One Life to Live Recaps: The week of August 22, 2011 on OLTL

Rex found Kim working as a stripper in Kentucky. He told her of Clint's deteriorated health. Kim visited an unknown person at a medical facility where there was a framed photo of Kim and Stacy. Kim traveled back to Llanview to look after Clint. Joey and Kelly moved to London. John wanted to tell Natalie how he felt about her, but he learned that Natalie and Brody were apartment searching. Todd stole a gun from Dorian's safe.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of August 22, 2011 on OLTL
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Monday, August 22, 2011

Starr and Dani sat in a booth at Capricorn to commiserate over their dad situation. Dani admitted that it had been tough seeing the look in Victor's eyes as the true story had been revealed. The girls discussed his poor life and how he stood to lose everything. Dani noted that she would always love Victor, and she would always be in his life. Starr agreed, but she felt that she probably should have noticed that he wasn't the real Todd on her own.

Starr thought that maybe she had really noticed, because there were times that Victor hadn't seemed like her father. She pointed out the time when Victor had hurt Cole and pushed Starr down the steps. It hadn't made sense. Then there was the time when Victor had been involved with Marty Saybrooke. Dani wondered why Starr hadn't mentioned anything before. Starr admitted that she'd thought it was just herself that thought that way.

Dani was confused. If Starr had had doubts about the man they'd known as Todd, Dani couldn't understand why Starr had tried to convince Dani to love him. She wondered why Starr was changing her mind. Starr insisted that she wasn't trying to hide anything. They agreed that Victor had done some bad things, but Dani angrily pointed out that it hadn't been Victor who had ganged up on Marty and raped her.

Dani had looked Todd up online, and he'd been involved in rape, murder, and prison. She'd been sickened to read that, and she'd pushed her father away to make him suffer. It turned out that he hadn't deserved that treatment, because he was Victor. "Your precious Todd did that," Dani said accusingly. Starr insisted that it was Todd Manning who couldn't forgive Todd Manning, but Victor wasn't a saint either. Todd had been locked up for eight years.

The girls began to argue. Starr found herself defending Todd, while Dani was in Victor's corner. Starr thought that Victor wasn't so great, and he was sick. Dani reminded Starr that Victor had been programmed. Starr accused Dani of standing up for Victor, and the arguing grew louder. Suddenly, the girls stopped. They didn't understand why they were quarreling.

Dani thought it was all confusing, and they had a lot to think about. Both of the girls apologized to the other. They realized that they were lucky to have each other. Starr suggested that they never fight again, as they hugged. Dani laughed. "Yeah, like that'll ever happen," she said. Dani pointed out that their dads probably felt just as bad, and Starr agreed that the men were "freaking out." She knew that neither one of the men liked to be cornered.

Dani thought it was strange that another man was actually her dad, and she didn't know anything about him. She only knew what she'd read online. Starr agreed to tell her all about Todd.

At La Boulaie, Jack caught Todd as he stuck his hand into the wall safe and took Dorian's gun. Jack demanded to know what Todd was doing and threatened to call the cops. He called Todd a fake and a crook, and he added that he didn't want to hear Todd talk about how he was really Jack's father. Jack didn't care what had been said, because Todd was a stranger to him. Jack didn't know Todd, and he had no desire to get to know him.

Todd explained that he understood how Jack felt, though Jack angrily advised Todd that Todd didn't know him either. Todd agreed that Jack had been young the last time he'd seen him, but he remembered his son. There had been clear moments every once in a while during his imprisonment, Todd added. Jack reminded his father that Todd had tried to give him away. Reluctantly, Todd admitted that he hadn't known the truth about Jack.

Jack wanted Todd to stop trying to get to know him, because Todd couldn't fool him. Todd advised Jack that he wasn't trying to stop Jack's relationship with Victor. Jack shouted that his father would do anything to help him, and Todd had no idea how far his father had gone for him.

Jack explained that he'd been arrested when Gigi had died, and his father had protected him. He called the man claiming to be his father "Scarface," and Todd took exception. He ordered Jack never to say that again. He added that if Victor had raised Jack correctly, the boy wouldn't be such an obnoxious brat.

Todd quickly apologized for what he had said and suggested they start over. Jack ordered him to get out of the house, or Jack would call the cops. Todd acceded and made his way outside. "Way to go, Manning. Call the kid names. Great stuff," he muttered to himself. He realized that Jack couldn't help that he was an "obnoxious little brat," and he blamed Victor for that. He removed the gun from his pocket.

Inside the house, Jack noticed that the coast was clear, and he walked over to look inside the safe.

Téa and Victor were alone at the Manning residence. Téa pointed out that the kids had all agreed to stick by Victor. He asked about Téa's feelings, but he was certain that she still loved Todd. Victor grumbled that he was a mere idiot whose soul had been sold without his permission. He felt that he'd lost everything to Todd. "Everything I have is his, including you. The woman I love," Victor said, teary-eyed. He told Téa that she could leave.

Téa reminded him that she'd vowed to love him, though Victor advised her that he wouldn't hold her to it. He informed her that she was free to go, especially because he knew how much she hated being lied to. Téa asked for her chance to talk, and Todd chuckled. He'd forgotten that she needed her closing argument. Suddenly, he lost his temper and began to yell about the unfairness of his life. He was ready to hear what Téa had to say.

Tearfully, Téa lost her own temper. She reminded Victor of what they'd been through, especially with her illness. He'd stood by her, and it had all been real. She agreed that he wasn't the man she'd thought she'd married, but they had both good times and bad times that they'd shared. Victor laughed. He wondered if it was Téa's way of saying, "Look on the bright side."

Téa insisted that she wasn't just trying to make him feel better. Victor wanted an answer, because he loved Téa. He wanted to know how Téa felt. Téa explained that things had changed, but some of the important things had remained the same. She'd married Victor, and she saw her husband, partner, and soul mate when she looked at him. "I still love you, Victor," Téa said. "Victory!" she added. He had a good, strong name, she told him.

Victor couldn't believe that he'd heard correctly: Téa loved him. She assured him that he'd never lose her. Victor was astonished. He declared that he had memories, and he realized that he wasn't even aware of who some of them belonged to. "I'm real," Téa reassured him. She kissed him gently.

Téa suggested that they go upstairs. They didn't hear Todd approaching the house or looking through the window as they climbed the stairs. The front door was locked, but Todd found an unlocked door around the back. He entered the house.

Téa and Victor made love, and they didn't see Todd as he opened the bedroom door. Todd pointed the gun at the couple. Victor noted how strange it was that the only thing he knew was Todd. Téa responded that he couldn't be Todd any longer, and it was okay to be scared. She revealed that she was scared, too, and they had lots of work ahead of them. Victor admitted that he was starting at zero.

Téa added that they had each other, and as long as they stayed strong and healthy, they'd survive. They'd survived worse, she stated. Todd gently closed the door and pulled the gun apart.

Jessica yelled at Ford and ordered him to leave Llanfair, after he accused her of still being in love with Brody. He pulled her into a kiss, and Jessica pulled away and slugged him in the jaw. Feeling sorry for hitting him so hard, Jessica retrieved a bag of frozen peas and handed it to Ford. He apologized, and he admitted that she'd reminded him of Tess when she'd started to yell at him.

Jessica reminded him that only a small piece of Tess had survived. Ford agreed that he would no longer talk about Tess as though she were a real person. He thanked her for treating him so well during their shared custody of Ryder, and he asked that they forget the moment. Jessica wasn't sure that she could. Jessica insisted that Ford would have to get over Tess, or they wouldn't be able to have a relationship of any kind.

Ford wondered if he should just get over Tess and then phone Jessica. She agreed that would be good, because she had to get over Brody at the same time. Ford begged her not to take his son away from him, but Jessica was adamant that things would have to change. Ford emphasized that Ryder needed him. Jessica assured Ford that he could see his son, but they couldn't see each other.

Jessica was able to tell that Ford was thinking about Tess often when they were together, and she couldn't stand it. She didn't think it was healthy for her. Ford understood, and he admitted that he would miss her, even if she were only Jessica. He'd had some good times with Jessica too.

Jessica revealed that she'd enjoyed Ford's company also. She took it a step further and informed him that he was just about the only person she could talk to. Ford wondered if she were positive that she wanted to end their friendship, and Jessica assured him that she was. It was too intense when thoughts of Tess entered the mix. Ford was unsure of how they'd handle the custody of their son. Jessica planned to work out the details, and she wanted to shake on the deal. Ford grasped her hand.

At the Spotted Pony in Kentucky, Rex was aghast when he heard the announcement that the next stripper on deck was named Gigi. "Oh, my God," Rex declared when he saw the woman prancing and dancing around the bar. It was Kimberly Andrews, and she was equally shocked to see Rex when she leaned down to grab his offered currency.

Rex demanded to know why Kimberly was using Gigi's name, and she explained that it had been the name that her best friend Stacy had used. It was a tribute to her deceased friend. Rex urged her to find another name to use, and sarcastically, Kimberly wondered if Gigi wanted to use it. Rex revealed that Gigi was dead, and Jack would pay.

Kimberly was sad to hear about Gigi, but Rex told her not to overdo her sympathy. He reminded her that she'd never cared for Gigi. Kimberly felt that she understood after the death of her best friend Stacy, but Rex advised her that it wasn't the same. Rex informed her that Gigi had been Clint's organ donor after a major heart attack. "My Clint," Kimberly exclaimed. Rex assured her that Clint was doing well.

Kimberly insisted that her marriage hadn't been a joke, and she'd really cared about Clint. David Vickers had made her leave town. Rex revealed that the Buchanan money no longer existed for Clint, because someone else had it. Kimberly wondered who it could be. "Me," Rex declared. He thought it had been a small price for Clint to pay for Gigi's heart. He also revealed that he was Clint's son.

Kimberly was shocked, but joked that she could have been Rex's stepmother. Rex confessed that he didn't understand why he was at the club, but he'd contacted a psychic due to his sightings of Gigi. She had appeared very real to him, and she appeared to want to tell him something. He wondered if Kimberly might have any ideas.

Kimberly told him she had none. Rex stated that David had been familiar with the club, and perhaps the entire episode was just related to Kimberly using Gigi's name. The psychic had probably thought that Gigi was there. Awkwardly, Kimberly agreed that was probably it.

The manager was annoyed that Kimberly had to be replaced with another dancer, and she apologized. She explained that she'd been saying goodbye to an old friend. She asked Rex not to mention that he'd seen her. She asked about Clint, and Rex filled her in quickly on Clint's latest antics. He informed her of Clint's prison sentence that had him living in the "lap of luxury." Rex added that a highlight of Clint's crimes had been his playing around with his children's paternity tests.

Kimberly was certain that a reason for Clint's crimes had been because he'd missed her an awful lot. Unenthusiastically, Rex agreed that it had played a small part. Kimberly was sorry to hear about Gigi. "Yeah, aren't we all," Rex replied.

On his way out of the club, Rex asked a woman about validating his parking ticket. Suddenly, he was certain he saw Gigi. "Don't give up," Gigi said to him. Just as quickly, her face was replaced by one of the club's employees. She told him the cost of the ticket.

Kimberly stopped to visit an unseen female in a hospital bed. "Oh, my God, girl, you'll never believe who walked into the club tonight." She grabbed the female's hand.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

"Mornin', Pa," Bo greeted Asa as he arrived at Asa's grave. Bo advised his father that he wished Asa was only hiding. Bo confessed that he would be willing to overlook the arrest warrant he'd had for Asa and look the other way, if only Asa could return. Bo declared that everyone missed Asa and the fact that Asa had always taken care of the family. Everyone was doing a "lousy job" without Asa, Bo admitted. He was certain that Asa would have something to say about all of it.

"I need you," Bo proclaimed. He turned quickly when he heard a branch snap behind him. It was Renee, and she and Bo greeted each other with a hug. "How's the old coot doing?" Renee asked. Bo explained that he'd wanted to update his father on all that was going on. Renee laughed that the old man was probably a better listener then he used to be. Bo was certain that Renee was the only person who Asa had ever listened to.

Renee admitted that she was finally accepting the fact that Asa was gone. "Well, that makes one of us," Bo responded. He wished that Asa could just return and "whip" everyone into shape. He acknowledged that it wouldn't be without a fight. Renee looked at Bo and asked him what was wrong. She could tell that something wasn't right.

Bo revealed that part of him was glad that Asa wasn't there. Asa wouldn't have approved of the way that one of his sons was behaving.

Kelly and Joey spoke on the phone to each other and agreed they were ready for their move to London. Kelly looked at her mound of luggage, but assured Joey that she didn't have much. They were both interrupted when someone rang their doorbells, and they said goodbye.

In the study at Llanfair, Clint studied a photo of Asa, as Nigel walked into the study with Clint's breakfast. Clint didn't want it, but Viki advised Nigel to put it down in front of Clint. "He will eat. Warden's orders," Viki stated. Clint accused Viki of allowing him to live at Llanfair in order to boss him around.

Clint was depressed about the fact that Joey was leaving, but Viki thought that Clint could have a new chance with Rex and Shane. She reassured Clint that the rest of the family were still around too. Clint reminded her he had been "kicked to the curb," though Nigel piped up that he was comfortable at their new residence.

Viki reminded Clint that he was alive thanks to Shane's mother, and they were the only family that Rex and Shane had. Clint grumbled that there was hardly any family left, and Viki retorted that he was only saying that because of Joey's move. Nigel handed Clint the framed photo of Asa. Viki gasped. She'd forgotten that it was the anniversary of Asa's death.

"Feels like yesterday," Clint stated. He couldn't believe that it had happened four years before. Viki offered to take flowers to Asa's grave, but Clint didn't think it was a good idea. The grave was probably already inundated with flowers thanks to Renee. Clint was still sulking about Joey's imminent departure, and Nigel assured him that his family in London would "do right" by Joey.

Viki was sure that Joey would be fine with Kelly, and they were right for each other. Clint declared that the couple had always been right for each other, but the "gold-digging tramp" had gotten in the way. Viki proclaimed that Joey had learned his lesson, and Clint agreed that Kelly would keep Joey in line.

Viki suggested that Joey might return home one day, but Clint disagreed. He noted that they couldn't count on that, because people always left without saying goodbye. At that point, Viki thought it would be a good idea to invite lots of people to the house to talk about Asa. Nigel returned to the room with a huge glass of orange juice, but Clint was unhappy. He had always poured a glass of bourbon on the anniversary of Asa's death, he told Viki.

Viki volunteered to get a bottle of bourbon, and she'd be the one to pour it. Clint argued that it had to be done at his family home, and Asa would be furious if the event didn't occur there. He demanded a car, but Viki reminded him that he would be arrested if he left the house. She suggested that they start a new tradition instead, and she went off to get a bottle of bourbon. Nigel agreed to get some ice.

Clint looked at Asa's photo. "Pa, don't you worry. I'll be seeing you at home today. I don't give a damn what happens to me. This is one promise I'm never going to break."

Joey answered the front door at Llanfair and was surprised to see Aubrey standing there. Aubrey spotted Joey's luggage and asked if he were heading for a vacation. Joey announced that he was moving away for good. Aubrey was surprised to learn that Joey was moving to London, especially because she knew how close he wanted to be to his family in Llanview.

Joey explained that he wanted to make a "fresh start." He began to brush Aubrey off as she continued to chat. He advised her that he didn't have time, but he stopped short when she handed him her engagement ring. Joey reminded her that it was her ring, but Aubrey declared that she should have returned it sooner. She had held onto it because it had felt like she was still with him, she explained. Joey confessed that he'd forgotten all about it.

Aubrey acknowledged that she'd thought about pawning it, but she set it on the table. Joey revealed that he was going to London with Kelly. Shocked, Aubrey made it clear that she had really loved Joey, though she assumed that he wouldn't believe her. She hoped that Joey and Kelly would be happy.

At La Boulaie, Dorian tried on her new name for size. "Senator Dorian Lord," she said. David walked into the study with a Swedish breakfast, and both the husband and wife announced that they had some news. David advised his wife that they were moving to Stockholm, but Dorian replied that she couldn't move there. "I got a movie, baby," David disclosed. It was a big-time movie, one based on a comic book, he added.

Dorian was speechless. "This can't be happening," she proclaimed. David rambled on about how great Sweden would be, but Dorian revealed her own news. She was going to Washington to finish out the term of a senator who had been involved in some scandal. She'd also been asked to run for the office in November. The deputy mayor would be taking over for her in Llanview. She thought the sound of her name sounded good. David frowned.

Dorian defended her position. She felt that she could make a real impact in Washington, and she wanted David to accompany her. They could show everyone what a "stable home life" they had. David replied that she was asking him to give up his dream, and Dorian responded that the same went for her. "One of us is going to have to make a sacrifice," she said.

They agreed that they both had a "chance of a lifetime." Dorian described how Washington needed more women in office, and she even had a solution for the health care program. David admitted that Dorian should go, and he decided that he would go with her after all. Dorian was thrilled, but she had something to say. While she loved David, she'd just realized that he couldn't go with her.

Dorian thought it would be a "recipe for disaster," and David would resent her and start to look at other women. David resolved that they could be a power couple. He'd be in Hollywood, and Dorian could stay in Washington. He would return by election night, and they would rule Washington. Dorian agreed, and after that, they could rule Hollywood. Then the world, David added. They sealed the deal with a kiss.

Kelly hung up the phone and answered the door. It was John, and he was there to see the mayor. Kelly advised him that Dorian was busy, but she had news of her own. Kelly was moving to London with Joey. She explained that she wanted to be with her son, and she insisted that she'd wanted to say goodbye. They joked that it was Kelly's way to avoid a tearful scene with John. He wished her luck, and he asked why she really hadn't told him.

Kelly admitted that she was aware that John would have his own opinion of things, and John agreed. He felt that Kelly deserved someone better than both himself and Joey. He asked if it were the "real deal." Kelly stated that it was, just like John and Natalie.

Kelly believed that John could work it out with Natalie. She didn't think that John should move on without trying, and she didn't want him to let his pride get in the way. John agreed to think about it. Kelly advised John to take care of himself, and they hugged each other.

Natalie and Rex returned to Rex's house upon their return from Kentucky. Natalie understood that Rex was disappointed, but Rex revealed that he did have some news. He had seen a Gigi after all, but "not my Gigi," he said. Natalie asked if it were just some random woman with the same name. Rex awkwardly explained that it had been the woman's stage name.

Natalie could sense that Rex was hiding something, and after lots of shouting, Rex admitted that the woman had been Kimberly Andrews. Natalie wasn't surprised to hear that Kimberly was "back on the pole," after breaking Clint's heart. Natalie clarified that she would hate for Kimberly to be with Clint again, but Rex thought maybe it would be a good idea if he helped to get the couple back together.

Natalie made Rex promise not to tell Clint that he'd seen Kimberly, and she assured Rex that she'd check on him later. Rex thanked her for flying out to Kentucky with him. He revealed that when he'd spoken to the waitress at the end of the evening, he'd really seen Gigi. Natalie hugged him and told him how sorry she was. "It'll stop," she said. Rex said it wouldn't, because Gigi had advised him not to give up.

"Good morning, looking-good girl," Kimberly said to the unconscious woman lying in the bed in a hospital room. Kimberly told the unknown woman that Rex had visited, but she hadn't revealed anything. Rex hadn't changed, and she'd had no chance to talk about Sierra Rose, Kimberly continued.

"My cowboy had a heart attack," Kimberly announced, as she told the woman all about the latest details of both Clint and Rex. She was upset that Clint had almost died, and he would have died thinking that Kimberly was a tramp. "Clint needs me," Kimberly declared. She also thought it was time that she got back at David for forcing her to leave.

Kimberly promised that she would make certain that the staff looked after the woman. Clint needed Kimberly, and Kimberly had to return to Llanview. She would get her money and her man, and she would take care of David. Kimberly admitted it would be a risk, but she thought that Clint was worth it. She promised to always take care of the woman. A photo of Kimberly and Stacy sat on the table next to the bed.

Joey insisted that Aubrey keep the ring, as he'd given it to her in good faith. Aubrey reminded him that she hadn't accepted it in good faith, but Joey placed it in her hand. Aubrey wished him luck, and just as the couple hugged, Kelly arrived.

"Oh, that was nothing," Aubrey stated as she and Joey separated. "I know," Kelly replied. Aubrey wished them luck. "But we don't need luck," Kelly said rudely. "Must be nice," Aubrey said as she left. Kelly apologized for being harsh, but Joey thought she'd been just right.

Viki and Nigel returned to the study with the bourbon and ice, but Viki thought it would be a good idea to retrieve Joey to say goodbye. Clint ordered Nigel to get the car, and take the bourbon along too. He assured the butler that they'd have their drink before anyone noticed they were gone. Nigel reminded his employer of the ankle monitor that would go off, but Clint strongly felt that he couldn't break a promise to his father.

Viki was out in the foyer with Joey, and she couldn't believe all of the luggage that sat there. Joey assured her that it was mostly Kelly's. Suddenly, they heard an alarm. They followed the sound to the study, and Joey picked up the monitor sitting on the desk. "Dad where did you go?" Joey wondered.

John met with Dorian, and she revealed that she'd resigned her position as mayor. She urged John to speak to the deputy mayor instead. John assumed there had been a scandal, but he was there because Irene Manning had asked for Dorian. He wanted to know why.

Dorian suggested that Irene might have thought that Dorian could use her influence to obtain Irene's release, but Irene was crazy. Dorian claimed that she hardly knew Irene, except for their connection through Victor Lord. "Is that right?" John inquired skeptically.

Dorian urged him to wish Llanview's ex-mayor luck, because she had been appointed to the Senate. "Luck. We're all gonna need it," John declared on his way out. Dorian ran off to her office. David heard the doorbell and opened the door. It was Kimberly. "You," was all he could muster.

John returned to the police station, deep in thought. He recalled Kelly's parting advice regarding Natalie.

Alone, Rex looked at the photo of himself, Shane, and Gigi. He asked for a sign. He turned when he heard a noise, and it was Clint, who was sitting in his wheelchair.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Renee wondered what Bo had meant when he'd talked about "what Asa's sons had done to the family." Bo clarified that Clint seemed to be a stranger, and Bo had let his son down. He continued that Asa had always said that a man was measured by his family, and his word. Bo believed that "I came up short on both." Renee told him to stop talking like "a damn fool."

Renee knew that the family had lots of troubles, but insisted that they were stronger for it. She recognized how much David had improved as a person since finding out that he was a Buchanan. She went on that what had happened to Matthew was a tragedy, but there was nothing that Bo could have done about it. Renee knew that Asa had always been proud of his sons. She told Bo that she saw Asa every time she looked at Clint and Bo.

Renee told Bo that there were many things to be grateful for. He agreed, and thought that it was time to start telling people that he was going to be a grandfather. Thinking he meant David and Dorian, Renee began to laugh hysterically. She stopped laughing when Bo admitted that Matthew was the one having a child. Shocked, she didn't know what to say. He explained that it had happened right before Matthew's accident. He and Nora had been surprised too, but said it was a good thing, even though it would be tough. "That's what Buchanans live for," Renee replied.

Rex looked at Gigi's picture, and promised that he wouldn't give up. He wanted her to tell him more, and begged for a sign. Just then, Clint wheeled himself into the room, and Rex demanded to know what Clint was doing there. Clint replied that he wanted a "father-son moment." At Rex's skepticism, Clint clarified that he'd meant between himself and Asa. He explained his annual ceremony that he'd performed every year on the anniversary of Asa's death, but Rex demanded that Clint leave.

Rex threatened to call the police, but Clint called Rex's bluff. He'd thought that Rex would understand, because Rex knew what it was like to lose someone, and do everything he could to keep that person alive. Exasperated, Rex asked what the ceremony involved. As Clint explained it, Rex followed step-by-step. He poured a glass of bourbon for Asa, and put it on the mantel, along with a picture of Asa. Bo entered the house and watched as Rex poured a glass for Clint. "Thank you, son," Clint said as Rex handed him the glass.

Bo entered the room, and Clint wondered if Bo had his handcuffs. Clint promised that Nigel was going to take him right back home. Bo poured a glass of bourbon for himself, and lamented the fact that Asa had never gotten to know Rex as his grandson. He explained that Asa had been tough, but would always admit when he was wrong about something or someone. Bo toasted to learning from Asa's strengths and weaknesses. Clint swore that he could feel Asa in the room.

Rex told Bo and Clint to do what they needed, but Rex had somewhere to be. Bo said that he smiled thinking about his father, and hoped Rex would someday get the same chance. "I won't hold my breath," Rex said, and turned to leave. Rex told Nigel to lock up on the way out, and left the house. Bo told Nigel to take Clint. Nigel wondered where he was supposed to take Clint. "Home," Bo said, and smiled.

Rex arrived at Gigi's grave with flowers in hand. He'd heard that visiting her grave was supposed to make him feel closer to her, but it didn't. He continued that the gravestone said that Gigi was there, but he refused to believe it, because believing would make it true. He said he hadn't seen Gigi since he'd asked for a sign from her, but realized that her absence could be the sign he was looking for. He brushed away an old bouquet of flowers, and was shocked to find that Gigi's death date on the gravestone was completely scratched out.

Viki hoped that Kelly would return to say goodbye to her and Clint, and Joey assured her that Kelly would return. They heard a beeping sound from the living room, and entered to see Clint's ankle monitor on the table. As Joey turned it off, Viki told her son that Clint's car was gone. She tried to call Clint, but he didn't answer. Joey was sure that the police were going to go after Clint. Viki thought that Clint would be going to Statesville after all. Once Clint returned, Viki vowed to make Clint wish he'd gone to Statesville.

Furious, Viki ranted about how Clint had thrown away the chance he'd gotten. The court had shown Clint mercy, but Viki knew that they wouldn't show it again. Joey was amazed that Clint had put Viki through so much, but Viki had always stood by Clint. She explained that they had been through a lot, but he was the father of her children, so she would always care about him. Joey told her that he'd thought he only cared about Kelly after all of their history, but he loved her. Viki insisted that the two situations weren't the same.

Joey explained that he and Kelly had finally realized that they were meant for each other, and Viki and Clint would eventually realize the same thing. He believed that his parents belonged together like Asa had always said. Viki called Joey a romantic, and said that people in love always wanted those around them to be in love as well.

Joey insisted that Clint acted differently, and happier around Viki. Viki wondered why Clint had left if he'd been so happy. Joey knew that Clint hadn't left because of Viki. He thought that Viki had been the greatest thing to happen to Clint, and that Clint was finally realizing it. Viki appreciated the kind words, and hugged her son.

Clint wheeled himself into the house. Livid, Viki demanded to know where Clint had been. He apologized for worrying them, but he'd had something to take care of. Joey wondered when the police would arrive to "haul you off." Clint was sure that he would be fine, and showed them his new ankle monitor. He said that it had been a gift from Bo, and a nice officer had given Clint the replacement. Joey was surprised that the police had cut Clint some slack, but Viki spat that Clint had been lucky.

Viki yelled at Clint for leaving, and Clint promised that he wouldn't leave again. "You'd better not," she warned. She shouted that Clint had better be in the same spot she left him when she returned. He wondered where she was going. Angrily mocking Clint, she said that she had something to take care of, and left. Clint wondered what was wrong with Viki. Joey replied that he and Viki had been worried about Clint.

Dorian entered her office to screams of "Surprise!" In her office were Starr, Blair, Kelly, and Addie holding red, white, and blue balloons. They'd wanted to throw her a Bon Voyage party, and showed her a cake. On it was Dorian's face, and the words, "Congratulations, Dorian, The Original Cramer Woman." Addie handed her a gift bag, and Dorian looked inside. She pulled out a photo album filled with pictures of all the Cramer women throughout the years. Starr told Dorian that the women didn't want Dorian to forget them, or the crazy things they'd been through.

Starr cut the cake as Dorian wondered how her girls would get along without her. Addie said that they would muddle through, while Dorian still meddled. Blair tried to explain to an offended Dorian that Addie had meant that the women wouldn't have Dorian's advice anymore. Kelly thanked Dorian for getting Kelly back on her feet, and ready to start over with Joey. Suddenly, Dorian blurted out that she wasn't leaving.

Talking all at once, the Cramer women wanted to know what Dorian meant. Blair told Dorian that she couldn't back out. Addie promised that they would call her. Dorian wondered why they were trying to push her out the door. Starr wanted Dorian to fulfill her destiny, and be on the world stage. The women wanted Dorian to be happy. Kelly told Dorian that she'd been called to do important work, and that the Cramer women had never been prouder of Dorian.

Dorian wanted to make a toast, but Blair said she was the "lady of honor," so she couldn't. Blair urged Kelly to start. Kelly remembered arriving in Llanview in a "terrible place," having just lost her mother. Dorian had encouraged Kelly to find out what had happened to Melinda. Kelly thanked Dorian for being the mother she'd never had, and hugged Dorian.

Addie stood next to address Dorian. She told Dorian that the big sister was always supposed to take care of everyone, but Dorian had taken over when Addie hadn't been able to. Addie promised to keep the Cramer women safe for as long as Dorian was gone. She hugged Dorian, and handed the spotlight to Starr next.

Starr apologized that Hope couldn't be there, but she assured Dorian that she was going to teach Hope everything that Dorian had taught Starr. She promised to teach Hope to respect herself, to stay strong, to fight for her family, and to remember her roots. Starr hugged Dorian, and tears began to be shed. Blair stood to speak, and remembered how she and Dorian hadn't been able to stand each other in the beginning. She continued that there was no one in the world that she trusted as much as she trusted Dorian, because Dorian had always told Blair the truth.

The women clinked glasses, and drank. Dorian thanked them for the party, and for letting her into their lives. Starr set up the timer on her camera. The women posed, and the last Cramer women picture was taken. A short while later, Dorian packed up her office alone. As she walked towards the door, Viki entered the office.

The doorbell rang at La Boulaie, and David was shocked to answer the door to Kim. He thought that she had nerve to return to Llanview, but she was there to pay David back for his blackmail. She walked into the house as she told David that she wanted Clint back. She explained that "what I did in Kentucky" had happened a long time before, and that she was a different person because of Clint. David informed Kim that Clint was broke, but Kim already knew. David was surprised that Kim would still want Clint, and wondered why. Kim insisted that she loved Clint, and that there were more important things than money. "That's debatable," David replied.

David wondered if Kim would want Clint if he was poor and sick, instead of the rich and healthy man that he'd been when Kim had met him. He asked if Kim thought that Clint would take her back. She reminded David how hard Clint had tried to track her down, and how he'd sent David to Morocco when he'd found out that David was the reason she'd left. She wanted David to promise that he wouldn't try to stop her from winning Clint back. David had to protect his uncle according to the "Buchanan creed," but Kim assured David that Clint wasn't in any danger from her.

Kim told David that he had everything, so was probably very happy. "Can't I get a shot at happiness too?" she asked. He agreed, because he was feeling generous. He told Kim that Clint was all hers, and that Clint would never find out about what she'd done at the Spotted Pony, "at least from me."

A short while later, David sat on the stairs of La Boulaie, looking through a book, as Blair and Addie entered. They told him about the Bon Voyage party they'd thrown for Dorian. He said something in a foreign language, which Addie recognized as Swedish. He wondered where Dorian was. Blair explained that she was saying goodbye to the most important person in her life.

At Llanfair, Clint told Kelly and Joey that they made him happy, but he wasn't happy that they were leaving. Kelly had promised to take Zane to Llanview for his birthday, so she assured Clint that he would see them again. Joey told Clint that Zane wanted to hear all about the family history. "The real history, or the cleaned-up history?" Clint joked. Kelly and Joey ordered Clint to take care of himself, and he told them to do the same.

In the foyer, Joey asked if Kelly was ready. She replied that she'd been ready for years. He knew it had taken a while to get to their happy ending, but he thought it had been worth the wait. She agreed, and kissed him, and the two left Llanfair.

Kim entered Llanfair through the living room door. Clint turned and was shocked, but happy to see her. "Hey stranger," she said, smiling.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Bo was on the phone with Nora, who was visiting Matthew. He learned that there had been no change in Matthew's condition. He asked her to put the phone to Matthew's ear. Bo told Matthew that he loved his son, and that he'd see Matthew the next day. As he hung up the phone, there was a knock on Bo's office door. David burst through the door, and said that he had good news and bad news. Bo didn't want any bad news, but David told Bo anyway. He revealed that he was leaving town.

A short while later, Bo congratulated David on his movie role. He thought that David deserved the break. David gave Bo the credit, and said that finding out he was Bo's son had made him want to aim higher in life. David apologized that he would be gone for months with Matthew in his condition. Bo wanted David to go for the opportunity, and said that he would miss his son.

Bo tried to imagine Dorian as a senator. "She'll be the next Hillary, minus the cheating husband," David illustrated. David could picture Dorian getting to the White House, and Bo marveled at the fact that David could be "the first husband." David was supposed to be leaving, but he couldn't get a hold of Dorian. She was apparently saying goodbye to the most important person in her life. David tried to think of who that could be, if it wasn't him, or Dorian's hairdresser.

David tried to call Dorian, and was concerned that she hadn't answered. He wanted to check on her, but Bo assured his son that Dorian was crazy about him. There was a knock on the door, and an officer entered. He needed Bo for "a situation." David was happy that his "pa" was saving the day. He told Bo that he would be channeling his father onscreen. David told Bo that, by the time David returned, Matthew would be applying to colleges. Bo hoped so, and told David to stay in touch. David promised that he "tweeted" every thirty minutes, so Bo wouldn't even know that David was gone.

Natalie gave John the tape recorder, and John wondered what Madame Delphina had said about it. She replied that Delphina had said that what had been on the tape had the potential to change lives. Delphina had also said that Victor apparently knew what had been on the tape. However, Brody had convinced Natalie it didn't matter, because Liam was safe, and Victor probably wouldn't give Natalie a straight answer anyway. John felt bad for Victor, because someone he should have been able to trust more than anyone had lied to him. "Kind of like I did to you," Natalie replied.

John assured Natalie that what had happened between them was in the past. Natalie hoped that John could one day forgive her. "Done," he said. Natalie walked away to sit at her desk, and John followed her. He told her that he'd seen Kelly before she and Joey had left, and she'd given him some good advice.

Natalie's phone rang, and she took the call. She wrote down an address, and told the person on the other end that she and Brody would be there. John looked disappointed as Natalie hung up the phone. She apologized, and asked John what he was saying about Kelly giving him advice. He replied that Kelly had advised him to go after what he wanted in life. He was pleased to see that Natalie seemed to be doing just that. He wished her luck, and walked away.

Victor looked around his office at the Sun. He picked up his "Todd Manning" nameplate. He threw the nameplate towards the door, as Brody entered. Brody picked up the nameplate, and said that he wasn't sure he'd find Victor there. He continued that it was Todd's office, and Victor was not Todd. However, Victor was "the man I want to see," Brody stated.

The secretary entered and asked Victor if he needed anything. Victor wanted her to lead Brody out of his office, but Brody insisted that he was there on police business. The secretary left, and Brody wondered how long it would take for the employees at the Sun to find out that Victor wasn't Todd. However, Brody was there to talk about his life with Natalie and Liam, and the information Marty had given Victor about Liam.

Victor thought the information had more to do with John than with Brody, and wondered how Brody had found out that Victor knew. Brody believed that the only thing that mattered was that Victor kept the information to himself. Recognizing that Brody was threatening him, Victor warned Brody that secrets didn't stay secret very long in Llanview. Victor admitted to getting satisfaction from seeing John "moping around town, oblivious." Brody was glad that Victor had agreed not to say anything, but Victor reminded Brody that he hadn't agreed to anything.

Brody wanted Victor's word. He pleaded that he was the only father Liam had known. They loved each other, and they were finally a real family with Natalie. Victor understood about finding out that his kids weren't really his. However, the difference was that Victor had actually believed the kids were his, whereas Brody knew that Liam wasn't his. Brody wondered when Victor had grown a conscience. "When I found out my life is a lie," Victor replied. He didn't feel like keeping secrets anymore, because he believed that keeping secrets would make him as bad as Irene. He believed that John deserved to know the truth.

Brody reminded Victor that Victor had lost his kids because of John. He told Victor that if he did anything to destroy Brody's family, Victor was a dead man. The secretary entered, and announced the arrival of the web designer that Victor was supposed to meet with. Victor asked if Brody was done. "As long as we're clear," Brody said. He reminded Victor that if Victor said a word to anyone, Brody would make him regret it. When Brody was gone, Victor looked at the paper with Liam's paternity test results. He scrolled through the address book on his phone, and stopped on John's number.

Brody arrived at the station a short while later, and saw John carrying the tape recorder. John explained that Delphina hadn't known what had been on the tape, but she had disclosed that Victor knew. John wanted to talk to Victor about it, but Brody revealed that he already had. Brody lied that Victor had no idea what Brody had been talking about.

"Lookin' pretty good, cowboy," Kim told Clint. Clint, ecstatic to see her, wondered why she was there. She replied that she wouldn't want to be anywhere else, since she'd heard that he'd almost died. Clint replied that he'd known she'd left because David had been blackmailing her. He wondered what David had on her, because even his best private investigators hadn't been able to figure it out. He continued that he could have helped her out.

Clint wondered if Kim was in trouble. She answered that she couldn't imagine a world without Clint. He said that his doctors believed he would be all right. He asked where she'd been. "Same old, same old," she replied. He realized that she'd been stripping. Kim noticed his ankle monitor, and related that both of them had clearly been up to things they hadn't been proud of.

Kim wondered how things were between Clint and Rex. Clint told her that he'd seen Rex earlier to honor Asa on the anniversary of his death. Kim was disgusted that Rex had basically made Clint pay for Gigi's heart. She thought that Clint should be in his own home, but Clint thought that there were perks to living at Llanfair. Kim inquired if he and Viki were back together. He admired her for getting right to the point, but assured her that he was only there because Viki had taken pity on him.

Kim had needed to see for herself that Clint was all right. She'd missed him, and wanted to make sure that he was being taken care of. He asked again why she was there, because he didn't believe her reason. As she was about to answer, Natalie entered the room. Angry to see Kim, Natalie pushed her out the door, calling her a slew of offensive names.

Dorian was surprised to see Viki at her office door, and wondered what she wanted. Viki had heard about Dorian's new job, and had wanted to say goodbye. Dorian had thought that Viki hated her after it had been revealed that Dorian had been responsible for Clint's condition. They argued about Clint, and the punishment he'd deserved for his various crimes. Dorian slammed her office doors shut so no one would hear the yelling. Viki related that the family had accepted him into Llanfair because they had forgiven him. "I have not, and I will not," Dorian stated, and called Clint a "cruel, heartless bastard."

Viki understood Dorian's feelings, and wished her well in Washington. Viki walked over to the doors to leave, but couldn't open them. She informed Dorian that the doors were jammed shut, after Dorian had "theatrically slammed" them. Dorian attempted to open the doors, but failed. She couldn't believe that they were trapped in the room together, and banged on the doors, yelling for help. Dorian wondered if Viki was playing a practical joke, but realized that Viki was "challenged in the humor department."

Viki and Dorian banged on the walls, yelling for help. Dorian remembered that everyone in the building had already left for the day. Viki knew that her cell phone was in the car, so she told Dorian to use hers. After looking, Dorian realized that her phone was in her car as well. Viki picked up the office phone, but found that there was no dial tone. Dorian informed her that a security code was needed to use the phone, but she didn't know it.

Dorian had no way to reach her private security guard, because he was in the car, waiting for her. Defeated, she remembered telling the guard that she had a lot to do, so she could be a while. Viki sat, and said that they appeared to be trapped again. Dorian was horrified as Viki began to laugh.

Viki marveled at how many times before that she'd been trapped in a room with Dorian. Dorian thought it was only fitting for "one more go-round" with her nemesis. Viki thought that she was more like Dorian's "frenemy." Dorian believed that Viki would be "bored to tears without me." However, Viki promised to watch over Dorian on the televised Senate proceedings.

Viki genuinely apologized for all the times that she'd caused Dorian pain. "You are my friend, and I love you," Viki said. Dorian was angry at Viki for saying so, because she'd wanted to be the bigger person. Viki said that she'd miss Dorian. "I know I'm going to miss you," Dorian replied. She got two glasses of leftover champagne, but Viki reminded Dorian that Viki couldn't drink. "One sip won't kill you," Dorian said, and handed her the glass.

"To us," Dorian toasted. She couldn't imagine life without Viki, and Viki agreed that she couldn't imagine life or Llanview without Dorian. Both women agreed that neither would be the same without the other. Viki started to grow teary-eyed, but Dorian stopped her. They reminisced about all of the times they'd been trapped together, and all of the good times and bad times throughout the years. The women clinked their glasses together, and shared a hug.

Just then, David burst through the doors. He was shocked that Dorian was hugging his best friend. Dorian told him that Viki was her "very good friend." However, David refused to let Dorian "have her." He told Dorian that the car was waiting. He promised to email Viki from Stockholm. Viki hugged David, and he vowed that he'd get a star on the sidewalk in Los Angeles. Viki only asked that David take her calls. As Viki began to cry, Dorian and David left.

Friday, August 26, 2011

At the Buchanan mansion, Brody arrived at Shane's request, and Shane announced that he needed Brody's help to make the Mannings pay for what they had done to his mom. Shane suggested that Brody set up a sting operation, because Shane believed that Jack was ready to confess and just needed a push. When Brody reminded Shane that Jack's friend had already taken responsibility for Gigi's death, Shane told Brody about Jack's visit.

Shane explained that Jack had announced that Shane would be able to return to school. Shane added that Jack had said that he would ensure that everyone would leave Shane alone at school. Shane insisted that Jack had felt bad about everything. Shane asked, "Why would someone that's innocent do that? He wouldn't. Only someone that's guilty would." Shane believed that Jack would have confessed, if Rex had not kicked him out. Shane screamed that he hated Jack and Todd and wished that they were dead.

When Shane maintained that he hated them both, Brody stated that he understood how Shane felt. After he remembered his confrontation with Victor, Brody related, "Shane, I understand that when someone goes after your family, you want to make them pay." However, Brody believed that Shane did not have that in him, because of the way Gigi had raised him. Brody noted that revenge was a Manning thing, not a Morasco thing, to do. Brody promised to get justice for Gigi.

In the cemetery, Natalie found Rex at Gigi's grave and saw the date of Gigi's death scratched off of her tombstone. Natalie apologized to Rex and explained that vandals had likely done it. When Natalie indicated that she would call the authorities, Rex stopped her and claimed that Gigi had sent him a message, and that something was wrong. Rex told Natalie about the waitress in the Spotted Pony, who had looked like Gigi, and about how she had told him not to give up. Rex believed that Gigi was still alive.

Natalie questioned why, if Gigi was still alive, she would run away from Rex and then wondered how Gigi would end up in a strip club in Kentucky. Rex still felt that he was right, but he stated that if he was wrong, Natalie could feel free to check him into St. Ann's. Natalie claimed that she understood Rex, because Jared had once visited her, shortly after his death, to say goodbye, so that Natalie could move on.

However, Natalie insisted that she was on Rex's side, and that if Rex said that Gigi was still alive, that was good enough for her. When Natalie offered Rex a ride home, he refused. Once Natalie left, Rex begged Gigi for more signals, and then he walked off. Kim quietly crept up to the grave and touched the scratches on the tombstone. She then heard a noise and jumped. A groundskeeper discovered Kim at the grave and believed she was a vandal. Once the groundskeeper realized his error, he admitted that he was surprised to see the death date scratched out.

At the police station, Rex chased Bo into his office and asked Bo to exhume Gigi's body, because Rex did not believe Gigi was dead. Rex claimed that he kept seeing Gigi -- first at the mansion, then at Capricorn, and finally at a strip club in Kentucky. After Bo asked, Rex admitted that no one else had seen her, but he still felt that Gigi was out there, and that she needed his help.

After Bo asked what Rex would do if they found Gigi's body in the grave, Rex realized that he would have to move on. Bo believed that exhuming Gigi's body might traumatize Shane, however, Rex felt that Shane would face more trauma by having to grow up without her. Bo reminded Rex that both Rex and Shane had family and friends to stand by them. Rex then insisted that he would exhume Gigi's body with or without Bo.

Back at the gravesite, the groundskeeper indicated to Kim that Rex had ordered for Gigi's body to be exhumed. When Bo and Rex arrived at the site, Kim hid behind the gate. The authorities opened the coffin, and Bo and Rex discovered Gigi's body. Rex was confused, and Bo tried to comfort him. Shane arrived at the site and demanded to know what Rex was doing.

Rex stopped Shane from seeing Gigi, and Bo ordered the cops to cover up the coffin. When Shane demanded to know why they had dug up his mom, Rex said that they would talk about it at home. After they all left the cemetery, Kim walked up to Gigi's grave and laid flowers on it that she had stolen from Asa's grave.

At the Fords' apartment, James greeted Starr, who told him about Dorian's going-away party. Starr reflected back to a time when she was young, and her Aunt Dorian had stated that Starr was a Cramer, and that nothing was more important than family. Starr cried, and James hugged her.

James voiced that it made sense for Starr to miss Dorian, and that he and Starr both could always just jump on a train to visit her anytime. Starr was pleased that James had offered to travel with her, but she also felt that everything in her life was changing. After James mentioned the instance such as Starr finding out that the dad she had known for the last eight years of her life was, in reality, her uncle, Starr told James about the fight between herself and Dani.

Starr explained that she had told Dani that Starr should have known that Victor was not their father, and that, in fact, she had known in a way. When James said that Starr could not have possibly known that Victor was not her father, Starr claimed that she should have known after Victor had beaten Cole up, when he had pushed her down the stairs when she was pregnant, and when he had secretly set up house with Marty and had decided to kidnap Hope and raise her himself.

Starr blamed herself, because she was the first one to reveal to everyone else that Walker Laurence was her father, after he had told her that he was. James reminded Starr that a DNA test had been done, and he told her not to blame herself. When James asked for Starr to move on, she wondered if her Uncle Victor would be able to. As Starr got up to leave, James pointed out that her family would help her through it all. He then offered her a bedtime book to read to Hope. Starr thanked James for making her feel better. Starr kissed James.

After Blair answered the door to Téa at La Boulaie, they both expressed shock that the man that they had known as Todd for eight years was really Victor Lord Jr. After Blair asked if Téa had walked out on Victor, once she had learned the truth, Téa revealed that she had actually slept with him. Téa then explained what had happened with Victor, when they had all found out the truth. Téa insisted that she still loved Victor. Blair then asked Téa to convince Victor to give Todd back everything that belonged to him.

Blair requested that Téa think about what Todd had gone through, but Téa insisted that it had not been Victor's fault. Blair reflected that Todd did believe that he was one of a kind, and that he had been ready to kill Victor, so Blair had offered Todd a gun. When Téa began to yell, Blair stressed that she had only offered Todd the gun, and that she had not actually given him one.

Blair explained that she had offered Todd the gun to give him more perspective, and to stop him from leaving. Blair insisted that she had reminded Todd that he would be in jail for a long time if he shot Victor, and that he would not be able to see or be around his kids. Téa then demanded to see the gun in the safe. As Blair started to retrieve it, Téa received a phone call from Bo. Téa announced that Todd had just barged into Victor's office. Téa and Blair ran out the door, and the safe was shown to be empty.

At the Sun, Todd stormed into Todd Manning's office and told Victor to get out. When the assistant ran in, Todd insisted that she worked for him. When Victor told her to leave, the assistant left, and Todd yelled out that she was fired. Victor refused to leave, because he said it was his newspaper. Todd declared that he was Todd and again demanded that Victor leave his office, as he held a gun hidden in the back pocket of his pants.

Todd tossed all of the pictures off of the desk and yelled, "Game's over. Your time is up. You know you don't have to just sit here and pretend to be newspaper magnate guy anymore. My desk surrounded by people that I love, spending my money, running my newspaper. This is my life, and I'm taking it all back." Victor shook his head and claimed that it was his legacy, every bit as much as Todd's, and that he would not give up any of it.

Todd declared that he had started the newspaper, that he had written the headlines on the newspapers posted on the wall, and that he was "Todd Manning, Publisher," as was indicated on the nameplate. When Todd exclaimed that Victor would have to hire a team of lawyers to get rid of him, Victor indicated that he controlled everything there, including the real estate, stocks, and money. Victor stressed that he was in charge and told Todd to get shipwrecked, or to return to Louisiana.

As Victor asked to see Todd's I.D., Todd gave Victor three seconds to give Todd his life back. Victor revealed that the kids did not care if Victor was their father or their uncle, and that they still loved him. Victor insisted that the kids were on his side, even Starr, and that they would never accept Todd as their father. When Todd started the count down to three, Victor warned, "Well, if you want to get rid of me, you're gonna have to kill me."

The police barged into the office, and Todd and Victor both ordered that the police arrest the other for trespassing. Blair and Téa ran in, and Blair asked to take Todd home. Bo indicated that they could not just take Irene Manning's word on Todd's identity, and that it would have to be decided by a court of law. Bo told Todd that he would have to leave, and the cops grabbed his arms to escort him out. Blair insisted that they would settle it.

When Téa and Victor were alone, Téa wondered why Victor had goaded Todd, and Victor reminded her that it was who he was and whom she had married. Victor mentioned that he should sue Todd, and Téa only wished for an equitable way to settle it. After Victor claimed that Todd did not deserve it, Téa believed that Todd would do whatever it took to get back what was rightfully his. When Téa asked Victor if he really wanted to go to war with his brother, Victor cried, "Bring it on!"

On the porch of Llanfair, Blair said to Todd, "I promise you first thing tomorrow, I'm going to wake up and find you a good lawyer, cause Téa, she is a shark." Todd added, "And she's on his side." Blair pointed out, "And I am on yours, so just get in there and get some rest and promise me that you will stay away from Victor." Todd noted, "It won't be hard. I really can't stand the guy." Blair said, "Whatever," as she walked away. Todd pulled out the gun and looked at it. "Yeah, I don't think I'm gonna be needing a lawyer."

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