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Passions Recaps: The week of April 8, 2002 on PS
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Monday, April 8, 2002

The fire at Pilar's house rages out of control. Pilar runs up to the house in tears frightened for her children. Everyone tries to shield her from the fact that Miguel is trapped inside.

Theresa catches fire as she tries to save Miguel. Ethan rushes to her rescue and Chad has to hold back Whitney before she rushes the fire to help Theresa. TC watches Chad and is furious. He reminds Whitney that she needs to stay away from Chad.

Sam and Grace run to Miguel's bedroom window and they can see that Miguel and Charity are trapped. They are shocked to see Charity's state of undress. "Charity's" hand is turning into her demon claw and she is worried that she will be found out. Sam, Hank and TC order Miguel and Charity to rush through the window and they will hose them down. Miguel and "Charity" make it out alive.

Ethan insists that Theresa be looked at by a doctor. He is worried for her and the baby. He warns Theresa not to mistake his concern for wanting to get back together with her.

Ivy pulls a gun out of her purse and demands the DNA results so she can change them herself. Eve laughs at Ivy. She tells Ivy that she has nothing to gain by killing her. She explains to Ivy the DNA results are only a copy and the originals are in the hospital computer. Eve asks Ivy how will she drag her dead body out of Sam's house if she shoots her. Ivy realizes that Eve is right and for a minute contemplates killing herself. Eve leaves with the results to take care of any fire victims.

Eve drops the DNA results and Tabitha sees her. Tabby talks Grace into picking them up and reading them.

Luis and Beth enjoy a dinner at the hotel. Brian and Diana are having dinner in the same restaurant. The hotel bellboy cannot understand why Luis is not with Sheridan. He tells the hotel manager that something is wrong and he plans on trying to get this special couple back together.

The zombie is furious with Kay for setting the fire. She hurts Kay with her claw. She tells Kay that this is only the beginning of her pain. She plans on taking Kay to hell.

Tuesday, April 9, 2002

Pilar looks at the sad remains of her house and tearfully tells TC that her insurance has been cancelled. TC comes up with places for Pilar's family members to stay. Theresa and Ethan kiss at the hospital. Gwen and Rebecca witness the kiss. Gwen takes it calmly but Rebecca is furious. Theresa tells Whitney that Ethan will feel sorry for her and invite her to spend the night at the mansion. Whitney does not think this will happen and Theresa is heartbroken when she hears Ethan invite Gwen to stay over instead.

Rebecca hears that the DNA results are in. She rushes to the scene of Pilar's fire waiting for the unveiling of the results. She tells Ivy that her life is about to go up in flames. Ivy tries to stall the reading of the results that she sees Grace holding in her hands.

Billy, the bellhop at the Bermuda Pavilion wants to get Luis and Sheridan back together. The waiter advises him against it. He explains that if the couple is broken up they may get angry and complain to management about him and he could lose his job.

In the hotel restaurant both Brian (Antonio) and Luis order an unusual appetizer which gets the waiter to believe that they are brothers. Diana (Sheridan) begins to think that she has been in the very same hotel with her lover before. She asks Billy and out of fear, he denies ever seeing her.

The zombie throws Kay through the air and she lands in a tree. Kay vows never to let the zombie make love to Miguel.

Sam tells Miguel that he can stay away at their house if he stays away from Charity. Miguel agrees and the zombie is thrilled.

Pilar goes to the hospital to see how Theresa is doing and is angry that Theresa is still claiming to be the rightful Mrs. Julian Crane.

Luis sees Diana's scarf stuck in the hotel door and knocks on the door to let her know.

Theresa tells Whitney that she is going home to her house, the Crane mansion. Beth sees Antonio and speaks to him. Antonio knows that Luis is in Bermuda, staying at the same hotel.

Wednesday, April 10, 2002

Whitney tries to talk Theresa out of claiming her place in the Crane mansion. Whitney tells Theresa's the error of her ways in following Julian to Bermuda. Whitney is especially concerned that Theresa plans to throw Ivy and Rebecca out on their ears.

The doctor will not release Theresa until he examines her, which concerns Theresa. The doctor wants to do an ultrasound. He thinks he sees a pointy little tail on the baby. Whitney tries to explain it away to the first year resident that he probably did not see a tail but a little boy's anatomy. The resident is not so sure and tells Theresa to go and see Dr. Russell.

The zombie taunts Kay that she will go even lower on the family totem pole once Grace reads the DNA results and finds out that John is her son.

Kay tells the zombie that she will take her out of this world the way she brought her in. The zombie growls at Kay in her deep demon voice. Grace hears it but Charity explains it away. Grace cautions the zombie Charity not to rush into making love with Miguel before marriage. The zombie agrees and laughs at Grace behind her back. She asks Kay how the fire got started in front of Miguel purposely putting Kay on the spot.

Luis knocks on Sheridan's hotel door. Sheridan coughs and talks in a hoarse gravely voice and Luis does not recognize it. He hands Sheridan her scarf through the door. They do not come face to face but they both get the strongest electric shock of their lives. Luis gets distracted away before Sheridan can see him.

Beth begs Antonio (Brian) to let her tell Luis that he is on Bermuda. Antonio refuses.

John tells Grace that he is not worried about the results because he "knows" that his father would never lie to him about something so important. David hears this and feels guilty. Ethan overhears TC's suspicions that Ivy may have hired David to break up Sam and Grace. Ethan gets upset that anyone could accuse his mother of something so horrible. He then asks Ivy point blank if she did hire David. He begs her not to lie as does Sam. Ivy of course lies and says she would never do something so terrible.

Brian tells Diana that his brother is in the hotel room next door. Zombie Charity asks Tabitha and Timmy if they ever saw the movie "Rosemary's Baby."

Ivy decides to use Eve's daughters in a last ditch effort to get her to change the DNA results since she bold faced lied to Ethan and Sam.

Theresa goes to the mansion and orders the maid to take her bags to her room. Sheridan calls Luis' room as Beth blurts out Antonio is next door.

Thursday, April 11, 2002

Theresa moves into Ivy's bedroom and plans on redecorating. Phyllis the maid tells Theresa whoever she is, she must go. Theresa reminds her that she will soon be working for her and if she wants to keep her job and better her position, she needs to know who is in charge.

Whitney worries that Theresa is in denial over the baby. Theresa admits that she does not want to face the fact that she is having the baby of the most evil and hated man in Harmony. Theresa intercepts a shipment of Ivy's new designer clothes and claims them for her own.

Ivy stalls the reading of the DNA results by falling out of her wheelchair. She manages to get Eve alone and warns Eve that she must change the results. She tauntingly tells Eve that she had Whitney drugged at the Youth Center and if she values her precious daughters, she better do her bidding.

Kay and the Zombie face off over Miguel. Kay is determined to keep the zombie away from Miguel and the zombie is dead set on sleeping with him as soon as possible.

Beth tells Luis that Antonio is sure that he hates him. Luis explains to Beth how bad he feels over their last meeting and how he promised his mother, Pilar that he would do everything he could to get Antonio to come home.

Eve has horrible fantasies of Whitney and Simone after Ivy gets done with them. Rebecca is sure that Ivy is up to something new. She begs Eve to read the DNA results right now.

Both Kay and the zombie dress for a night of passion with Miguel. They start a catfight and both fall down the steps.

Diana confesses a connection to "Brian's" brother.

Luis knocks on Antonio's door. Theresa falls asleep in Ivy's bed and then she dreams that she doubles over in pain and calls out to Whitney. Whitney is sure Theresa's water broke. Whitney delivers a demon baby and Theresa screams.

Eve caves to Ivy's threats and says that John is Grace's son. Rebecca cannot except Eve's words and grabs the results to read them for herself.

Friday, April 12, 2002

Theresa has a terrifying nightmare that her water breaks and she prematurely delivers a baby demon. She screams for Whitney. Whitney has a difficult time trying to calm Theresa down.

Eve caves in to Ivy's threats. She announces that the DNA results show that John is Grace's son. Rebecca in a huff grabs the results to read them for herself. She is disappointed that they are written so only a qualified physician can decipher them.

Rebecca tells David that she knows John really is not Grace's son and plans on proving it and blowing Ivy out of the water. David asks Eve why she didn't blow the whistle on Ivy. Eve explains that Ivy threatened to get Whitney and Simone hooked on drugs and how she already got Whitney high once. Eve turns the question on David and asks him why he did not come clean with the truth. He says he could not bear to break John and Grace's hearts. He also warns Eve that if Ivy is exposed, she'll no doubt go through with all of her threats anyway.

Luis and Antonio meet face to face. Luis apologizes and they begin a truce. Both Antonio and Luis plan on have breakfast with the women they came down to Bermuda with. Diana is excited about meeting Brian's brother. She feels a sort of connection to him and seems a little curious about the woman he is in Bermuda with. She says it is almost like she is jealous and she cannot figure out why.

Zombie Charity and Kay fight and fall down the staircase. Miguel asks what they were fighting about and they cover up and lie that they were not fighting. They both threaten the other about exposing their wrong doings. Kay swears again that she will never let the zombie make love to Miguel.

Whitney meets with Chad in his car. He is parked in front of her house and won't leave until Whitney sits with him and talks.

Ivy and Rebecca return to the mansion to find that the locks have been changed. They are shocked and appalled to see Theresa standing in the doorway. Theresa informs them that she is trying to rest. She refuses to let them inside. She reminds them that they threw her out not so long ago and now it is their turn. She says "Be gone before I sic the dogs on you."

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