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Sunset Beach Recaps: The week of July 21, 1997 on SB
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Monday, July 21, 1997

by Mary deRock

Paula moves out from Ricardo's and will not see him. Gabi stops by Ricardo's "innocently" looking for Paula. Ricardo confronts Gabi, asking her who told Eddie to begin with. Gabi explains it away, but he doesn't buy it. She went to the Waffle Shop and tries to appeal to Elaine, but Elaine told her things and people aren't always what they seem. Later, Gabi gloats to herself. Eddie warns Gabi that he won't forget how she used him.

Tim and Annie develop a new plan, while Meg has another nightmare about Ben and Maria's drowning. She realizes in her dream that Ben pushed Maria as she was holding on and calling out to him. Tim arrives and comforts her after her nightmare. Ben fantasizes about Meg caressing him and kissing him. Meamwhile Annie decides to offer her services to Ben as his personal assistant.

Tuesday, July 22, 1997

by Lisa Smith

Caitlin insists on wanting to know all about the woman that came between her and Cole. Cole and Caitlin decided to go and have blood tests taken to make sure they are safe.

Sean and Tiff were about to up to Sean's room to make love, but they were interrupted by Cole and Caitlin.

Part of Paula wants to believe that Ricardo and her can work things out. Ricardo insists that he is the innocent party and that Paula should give their love a chance.

Gabi asked Mark if he believes her side of the story, he said he does believe her. Eddie believes that Gabi is manipulating Mark, like she does everyone else. Eddie told Mark about Gabi's true side... Mark blows up, defending Gabi's name.

Paula asked Mark what he saw the night she was kidnapped, he sided with Gabi, stating Ricardo hit on Gabi, and has continued to do so.

Ben and Meg spot each other, avoiding each other's gazes, they continue on with their lunches.. Annie assures Ben that she is right for the job as his personal secretary, Ben pays Annie NOT to work for him, she refuses the check and asks for a 1 week trial period. Annie went overboard in making Meg jealous, she laughs aloud, and sits on Ben's lap...Meg walks out.

Elaine wants to be on Ricardo's side, she believes that Gabi is not all that she seems to be... Ricardo and Paula face off after what Mark told Paula... Ricardo is tired of having to defend himself, and basically says that he loves Paula and always will, but it's over.

Meg reads Maria's diary where it include passages of "the cave". Maria suspects Ben may have tried to kill her in that cave.

Ben went into the cave, he has a flashback of him and Maria there... then wonders if destroying the cave will erase the memories.

Wednesday, July 23, 1997

by Saron Shevelon

Thursday, July 24, 1997

by Sharon Shevelon

Caitlin gets the results of her and Cole's blood test. The nurse reveals to Caitlin that she is pregnant. The nurse tried to tell her that she needed to make an appointment with the doctor but Caitlin hung up before she did so. Cole asked her if that was the doctor and she said yes. She told him that they were fine. Cole noticed that Caitlin was not her usual self and questions her about this. She flashes back to the night before when Cole said that he wanted to wait to have a child, and she chose not to say anything to him. Cole is so excited that now they can begin their life anew and do all the things that he has ever dreamed of. He wants to go all over Europe and take Caitlin him so that they could see everything before settling down with kids. Caitlin is worried that now there are two of them pregnant, her mother and now herself, and she asks how can that be?

Michael is searching the beach for Jimmy who has run away. He spots him under the pier. He went up to Jimmy and asks him to come home and Jimmy says he won't go anywhere with him. Michael told Jimmy that he is hurting his mother and asks if it is worth it to hurt Virginia. He says that she is doing just fine if she is kissing the man that killed her husband. Michael tries to get him to realize that, that was just a friendship kiss and nothing more. Michael tries to get Jimmy to play some ball and Jimmy told Michael that he doesn't like him and Michael told Jimmy he hasn't liked him for the past few days either. Micheal told Jimmy that is not good to carry around so much hate, and Jimmy says he wants to see to it that Michael pays for killing his father. He wants Michael brought down, brought to justice for what he did.

Tim and Annie discuss how long they should let Meg stay in the cave before Tim rescues her. They want Meg to think that Ben was the one to close off the entrance to the cave and that way she will think that she is suffering the same fate as Maria did. Tim is so sure that once this is over that he and Meg will go off into the sunset together forever. She will say goodbye to Ben forever as well.

Ben is talking to Rallins about the blasting that is to take place. Ben tells Rallins to do what needs to be done. Ben suddenly asks if the cave that is near by will be damaged and Rallins told Ben that it will cave i n. He asks Ben if it means anything to him and he said no that, that is fin e. Annie comes in and places a plant and some supplies down on Ben's desk. Ben is not impressed with her when she hands him his dry cleaning that she al so picked up for him. It is really wrinckled, and Annie told him that he n eeds to change cleaners. Annie told Ben that by this time next week he will double her salary when he realizes that she is the best Assistant that he ever had. Ben gets a phone call and told Rallins that it is ok to start the blasting. Annie hears the conversation between Ben and Rallins, and asks if they are blasting near the cave and Ben told her yes. Annie does a swit ch and told Ben that she saw Meg there just a little while before and that she was going into the cave. Ben realizes that there is danger when he can't get Rallins on the phone and makes a dash out the door with Annie trailing ri ght behind him.

Meg went into the cave to look around. She is startled to think that Mar ia almost died in there. She decides that she is going to find out what happened to Maria. She thought that when Maria and Ben had their special times there it was romantic. Then what happened to make things change? Annie and Tim are setting the stage for Meg to be trapped in the cave. T im starts to push the rock in front of the entrance. Meg tries to make her way over there before it is too late. She yells to Ben "why are you doing th is Ben"? Meg now fears that she will meet the same fate as Maria did, she w ill die in this cave. Meg finds a candle on the floor of the cave and lights it. She then takes out the journal and starts to read it, when she hears a n oise at the entrance. She runs to the entrance as Ben enters. Meg is so scar ed that she tries to back up with each step that Ben is taking. Ben is tell ing Meg that they need to get out of the cave as it is going to blow. Just a s Ben grabs for Meg there is an explosion and the cave comes crashing down upon Meg and Ben.

Michael and Virginia are walking on the pier and she is thanking him for finding Jimmy. She is afraid that she is a terrible mother because Jimmy keeps running away from her. Michael told her that he has only run away once and if it were up to him he would make sure that Jimmy would never r un away again.

Vanessa sneaks into Virginia's room hoping to find out something that wou ld tell her what Virginia is up to. She finds a book on the shelf and takes it down to look at it. There is a picture of two men in the picture. She realizes that she knows one of the men. She says Jo Jo and wonder who th at second man is. She is jotting something down when she hears Virginia com ing, so she hides. Virginia talks to Michael on the phone when he calls her a nd she told Michael that she doesn't know what she would do without him. W hen Virginia is leaving the room she notices the book out and puts it back. She leaves the room to go and find Jimmy. Vanessa comes out of hiding and pu ts the picture back inside the book and leaves the room quickly. As she is leaving Surf Central she runs into Michael. Michael is so glad that Vane ssa is putting out a helping hand to Virginia. He assures her that she has nothing to worry about and that he really loves that she would reach out to Virginia. Vanessa told Michael that she has to tell him something. She leaves without telling Michael what she found upstairs.

Elaine is so excited that Cole has moved into her home. Cole is excited that he is finally with the two women that he loves. He has found a home and he is never going to leave. He did say that he would like to change his nam e back to Deshanel and asked Elaine if that would be ok with her. She said that she would love it as she has very fond memories of Cole's father, an d that it would make her feel closer to him. Elaine told Cole that now he could raise his children here and he said well you don't have to worry about that for a couple of years. Caitlin was uncomfortable at that moment. She told Elaine that she always enjoyed the tales of the legend that now she was actually going to live it. Elaine told Caitlin about having to let AJ go and that she didn't regret letting AJ go, because Paula was so young and that would not have been any life for her daughter. She said that she loved h im so much that she didn't tell him that she was pregnant because she didn't want to trap him. Caitlin was speachless after hearing Elaine say that.

Vanessa is checking the archives for information about Jo Jo. She finds the picture that has Jo Jo and the guy that was in the book of Virginia's. She reads that they were a rival gang doing a clean up project together. The person that was with Jo Jo was Jackson Harrison, the husband of Virginia and father of Jimmy. She now asks why Virginia would have a picture of Jo Jo and wonders just what Virginia is really up to. She vows that she is going to find that out.

Friday, July 25, 1997


Tiffany waltzes into the livingroom in Olivia's clothing and costume jewelry. Sean and Tiff begin to make out, but are interrupted by Gregory and Olivia's arrival. Gregory wants Tiffany out of the house, claiming she is a user, and is using Sean. Sean protests saying if she leaves, he does too...Olivia does not want Sean to leave, therefore prompting Gregory to let Tiffany stay a bit longer, Sean will stay, and Olivia is happy.

Cole told Caitlin that he doesn't want to be tied down right now. Caitlin contemplated telling Cole about the pregnancy, but has not said anything yet.

Gabi arrived telling Ricardo she was there to pack Paula's belongings...Ricardo is upset with her for telling Paula about the shower incident and turning the whole story around...he leaves and told her to be out by the time he returns. Paula arrives and finishes packing, Gabi leaves. Ricardo returned while Paula is there, he receives a phone call saying that there was an explosion in the caves, Paula went with him.

Annie and Tim ask the man who was detinating the explosives where Ben and Meg where. The man says he had not seen Ben since the afternoon, Annie and Tim realize Ben went straight to find Meg instead of asking to stop the explosion. Tim and Annie realize they must help find Ben and Meg, if not, their deaths will be their faults.

Ben awakes to find Meg unconscious...he talks to Meg, vowing if she makes through this okay, they will be together. Meg awakens frightened of Ben, asking why did he trap her in the caves like he did Maria. Ben dumbfounded asked where she got that idea. Meg admits she has been reading Maria's journal. Ben insists he doesn not know why Maria would make up such lies. They try to find a way out of the cave, but it seems permanetly sealed...Meg asks Ben if they are going to die.

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