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Port Charles Recaps: The week of June 2, 1997 on PC
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Sunday, June 1, 1997

by Nicole Berardi

Port Charles premiere began with Lucy getting her pregnancy test results, she is pregnant! Lucy hugged and kissed her doctor while planning all the things that she had to do on her way home to her "Doc". Meanwhile, Kevin was having a session with Gail. They were discussing Lucy's canceled reunion with Serena. As she leaves the hospital, Lucy plans how to give the news to Kevin, then the power went out, she is trapped in the elevator!

The generators restore power to the hospital just as the intern gather for the reception, but the elevators still have no power. Karen thinks the patient elevators may be on a different circuit, so they all head that way. When they finally get up to the party they realize something isn't right. Then someone locks them in with a remote. They begin to assess the situation, there are only 7 interns in the program yet there are 8 people there—the 8th person then pulls out a gun.

Scotty shows up to pick up Serena, only to find out someone else has beaten him to it, his first suspicion is Lucy. Scotty heads to PC.

The interns are being held hostage by Dr. Cooper, who was turned down for an internship around the time Karen received hers. He planned the party to get revenge on whoever stole his place. Dr. Scanlon discreetly pulls out his phone to call for help, when he tries to use it Cooper sees him and threatens the lives of the women if the men try anything funny again. It is a family tradition for the Cooper's to become doctors doing their internship at General Hospital.

Frank Scanlon told Audrey and the chief resident how excited his brother was about the reception, only no one else knows about it. They all head up to the sixth floor to find out about it, Frank stops to tell security something fishy is going on. Security calls the police when shots are fired.

While the interns try and reason with Cooper, Audrey and Dr. Faulk show up and try to get everyone out. Cooper fires more shots and hits Audrey in the head with his gun. Audrey comes to briefly but Dr. Faulk is dead. Cooper then shuts down the back up generator.

Kevin gets Lucy's message and a call from Gail telling him the hospital is being evacuated, and rushes over to help Lucy. Lucy finds the door in the roof of the elevator and opens it, she drops it and Cooper fires more shots in the direction of the elevator. Then he calls security to find out what they are doing about the hostage situation. Karen guesses it she is the one who stole Coopers place, so she offers to stay if he lets everyone else go. Instead, he makes the interns operate on Audrey without the proper tools and sterile environment. She begins to have seizures and everyone begins to find things to use during surgery.

Security finds Kevin in the hospital trying to find Lucy, Frank offers to help Kevin get her out. Lucy climbs out of the elevator and just as it falls a little more, she grabs onto a ladder. She calls for help and Cooper fires more shots. Kevin finds her and heads to the main control panel to reprogram it. Frank gets in the elevator, he opens the doors a little and then calls Mac Scorpio to brief him on the situation. Mac then calls Cooper.

Cooper reads everyone's files, including everything about Karen's past as a stripper. She offers to strip for him, giving the other interns a chance to grab Cooper. Eve grabs the gun and turns it on him and the cops come in and arrest him. At the same time Kevin fixes the elevator. Tony comes in to help with Audrey, they rush her to surgery.

As Lucy and Kevin head home, the police take her in for questioning on a federal matter, when she won't tell them where she was all afternoon they arrest her.

Alan has to put Joe Scanlon in front of the hospital board for operating on Audrey, he promises to fight back, but until then he can't start his internship.

Monday, June 2, 1997

by ABC Daytime

Scotty continued to badger Lucy about Serena's whereabouts. Lucy tried to convince everyone that she had nothing to do with Serena's disappearance and Kevin and Mac defended her. Scotty pleaded with Lucy by using Serena's blanket and stuffed animal and telling her that they had never spent a night apart. Lee called Scotty to tell him his daughter was there and Scotty rushed out. After giving a statement to the police, Joe offered Karen a ride, which she declined. Frank comments about Karen's toughness and Joe remembered when they were children and he helped a scared Karen. Joe arrived home and found Alan Quartermaine waiting for him. Gail and Lee were relieved that Karen was safe. Karen accused Lee of pulling strings so she would get the internship at General Hospital. Karen explained what happened while being held hostage and that she planed to return to San Francisco. Karen left a message for Jagger that she really needed to talk to him. Lee asked Karen to stay in Port Charles with her family. Lee then told Karen that her father is back in town. Scotty arrived and was devastated when he found Karen and not Serena. Scotty apologized to Karen for his reaction and revealed that Serena was missing. As Scotty rushed back to the police station, he was hit by a car.

Tuesday, June 3, 1997

by Nicole Berardi

Alan went to Joe's house to talk to him about the revue board. He says he is there as Joe's friend, they discuss the fact that Joe has a reputation as a talented doctor and having a violent temper. Alan advises he get himself under control before the revue board meets.

Karen tries to help Scott, but all he wants is to find Serena. He tries to tell her he is fine but, she still won't let him up.

Frank tries to find out what's going on with Frank and offers his help. Joe turns him down, so they go inside and try and explain what happened to their mother. At the same time Joe has flashbacks, trying to cover Frank changes the subject until they are called to an accident—it's Scott. He tries to say he doesn't need to go to the hospital, but everyone insists. Scott asks his father to find Serena. Karen went with Scott and told Joe Scott is her father.

Lucy finally breaks down and told the FBI she was at the hospital having a blood test and waited for the results from 3pm until 7pm. Then she asks for a minute with Kevin alone as he realizes the doctor she saw was an OBGYN... she confirms his suspicions—she is pregnant! Lucy cries and Kevin is amazed.

Dr. Burgess sends Scott for surgery, and then Alan asks her to take over as chief resident.

Karen told Joe she is leaving PC to go home—tomorrow.

Wednesday, June 4, 1997

by Nicole Berardi

Frank tries to talk to Dr. Burgess about helping Joe, but she says Joe will have to deal with the revue board.

Lucy gets home and doesn't feel right about not hearing from Scott. Gail asked a neighbor to stay by their phone for word about Serena, when Lucy calls she told her about Scott. There is still no word about Serena. Mac shows up and Lucy begs him to help find her, but officially he can't...he's been fired for arresting Dorman without evidence. He says he is going to find her anyway. He is going to start by heading to Canada.

Joe asks Karen to stay, he told her to sleep on it and decide after things settle down. Frank comes to get Joe, but he is going to wait with Karen. They talk privately and Frank asks him why he didn't tell him he was suspended, Joe says he will deal with it himself.

Chris' girlfriend finds Julie Morris' folder and asks why he has it. He assumes she is spying, she says she was only trying to hang up his suit. Chris claims he is tired and offers her money... to pay for her cab fare and says he'll call her. She wishes him good luck with his internship. After she leaves Chris toasts to Julie Morris.

Kevin and Lucy go to see Scott, and Kevin meets Karen. They figure out she's the daughter Lee and Gail meant for Scott to come and see. Lucy told Scott that she, Mac and Kevin are going to find Serena all he has to do is get better. As they leave, Kevin and Lucy promise to keep Karen updated and she promises to do the same.

Thursday, June 5, 1997

by IsleGal

Frank and Joe are fixing up an apartment to rent to one of the resident doctors. Frank is putting up a notice of the rental in the resident's common room when (didn't get her name) in in only a towel and chats wit Frank about the apartment and hopes she can afford it, he reassures her she will be able to afford it. She told him she will go check out the apartment at 234 Bain Street, after she has appeared at Joe's review board hearing.

Kevin finds Lucy in the living room after being up all night worrying about Serena and Scotty. Kevin tries to get her to go lay down and rest, if only for the babies sake. Mac comes over to tell them that th Canadian police haven't been able to get any clues on who took Serena, other than she went willingly with a long brown haired woman. He and Kevin go to the hospital, armed with Serena's favorite blanky and stuffed kitty, to check on Scotty's condition and see if they can talk with him.

Scotty is out of ICU and in a private room dreaming of a picnic with Serena, he turns around and she is gone. He wakes up and tries to get out of bed to go look for her. Eve told him to stay put and she would get him something for the pain. After she leaves he painfully gets up and dressed, tries to leave but is in a lot of pain. A female nurse (didn't catch her name) comes in and not knowing he is Scotty (he is sitting on the side of the bed dressed and to me obviously in a lot of pain) asked where the patient is, that he shouldn't be out of bed. Scotty says he is in the bathroom, she gets upset saying he needs a bedpan and shouldn't be out of bed in his condition. Scotty convinces her he is the patients attorney and to go get a wheelchair for the patient. She, upset, gets the wheelchair and informs him not to call for her when he realizes he is in no condition for it. After she leave he half laying in the chair rolls out of the hospital (where is half th hospital as he is going down the hall looking in this condition?)

Karen has been called as a witness to Joe's review and decides she ma stay on in Port Charles for awhile to see how things go for Scotty and if they find Serena.

Lucy is watching a VCR tape of Serena with Scotty in Canada when Scotty arrives at Lucy's house and pounds on the door calling for Serena. As Lucy opens the door Scotty passes out in her arms......

Friday, June 6, 1997

by ABC Daytime

On his way to orientation Jake's landlord gave him a returned letter from Danielle. Dr. Burgess began to call roll when Joe entered and said that his name was left off the list. He continued to tell Dr. Burgess that according to hospital guidelines, he was allowed and would continue to keep up with the classes until his hearing. After support from the others, Joe was allowed to stay. Jake was late and Dr. Burgess reprimanded him and told the interns that mistakes would not be accepted. Grace entered and told Dr. Burgess that Scotty had left. Julie revealed that Eve is the one who helped Scott leave the hospital. Karen mentioned that Scott was probably at Kevin's. Matt expressed that he was having problems finding a suitable apartment. When she was leaving the hospital, Eve got Kevin's address from the hospital directory and headed there. Karen met with Lee and asked him to help Joe. As he was leaving, Joe answered a call from Karen's husband. Jake returned home and found Danielle there. Meanwhile, Lucy explained to Scotty that she did not have Serena and that he heard Serena's voice from a tape. Lucy explained to Scotty that she is pregnant and Scotty agreed that Lucy would never harm Serena. Lucy promised to help find Serena. Scotty's frustration and pain caused him to yell at Lucy. Then, Kevin entered and told Scott not to use that tone in his house and refused to treat Scotty. Lucy then made Scott lay down and rest while she and Kevin went outside to talk. An angry Eve then entered the lighthouse. In a small house Serena told her stuffed animals that her daddy will come for her soon.

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