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Victor was shot dead. Dani and Jack were inconsolable; they considered him their father. Jack believed that Todd had shot Victor. Todd turned his gun over to the homeless man so that the man could participate in turning over guns for money with the police. Nora and Phylicia had an argument over Destiny and Matthew's baby. Phylicia suggested that Nora contact lawyers to discuss the baby in the future. The real Aubrey visited Cutter.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of August 29, 2011 on OLTL
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Monday, August 29, 2011

Clint and Natalie discussed Kim's return to Llanview. Clint was willing to give his former wife the benefit of the doubt, but Natalie didn't want to hear it. She was certain that Kim had an agenda, though Clint retorted that there was no gold left to dig, thanks to Rex. He was happy to see Kim, but Natalie really didn't want her father to have anything to do with Kim, and she didn't plan to be around the stripper herself.

Jessica encountered Todd as he was about to leave Llanfair, but she stopped him from leaving. She really wanted to have a chat, and she wondered what Todd was up to. Todd was in a hurry, and he maintained that it was Clint who was making him feel uneasy. Jessica offered to help her uncle, claiming that Clint was really a "pussycat." Jessica tried to engage Todd in some chit-chat, but finally, Todd gently pushed Jessica aside and headed for the front door.

Jessica walked into the study just as Natalie was exclaiming that she would move out if the bitch were to stay at Llanfair. Assuming that Natalie was referring to her, Jessica announced that she was tired of hearing Natalie talk about moving out. She was also tired of having herself referred to in that manner. She wondered why Natalie was still around.

Natalie explained that she'd been referring to Kim, but she suggested that Jessica should be the one to move out instead. The sisters proceeded to have words, as Clint did his best to try to stop the young women from arguing about the same old things again. Natalie informed Jessica that Kim had shown up to make another play for Clint, and Natalie thought that they should toss Kim out of the house.

Outside of Rodi's, Kim paused to look at a photo of herself with Stacy, and then she placed a phone call to an unknown person. She wanted to check on the mysterious woman in the hospital bed. Kim referred to the person on the phone as "Ratched" and declared that she would take care of the hospital bill soon.

Kim ended the call. She turned and bumped into Shaun, who was headed into Rodi's to pick up his order. She demanded that he stay away from her, and she called him an oaf. Shaun noted that Kim had no manners, and she sounded just like Stacy. Kim retorted, "Stacy Morasco is the best person I know." "Don't you mean was?" Shaun inquired.

Kim stuttered and explained that she still thought of Stacy as being alive, especially because her body had not been found. Shaun understood, and he inquired whether Kim had heard about Gigi. The pair agreed that it was sad that the women had both died so young. Shaun went into Rodi's.

Kim made another phone call and apologized to the person for the Cuckoo's Nest reference. She promised to take care of the bills.

Inside, Dani and Destiny were comparing their new school schedules, but Dani seemed preoccupied. After Destiny called her on it, Dani admitted that she'd been thinking about her two dads. She told Destiny about the fight she'd had with Starr, though they had eventually settled things.

Starr had accused Dani of being loyal to Victor, but Dani had explained that she wasn't familiar with the new Todd who'd shown up in Llanview. Dani also recalled Starr's comment that the two men would be dangerous if cornered. Destiny advised her friend that she wasn't in it alone. Dani mentioned that her mother still loved Victor, though Dani felt that the father she'd known was scared that he would lose everyone.

Destiny asked Dani to sleep over, in order for Téa and Victor to have some time alone to talk. The girls saw Shaun, and he informed them that he was in the midst of packing. He was taking Vivian on a vacation to Costa Rica. He looked at Dani and asked the teen if she were feeling okay. Dani assured him that she was fine.

At La Boulaie, Blair found Jack studying a typed piece of paper, and she grabbed it from him when Jack wouldn't reveal its contents. Jack snatched it back and told his mother that it was none of her business. Blair had seen the contents, and she asked Jack about the donation requests for the Gigi Morasco Scholarship Fund.

Jack admitted that it had been his idea to establish the fund, after learning that Gigi had been attending college when she'd died. He wanted to honor her, and he thought it would be a good tax break for his father. Blair wondered why Jack had chosen to honor Gigi out of everything that was available, and she thought it was time for Jack to talk about what had happened. She asked him how he felt. Blair knew that her son had a big and sensitive heart underneath the tough exterior.

Blair was aware that her son had no one to talk to, and she knew that he felt terrible. "I promise I'll always listen to you," Blair told him. She could be trusted, contrary to what Jack's father had stated. Jack mentioned that "Scarface" wasn't a saint either, as Jack had seen him stealing something from the safe. "No, he couldn't have," Blair gasped.

Blair jumped up to check Dorian's safe. "It's gone," Blair uttered. She promised to continue her conversation with Jack at a later time. Blair placed a call to Téa and hurriedly left a message. She explained that she thought Todd had a gun. Jack overheard.

John led Irene into the outer office at the police station and advised her that the Feds were on their way to pick her up. Irene pretended to be scared, and she advised John that she wanted her phone call. John admitted that he was disappointed. He'd expected Irene to be a terror, but she'd only been acting like a "common crook." He wondered who she would even have to call.

At his Sun office, Victor insisted that he wouldn't give up. "Bring it on," he said, referring to Todd. His brother wanted his life and company. Téa reminded Victor that technically, everything really belonged to Todd in the first place. While Todd really lacked a legal identity, though, he wouldn't be able to take anything away from Victor, Téa clarified.

Victor didn't doubt that Todd would find a way to take what he thought belonged to him, and Victor wanted a restraining order against Todd. Téa suggested that perhaps the two men should get to know each other instead, but Victor chuckled. "Are you serious?" he asked. They were interrupted when Victor's phone began to ring.

"Hello, junior. It's your mother," Irene said. She wanted Victor's help. Victor suggested that she not hold her breath, but then he changed his mind and urged her to do so. Irene advised Victor that if he helped her to be released from jail, she would help him in return. "I know what's good for you. I'm your mother," Irene declared.

Later, Todd made his way into the office at the newspaper and found Téa lying on the sofa. She jumped up when she heard him and informed him that he wasn't supposed to be there. She explained that Victor had gone to visit Irene. Todd jumped on Téa's information, and he accused Victor of being in on things with Irene all along.

Téa confirmed that Victor hated Irene just as much as Todd did. Téa made it clear that Victor had received a phone call from Irene, and Irene had some kind of weird hold on Victor. Sarcastically, Todd declared that Irene was going to "sic" Victor on him.

Todd admitted that he'd had no idea what Irene had wanted from him during the eight years he'd been captive. He had been asked the same questions over and over. Apparently, he'd had something that Irene had wanted, but Todd had never had a clue as to what that something was. He didn't care any longer, and he preferred to use his energy towards something more positive. He wanted to get acquainted with his new granddaughter, and his new daughter. He'd rather have his family.

Téa pointed out that the men were like two peas in a pod, and they were both paranoid. Todd thought that he had plenty of reason to be paranoid after he'd been replaced and almost killed. Téa replied that Irene had wanted to kill Victor also. She didn't think that Irene was finished with Todd, but Todd declared that he was done with Irene. Téa disagreed. She believed that Todd needed to find out why Irene had done what she had.

John was surprised to see Victor at the station, and he wondered why the man was visiting his prisoner. "A good son always respects his mother's wishes," Irene announced. She advised Victor that he'd always been her favorite son. John didn't want Victor there, but Victor insisted that he'd only talk to Irene for a minute. Then he would never return. John agreed to give Victor ten minutes.

"You're going to get me out of here," Irene advised Victor. He retorted that maybe he would get all the charges dropped while he was there too. Irene vowed that she would help Victor, but she was unable to do that while she was behind bars. Irene was certain that Todd planned to take everything away from Victor. First it was Viki, then it would be Victor's children, and finally Blair and Téa, Irene goaded Victor.

As Victor spoke to Irene, Brody arrived. He advised John that he'd visited with Shane, and the teen wasn't doing too well. Shane had been consumed with the idea of getting back at the Mannings. "Maybe there's a way we can make that happen," Brody suggested.

John assured Brody that "Victor-Todd" would pay. Victor's tracks might have been covered, but they'd be there when he slipped up, John added. Brody was concerned that it wouldn't be soon enough.

Victor proclaimed that he didn't want any more help from Irene, and he would never help her. Irene continued to taunt him. She told him that he would lose everything to Todd. Victor declared that he'd fought harder battles than that, though Irene replied that she was the one who'd made Victor the way that he was. Victor acknowledged that she'd made him into a freak.

Irene continued that if Victor believed he was a freak, he'd been even more of a freak previously. He'd been a physical, emotional, and mental "runt," she declared. Victor's success was due to her, and she predicted that he would fail all alone because he would have abandoned his mother. She advised Victor that she would still love him, but she'd be the only one.

Back at Llanfair, Natalie argued that she was only trying to protect her father, but Jessica accused Natalie of always interfering. The sisters began to argue again, and Jessica referred to Natalie as the "town tramp," comparing Natalie to Kim. Jessica felt that neither woman had much self-respect.

Jessica received a phone call from Blair, who was looking for Todd. Jessica explained that he wasn't there, and he'd been in a hurry to leave the house.

Brody phoned Natalie, but she advised him that she couldn't talk. She told him loudly that she was ready to sign for the apartment that they'd visited together. She thought it would be the perfect place for their family, and she needed to get out of Llanfair. Jessica and Clint were both surprised. Natalie went to pack her things, and she snapped that her room could be given to Kim.

Clint was tired of hearing his girls argue, and he wished that they could "peacefully coexist." Jessica didn't think that would be possible, and she pointed out that the relationship between the sisters was comparable to that of Clint and Bo. Clint was adamant that his girls not be like him and his brother. Jessica had to admit that she agreed with Natalie though. She was certain that Kim wanted Clint back.

After listening to Irene ramble on, Victor began to hug his mother. After a short time, he wrapped his hands around her throat and began to choke her instead. John rushed over to pull Victor away from Irene. John couldn't believe that Victor had allowed Irene to manipulate him again. He urged Victor to leave the station right away.

Before he left, Victor remembered that he owed John something. John replied that they were even, but Victor stated that they weren't. They would be, though, Victor added. Brody glared at Victor. John received a phone call that the Feds had arrived for Irene.

As Victor left, Irene called out that he should visit her again. The next time, he should have his children with him. She added that children were vulnerable. Brody stopped Victor and asked why Victor had been talking to John.

Brody wondered if Victor planned on keeping his arrangement with Brody. Victor admitted that he'd been rethinking the deal. He didn't think one should keep a man away from the truth. Brody toyed with his gun.

Still in the office at the Sun, Todd asked Téa if she were friendly with Blair. Téa received a phone call and learned that Victor was on his way. She turned to tell Todd, but he was gone. Todd stood outside of the office and looked at his gun.

Shane stormed into the house, with Rex following close behind. Shane was angry that Rex had arranged to have Gigi's body exhumed, and he also demanded to know when the Mannings would pay for her death. Shane stormed upstairs, and Rex headed over to his safe and opened it. He eyed his gun. He was determined to get justice.

Victor returned home and was surprised to find Jack waiting for him. The teenager was almost hysterical. Jack advised Victor that Todd had a gun, and there was no time. Todd wanted Victor dead. Victor pointed out that the description applied to other people, as well, but Jack felt that it only applied to one person in particular at that moment.

Jack informed Victor that he'd seen "Scarface" steal the gun, though he'd thought the man had been taking money at the time. Jack had confronted Todd, but Todd had gone into how they should get to know each other. Jack still planned to call Victor his father, and he wanted to get Victor away. Victor insisted that he wasn't going anywhere. "Don't worry. No one's gonna kill me," Victor assured Jack as a tear ran down Victor's face.

Brody spent some time with Liam at Llanfair. He held the baby and told him how exciting it was that they would finally be in their own place. Brody couldn't let anyone interfere with that plan, especially Victor Lord, Jr. The man was a bad guy, and Brody was afraid that Victor would tell John the truth.

Brody chattered on. He told Liam about playing the "Navy SEAL card," and he'd told Victor that he could make Victor disappear. Brody wasn't pleased with himself for saying that, but he hadn't had a choice.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

"Dad?" Shane uttered as he saw Rex standing in their study. There was an approaching thunderstorm. Rex was illuminated when lightning lit up the room, and cast eerie shadows. Rex had been looking at his gun. Shane asked the reason for Gigi's exhumation, but Rex revealed that it wasn't easy to explain.

Shane interrupted as Rex tried to get his thoughts in order. Shane advised his father that he thought he knew the reason for what Rex had done. Rex had been looking for a clue to link Jack to Gigi's death. Shane had wanted the same thing as Rex. "I didn't find what I was looking for, Shane," Rex advised his son.

Shane admitted that he'd asked Brody to organize a "sting" in order to nab Jack for Gigi's death, because Rex had never made the Mannings pay like he had promised. Shane was sorry for overstepping, but Rex understood. He'd made promises, and Shane had been grieving. Rex had gotten sidetracked, but he would see to it that Victor and Jack were punished. Rex would make certain of it.

Shane inquired whether Rex had been planning something when he'd traveled out of town. Rex revealed that it had been a wasted trip, but he was working on something. Shane didn't think it was enough. His mother was dead, the Mannings were alive, and it wasn't fair. Rex suggested that Shane go to bed, though the teen admitted that he hadn't been able to sleep since his mother's death. Rex promised that things would get better.

Blair tried to reach Todd on the phone, without success. She ran for the door and bumped into Starr. "Have you seen your father?" Blair asked. "Which one?" Starr replied. Blair stated that she had been anxious to locate the real Todd, and she ran out the front door of La Boulaie just as James walked inside. Starr explained that her mother had gone off to find her dad, the one with the scar. James noted how weird it was for Starr to clarify her statement.

Starr confessed that the dad situation had grown easier after meeting up with her real dad. "Something clicked," she declared. She added that she still had a connection to Victor, though, and James wondered what would happen. Starr made it clear that Victor had risked his life for her, and she would always love him. "My father is my father," Starr added. She was happy that it hadn't been Todd who had done the unforgivable things that Victor had done.

James hoped that Todd wouldn't harm him, especially because James believed that Victor had finally been more accepting. James was worried about Todd's reaction to Starr's boyfriend. Starr thanked James for being patient with Hope, who had shown that she loved James. Todd would see that and have to agree, Starr rationalized. James informed her that he only cared about her opinion.

All of a sudden, James spotted the CD that Starr and Baz had been working on. He wanted to listen to it, but Starr explained that there was still work to do. She didn't want James to hear it. James assured her that she had nothing to lose, as he was her biggest fan.

At Llanfair, Brody held Liam and told his son that he had to get the "bad guy." Brody wondered if he could go through with ridding the world of Victor Lord, Jr. He needed a reason to do so. Brody knew that Vimal wouldn't reveal the truth about Liam's real father, and Brody could not allow Victor to ruin everything.

Brody wondered if he could even take someone's life, though he had done so in war. He told himself that the circumstances were like a war. He heard the doorbell and was surprised to find Blair. She was distraught, and she quickly described how upset Todd had been that Victor had taken everything away. She'd tried to explain that none of it was Victor's fault, but Todd hadn't wanted to hear it.

Blair felt that she'd made things worse after she'd argued with Todd and had dared him to take Dorian's gun. He hadn't taken the gun then, but after he'd left the house, the gun had been gone. She was worried about what Todd might do. Blair was certain that Todd hadn't been thinking straight

Brody put his son to bed and promised to look for Todd. Blair was going to look for Victor so that she could warn him that someone was after him.

Jack rushed to Victor's side to warn him about the very real possibility that Todd was out to shoot Victor that night. Victor assured Jack that Todd would have killed him already when he'd had the chance at the newspaper. "I kicked him out," Victor declared when Jack asked what had happened. Victor vowed to take his case all the way to the Supreme Court, because he would not allow Todd to steal everything that Victor had worked for.

Victor also didn't believe that Todd would shoot him and risk the chance of going to jail. Todd had already been locked up for eight years, Victor explained, and had merely made an empty threat. Jack wasn't pacified though. "Stuff happens," Jack proclaimed. He added that people ended up dead when they weren't supposed to.

Victor realized that Jack was referring to Gigi, and he told his son that it had been an accident. Jack hadn't known about the carbon monoxide, and he'd had no control over what had happened. He thought that Jack should put it past him and look to the future. Gigi's death hadn't been Jack's fault. Jack wanted to tell his father about his new idea for the scholarship fund under Gigi's name. Victor looked it over and suggested that the name could really be Origami Cogs.

Jack was confused, and Victor explained that he'd learned that the corporate name had been an anagram for Gigi Morasco. Jack felt that his father didn't like the scholarship idea, but Victor urged him to pursue it. It might be like a peace offering, Victor thought. Victor also suggested that the war might be over, because Rex had seemed to be easing up. Jack believed the opposite might be true -- that it would never end.

Tomas found Téa at the Sun, and Téa revealed that Victor had gone to see his mother at the police station. Tomas was angry to hear that Irene was still controlling Victor, and he confessed that he had been looking for Victor to tell him to leave town and never return. Téa reminded her brother that he really had a problem with Todd, not Victor.

Tomas insisted that Victor was just as dangerous. Téa believed that the fault was with Irene, and Victor would be able to be his own person. Tomas thought that the years of programming that Victor had endured could not easily be deleted, and he'd run to Irene when she'd called him. Téa disagreed. She was sure that Victor had made a conscious choice to visit Irene, and he wasn't a robot. Victor hated Irene.

Tomas argued that Victor had been damaged, and he was desperate enough to do something dangerous. He didn't want Téa to be foolish. "Don't push me," Téa growled. It was her life, and Tomas couldn't tell her what to do. Tomas had lied to her since he'd arrived in Llanview, she reminded him. Tomas insisted that he'd only wanted to protect his sister and his niece.

Tomas pointed out that Victor had lied after learning about his true identity. Victor had wanted to save what he'd believed to be his, and Victor was innocent compared to Tomas, Téa snapped. Victor had been scared. Tomas was afraid that Téa and Dani would be caught in the middle of two men who would be willing to do anything to save what they each thought they had a right to have.

Téa understood that both Todd and Victor were volatile. She was hopeful that she would be able to calm them both down. She advised Tomas that he underestimated her influence on the men, and she suggested that he concentrate on Blair instead, especially since Todd was back in town. Tomas was certain that Blair was ready to move on, but Téa accused Tomas of deluding himself.

Téa explained that she and Blair went way back, and she knew all about her on-and-off friend. Blair was not over Todd and never would be. Tomas disagreed. Téa announced that her truce with Blair was over, though Tomas thought that the women were still friends. Téa was tired of Blair telling her what to do, and friends didn't do that. Tomas was off to meet up with Baz. He told Téa he loved her and to be safe, though that wasn't possible until Victor was out of her life.

Bo and Nora sat in Bo's office at the police station. Bo informed Nora that he had visited Matthew, and there had been no change in their son's condition. Nora was depressed, and Bo did his best to cheer her up. He told her about other cases, similar to Matthew's, that had turned around. They couldn't give up.

Bo informed Nora of Gigi's exhumation, and how surprised Rex had been to see that Gigi's body had still been there. Rex had thought the casket would be empty. Bo didn't quite understand, but he thought that Rex had believed that he'd seen Gigi. Rex might have been having hallucinations, Bo suggested, but Bo almost believed Rex too.

Nora explained that when one wanted something to be true, one would believe something crazy. She admitted that she always bought Matthew's favorite milkshake whenever she went to visit him, in the event that he woke up and reached out for it. Also, she thought that she could hear Matthew's voice whenever she walked down the hallway to his room, and she always ended up running to the room. Bo confessed that he always seemed to hear Matthew laughing, and that was because Matthew lived inside of them.

Bo believed that Matthew would return to them. They had hope, but Rex didn't. Bo concluded that digging up Gigi's grave had backfired, especially because Shane had arrived to visit his mother's gravesite.

Nora picked up the stack of mail that she'd retrieved from home. She hadn't had the time to look through it, and she began to sort through it. She found a letter from Llanview University addressed to Matthew, and Bo opened the envelope. The letter stated that the school was hopeful that Matthew would apply, and Nora was sad.

Those were the types of things that Matthew should be doing, Nora stated. She suggested that maybe they could have another child, and do those things for that child instead. Bo was aghast. "Another child? Now?" he asked. Nora laughed. She had been thinking of Destiny's and Matthew's child. Bo cited the fact that it depended on what Destiny wanted to do.

Nora pointed out that Destiny would be receiving the same letters as Matthew. Destiny should be out exploring life and not stuck at home with a baby, Nora proclaimed. "We could share in the raising of Matthew's baby," she told Bo. "Did you tell her that?" Bo wondered.

Reluctantly, Nora admitted that she'd already discussed it, though she should have asked Bo first. Bo was concerned. He'd never had the opportunity to raise any of his sons from a young age. It was a big decision. He thought quickly. He thought it would be an honor to raise a child with the best mother in the world. Nora was ecstatic.

Blair called out for Todd as she ran into Victor's house. Victor wondered why, and Blair replied that she thought Todd would be there. Jack spoke up and announced that he knew about the gun that Todd had taken. Blair urged Victor to get out of the house, and she wanted Jack to leave with her right away.

Victor assumed that Blair wasn't worried about him, and she was only there to prevent Todd from going to death row. Blair thought that was ridiculous. Victor assured her that he wasn't a coward, and he'd survived the last time he'd been shot. Blair reminded him that John had been there to save him, and she wondered what would happen if no one were around the next time.

Victor thought that Todd was big on threats, but wouldn't follow through. He also didn't think that Todd would want to be locked up after his eight years imprisonment. Blair dragged an unwilling Jack out of the house, and she advised Victor to call Shaun, because Victor needed a bodyguard. Victor agreed, if only to get Blair "off my ass."

Brody walked out of Llanfair and into the approaching storm. He readied his gun.

Victor stood at the door, drink in hand, and looked out at the miserable weather.

James finally coerced Starr into allowing him to listen to the CD. Blair advised an argumentative Jack that he was better off not getting caught in any crossfire between Todd and Victor. She was sure that neither man would want to see Jack hurt.

As Starr sang what appeared to be a newer-sounding theme song for One Life to Live, Jack sat on the stairs and looked at his proposal for the scholarship. He went upstairs. Blair looked in on James and Starr. Shane sneaked downstairs and headed to the safe. Later, Rex did the same. Téa listened to Blair's urgent phone message.

As Victor placed a call to Shaun, he heard a noise. "Hello?" he called out. He resumed his phone call as someone walked into the room. "Oh, my God, what the hell are you doing here?" Victor asked. Someone shot Victor in the stomach, and he fell to the floor.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Todd stood at the docks in the pouring rain. He took the gun out of his pocket and held it over the water. As he was about to drop it, Louie entered. He told Todd to "hold it right there," but Todd pointed the gun at him. The two men recognized each other, and both were more at ease. Louie asked if Todd's gun was for protection. "You could call it that," Todd replied.

Louie wondered why Todd was throwing the gun into the water, and Todd answered that guns were dangerous. Louie asked if Todd had gotten his life back. Todd admitted that he'd made "great strides" that day. Louie was glad that things were looking up for Todd. Todd promised to make it up to Louie for saving him. Louie replied that he hadn't saved Todd to get a reward.

Todd drew his arm back to throw the gun into the water, but Louie told him not to. Todd disclosed that he had a good reason not to hold on to the gun. Louie offered to take the gun off of Todd's hands. Todd insisted again that guns were dangerous, but Louie understood, because he'd fought in Vietnam. When he'd gotten home, he'd sworn to never shoot a gun again. Todd wondered why Louie wanted Todd's gun.

Louie told Todd about a program that John had started where people could turn in guns to John in exchange for one hundred dollars. Todd didn't want to give the gun to Louie. He said that he'd give Louie the one hundred dollars when he had it, which he promised would be soon. Louie said that Todd could afford to give Louie the gun, and held out his hand. Todd made Louie promise not to lose or sell the gun, and to only give it to John. He finally handed the gun over, and warned him to be careful.

Louie realized that Todd had never told Louie who Todd was. Todd revealed who he was, to Louie's disbelief. Louie took out a copy of the Sun with Victor on the front page, and said that the man didn't look anything like Todd. He was bewildered that people had believed that the man was Todd. Louie couldn't believe that there were two men walking around claiming to be Todd. "Not anymore," Todd said. Louie was happy for Todd. He patted Todd on the shoulder, and walked away.

In Bo's office, Nora wondered whether or not Bo had actually meant to agree to raising Destiny's baby. Bo loved the idea, but reasoned that it was up to Destiny and her parents.

A short while later, Bo and Nora entered the diner. Nora saw the Evans family. Bo suggested that they go somewhere else. However, Nora wanted to talk to them.

Dani, Destiny, and Destiny's parents sat in the diner. Mr. Evans was happy to be spending time with "my baby" again. Mrs. Evans remarked that Destiny was no longer a baby because of the baby on the way, "thanks to Nora." Mrs. Evans went on about Nora overstepping her bounds, but Destiny stopped her. Mr. Evans reminded his wife that Nora had apologized. Dani looked over at the door, and cringed to see Bo and Nora in the diner.

The family watched as Nora pulled Bo over to the table. Nora made small talk about how Destiny was doing. Nora admitted that she wanted to talk to the Evans family. As Bo attempted to sit Nora down, she expressed how excited she and Bo were about being involved in their grandchild's life. As Mr. Evans tried to get Mrs. Evans to leave, she revealed that Destiny and her child would be staying in the Evans house, but that Bo and Nora could visit whenever they wanted.

Nora pulled out a piece of paper, and told the Evans family that she'd written down some things to spell out Matthew's rights as the father. Mrs. Evans wondered if Nora was suing them, but Nora denied it. She explained that the paper only contained guidelines. Mrs. Evans was offended to think that Nora was trying to tell her how to run her family, but Nora insisted that they were one family. "One big, happy family," Mr. Evans agreed.

Nora handed the paper to Mrs. Evans, but she didn't take it. Mrs. Evans knew what it was like to have a son in a coma, but she resented Nora trying to replace Matthew with the baby. As the women began to argue, Dani yelled at them to stop. They were stressing Destiny out, which wasn't good for her, or the baby. Adding to that, Destiny revealed that she had something to say as well.

Destiny told her mother that Nora loved her son, and was just trying to stick up for him. As Mrs. Evans went off on Nora, Dani told Destiny that she had to go. She had her own "crazy family" to deal with. Destiny didn't want Dani to leave her alone, but Dani left anyway. Bo said that they could all talk another time, to which Mr. Evans agreed. Mrs. Evans instructed Nora to talk to her lawyer if Nora had anything else to say. The Evans family left, and Nora lamented her stupidity.

At the hospital, a gurney was rolled into a room. A doctor asked who the unconscious boy on the bed was. According to a school ID found with the boy, the nurse revealed that the boy was Jack Manning.

Starr was on the phone when Blair ran through the room, yelling for Jack. Starr hung up the phone and wondered what was going on. Blair explained that she'd taken Jack home from Victor's because he hadn't been safe there. She admitted that she thought Todd had taken a gun from Dorian's safe. Blair hadn't wanted Jack caught in the crossfire, but it looked like Jack had run off.

Blair continued that she'd left a message for Téa about Todd. Blair thought that Jack had probably gone back to Victor's. The phone rang, and Blair answered expecting to hear Jack's voice. However, it was a nurse at the hospital, who told Blair that Jack was there.

Téa arrived at her house. She dug around in her purse for her keys, but saw that the door was open. She cautiously entered the house, and called for Victor. She entered the living room, and saw Victor on the floor in a pool of blood. Téa let out a bloodcurdling scream, and begged Victor to talk to her. He opened his eyes, and Téa called 9-1-1.

At the station, a soaked Brody held his gun holster. John entered, and asked Brody if he was off-duty. Brody told John about Blair's hunch that Todd had stolen a gun. While Blair had gone to warn Victor, Brody had tried to find Todd, but couldn't. John realized that was probably the reason why Blair had called him. He revealed that he'd put out an APB on Todd. An officer told John that Téa had called 9-1-1 about her husband being shot.

Under instruction from the 9-1-1 operator, Téa ran down the stairs with an armful of towels. She held one on the gunshot wound as she demanded for Victor to open his eyes. He did, and she told him to keep breathing. She told Victor that he couldn't leave her alone because of all the things they had yet to do with Dani. She suggested that she might let Dani marry someone that Victor wouldn't approve of, which made Victor smile slightly.

Téa begged Victor to tell her who had shot him. He tried to speak, but a shower of blood burst from his mouth instead. She told him that he was the love of her life, and that she would never let go of him. She heard sirens, and assured him that the paramedics were almost there. "I love you," Victor muttered, and she repeated it back to him. He closed his eyes, but she yelled at him to open them. She ordered him not to leave her, as the EMTs entered.

The paramedics worked on Victor, but soon stopped. One of the men admitted that Victor had been gone before they'd arrived. They apologized as John and Brody entered. The paramedics covered Victor's body with a sheet. John instructed his officers to look for clues around the house. John walked over to Téa, who was in shock. He wanted to ask her a few questions while the night's events were still fresh in her mind.

Téa told John that she'd been at the Sun, and had agreed to meet Victor back at the house. She'd noticed the front door open when she'd arrived home, and hadn't gotten any answer when she'd called out for Victor. She'd entered the living room and found Victor covered in blood. John expressed his sympathy for her loss, but she knew that John and Victor had hated each other. She'd been so sure that nothing would ever kill Victor.

As pictures were being taken of the crime scene, John asked about the towel Téa was holding. She'd been instructed to put pressure on the wound. John took the towel from her, and handed it to an officer in order to find "fibers and residue" from the wound. John offered to call someone for Téa. Téa realized that she had no idea how to tell Dani what had happened.

Outside, the officers determined that there had been no forced entry. Brody found a set of keys in the bushes. He figured the keys were how the shooter had gotten into the house. There was a tag on the keys that read "JM."

Brody entered the house and showed John the keys. John showed them to Téa, who recognized them as Jack's. Téa told John about Blair's message about Todd stealing the gun, and wondered if John thought that Todd had shot Victor. She recognized that everything had been Irene's fault, and not Victor's.

Brody returned to the living room, having just gotten off the phone. He informed John that Jack was in the hospital with a head wound, and John said that he'd head over. He instructed Brody to look for fingerprints on the keys, and left.

Crime scene pictures were being taken outside the door as Dani arrived. She demanded to know what had happened. An officer at the door needed ID from Dani before she could enter. She showed him ID, but the officer warned that Dani probably didn't want to go into the house. She pushed her way into the house, entered the living room, and found her mother in shock, looking at a body bag. Wide-eyed, she demanded to know who was in the body bag.

Blair and Starr arrived at the hospital, and found the doctor. The doctor informed Blair that Jack had been unconscious since he'd been found at the ambulance bay outside. Jack only had a bump on the head, and he was starting to wake up. They went into Jack's room, and the doctor said that he wanted to keep an eye on Jack. Blair reminded the doctor that Matthew had only had a bump on the head, and he was in a coma. The doctor wanted to run some tests to avoid a situation like Matthew's, so he left to set the tests up.

Blair demanded to know where Jack had gone, and how he'd ended up in the hospital. Jack insisted that he didn't remember, but Blair didn't believe him. Starr said that he'd been found "out cold" in front of the hospital, and wondered if someone had taken Jack there after he'd been attacked. She asked how he'd gotten there, but he had no idea.

Blair wondered if he'd gone back to Victor's, which Jack confirmed. John entered, and asked how Jack was doing. He said that the hospital had called to tell John that Jack was there. He showed Jack a picture of the keys that had been found, and asked if he recognized them. Blair saw that the picture looked like evidence, and wondered what had happened. John admitted that there had been an "incident" at Victor's. To everyone's shock, John said, "I'm sorry, Victor's dead."

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Blair, Starr, and Jack couldn't believe that Victor was dead. John apologized that they had to hear the news from him, and expressed his sympathy for their loss. Jack screamed that John was lying, as Blair and Starr sobbed in disbelief. Blair wondered what had happened, and John admitted that Victor had been shot at home.

Jack wondered why Starr was upset, because she had turned against Victor as soon as Todd had shown up. Starr tried to defend herself, and said that Victor had been her father for eight years. She'd loved him. Jack replied that only he and Dani had believed in Victor, so Dani was the only sister he had. Blair scolded Jack for talking to Starr like that, but he continued that Todd had killed Victor. Jack said that Starr was probably happy that Victor was dead. She began to sob, and ran out of the room.

John suggested that Jack "stop acting like a jerk at a time like this." John said that he'd put an APB out on Todd, but it was too early in the investigation to focus on one person. He continued that the only evidence they had was Jack's keys. John thought Blair should check on Starr, but Blair was afraid to leave Jack alone. John thought that Jack would be more apt to talk if it was just John and Jack. Blair asked John to go easy on Jack, and left the room. John closed the door behind her.

John asked Jack about what had happened to him that night. Jack explained that Blair had taken him home from Victor's because she'd found out that Todd had a gun. He'd gone to bed, but had sneaked out of the house, and back to Victor's. When he'd gotten to the house, he'd pulled out his keys. That had been when he'd been hit, but he hadn't seen who had hit him. Despite that fact, he knew that Todd had killed Victor.

Jack realized that it had felt like a gun that had hit him on the head. He reminded John that it wouldn't have been the first time Todd had knocked Jack out. However, Jack didn't think that John cared about Jack or Victor, because of "what you think we did" -- Jack and Victor's involvement with Gigi's death. John confirmed that he believed that Jack had something to do with Gigi's death, and that Victor had helped get Jack out of it. However, John vowed to do his job and find the killer. He left the room.

Blair found Starr sitting outside Jack's room. Starr was happy that Todd was back, but she was nowhere near happy that Victor had died. Blair told Starr not to listen to Jack, because he'd only been taking out his anger on her. Blair couldn't believe that Victor was gone, because they'd all loved him. Starr revealed that she'd told Victor that she still loved him, and Blair was glad that Starr had gotten the opportunity. Starr regretted that she'd "ratted him out," and was unsure that he'd forgiven her for it.

Starr wondered if Blair thought that Todd had killed Victor. John entered, and Blair asked if Jack had been any help. John revealed that Jack hadn't seen who had hit him, but the person had thought enough to take Jack to the hospital. Blair thought it sounded like someone who cared about Jack, and believed that it could have been Todd. John still had to look at the evidence, so he didn't know. John told the women to let him do his job, and to focus on dealing with their loss. He again expressed his sympathy, and left.

Blair knew that John was right, and hugged Starr. She wanted to see Jack, but didn't want to leave Starr alone. Starr urged Blair to go, so Blair entered Jack's room. Starr looked at a picture on her phone of her, Hope, and Victor.

Jack demanded that Blair leave his room, because he blamed her for Victor's death. He cried that he should have been there, because he could have helped. "After all he did for me, I wasn't there!" he wailed.

Dani entered the house, and saw the body bag. She demanded to know who had died. In tears, Téa told her daughter to go upstairs, but Dani didn't want to. After much pleading, Téa finally told Dani that Victor had died. Dani defiantly refused to believe it. She ran toward the body bag and tried to open it, but Brody dragged her away. Téa finally told Dani what had happened to Victor, and Dani fell to the floor in Brody's arms. Practically hyperventilating, Dani wanted to know what had happened to Victor. Téa told her that he'd been shot and killed.

On the phone, Brody told someone that they were "bringing the body out." Brody remembered telling Liam that Victor needed to be stopped. Dani wondered why someone would want to hurt Victor, which interrupted Brody's thoughts. She couldn't think of anyone who would want to hurt him. Téa thought about Blair's message about Todd taking the gun. Téa didn't know who would want to hurt Victor, but promised that the police would figure it out. "How can my dad be dead?" Dani wondered.

Rex entered his house, soaking wet, and was startled to find Shane. Shane wondered where his father had been. Rex replied that he'd been out, but Shane wondered what had been so important to go out into the storm for. When Rex wouldn't give Shane a straight answer, Shane asked again where Rex had been. Rex admitted that he'd gone to see Gigi's grave. "You mean after you dug it up?" Shane spat.

Rex apologized for having Gigi's grave dug up without telling Shane. He'd visited the grave to make sure that Gigi was peaceful. He'd also apologized to her for "doing things that I shouldn't have done." Shane apologized for yelling at Rex about paying back Jack and Victor. Rex replied that he'd needed to hear it, and that Shane was perfect. Shane didn't think so, and said that he was tired.

Shane told Rex that, when he couldn't sleep at night, he'd watch movies with Gigi. The two sat down in front of the television, and Rex turned it on. A Blanca Morales news report started, and showed the body bag being wheeled out of Victor's house. She announced that Victor was dead. Shane watched wide-eyed as Brody appeared on the television. Blanca attempted an interview, but Brody refused, and demanded that they leave the private property. He pushed the camera, and Blanca finally agreed to leave.

Rex turned off the television, and couldn't believe that Victor was dead. Shane wondered what had happened. Rex remembered taking the gun out of his safe. Shane wondered who had killed Victor, but Rex didn't think it mattered. He added that many people had wanted Victor dead. Rex thought that he and Shane were free of Victor. Rex warned that they shouldn't celebrate Victor's death, because it would disrespect Gigi's memory.

Shane complained that Jack was still walking around "free and easy." Rex reminded him that Jack had lost his father, just like Shane had lost his mother. Shane solemnly figured that Jack and Victor had finally gotten what they'd deserved. Rex thought it was time for them to put the bad times behind them, and forget about punishing the Mannings.

Rex and Shane sat down to watch a movie, and found that Blanca was no longer on the television. They talked about how angry Brody had seemed on the news show. Rex wanted Shane to help find a movie to watch, but Shane was tired. Rex made sure that Shane was all right. Shane said goodnight, and went up the stairs. When Shane was gone, Rex closed the living room doors.

Tomas entered the diner, and was glad to find Baz. He wondered why Baz wasn't at Capricorn, but Baz reminded his father that they were supposed to meet there two hours before. Baz wondered what had been more important to Tomas than listening to Baz's music. Tomas claimed to have had a flat tire, but Baz didn't believe him. Baz wanted the real reason. Tomas admitted that he hated that Téa hadn't left Victor as soon as she'd found out who he really was. Baz wondered what Tomas could do about it.

Tomas told Baz that he'd fought with Téa, and had thought that driving around would calm him down after the fight. When he'd realized he was late for his plans with Baz, he'd gotten a flat tire. He assured Baz that it had nothing to do with Baz's music. Tomas wanted to hear the music. He thought it might make his bad day better. Baz reluctantly handed Tomas his MP3 player, and said that the music was better since he'd started working with Starr.

A short while later, Tomas had Baz's headphones on. Tomas was disappointed how short the song was, because he loved the way it had been arranged. He apologized for not understanding Baz's music before, and related that Baz and Starr made a great team. "Musically," Baz clarified. Tomas wondered if Baz wanted more than a musical partnership with Starr, but Baz didn't want to talk about it.

Tomas and Baz walked outside, joking around, and bumped into Blanca. She wondered why John hadn't yet detained Tomas. To the confusion of the men, Blanca informed them that Victor had been shot and killed.

Brody returned to Téa and Dani, and Dani demanded to know if Brody had any more information. He didn't, but she wondered when he would. He assured her that John would find something soon. He had to go back to the station, but suggested that the women get a hotel room for the night. He again expressed his sympathy for their loss. "Find out who did this to my father," Dani told him, and he left.

Tomas and Baz entered the house, and expressed their sympathy for Téa and Dani. Tomas comforted his sister, and Baz hugged Dani. Tomas remembered his conversation with Dorian, when Dorian had told him that Todd would always be the love of Blair's life.

Brody returned to the station and found John. He wondered if Jack had been any help, but Jack hadn't had any information. Brody related that Téa and Dani had been "too broken" to point fingers at anyone. John and Brody wanted to know each other's opinions, but neither had any ideas. John walked away to see if there had been any word on Todd's whereabouts. Brody looked at a picture of Liam, and smiled as he said that the only person who might have told someone about Liam's paternity was gone. "And the truth is buried with him," he added.

Friday, September 2, 2011

In the Buenos Dias Café, Rama searched on the computer online for women, who could be possible matches for Cristian: She Hearts Art, Loveless in Llanview, and Erica, See You in Pine Valley. Cristian rejected all of the choices and emphasized that he was happy with his job and with his painting. Rama insisted that she would fill the void in Cristian's life, as Vimal walked in.

Rama hugged Vimal, and Cristian explained that Rama had been playing Cristian's matchmaker. Vimal then announced that Victor Lord Jr. had been murdered. When Rama stated that Victor had been a tyrant, Vimal disagreed and declared that Victor has been a saint. After Rama remarked that somebody had held a reason to want Victor dead, Vimal exclaimed that he needed to leave, because he had left the iron on. Rama noted that he was lying and said, "We don't have an iron. I send everything to the cleaners."

Cristian decided to call Blair and offer his condolences about Victor's death, and Rama hoped that Blair still cared about Cristian. Rama exclaimed that Blair and Cristian were very comfortable with one another. After Cristian told Rama to give it up, Rama went into Cristian's profile on the computer to look up his past loves: Layla, Sarah, Vanessa, Roseanne, and Jessica. Rama cheered when she realized that Jessica Brennan would be the perfect choice.

Cristian insisted that although he and Jessica had been first loves, it would never work, because too much had happened since. Rama had noticed that there had still been a spark between Jessica and Cristian, and added that Cristian was single, and that Jessica was no longer sick. Rama declared that Cristian should take charge of his life, or that he would die in his studio, surrounded by buckets of paint and an old dog to keep him company. Rama believed that Cristian should start with Jessica, because he had the chance to recapture those old feelings from their past love. Rama cried, "And hurry...because you only have so much life to live."

At the Buchanan mansion, Natalie found Rex reading a newspaper article about Victor's death. Rex insisted that he was not celebrating Victor's death, but that the world was better off, and that he and Natalie had both hated Victor. Natalie reminded Rex that he should feel bad for Téa and the kids, but Rex refused to feel sorry for Jack, since Jack was the reason that Rex and Shane had to mourn Gigi's loss.

Natalie informed Rex that the police department was still waiting on the forensics for Victor's case. She then wondered why Rex had exhumed Gigi's body, and Rex revealed that he had needed to see Gigi to know, for sure, that she was dead. Rex guessed that kids had played a prank and scratched out the date of death on Gigi's gravestone. When Rex commented that he was supposed to have found Gigi in Kentucky, Natalie noted that Rex had actually found Kim, who had flown directly to Clint.

Natalie exclaimed that she had discovered Kim all over Clint at Llanfair, and she wondered what Kim would want, since Clint was broke. Rex indicated that Clint would either catch on to Kim, or that Kim would move on, because Clint was poor. Natalie just feared that Kim was looking for another way to ruin their family.

When Rex told Natalie to keep her eye on Clint, Natalie revealed that she had moved out of Llanfair. She explained that she, Brody, and Liam had leased their own place, because that was what families did. Natalie then acknowledged that she had to return to the police station and stated that she would still check in on Rex. As Natalie left, she mentioned that they hoped to determine the kind of gun that had killed Victor. Rex walked over to the safe and removed his gun. He held the gun up, aimed, and pointed it.

In the room in Kentucky, Kim carried flowers to the girl in the bed and updated her about what had happened in Llanview with "the redhead." Kim informed her girl that David was the easiest part of the whole deal, but that Clint had not looked so hot, even though Clint had still managed to maintain his spark. Kim yelled that Natalie had flown in on her broom and had thrown Kim out of Llanfair. Kim laughed, as she stated that Natalie would eventually be calling her mom.

Kim noticed that Rex had kind of lost it at Gigi's grave, because he had been dealing with his grief over losing Gigi. Kim told her girl that the date of death had been scratched out on Gigi's gravestone, and that she had worried about Rex when they had opened the coffin. Kim expressed that it had all been a little creepy. Kim declared that Rex had acted a little nuts, and that Shane had shown up. Kim exclaimed that it had all been a total freak show.

Kim then showed her girl a new picture of Sierra Rose and indicated that her girl had to get better, because that would make Sierra Rose a happier little girl. Kim pulled out a magazine to catch her girl up on the latest gossip, and she discovered an article about Cutter. The article announced that two con artists, Cutter and Aubrey, had tried to pull a con on Joey Buchanan. Kim cried that she had to rush right back to Llanview and ran out of the room.

In the Minute Man Hotel, as Aubrey primped herself in the dingy bathroom, she realized that she needed a new life. Cutter burst through the door and announced that not only had he gotten the donuts, he had also gotten the job. Cutter declared that he was the new front desk clerk of the hotel. After Aubrey stated that it was a little drastic, Cutter claimed that he wanted to change for Aubrey.

Cutter realized that Aubrey was finished with doing cons, and he knew that she had wanted to leave him, so he was willing to change for her. Aubrey was stunned that Cutter would try to do that for her. When Cutter called Aubrey her old name, Christine, again, Aubrey indicated that she no longer knew who Christine was, and that she wanted to remain Aubrey. Cutter asked her to remain Aubrey, and then he kissed her.

In bed, Aubrey insisted that she did not want Cutter to change completely. Cutter then realized that he needed to return to work, so he leaped out of bed, as he yelled, "Live the dream." Aubrey declared Cutter an inspiration and picked up the newspaper to search for a job.

Later, Aubrey walked into the Buenos Dias with the newspaper, and Rama greeted her. Rama realized that Aubrey was job hunting, and Aubrey announced that she and Cutter were reuniting. Aubrey considered reverting back to her old name. Aubrey voiced, "Although I do really like Aubrey Wentworth...even though it belongs to someone else." Back at the Minute Man, Cutter opened the door of his room to Kim and said, "Aubrey."

At Llanfair, Jessica and Clint discussed Victor's death, and Jessica stated that she was worried about Viki. When Jessica remarked that they had not even named a suspect, Clint believed that Natalie might know something. Jessica sarcastically remarked that they should put Natalie and Brody on the case, so that it would be solved, that is, if they could keep their hands off each other long enough. Clint reminded Jessica that Natalie had moved out. However, Jessica was still angry that Natalie had kicked Kim out of Llanfair.

Jessica told Clint that if he wanted a second chance with Kim, he should "go for it." After Jessica asked what had happened between Clint and Kim during their meeting, Clint was evasive and only said that they had done a little catching up. Clint reminded Jessica that he was under house arrest, and that he was lucky to be alive. He insisted that was all he thought about. Jessica then announced that she and Ford had kissed.

Clint yelled that he had not forgotten what Ford had done to Jessica, and Jessica insisted that Ford only stayed around because he loved his son. Jessica realized that Bobby had seen something in Jessica that had reminded him of Tess, so he had kissed her. Jessica understood that it hurt Ford too much to be around Jessica. Jessica then declared that she and Bobby had decided not to see each other anymore. Clint stressed that Jessica deserved a man who loved her and the kids. Clint knew that Jessica would find that man...or that he would find her.

At the police station, John talked on the phone to Viki, who was worried about Todd. When Viki mentioned that Todd was not stupid, John wondered if Todd was impulsive and prone to fits of rage, and if he was capable of killing a man, as John looked at Brody. After John got off of the phone, he told Brody that Todd was only one suspect. Brody reminded John that Todd had publicly threatened Victor, and that Todd was on the wind. Brody insisted that the innocent did not run.

John noted that Todd Manning was a stranger, and that they did not know what he was capable of. John reminded Brody that they did not have the gun that had killed Victor. John told Brody to start with Victor's enemies, and to work backwards. John observed, "I'm guessing Manning wasn't even the only one that threatened him this week." John ordered Brody to get assistance from the squad, so that they could find other suspects, because it was just a matter of time until they found them.

After John walked off, Vimal ran in and demanded to know from Brody who else knew the secret. Vimal realized that only he, Marty, and Victor knew that Liam was John's son, so he wanted to know if Brody had killed Victor. Vimal feared that Brody had killed Victor, and because Brody was a Navy SEAL, Vimal believed that Brody could make Vimal disappear as well.

When John entered the room, Vimal claimed that he wanted to ensure that they found Victor's killer. After John asked Vimal about Victor, Vimal insisted that Victor had been very kind to him. Vimal then announced that he had information that would lead John to the killer. Vimal said that Todd Manning had broken into the Sun and had wished ill will against Victor, so Todd was obviously the killer. As Vimal left the station, he pleaded with Brody not to make him disappear.

In the lobby at Llanfair, Viki feared that she had lost both of her brothers, when Todd walked in. After Viki announced that Victor was dead, Todd responded that he already knew. Todd held up the latest edition of the Banner and declared Victor a jackass. When Viki asked if the newspaper was the first time that Todd had known about Victor's murder, Todd exclaimed, "Victor and I weren't close. It's not like we had that...uh, otherworldly twin thing, where you cut one of us, and the other one bleeds. I only knew the man well enough to hate him."

Todd realized that Viki thought he had killed Victor, however, Viki denied that and stated that the police were searching for Todd, because he had taken a gun from Blair's safe. Todd indicated that just because he'd had a gun did not mean that he had killed Victor. Todd was still hurt and insulted that Viki had believed Victor's lies, and Viki reflected that they had wanted Todd back so much, they had been willing to believe what Victor had told them. Todd said, "Let me ask you something, Viki. Did Victor ever stand up for you? Did he ever protect your children? Was he ever a brother to you? The world's better off without that parasite."

Viki picked up the phone to call John, so that Todd could tell John that he had not killed Victor. Todd refused and claimed that even if he had killed Victor, he would not have shot him. Outraged, Todd stormed out of Llanfair, as Viki begged him to not run away, because running was not the answer. Jessica wheeled Clint into the lobby, and Viki took Clint out of the room. Jessica answered the door and found Cristian.

Todd walked up to John at the police station and said, "Heard you're looking for me."

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