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Port Charles Recaps: The week of June 16, 1997 on PC
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Monday, June 16, 1997

Jake asks if it is rough only being able to stand there and watch while everyone else takes care of the patients, Joe says it is.

Rex and Danielle talk about how he arranged for her and Jake to be together, she is starting to feel bad. Rex asks if she is beginning to get involved with Jake...she says no. Danielle is also worrying about Scott's feelings, Rex told her he doesn't care about Scott...everything is going to be fine, Serena is in good hands.

Scott gets a ransom note... the kidnappers want 5 million dollars, they will send more info on June 27. Scott says he isn't going to wait that long, Kevin, Lucy and the FBI try and convince him it is best for Serena if he does. Scott says he can easily get the money and the FBI assures them they are going to get Serena back.

Rex told Danielle it will all be over soon, she can only worry about Serena. Then Rex slips and says the ransom is only part of the deal, but that she doesn't have to worry about the other part. Danielle asks to see the picture of Dominique, she says she was beautiful and wishes she had known her. Rex says she may not of known her but at least she will have what is due to them.

Dr. Burgess asks if Joe is serious about showing up everyday... he assures her he is. Jake told her he is interested in research, and that is the only reason he didn't help Joe, she told him it isn't up to her what happens. Joe has to wait for the revue board to decide.

Frank told Joe he rented the apartment to Julie before Joe rented it to Eve, so he wants Joe to fix the problem. Joe says they will probably solve it themselves. Meanwhile, they are downstairs threatening to throw each others belongings out. Then they try and see who can write a check out first. Eve sees the balance in her checkbook and offers to share the apartment with Julie...they agree because afterall they probably won't see much of each other anyway. Julie gives Frank her check and Eve says she made a mistake on her check and it was her last one. Frank and Joe tell her not to worry they trust her. Frank and Julie are alone and just as he asks her what it was she was about to tell him when Joe walks in and told them his hearing is tomorrow.

Tuesday, June 17, 1997

The interns are all surprised to have been called to testify in front of the revue board. They decide to stick together and say that it was a group decision...except for Chris, he won't side with Joe. Frank is telling Joe to be cool and stay calm, Mary says she will pray for him.

Scott told Lucy he still won't trust Kevin and Lucy is trying to change his mind, she doesn't like to lie. Kevin walks in and asks what is going on, Scott lies and says he doesn't want him to know how much pain he is in but Kevin sees right through his lies. Just then Karen shows up and asks about Serena, then she asks if he knows of any other lawyers that could help Joe since his hearing has moved to today....he can't. Scott feels bad he couldn't help Karen, and asks if anyone knows where Jagger is. Lucy reminds him he has 2 daughters and even though he can't help Serena he could help Karen.

At the hearing, Tony says that his opinion Audrey could have died without surgery in a short period of time. Chris told the revue board he didn't agree with the decision to operate on Audrey because no one had experience or the right tools and conditions. He also says that Cooper was forcing them to operate, Joe mutters that is a lie. Karen says they operated because they felt they had to try and save Audrey's life. She would have done the same thing but Joe was braver and faster than she was, so she assisted by holding Audrey. Mark told everyone he assisted by finding the drill and advising Joe on where to place the holes. Jake assisted by helping find a way to sterilize the drill bit. Julie would have helped but she was concerned about not being sterile. The board excuses themselves...Joe thanks everyone and says it wasn't necessary. Alan returned and told them that since almost everyone admits to being involved they have to rethink the whole thing. Just then Scott shows up.

Lucy is standing outside the lab trying to figure out where to meet the mystery person she hears Serena singing and heads towards it talking to her. She finds a tape recorder. She is grabbed from behind and told if she makes a move or a sound she will never see Serena again.

Wednesday, June 18, 1997

Scott walks into the hearing and told everyone he is there to represent Joe and threatens to sue the hospital for millions on Joe's behalf. He went on to tell the board that doctors under pressure have to operate differently than doctors in a hospital setting, all doctors take an oath to save lives and that is what they did that night. He asks should Joe be punished...Audrey comes in and says absolutely not. She told everyone she would rather be in bed resting but feels she has to thank Joe for saving her life. She asks them not to judge these interns now, but after their first year. Scott says it should be Joe's turn to speak, Alan agrees. Joe says he has gone over that night a hundred times and always comes up the with the same conclusion...he wouldn't change a thing. Alan promises a quick decision.

Still in the lab, Lucy asks who this person holding her from behind is he told her not to worry about that. She asks where Serena is and how can she get her back. He gives his word that Serena is safe, the drop will be Friday at the Nurse's Ball. It is up to her and Scott to find an inconspicuous way to get him the money, if they tell anyone he will keep Serena. She told him they want proof she is OK, he says she will get it tomorrow. He told her he watches her every move and plays the tape of Serena singing as he leaves the room. Lucy never saw his face.

A woman is feeding Serena and then reads her a story. Serena asks when her daddy will be here and she promises it will be real soon. After she leaves the room she removes her disguise...it's Danielle.

Kevin scares Lucy and asks about her doctor appointment, Lucy lies and says there was some mix-up and it was postponed. He asks what was wrong and she told him this is supposed to be the happiest time of their lives and yet she has never been more scared. He told her together they can get through anything. Kevin went to see Victor.

Alan informs the interns that because of the extreme conditions they were under that night there will be no effect on their internships. Audrey and Joe were lucky. Tony steps in and reminds the interns that there is still a chain of command and if they think they are better than the other doctors at GH that they should find another hospital to do their internship at. Karen thanks Scott and heads to the ER.

Danielle told Rex she can't do this anymore. She is worried about Serena, what if they don't do what Rex told them to do, she just wants everything to be over.

Lucy finds Scott and told him about her meeting with the kidnapper and Kevin walks in so they stop talking.

Thursday, June 19, 1997


Jake and Chris are in the interns' lounge discussing the review. Jake is angry at Chris for telling the board that the other interns did what Cooper told them to. Joe walks in, looking for Karen. He wants to give her flowers to thank her for all her help. Jake leaves; Chris and Joe eye each other.

Danielle is starting to care for Serena. She is worried that Serena misses her father and told Rex so. She also told Rex that she is getting tired of lying to everyone. Rex holds up a prayer cared and told Danielle that everything will be over tonight.

Scott and Lucy are in the park trying to come up with a plan to get the money to the kidnappers during the Nurses' Ball. Lucy told Scott that she is extremely uncomfortable lying to Kevin. Scott is worried because the kidnappers said not to tell anyone; he points out that he doesn't like keeping informatio from his parents, either, but they have to do what the kidnappers say. Kevin arrives, and hand Scott a package that had been delivered to Lucy. It was delivered by Quick Messenger Service--the service that Lucy always uses. The package contained a picture of Serena, looking happy and healthy. Everything else was cropped out of the photo.

Meanwhile, Rex shows Danielle the prayer card to take to the pathology lab. Danielle told Rex she is staying in Port Charles, after all, she won't be going to New York when she gets her money. Rex cautions her against getting too involved; he doesn't want Jake to find out what they're up to.

Back at the hospital, Chris accuses Joe of using Karen's connections to get Scott to bail him out. Joe denies ever asking Karen to do anything for him; she helped him out of friendship. Chris sneers that Karen seems to be willing to do anything for Joe, maybe there's more there than meets the eye? As the two begin to tussle Alan Q. walks in the door.

Kevin thinks Lucy is working too hard at the nurses ball. She told him she needs to do something to keep from worrying. She explains her going to the hospital because it would be bad if the sets clashed with the costumes.

Alan told Chris and Joe that he is delivering tickets for the Nurses' Ball. His family has bought all the interns and their dates a ticket to make up for the terrible way their entry to General Hospital went. As Jake returns from the shower, Alan is telling Chris and Joe that the review board was very important and that he was pleased with the outcome and impressed with the way the interns stuck together. He then says, "Well, most of them anyway," and looks right at Chris. Alan welcomes Joe back, obviously pleased that he is able to join the staff. Alan leaves. As Joe is thanking Jake again for backing him up, Danielle arrives.

Dr. Burgess is in the pathology lab arguing with the technician. The results from a blood test she ordered are not available because an intern refused to bring them to the lab. Dr. Burgess asks the tech which intern, to which he replies, "Ramsey." The tech leaves to get the results.

Lucy arrives in the pathology lab. She explains her presence to Dr. Burgess by concocting a story about meeting a friend there. Dr. B told her only authorized personnel are allowed in the pathology lab. Lucy tries everything, but Dr. B is adamant--so Lucy leaves with Dr. B right behind her. Lucy returns to the lab when she is sure Dr. B is gone.

Danielle told Jake she can't be his date at the Nurses' Ball because she will be working backstage? When did she volunteer? Jake wonders.

Dr. B lights into Chris about not getting the blood to the pathology lab. Chris says that he is no messenger boy. As Burgess is going off on Chris about his crappy attitude, Joe arrives with the test results that she has been waiting for. She leaves and Chris and Joe's mutual dislike for each other is patently obvious as they bicker a little more about the review board, Joe's actions, and Karen.

Scotty gets 5 million dollars together in a duffle bag(!) and complains that he has to wait a week before he can see Serena. Kevin tries to tell Scott and the detective that he thinks something fishy is going on.

Lucy is in the pathology lab chatting up the lab tech. He needs to leave, and he told Lucy that she has to leave, too. She told him she won't touch anything, but the technician is already nervous from his encounter with Dr. Burgess so he is firm--Lucy has to go. As she prepares to go, she sees the prayer card with Serena's name on it. It is from Our Lady of Lost Souls Roman Catholic church.

Friday, June 20, 1997

by Cindi Anderson

Joe finally finds Karen so he can give her the flowers he's been carrying around for two days.

Eve and Julie are getting ready for the Nurses' Ball. Julie gets in the shower and Eve sneaks a peek at Julie's checkbook. As her eyes widen, Frank comes down the stairs and catches her.

Kevin wonders to Scott why the kidnappers gave Scott an entire week to drop the ransom. Scott says, "it's time I told you the truth."

Lucy went to the church and talks to the kidnapper in the confessional. He asks Lucy how are she and Scott going to get him the ransom money. Not so fast, Lucy says, first she needs to know when they will get Serena back. The kidnapper told Lucy she will see Serena that night at the Ball.

Lucy told the kidnapper the plan during the commercial. Before he told her how she will know how to find Serena, he leaves.

Eve explains to Frank that she is holding Julie's checkbook because Julie told her to clean up. She then blasts Frank for being there in the first place and invading their privacy. She compares him to Mr. Roper. Frank shows his monkey wrench to Eve to legitimize his presence. He is there to fix something for Julie. Julie comes out of the bathroom and thanks Frank, but the shower knobs were simply on backwards, no emergency. Frank says let him know when she is ready to go to the Ball.

Karen and Joe discuss Scott's performance at the review board meeting. They both agree that it's weird being doctors now. Karen told Joe that she could never talk about these new experiences to Jagger because he just didn't understand. As she is saying this, Gina shows up and asks Karen why she left Jagger.

Scott's "truth" to Kevin is that he is sorry that he is taking out his frustration on Kevin, but would Kevin please back off. Kevin told Scott that as long as Lucy is involved he will be involved. It's Kevin's job to protect Lucy. Lucy arrives and sends Kevin off to look for her lucky duck feather for the ball. With Kevin safely out of the way, Lucy told Scott that she isn't sure if she can go through with it.

Julie and Eve trade snide comments. Eve is very interested in the fact that Julie is going to the ball with Frank. Julie explains that it's not a date, it's two people going to the same place at the same time in the same car. Not a date at all, just a lift. She went back into the bathroomFrank comes downstairs again, knocking but not waiting for a reply. Eve told him he's getting a little better, but next time wait for an answer. Frank told Eve that she had better watch her step leave Julie and her things alone.

Gina told Karen that she is worried that Karen and Jagger are breaking up. Karen told her that she is jumping to conclusion. Gina admits that she is worried because everyone seems to be deserting her and she feels that people have lost sight of what the Nurses' Ball if for, that people have forgotten Stone. Karen tries to reassure Gina that everything will be fine and she needs to trust her. Karen leaves to take a shower. Gina sees the flowers from Joe and leaves in a huff. She doesn't see that Joe is outside the room, having listened to their conversation.

Joe thinks about Karen and Jagger not being together.

Scott thinks about Serena and sends Lucy a mental message to be strong and think of Serena.

As Lucy is getting ready for the Ball, she hears Scott's voice in her head and says to herself that she is thinking about Serena. She imagines being the one to save Serena and giving her a big hug.

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