know that she had arrived in England. Clint was disappointed when Nora admitted that she wasn't certain how long she would be away from home. A short time after Clint ended his call with Nora, Viki and Charlie arrived at the police station. Everyone was stunned when John suggested that Jared might have killed Pamela out of revenge.

John reminded Natalie and her family that Jared had turned up in Llanview to exact revenge. Natalie insisted that all of that was ancient history; Jared had married Natalie and built a life with her. Natalie wondered what reason Jared would have for destroying all of that. Meanwhile, Charlie argued that Jared had cared about Pamela. John pointed out that it wouldn't have been the first time that Jared had hurt someone that he had claimed to love.

At the Buenos Dias Café, Amelia and Nick discussed what they intended to do next. Amelia was eager to begin phase two of their plans. As he approached the table, Kyle overheard Amelia. When he asked what phase two was, Amelia responded, "You are." Amelia left it to Nick to explain her cryptic comments. After Amelia departed, Nick told Kyle that they intended to invite other gay couples to join Dorian and Amelia for a mass wedding.

Kyle was surprised when Nick expressed his desire to "get hitched." Kyle reminded Nick that they'd only been dating for a short time. Nick questioned if Kyle believed in the right for gay couples to get married. Kyle clarified that he did, but that he also believed that people should marry for the right reasons. Nick was curious if Kyle would have objected if Oliver had proposed marriage to him.

Kyle made it clear that he was committed to Nick, not Oliver. Nick beamed with joy. Nick realized that the marriage ceremony would be symbolic; however, he thought that it was an important stance for them to take, so that they would have the option to get married in the future. Kyle relented, prompting Nick to get down on bended knee, in order to officially propose. Kyle agreed to marry Nick just as Oliver entered the diner.

At La Boulaie, Dorian sifted through various samples of wedding invitations when David entered the parlor. David griped that it was humiliating for him to explain that his ex-wife suddenly preferred women to men. Dorian was unmoved by David's plight; she insisted that she would marry Amelia. Langston and Starr entered in time to object to Dorian's wedding plans. Langston and Starr refused to allow Dorian to perpetrate a fraud on the public in order to garner votes.

Dorian insisted that she was a lesbian, but Langston and Starr saw through her lies. Langston threatened to reveal the truth to the media if Dorian didn't drop her pretense. David agreed that it wasn't really necessary for Dorian to continue her lie, because Viki's campaign was in jeopardy thanks to the two murder charges that Jared was facing. Dorian appeared to waver just as Amelia walked in. Amelia warned that Dorian would be seen as a liar and a quitter if she called off the wedding. Amelia assured Dorian that Viki would win the election.

To Langston and Starr's disappointment, Dorian resolved to go through with the wedding. Amelia took the opportunity to suggest that they invite other gay couples to get married alongside of them. To everyone's surprise, Dorian readily agreed. Langston was disappointed by Dorian's decision. Dorian wanted Langston's support, but Langston refused. After Langston walked out, Dorian confidently assured Amelia and David that Langston would change her mind.

David informed Dorian that he refused to allow her to go through with the marriage.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Connubial Blitz

Jack followed Todd to Blair's hospital room, determined to take the day off from school to care for his mother. Todd told the boy he had to attend classes regardless of Blair's condition. Jack wasn't fooled, and accused Todd of wanting to be alone with Blair so he could hook up, as Téa was out of the picture. "Half-Naked is totally out of your life and you hate being single!" Todd told Jack to watch his mouth, and said there was nothing going on between him and Blair.

When Todd and Jack entered Blair's room, they found an empty bed. Jack worried that she might have wandered off in a daze due to her memory loss, but Todd explained that Blair had only lost one key memory from the day she'd fought with Téa. Todd told Jack to wait for him while he tracked Blair down. As soon as he left, Jack hopped onto Blair's hospital bed to scarf down her leftover box of candy.

At the police station, Ross was pacing the length of his prison cell when a guard alerted him to a "hot" lady visitor, who he instantly assumed was Blair. He was dismayed when Téa sauntered up to the bars. Téa gloated about Ross's imprisonment, and informed him that Elijah's seduction attempt hadn't worked. Holding up her briefcase, Téa told him he'd never locate their child. She opened the case to reveal stacks upon stacks of cash, and offered to make it worth Ross's while to sign over his rights and stay away for good.

Angry, Ross told Téa he didn't want her money; all he wanted was access to his kid. Téa glossed over Ross's parental rights and said she wanted a clean break. Ross questioned why her new life with Todd could only happen at the expense of his fatherhood. He said he would soon be out of jail, and was not going to give up his claim to the child. Needling Téa, he reminded her that Todd didn't want her anymore, and said that nothing could change the fact that she had bore Ross's child, instead of Todd's, after the time on the island.

Téa pleaded with him to reconsider her terms, and asked him to get Elijah to back off. Ross said he couldn't call Elijah off, as they were more than just attorney/client, they were also brothers. Téa was stunned by the revelation. Ross asked her what would happen if Todd took her back, but learned she had another man's child. "You worry about Blair," Téa purred, walking out. "I'll worry about Todd."

Back at the hospital, Marty had an unexpected visitor in her office: Blair. Tossing off rules and regulations, Blair reminded Marty of her obligation to patient confidentiality, warning her not to spill the beans about Téa's big secret. Marty told Blair that the secret would inevitably be revealed, and asked if Blair was really willing to keep Todd's child from him. She said that if Blair really cared for her ex, she'd tell him the truth.

Blair assured Marty she was only waiting for "the perfect moment" to bust Téa, but the good doctor wasn't so sure, especially after Blair mentioned that the child would bond Todd and Téa forever. She pushed Blair to commit to telling Todd. Annoyed, Blair ordered her to "keep my secret safe," or she'd pay with her medical license. Just then, Todd walked into the office, asking what secret Blair was keeping.

Thinking fast, Blair covered to Todd, claiming that she'd had another hypnosis session. She said she still couldn't remember what had happened with Téa. Todd reassured her that the memories would return in time. Escorting her into the hallway, Todd told Blair that he and Jack were both picking her up; he admitted they were hoping to forget about Téa's betrayal by spending time with her instead. As she watched Todd and Blair walk off, Marty rolled her eyes in exasperation.

Back at Blair's room, Jack was confronted by Elijah. Elijah inquired where his mother was and Jack seized upon an angle, asking what the information was worth to him. Unamused by the extortion attempt, Elijah realized he was dealing with Todd's son and threatened to have him sent to Juvenile Hall for assaulting Ross. Jack said that Ross had been trespassing in his father's home, and said Elijah's threats didn't scare him: "I'll just call security and say you were trying to kiss me!"

Todd and Blair returned to the room just in time to defuse the argument. As Jack stormed off, Elijah asked Blair for her help in getting the kidnapping charges against Ross dropped. Blair grew concerned and asked him if Ross was recovering from his injuries. Todd was jealous to hear that Blair and Ross had developed a cordial relationship, and wanted to know how they had become so chummy. Brushing off his questions, Blair told Elijah she'd agree to drop the charges.

As Elijah turned to leave, Todd gave him a warning: "Tell Ross to stick to my other ex-wife." Elijah laughed, and said that he had nothing to worry about, noting that to his eyes, Todd and Blair looked like a happy family again.

At the carriage house, Shane picked at his breakfast listlessly, reluctant to get ready for "Volunteer Day" at the Buenos Dias Cafe. Rex attempted to psych him up for the day's events, but all Shane had on his mind was his parents' troubled relationship. He asked Rex to fix things with Gigi. Rex agreed to try, and sent the boy upstairs as the doorbell rang.

Rex answered the door to find Roxy, who said she was there to take Shane to Volunteer Day. Rex icily replied that it was his job, and asked his estranged mom who'd told her she could stop by. "I did," Gigi said, walking into the living room. Taking Rex aside, she reminded him that he'd said Roxy could still be in Shane's life, even though he wasn't speaking to her. She told him that letting Roxy take Shane gave them time to talk.

Descending the stairs, Shane was overjoyed to see his grandmother, who ushered him out the door. Alone at last, Gigi and Rex agonized over the realization that Shane could sense their strife. Gigi said she had an idea about how to heal their broken relationship. Rex agreed to try anything. Gigi wanted them to go to couples therapy, courtesy of Marty Saybrooke.

Rex was uptight about the idea of going to counseling, but admitted he couldn't think of another way to sort out their differences; rehashing the past only led them to more accusations and recriminations. Rex remembered when they had been a "perfect" couple, and asked Gigi what had happened. Gigi said the only way to understand was to schedule an appointment with Marty. Gigi made the call and spoke to Marty, who informed her that she had an opening in her schedule that evening. Swallowing his pride, Rex agreed to go to the appointment.

After hanging up with Gigi, Marty examined her case file on Blair. Frustrated, she put it away.

At the Buenos Dias, Kyle's "yes" to Nick's marriage proposal led to wild applause from the other patrons, all except Oliver. Oliver stumbled over to the couple and asked what was going on. Gushing, Nick explained that he'd just proposed, and said that he and Kyle were to be "wed" as part of a symbolic "group wedding" of Llanview's gay and lesbian couples. Anxious, Kyle said it was more of a political statement than anything, but Nick said the vows would be one hundred percent real to him. After taking a phone call from Amelia, Nick informed Kyle and Oliver that the mass nuptials were all set for the next day.

Oliver was stunned to realize Kyle was getting married in the morning. Nick asked Kyle to join him at the Llanview Gay and Lesbian Alliance headquarters for campaign work, but Kyle begged off for his medical studies. "Good thing absence makes the heart grow fonder," Nick quipped, and turned to leave, then walked back and gave Kyle a passionate kiss goodbye, right in front of a crestfallen Fish.

At the lunch counter, Roxy caught Shane staring goggle-eyed at the male-on-male kiss. Roxy began to fumble through an explanation of the birds and the bees, but Shane said he understood that Kyle and Nick were gay, he simply wished his parents still kissed like that. Roxy grumbled about Stacy's schemes and her surprise pregnancy, but told Shane that if Rex and Gigi had been able to get through his leukemia, they could face anything given time. She raced him into the kitchen for the beginning of the "Volunteer Day" meeting.

Oliver sat down beside Kyle, still struggling to process Kyle's engagement; he couldn't believe Kyle would be part of a "show marriage." Kyle defended his choice, and said that he was participating in the wedding ceremony on behalf of gay and lesbian civil rights. He said it was a more valid pretense than having to pretend he'd never loved his old roommate.

Oliver asked him if the wedding was really only a political statement, and pushed him to admit he didn't truly love Nick. Kyle hedged and said he didn't know. Heartbroken, Oliver said that even if the ceremony was "in name only," the idea of marriage was a real commitment; it meant there was no hope for them anymore. Kyle bitterly said he'd given up on the idea of a "them" long ago. Upset, Oliver walked out.

Roxy dashed out of the kitchen and over to the table, and asked Kyle if he'd been hoping to make Oliver jealous by kissing Nick. Kyle said that Nick was the man he was going to marry, and explained the LGLA mass wedding ceremony to her. Dismayed, Roxy asked him why he wasn't marrying the man he loved. Kyle scoffed and said he'd been over Oliver for a long time, and the wedding would only be symbolic. Roxy took his words in stride, but still wasn't convinced: "Are you sure you're marrying the right man?"

At La Boulaie, David confronted Dorian about her marriage to Amelia, and told her he couldn't let her take her vows. Dorian laughed him off, and said the wedding would merely be an important gesture on behalf of civil rights. He said it didn't matter, because she wasn't marrying for love. Dorian was stunned by his sudden attack of sentimentality. "I'm all for love when there's no possibility of monetary gain," he replied.

David told Dorian that Amelia was using her, but Dorian countered that they were both using each other for political gain and the greater good. He asked her what would happen to her "marriage" if she fell in love with a man. Dorian asked if David meant himself, and reminded him that they were divorced. They'd tried to make a go of their relationship several times, and failed over and over. "And you ruined it," she snapped.

David pleaded ignorance, but Dorian laced into him for abandoning her, first at the altar on Spencer's orders, then that same year, when he'd pursued his showbiz dreams in Hollywood courtesy of "Have-A-Seat." She said that both times, she'd genuinely fallen for him, only to have her heart trampled on. David reminded her that she'd moved on quickly with Ray Montez, and told her that even when he'd gone to California, he'd been unable to get her out of his mind. He said he hadn't returned to Llanview for his reality show, but for the woman he wanted to live in that reality with. Dorian was struck by his declaration of love, but didn't want to let her guard down.

Drawing close, David told Dorian he knew she'd always need a man's warmth and touch. Dorian struggled to pull away, and insisted that her wedding to Amelia needed her focus. Yet, unable to resist, she buried her head in David's chest, then kissed him passionately. Just as their romantic clinch intensified, Dorian tore herself away and asked David point-blank: "Do you love me?"

Before David could answer, the phone rang; he told her not to take the call, but Dorian reminded him that she was running a political campaign. As Dorian chatted with Amelia, David grew sullen. Dorian hung up and informed him that Amelia had arranged media coverage for the gay and lesbian nuptials, then asked him to finish his sentence. "Don't let anyone talk you out of wearing white," David said coldly. "You look sexy in white." He walked out, leaving Dorian jilted and alone.

At the Llanview Police Station, Elijah approached Ross's cell and gave him the good news about Blair dropping the charges against him. Ross asked if Blair was okay, and mused that she was hot for him. Elijah wasn't so sure, and suggested that Blair might only have been using him to make Todd jealous. He told Ross that Todd had been at the hospital with Blair.

At the hospital, Téa entered Blair's room, only to be informed by the nurse that her "husband" had taken her home. Infuriated, Téa swept some knick-knacks off a tray. "He's not her husband," she snarled as she stalked out, "he's mine."

Todd and Blair returned to La Boulaie to find the house empty. Todd asked her if she needed anything, but Blair said she was fine. He turned to leave, but Blair stopped him, asking him not to go.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

No Texts Please, We're British

Schuyler was presented with a pair of band concert tickets, courtesy of Kim and Stacy, while he was working at Rodi's. Stacy advised him that it was a band Gigi had loved as a teenager and she thought that Schuyler would be able to "bag her" by taking Gigi to the show. Pointing out that it sounded as though he were bagging a deer, Schuyler declined the tickets.

Kim and Stacy sat at a table with the newspaper and Kim declared that it was time to find a new career and job. She was looking for a rich divorcée, she advised her friend. She was running out of money.

At the carriage house, Gigi was ready to leave for work at Rodi's. She was thrilled that she and Rex were able to get an appointment with Marty for some couples counseling and was sure it would help them. Distracted, Rex muttered a couple of brief words whenever Gigi paused, but he was less than pleased. Gigi, hopeful that he was saving up on his chatter for their appointment, headed out the door.

Soon after, Natalie arrived and showed Rex the Sun with Jared's photograph prominently displayed on the front cover, along with all of the gory headlines regarding his alleged crimes. She wanted Rex to help find her husband before the police did, since he knew Jared better than the cops. She was afraid of what the cops would do if they found him first, she exclaimed. She mentioned that John was "out for blood" regarding Jared. Rex wondered if she thought that Jared had committed the murders he was accused of.

Momentarily silent, Natalie admitted that she only knew what Jared had told her. She felt that he no longer made sense and he had confessed to working with Wayne Landers. She told Rex all that had happened to date involving the stalker. She was familiar with all that Jared had done in the past, but she also knew what he was capable of not doing, she emphasized. Natalie insisted to her brother that her husband was not a murderer, and he had to have a good reason if he did kill someone. She observed that it was necessary to trust someone if you loved them.

In London, both Bo and Nora made calls back to Llanview. Nora explained her actions to Rachel, apologizing for not letting her know about the change of plans. Bo pursued the latest updates on Jared's whereabouts and learned that Shaun had awakened. He advised Nora that his decision regarding Matthew's surgery did not change, even with Greg coming through successfully on the surgery he performed on Shaun. He wondered if they should allow Matthew to talk to Destiny, since she would jump on the chance to tell Matthew the news.

Kevin encountered Matthew as he tried to sneak out the front door. Matthew asked his cousin for help and pointed out that his parents had taken away his cell phone. He was not able to stay in touch with his friend, Destiny, who had probably left him many messages. Kevin agreed to speak to Bo and Nora about the phone, but advised Matthew that it wasn't good for him to be leaving the house. They headed into the study and caught the end of the conversation between Bo and Nora.

Lying, Bo confessed that they had been talking about Matthew's new school. He agreed to give his son a new phone that he would be able to use there. Bo advised Matthew that they were getting ready to take him to the school. Strongly and sarcastically, Matthew declared that he would not be going.

Matthew accused his parents of breaking the law when it suited them, but Bo insisted that as parents, he and Nora had the right to choose a school for their son. Kevin tried to smooth things over and offered to drive Matthew to the school; Matthew was firm in his decision that his parents not join them. Nora was upset at the prospect of leaving her son, and cried that she wanted to quit her job and stay in London.

Bo hugged her and explained that it was necessary for them to return to their jobs and Llanview. He felt that it wouldn't make things better for them to stay, and that Matthew would only stay focused on the surgery. Their son would make new friends and his fighting with his parents would stop. He realized that the Buchanans always picked "stupid fights." He would tell Matthew about Shaun at a better time. Nora was shattered that her son hated her so much. Bo knew that Matthew wouldn't stay angry forever.

Téa and Rachel ran into each other at the hospital. Having been friends for so long, they each recognized that the other was preoccupied with an uncomfortable situation. Téa expressed how happy she was to hear about Shaun, but wondered about Rachel breaking up with him and Rachel's relationship with Greg. Rachel refused to confide in her former best friend, even though Téa promised that everything would remain confidential. Matthew's trial was over, she added, and she had no need to expose any secrets.

Giving in, Rachel admitted to having grown closer to Greg after Shaun's shooting. When Téa pursued the meaning of "closer," Rachel assured her that Téa knew what it meant. She elaborated on Shaun's parents, who considered her and Shaun married, and how she could not bring herself to tell Shaun her true feelings. It just wasn't the right time, she felt. Téa advised her that there would never be a perfect time and she needed to tell Shaun the truth as soon as she could.

It was Téa's turn to talk, and she explained how she thought she had been divorced when she married Todd. She was expecting Todd to hate her for the rest of her life, and it seemed apparent that Blair had made it her mission in life to destroy Téa. Rachel reassured her, feeling that there wasn't any damage left to be done since everything was in the open. Téa felt otherwise and, upon feeling pressure from Rachel to let it out, she admitted that she had been lying about their child.

At La Boulaie, Todd stressed that he would not talk to Blair about Téa. While Blair insisted that she had merely been trying to save him some pain with her exploits, Todd thought that Blair had been behind his predicament with Téa. Todd thought that Blair had something to do with Téa's divorce papers, since Téa had sworn she had filed them. Calling Téa a "lying skank," Blair insisted that the secret marriage and non-ending of it had been all Téa's doing.

Starr arrived with Hope and filled her parents in on her day. She wondered if Blair had regained her memory yet and Blair quickly assured her that she hadn't. Blair maintained that she had no plans of making herself crazy over it. The talk turned to Dorian and Amelia. Todd suggested that Dorian would strike out with women the same as she did with men. They all agreed that they knew the women's marriage was a stunt. Starr left her parents alone with Hope as she needed to take care of her daughter's meal.

Todd believed that marriage was a joke, and he wondered if Blair even knew anyone who had been happily married for five years. She was unable to think of any names. Todd suggested that the children were the best results of any marriage. The worst time for him was when he was kept from his children, he reminded Blair. Just as Blair admitted to having something to tell Todd, Starr returned. She was amazed to see her parents and her daughter painting such a cozy, normal family portrait without any yelling and drama. Todd noted that it was good that he didn't have any children with Téa or she'd be in his life forever. Starr grabbed Hope and left her parents alone.

Todd reminded Blair that she had been about to tell him something but she assured him it wasn't a big deal. She repeated what she knew about Téa and Ross and their divorce papers. She thought that Téa should have known where the divorce stood. Mulling over what Blair said, Todd insisted that there was still a piece of the puzzle missing. Blair wished she could remember. Suddenly feeling light-headed, she asked Todd to help her to her bedroom.

Gigi arrived at Rodi's and bubbled over with the good feeling she had about working things out with Rex. She was telling Schuyler the news when she spied the concert tickets on the bar. She shrieked that she had tried to buy concert tickets herself to no avail. Schuyler admitted that he had received the tickets from Kim as a gift and handed them to Gigi. He thought that she should attend with Rex, since he had no one to go with anyway.

Realizing that the concert was for that evening, Gigi explained that she would be unable to attend, as she and Rex had the appointment with the counselor. She knew that guys hated counseling, she acknowledged, and Rex was really being good about it. She thought that the counseling session might even help her deal with Stacy. Chuckling, Schuyler doubted that would happen.

Kim studied the photos of the Buchanan family in the newspaper as, one by one, Stacy shot down her friend's wishes to pursue each of them. Clint was newly married to the district attorney, Stacy pointed out. Kevin and Joey resided in London, and Jared was accused of murder. Kim was disappointed that Matthew was too young.

Rex agreed to help Natalie but insisted that he didn't want to interfere in the police investigation. Natalie handed him a matchbook that she had found in her bedroom. Rex informed her that the location on the matchbook was hours from Llanview and he was unable to pursue the lead until the next day, due to previous plans. Crying, Natalie pleaded with him to help her. She sobbed that everything was closing in on her and Jared was desperate. Rex admitted that he couldn't tell Gigi anything, since she worked for John. If he withheld evidence in a double murder investigation, he didn't want Gigi to know anything or get involved.

Calling Gigi, Rex expressed regret that he would not be able to attend the counseling session with her. He had to go out of town for some work, but couldn't tell her much. It was huge, and dangerous, he confided, and really important. Hanging up, Gigi wondered if it was more important than the two of them. Natalie was grateful to Rex and wondered what she'd do without him.

A worried Gigi shared Rex's phone call with Schuyler and wondered why Rex would take the job if it was dangerous. Surprisingly, Schuyler defended Rex. Gigi felt sorry for herself, realizing that she had no evening plans, but would stay home and worry about Rex. Schuyler suggested they go to the concert together.

Kim, after learning of Bo's qualities from Stacy, decided that he would be her new conquest.

Arriving at his new school, Matthew was unpleasant to the headmistress and threw some Harry Potter trivia her way. He wondered if he'd be able to try out for the Quidditch team. He was surprised when she replied that he needed to pass his spells and potions class. Kevin promised to work on the cell phone problem, and the headmistress led Matthew to his room in order to meet his new roommate. Introducing him to Thomas, the boy snarled that his name was Tom, not Thomas. He was not happy to meet Matthew.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Matthew, Come Home

At La Boulaie, Blair reclined in bed with Todd beside her, and assured him that he would always be the father of her children. She hated seeing him in pain. He responded that he was not in pain, not like her after her mishap. He wondered if Blair remembered anything about her fall through the window, and Blair responded that she did not. He thought that perhaps Blair had learned Téa's huge secret right before the fall had happened. Blair protested that she didn't want to talk about the incident. Her brain didn't want to go there after the terrible experience, she complained to Todd, and she was afraid. He promised to protect her, and then he put his arm around her. Her elation showed prominently in her smile.

Later, Blair smirked as she looked over at a sleeping Todd. She began to yell Téa's name and pretended to sit up in fright. A startled Todd awakened as she announced that she had remembered more about the day of the fall. Upset, she advised Todd that Téa and Ross had been planning a scam all along, and that Téa had never loved Todd. The pair had been scheming to get Todd's money, she divulged.

Downstairs, Destiny arrived and begged David to help her get in touch with Matthew. David called Bo and left a message on his voicemail, causing an irritated Destiny to demand more. She could have done the same thing, she grumbled. David told her to relax, but Destiny made it clear that she was sure that something was wrong. She felt that Matthew's parents had tricked him and kidnapped him, since there was no record of him in the Seattle hospital. His parents seemed jumpy before their flight, she added.

David began to make fun of Destiny, after reaching the conclusion that she really liked Matthew.

Ross stepped out of the shower in Elijah's Palace Hotel room, and listened as his brother stated his position on Blair's actions regarding Ross. Elijah was convinced that Blair had merely used Ross in order to make Todd jealous and that she wasn't interested in Ross at all. She was obviously still in love with Todd. Ross assured his brother that he was only interested in finding his child, though Elijah warned him to go easy, as Ross still had some charges pending against him.

Ross advised him that Téa wanted him to sign away his parental rights for a suitcase full of money. He admitted that he hadn't been a good father, but it wasn't because he didn't love his daughter. Elijah suggested that Ross be patient and mature about the issue. He searched for a photo of his niece to share with Ross, who realized that he should have kept his daughter at home instead of allowing Téa to send her off to boarding school. He accused Téa of plotting to take his daughter away from him. She even lied about the location of the boarding school, Ross growled, and he vowed to choke the information from Téa if he couldn't learn anything.

An angry Elijah strongly suggested that Ross not threaten Téa. He reminded Ross that since the largest charge against him had been dropped, he was free to stay in the country. Elijah divulged that he had a private investigator looking into Téa's phone records for calls to her daughter. Ross was appalled, noting that Elijah needed a court order to do that. Elijah brushed him off, thinking it better that Ross not know about the methods he used. Elijah thought it was a good idea that Ross pay Blair a visit and thank her for dropping the kidnapping charges.

At the hospital, behaving like girlfriends again, Rachel and Téa chatted. A stunned Rachel wanted to pursue Téa's revelation about having a child, though Téa tried to shut the conversation down at first. Finally giving in, Téa described what had happened on the island, where she had been stuck with Todd and Ross. It was very romantic, she explained, and she had revealed her feelings to Todd. They had sex only once, but he was obviously still in love with Blair. When she discovered that she was pregnant after they were off the island, she assumed the baby belonged to Ross.

She returned to Llanview when she became involved with Ray Montez's case, she continued, and that was when she managed to take a sample from Todd for a DNA test. She learned the truth at that time, Téa finished. She emphasized that her daughter was the most important thing in her life and she didn't trust what Todd would do if he found out about his daughter. She had found him sleeping with Blair and she wanted to hurt him, so she didn't tell him before the marriage. She was also afraid that he would marry her because of their daughter, and she would always wonder if he had married her for love or the child.

Téa continued her disclosure to Rachel, who was sorry that her old friend was so miserable. She asked to see a picture and Téa showed her a photo of her beautiful Danielle. Téa sighed and thought about how things would be different if she had told Todd the truth. She had planned on telling him after the marriage, but then things were ruined by the discovery of Ross, she sniveled. She was in hell, she confessed. Todd thought she had "played him" and he might use their daughter to get even. She vowed not to let Danielle get into the middle and become a pawn in her relationship with Todd.

Smiling, she told Rachel about the boarding school that Danielle attended and swore that people would not look down on her daughter the way they looked down on Téa as she was growing up.

Téa informed Rachel that Ross went crazy after she asked him for a divorce, and threatened to take their daughter, because he saw Téa as his meal ticket. While Blair had no memory, she was afraid that Blair would recover and be the one to tell Todd about his child. Rachel was certain that Blair would expose Téa if she had the chance.

Téa was distressed and admitted that she didn't know what to do. Todd hated her because she had humiliated him. Rachel advised her to call Todd before Blair could get to him. Téa assumed that Todd was at La Boulaie with Blair, and Rachel insisted that she look for him there.

Todd received a call from Téa but ignored it and sent it to his voicemail. Blair was apologetic that she had remembered the incident. "Did she push you?" Todd asked. As Blair hesitated, Todd asked again. When Todd realized that Blair knew the truth, Blair started to say it, but stopped. Todd finished the thought, "She tried to bury you." He vowed to kill Téa. Blair quieted him down, stressing that she and their children needed him.

Matthew was introduced to his new roommate, Tom, who was quite rude to the headmistress. She reminded him that he had already received penalty points for his behavior and was on the way to receiving more. After another rude remark, Tom received the penalty points as promised. The headmistress hoped that Matthew would be okay, but she would switch him to another room if he was unhappy.

Once she left the room, Tom referred to her as the warden, and explained that they were in private school where the administrators could do what they wanted. Matthew wondered if it was like a lockdown. "Welcome to the club," Tom replied. He suggested that Matthew bide his time like Tom did.

Frantically, Matthew explained that he didn't have time. He told Tom about the surgery that he was supposed to have had. Tom understood that Matthew had the new pair of sneakers with him because he had planned on wearing them after his surgery; he wanted to take his first steps in them. Tom promised to secure a phone for Matthew, one that would enable him to make an international call.

Shortly after, Tom returned with a phone in hand. Matthew hurriedly placed a call to Destiny, but before he was able to say more than a few words during a bad connection, the phone was grabbed from his hand. "What the hell are you doing with my phone?" the angry girl asked. Speaking up, Tom admitted to borrowing it, but the girl insisted that he had stolen it. Matthew explained that he had wanted to call a friend and would pay her for the call. Raging, the girl ordered Tom to stay away from her room. She stormed out.

Tom informed Matthew that the girl, Danielle Rayburn, was a bitch. Matthew thought she was cool. Outside the room, Danielle looked at her list of phone contacts.

At Llanfair, Brody, dressed in his uniform, planted a kiss on the top of Bree's head as she sat at the table eating. He informed Jessica that there was still no word on Jared. She was worried and felt bad for Natalie. She agreed that the stuffed elephant, sitting on the table by Bree, "creeped" her out but she couldn't take it away. Bree thought it was from her dad.

Jessica admitted that she hadn't been sleeping well, as she kept going over her history with Jared in her mind. She thought he had understood her problem with her dissociative identity disorder, but she could also understand why he wanted to get back at her. She did have a problem when it involved Bree, she concluded. Just then, Brody received a phone call from his sister, Nadine.

Nadine advised Brody that she was in trouble, but wouldn't elaborate. She confided that she had no one else to turn to, but she couldn't explain on the phone. She asked him to return home to Michigan to see her, and hung up abruptly. An annoyed Brody considered all of the problems he had suffered through when he had never heard from Nadine. Contrary to his beliefs, Jessica thought it was important for him to visit his sister.

Brody didn't want to leave Jessica alone, but she reminded him of all of the guards her father had stationed around Llanfair. He mentioned his job, but she cited that he had a family emergency. She promised that she wouldn't do anything stupid. Brody left the house and the phone rang. "Baby, it's me," a male voice said on the other end. "Nash?" Jessica asked, dumbfounded.

A frantic Destiny didn't know what to do after Matthew's call was cut off. David suggested that she call the number that was listed on her phone. Destiny was confused when she heard an unknown girl on the voicemail, but she left a message. David made fun of her again but tried to reassure her at the same time. Destiny was sure that Matthew never made it to Seattle. Grabbing Destiny's phone, David looked at the number that Matthew had called from. He realized that Matthew was in England.

He attempted to explain to a puzzled Destiny that the Buchanan family had a compound in London. Destiny, admitting that she cared about Matthew, added that she was ready to go to London. She was sure that Matthew was in trouble and needed her help. She implored David to assist her.

Téa arrived at La Boulaie looking for Todd. As she headed upstairs, she received a phone call. Retrieving the cell phone, she noted that it was from Danielle. Asking if everything was okay, she was dismayed to hear her daughter reply that everything was definitely not okay. Upstairs, Blair assured Todd that their family members all cared and looked out for each other. She could see that he was hurting and just wanted to be loved. Walking slowly towards him, she put her arms around him and began to kiss him. Todd responded in kind.

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