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Port Charles Recaps: The week of June 30, 1997 on PC
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Monday, June 30, 1997

Julie explains that Chris lost his first patient and that is why he was being a jerk and heads after him. She meets up with him and offers to keep him company. He invites her in and told her about the patient. There has never been anything he couldn't do once he put his mind to it... until now. She tries to reassure him that there will be other patients, but he told her to tell that to his family.

Rex brought Danielle some family things. Jake invites him to stay for dinner, he accepts. Privately he told her he will do anything for her loyalty. Before he leaves he asks to see her again, she told him to come by tomorrow morning. Then he gives her a diamond necklace and says it was a family heirloom. She tries to decline the gift but he insists she keep it.

Frank told Joe they have to get the rent from Eve to pay the mortgage tomorrow. Mary reminds Eve the boys need her rent and she promises to get it to them. Eve asks Burgess where her check is and she told her it has to be reissued... it was garnished by a creditor. Eve swears it is a mistake and will correct it tomorrow. Burgess suggests she check the schedule and told her she has to try harder... she expects 100% from all her interns and Eve hasn't been giving it.

Lucy and Serena say goodnight to Dominique's star and then she tucks Serena in. Serena asks Lucy about her mom, Scott always gets upset if she asks. Lucy told her that her mommy was beautiful and very brave. She liked Lucy even when everyone told her not to. Serena says that is because Lucy is cool.

Scott worries about what Lucy is doing for so long and this aggravates Kevin. Lucy comes out and Eve shows up. Scott asks for some privacy so Kevin takes Lucy for a ride. She notices the money and Scott explains about the diamonds and how they got Serena back. Eve told him she needs his help with her chief resident, Serena calls Scott and he leaves Eve alone... she takes this as a sign and steals some of the ransom money. Scott returned and asks what he can do for her. She says she can manage on her own and leaves.

Tuesday, July 1, 1997

Julie wakes Chris up and he thanks her for staying and letting him talk her ear off. She says she hopes he'll do the same for her if she ever needs it. She told him about how she decided to become a doctor... it was when someone close to her died. He became a doctor for the money, prestige. He is mad at himself and the guy who died... because he checked out on him. Julie told him he is only human... not God. She went to freshen up and he pulls out her folder and puts it away again.

Eve leaves her half of the rent on the counter, then her conscience kicks in. Frank says her name and she says she isn't a thief, he told her he only said Eve. He spots the money and asks if it is the rent, she says no... he counts it and says it is the exact amount she owes so he is keeping it. He heads to the stairs to look for Julie and Eve told him she never came home last night.

Serena asks if Lucy and Kevin are rich... she saw the money and assumed it was theirs. Scott told her it was the money the lady asked for so they could have her back. Lucy tries to help Scott explain the lady was wrong for keeping Serena away like she did. Serena asks if Scott made that much money making furniture... Lucy is amused. Scott explains being a lawyer took too much time away from his daughter. Lucy questions him about Eve, he told her how Eve was just taking care of him and told her to keep quiet or she could get Eve in trouble. Scott has an errand to run and Lucy offers to take care of Serena.

Jake gets up and there is a knock at the door... its Rex. He asks where Danielle is. She comes out and he offers to take them both to breakfast... Jake takes a raincheck. He leaves for work and Danielle told Rex to get out. He shows her all the books, tapes and receipts for them with her fingerprints, she accuses him of setting her up... he denies it. She says if she went down she is taking him with her. He pulls out a passport... he has a passport that proves he was in Germany this whole time. Then he asks how much time Jake will spend in jail for being her accomplice, afterall he has no alibi for all those night he sat home alone waiting for her. He won't do this if she cooperates with the rest of their plan. He told her to imagine what Scott wants to do to the girl who hit him with the same car she used to kidnap his daughter... he hit Scott with the rental car with her prints all over it.

Wednesday, July 2, 1997

Chris checks the little boy, Julie starts to bag him and he went to ask the mother for some medical history. The boy is on medication for an ear infection. Frank gets the mother some coffee and keeps her company until Mary interrupts them. Frank gives his mother the money. Chris comes out and told the boys mother he is going to be fine. Mary invites Julie to the family poker game and doesn't take no for an answer, so Julie says she will be there after work. You are as subtle as a sledgehammer, says Frank.

Lucy and Serena are playing dress-up when Kevin comes in, he thinks she is Cinderella but she is really Princess Jasmine. He told Lucy he is surprised Scott left Serena with Lucy. Lucy loves having Serena there, its too bad she is all alone except for her dad. Serena makes Kevin dress-up also. Lucy has a meeting and asks Kevin to watch Serena until Scott comes back. Then Lucy told him she thinks Scott is making a mistake by taking Serena away from the rest of the family.

Eve starts to play dumb and then decides to come clean with Scott. She says what she did was wrong... he says no it wasn't and asks how much he owes her. Scott tries to convince her to let him pay her, but she insists it isn't necessary. Finally she told him she would rather have cash, he says OK but it will have to wait until tomorrow. She lies and told him she lost an earring at Lucy's and went home with him.

Danielle is shocked that Rex did all this. He told her she is in a lot of trouble. He explains all of this is part of plan B... if she cooperates no one will see any of the evidence he has in the briefcase. He also told her not to worry about her prints on the car because hers aren't on file. She told him he is crazy and he grabs her by the throat and told her never to say that again. It is time to move onto the next phase. She won't bring Jake into this, he says Jake was always a part of this plan and guesses that Jake would do anything for her. He has to leave and told her not to do anything stupid.

Scott comes home with Eve, and Lucy reassures her she will keep their secret. The FBI shows up to get the money and Eve doesn't get her chance to put the money back. Lee and Gail show up, Lucy invited them to spend time with Serena. Eve throws one of her earrings and asks one of the FBI guys to get it for her, when he moves she sneaks the money back in... less the $250 that Frank took for the rent and leaves. Scott asks why Lucy went behind his back and invited his parents... she says just look at how happy everyone is. She leaves for her meeting and Serena takes her grandparents to meet Sigmund. One of the FBI guys returned for Scott's signature and told him if anyone had tried to steal the money they wouldn't get far... it was marked!!

Mary is counting the money when Mike and then Frank show up. Frank jokes about Mary using the money for the poker game. She asks for change of a $50 and Mike has it. Julie called and said she wouldn't be as late as she thought.

Danielle calls Jake, has flashbacks of Rex telling her not to do anything stupid and hangs up.

Lucy meets her investor... its Rex!!

Thursday, July 3, 1997

by ABC Daytime

Lee accused Scott of running away from the people who loved him. Gail learned that Kevin and Lucy were expecting a child. Kevin told Gail that he feared that the kidnapping ordeal with Serena was not over. Using an assumed name, Rex met with Lucy at the airport and then later opened up his mansion in town. Joe and Karen were not able to make the Scanlon poker party because they delivered a baby together. To avoid snagging her glove, Karen removed her wedding ring. Later, Joe noticed that Karen was not wearing her ring when they hugged. Meanwhile at the poker party, Mike cashed one of Eve's hundred dollar bills for Mary and planned to put it in the bank. Frank and Julie shared their first kiss. Rhonda told Mary that she had private fears about Karen and Jagger's marriage.

Friday, July 4, 1997

by ABC Daytime

Scott said goodbye to Eve, who told a patient about a "rich guy" she was starting to like. Scott also told Karen that he was leaving Port Charles and gave her a gift with his phone number and address. After intercepting a call for Scott, Lucy realized that he planned to take Serena back to Canada soon. A heartbroken Lucy told Kevin that she could not go back to a life without Serena and then interfered with Scott's plans. Joe and Karen shared a warm moment in the on-call room. Mary told Joe that Rhonda thought that Karen's marriage to Jagger was in trouble. Joe noticed that Karen was still not wearing her wedding ring and tried to comfort her when she cried about Scott's imminent departure from Port Charles. Mike relented to Matt's demand to move into the unfurnished apartment in the back of the Recovery Room eventhough the repairs were not yet completed. Later, Mike and Mary were arrested for passing stolen currency.

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