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Port Charles Recaps: The week of July 28, 1997 on PC
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Monday, July 28, 1997

Julie asks Frank to talk to her. She says she never lied about her feelings for him. Chris shows up and asks if this a bad time.

Serena wishes Lucy was better, and Eve tries to reassure her.

Scott asks Jake if Lucy is going to be OK, he told him he isn't sure yet.

Kevin tries to get Lucy to relax, but she is too upset. She begs the doctors to tell her that her baby is OK.

Julie told Chris that she will call him later, but Frank says it is OK. They go outside to talk. He told her about Coopers parent's malpractice suit and that Cooper is going to be transferred.

Jake told Scott that Lucy will be OK. Scott guesses that he also means the baby won't be. Jake explains that the pregnancy has been compromised and Scott told him he is talking about someones child.

Kevin comes out and told Scott the doctor is examining Lucy, but she wanted him to come out and check on Serena. The doctor calls Kevin and he went back in with Lucy. The doctor explains she can't find a heartbeat and orders another test. Lucy can't believe it and told the doctor not to give up this can't be true. Kevin hugs Lucy and Lucy apologizes, but he told her not to...it's not her fault. She asks if he is crying, she couldn't bear it if he was crying. He assures her he isn't crying. She begs him not to let her go.

Scott went to see Serena and thanks Eve. Scott asks Serena to go inside and wait with him, but she won't go even when he promises to hold her hand. She asks if Lucy is coming home. Scott told her that Lucy has to stay here for a few days. He explains that Lucy and Kevin's baby was born too early and couldn't live. Lucy and Kevin are very upset now. Serena says she feels bad for Lucy. Scott told Serena that the night she was born Lucy was there too, there were never two happier people than they were that night. They look for Dominique's star, and Scott says it looks brighter tonight because Lucy's baby is with Dominique now. Serena says that her mom will take care of the baby just like she would take care of her.

Lucy returned from the test and asks the doctor what they do now. The doctor told her they have to schedule a D&C for tonight. Kevin asks why so soon, and the doctor told him the test showed no heartbeat or movement so it would be better for Lucy to have the procedure done tonight. She leaves to schedule the procedure. Lucy cries and told Kevin she feels no more pain anymore. She went on to say she didn't mind the pain with Serena because it was worth it in the end. This time there is no more pain and all she can do is lay there and watch their dreams fade away. Then they are going to wheel her in and give her medicine for the pain and hope it makes her forget, but she will never ever forget this. Kevin holds her while she cries.

Frank can't understand why Julie lied. She says she came to PC to make a life for herself on her own and was going to tell him. His pager went off and he has to leave. She grabs the article and burns it.

Scott told Eve to watch Serena carefully...she's all he's got. Eve asks Serena what she wants to do now. They look at the stars and name them all. Serena shows Eve her mommy's star and told her Lucy's baby is with her now. Eve sees a bruise on her arm and asks how she got it. Serena doesn't know.

Lucy told Kevin if the baby was a boy she wanted to name it Simon. Kevin repeats the name...Simon Coe Collins. She wanted him to be just like his daddy, strong. Kevin says he would be strong like his mommy, but Lucy says she doesn't feel very strong. She told him she is going to be OK and asks him not to be worried about her. She asks Kevin to say it, and he holds her as he told her he loves her. The doctor comes in and told them it is time. Lucy gives her engagement ring to Kevin and asks him to hold it until she gets back so that she has something to look forward to. She told him she loves him and they take her to the OR. Kevin looks at the ring and breaks down. Scott comes into the room.

Tuesday, July 29, 1997

by ABC Daytime

A sad Lucy realized that her dreams of motherhood were not going to come true. Kevin urged Lucy to deal with her grief. Serena offered Lucy comfort in the form of the Dirty Kitty stuffed animal that Lucy had originally given her. Scott later tried to comfort Lucy by relating how she had managed to carry Serena to term, but their conversation was overheard by Serena. A torn Joe agreed to cover Karen's shift so that she could meet Jagger at the airport. Later, Joe overheard Rhonda tell Karen that Jagger was not coming. Serena recognized Danielle, but only remembered meeting her in the park. Rex ordered Danielle to use Lucy's vulnerable state to get closer to her, but Danielle changed her mind after seeing the extent of Lucy's pain. A defiant Danielle then returned and told a stunned Rex that her role in his scheme was over.

Wednesday, July 30, 1997

by Nicole Berardi

Karen asks Rhonda why Jagger isn't coming. Joe walks over and gives Karen a picture she dropped.

Eve went over to talk to Frank while she waits for her sandwich. He says let me guess it's about the rent, and then told her it isn't a good time. He asks Mike about his and Joe's sandwich and sits down. Eve comes over, sits down and asks about his date with Julie. Frank guesses that it was her.

Danielle informs Rex that she won't take advantage of Lucy even if it means spending time in jail. She went to walk away from Rex and he grabs her.

Serena asks what they meant by Lucy giving birth to her. Lucy tries to make excuses and Scott interrupts and told her it is time she knew. Scott told Serena it is complicated and asks Lucy how to start. Lucy told her that they wanted a baby very, very much. Scott says Dominique and him were very happy and so was someone else....Serena guesses that it was Lucy. Scott says it was.

Rex is scaring Danielle. She explains that it would be rude to show up at Lucy's at a time like this. He disagrees, this is perfect because all of Danielle's emotions are real. She told him she had no idea he was stupid. Rex told Danielle to be quiet, but she went on and told him Lucy isn't stupid. He says she is off the hook for now and she leaves.

Frank guesses this is Eve's way of getting him back for the night he tried to kick her out. Eve keeps telling him she didn't do anything. He told her that her rent is due in two days and make sure it is in legal tender this time. She went to get her sandwich and tries to get Mike to start running a tab for her but he doesn't go for it after the marked bills she tried to pass. As she went to leave she spots Jake and asks him to borrow five dollars. He gives in when she starts to flatter him. Mary shows up and asks Frank if he and Julie are up to poker this Friday. He gets his order and leaves. Mary told Mike something is wrong.

Joe apologizes for interrupting Karen. Karen shows Rhonda the picture, Serena made it for Jagger. Rhonda told her Jagger had a good reason, he had a hearing he had to be at. Karen says she is past disappointed, and says she is going to work. Rhonda mentions that Joe is a nice guy and Karen says she figured she felt that way after what Rhonda told his mother. Rhonda apologizes for blabbing like that. Karen leaves to go to work, it is the only place she feels better.

Mary talks about how Frank helped out after his dad died. Then she asks about Sonny, Mike hasn't heard anything. Mary says that while she was on vacation she decided it was time to have a life of her own.

Joe complains about Jagger canceling his trip to Frank. Karen walks in. Joe apologizes and she says it is ok, by the time the day is over she will have said much worse about her husband. Frank leaves. Joe asks what she is doing there and she told him she is going to work. He offers to still cover for her, but she told him to go ahead and go home. Joe leaves and she puts the picture in her locker. She also takes off her wedding ring, throws it in the locker and slams it shut.

Jake told Danielle how lucky he is to have her and asks her if she would meet his parents. She told him she would be honored. His pager went off and he has to leave.

Mike toasts to guilt free living and invites her to the track as Frank walks up. Mike asks Frank if he can keep his mothers company and Frank says he gives his blessing. They all laugh.

Scott told Serena that Dominique needed a tummy to hold you and they asks Lucy. Dominique and Scott made her and Lucy gave birth to you. Serena thinks it's cool. Scott told her it is more than cool, Lucy gave her the best gift, Lucy gave her life. Serena looks at her and says thank you. Lucy says she is very welcome. Scott bets Dominique is very happy right now. Serena told Kevin and Lucy that their baby is with Dominique and she is taking care of it just like they are taking care of Serena for Dominique. Lucy asks for a hug. Kevin went outside and plays with a musical lamb and cries.

Thursday, July 31, 1997

by Pamala

Julie comforted Karen when she found out about her martial problems with Jagger. Ellen asked Karen if Scott could handle her legal problems. Ellen agreed to give Karen a few days off. Karen told Joe that she was taking time off to pay Jagger a surprise visit in San Francisco. Frank wondered if Cooper was the one who had sent him the article about Julie. Despite Joe's efforts to get at the truth, Frank did not tell Joe what was bothering him. Meanwhile, Eve asked Julie if she was having difficulties with Frank, and Julie blamed herself for her problems with Frank. Eve told Julie about a relationship she had once had with an older man who did not treat her properly. Eve explained how she had to go into debt to pay back her ex-lover the money he had spent on her. Danielle surprised Jake with a romantic dinner and she agreed to fly with him to meet his parents. Matt continued to ponder the idea that Cooper had faked his seizures.

Friday, August 1, 1997

by ABC Daytime

Scott surprised Eve and thanked her for keeping Serena occupied while Lucy was in the hospital. Eve mentioned to Scott about the bruise she had seen on Serena's arm and thought that someone had drawn blood. An alarmed Scott wondered if Serena had gotten the bruise during her kidnapping and took Eve with him back to the lighthouse. Kevin shared with Mac the pain he was feeling over Lucy's miscarriage. Mac told Kevin that his research confirmed what Rex had told Lucy, but that he would do some further digging. Rex told Danielle that she would not be able to leave town to meet Jake's parents and told her to arrange for them to visit Port Charles. Danielle made love to Jake as if it was for the last time. Danielle then visited Dominique's grave and promised that she would not allow Rex to hurt Serena anymore. Meanwhile, Rex observed Gail and Serena in the park.

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