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Monday, June 23, 1997

Eve is on the phone, she has reached her credit limit and is trying to get them to raise her limit. Matt walks in and asks if she is going to back to the Ball, she says it is because no one likes her. He says she is part of the reason that Joe didn't get thrown out of the internship. It is because of her that the board is afraid of Scott suing the hospital, so it was in their best interest to let Joe off the hook when Scott started to represent him.

Matt walks in on Dr. Burgess crying and she yells at him, he told her just because she is chief resident doesn't mean she can be rude.

Scott is staring at Serena's picture and Lee walks in. He says she is beautiful, Scott told him how he is worried about how this will have affected her, Lee told him to concentrate on getting her back first. Scott wants to be alone so Lee leaves.

Lucy is still convincing herself she can do it when her phone rings, it is Scott. He told her to be cool. Lucy is worried that Kevin can see right through her, Scott told her he trusts her completely and she assures him she won't let him or Serena down. Kevin comes in and asks why she is so jumpy. Then Don comes in and tries to help her get ready, when he gets her dress she jumps all over him saying she hates that dress and throws it in the garbage can in the hall. Kevin told him it is hormones.

Rex is listening to Lucy, Danielle told him she wants this all to be over. He told her its time... she says she is ready and gets into a janitors disguise.

Lucy gets into her next outfit, Kevin says he wishes she hadn't taken on the Ball... she told him she had to because it means so much to her. Kevin leaves... Danielle is in the hallway and picks up the garbage can with Lucy's dress and leaves. She takes it back to Rex... he examines the diamonds on the top and says they are rich. Danielle asks if it is over now and he told her it is just beginning.

Lucy went out and notices the dress is gone and calls Scott. Kevin comes in to check on her and Don comes in and told her it is time for her next number.

Dr. Burgess and one of the nurses talk about Dr. Faulk. She told Ellen that she shouldn't feel guilty about taking Dr. Faulks place as chief resident... he would have wanted her to have it.

Eve went to see Scott and accuses him of making up the story about Serena. He shows her a photo and the ransom money. She apologizes and offers to keep him company. He asks about her and while she is talking to him, she stares at the money imaging it was all hers. As she gets up to leave she comments on how someone could live on that forever, he told her he would give ten times that much to get his little girl back, she wishes him luck.

Tuesday, June 24, 1997

Julie and Frank get home from the ball and she told him she doesn't want this night to end... that's fine by him. They start a game of basketball, the stakes are one months free rent. Half way through the game, Frank hurts his knee... since he has to forfeit she wins one free months rent, she tries to decline but he insists. When he asks about her family she leaves to get him some ice. She returned with some frozen peas... just as they were about to kiss his beeper went off. He says next time will be different.

Danielle told Rex she hates leaving Serena in that place... he told her not to worry. She says she trusts him, he promises he will get her what is right for her. She asks if they can end this right now.

Kevin tries to take Lucy home, she won't leave. He guesses that she is waiting for them t deliver Serena... she asks him to stop because she doesn't want to have to lie to him, he says he would understand because it could harm Serena. Kevin asks if it is safe to talk yet, she isn't sure but told him everything anyway, she just doesn't know where Serena is. Scott shows up and Lucy told him Kevin knew what was going on. The FBI shows up and asks Scott why he slipped away from them. Lucy gives in and told them everything about her encounters with the kidnappers and the dress. Kevin thinks that the kidnappers DID tell her where Serena is... they keep talking about a delivery and they know everything about her and Scott... could they be talking about where they delivered Serena? They all head to the cabin.

Jake talks to Matt about asking Danielle to marry him... Danielle shows up and Matt leaves. She asks Jake to hold her and told him she loves him. She is considering quitting her job. He says he has been considering some serious things as well...

Rex is playing with the diamonds saying that this is a down payment... Scott gets to the cabin and finds Serena there singing. Lucy looks at Kevin and told him she will love him forever. Serena asks Scott what took you so long Daddy?

Wednesday, June 25, 1997

Frank is remembering the basketball game when Julie comes out and invites him to go out with her and the other interns to celebrate their first paycheck. He asks if it would be a date... she says yes, he accepts.

Karen wakes up Joe to tell him they found Serena...she was excited and had to tell someone. He asks if she told Jagger, she tried but he wasn't home. Joe asks if his investigation is more important than his wife and then apologizes. Karen told him about Jagger's past and his brother Stone, that is why he this investigation is so important to him.

Serena wakes up and asks Scott if he is OK...he says yes. Then she wants to know if this is a dream, he proves it isn't with the secret handshake. He told her about some friends of his who want to ask her some questions about the people who had her and about the friends they are staying with. Meanwhile, Lucy is cooking enough breakfast for an army. Kevin told her that he was proud of her for standing back when they found Serena at the cabin. She is really nervous about meeting Serena... she isn't sure how to act. Scott comes down and introduces Serena to everyone. Lucy told her she is one of her mommy and daddy's really good friends and is hoping they could be good friends too.

Serena guesses that Scott didn't know where she was, he admits he didn't and told her Kevin and Lucy helped him find her. Kevin told Serena about Sigmund and she wants to meet him sometime. Lucy shows her some old photos of her daddy while Kevin and Scott talk. Scott asks Serena if she is ready to answer some questions and told her they are going to go see her Grandma and Grandpa and have a doctor look her over. She says she doesn't want to see a doctor and runs out of the room...Scott says something is wrong, he thinks they did something to her.

Julie walks into the lounge singing...Joe asks why she is in such a good mood. She invites him to go out and celebrate and told him she invited Frank. Joe assures she isn't stepping on anyone's toes...Frank has been single for a while.

Thursday, June 26, 1997


Eve breaks into Chris' apartment and sees Julie's file there. She is about to look inside the file when Chris comes home.

Julie tries to reserve a table at the Recovery Room for the interns' party, but the owner told her it's not the Pump Room. Mike overhears the conversation and continues to talk to the owner about buying the bar. Meanwhile, Matt is on the phone trying to find a wheelchair-accessible apartment. Mike overhears this conversation, too, and offers to help.

Back at the hospital, Joe and Karen discuss their day; Joe's eyes are drawn to Karen's wedding ring.

Lucy told Kevin that she is worried that Serena isn't as okay as she seems to be. Scott is also worried; Serena has never been afraid of hospitals before and she also hadn't taken a nap in years, but she went right to sleep after she freaked out about going to the hospital. Kevin told Scott that some people react to stress by sleeping. Scott informs Lucy and Kevin that no matter what, he's not letting Serena out of his sight ever again. As Kevin tries to reason with him, Mac arrives and informs the group that although he's no longer with the PCPD, he has been hired as a special consulting PI to Serena's case. Scott doesn't want Mac to talk to Serena or get her checked out by a doctor because she was fine until they brought up the hospital. Mac reminds Scott that the sooner they can get information about the kidnappers, the sooner they can find out who they are. Lucy suggests to Scott and Mac that they let Karen, Serena's sister, examine Serena for any abuse.

Karen told Joe that she isn't going to the Recovery Room after work; she wants to go home and try to reach Jagger. Dr. B. arrives and informs Joe that there is someone in ER who needs his attention. Scott calls the hospital and asks Karen to come and examine Serena. Joe told Karen to go ahead, he'd cover for her; her family is more important than the hospital.

In Chris' apartment, Eve confronts Chris about Julie's file. Chris wants to know why she cares. Eve fires back that she just wants to know what it is exactly that Chris wants from Julie. She told him that Julie and Frank are getting to be a hot item. Chris hints that he may have a file on her too, and calls her Evelyn.

Julie sees Matt at the Recovery Room and invites him and Mike to the festivities that evening. Mike informs them that he is the proud new owner of the bar. He also told Matt that he needs someone to watch the bar at night, and there is an apartment in the back that can be renovated to be wheelchair-accessible. Matt is suspicious.

Mac wants to know why the kidnappers would accept 5 million dollars in ransom, since they would be difficult to fence. Serena asks if the nice "lady" is going to jail. Mac asks what the lady looked like and Serena informed him that the lady looked different every time, but she was nice and read her books and watched movies with her. Karen arrives and Scott introduces her as her sister, who's a real doctor. Serena eyes Karen's little black bag and is intrigued. Karen asks Serena if she will help her learn to be better doctor. Serena agrees and they leave the room.

Eve threatens to tell the police about Chris (after having broken into his apartment!) having Julie's file.

Karen told Scott that Serena is okay; she was not physically abused.

Mike told Matt that the place needs work to bring it up to code anyway, so making it accessible wouldn't entail much more work. Matt told Mike he doesn't want any offers out of pity. Mike told Matt not to tell him how to feel. Matt takes the apartment.

Chris comes to relieve Joe at the hospital. A man in cardiac arrest arrives and Chris tries to get the man's heart started while Dr. B. stands and watches.

Friday, June 27, 1997

by Cindi Anderson

At the Recovery Room, Mike is serving drinks and flirting with Mary. Frank proposes a toast.

Chris loses the heart patient, but won't stop CPR, even after Dr. B. calls in the time of death.

Scott asks Karen to stay with the family, but Karen has to get back to the hospital. Serena asks Scott if he wants that nice lady to go to jail. She thinks the lady was nice.

In the park, Danielle told Rex she can't help him anymore. She loves Jake and doesn't want to mess up that relationship. Meanwhile, Jake comes home to an empty apartment.

Serena explains more about the nice lady, and says again that she doesn't want her to go to jail. Scott explains that even nice ladies should go to jail if they take little girls away from their daddies.

Chris is still trying to get the dead man's heart to start. A nurse, Grace, finally gets him to stop. Chris runs out of the hospital and went home. He sees the blood still on his scrubs, tears off his shirt, and heads toward the shower. Back at GH, Dr. B. is icily telling the relatives of the patient that he is dead. She gets an organ donor card right then for the family to fill out.

At the Recovery Room, Eve is cadging beers from everyone, saying she left her purse behind. Julie and Frank slow dance.

Matt and Eve have another heart-to-heart. Jake arrives looking for Danielle. Eve makes another smart remark and Jake told her she has an ugly soul, then leaves. Matt shakes his head and Eve looks hurt.

Danielle told Rex that she'll tell Scott everything if he doesn't let her leave. Rex says that she didn't have to threaten him, gives her money, and told her he will get her her share as soon as he sells the jewels.

Lucy is about to tell Serena something about a very special secret; Scott shakes his head at her; it's too soon for Serena to know everything about Lucy.

Karen arrives at the Recovery Room, thanks to the fact that Joe did her "scut" work for her, but has to leave soon because she needs to see if Jagger called. Frank and Julie affectionatly argue over what songs to play on the jukebox. Chris arrives and sees Julie and Frank together.

Lucy told Serena that she has a little baby inside of her. Serena is excited. Scott's parents arrive and hug and kiss Serena in a touching family scene.

Danielle returns with groceries to the apartment. Jake asks where she was, that whole time, she told him she was at the store. Jake is glad she's finally home because a man who says he is her uncle is there. Danielle turns around and sees Rex, her "uncle," standing there.

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