General Hospital Recaps: The week of June 9, 1997 on GH

Dorman was found dead in the morgue. Monica found Emily wandering the halls of the hospital, covered in blood. Carly discovered Jason in the morgue with Dorman's body, so Jason had her call the police.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of June 9, 1997 on GH
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Monday, June 9, 1997

by Connie

The mainframe computer, at GHis back up. The staff congratulate Stefan for a job well done (even Nickolas). Bobbie just stands off staring at him in disbelief. She goes to the payphone and calls Luke at the club and tells him she will be right over, they need to talk.

As the lights and the rest of the power returns,Alexis goes to retrieve the lap top for Stefan and in walks a rattled Alan. She asks him what's wrong. He explains he just had an upsetting conversation with someone. Meanwhile, Brenda finds Sonny in the hallway putting something in his coat pocket. He will not tell her if he found Dorman or what he put in his pocket.

Bobbie confides in Lukelater at the club. She explains how she feels about being married to the monster. Also, how she came about marrying him, which Luke never knew about. He realizes that Bobbie fell in love with Stefan. She tells him, that anything she felt for him ended when the mainframe crashed. She offers to help Luke bring Stefan down.

Carly discovers a trail of blood leading to the morgue. When she walks in and sees Dorman's body, she's grabbed from behind by Jason. He puts his hand over her mouth and she screams. He tells her to be still, while he looks around. He finds latex gloves, puts them on. He searches Dorman's body -finds nothing (obviously looking for the heroin). He then tells Carly to call the police. He explains he didn't kill him-he had just arrived right before she did. She tells him she will tell the truth, per his instructions, but will have no problem lying for him if he gets blamed for the murder.

Ned discovers Monica and Emily in the parking garage preparing to get into their car. Both have blood on the clothes and Monica is holding a bloodied scalpel. Monica tells Ned Dorman is dead. Ned tells them to go home, he takes the scalpel (with a piece of paper that was taped up on the wall) and that he will do damage control at the hospital. He wants to know all that happened when he gets to the Q's mansion.

Jason and Carly go to the police stationfor questioning and statements. AJ goes along with them, after seeing what was going on at the morgue. Carly finds out from AJ that Jason is AJ's brother. Taggert thinks Jason killed Dorman, but Jason remains quiet through the interrogation.

Sonny and Brenda are confronted by Rebecca. She snarls at Brenda and asked her if she was happy now that Dorman was dead! She goes on about how Brenda had threatened that Dorman was gonna get what he deserved and soon. Sonny brushes her off, telling Amy to get this unglued women a pill. Sonny cannot believe Brenda threatened Dorman in public in front of wittnesses.

Tuesday, June 10, 1997

by Connie

Carly is free to go. She wants to wait for Jason to be released, but AJ advises her be better if she left, they may think she's covering for Jason. At the hospital, Sonny's employee tells him that Jason was taken in by the police. So, he and Brenda go to the PCPD. Meanwhile, Jax comes in to the PD asking for Taggert. Taggert is busy with a murder investigation he's informed. Jax sees AJ and Carly and asks what's going on. AJ ignores him and walks away with Carly. Brenda and Sonny walk in. Brenda tells Jax what happened to Dorman. AJ talks to Sonny and then leaves to take Carly home. Sonny latches on to Garcia, thenTaggert insisting to talk to Jason. He tells Taggert if Jason says he didn't kill Dorman-he's telling the truth-he doesn't lie! Taggert walks off, saying Jason is staying since they still have alot of questions. Sonny calls his attorney to come in. Jax confronts Taggert and wants to know if the charges are dropped against him. Taggert tells him, no drugs were found -so the case is wide open again. He asks Jax for an alibi and Jax goes to find thelady cop who keeps following him around.

Amy is carrying on at the nurse's station next to Rebecca, complaining about Dorman's death and howit's interfering with her work. Rebecca tells her to shut up! Rebecca can't believe she's crowing about such a fine doctor and man, as if no one cares!! Amy apologizes and says she didn't realize Rebecca knew Dorman. Rebecca blurts out that she's ill and going home-find someone to cover for her. Amy says, " Well, excuusse me!" Tony is approached by Stefan asking about Audrey's condition. He tells him Audrey seems to be doing better. Stefan thanks him for a fine job on Audrey's case. Stefan tells him about Dorman and that Carly found the body.

After AJ drops Carly off at her apartment she hopes Tony stops by or calls. So she gets all fixed up, trying to look sexy. Tony does come over, she hugs him when she sees him. He wants to know if she's ok and what happened. She tells him it was awful. He gets up to leave and she kisses him and begs him to stay. Tony tells her he shouldn't have come, he doesn't want to hurt her. He says it's over between them and to get used to it. She runs to the bedroom, falls on the bed and starts to cry.

Ned comes to the Q's mansion and Monica is waiting for him. She tells him that she found Dorman dead and also, saw a scapel and Emily's locket and took them. She went to find Emily. Emily had blood on her and was in a trance. She took her through the back exit to take her home. Ned comes up with a cover story=All three were together on the hospital terrace when they heard Dorman was in the hospital and they agreed to take Emily home. Ned wants to lie to everyone, including Alan. Monica throws a fit; no lying to Alan. Ned carries on about protecting Emily and the family against scandal. In walks Alan, so Monica decides right then to go with the cover story. She later tells Ned that a good reason not to tell Alan is he would also be an accessory. They worry that Emily may not go along with the cover-up story. Ned says one of them should be with her at all times to ward off interference.

Stefan discuss back at the hospital how guilty they feel about Audrey almost dying during the blackout. They agree they still need to go forward with the big plan. AJ calls Monica to tell her about Jason being at the PD.

Taggert continues to try to get Jason to confess to Dorman's murder. He wants the murder weapon. The scene cuts to a big manly hand putting the murder weapon in the trunk of a car, under the rug where the spare tire is.

Wednesday, June 11, 1997

by Connie

Officer Ardonowski comes to Jax's penthouse bringing breakfast. The conversation leads to the officer agreeing to being Jax's alibi the night of Dorman's murder; since she had been tailing him and knew where he was.

Stefan calls Bobbie, whose at Wyndemere. He tells her that Lucy Coe informed him the two Sponsors for the Nurses Ball backed out. Luke visits Bobbie at the castle and they talk strategy. Luke needs to get to Stefan's laptop computer and get into the main directory. He then can use the copy of the computer disc. Bobbie can't get to it, since the drawer to Stefan's desk is locked. She will get the key for Luke; Stefan always carries it on him. As they are talking, Bobbie notices Stefan coming in the room. She yells at Luke and slaps him. Luke takes the cue and they start a yelling match about the custody battle. Stefan watched for a minute, then storms in and yells for Luke to get out. After Luke leaves, Bobbie snuggles up to Stefan and thanks him. They start to kiss and hug. She searches his suit pocket for the key. They end up on the couch. They are interrupted by a phone call. Stefan gets up to answer it-it's Jax. As they talk, Bobbie gets the key out of the suit pocket. Jax tells Stefan he wants to fund the Nurses Ball. Stefan goes back to the hospital. Bobbie calls Luke to tell him she got the key. She felt like a hooker again, trying to get it.

Meanwhile, at the Q mansion, Edward is ranting and raving about how Jason is a disgrace to the family. He feels the family has suffered enough scandal. Monica tells Edward that Jason didn't kill Dorman, he's not being charged, just questioned. They agree to go help him out at the PD. Alan leaves. Ned sends for Monica to come to Emily-she is awake. Emily wakes up crying and carries on about how sorry she is and that she didn't know. She mentions how Dorman read her diary. Ned and Monica try to sooth her. They eventually tell her Dorman was murdered. Emily says, " How?" Monica tells her that it isn't important how. It's important to know that Dorman will not hurt anyone anymore. Later when Monica takes food up to her, Emily remembers that Monica had Blood on her blouse sleeve yesterday.

Garcia tells Taggert they have found the morgue attendants. He tells him that Dorman was anxious to get a body out of there. He was going to fly it to the family in Chicago. The address ended up being a vacant lot. While they talk, Sonny and Jason speak for the first time. Sonny is not too happy about the situation Jason is in. Mr. Balentine, the attorney was off checking out the statement the cops wrote up for Jason to sign. Alan comes in and he speaks to Mac (who came in earlier) about Jason. Alan, Mac and Sonny and Balentine, start demanding some action to get Jason released. Taggert and Garcia said he's staying for now, they have a lead to follow up on at the morgue and will be back soon. They go and search the body and find the heroin. They go back to the PD, and Garcia tells Taggert to release Jason-no evidence and besides, he wants to nail Sonny. He feels he could be guilty. Jason is released. Alan talks Jason into going over to the mansion to see Emily. Mac goes with them.

Taggert and Garcia huddle over the latest report that comes in. The hair samples that were found on the murder scene: One dark, One Blond.

Thursday, June 12, 1997

Brenda is at the PC Hotel waiting to have dinner with Sonny when Jax arrives and sees her. He goes over to the table and sits down. He asks her if she is waiting for someone, and she says yes. Just as she is getting ready to tell Jax that she has decided to stay with Sonny, Sonny walks up to the table. Sonny tells them that the police found Dorman's heroin and that he was hiding it in dead bodies. Jax tell Sonny that it seems real convenient , now Dorman is dead, that he is a suspect again. Alexis shows up at the Quartermaine house to tell them that even though she can't represent Monica she will help in anyway they can. Ned and Alexis go to the Port Charles hotel for lunch.

Emily is told that Dorman is dead , she doesn't seem to remember what happened the day before. Alan , Ned, and Edward are in the library when Jason and Mac show up. Mac tells them that they couldn't hold Jason , for they had no evidence against him. Mac brought him over to the house to see Emily. Alan goes up stairs to tell Emily that Mac and Jason are here. She gets upset that the police are at the house. Alan and Monica go down stairs to get Jason, while Emily is eating she has a flashback of the shirt that had blood on it and starts to run out of the room when Jason shows up. Mac is downstairs telling Monica and Alan that the police will want to talk to them . That the hotel manager has told the police that Monica rented the room. Alan started to fling comments about Dorman and Mac tells him to start watching what he is saying. Alan then storms out of the room to calm down. Later on Edward tell Alan that he needs to go clean up, that he looks a mess and that he has lost a coat button.

Meanwhile at the hotel Sonny is explaining to Brenda that she can't worry about him all the time, that danger is part of the package, and to keep him she will have to except that and that he will never let her go again. Over at the other table Alexis is insinuating that Ned is hiding something. Ned is flirting with her and she tells him that he seems to flirt with her when he is avoiding a question.. At the Quartermaine house Emily tells Jason that yesterday was the second anniversary of her mothers death. She asked Jason what makes someone kill another person and he tells her a lot of reasons and that she is to young to worry. He tells her he will come back to see her again and goes down stairs.

After Jason leaves Emily sneaks into Monica's room and finds the bloody shirt in the dirty clothes hamper. Down stairs Mac, Monica and Alan are talking about the what happened with Monica at the motel. Alan tells Mac that Dorman got what he deserved, Jason is hiding behind the door listening in. Katherine and Nikolas are at the hospital doing her physical therapy and discussing the problems that he and Stefan are having when Jax walks in. Katherine tells Nikolas that they will discuss this later. Jax tells Katherine that he wants to donate all the money for the Nurses Ball this year and also donate enough money to build a new drug dependency wing. He tells Katherine that he knows that his marriage is over and that this is his way of trying to help Brenda.

At the hospital, Lucky is talking with Amy about doing some community service work there for the summer. In the ICU Audrey has a visitor, it appears that her granddaughter Sarah Webber has come to take care of her. Amy notices that Lucky has taken a liking to Sarah and they start talking about how she is related to Audrey. In the end they find out that Sarah isn't really related by blood, but loves Audrey like she really is. Down in the morgue Jax arrives to see where Dorman had been murdered. After he leaves Jason shows up to check to see if he had forgotten anything that could incriminate Monica or Emily. At the police station, Detectives Taggert and Garcia are discussing the evidence, strands of hair and a button they found clenched in Dorman's hand.

Friday, June 13, 1997

Over At the Quartermaines' Detective Taggert is insisting on talking with Emily. He tells Alan and Monica that they have a choice, either he can talk to her here at the house or downtown. They agree to let him talk to her but they insist that it not be alone . Ned walks in and Monica tells him that Taggert is here to talk to Emily. In the library Eward is telling the detective that nobody will miss Dorman , that he was dispicable, and that he got what he deserved but nonetheless, nobody here killed him, then ordered him to leave. Taggert still insisted on speaking with Emily and finally everyone agreed. Taggert asked Emily what she remembered, she told him not much, but that it was odd that she was wearing a robe over her hospital gown.

Ned got worried and jumped in and reminded the detective that it was real hectic that day and Taggert replied " how convenient." All of a sudden Emily starts to freak out when she realizes that she has lost her locket. Monica then softly hugs her and tells her not to cry that she has the locket, that it must of fallen off of her when they were leaving the hospital and she picked it up.As the detective is leaving Edward reminds Alan to change his jacket because of the missing button . Taggert proceeds to tell them that they will be back for hair samples and Lila gets mad. Alan corners Monica and insists that she tell her what she is hiding about the murder.

At Sonny's house Brenda tells Sonny that she has a surprise for him and to close his eyes. They play around for awhile, but Sonny doesn't want to close his eyes and tells Brenda this story that when he was a kid , some kid told him to close his eyes and when he did he hit him in the face. So Brenda tells him to turn around then and she goes over to behind the couch and gets a picture for him. She tells Sonny that when they were at the jail she saw the look on his face when he works, so she went back to the country and took a picture of it. She says that the place in the picture is also a part of him and the picture will always remind them of that. They are all snuggled up on the couch fantasizing about the home they will build someday, when there is a knock on the door.

Jason goes over to Carly's house to ask her to go over with him exactly what she saw that day, that he has the feeling that he might have forgot something. She starts to get sick and Jason gets concerned and asks her how long she has been feeling this way and she says about a week. He asks her what symptoms she has, then asks her if she has told Tony. She asks why?You could be pregnant tells her. No way she yells! She tells Jason that she remembers that one of Dormans hands was clenched closed. They both ask each other if they saw the murder weapon, they both say no. Jason leaves but concerned about what Jason has said, Carly goes out and buys a pregnancy test.

Over at Sonny's house there is a pounding at the door and Sonny yells, who is it ? Jason replies its me. Sonny opens the door and Jason tells Sonny about seeing Jax at the morgue and they are both wondering what he was doing there. Brenda jumps in claiming that Jax wouldn't kill anyone. Sonny says that Dorman disgraced Jax's family and anything is possible. As Jason is leaving Sonny tells Jason that he wants to know where he is at all times. Brenda asks Sonny how long this is going to go on. He tells her that he has to keep up the investigation to the end.

At the hospital Jax is waiting to have a meeting with Stefan. Amy tells him that Stefan is running late, that he is suppose to take some pictures with the nurses for the Nurses Ball. All the nurses are thanking him for sponsoring the ball this year. In the library Stefan and Bobbie are talking about the wonderful time they had last night. Stefan kisses her as he leaves to go the meeting with Jax. After he leaves Bobbie goes over to the desk where Stefans laptop computer is and opens it up. As she is turning it on the door to the library opens up and Bobbie thinks its Stefan. She is relieved that it was Luke and not Stefan. Luke asks her if she has found anything yet and how long they have before Stefan returns. Bobbie tells him maybe a couple of hours. Bobbie tries to get into the files but a password is required. They both spend a lot of time trying to figure out the password. Bobbie gets worried that Stefan will return and asks Luke to leave already.

Over at Carly's house AJ shows up just as she is performing the pregnancy test. AJ wants to visit for awhile but Carly tells him that she is getting ready to go. He asks her if Tony has come back yet and she hugs him and says no. Later on Tony shows up at her house and asks her if she is pregnant, she tells him that it is not his problemRecap --->

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