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Marty left Natalie alone at the family lodge while Natalie went into labor. Cris and Blair spent the night together, but neither of them knew if anything had happened between them. Blair was mystified to find a rolled-up painting of herself in Eli's box from 2003; she hadn't met him until 2009. David continued to be imprisoned in Morocco. Aubrey wanted to keep up her scam.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of January 3, 2011 on OLTL
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Monday, January 3, 2011

As the clock struck midnight, everyone at Capricorn turned to share the arrival of 2011 with the person they were standing with. Gigi and Rex shared a kiss, as did Blair and Cristian. Kelly and Joey stared into each other's eyes expectantly, but Joey sighed and uttered that Kevin wouldn't appreciate it if Joey were to kiss Kelly. Joey hugged Kelly instead, and Kelly replied that Aubrey wouldn't want to find Kelly kissing Joey either.

The pair watched Blair and Cristian's long-lasting kiss, and Joey noted that Cristian's engagement had probably been called off. Kelly pointed out that it was only one kiss that Cristian was taking part in, but Joey believed that Aubrey would never stand for it. He also didn't have to worry, though, because Aubrey would never do such a thing. Kelly thought that Joey had "a lot of faith in Aubrey," but Joey turned defensive. Kelly assured him that she had only made an observation, but Joey stated that he had grown tired of everyone's attitudes towards Aubrey.

Joey specifically referred to his father, though Kelly believed that Clint had only been trying to protect Joey. Kelly was under the impression that Aubrey had her own money, but Joey confessed that it was something that he and Aubrey had never talked about. Joey emphasized that other people didn't understand what made him happy, but Aubrey did, and he wanted Kelly to get to know Aubrey better. Kelly agreed that she wanted to know everything there was to know about Aubrey.

Rex looked around frantically for Marty, but he and Gigi decided that Marty had probably gone home. Rex was worried about Natalie, because he didn't want anything to spoil his sister's wedding. He also confessed that he was back on Kelly's case, and Gigi was irritated. Rex explained that Kelly would have just hired another private investigator, but he and Kelly had compromised. Kelly vowed to give up her suspicion of Aubrey, if Rex didn't find anything worthwhile.

Blair and Cristian's kiss lasted longer than anyone else's, and they finally broke apart. They each admitted to getting carried away, and Cristian was especially upset, because of his engagement to Layla. Blair exclaimed that while she should have been married, she only had a "stupid box" left. Cristian tried to reach Layla on the phone, but he was unable to get an answer. Blair thought it was better that he didn't speak to Layla just then, because he wasn't in the right frame of mind. Cristian and Blair thought that that they were each the perfect good friend for the other.

Kelly headed over to Gigi and Rex when Joey decided to phone Aubrey. "We have to break into Aubrey's room," Kelly whispered. Gigi was not pleased, and she pointed out that it wasn't the proper time to discuss business. Kelly invited Gigi to accompany her and Rex, suggesting that Gigi could be the lookout. Rex shuddered, and exclaimed that he and Gigi couldn't get arrested at the same time again, and it was better that Gigi remain on the outside. Gigi noted that someone had to stay behind to post bail.

Kelly refused to take the hint, and she tried to persuade Rex that it was a good time to search Aubrey's room. She had noticed that Aubrey had acted suspiciously, had eyed Kelly's magazine, and had managed to take it with her when she'd claimed to feel ill. Kelly was certain that there was something in the magazine that Aubrey didn't want anyone to see. Rex emphasized that he and Gigi were on a date, but Kelly offered to send the couple to Europe, all expenses paid. Kelly thought it would be a great challenge to break in while Aubrey was inside her room.

Aubrey opened her Palace hotel room door and found a handsome man standing on the other side. The pair quickly wrapped their arms around each other and began to kiss passionately. The man ripped off his shirt, but Aubrey abruptly broke away from him. "What the hell are you doing here?" she asked. The man exclaimed that he had missed Aubrey, but Aubrey replied that he could potentially ruin everything they had worked for.

The man pointed out that he had been the careful one, while Aubrey hadn't. He had been the one to warn her that their photograph was in the French magazine, he reminded her. Aubrey pulled her copy of Maintenant from under the sofa cushion. She declared that she had retrieved the last copy, and besides, it was his fault that the photo was in the magazine.

Aubrey promised that "the job" wouldn't get between them as he feared, but the man was unhappy with the idea that Aubrey was allowing Joey to put his hands all over her. Suddenly, the phone rang, and Aubrey insisted on answering it. "Damn it," the man exclaimed.

It was Joey, and he wondered whose voice he had just heard. Aubrey assured him it was the television, and she declared that she was feeling better. She didn't want Joey to visit her though, because she was probably contagious. She promised to see him the next day. She hung up, and the man expressed his dismay. He hated to see her in a relationship with someone else, and he suggested they end their plot.

Aubrey promised, "It's in the bag." She reminded him that they'd gone too far, and he had to leave the area. She wanted him to return to Europe and wait for her, but the man refused. He planned to remain in Llanview.

Gigi put her foot down. She was not about to have Rex involved in Kelly's scheme. The trio began to chat about snooping around, and that was when Joey walked over. He was curious about the discussion, and he voiced his suspicion that Rex was working as a hotel burglar again. Gigi made up a story about a new dance called the "Snoop" that Rex had tried to learn. Gigi and Kelly embellished the tale, and Gigi urged Rex to demonstrate. Awkwardly, Rex managed to display some moves.

Joey explained that he had spoken with Aubrey, and while she had urged him to remain at Capricorn, he planned to pay her a visit. He wished that Kelly could be with someone she loved too. After Joey left, Rex made it known that Gigi should have had a better story regarding the snooping, because he was embarrassed. Kelly persisted in her plan to break into Aubrey's room, even with people inside, but Rex stood firm in his refusal.

Marty dashed into the courthouse as the wedding ceremony was about to conclude. Before the judge could pronounce John and Natalie husband and wife, Marty called out for him to stop. The wedding party wondered what was wrong, and Marty announced that it was important. John was worried that something had happened to Cole, but Marty assured him that Cole was okay. John vowed to always be around for Cole, and Marty was grateful. She had news though, and it couldn't wait.

Natalie and Brody were horrified, and Natalie tried to tell Marty that it wasn't a good time. They were right in the middle of their ceremony. Marty agreed that she had arrived at an understanding with Natalie, but she had nothing to say to either Natalie or John. "Jessica really needs to hear me out," Marty clarified. The judge was irritated, because he had other items on his plate for the evening. Brody grabbed Marty's arm and pulled her into the hallway. He exclaimed that Marty had obviously had too much to drink.

Out in the hallway, Brody threatened to expose Marty's breaking into the doctor's office to steal Natalie's records, but Marty didn't care. Brody tried another approach, and he maintained that his one night of sleeping with Natalie would never occur again. Natalie was having John's baby, he insisted. Marty wasn't impressed, and she thought that Brody seemed insecure about it. Jessica insisted on following Brody and Marty into the hallway.

Jessica wanted Marty to talk to her, though Brody did his best to prevent it. Marty acknowledged that it was difficult to say what she needed to say, but suddenly Jessica went into labor. Marty offered to help Jessica, but Brody was adamant that Marty stay away from Jessica.

John looked at Natalie suspiciously, but she assured him that she had no clue about what was taking place. The judge proclaimed that he couldn't marry John and Natalie without the witnesses' presence, and he refused to take any shortcuts that John suggested. He urged John to call him if they were ready to continue the ceremony, as he would be on site for the rest of the night.

John blamed himself for Marty's behavior. "I should have handled Marty better," he stated. Natalie soothed her fiancé and explained that he couldn't apologize for "being decent." John thought all of the trouble was because of him and the fact that he was with Natalie, but he promised Natalie that he would marry her before the night was over.

John and Natalie found Jessica and the others, and John and Brody agreed to take Jessica to the hospital. Marty wanted to follow, but Natalie was furious. She didn't want Marty anywhere near her sister. "You and I are going to finish this once and for all," Natalie advised Marty.

At La Boulaie, Jack tried to break into Eli's mystery box with his new power tools, but he was unsuccessful. Little Sam revealed that he knew where some fireworks had been hidden in the attic, and Jack perked up at the thought of using explosives. When Blair and Cristian walked in, the boys fled upstairs. Aware that the boys were getting into something, Blair took off after them. Cristian used the moment alone to phone Layla again.

Blair returned with two bottles of champagne, tripped on the mystery box and found Cristian yelling on the phone. He demanded to know why there was a man in Layla's room in the middle of the night, even if it were her boss. Layla hung up the phone on Cristian, and he turned to Blair. He was certain that Layla was cheating on him. Layla's boss had answered Layla's phone, and Layla had given him a story about working late. Stefan couldn't drive because he'd had too much to drink, and he was crashing in Layla's room, Cristian reported.

Cristian drank swiftly. He was certain that Layla was lying. Her boss could have flagged down a taxi quite easily. Blair quietly muttered that Layla was stupid if she'd indeed cheated, though Blair wasn't saying that was what had really occurred. Cristian was irritated at himself for not noticing that Layla had pushed him away. He should have been able to recognize it. He was also sorry that he hadn't slept with Gigi in Paris, because there was no reason for him to be faithful if Layla wasn't faithful.

Blair reminded him that Gigi and Rex were back together, and Cristian decided that he was able to sleep with anyone that he wanted to sleep with. Blair suggested that he spend the night, because he'd had too much to drink. She stated that she would show him to her room. She giggled and clarified that she meant his room. She began to walk off, but her ankle was hurting from tripping over the box. Cristian swooped her up, grabbed a bottle of champagne, and headed for the stairs.

Aubrey was afraid that someone would find out about her plan, but she couldn't discuss it further, because there was a knock at the door. It was Joey. Hurriedly, she undressed down to her underwear and threw a robe on. The man hid behind the couch. Joey had chicken soup for his girl, but she told him she was feeling better. Something had happened in the last hour to revive her. She shooed him into the bedroom and told him to undress. The man ran out of hiding and ran through the door with Aubrey's magazine.

Aubrey was concerned about the same incriminating photo appearing on the magazine's website, but the man assured her that his friend had hacked into the site and removed the photo. The man was certain that Aubrey needed him close by. He left quickly, and Joey called out to Aubrey and asked who she was talking to. She claimed that it had been the bellhop, as she was on a quest for some champagne. The couple made love.

Gigi and Rex returned home, and while Gigi was ready to make love, Rex was engrossed on the website of Maintenant. He was unable to find anything that Aubrey might be trying to hide. Finally, Gigi was able to distract him, and the couple made love. After they were through, Rex mumbled something about ordering the magazine online, but Gigi was able to stop him.

Kelly drank alone at the Capricorn bar as the mystery man slipped in behind her and took a seat. She recalled Joey's near kiss from earlier in the evening.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

David kept track of the days on his Moroccan jail cell wall, while talking to the stick-figure drawing of Dorian that he had created. He recalled all of the times that he had been alone in the past and enjoyed it, but his tune had changed. "Now, alone is a bitter word," he lamented. He was hopeful that Bo would discover that Clint had gone over to the "dark side," and in the meantime, he used his purloined spoon to begin digging his way to freedom.

David "spoke" to Dorian as he envisioned the ways that they'd spend their future time together, while plotting their revenge against Clint. He was distracted from his reverie when two guards showed up and advised him they were there to search for a missing spoon. The senior guard announced that the perpetrator would be punished, as they believed in "an eye for an eye." The punishment would involve the scooping out of the offender's eyes, the guard concluded. David denied having possession of the spoon, as he managed to hide it in his sleeve.

David began to act like his usual loud and crazy self, and the guard ordered him to be quiet. He looked at the floor suspiciously and asked if David were trying to escape, but David denied it. David laughed and stated that he was trying to enlarge his dance floor. "Not the eyeballs," David pleaded. He offered his kidney instead, hopeful that the guard would take him up on it.

Viki paid a late, unannounced visit to La Boulaie to discuss Dorian's solution for getting rid of Echo. Dorian explained that she was having a difficult time pursuing the problem when "certain people" wouldn't allow her to do anything illegal. Viki considered giving her consent, but withdrew it when Dorian was too excited about Viki's change of heart. Dorian admitted that her desire was to have Echo thrown into a jail cell in a foreign country.

Viki was sorry that she was even asking Dorian for aid, but Dorian revealed the events of Christmas Eve, when a locked-out Echo donned a Santa suit and fell down the chimney. The women began to laugh, and Viki thanked Dorian for her help. She wondered why Dorian was so eager to assist. "Simple. You and Charlie belong together," Dorian replied. Viki couldn't help but speculate if it had something to do with Dorian missing David, but Dorian denied it, and she found the idea absurd.

Dorian considered David Vickers Buchanan a "dead issue," and she declared that David had done her a favor when he'd walked away. She wouldn't give him a second glance if he were to return, Dorian insisted. Viki doubted that Dorian spoke the truth, but Dorian was stubborn. She swore that there would be no Dorian and David, and no "happily ever after" for her. She wanted to concentrate on the Echo strategy instead. Viki laughed. She couldn't believe she was getting involved in Dorian's schemes.

Nora stretched out on the couch and watched a muted television. She daydreamed about happier times and dancing with Bo. She was jolted out of her solitude when Matthew walked into the living room. He was unable to sleep due to some bad dreams, and he had a "bad feeling." He was sorry that he had told his mother the truth about Bo and Inez, but Nora disagreed. "Don't ever apologize for telling the truth," she told her son. She was puzzled though, and she wondered why Matthew had thought that something was going on between Bo and Inez in the first place.

Matthew confessed that he'd seen them together on the couch, and Nora gasped. He really didn't want to talk about it, but Nora wanted details, and she assured her son that he couldn't make things worse than they already were. He assured her that he hadn't actually seen them doing what she thought, but he assumed that something was going to happen. Nora was hoping that the entire thing was a lie, even though Bo had admitted the truth.

She inquired as to why Matthew had been at Inez's apartment in the first place, and Matthew claimed that he had been there to pick something up from Nate. Privately, he recalled Clint's insinuation that Bo was probably with Inez. Nora thought that it was a great coincidence that Bo had happened to be there when Matthew arrived.

Matthew inquired about his mother's next step, and Nora admitted that she didn't want a divorce, but she was too upset to make any decisions. She was confused, and Matthew did his best to comfort his mother.

Bo thanked Clint for putting him up at the Buchanan home, and Clint assured Bo that he could stay as long as he needed to. Bo berated himself for getting mired in the situation with Inez, and thought that it was his own fault. Clint declared that it wasn't Bo's fault at all. "People make mistakes," Clint stated. Bo confessed that he wanted to beg Nora to take him back, but Clint shouted, "No!"

Clint explained that Bo would only make things worse, especially because Nora had a bad temper. "Let her cool down," Clint added. Bo was grateful to Clint and called him a "good man," especially after all that had happened after Clint's own marriage to Nora. The brothers had a toast to Asa, and Bo maintained that Asa would have been happy to see the brothers together again. Bo knew that Clint had felt betrayed, and he was sorry. Clint declared that he was the one who should be sorry.

Bo was confused, and Clint confessed that he'd given Bo some bad advice. He'd urged Bo to remain quiet about the night with Inez. Suddenly, Bo looked at the hushed television screen. He was surprised to see David's commercial, and he stopped to watch it. Bo stated that he was disappointed that David had left Dorian at the altar, because he had believed that David had loved her. David had just disappeared. Bo knew that Clint had been upset about David's hand in causing Kimberly to leave, and David was probably just happy knowing that he wasn't around to experience the end of Clint's shotgun.

Clint brushed it off, and Bo noted that brothers had to stick together. Clint stated that he wasn't perfect, but before any further discussion continued, the phone rang. Bo jumped to answer it in case it was Nora. It was some kind of overseas call, and in the background, Bo thought he heard David's voice. Clint grabbed the phone and advised the caller that he'd been speaking to the wrong Buchanan. The guard explained that David had been trying to escape, and Clint responded that he'd take care of it.

Bo was curious about the call, and Clint described how he had a new client in Morocco. Bo thought it was odd that Clint was doing business there, but Clint advised Bo that Bo wasn't up on all of the latest Buchanan Enterprises news. Bo noted that there had been lots of noise in the background, and strangely, it had sounded like David had been calling out "Pa." Clint assured Bo that it was merely a bad connection, and Clint would have to travel to the area right away. He urged Bo to make himself comfortable.

Bo was appreciative of all that Clint had done for him, and he offered to help out in any way that he could with the family business, even though he really was not familiar with it. Clint appeared to be having second thoughts about the events he had put in motion.

Gigi and Rex shared a cold pizza in bed, but as they cuddled again, Rex stopped suddenly. He stared at the soundless television screen in dismay. There was David Vickers in the midst of his old "Have-A-Seat" commercial. "Make it stop," Rex yelled.

Later, as Rex and Gigi lay sleeping, Rex began to dream. He stared at the television in disbelief as David spoke to him and accused Rex of having a hand in David's jailing. Rex refused to take the blame and explained to David that he hadn't had a choice, because Clint had threatened him. David shouted that it was all about the cash, and Rex was selfish and shallow. Rex contended that it had been about his family and not the money.

Rex maintained that he'd been advised that all of the charges against David were legitimate, but David expressed his dismay that Rex hadn't checked things out, especially because Rex was a private investigator. Rex began to toss and turn, and he woke up screaming. He pointed to the fuzzy television screen.

Gigi wondered why Rex had shouted David's name, but Rex blamed it on David's commercial. He assured her that he would be fine as long as he had Gigi and Shane forever. He blamed his nightmare on all of the food he'd consumed.

Jessica, Brody, and John arrived at the hospital while Jessica exclaimed that it was too early to be in labor. The pain was troubling, and she wanted to see Dr. Wright quickly. The doctor was not to be found, but Brody and Jessica were insistent. They didn't want to see a young resident doctor. Jessica apologized to John for ruining his wedding, but John responded, "Marty beat you to that."

John went off to search for the doctor. He located her and quickly explained the situation. The doctor took Jessica to an examination room, and John tried to reassure Brody. John was concerned as to why Natalie hadn't arrived at the hospital yet. The doctor returned and revealed that she had to run tests. Brody thought that John might want to contact Jessica's parents. John was able to reach Viki, who was at Dorian's house, and he quickly explained that Jessica was in the emergency room.

At the courthouse, Natalie told Marty off, but Marty merely chuckled. She agreed that she hadn't planned to tell John about Natalie's baby's paternity, but she wasn't a liar. She never promised that she wouldn't tell Jessica, she clarified. Natalie was incredulous. She couldn't believe that Marty was playing "word games," but Marty acknowledged that her conscience was clear. Natalie reminded Marty that Marty was not only a doctor, but she called herself Jessica's friend.

Marty growled that Natalie was Jessica's sister, and Natalie had betrayed Jessica. She yelled that actions had consequences, and Natalie would have to "deal with them." Natalie thought it was more that Marty was out for revenge, and she wanted Natalie to suffer. "The truth hurts," Marty snapped. Natalie stated that she would tell John the truth herself, and she begged Marty to allow that to play out. Marty informed her that it was too late, and she wouldn't allow Natalie to manipulate John any longer. Marty announced that she was going to head to the hospital. "No way," Natalie shouted.

"Only if you kill me," Marty proclaimed. Natalie ordered Marty to stay away from the hospital, and the two women began to tussle. Marty fell into the wall, hit her head and sank to the floor. Natalie was unable to awaken Marty, and she felt for Marty's pulse. "Oh, my God, she's dead," Natalie shrieked.

David demanded that he be allowed to make a phone call, but the guards shoved him into the wall and doused him with a bucket of water. The water hit the wall, and the stick-figure Dorian disappeared. "What have you done?" yelled a distraught David. He was upset that his "life-like sketch" was gone, and he thought that the guards had to make it up to him as a "code of honor."

David offered the guard money, but the guard reminded David that he didn't have any. David had a better plan, and he suggested that his autograph would please the guard's wife. He knew that the wife probably watched the top show in Morocco, known as Supermodel Crime Club, and he was certain that the woman would be ecstatic to receive the star's autograph. The guard grew contemplative, and he advised David he'd think about it. He agreed that he wanted to make his wife happy, and they had grown apart. David wanted to help save the guard's relationship.

David walked to the wall and spoke as though Dorian's figure were still there. He promised to see her again, and he was happy that it might be sooner than he expected.

Bo placed a phone call to Nora, but she ignored it. She stretched out on the couch once again.

After Viki was gone, Dorian looked at the television. She was teary as she watched David's commercial.

Brody did his best to reassure Jessica. Viki arrived, and Jessica admitted that she was scared. Viki was sure that things would be okay. Brody spoke to Dr. Wright, and she confessed that she was concerned about the pain. It wasn't normal.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Lost in a nightmare, Rex dreamed of David in his Moroccan jail cell, strapped into an electric chair. Clint taunted David, then ordered a guard to throw the switch. Rex awoke with David's agonized screams ringing in his ears, only to realize he was hearing the buzz of the alarm clock. Reading a goodbye note from Gigi, Rex told himself that he couldn't handle his guilty conscience any longer -- whatever the risk to his and Gigi's dreams, he had to tell Bo the truth about what Clint had done with David.

In the drawing room at La Boulaie, Dorian greeted 2011 by, once again, stalking David on the Internet, much to Starr and Langston's dismay. Dorian was livid to read David's latest ersatz status update: "Spent New Year's Eve sandwiched between the Olsen twins." The girls struggled to talk Dorian down, and Langston urged her mother to leave 2010 to the past and love someone new. Starr seemed struck by her friend's words of wisdom, while Dorian took Langston's advice and changed her own Myface status to "ready to love again." She encouraged the girls to make changes in their own love lives, as well, and suggested Langston dump Ford while Starr moved on from Cole.

After Dorian flounced off to face the new year, Langston grilled Starr about what had happened the previous night after she and Ford had split off from Starr and James. Starr remembered her New Year's kiss with James fondly.

At the Ford brothers' apartment, Ford pushed James to buck up as they entered a new year without Eddie Ford. Bobby felt that Nate had done them all a favor, ridding the world of Eddie, but feared their kid brother couldn't beat the evidence against him. "He's got an awesome lawyer," James said hopefully. Ford quickly turned the topic to New Year's Eve, but James was reluctant to discuss his evening with Starr, and asked Ford to tell him about how things had gone with Langston instead. Though separated across town, both Starr and James suspected that Ford and Langston had broken their "no sex" vow, and wanted answers.

Ford and Langston recounted the events of New Year's Eve and the early morning for Starr and James. They had returned to the apartment hot and heavy, but before they could hit the bedroom, Langston had stopped Ford in his tracks. She told him she trusted him, but wanted to make sure she could trust herself and her feelings for him before they went further. After everything she had put Markko through, she felt she needed to be sure of their new relationship before she faced Ford on the morning after. Ford had reluctantly agreed, but as the young lovers had forced themselves to move away from another kiss, he warned Langston that what they had wouldn't disappear, it would only get better.

Both Starr and James were impressed by Ford and Langston's shared resolve. "I've never waited for anybody before," Ford told his brother. "Langston was worth it." Turning the tables, he and Langston asked James and Starr about what had happened after their kiss in Angel Square.

Starr and James told Ford and Langston what had happened in the park. They had kissed, and James had once again immediately apologized, but an exhilarated Starr had told him not to be sorry -- she was glad he had kissed her, and said she had liked it, a lot. She admitted that she had been waiting for midnight to be in his arms, and told James that she wanted to share her hopes and dreams with him and make a life together. But she had promised to wait for Cole, and as long as he was gone, Starr had vowed to live without love, no matter how much she wanted James. Crushed, James had told Starr he would take her home.

Back in the present, both Ford and Langston were outraged by Starr's decision. Across town, Ford was disgusted with Starr's attitude, and warned James not to wait on Starr forever. He told his little brother that it was time to play the field.

Back at La Boulaie, Langston reminded Starr that she and Cole had been having problems as a couple long before Cole had shot Eli, but Starr refused to listen, and said she had made the father of her child a promise. "Why are you doing this to yourself?" Langston asked. "Don't torture yourself by forcing yourself to wait for Cole!" Langston challenged Starr to choose her own happiness, and tell James she wanted more than just friendship.

Upstairs, Blair and Cristian jolted back to consciousness and found themselves in bed together, hung over, naked, and mortified. "We're naked!" Cristian declared. "Did we do naked things together?" Blair moaned. Cristian said he had been angry with Layla, but couldn't believe he had actually cheated on her. Blair and Cris struggled to piece together their lost New Year's Eve, but neither could clearly remember whether they had done the deed.

There was a knock at the door, and in moments Dorian entered Blair's bedroom, carrying Eli's mystery box, yammering on about her woes with David and Myface. As Cristian hid under Blair's covers, Dorian began holding forth on her new start in 2011. She hopped onto Blair's bed, and as Blair squirmed and Cristian gasped for breath, Dorian urged her niece to open the box and take charge of the future as well. As Dorian began pounding at Cristian's covered body for emphasis, she said that David's blatant disrespect had made her determined to see all the Cramer women begin again in the new year.

Noticing an odd shape under the covers, Dorian suspected Blair had made her very own "pillow person" for comfort and warmth on lonely nights. Rising from the bed, she said she understood Blair's pain, but declared that it was all over starting that very day, as the Cramers would rise from the ashes like a host of phoenixes. As Dorian continued to ramble, Blair helped Cristian sneak out of the bed and hurry into the bathroom with only a pillow to hide his shame. "2011 is the year of the Cramer women!" Dorian crowed, turning back to Blair. She ordered Blair to get up and get hot, as "we're gonna go out things!"

As Dorian left to get changed, Cristian returned to the bedroom fully dressed. He showed Blair what he had discovered under the covers -- playing cards -- and the hazy events of their lost evening rushed back to the duo. They remembered playing a drunken game of strip poker together and passing out in the same bed, but they had not made love. Cristian was relieved that he hadn't cheated on Layla, and Blair told him that his first move had to be to figure out what he wanted to do about his engagement. When Cris asked Blair if she was going to take Dorian's advice about finding love again, Blair said she wasn't ready, but she would take a step towards moving forward with her life -- by opening the box.

In Morocco, David struggled to wheedle a phone call out of sympathetic prison guard Khalid, whose wife was a huge fan of Supermodel Crime Club. He promised Khalid an autographed photo in exchange for a single phone call to Dorian. "Love cannot be bought," Khalid countered, but David said that buying love was merely an easy financial transaction -- fighting for it, and overcoming obstacles in one's path, was the real struggle.

Khalid seemed almost swayed by David's words, until Clint's untimely arrival interrupted their conversation and sent Khalid away with a warning not to fraternize with the prisoner. David assumed Clint had undergone a change of heart and was there to free him, but Clint had merely shown up to gloat once more. He told his wayward nephew that he had not forgotten David's railroading of Kim, and declared that the Buchanan family didn't need a parasite like "Vickers" leeching away at its lifeblood. Thus, Clint had seen to it that David's sentence had been extended by four months, leaving David with twenty more years to ponder his fate.

Clint smirked as he produced a laptop and showed Dorian's Myface status update to David; it indicated that she was ready to love again. He added that Dorian had been spurred on by David's own fake status update regarding a tête-à-tête with the Olsen twins. David was sure someone would learn the truth and save him, but Clint said it was too late -- Rex knew the truth, but had proven to be another "selfish little weasel," who would not lift a finger to help. David couldn't believe that Rex wouldn't tell Bo the truth, and added that the young private investigator was practically an honorary Buchanan. "No!" Clint snapped, losing his cool. "Rex is not a Buchanan! I don't want him in the family any more than I want you!"

David warned Clint that Bo would not buy into David's fake Myface updates. "Bo is a gullible sap," Clint said with a chuckle, and explained that Bo had far bigger problems of late than David's whereabouts. When David deduced that Clint had been scheming against Bo and Nora, Clint declared that in twenty years, his brother and ex-wife's second marriage would be ancient history. David warned Clint not to sully the family name with petty revenge, and begged him for clemency for Bo and Nora. He promised to serve his sentence in peace if Clint would spare Bo and Nora's love, and undo the damage that had been done.

Clint mocked David's willingness to abandon Dorian again in order to make Bo happy, then stalked off into the darkness, encouraging David to enjoy his stay. Khalid returned to the cellblock, having heard David's plea. "Your uncle is an enemy of love," Khalid observed. "An enemy of love is no friend of mine." He was touched by David's need to help Bo, and offered the prisoner his phone and one call in exchange for an autographed photo. The exchange was made with the help of David's personal Sharpie pen, and he quickly made the call to Dorian in Llanview.

Back in Llanview, Dorian answered her phone, despite the screen reading "Unknown Caller." When she answered, David cried out to her. "David?" she exclaimed.

Bo was sitting alone in Angel Square Park when Nora arrived on her way to court. He asked her to wait, and told her he had called the night before. Nora said she wasn't taking his calls, and had a right to her fury. Bo pleaded with his wife for a few minutes of her time, promising breakfast and coffee from his takeout bag. He didn't care if Nora threw the coffee in his face, so long as they began to communicate again. "C'mon, Red," Bo begged her. "Talk to me."

Nora was touched by Bo's words, but couldn't give in and rushed off to court. As she left, Rex entered the park, having noticed the troubling scene. He asked if Bo was okay. "No, Balsom," Bo sighed, "I'm not." He explained that he had slept with Inez, but Rex couldn't believe it, and when Bo explained that he couldn't remember anything after his first beer, Rex spotted a red flag.

Rex suspected that Bo had been drugged, just as Stacy had drugged him. "Inez is no Stacy," Bo said, but Rex felt the entire scenario sounded suspect. Bo said he had to own his mistakes, no matter how much he wished he could put the blame elsewhere. He thanked Rex for his support, and said that despite Charlie being Rex's biological father, he still considered the young man to be a surrogate son. Struck, Rex told Bo he still thought of him as a father, as well, and his mind began to churn as he announced that he, too, had a mistake he needed to own up to.

Over at the Hall of Justice, Téa entered the courtroom with her newest paralegal -- Danielle, decked out in a business suit and glasses in order to look like a young legal eagle. Dani wasn't sure her disguise would work in front of the judge, but Téa was determined to help Dani stay by Nate's side throughout the trial, and was sure her daughter could pull it off. She promised Dani that she would get the charges against Nate dropped. As Nate entered accompanied by Inez and a uniformed officer, Dani rushed to him and explained her ruse, which impressed the young Mr. Salinger. Inez took Téa aside and thanked her for the help, but asked if Téa feared the District Attorney would be hard on Nate.

"You talking about me, Inez?" Nora asked as she entered the courtroom, her eyes ice cold. Advancing on Inez, she ignored Téa's attempt to steer the discussion to the case and ordered the defense attorney to butt out and step back, as she had only one thing on her mind. With that, Nora slapped Inez across the face. "You little whore," she hissed. She accused Inez of playing the innocent in order to get Bo drunk and lure him into bed.

Nate was outraged by the scene, but Nora ignored him as Inez pleaded for Nora not to air her grievances in front of the boy. "How about my son?" Nora snapped. "He saw you." She called Inez sick for using Eddie to abduct and manhandle her in order to get a clear shot at Bo, but Inez insisted that she wasn't the one who had employed Eddie. "Who besides you wanted to break up Bo and me?" Nora demanded. Inez seemed speechless.

Before the scuffle could go further, the judge entered and called court into session. As Téa gamely passed Dani off as her paralegal sitting at Nate's side, Nora had Inez banished from the courtroom. The judge asked for Nate's plea, but Téa announced that Nate would not be entering one -- instead, she would move for dismissal, because she knew who the real murderer of Eddie Ford was.

Back in Angel Square Park, Rex prepared to tell Bo the truth about David. Before he could speak further, Inez entered the park. Sensing the tension, Rex made tracks as Bo walked to Inez. Inez apologized for running into him, but Bo asked her to stay.

At La Boulaie, Starr cradled a tiara from New Year's Eve in her hands as she remembered her kiss with James, and smiled. Answering the doorbell, she found James waiting for her, and her smile grew wider.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

In Blair's room, Blair and Cristian discussed opening Eli's box. Blair wanted a clean break from Eli so she could move on. Cristian asked Blair if she wanted company, and she gladly accepted the offer. Blair regretted throwing the key to the box away, but went to find a bobby pin. When Blair had trouble opening the box, Cristian took over. He asked for a nail file, which prompted Blair to say that she thought Cristian was the "innocent Vega brother." He reminded Blair that he had grown up in Angel Square.

Cristian unlocked the box, and Blair opened the lid. She pulled out a rolled-up piece of paper. She unrolled it to reveal a painting of herself. Cristian asked when she had sat for it, but she hadn't. Blair started to rip it up, but Cristian stopped her because he noticed something strange. Cristian asked when Blair had met Eli, to which she replied "a year and a half ago." Cristian pointed out the signature on the bottom of the picture next to the date of "2003."

On the phone, Dorian asked what David wanted. She wondered how he could call her after four months like nothing had happened. She confessed how humiliated she had been after he'd left her at the altar as the connection began to crackle. Dorian said that she had made a resolution to forget David and move on, but David blurted out that he loved her and he had never stopped.

A disgusted Dorian didn't believe him, but he insisted that he didn't want to lose her. She informed him that he already had lost her. As Dorian told him about how she had seen his MyFace post about being with the Olsen twins, David yelled that he was in jail. Dorian thought that all she had ever been to David was "Mayor Moneybags," and she refused to bail him out. Dorian said she was too smart to be anyone's victim, and hung up.

David frantically tried to redial Dorian's number, but the guard entered David's cell and took the phone away. In order to make another call, David offered to sleep with the guard's wife instead of just giving an autograph, but the guard ran away. David sadly said that two Olsen twins could never equal one Dorian. He began to eat and found a "yak bone" in his food. Excited, he began to dig at the wall with it.

At La Boulaie, James and Starr both wanted to talk about their New Year's Eve kiss. They both had things to say, but James insisted on going first. James confessed to a surprised Starr that he had done a lot of thinking, and had decided that he needed to start dating someone else. James explained that he wanted to believe that he and Starr would eventually date, but he understood that Starr would always feel disloyal to Cole.

James said that the only way he might be able to handle Starr being with Cole was by James being with somebody else. James asked Starr what she wanted to say. Starr said that she agreed with James. James hoped they could have a friendship soon and assured her that he wasn't going to rush into anything. He turned to leave, but Starr stopped him. She hoped that he would find someone "really great." James said that he hoped that Cole appreciated what he had, and left.

Dorian entered and expressed her happiness that Starr had taken Dorian's advice to not remain a "prison widow." Starr revealed that was her original intent, but she thought it was a mistake. Starr would feel like she had failed Cole when it was the time that he needed her the most. Dorian related that a man who got himself arrested and thrown in jail couldn't expect a woman, "especially a Cramer woman," to wait around for him. Starr said that she was just feeling lonely and had turned to James, then added, "It could have been anyone."

James was walking towards the Buenos Dias, but stopped when a girl called his name. It was a girl named Michelle from one of his classes. She asked him if he wanted to join her for hot chocolate. He accepted, and they entered the diner.

At the hospital, John asked Brody if there was any news, but Brody was frustrated to say that the test results still weren't back. Brody said that Jessica's family was with her. John asked if Natalie was there, but Brody revealed that she wasn't. John hadn't heard from Natalie since the night before. John explained how Natalie had called him and said that she was "wiped out," and was going to bed, but he hadn't heard from her since then.

John asked Brody whether he had ever found out what Marty had wanted to tell Jessica, but Brody claimed to have no idea. John knew Marty had been struggling since Cole had gone to prison. Brody realized that John hadn't actually seen Natalie since she had been alone with Marty, and wondered if Marty had done something to Natalie. John related that the only thing Marty had done was ruin the wedding.

At the Buchanan family lodge, Marty woke up on the floor. She saw Natalie with a shotgun and asked Natalie what she was doing. "What I should have done a long time ago," Natalie said as she pointed the shotgun at Marty. The last thing Marty remembered was being at the courthouse. She asked how Jessica was doing. Natalie asked why Marty cared when she was trying to destroy Jessica's life.

Marty looked for her phone, but Natalie had it and stomped on it, and ripped the cord of the landline phone out of the wall. Natalie told Marty how tired she was of Marty torturing her for months. Natalie revealed that she had learned a lot from her grandfather, including the saying "If you want to mess with the bull, you're going to get the horns." Marty worried that Natalie was going to shoot her.

Natalie explained how relieved she had been when she thought that Marty was dead. Natalie couldn't let Marty leave. Marty said she would promise not to tell Jessica anything, but Natalie said that Marty's promises meant nothing. Natalie pointed her gun at Marty and said there was only one thing to do. Natalie could easily kill Marty. "But you're a CSI," Marty said. "Exactly," Natalie replied.

Marty stated that Natalie wouldn't shoot her, and Natalie agreed. Natalie's reason was that she was thinking of Cole, who needed his mother. Marty asked what Natalie was going to do. Natalie picked up her phone and called John. She asked him about Jessica. He replied that the test results weren't back yet, and expressed his worry about Natalie. She said she was fine.

John apologized about the wedding and asked for a rain check. Brody told John that he should go be with Natalie. John told Natalie he was going to head over to Llanfair, but Natalie said she'd meet him at the hospital soon. She hung up and Marty said that lying to John seemed to "come naturally." Natalie assured Marty that she wasn't lying. Marty was staying in the lodge while Natalie went to the hospital.

Natalie was sick of all of Marty's games and manipulation, so she decided she would tell John herself about the baby. Natalie knew she was taking a huge risk, but hoped for the best. Natalie put on her coat and told Marty that Marty could leave after Natalie told John the news. Marty expressed her disbelief, but Natalie had taken Marty's coat, phone, and shoes.

Natalie handed Marty a newspaper and told her to look for jobs. Marty would need one after Natalie reported Marty for looking through Natalie's medical records. However, just before Natalie walked out the door, she doubled over in pain.

At the park, Inez bumped into Bo and apologized for not being at work. She had no idea what to say to Bo, or how to act around him. Bo knew that they had technically slept together, but he wanted to know if they had actually had sex. Inez wondered if he was accusing her of making it up. He wasn't, but he needed to understand exactly what had happened, since he couldn't remember. He explained how much trouble his marriage was in.

Inez confessed that she'd had a run-in with Nora, and it had gotten ugly. Bo said the one-night stand affected more than just Bo and Inez. He explained to her how Rex had gone through the same situation because he had been drugged. Bo couldn't imagine Inez drugging him, and she agreed, saying she had no reason to drug him. Inez apologized because she had to go be with Nate at the courthouse. Bo agreed that children were the most important thing. Inez said she would do anything for hers, and left.

At Nate's arraignment, Téa informed the judge that she knew who had really killed Eddie Ford -- "my husband, Todd Manning." Todd heard that as he entered the courtroom and was as surprised as everyone else in attendance. Todd asked his wife what she was doing, but a cop told Todd that he had to leave. Todd refused, since he had just been accused of murder. Téa claimed to have proof.

Téa showed the judge the cufflink that had been found at the scene of the crime. Nora objected, but the judge wanted to see where Téa was going with the information. Téa continued that there was no evidence linking Nate to the crime. Nora said that Nate had admitted to being there, there were witnesses, and the gun had been found in his possession. "In his home, not in his possession," Téa reminded Nora.

Téa argued that the arraignment shouldn't have been taking place because there were so many other viable suspects. Todd claimed that Marty was framing him, which Téa used to further illustrate the great number of potential suspects. Nora was in disbelief, but then Téa reminded Nora that Nora's hair had been found at the scene as well. "Because he was holding me captive!" Nora exclaimed. Téa reasoned that gave Nora a motive.

Téa then mentioned James, who had admitted to firing the gun in Eddie's motel room. She explained that there were many other people that had more motive, and more evidence against them than Nate. Téa wanted all charges against Nate dropped. The judge agreed to review the motion, but reminded Nate that he was still in police custody. The judge granted a recess.

Nora told Téa that she had pulled a cheap trick and walked away. Nora needed to talk to Bo about the case, but she was surprised to learn that he wasn't in his office when she called. "No, I don't want to leave a voicemail for his assistant," she said angrily into the phone.

Inez entered the courtroom and told Nate that she had received permission to stay for the hearing. Téa assured Inez that she believed Nate was going to be able to go home. Dani explained that there were many other potential suspects.

Todd agreed with Nora about Téa pulling a cheap trick, because it was at his expense. Téa assured him that she knew he hadn't killed Eddie. "Since when has not doing it helped me?" he wondered. "Since you've had me in your corner," Téa replied. Todd was still annoyed that the suspicion got thrown from Nate to Todd. Todd would have called her brilliant if she hadn't thrown him under the bus with the cufflink.

Téa knew she had made a dramatic gesture, but she truly believe that Nate hadn't killed Eddie. Todd wondered why Nate wasn't saying so. Téa believed that Nate was covering for someone, and watched Inez hug her son.

At the hospital, John told Brody that Natalie was on her way. Bo entered and asked if there was any news about Jessica. Brody started to leave to check on Jessica, but first thanked the two men for being there. John asked Bo about the murder case. A distracted Bo told John that Nate was being arraigned. John asked Bo what was going on. Bo confessed that he was thinking about Inez, who wasn't holding up very well. Bo also thought that Inez was lying to him.

Friday, January 7, 2011

In hall of the courtroom, Dani informed Inez that Téa had listed other suspects in the Eddie Ford murder case, so that the judge would consider dropping the charges against Nate. Dani said that Téa had suspected Todd, because the cops had found his cufflink. However, Dani said that Téa had also listed James, Nora, and even Marty as possible suspects, and that Téa had claimed that the cops had rushed to justice to arrest Nate. Inez asked to talk to Nate alone, so Dani left. When Nora walked by, Inez told Nate that they could "talk later."

Inside the courtroom, Todd asked Téa if she thought that Inez had killed Eddie. Téa noted that the murder weapon had been found in Inez's apartment. When Todd considered that Inez might have shot Eddie, he wondered why she had not just gotten a restraining order. Téa then joked that Todd normally would "shoot first and lawyer up later." Todd said that since he had been with Téa, he had learned to sue first. Todd also exclaimed that he did not want to have two daughters "crying about their jailbirds."

Téa reminded Todd that she was defending Nate, not prosecuting Inez. Todd then wondered why Inez would let Nate "take the rap" for her. Todd also questioned if Téa hoped that the judge would throw out the case. After Dani walked up, Téa admitted to Dani that she really did not know who had killed Eddie, just as the judge called the court back in session.

The judge told the court that he would allow Téa's motion to dismiss, and Nora objected. The judge told Nora to find more proof, and he would reconsider the case. As the judge dismissed the case, Nate jumped up and yelled, "Your Honor, wait." Nate looked at Inez and then told the judge that he "did it."

Téa asked to confer with her client, but Nate refused. He insisted again that he had killed Eddie Ford. The judge determined, "In that case, the charges stand." Dani demanded to know why Nate would plead guilty to a murder that he had not committed.

In the hospital, John asked Bo if Inez had lied to him, and Bo said that Inez might had lied about having sex with him. Bo stated that Rex had suspected that Inez had slipped something into Bo's beer. However, Bo indicated that he did not believe that. John asked if Bo wanted John to look into it unofficially, however, Bo felt that it was not a criminal investigation. Bo then wondered where Natalie was.

Bo voiced that it appeared that he had cheated on his wife. Yet, when John mentioned that the timing was very convenient, Bo realized that it had happened the night that Eddie Ford was shot. John speculated that if Inez had drugged Bo, she would have had enough time to drive to the motel and kill Eddie Ford. Bo was still not sure and asked for time to think about it. After Bo left, John left a message on Natalie's phone that he was waiting for her in the waiting room.

When Bo arrived at the courthouse, Nora informed Bo that Nate had pled guilty to Eddie Ford's murder. Bo asked Nora if they could talk for a minute, and Nora replied, "No," and walked away. Dani insisted to Téa that Nate had not shot Eddie, and Téa claimed that she would do everything she could do defend Nate.

At La Boulaie, Echo dropped by and handed Dorian a bill. "It's what you owe me, and I want a check now. Or I'm shipping your mayoral ass to the hoosegow...Your Honor." Echo related that the charge was for $8,389.22 that was for damages incurred on Christmas Eve. Echo then gave Dorian an itemized list. "Let's see, there was a dry cleaning bill, my boots were destroyed -- they had to be replaced. There was the manicurist, the chiropractor, the masseuse, and do you realize I had to go to a hair stylist to have all of my highlights totally redone? And I haven't even added the $10,000 that you owe me for the photo shoot."

When Dorian pointed out that Echo had not taken even one picture at the photo shoot, Echo declared that she had been unable to, since she had been locked on the roof. Dorian quipped that she should hand Echo a bill for the repairs for her chimney. Echo yelled at Dorian to "save it." Echo exclaimed, "You and Viki worked up this little scheme to keep me out of the way."

Dorian denied that she had partnered up with Viki, however, Echo still stressed that it would cost Dorian because "Charlie and I are closer than ever now." Echo explained that she and Charlie were both parents and grandparents, and that Charlie was helping her with her "little drinking problem." When Dorian expressed outrage that Echo was exploiting Charlie's drinking problem, Echo remembered that Dorian had once poured liquor down Charlie's throat. Echo handed Dorian a pen. "Write the check, Dorian, and leave Charlie to me."

After Echo left Dorian's mansion, Dorian called the bank and placed a stop payment on the check. She then decided that she needed a drink and reached for the decanter. Dorian paused. "Or perhaps, do I need a meeting? Perhaps, as a mayor, I owe my constituents personally looking into the Alcoholics Anonymous. An ounce of prevention..."

In Jessica's room at the hospital, Viki insisted that Jessica lie still, but Jessica only wanted to return home. Viki stated that Jessica had to wait for the test results, and Charlie agreed with Viki. Clint rushed in and asked about Jessica. Clint claimed that nothing was more important to him than Jessica.

Dr. Wright walked into the hospital hall with the test results. She saw Brody and told him that she was sorry. Dr. Wright then entered Jessica's room and announced that Jessica was not in labor. Worried, Jessica asked if everything was okay with the baby.

Dr. Wright informed Jessica that she had a condition where her placenta had difficulty separating from the uterine wall. The doctor then recommended that Jessica have an immediate C-section. After Brody asked, Dr. Wright revealed that a C-section could have some very serious risks. However, the doctor feared that if a C-section were not performed, Jessica's placenta could tear, which could result in Jessica bleeding out.

After Jessica expressed her concern that her baby would be premature, the doctor admitted that the baby might not be ready to be born. Brody asked if they could test the baby, and Jessica begged to wait longer, so that the baby would have more time to develop. However, the doctor maintained that Jessica needed a C-section performed immediately.

The doctor then revealed that scarring from a previous gunshot wound had caused Jessica's problems. Charlie yelled out, "Oh, my God!" Viki then requested that Charlie and Clint leave the room to give Brody and Jessica time to talk things out.

In the hall, Clint blamed Charlie for Jessica's problems, and Viki yelled at Clint to "stop it." Viki reminded Clint that the shooting had been an accident. Viki then remarked that Dorian had been the one to buy the gun. Charlie agreed with Clint that it had been his fault and ran out. Viki yelled at Clint for taking his frustration out of Charlie. Viki insisted, "You owe him an apology."

In Jessica's room, while Brody stressed that Jessica needed to stay calm for the baby's sake, Jessica cried that she could not risk the baby's life. Brody proclaimed that he and Bree could not lose Jessica. However, Jessica feared that the baby was her only chance to have a child with Brody. Brody walked into the hall and pleaded with Viki to talk to Jessica about the C-section.

After Viki went back into Jessica's room, Clint told Brody in the hall to "hang in there." Viki advised Jessica that Bree still needed her, and that Brody loved her. Viki pointed out that Brody was a special guy, and that Jessica and Brody could adopt. Brody walked back into the room.

Echo found Charlie in the hospital, moping in a lounge. Echo pulled out a bottle of booze from her purse. Charlie grabbed the bottle, and as he threw it away, he insisted that they would attend the AA meeting. Charlie then told Echo about Jessica and her baby. Charlie believed that Jessica's condition was his fault, because he had once shot Jessica accidentally in the past. Charlie feared that Jessica would either lose the baby, or that she would die.

Charlie told Echo that Viki had probably blamed him, too, and that Clint had confronted him. Echo insisted that Charlie ignore Clint, because "he's a liar, and he's a user." Echo gave Charlie a hug, as she told him that he would get through it. In disguise, Dorian walked in and watched. Charlie stated that he needed to find Viki, and Echo left; Dorian followed. Charlie pulled the bottle of booze out of the garbage.

Echo attended the AA meeting, as Dorian looked on, still in disguise. Echo introduced herself to the group and admitted that she had lied to a friend. However, Echo insisted that she could not tell her friend the truth, because it would hurt him even more.

In the cabin, as Natalie held Marty at gunpoint with a shotgun, she insisted that Marty look for a job, because Marty would be losing her work position. As Natalie started to leave, she collapsed in pain. Natalie tried to get up and stated that she needed to get to John. She collapsed again. Marty regretfully informed Natalie that she was in labor.

Natalie cried out to Marty that Natalie and Brody's one-night stand had not been planned. However, Marty reminded Natalie that she had been lying to John all along, and that he deserved better. When Marty voiced that Natalie could have complications due to a premature birth, Natalie snarled that Marty was not an obstetrician, and that she was not even a good shrink. Natalie informed Marty that she would send someone back for Marty, and as Natalie tried to leave, she fell over in pain again. Natalie screamed, "Oh, I think my water just broke."

Marty grabbed the shotgun out of Natalie's hand. When Natalie cried for Marty to drive her to the hospital, Marty responded, "Looks like the tables are turned, huh, Natalie? What if I were to walk out of here and leave you like you were planning to leave me?" Marty then demanded that Natalie remove her coat. Natalie asked Marty for her phone, so that she could call an ambulance, and Marty smashed Natalie's phone with her shoe. When Natalie insisted that Marty would never leave her at the cabin alone, Marty said, "Watch me."

Natalie pleaded with Marty not to leave her alone in that remote cabin with no help. Natalie insisted that she never would have hurt Marty, and that "it's just not in you" to leave Natalie there alone. Marty then demanded that Natalie remove her boots.

Natalie cried, "Marty, please, please, please, okay, you can' can't do this, all right? You can't leave me here alone. You know what could happen. I could die. This baby could die. You can't do this. You don't want that on your conscience." When Marty remarked, "Your sister delivered her baby all by herself," Natalie screamed, "And the baby died." Marty acknowledged," Oh, right. Gosh, you know, well, I forgot. Yeah, you are right. You are in trouble."

Natalie pleaded, "Marty, Marty, please, please, please, you can' can't leave me here. Just get me to the hospital. Get me to the car, and get me to the hospital." Marty replied, "Sorry, but I just can't do that. Good luck, okay, honey, because you are going to need it." As Marty stormed out, Natalie yelled, "Marty, Marty, Marty...please, Marty. Oh!" Natalie collapsed again in pain and lay helpless on the floor.

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