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Port Charles Recaps: The week of June 9, 1997 on PC
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Monday, June 9, 1997

Jake asks Danielle where she's been, she tries to tell him that she was shooting a commercial, he says she's lying. He told her he needs everything clear in his life while he is doing his internship. She told him she just needed time to think about what she wanted, her decision was she wants him and she is moving to PC.

Frank gets home to find his mom in the kitchen doing dishes, she says she is there to pick up a box of summer clothes from the basement. When he tries to get rid of her she becomes suspicious, then Julie shows up. After his mom leaves, Frank shows Julie the apartment, she loves it. He says she can move in tomorrow. Frank draws up a lease on a napkin saying she can stay as long as she wants, then tapes it up on the cabinet and told her if she ever wants to move out just rip it down.

Eve tries to get Scott to sign a release form but he collapses, she checks him out. Scott tries to make a deal, he'll sign if she agrees to give him home care-she turns him down. He told her about Serena being kidnapped and needs her help, but Eve doesn't believe him. After Scott shows her the video of Serena, Eve has him sign the release. Then they showed Serena asking someone where her daddy is.

Jake wakes up and Danielle is gone but has left a note that says she has a few more things to do before she move to PC for good but she will be back.

Tuesday, June 10, 1997

Julie and Chris meet at a bar, she told him she found an apartment, but can't move in until tomorrow so he offers for her to stay with him tonight. Before she can answer Matt shows up, she invited all the interns except for Joe.

Mary Scanlon surprises Joe with a gift and some champagne to toast his first day as an intern tomorrow. She senses something is wrong, Joe says he can't keep it a secret forever and told her about his suspension. Mary is so upset she calls Dr. Quartermaine's office and leaves him a message that she resigns and they should be happy to have an intern like Joe.

Lucy is talking with Dominique, asking her to help them find Serena. Kevin shows up and asks who she was talking to, she says herself. Then he told her he wants to ask her something and pulls out a ring and asks if she will marry him. Lucy is speechless!! He reminds her of when she asked him to marry her, and wants her to know she isn't alone. She jokingly says no because he is unemployed and leaves his clothes all around their bedroom. Kevin puts the ring on her finger. Lucy says she doesn't want to tell Scott until they find Serena, but she can't keep it a secret, so they tell Sigmund!!

Eve told Scott he can't let anyone know she is taking care of him, but when she went to leave Karen shows up. Scott told Karen to keep it a secret...she agrees. Then she asks him for some help, she needs the name of a lawyer for her friend, Joe Scanlon, he'll see what he can do.

Kevin told Scott he can stay with them. Scott starts to tell Lucy about Serena, then says he'll do anything to get her back. Meanwhile, someone is tucking Serena in bed.

All the interns are gathered at the bar discussing when they decided to become doctors.

Mary meets Mike Corbin at the bar, he is thinking about investing in it. He asks her if everything is all right and she told him about Joe's suspension.

Karen shows up to visit Joe. She told him Scott is going to find a lawyer for him, he is afraid he can't afford one...she told Scott to find one he can afford. Joe wants to know if she got the message that Jagger called, she did but they are playing phone tag. She says she still isn't quite sure if she is going to stay in PC.

Wednesday, June 11, 1997

Karen asks Jagger to come to PC for the weekend, he says he can't, as they hang up Rhonda comes in and asks who is on the phone. She just wants to make sure Karen is OK, and tries to get her to talk. Karen has to get ready for work, she is running late for her first day.

Kevin and Lucy went to the doctor and heard the baby's heartbeat, then they headed over to see his father. Lucy tries to have a conversation with him, Kevin explains it is impossible because he is unresponsive. Trying to get through to him, she told him he is going to be a Grandpa. As they are leaving, Dr. Collins says "congratulations Monk", Kevin is amazed and says thanks.

Chris gives Joe a hard time about not being able to start his internship. Joe and Matt leave the room and Joe thanks him for his help with Audrey. Matt told him he is going to talk to the revue board on Joe's behalf, but Joe says he doesn't want anyone to fight his battles for him. Matt understands and says he will stay out of it.

Danielle and Jake showed up and he introduced her to everyone. Turns out she was out getting a job when he woke up alone. Jake told her he makes enough and she doesn't have to work, but she insists. Jake just doesn't want her to leave him again.

Rhonda talks about redoing Karen's old room, but Karen says if she stays in PC she will get her own place. Rhonda is disappointed, but says OK. Karen gets a little nervous as she gets ready to leave and Rhonda reassures her everything will be just fine.

Karen meets up with the interns and Dr. Burgess hands out the assignments to everyone except Joe, she told him where the vending machines are.

Matt's first patient is a drunk man with a cut on his head, as he went to treat him the man gets rowdy and calls him a "cripple". Joe is at the door watching.

Lucy says she can see herself telling Serena about the baby and everyone being happy. Kevin says it is a nice dream, Lucy says it isn't a dream...it's their future.

Thursday, June 12, 1997

by ABC Daytime

Burgess wondered where Eve was. Frank guided Julie in starting an IV. Julie accepted Frank's invitation for dinner. Burgess ordered Chris and Jake to help Matt with the drunk patient. Matt was determined to complete the examination. He prevented them from helping. Matt succeeded but an angry Burgess confronted Matt about endangering his patient. Matt then claimed Burgess only sees his wheelchair and not his capability as a doctor. Matt stated that he did not want any special treatment. Frank questioned Joe for being at the hospital. In a heated discussion that moved to the supply closet, Joe told Frank to mind his own business. Karen almost caught Chris changing the schedule, which meant that Julie was no longer free and has to cancel her date with Frank. Burgess found out that Eve left the hospital. Julie unsuccessfully tried to cover up for Eve. Joe offered Eve the basement apartment not knowing Frank already promised it to Julie. Meanwhile at the lighthouse, Eve treated Scotty. She asked about Serena and he shared his frustration about the investigation's slow pace. Lucy entered. Eve wrapped her arms around Scotty and kissed him. Lucy apologized for interrupting -- sarcastically. After Eve left, Lucy asked Scotty what was going on. Scotty explained that Eve was only a friend. Mac arrived with the some news. The car that hit Scotty was used by the same people who picked up Serena. After Mac left, Lucy and Scotty shared some special moments about Serena and Dominique. Scotty answered the phone and heard Serena's voice.

Friday, June 13, 1997

by Cindi Anderson

Julie and Frank are in her new apartment at the Scanlon's. Franks gives her the phone, thinking that she might want to call her parents and tell them about her first day as an intern.

Scott gets a phone call. It's Serena. All Scott hears in "Daddy is that you? Why didn't you come and get me?" before the caller hangs up. Scott freaks out. Lucy tries to convince him that the call is a good sign; it means that Serena is alive and well. Scott thinks there was something strange about the call; he suspects it was a tape of his daughter's voice. Kevin shows up and agrees with Lucy: the call was a good sign.

Back at the Scanlon's, Julie told Frank that she couldn't call her parents even if she wanted to--which she insisted that she did. But her family went on their annual camping trip without her. She told Frank that her dad is a plumber, but almost screws up when she reminisces about her pop driving them crazy with the latin names of all the shrubs. Frank is amazed--a plumber who knows Latin? Julie laughs it off saying that she has a crazy family. Julie insists that she owes Frank a dinner for saving her with the IV thing; they agree on Chinese food and Frank goes upstairs to get some beer. Julie yells upstairs, "But I don't like beer!"

Jake and Danielle are kissing up a storm in the intern's lounge. Eve is upset and told them to take it to the gutter. Jake defends Danielle and tells Eve to apologize. Danielle insists that it's okay. Eve apologizes in her wonderfully snotty way. Danielle told Jake that she's used to be treated terribly; she's in show business, remember? They try to plan a date but Jake is on a 36 hour (!) shift. Danielle can't stick around either; she has to get to work. Jake asks for the number there but she won't give it to him; she says that her new job frowns on personal phone calls. Jake want to know if her new job is really the thing for her.

Meanwhile, Chris is demanding an explanation from Eve. Why was she going through his locker? Eve explains that the after night of the abduction, one of the files that Greg Cooper was waving around was missing. Chris was the last intern to leave the area. Eve also remembered that the only person Greg didn't mention in his crazed tirade was Julie Morris. Guess what? That's the file that is missing. Eve is positive that Chris knows more about Julie than he is letting on. Chris plays dumb. Eve told him she's going to find out what he's hiding. She leaves for the Scanlon's to move into her new apartment.

Julie and Frank are mutually admiring each other. Julie asks Frank if he ever considered becoming a doctor. He hems and haws and finally admits that yes, he was actually enrolled at one time, but then his father died and he came home to take care of his family. Frank asks Julie more about herself, like why she doesn't drink. She claims she hates to be out of control. She starts to tell him something else, but then the Chinese food delivery person shows up.

Kevin tries to console Scott by telling him that since the kidnapper contacted Scott, it means that Serena won't be harmed. She's the kidnapper's insurance that Scott will give him what he wants. By making contact, the kidnapper is ready to begin negotiations. The police confirm that the call was a tape of Serena's voice and that it came from somewhere in Port Charles. Scott asks the police to play and replay the tape of his daughter's voice.

As Julie and Frank are enjoying their dinner they are rudely interrupted by a suitcase tumbling down the stairs. Eve soon follows, demanding to know what Julie and Frank are doing in "her" apartment. She even has a notarized lease. Julie says no problem, she was there first and she's not moving out. The bicker back and forth (for some reason Eve thinks Julie is fat) until Frank has had enough. He suggests that they both save some money by sharing the apartment.

Chris comes running into the intern's lounge, waking up Jake. He told a groggy Jake he's a little irked that a baby puked on him. What a guy. Chris leaves to take a shower. Jake gets up and went to his locker, where he contemplates a lovely glamour shot of Danielle.

Speaking of Danielle... She is talking to Rex, expressing her concern that this kidnapping of Serena has gone on too long. Rex assures her that they have moved on to the next level of the game.

As Scott gets off the phone with Lee, a note from the kidnappers arrives.

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