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Port Charles Recaps: The week of July 21, 1997 on PC
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Monday, July 21, 1997

Chris told Eve how upset he is with her since Frank and Julie are dancing and he paid her to make sure their relationship ended. Frank told Julie he is worried about her and apologizes for not being there when Cooper wasn't brought in. She says it was OK, Chris was there. Frank doesn't like Chris, but he reminds Julie of her brother. They kiss and eve interrupts. Julie asks what he wanted to ask her.

Serena asks if Scott will ever be in love with someone, and he told her he loves a lot of people...like Grandpa and Grandma, and her and Karen. They knock on Karen's door. Karen told Serena is going to meet Jagger soon.

Tony takes care of Cooper and says even though he survived there is something not right with his test results. Burgess comes in and he questions her about the care she gave Cooper in the ER. She defends her decision not to give him the medication to prevent seizures based on the tests showing no signs of them. She also says he was on his way to a psych evaluation when he had the seizure which caused the accident and believes he was faking it. Tony asks Grace to leave and asks Burgess if she could have been wrong.

Frank asks Julie to go on an official first date, she accepts. Chris blames Eve saying she didn't try hard enough, and she blows him off and leaves. She gets outside and says it is the kind of night anything can happen.

Karen told Serena about her first day in a new school, and reassures her she will be fine. Serena says she wishes her daddy could have been there, and Karen says he would have if he could have. Serena asks if sisters can be best friends, when Karen says yes Serena told her she is her best friend. Scott went to get ice cream, and Karen asks if Scott really likes her. Serena told her that their dad loves her, Karen is thrilled.

Joe and Matt talk about Cooper and Joe makes a wise crack about Burgess just as she walks in....he leaves abruptly. Matt lets Burgess know it wasn't her fault. She says she lost objectivity, but Matt says any doctor would have. Tony comes in with Cooper's test results.

Eve carries groceries in and Chris scares her. He asks if his money bought these things. She wants to know what he thinks he can do to her, and he warns her not to mess with him. Eve says love isn't worth it. Chris grabs her and told her if she doesn't help him the next time she wants something he will make sure she can't have it and leaves.

Scott returned and Karen told him Serena is sleeping so they go on the patio. She asks about his feelings when he found out about her. He told her he was mad. He explains that he would have liked to have been there for her, but he is here now. She told him she is glad.

Tony told Burgess that she could have done things differently, and he removes her from his case. Scott watches Serena sleep and then went to check on Karen, which makes her happy. Joe is in the lounge thinking, while Eve puts away groceries and spots Frank and Julie dancing on the porch. Meanwhile, Chris prepares to mail an article that will expose the truth about Julie's past.

Tuesday, July 22, 1997

Karen is on the phone with Grace, who is briefing her on the events following Cooper being brought into the ER. Scott shows up with donuts and overhears Karen asking Grace about police. When she hangs up, Scott asks if Jagger is OK. She says he is fine, but that Joe may need a lawyer again.

Danielle helps Jake put on his tie and told him she was really happy he made the announcement at the bar with the interns. She really likes Frank and Julie and suggests they invite them over for dinner. Just then Rex shows up to congratulate them. Jake is surprised, he didn't know Danielle told him.

Mike told Lucy and Kevin about the reporters hounding him for information about Sonny and Brenda. Lucy says she has been getting them too. Kevin suggests Mike call Mac, he may know some ways of dealing with the press. Kevin reassures Lucy that Serena will be back tonight, but she says that isn't what is on her mind. She told him that her so-called business associate is actually Dominique's uncle and he told her about a half sister. Rex asks her not to tell Scott, but she wonders if she should or not. She asks for Kevin's advice.

Mike offers Joe some take out for while he is on call. He asks if the reason Mary hasn't been around is because of what is going on with Sonny. Joe told him not to worry, Mary isn't around because she is in Buffalo with his aunt. As Joe went to leave, Mike told him what ever is bothering him will work itself out, too.

Rex explains to Jake that he forced Danielle to tell him their news. Jake has to leave, Rex told Danielle he wants to hear about her plans. He brought them some CD's and puts one on. He compares Jake and Danielle to the characters in Man of La Mancha, and warns her that like the lovers in the story, she could lose everything if Jake finds out the truth. He then told her he has told Lucy the truth. He made it clear to Lucy he isn't after the money, and is sure that Lucy will pay Danielle a visit.

Karen told Scott about Joe's reaction to Cooper. Serena comes in and asks if Karen has some toys, but all she has is paper and pens. Karen explains her friendship with Joe to Scott. Scott says that everything she is looking for in her marriage with Jagger is right here in PC. Karen asks what he means, she and Jagger are going to work it all out when he comes to visit. Scott drops it and says he can't wait to see him, Karen says neither can Jagger...he wants to get to know his father-in-law. Scott told Serena to get ready to leave, and Karen says they are welcome anytime....both of them.

Danielle is worried that Lucy will see right through her and hopes she won't come to see her. Rex told her to stick to their story and everything will be OK, and he will handle Scott. She told him she no longer believes that this is about the money, but some sort of sick revenge thing. He warns her not to ever call it that again.

Kevin asks why she wouldn't tell Scott, Lucy is afraid it would upset him to see Dominique's family. Lucy leaves abruptly, and Kevin says something is up.

Jake asks Karen for marriage advice and she says she is no expert. Jake leaves on rounds and Joe tries to make small talk. Karen asks if he is worried about the incident with Cooper, Joe says he doesn't think he has to worry. She feels responsible, but he says it wasn't her fault. He kissed her and he shouldn't have. They both agree they are still friends. Joe leaves for rounds and told her Burgess is on a rampage today.

Kevin went home and calls Mac. He asks him to get some information on Rex Stanton.

Scott and Serena are out feeding the ducks. She asks if he misses Canada and he says sometimes. She told him she likes it better here where she has a sister and grandparents. He agrees and says that Lucy was right, family is important.

Rex tries to reassure Danielle that everything is going to be OK. Then he warns her that if anything happens to him the police will open his safety deposit box and find out the truth, then she and Jake will spend the rest of their lives in jail. There is a knock at the door, Rex hides while Danielle answers it. It is Lucy, she looks at Danielle and looks faint.

Wednesday, July 23, 1997

by Nicole Berardi

Eve is talking to Chris about Burgess' trouble because of Cooper. A patient comes in and Burgess told them to take care of him, they can gossip about her better in the other room. Chris denies they were doing that. Chris and Eve discuss the deal they made while they treat him.

Frank looks at the mail while he waits for Julie to finish getting ready. She comes up and he throws the mail aside. He told her he is flattered she got dressed up just for him. Julie asks where they are going, he told her they are going to the best seafood restaurant in town. She spots the basket and asks what is in there....he told her to be patient.

Kevin told Mac everything he knows about Rex Stanton, Scott walks in. Kevin notices him as he hangs up and asks how long he has been standing there.

Danielle asks if Lucy is OK, she says she is...it was just the music Danielle was listening to reminded her of someone. Lucy apologizes for not calling first and introduces herself . She told Danielle that Dominique was her very best friend. Danielle invites her in. Meanwhile Rex is listening in the other room. Lucy compliments the apartment. Danielle asks why she came to see her. Lucy explains that when Rex told her about Danielle being Dominique's half-sister, she just had to meet her. Lucy senses she is making Danielle uncomfortable and offers to leave, but Danielle asks her to stay. In the other room, Rex is happy with Danielle's performance so far.

Scott sends Serena upstairs so he can talk to Kevin. Scott says he is glad Kevin is looking out for Lucy, but he warns Kevin that Lucy wouldn't like it. Kevin told Scott to stay out of his and Lucy's personal life.

Eve told Chris to be patient, Frank and Julie's relationship won't last....they never do. They finish taking care of their patient, and Chris asks why she backed off of Frank and Julie. Eve says it is because of the night Frank tried to kick her out and Julie stuck up for her.

Dr. Quartermaine office calls Grace to come up and give her statement about the night Cooper was brought into the ER. Matt told Burgess that he thinks the whole thing is ridiculous. Burgess told him he better get used to it, he will probably be next. She then told him she was wrong and should have called in another doctor to take care of Cooper.

Frank and Julie's date continues at the beach....for a picnic. She asks him why he did what he did to Eve, and he explains he was just upset about the events that took place, but it is over now. Julie then went through the basket to see what he brought, she likes all his choices. They admire the sunset and he asks if she is ready to eat....she suggest they work up an appetite first.

Scott assures Kevin he will back off, and told him there are going to be some changes around here. Kevin asks if he found a place to live. Scott says no, but he found some land he wants to buy and build a house on. Kevin says that will take a while. Scott talked to his contractor and if he breaks ground within the next few days, he will be able to move in this winter. Kevin points out he hasn't even purchased the land, so he won't be breaking ground anytime soon. Scott says maybe he will move into the brownstone until then. Kevin says it is time to celebrate. Scott asks where Lucy is.

Lucy notices a picture of Jake and Danielle told her they are engaged. Lucy asks about their wedding plans and told her she is engaged also. Danielle says she won't ever let anything come between her and Jake. Lucy can't get over how similar Danielle and Dominique are. Danielle told Lucy how great Jake makes her feel.

Burgess told Matt he can tell Dr. Quartermaine anything, because the meeting is confidential. Grace returned and asks to Burgess in private. Burgess told her there is no need, it would be all over the hospital in minutes anyway.

Lucy asks to use her bathroom. She heads towards a door, Danielle went to say no...but Lucy already has opened the door.

Thursday, July 24, 1997

by Pamala

Danielle just barely stops Lucy from entering the bedroom, but Rex is not in the room, that we can see She quickly points Lucy to the correct direction. Rex comes out and told Danielle that she is doing a great job at girl talk with Lucy. He leaves before Lucy comes back. Lucy ask if someone was there, Danielle replied quickly "it was the neighbors". Lucy says that can be fun, she used to hear the Jones' not so long ago.

Frank and Julie finished their meal at the beach with a little sand. Frank apologizes for ruining their meal, Julie says it was great. They talk about how Frank's father before he died used to never miss any of Frank's games. Frank also said how things would be different now if his knee had not failed. His father would still be alive and he would be richer. Julie says that it would not have mattered he still would be the same great guy he is now.

Eve and Chris talk at the hospital. Eve says that it's funny how Julie's halo shines from twenty paces, and how she can see Chris's horns showing. Eve asks just what Cooper had on Julie in the file that Chris stole. Chris evades the question and told Eve not to think so hard she might hurt herself.

Dr. Burgess calls everyone around when Grace returns from Dr. Quartermaines office. She wants everyone to hear what Grace told her. Grace wants to talk to her in private. Grace says that Cooper's family is lobbying to have him transferred to a long term care facility. And adds that this will be going up in front of a formal review proceeding. Dr. Burgess seems not bothered. Matt talks to Burgess and keeps at her to fight the review board, she told him to drop it. He says he can help and she did nothing wrong. She told him to tell the truth and nothing more. She then calls Kevin and says she needs to talk to him.

Kevin and Scott have a drink and talk about raising children in Port Charles and fatherhood. Scott says he knows that Port Charles is a great place because he was raised her as a child. They both agree on the same thing, fatherhood.

Lucy gets to feeling ill at her stomach, she says she might feel better if she eats something. Danielle gets her some crackers, and returned to set with Lucy. Danielle asks if Lucy would tell her something's about Dominique. Lucy then sees Dominique in her. Lucy gets emotional and says she needs to go.

Lucy went home but Kevin is not there. Scott is, they talk about how she always ends up telling him things she does not want him to know in the end, she disagrees. Lucy says that he always ends up using those things against her in the end. Scott told her that he has just put Serena to bed, and he looked in her blue eyes and seen Dominique looking at him in them. He asked her if she knew that feeling, she said she did.

Eve is treating a patient, and Chris walks in smiling. He starts saying things, and the patient asks Eve if it could be her heart or worse than they think. Eve said no way and escorts the patient out in a wheelchair. She snarls at Chris on the way out of the room. He smiles and says, revenge at last.

Frank and Julie are back at the house, she talks about fixing up a pasta he will never forget. She went downstairs to brush the sand out of her teeth. Frank gets some water on for the pasta and looks at his mail, that he previously left behind. He gets to the newspaper clipping and looks in amazement at it. Julie returned up to the kitchen and puts her arms around him from behind and asks if he missed her. He says it depends on who she really is, as he shows her the clipping. She gets a nervous look on her face and just shakes her head.

Friday, July 25, 1997

by Pamala Carroll

Julie listens as Frank reads the newspaper clipping out loud to her. She is a 3rd generation doctor in her family, and her real name is Dr. Julie Devlin. Frank says he does not want to look at her, he knows what she looks like outside, he just read the inside of her all wrong.

Eve told Chris not to contradict her in front of a patient again, or she will make him sing soprano. Chris chuckles at her anger. She reminds him that she's the doctor who has the scoop on him, and not to take her lightly. Eve explains that if he does it again she will make sure that he and Julie will never have a chance. He laughs and told her how scared he is of her. Eve says that he should not bluff with her, because she has a masters in bluffing.

Kevin and Dr. Ellen Burgess talk outside of the hospital. He urges her not to talk to him about Cooper. He might not be able to keep it confident. He told her to talk with a lawyer. Inside, Grace covers for Dr. Burgess, Dr. Alan Quartermaine wants to see Dr. Burgess.

Scott tries to get Lucy to confess that she is keeping something from him, she keeps telling him he is wrong. He holds her hands still and stops her from sewing with the needle she has in her hands. At once she grimaces in pain, he thinks the needle has pricked her. She says she thinks it is the baby. Lucy asks Scott to take her to the hospital.

Ellen told Kevin she don't think she can defend herself against GH. Explains that Alan didn't go lightly on Joe Scanlon, Kevin reminds her that she has been her a long time and is Chief Intern. Kevin told her not to talk about this to anyone else, it might come back to hurt her. She asks "if your a doctor, but can no longer be one, what next", this is her life. Kevin went on to say that there is more to life, like Lucy and the baby they are going to have. Dr. Burgess congratulates him and Lucy.

Julie tries to apologize, but Frank won't listen. He goes over everything she has lied about, that she was poor now she is rich, Her father isn't a plumber he is a cardiac surgeon, and she isn't a Catholic and doesn't have five brothers. She explains that she wanted to tell him everyday, but she couldn't bring herself to do it. Julie asked if he was checking up on her, he said it came in the mail. She thinks it was Cooper who sent it to ruin their relationship. When she was growing up everyone thought that she received breaks in life, because of her father. She explains that she even believed it at times. So she came to PC and used another name she didn't think it would matter, she admits it was wrong.

Lucy is admitted to the ER. Serena is scared and doesn't want to stay there, Scott says he needs to be with Lucy right now. Eve comes over and introduces herself to Serena as Scott's friend, and asks if she can take her out for ice cream, Scott thinks that is a good idea. Lucy asks Scott to find Kevin for her. Scott told Lucy that Serena sends her love.

Frank wants Julie to stop her apologies, he doesn't believe she is sorry. They talk about how her father used to talk about the "washouts" (the interns who don't make it), and how she always thought that would be her. Since she met Frank he has made her confident and strong, and she will always be thankful to him for that. She told Frank how much she cares for him.

Ellen agrees with Kevin and she will seek counsel. Eve and Serena walk outside, Kevin asks what she is doing there. Eve explains that they have just admitted Lucy. Kevin and Dr. Burgess run inside.

Inside Lee Baldwin is looking for Dr. Burgess and told her not to discuss the Cooper case, because he is representing the hospital. The Cooper's have filed a lawsuit against GH and Dr. Burgess. Meanwhile, in the background Dr. Chris Ramsey is eavesdropping. As they finish talking the camera follows Chris as he looks back and walks outside.

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