One Life to Live Recaps: The week of November 8, 2010 on OLTL

Viki believed that Charlie was Rex's real father. Rex learned that the love letters allegedly written by his parents were copied from a book. Rex was stunned to overhear that Echo was his mother. Eddie decided to live with his sons, and Inez asked Bo for help. Cole was sentenced to ten years in prison. Natalie lied to John about a paternity test.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of November 8, 2010 on OLTL
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Monday, November 8, 2010

Dani walked into her parents' bedroom as they lay naked in bed, and she ran out screaming. She wanted to know what had happened to their "Do Not Disturb" sign, and she complained that she had been scarred for life. Once Téa and Todd were dressed, Dani returned. She had their party invitations and an envelope from Echo.

Téa opened the large envelope and found photos of the family taken at the hospital after the explosion. Todd and Téa gushed over how lovely the photos were, while Dani thought the couple had done enough of that for one day. Téa considered postponing their party because of Cole and Starr, but Todd argued that they'd never celebrate if they waited for everyone to be available. Téa thought she should go to the police station with an offer to help Cole. The couple was ready to hand out their invitations, and they invited Dani to accompany them. Dani was still ill over the scene she had walked in on in the bedroom, and she vowed that she would never forget it.

The Cramer women congregated at La Boulaie. They were all in agreement that Eli's death at Cole's hand was a good thing, and they wanted to support Starr in her time of need. Dorian announced that it was time for an official family meeting, and she wanted to talk about Langston, who appeared to be spending time with Robert Ford again. Kelly and Blair began to give Langston a hard time, but Langston stood her ground. She informed them that Bobby had been coughing up blood, and she had seen it as her duty to get him to the hospital. Dorian replied that Langston had stayed there with him entirely too long.

Langston asked if they would have just wanted her to kick him out at the curb. "Yeah," Blair and Kelly chimed in. Langston informed them that Bobby had been beaten up, though Kelly asked whether a jealous husband had committed the act. Langston tried to convince her family members that Bobby had been trying to change, but everyone gave her a difficult time. Langston pointed out that none of them were "love experts," as she reminded them all of their most recent love lives. She advised Kelly that the man Kelly had her set her sights on was taken.

Kelly exclaimed that there was nothing going on between her and Rex. An astonished Langston noted that she had been talking about Todd. It was time for Dorian and the others to turn on Kelly, but Kelly didn't want to discuss anything. She claimed that her remark had been a "slip of the tongue." Dorian advised her that there was no such thing as an accidental remark.

The Ford brothers were speechless when they saw their father standing at their front door. Eddie told them they were a "sight for sore eyes," and he declared that he had arrived in peace. He thought there was a lot to catch up on. Bobby advised Eddie that he wasn't welcome, and while Eddie understood, he walked into the apartment anyway.

James wondered why Eddie wasn't in jail, and Eddie explained that the charges against him had been dropped. He exclaimed that the American justice system was a great thing, especially when one knew their way around it. Bobby wondered what Eddie wanted, as he continued to tell his father to leave. Eddie remarked that James knew why his dad had appeared. "What part of 'get the hell out of here' don't you understand?" Bobby yelled.

Eddie reminded his son that he was trying to be nice, and he couldn't allow Bobby to talk to him like that. Bobby noted that James didn't have to listen to Eddie any longer, and he was annoyed when Eddie referred to James as "buddy boy." Eddie pointed out that he had never liked the name either, but James's mother had given it to him. He jabbed Bobby with his elbow, and Bobby began to cough as he grabbed his side.

Eddie demanded that James return his money, though Bobby quickly informed him that the money had been spent on hospital bills. Eddie was certain that wasn't his problem, and he continued to demand his money. He criticized Bobby for leaving James at home when he had set out for fame and fortune in Hollywood. Bobby continued to order his father out of the apartment. Suddenly, Eddie pushed Bobby, and Bobby began to cough, and he grabbed his side again. Momentarily sympathetic, Eddie realized that his son was hurt.

Eddie turned back to James. He tried to remind his son of all the nice things he had done for James, and yet James had taken his money. James recalled the beatings and threats, but Eddie noted that there had been ball games and fishing trips. James didn't remember any fishing trips. Eddie agreed that there hadn't been any fishing trips, but he'd had his hands full when "that bitch of a mother" had walked out. James quickly assured his father that he and Bobby had heard the other side of the story.

Eddie recollected that Inez had always been a liar, and he asked why James was protecting her. "Stay the hell away from her," James yelled. Eddie grabbed him and threatened, "I need you to watch your mouth with me or else." Bobby suggested that his father be a "tough guy" on his own "turf." James lived with Bobby, and Bobby looked out for James.

Eddie noted that people would be looking for James and the money, and his son could be in trouble for grand larceny. Just because Eddie was free, didn't meant that James would be. "You wouldn't do that," James stated. "Yes I would. In a heartbeat," Eddie replied. He wanted an "attitude adjustment," and he planned on staying. He went out into the hallway to grab his bags.

Inez found Bo and Nora inside of Bo's office and handed them a plate of home-baked cookies. They were for Bo, who had given James some advice when he was in trouble, Inez explained. Nora was less than thrilled, but she kept a smile on her face. Inez chattered on, informing the couple that her son was going to college and would be able to do something with his life, especially since his father wasn't around. Bo had given James guidance, something he had never received from his own father, she added.

As Nora and Bo munched on cookies, the Manning family arrived. Nora and Téa hugged each other as Todd silently watched Inez brush crumbs from the front of Bo's shirt. Téa asked about Cole's case because she wanted to represent him, and Nora couldn't believe that Téa would want to get back to work so quickly. Todd pointed out that it was difficult to argue with someone who had returned from the dead. Inez was happy to see Dani, and Bo introduced Téa to Inez. The women began to speak to each other in Spanish, and even Todd chimed in with a "por favor."

Todd announced that they were having a delayed "wedding reception slash welcome back to the land of the living" party, and they had an invitation for the Buchanans. "What the hell happened to you in that tunnel?" Bo asked Todd who was smiling and joking along with everyone else. Todd thought he would try to keep it up. Téa also invited Inez and handed her an invitation. Téa hoped that Nora would take it easy until Téa could get back up to speed in the courtroom. Todd pulled Nora aside and said, "Bo's assistant really knows her way around a desk." He told her to make sure that Inez had a date for the party.

After the Mannings left, Inez stated that she had only been invited because she'd been standing there, and Téa had been polite. She wouldn't know anyone at the party anyway, she added. Bo wondered how long it'd been since Inez had been at a party. He told her that she'd be with Nora and Bo. Nora suggested that Inez find a date, and she thought that Clint might fit the bill. Bo wondered if Nora were playing matchmaker. Bo and Nora practiced their dancing in Bo's office as Inez watched them through the office window.

At Llanfair, Viki and Charlie continued their discussion about Rex and Echo. Viki thought that the timing fit for Echo to be Rex's mother, since Echo had the necklace. She was particularly curious at Echo's comment that she would never hurt Rex, especially since Echo didn't know the young man. In fact, Rex had broken into Echo's room, Viki recalled. Charlie thought Viki was stretching, and he asked his wife who she thought the father might be. Viki thought that it was Clint, but she couldn't imagine why Echo had never told Clint the truth. Echo could have blackmailed him for lots of money, she pondered.

Viki suddenly remembered that Echo had been looking for Charlie when she first arrived in town. "What are you saying?" Charlie asked her. Vigorously, the couple discussed the possibility that it might be Charlie who was Rex's father. Charlie wondered why Viki was so persistent, but Viki pointed out that Charlie had spent a lot of his drinking time with Echo. It was also the same period of time when Rex had been born. Suddenly, Viki asked exactly how much time Charlie had spent with Echo. She wondered what the odds were that Rex could be his son, and she asked how often Charlie had slept with Echo.

Charlie began to say that Echo had been "pretty hot," at the time, though Viki cut his description short. She didn't want to hear about the drunken sex. Just then, the Mannings walked through the front door. "Don't keep us in suspense," Todd told his sister. He began to tease her, and Téa apologized for showing up so abruptly. Viki was thrilled to see Téa and hugged her sister-in-law. Dani handed Viki an invitation, as Téa explained that it was a delayed wedding reception. The family wanted to share their love and happiness.

Todd informed his sister that Téa planned to take Cole's case, though Téa agreed that the party had bad timing. Viki thought that the happiness was doing wonders for Todd. "Don't lose it," she urged him. Todd thought that Viki might want to take her own advice, because he would hate to see her and Charlie split up. The Mannings left, and Viki and Charlie resumed their conversation. Viki had known that Echo would be a sore subject between them.

Charlie denied Viki's charge and made it clear that they were just having an argument. He wanted Viki to walk away, but Viki thought that Charlie should find out if he were Rex's father. Charlie admitted that he was still in pain from losing his son, and he would be grateful to have another chance. He didn't want to get his hopes up.

In Echo's Angel Square hotel room, Clint declared that he had done all he could to prevent Rex from finding out that Clint was his father. Suddenly, there was a knock on the door, and Rex called out. Clint demanded that Echo ignore him, but she opened the door. "You guys reliving old times?" Rex asked as he entered the room. Echo quickly assured Rex that it wasn't what it looked like. Rex replied that he was certain that Echo could do better than Clint. Rex informed Echo that he felt as if he'd been played, because he thought that Echo had all the answers he'd been looking for.

Rex wanted Clint to leave, but Clint refused. Rex turned to Echo and began to ask her questions about his father and the necklace. Clint jumped in and gruffly advised Rex that Echo had already told him everything she knew. He ordered Rex to leave, but Rex asked about his parents. Rex declared that he had a right to know, and Echo agreed with him. Clint reminded the others that Rex had broken into Echo's room. Just then, the Mannings arrived, and Téa thanked Echo for the photos and handed her an invitation. She asked Echo to take photos at the party.

Echo made a big deal out of checking her calendar, and she murmured that she usually didn't even get out of bed for less than ten thousand dollars. Todd joked that he had that amount in his pocket, and Echo agreed to take the photographs. Echo pointed out that Rex deserved an invitation, since he was the one who had exposed Eli. Téa agreed, and she handed one to Rex before she departed with her family.

Rex wondered why Echo had done that, and she explained that she'd have a chance to talk to him undisturbed at the party. She'd take a break, and she would look for Rex, she confirmed. Rex repeated that he wanted answers. He left, and Clint inquired why Echo hadn't told Rex the truth at that moment. She maintained that she had noticed "bad blood" between Clint and Rex, and she was afraid that Rex would go after Clint after Rex learned the truth.

Clint knew that nothing good would develop, and he wanted Echo to keep quiet. Echo couldn't understand why Clint hated his own son. Clint clarified that Rex was a "gold-digging piece of trash," and Rex was just like his mother. Echo declared that she would attend the party, and she would say whatever she wanted to say. Clint couldn't do a "damn thing" about it, she advised him. Just then, Clint received a phone call from Inez, who invited Clint to the party. He accepted. He warned Echo that he'd be watching her.

The next stop for the Mannings was the Ford residence. James introduced his father as a friend, and Todd maintained that "a friend of yours is a friend of mine." James asked about Starr, and Todd assured him that she would get better in time. James received his invitation, and the Mannings headed out. Eddie wondered if James were ashamed of him, since he noticed that there were fancy friends and parties in James's life. "I'm your father," he yelled. He thought he might be able to get used to his new surroundings.

Viki thought that Charlie should pursue the truth about Rex. Just then, Rex walked in. He announced that he had gone to see Echo. Viki told the young man that there was something he needed to know. She handed him the book of love letters, and Rex was crushed. He wondered who his parents were, as Viki and Charlie looked at each other. Rex informed them that Echo would be taking photos at the party, and he planned on obtaining the truth from her if it were the last thing he ever did.

Kelly told everyone to "chill out," because the last thing she had was a crush on Todd. Just then, the Mannings arrived, and the Cramers were thrilled to see them. Dani handed them the invitation, and she told them all to "bring dates." Later, the women sat around bemoaning the fact that they had to look for escorts. Langston pointed out that she was the only one in the family who even had a chance of finding a date. Dorian quickly told her daughter to forget it, and she adjourned the meeting. Dorian assured her girls that they didn't need any men to be happy.

Todd and Téa returned home. They had each noticed that no one else seemed as happy as they were.

A montage showed everyone looking at their invitations thoughtfully. Bo and Nora continued to dance, and Echo picked up her necklace. Rex left Llanfair.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Gigi called Rex to say hello from the hotel restaurant in Paris, France. She told him how impressive the city was, and how she wished he were there. Rex revealed that his parents were not Rick and Lili as they had believed, and he was attempting to obtain more information from Echo.

Cristian surprised Layla, who was thrilled to see her fiancé. Layla and Cristian admitted that they hated being apart from each other. Adriana was there, too, and she made a phone call to Kelly to tell her about the new lover she had. It was the same man that Kelly and David had found Adriana with the last time they'd been in Paris. Once finished with her phone call, Adriana wandered over to Layla and Cristian. She praised Layla's work, but then she spotted Gigi, and she walked over to Gigi's table. She proceeded to order Gigi's food in French, and she suggested that Gigi might want to eat and dress like a Parisian.

Adriana sat down with Gigi, and she bragged that it was thanks to her that Gigi and Rex were back together. They'd had a "moment" when she had returned to Llanview the last time, she related. Gigi wanted clarity on the "moment," and Adriana admitted that she and Rex had shared a little kiss. She'd told Rex to fight for Gigi, but she didn't understand the "celibacy" issue that was occurring in Rex and Gigi's relationship. She started to talk about how great Rex was in bed. Gigi was appalled, and she wondered how Adriana knew. Rex had told her all about it, Adriana revealed.

Gigi was in shock, but Adriana maintained that she was friends with Rex. They talked all of the time, or corresponded by email, Adriana revealed. Adriana received a business call, and the women's conversation ended. Adriana made her way over to Cristian and Layla, who were busy making plans to spend time together. Adriana was sorry, but the couple would have to end their reunion. She and Layla had to get back to work.

At La Boulaie, Kelly was surprised when Dorian walked into the house with a muscular man. Dorian introduced Wyatt as Kelly's new friend, one who would provide a massage and otherwise help her to "de-stress." Dorian referred to Wyatt as a "bodyworker." He also happened to be single, Dorian added, and he would "wipe" Rex out of Kelly's head.

Kelly pulled Dorian into another room and tore into her. She wanted to know "what the hell" Dorian was doing. Dorian accused her of "sniffing" around Rex, and she didn't like it. Kelly denied the accusation and stressed that she and Rex had a purely professional relationship. Dorian also noted that Kelly had an attraction to Todd, and Kelly had been repeatedly attracted to "bounders." The women called each other out on not being able to get a date, even though Kelly pointed out that Dorian had recently stated that men weren't necessary.

Dorian advised Kelly that Kelly's "chakras" were blocked, and she needed Wyatt's help to release her from her years of a loveless relationship with Kevin, and a terrible second relationship with the Englishman. "Pearls to swine," Dorian muttered. Kelly agreed with her aunt, but she was mortified in the next few seconds. Dorian wondered how long it'd been since Kelly had sex. Dorian thought it had probably been "eons ago." She urged Kelly to take Wyatt to the Mannings' party. Kelly was horrified and couldn't consider taking a "rented date."

Dorian called out to Wyatt and suggested that Blair might want to use his services instead, and she would check upstairs with her niece. Kelly insisted that she didn't need or want a massage. Wyatt thought that Kelly could get any guy she wanted, and he leaned over to gently massage her shoulders. Kelly was putty in his hands, and she succumbed to the massage. After a while, she consented to a full body massage, but midway through, she dashed from the massage table. She assured Wyatt that he was "very talented."

Nora and Téa joked that they were actually happy to see each other when they met in the courtroom prior to Cole's hearing. Téa was thrilled to be able to take over Cole's case, and she planned to try every trick she could think of to get him off. Cole had done her a favor when he killed Eli, and the least she could do was to help him in return, Téa stated. Starr assured Cole that she didn't think he'd get any jail time, and she thought that Téa's remark indicated that Cole would be going home. Téa quickly clarified that she hadn't said that.

John arrived, and Marty followed shortly after. Marty was snippy towards John, and she asked him where Natalie was with her evidence. John replied that Natalie was ill, and Marty recalled that she had seen Natalie at the hospital. Natalie had been at the hospital to pick up vitamins, John informed Marty. "Oh, is that what she told you?" Marty asked gruffly. John was confused, but Marty made it clear that vitamins were not the reason that Natalie had been at the hospital. "How do you know so much about it?" John inquired. Just then, the courtroom was called to order.

Cole pleaded guilty, though Téa stood and asked for a "motion to dismiss." She called Cole's act a moment of passion, one that had occurred after he thought his daughter and the mother of his daughter had been killed after being kidnapped. The perpetrator had been a known multiple murderer, Téa continued. She cited the fact that even the district attorney and the lead detective in the case agreed that Cole had gotten rid of a "scourge" on society. The judge reminded Téa that he had Cole's guilty plea, along with his confession, and the evidence that Natalie had presented.

The judge didn't want to hear anything else that Téa or Nora had to say in Cole's defense. He noted that it was Cole's third felony offense, even though Nora added that Cole wasn't a threat to society. She stated that Eli had been the actual threat. She wanted the judge to try to put himself in Cole's shoes, and the judge agreed to consider everything, though he was against vigilante justice.

After the judge left to ponder his decision, Marty advised John that he seemed distracted and more concerned with Natalie than the hearing. John informed Marty that Natalie hadn't had an appointment at the hospital. Marty didn't understand why Natalie hadn't mentioned her visit to the hospital, but Marty had seen her there. John demanded to understand why Marty was playing games, though he knew she was angry at Natalie. Someone else would have presented the evidence if Natalie hadn't, he advised Marty. The judge returned with his ruling, but Marty quickly suggested that John call his girlfriend and ask her about her hospital visit.

The judge announced that he had taken everything into account, but under the circumstances, he couldn't condone what Cole had done. Eli had been in custody and handcuffed when Cole shot him. Proceeding, he stated that Cole had already had two felony offenses, and one of those had also been "in the heat of the moment" when he'd attacked Todd for assaulting Cole's mother. Téa jumped up to comment on the fact that Eli had actually committed the crime. The judge reminded her that Eli wasn't on trial. He continued that Cole had a history of violence, and while he wasn't giving him a suspended sentence, he would give him the minimum of ten years in Statesville Prison.

The judge gave Cole some time to get his affairs together, and Téa promised her client that she'd file an appeal. Nora was sorry, and Marty blamed John and Natalie for her son's fate. She informed John that Natalie had an amniocentesis to test the baby's DNA, and he should see how she was feeling. John didn't try to hide his shock.

Natalie and Jessica spent the day watching movies, as Jessica recuperated from her amniocentesis. She believed that Natalie had taken the day off out of sympathy and was just keeping her company. Jessica was nervous about the results of her paternity test, and so was Natalie. Jessica wondered why Natalie was reading over the post-test instructions, and Natalie quickly advised her that it was to keep her informed on how to take care of Jessica. Natalie admitted that she hadn't minded taking a "mental health" day, especially in the wake of Cole's hearing.

Natalie confessed that Marty had held Natalie responsible for Cole's arrest, and Marty had vowed to get back at Natalie in some way. Jessica thought it was possible that Marty was angry from things that had happened in the past, but Natalie agreed that while that was true, it was also about Eli's murder. The sisters agreed that Natalie had only been doing her job when she handed in the evidence results. Natalie revealed that Marty had slapped her, and Jessica was shocked. She assured Natalie that Marty would never stoop to revenge, and she didn't think her sister should worry.

Jessica was sure that Marty would realize that Natalie was only doing her job. Marty just wasn't thinking clearly due to Cole's predicament. Jessica didn't understand how Marty would expect Natalie to lie to everyone. Natalie was ready for another movie, but Jessica declined. She wanted to take a nap, since the only time she didn't think about the paternity test was when she was unconscious. She was worried what would happen if Ford, not Brody, turned out to be the baby's father.

Jessica felt special giving Brody his first child, and she knew that Natalie felt the same about John's baby. The sisters hugged each other. Jessica thought Natalie was the best sister.

Brody sat in the steam room at Serenity Springs and held his head in his hands as he worried about the paternity test results. Rex joined him and revealed that Natalie had disclosed the mess about the baby. Brody was stunned. "What do you know?" he asked. Rex stated that he was aware that Ford might be the father of Jessica's baby. Brody heaved a sigh of relief and explained that he was trying to get his mind off of the test results, but he was worried about it.

He asked how Rex and Gigi were getting along, and Rex replied that things were slow. "Painfully, painfully slow," he added. They were both afraid of forging ahead in their relationships, but Rex admitted it was killing him. Brody couldn't believe that Gigi and Rex hadn't had any sex, though Rex was quick to admit that there had been a lot going on in their lives. They hadn't trusted each other when they'd first gotten back together. They had also each slept with others when they'd been apart. Rex remarked that sleeping with his girlfriend's sister had been the "eighth deadly sin," and he still couldn't believe he'd done it.

He and Gigi were busy having dates and fun, Rex explained. They didn't want to mess things up, but the lack of sex had affected his brain. Brody asked how long it had been since Rex had gone without. Rex went on and on about how Stacy had been the biggest mistake of his life. His second had been not using protection when he'd slept with Stacy. He figured that Brody knew about that due to the possibility of Ford being the father of Jessica's baby. Rex realized that the men didn't have the same problems, but he was certain that he and Brody would get through it all with their girlfriends. Brody departed.

Rex received a phone call from an angry Gigi. "Did you tell Adriana that we haven't had sex yet?" she yelled at him. Rex stuttered and took his time answering her question. "Did you or didn't you?" Gigi demanded. Rex denied it, and then said it had been a misunderstanding. He might have mentioned it. Gigi wondered why Rex had been talking to his ex-wife. Rex tried to explain that they were friends, and Adriana had encouraged him to get back together with Gigi. Adriana had asked about the sex in a "good way," he stuttered. An irate Gigi ended the call abruptly, but Rex was distracted when Kelly entered the steam room.

Brody returned to Llanfair and saw Natalie, who explained that Jessica believed that Natalie was just being nice and keeping her company for the day. Natalie thought of herself as just a "miserable liar who should curl up in a ball of shame and die." Just then, John arrived. He had a question for Natalie. "Did you have an amniocentesis?" he asked his girlfriend.

"I tried," Wyatt told Dorian as he prepared to leave the house. Dorian suggested that he work on her instead, because she had lower back problems. They headed upstairs.

Nora and Téa tried to reassure a crying Marty, who told herself that she had to be strong for her son. They had to say goodbye. Téa promised that she would get Cole out of prison on appeal.

Starr and Cole arrived at La Boulaie so that Cole could say goodbye to Hope. He had something else to talk about, he said. "Starr, I'm breaking up with you."

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Rex was stunned to see Kelly enter the steam room at Serenity Springs. He informed her that she had walked into the men's sauna by mistake, but when Kelly attempted to leave, she found the door stuck. Rex offered to help her force the door, but Kelly feared another "close encounter" between them, and ordered him to stay away. When she shoved him away, Rex fell to the floor as his towel slipped off his hips. Gawking at Rex "in the altogether," Kelly rushed to help him and found herself slipping as well, as her own towel went flying.

Mortified, Rex and Kelly scrambled to grab their towels and regain some sliver of dignity. Once half-dressed, Rex managed to force the door open. Before leaving, Kelly apologized to Rex for her impulsiveness and said she was having a bad day. Rex sympathized, and Kelly found herself sitting down beside him as Rex recounted his long-distance quarrel with Gigi. Kelly was amused to hear that Rex had been foolish enough to tell Adriana all about his and Gigi's lackluster sex life.

"I'm screwed, aren't I?" Rex moaned. "Apparently not!" Kelly quipped. She said Gigi would need time to forgive his blunder, but consoled him and said that it had been even longer since she'd had a roll in the hay. She explained that Dorian had hired "a masseur" for her, then admitted, "alright, yeah, he was totally a hooker," and said that Rex didn't deserve to suffer the same celibate fate. She encouraged him to call Gigi back and apologize, but warned him not to do it while they were alone together, barely clad, in the steam room.

As Kelly prepared to leave, she mentioned that she was heading to the Manning party that evening. Rex asked if she was going alone, and offered to go on her arm, not as a date, but as an "escort." "What's Gigi gonna think?" Kelly asked. "She's in Paris, royally ticked," Rex said as he sighed. "I'm the last thing on her mind right now." With that, Rex and Kelly walked out of the sauna and headed for their respective locker rooms.

In Paris, Adriana informed Cristian that she had to take Layla off his hands, and explained that they were needed in Milan to assist with their boss's new men's wear line. Cristian was put out when he learned that the "fashion emergency" would require Layla to leave for a week, nullifying their dinner plans atop the Eiffel Tower. Adriana told Layla that their boss, Steffen, had asked for her personally. Conflicted, Layla told Adriana to give her and Cris a moment alone.

Turning to Cristian, Layla explained that if she didn't go to Milan, Steffen would fire her, and she would have gone to France for nothing. "This is my shot," she sighed. "Do you want me to miss it?" Cristian told Layla he wanted her to have everything, but he needed to know that he had a place in her future.

Across the restaurant, Gigi drowned her sorrows in wine and bitched to a non-English speaking waiter all about her troubles with Rex and Adriana. The waiter told Gigi over and over that he did not "parler Anglais," but as he walked away from the table, he muttered to himself in French, "That relationship is doomed!" Adriana returned to the table, and Gigi asked her if she was screwing with Cristian and Layla's romance just as she had screwed with Gigi and Rex's. Adriana responded by needling Gigi about her empty sex life, and warned her that the Balsoms were in for a "long, cold winter." Fed up, Gigi apologized to Adriana for it "not being my turn," and punched her a second time.

Cristian and Layla raced over to break up Gigi and Adriana's catfight; as Cristian hurried Gigi back to the table, Adriana confronted Layla about the Milan trip. She said that Layla could go to Milan and visit Cristian in Llanview afterward, but Layla was tempted to stay in Paris with Cristian for the night. She asked Adriana what she could tell Steffen. "The truth," Adriana snapped. "Your boyfriend doesn't understand your career." Adriana warned Layla that her career in Paris would be over, and cracked that she could always go back to Llanview and enjoy the uniform fabrics at the police station.

As Adriana prepared to leave, Cristian returned to Layla's side. His face fell as he realized she intended to go to Milan. Layla asked him to accompany her, but Cris said he had to attend the Paris conference. Layla countered that Steffen expected her in Milan as well, and promised to head back to Llanview when the fashion show was over. As Adriana told Layla to hurry up, Layla kissed Cris and promised to make it up to him. Meanwhile, Adriana fired a parting shot at the inebriated Gigi: "Tell Rex I said...never mind, I'll tell him myself."

With Layla and Adriana gone, Cristian sank into a chair beside Gigi. Gigi wanted more wine, but Cristian suggested they get it somewhere else -- at the restaurant atop the Eiffel Tower, where he still had reservations, which didn't have to go to waste, Layla or no Layla. As Gigi and Cristian left the restaurant, their waiter looked on. "Poor Rex," he clucked in French. "That relationship is doomed."

Back in Llanview, Nate and Inez were heading out of the Buenos Dias. Nate was surprised to hear his mom was attending the Mannings' party, as well, and was pleased that she had Clint as a date. Nate agreed to accompany her to Ford and James's apartment to drop off some food.

At the Ford brothers' apartment, a morose James picked at his cereal as Ford cleaned up Eddie's empty beer bottles. Both boys were desperate to be rid of their lunatic father, but couldn't figure out how to replace the fifty thousand dollars James had stolen. Eddie sauntered into the kitchen, looking for breakfast, and suggested the Ford men head to the zoo together or find some other "family bonding" activity in order to reconnect. When neither of his sons expressed much enthusiasm for this idea, Eddie called them ungrateful. James and Ford quaked with fear as Eddie grabbed James's cereal bowl and cackled that they were "family" once again.

Hung over, Eddie rushed to the bathroom to vomit. Alone again, a terrified James begged Ford to think of a way to get rid of their "very bad dad," and Ford reassured him that they weren't small children who Eddie could terrorize anymore. Answering a knock at the door, Ford and James were horrified to see Inez and Nate making their special delivery. Ford pleaded with them to leave immediately, but weren't able to send their long-lost relations away before Eddie returned to the living room and spotted his estranged wife. "Bobby, where's your manners?" Eddie drawled. "Ask the whore in."

Inez rushed into the apartment and demanded to know what Eddie was doing in Llanview. Eddie explained his release, and said he was in town to reunite the family. When he mistook Nate for her lover and accused Inez of "robbing the cradle," Inez slapped him and informed him that Nate was their youngest child. "'Nathaniel?'" Eddie scowled. "Inez, you name your boys wuss names!"

Eddie refused to believe that Nate was his flesh and blood, but Inez insisted she had been too terrified to cheat on him. Eddie excoriated Inez for leaving him alone with two small boys, and Inez said she regretted running away, but James and Ford didn't have to take his abuse anymore, and she ordered her elder sons to leave with her and Nate. She warned Eddie not to try to stop her, or he would regret it.

Before the situation could escalate, Ford hurried Inez and his brothers out into the corridor. He explained that unless he bent to his father's will, Eddie would call the Ohio authorities and have James arrested. Inez wanted to talk to Bo and the police, but James and Ford urged her to stay away and let them handle Eddie. Inez refused, and said that when Eddie went after her boys, he went after her. "And this time," she vowed, "he'll realize he bit off more than he can chew."

At Llanfair, John demanded to know if Natalie had undergone an amniocentesis test without his knowledge. Natalie hemmed and hawed, but John explained that Marty had told him about it. Infuriated, Natalie complained about Marty's harassment. "Shut up and answer the question!" John yelled. "Did you have the test?" "Yes," Natalie replied.

John was outraged that Natalie had undergone a risky procedure without discussing it with him, and asked how she could have done it. When Brody stepped in and asked John to calm down, McBain warned him to mind his own business. Brody said Natalie would be his family soon, as well, but Natalie asked him to check on Jessica and leave her and John to their private conversation.

With Brody gone, John told Natalie he was at a loss. He didn't understand how she could have undergone such a risky and invasive test without speaking to him first, and told her she was being deceptive. Emotional, Natalie said she never wanted to lie to him, and said she had wanted to protect him, and that she didn't want him to worry. "About what?" John asked. "The results," Natalie said softly.

When John questioned her about her need for an amnio, Natalie covered and said that she had only taken the test in order to make sure the baby was all right. She said she knew John feared losing another child, and she wanted to be safe. Softening, John told her they needed to be partners in important decisions about the pregnancy, and he hugged her. Natalie told him they would have the results soon. John told her he had to pick up Marty and deliver Cole to Statesville Prison, and kissed his nervous beloved goodbye.

After John left, Brody returned to the drawing room and asked Natalie if she was okay. Natalie said she had explained away her amnio, but her anxiety would remain until she knew for certain that John was her baby's father.

At La Boulaie, Cole told Starr he was going to prison for ten years, and that they couldn't be together -- "it's over." He didn't want her and Hope to visit a bleak environment like Statesville, and he wouldn't see them if they did. As Starr protested, Cole told her that she was eighteen and had her whole life ahead of her, and could move on someday. He needed to know she would be okay, that she would move on and be happy

Thursday, November 11, 2010

At the hospital, Marty entered Vivian's office and looked through her papers. As she found Natalie's file, Vivian entered, dressed for Todd and Téa's party, and asked what Marty was doing. Marty claimed to be looking for a piece of paper to leave Vivian a note about being a character witness for Marty's hearing about Hannah. Vivian agreed to help and sympathized with her about Cole. Shaun entered and agreed, adding that Cole should have walked.

Vivian told Marty to let her know when the hearing was, and the three left the office. When Vivian and Shaun turned the corner, Marty went back into the office. She looked through Natalie's file and was surprised to find a paper about a paternity test. "Gotcha, Natalie," Marty said as she made a copy of the paper.

At Llanfair, Natalie held a dress up to her body and was startled when John entered. Natalie asked how things had gone at Statesville. John said that it had been harder on Marty than on Cole. He assured Natalie that she had done the right thing and that Marty was just looking to blame someone. She would understand eventually. Natalie asked John if everything was all right between them. John only made her promise that she wouldn't keep something so important from him again, especially if it had to do with the baby.

At a restaurant, Gigi got a call from Rex, but ignored it. Cristian said that she had to talk to Rex sometime. Cristian made a toast to "cutting Rex some slack." Gigi asked why, so Cristian informed her that Adriana had a way of getting people to tell her things that "they wouldn't tell their priest."

Dorian answered the door at La Boulaie to Rex, who was picking Kelly up to go to Todd and Téa's party. Dorian found it hard to believe that there was nothing going on between Kelly and Rex, but Rex reminded her that he was with Gigi. Kelly asked if Rex and Gigi had made up yet, but Rex said that Gigi hadn't gotten back to him yet, and it was all Adriana's fault. Dorian said that Rex's lack of a sex life wasn't Adriana's fault. Rex was stunned that Dorian knew, and Kelly told Dorian to leave Rex alone.

Kelly went upstairs to finish getting ready, so Dorian expressed her objection to "this date." Rex once again reminded her that he was with Gigi. Dorian mentioned the fact that Gigi was with Cristian in the city of love. Rex told Dorian to stay out of his love life and to get one of her own. Rex left to help Kelly, and his phone began to ring. Dorian answered the phone to Gigi and told her that Rex was busy "helping Kelly get dressed for their date."

Dorian told a confused Gigi that a man could only go without sex for so long. Gigi thought that Adriana had told Dorian, but Dorian informed Gigi that Rex had brought it up. Dorian offered to get Rex for her, but Gigi hung up, angry and offended. Gigi said she'd known that Rex would go straight to Kelly. She ranted to Cristian about how Kelly invented jobs for Rex and how the two always seemed to be naked together. Gigi's phone rang, but she ignored it, angrily saying that Rex should "go to hell and put some clothes on."

Cristian lamented the fact that he couldn't even have one night with Layla before she had to go to work. Gigi and Cristian drank sadly. Gigi told Cristian that he couldn't give up on Layla, because she knew what it was like to want to be with someone but to be unable. They got closer and closer and shared a kiss.

At the party, Viki announced that she was there to "officiate" the renewal of Todd and Téa's vows. Todd said that he and Téa got "the ultimate do-over," and that he wasn't going to waste any more time, because it was precious. Téa said that, if they could find their way back to each other, anything was possible, and that they had gotten a miracle. Viki reintroduced the married couple, who shared a kiss.

Todd informed the crowd that there was a big surprise planned for later. Téa wanted to know what the surprise was, but Todd said it was "none of your damn business." Nate then asked Dani what the surprised was, but she replied, "None of your damn business," and kissed her boyfriend.

James thought it was odd that he and Ford had been invited to the party, but Ford thought it was payback for saving Todd's daughters. James knew Ford was disappointed that Langston wasn't there, but Ford turned it around on James, knowing he was disappointed that Starr wasn't there. Nate saw his brothers and asked if "the old man" was still at their apartment. Ford related that Eddie was in front of the television, "drinking my beer."

Rex and Kelly entered in front of Dorian and Langston. Dorian and Langston both noticed Ford in attendance, but Dorian tried to distract Langston by dragging her over to Todd and Téa. Rex and Kelly looked around for Echo, but Rex thought that she had ditched him. Téa walked over and again thanked Rex and Kelly for all their work uncovering the truth. She also thanked Kelly for the nice obituary. She promised to make Todd read it any time he got impatient with her.

Natalie and John entered and congratulated Todd and Téa. John left to get drinks as Vivian and Shaun walked in. Vivian thought Natalie looked anxious. She was nervous about the results and asked Vivian to put a rush on the test results. Vivian replied that unless there was an emergency, she couldn't put a rush on the results. However, she promised to call Natalie as soon as the results were in. John returned and informed the doctor that Natalie had told him "all about the test."

Inez needed to talk to Bo, which did not thrill Nora. Inez explained the situation with Eddie to Bo as she led him to her sons. Bo asked the brothers about their "new houseguest," and related that their mother was worried. Bo said he might stop by the next morning to have a talk with their father to make sure he was behaving. Bo left, and Ford asked Inez why she had said something to Bo. She explained that she would never let Eddie hurt her sons again.

Inez walked over to Bo and Nora and expressed her relief that Bo was watching out for her sons. She related that she was running out of ways to thank him. As Bo left to get Nora a refill, Nora took the opportunity to tell Inez that Bo never expected a thank you because he went out on a limb for everyone. She added that Inez shouldn't read too much into it. She looked around and asked where Clint was.

Clint informed Echo that they needed to talk, but Echo said she was only going to talk to Rex. She was going to tell him about his parents, as she had promised, and he couldn't stop her. "Wanna bet?" Clint replied. Clint explained that he already had three sons that "credit the Buchanan name," and Rex didn't come close to them. He wouldn't let Rex near the Buchanan money or name. Echo asked how long Clint had known that Rex was his son.

Clint explained that, when Shane had needed a stem cell donor, the entire town had turned out to see who was a match. Clint had turned out to be a perfect match. He had kept his discovery to himself. Echo was disgusted to learn that Clint had known about Rex for over a year, but had never said anything, just to protect his money. Echo turned to leave so she could talk to Rex, but Clint grabbed her arm and said she would never see Rex again if she did.

Clint explained that Rex had been caught breaking and entering in Buchanan Enterprises. If Rex was turned in, he could get a lengthy penalty. Echo wondered what had happened to Clint because he hadn't always been a "heartless bastard."

Viki told Charlie that she wasn't giving up on "the Rex thing," because they needed to know if Charlie was Rex's father. Viki looked around and noticed that Echo was gone. Charlie warned Viki that, if he were Rex's father, the fact would impact a lot of people. Echo reappeared and Viki asked her about the identity of Rex's parents.

Darren spotted Destiny and asked what was up with her not responding to his calls or texts. Matthew explained that she had just gotten some news about her family. Darren was shocked to learn that Greg was actually Destiny's father. Darren asked why Matthew knew about it when he didn't. She didn't want to "tell the whole world" that her life was a lie, but Darren wanted to know why she was pushing him away.

Destiny said she was only at the party because Dani had asked her to be, and she ran away. Matthew criticized Darren for making things all about himself. Destiny found Shaun at the party and asked about her mother and how she had died. Later, Darren vowed to find a way to cheer her up. She wasn't in a party mood. Matthew said he would take her home. "The hell you will!" Darren replied.

Todd and Téa found Dorian and asked about Starr. Dorian said that Starr was devastated by the harsh sentence. Todd felt bad for his daughter, but was very glad that Cole was out of her life.

Ford and Langston had a minute alone, and Ford had a question to ask her. As he tried to ask, Téa got on the microphone and interrupted. She said that no one should take life for granted and that everyone should live life to the fullest. She handed the microphone to Todd. He said he wasn't good with words, so he had someone to express his feelings for him.

He announced Dani, who walked onto the stage and took the microphone. She dedicated the song she was about to sing to her mother. Everyone watched, smiling. When Dani finished, Téa told her it was the best gift ever and that it had been a perfect night. When Dani left, Todd told Téa that it was about to get better because he had champagne chilling in a hotel room. She asked him if he meant for them to abandon their guests. They gleefully agreed and began to walk toward the exit.

Dani told Nate that the night had been amazing. "I have a surprise for you," he said, and pulled a keycard out of his pocket. Dani thought he'd gotten a room, but it was the key to get into the pool area. They left together to go swimming.

Rex wondered where Echo was. He asked Todd and Téa as they passed by. Téa said that she thought she had seen Echo heading up to the roof, and hurried out with Todd. Rex and Kelly headed up to the roof, and they found it deserted. Rex thought the night had been a waste. Suddenly, Kelly kissed him.

Langston asked Ford what he had been planning to say earlier. As he began to talk, he got interrupted again, this time by Dorian. She told him that Langston wanted nothing to do with him. "That's not true!" Langston said.

John noticed that Natalie had been watching Vivian at the party all night long. He assured her that the child would be perfect. John and Natalie were surprised to see Marty enter. Marty smiled and said that she had need to get out of the house, and that she'd found a way to cope with Cole being in jail.

At La Boulaie, Starr looked at a scrapbook of pictures of her and Cole. Blair entered and told Starr that Hope was asleep. Starr showed Blair all the pages in the scrapbook that weren't filled because she had thought that she and Cole would have all the time in the world. She wondered how she was going to live without Cole.

Later, Blair took some macaroni and cheese home to Starr because it was Starr's favorite, but Starr wasn't hungry. She looked at a picture of Cole and wondered if he would look the same after ten years in prison. Blair told her daughter that she couldn't stop living, and that she would move on.

The doorbell rang, and Blair went to answer it. James was at the door, concerned about Starr. He asked Blair to tell Starr that he had stopped by, and then took it back, telling Blair not to say anything to Starr. He started to leave, but Blair told him to wait.

Later, Blair looked at a picture of Starr from when she was very young as Starr sadly looked out the window. James appeared in Starr's doorway. She asked what he was doing there. He said that he had wanted to find out if she was all right. Starr pulled James into a kiss.

Friday, November 12, 2010

In Starr's room at La Boulaie, Starr kissed James, and James asked what Starr was doing. They kissed again. Starr began to rip off their clothes and begged James to make love to her. James pleaded with Starr to slow down and related that they should just talk. Starr informed James that Cole had wanted for Starr to be with James.

James insisted that Starr was not ready to be together with him, and that she did not want to just start something new. But Starr claimed that Cole had asked her to forget about Cole and to be with James. James stressed that he wanted Starr, but not when her heart was broken over Cole.

Starr then yelled that she wanted no part of James, and that she just wanted her life back with Cole and with her friends, Langston and Markko. Starr screamed to know if James could give that to her. Starr then demanded that James get out, because she exclaimed that she never wanted to see him again. When Starr continued to cry and plead with James to leave, James hugged her.

Starr apologized to James. She realized that James had been good to her, and that she was actually sad about the fact that Hope had lost her father. Starr cried, "It's over," and claimed that she did not blame Cole about what had happened. However, Starr remembered that Cole had stolen a gun and had shot Eli Clarke. She yelled, "Why? Why would he do that? He ruined his life, and now I have to raise Hope on my own without him -- for what?" Starr declared that she was very angry and threw the photo album of her family across the room.

Starr blared, "I can't even hate him, because I love him." Starr considered that Cole could be a totally different person, once he was released from prison. Starr recognized that she was still angry that Cole had shot Eli Clarke, and that she was alone. James simply stated, "Hey, you're not alone."

At Todd and Téa's celebration, Marty told Natalie and John that she had found a way to cope with Cole's loss. Marty announced to John, "You're girlfriend is a liar." Natalie insisted that John and Natalie just say goodnight, but John wanted to know why Marty thought that Natalie was a liar. Marty revealed that she had proof, held out an envelope, and stated, "Well, it turns out, she's only honest, when it suits her."

Natalie demanded to know how Marty had retrieved her medical records, and Marty stated that they had probably fallen on her desk accidentally. Marty insisted that John review the record, however, John refused to even look at the form. John begged Marty to "let your anger at Natalie go" and insisted that the evidence had actually sent Cole to prison.

Marty exclaimed that John did not deserve Natalie's lies. When Marty stated that she cared about John, he replied that he cared about Marty also. John felt that Marty had lost a lot in such a short period of time, and that had caused her anger. When John asked Marty if she was okay, Marty insisted that she was always okay and turned to leave. Natalie grabbed Marty's arm and demanded that Marty stay out of her personal files. Marty left, and Natalie told John that she was exhausted. Natalie and John agreed to "go home."

At the apartment, John insisted that Natalie "let it go." When Natalie feared that Marty had ruined the night, John commented, "Who says it's ruined? Hmm?" They laughed, and as John drew Natalie into his arms, he insisted, "Nobody's spoiling what we've got."

As Marty sat in a chair at her place, she voiced, "Natalie obviously doesn't know who the father of her baby is. How could she cheat on John? Well, he'll know the truth soon enough." Marty picked up Cole's photo and declared, "She took you away from me. So, it's only fair that she loses John."

Also at the party, Dorian announced that Langston wanted nothing to do with Bobby Ford, however, Langston declared that Dorian's statement was not true. Langston demanded that Dorian not speak for her, but Dorian reminded Langston that she had made a vow to the Cramer women that she was over Ford. Dorian also insisted that Langston be with Starr during Cole and Starr's crisis.

Dorian then proclaimed that Ford did not have relationships; he had conquests. Bobby insisted that Dorian back off and let Langston speak for herself. Dorian warned, "Young man, you have no idea with whom you are dealing."

Ford maintained that Dorian should "back off," and Dorian exclaimed that she would protect Langston with her life. Dorian then threatened Ford to have her security guards "break that terrific jaw of yours with one punch." Langston believed that Dorian was the one who had gotten someone to beat Ford up. Bobby revealed that Dorian had not been the one, when a waiter walked by and called Mayor Lord aside.

Langston declared that she still had feeling for Ford, and Bobby asked Langston if they could start over. Langston responded, "I don't know, Ford." Langston realized that Dorian had been right, and that Langston and Ford had hurt each other. Langston also knew that she wanted a relationship. Ford revealed that he had never been in a real relationship, but that he would rethink things for Langston. Bobby kissed Langston on the forehead and said, "See you soon," before he walked away.

In a Paris, France, restaurant, after they drank champagne, Gigi and Cristian kissed. A waiter walked by and accidentally knocked Gigi out of Cristian's arms. When Gigi questioned what the kiss had been about, Cristian and Gigi both agreed that the champagne had caused the kiss. Cristian asked, "What do you say we go back to my room, rip off all our clothes, and have wild French sex?"

Cristian whined that Layla had dumped him for "some Milanese male models" and thought that the Paris room should not "go to waste." Gigi agreed and believed that their use of the room would serve Rex right. Gigi felt that if Rex could sleep with Kelly, then Gigi could sleep with Cristian. Cristian drunkenly agreed that it would serve Layla right, also, since Layla had her Maltese -- or rather Milanese models. Cristian asked Gigi again if she wanted to "do it."

Gigi swore that Cristian was "ten times handsomer than any Milanese male model." But Gigi also believed that Cristian was in love with Layla. After Cristian admitted that he missed Layla, Gigi stated that she had to say no to his proposal. Cristian insisted that Rex was a very lucky guy and thanked Gigi for stopping him from doing something stupid.

Outside of Todd and Téa's party, Kelly pulled herself out of Rex's arms and yelled, "What the hell was that?" When Rex reminded Kelly that she had kissed him, Kelly noted that Rex had not tried to stop her. Rex felt that the kiss had been an impulse and then questioned where Echo was.

Rex regretted that he had kissed Kelly and wondered if Gigi was after a French guy because she was mad at him. Rex speculated, "I can see her now, sitting on the lap of some champagne-swilling, beret-sporting, frog-eating French guy in a café on the French Bank." Kelly corrected Rex and told him that the café would actually be on the Left Bank. Kelly then doubted that Gigi would do that. However, Rex declared that Gigi could be stubborn, and that she might do it just to get back at him.

When Rex and Kelly discussed their kiss, Rex stressed, "You've got an awesome career. You've got a smokin' body -- in or out of a towel." However, Rex thought that Kelly was lonely, because she had "no guy," which also made her "drifty." After Kelly agreed that she was "drifty," Rex told her that a relationship would happen, once she figured out what she wanted.

Kelly realized that Rex was "a pretty terrific guy" and regretted that he was already taken. When Kelly suggested that they call it a night, Rex told Kelly that he would help her find her perfect man. Kelly sadly informed Rex that she had already found him, and that he had been her first love, Joey Buchanan.

Kelly described her past relationship with Joey. Kelly had once had a crush on David Vickers, who had been rather good-looking at the time, and had decided to throw herself at Joey to make David jealous. Kelly's idea had been "to get rid of" her virginity, but Joey had refused, because he had been in an affair with Dorian. Kelly declared that her life had gone south when Joey had left town.

When Rex suggested that Kelly try again with Joey, Kelly believed that too much had happened, since she had been with Joey's brother. Rex still thought that Kelly should try again, and Kelly stated that she would think about it. Rex indicated that he should leave, and Kelly wished him luck with Gigi.

In the Paris hotel lobby, Gigi asked if Cristian thought she was sexy, and Cristian insisted that Gigi was very sexy. Cristian pointed out that Rex knew it too. As Gigi lay on the sofa in the lobby, Cristian called Layla and left a message. "Hey, it's me. I wish you were here. I wish you had picked up. I wanted to say this to you and not to your voicemail. I love you, Layla, and I'm really sorry about the fight. I really am." Gigi then dialed Rex's number.

Inside, at the celebration, Bo and Nora danced, and Bo apologized to Nora. Bo explained that Inez had asked for Bo to talk to her ex-husband, Eddie. Nora then spotted the District Attorney and slyly hinted that she might have to show the handsome new D.A. how to work the copy machine. However, Bo insisted that he be the one to show Nora the toner. They laughed, as Bo swung her around in his arms on the dance floor.

Clint told Inez that he was sorry that he had been away for so long, and that he regretted that he had missed Dani's song. After Inez asked, Clint remarked that everything was under control.

Inez updated Clint on the situation with her ex-husband, Eddie, and informed Bo that she did not want Eddie anywhere near her children. When Clint expressed his desire to take care of Inez's ex, Bo wondered if Clint would "go after the guy with a shotgun." Inez stressed that she wanted Bo to handle Eddie and announced that she needed to call it a night. As Inez left, Nora walked up and stated, "Oh, now, now boys. Play nice. There's plenty of Inez to go around."

Also, at the party, Viki and Charlie demanded that Echo tell them who Rex's parents were. Viki exclaimed that she suspected that she already knew the answer. Echo lifted up her camera and claimed that she was just at the party to work. Echo said, "Smile," as she took Viki's picture.

After Echo walked away, Viki yelled at Charlie that Echo had refused to answer her question, and that Echo had promised Rex that she would tell him about his parents. Charlie then pointed out that Echo had promised Rex, not Viki and Charlie. Viki cried that she wanted Charlie to talk to Echo, because "far too many people are affected by this."

Charlie confronted Echo with Viki's suspicion that Echo and Charlie were Rex Balsom's parents. Viki revealed that she knew that Echo had been around Llanview at the time of Rex's birth. Charlie asked Echo to admit that Rex Balsom was her son. When Echo stated that she had pictures to take, Viki refused to let Echo leave. Echo demanded that Viki release her arm. As Bo and Clint walked up to them, Viki announced to Bo that Echo knew who Rex's parents were. When Bo pondered if that was true, Clint insisted that they "leave the poor woman alone."

When Viki claimed, "We have the right to know," Clint asked, "Viki, what's this to you?" Viki explained, "Charlie is my husband." Clint wondered, "And what's Charlie got to do with Rex Balsom?" Bo yelled, "That's what I'd like to know." Echo turned and screamed, "All right. You're right, Viki. I am Rex Balsom's mother," just as Rex walked by and then glared at Echo.

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