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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of July 21, 1997 on GL
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Monday, July 21, 1997

by Jeannae Dickerson

JESSE is telling MICHELLE that he hates the Bauer family because her father killed his mother. His mother went into premature labor with him, and his father took her to the emergency room at Cedars. Michelle's father was working there that night and was drunk and caused his mother's death. Michelle admits that her father had a drinking problem but he never let his drinking interfere with his work. They yell at each other. Jesse's father comes in. Jesse tells her to get out and don't ever come back. She leaves yelling, "I hate you." Jesse says to his father, "You did a hell of a job of teaching me how to hate."

FRANK tells ELENI that he can go to Greece with her. She says that it won't be a vacation; she is going to help out with her sick grandmother. She tells him he must stay home and mind the diner and Marina. Buzz says he has to go see an old army buddy to help him work through flashbacks. Buzz and Eleni later have a discussion about how dangerous their business in Switzerland will be.

PHILLIP and STARLA (Harley) are kissing as JEFFREY and JENNA watch. Phillip agrees to go to New York with them to hide the $25 million so his family will never find it. Jeffrey says he will make plane reservations for tomorrow morning but Phillip insists that they leave within the hour or the deal is off. He says he is not going to carry $25 million in bearer bonds on a commercial flight. He says they will take the Spaulding jet and he doesn't want to wait until morning because his family will get suspicious. Jeffrey says he has things to attend to first but Phillip says he can do it on the plane. They have phones, faxes and laptop computers. Jenna talks Jeffrey into going along with Phillip. Jenna says she will pack and meet them at the plane. While waiting for Jenna, Jeffrey goes to the onboard office to make a phone call. Phillip sees that Harley has a gun in her purse. Jenna arrives and they have champagne.

RICK and ABBY talk about Kevin and then about Michelle. He is worried about her involvement with Jesse. Abby says she wants to get in the hot tub but does not have a bathing suit. She puts on one of Michelle's two-piece suits (with a robe over it because she is embarrassed). When Rick insists that she remove the robe, he looks at her and asks her to marry him. She says there are things she must consider. Just then Michelle bursts in asking about Ed's drinking problem and whether he was ever drunk at the hospital. Rick says that was a long time ago when he was just a kid and she wasn't even born yet. He says Ed was suspended from the hospital. That's when he admitted that he was an alcoholic and started going to AA.

Tuesday, July 22, 1997

by Sarai

While Eleni is preparing to leave for Switzerland, Frank catches her packing a sexy red dress and questions her. Of course, he thinks that Eleni is going to Greece to visit her sick grandmother, when she is actually going w/Buzz to help the sting operation with Jenna, Phillip & Harley. Frank become leary when Eleni refuses to allow him to take her to the airport, and definitely suspects that something is not right when he find that she sure enough took the red dress with her.

Reva, Josh, Annie and Alan meet with the judge in his chambers. Even though Reva declines to press charges, she has no inhibitions about expressing exactly what she feels about Annie. Annie persuades the judge to not keep her under house arrest, and she must only comply with weekly visits with the court appointed psychiatrist. Also, a restraining order is issued against Annie with regards to Reva & her family. Afterwards, Alan places a phone call to a contact and asks for all available financial history on Lewis Oil. Annie tells herself that the only step left is revenge; she plans to find Reva's sister and make Reva's life "a living hell."

Dinah receives a call from the waitress who had Vanessa as a customer in her restaurant. Dinah and Hart are on their way to speak with her.

Matt is determined to finish the lakeside dream house that he had once began building for Vanessa. Michael tried desperately to talk him out of it, and says that he is demonstrating manic/compulsive behavior. Matt ignores him, and even refuses to go with Hart & Dinah to follow their new lead on Vanessa, He thinks that if he finishes this dream house, Vanessa will somehow feel compelled to come home.

Wednesday, July 23, 1997

by Sarai

Thursday, July 24, 1997

by Angela Vogel

The search for Vanessa resumes and intensifies. Billy, Josh, Reva, Dinah and Hart assemble at the diner to put their heads together and fish through tips from people who claim to have spotted Vanessa.

Eleni and Buzz assume Jenna and Jeffrey's identities and go to the bank to access their safety deposit box. Once there, Buzz uses Jeffrey's fingerprint (he lifted it and attached to his thumb) to clear security. But when the bank manager also asks for the date of their last transaction, Eleni must fake a fainting spell so Buzz can sneak a peek at the date. It works and they get in. Inside the safety deposit box is evidence that Jeffrey has set Jenna up to take the fall for all of their heists. Buzz and Eleni grab the evidence and take off, to the tune of the bank manager calling, "Wait, Mr. and Mrs. Morgan, stop!"

Jenna discovers that Jeffrey has bugged Phillip and "Starla" (Harley's) hotel room and is remote viewing them in bed (they are supposed to be making love). She in unsuccessful at getting him to turn the TV off, so she slips a note to them via the waitstaff. Once Harley is clued in, she dances close to Phillip and whispers in his ear that Jeffrey is watching and they have "to make this look real, very real." Then they get under the covers and try to make it look like they're making love.

Frank calls Yaya in Greece to speak to Eleni and discovers she's not there. Yaya warns him that his marriage could be in terrible trouble since his wife is off somewhere in secret. Frank storms out of the diner intent on finding Eleni.

Michelle and Jesse agree to stop his tutoring (she was teaching him to read). Michelle cries, apologizing to Jesse; she didn't know her father had been responsible for his mother's death during childbirth. (Apparently, Jesse's mom was a patient of Ed Bauer's back when he was an active alcoholic.) Michelle says she understands if Jesse hates her and finds her to be a reminder of his unfortunate past. Jesse says he doesn't hate her at all, and kisses her long and hard. Then he tells her they can't be together, that they are nothing but trouble for one another.

Once Jeffrey is satisfied that Starla and Phillip are sexually involved enough, Jenna sneaks into their hotel room to complete her "job." On the way out, she unplugs the video camera and signals to them that she has done so. Instantly, they relax, and stop pretending, pulling away from each other in bed. But after a tense moment, they lean in and share a real kiss, a passionate one...

Friday, July 25, 1997

by Sarai



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