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Maggie found Sheila, and the women had an emotional confrontation. Brooke happily welcomed Ridge back to Forrester. Lauren had herself delivered to Eric's office inside an oversized package. Sheila confided in Amber. Eric spent the night with Lauren.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of July 21, 1997 on B&B
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Monday, July 21, 1997

Maggie is relieved to know Sheila has started a new life for herself in Death Valley. As Maggie is leaving, Sheila grabs her from behind and asks her what she is doing here. Maggie says she had to know Sheila has moved on with her life, and is proud Sheila has stayed true to her word about making a fresh start. As Maggie tries to leave again, Sheila orders her back inside.

Taylor visited James to vent her feelings about Ridge and Thorne. James notes Taylor has every right to be angry at Ridge for keeping the truth from her for so long, but he did it for Rick's sake. Still, Ridge she have told her the truth, Taylor adds, she could have helped him. Taylor informs James that Thorne proposed and she didn't say yes or no. Thorne is stable, giving, and she feels safe when she's with him, Taylor says. Ridge is more unpredictable, yet she loves him deeply. Taylor says she doesn't know how many more times she can be let down by Ridge but feels the moment they have been waiting for is here. Taylor admits she wouldn't even be in this position if Ridge had only told her the truth for the beginning. Everything happens for a reason, James adds. Who is it going to be, Ridge or Thorne?

Ridge enters his office for the first time since being released from prison. Brooke stops by and Ridge say it feels like ages since he saw her. ( I am pleased to announce the return of Katherine Kelly Lang back from maternity leave.) Brooke informs Ridge that Rick is making progress. She owes Ridge so much, Brooke says. How can she ever thank him for sacrificing his happiness for Rick's life? Brooke gives Ridge a kiss to show her gratitude. They will get through this crisis with Rick together, Ridge promises. Brooke is amazed at what Ridge has done for her and her family. Brooke promises Ridge that he will always be a part of her family.

Inside the cafe', Maggie asks Sheila how she wound up in Death Valley. Sheila admits when she left the hospital, she got into her car and drove. She had no idea where she was going. She stopped for coffee at this cafe' and the waitress was nice to her and said she was looking for a roommate, Sheila says. She decided to stay in Death Valley because it is the lowest point in the western hemisphere and that is how Sheila felt, at her lowest. The cook at the cafe' tells Sheila's friend Amber that Sheila looks like she has a story to tell. Sheila asks Maggie how the baby is doing. Maggie can't believe Sheila wants to talk about the baby. You expect me not to ask about my own child, Sheila asks? She is not your child, Maggie counters. Sheila says she is the one who carried her, so the baby is hers! Maggie tells Sheila the baby is loved but does not think telling Sheila any more about the baby will do any good. Sheila demands Maggie tell her how the baby is doing.

Brooke asks Ridge to come to one of Rick's therapy sessions with James. Ridge says would be glad to go. With his and Brooke's help, Rick will pull through this, Ridge says.

Sheila asks if the baby has been brought home from the hospital, what kind of formula is she receiving, does she like her nursery. She just misses her so much, Sheila says. She imagines holding her baby at night but realizes she can't. This is the way it has to be, Maggie says. Sheila asks what the baby's name is, but Maggie says it would be in her best interest not to tell her. The less Sheila knows about the baby, the better. Just know the baby is loved and cherished and is being given the best care available. Sheila says if Maggie could just feel her emptiness for a moment, she would understand her need to know about her baby. Maggie can imagine her pain, but the decision has been made for Sheila to cut all ties to the baby. Before leaving, Maggie gives Sheila a final warning: stay away from LA and her family. Devastated, Sheila agrees.

Tuesday, July 22, 1997

Back at home, Maggie fills in James on her confrontation with Sheila. Maggie admits she had a positive talk with Sheila and more certain than ever that Sheila is not a threat to them. James asks how Sheila was doing, and if Sheila asked about him. Maggie wonders why that is important. She always wondered if James cared for Sheila and now that Sheila's gone for good, Maggie feels that she can talk about it.

Eric has a package delivered to his office. When he goes to open it, out pops Lauren! Lauren confesses she has to be creative in her efforts to see Eric. The reason Lauren popped in is to invite Eric to dinner. Eric declines, but Lauren doesn't give up. Lauren feels she is being iced out of Eric's life because of her relationship with Stephanie. Don't let what happened between her and Stephanie come between two friends, Lauren presses. Eric gives in. Meet her at her place around eight, Lauren says. Stephanie walks in after Lauren leaves and wonders what Eric is smiling about. When the Queen gives Eric a kiss, she smells Lauren's perfume on Eric.

Amber notices how quiet Sheila has become ever since Maggie left. She questions Sheila about her moodiness. Sheila reluctantly opens up. She tells Amber about the baby she gave to James and Maggie. Amber thinks Sheila must hate Maggie for being with the man she loves and raising her child. She misses her baby desperately, Sheila says. Amber pushes Sheila to get her baby back. James and Maggie are a family, and she is sticking by her decision to let them raise the baby, Sheila informs. Sheila wants her baby back, Amber muses. She can feel it.

Eric explains to Stephanie how Lauren got into the building and informs her he is having dinner with her tonight. Stephanie can't believe he is having dinner with Lauren, despite how she feels. You are not going to like every friend of mine, Eric says. Not every friend of yours wants to get into bed with you, Stephanie counters. Lauren doesn't respect the fact that they are getting married and want to seduce you, Stephanie says. Don't let Lauren pull you down to her level, she warns. Eric says he can handle Lauren. Stephanie thinks Eric likes being teased by her. He assures Stephanie he still wants to get married and once they are married, he will not go around Lauren.

Lauren is getting ready for Eric when Clarke stops by to show her his latest dress. The dress is so perfect, Lauren buys it from him right there. Tonight has to be more than a seduction, Lauren says. She wants Eric to love her as much as she loves him. Tonight might be her last chance, and she has to make the most of it.

Eric reconsiders and calls Lauren to cancel. Lauren pretends she is in a rush and does not give him time to cancel. Eric calls back but the line is busy. He will have to take care of Lauren in person, Eric says.

Wednesday, July 23, 1997

Maggie is unsupportive of Lauren's attempt to seduce Eric. Lauren knows Maggie can not support her but says this is not a fling, she is in love with Eric. Even so, Maggie says, her loyalty is to the Queen. Lauren's dressed in a fabulous gown when Eric stops by. He can not accept her dinner invitation, Eric says.

Stephanie drops by Taylor's and is glad to notice Taylor is working again. Stephanie was making wedding plans and she would like to know if she should make it a double wedding. Who would I be marrying, Taylor asks. You're not marrying Thorne, Stephanie says. She realizes Taylor feels indebted to Thorne and Thorne's support must be acknowledged, but Ridge is the only man for you, Stephanie pushes. Taylor quickly nixes the subject and asks how Stephanie is doing. Everything is great except Lauren is still a pain, Stephanie says. Any suggestions on how to handle her?

Lauren coaxes Eric into staying for a drink. Lauren realizes he and Stephanie have achieved a lot together, raising four children, building a company, but they don't have a future together. Both Eric and Stephanie hate failure and the one thing that failed in their lives was their marriage, Lauren says. Now, Eric is trying to correct that failure. Maybe the divorce was the failure, Eric says. Lauren admits he and Stephanie are closer than ever, but that does not mean they are marriage material.

Ridge busts into Thorne's office claiming Thorne stabbed him in the back by taking Taylor to Hawaii after promising to stay away from her. For that reason, you are no brother to me, Ridge says. Thorne says he didn't betray Ridge, he was only helping Taylor. What about the marriage proposal? Was that suppose to help Taylor also? Ridge says Thorne took Taylor to Hawaii knowing she was vulnerable and confused and took complete advantage of her. Both Ridge and Thorne vow to be the one who marries Taylor.

Stephanie admits she doesn't like the idea of Eric having dinner with Lauren, but he can make his own decisions. Taylor says Eric is not the one who you can't trust, Lauren is.

Lauren tells Eric they would have been married several months ago if she hadn't backed away from him for Stephanie's sake. Maybe it was suppose to happen that way, Eric says. The mistake was that I backed away, Lauren counters. Lauren asks Eric if he ever fantasizes about her. He fantasizes about a lot of women, Eric says, but Stephanie fulfills all his fantasies. Lauren confesses she was going to propose the night of the costume ball but he had already proposed to Stephanie before she had a chance to talk to him. Now that the crisis with Ridge is over, his only obligation is to himself, Lauren says. Lauren declares her love to Eric. He tries to leave but Lauren says if he goes, she will never hear from him again. She has another idea, Lauren says. They should make love, just this once and if it doesn't live up to his fantasies, he proposed to the right person. If it does live up to his fantasies, there is still time to correct his mistake, Lauren offers.

Thorne says Taylor should decide who she wants to be with. Ridge blasts Thorne saying he has no integrity because he took Taylor to Hawaii after he promised to leave her alone. Thorne decks Ridge. After Thorne leaves, Ridge calls Taylor and says he can't wait any longer to see her. Ridge tells Taylor to meet him at the private dining room tonight, and wear a special gown.

Thursday, July 24, 1997

Grant is on the phone changing the policy to Eric having the final say on all revisions for designs. Ridge comes in to the office for the first time since the shooting. " My relationship with you and your family has changed." states Grant. Grant offers to take an important call for Ridge from Milan while he is at the private dining room that evening. He wishes Ridge good luck with Taylor.

Macy stops by the beach house to leave some of Thorne's old stuff with his new pal Taylor. Taylor says that she wont see him tonight; cause she is having dinner with Ridge. Of course she also mentions that she doesn't want to talk about Thorne. Macy is curious as to why Thorne needed the divorce papers while he was in Hawaii. So Taylor tells her about the proposal and that she hasn't made any decisions yet due to the fact that she has to sort out her feelings. Macy has Taylor promise her that she will call her when she does come to a decision. Taylor apologizes to Macy and says that she realizes this must be hard on her.

Lauren is still trying to get Eric out of his pants," so why don we see if our reality lives up to the fantasy?" kiss kiss" just one time Eric. One time." But Eric is annoyed and says that she is seriously determined to get what she wants from me. he insists that he is not stubborn and he is not wrong. He and Stephanie had their problems from time to time when they were married; but they are beyond all of that now.

Lauren is upset and says that she guesses all of the time she thought he had feelings for her; she was wrong. she brings up the stolen kisses in the sauna and in his office at Forrester. " I guess i was wrong, you just don't truly want me." so with that Eric replies that he does not want her and Lauren asks him to show himself to the door.

Lauren is crying in her bedroom. She unzips her black dress to reveal a black lacy teddy. She takes off her earrings. She feels a hand touch her by the neck and turns around to find Eric there. He looks at her and grabs her. He picks up her and puts her on the bed and well you can take it from there......

Grant is looking at his wedding photo( the one with the fake captain) and says to himself that the Forresters are starting to accept us, it is all coming together for us now. Just then Clarke barges in and Grant is annoyed at his professional ethics. He doesn't want him coming around anymore cause he works for Spectra the competition. " Clarke you are the enemy; not mine but theirs." So Clarke is ticked off and reminds him that he is the friend who stood by him but he will leave before Queen Stephanie finds him on the enemy grounds.

Taylor is wearing a silk purple evening gown and Ridge is in his tux at the dining room. They kiss and he tells her that is what he missed when he was in prison. he tells her that he missed her so much and asks how she felt. Taylor replies that she missed having an honest relationship with someone she loved. Ridge continues to explain to her that she cant begin to know what it was like in the prison cell especially at night.

Taylor tells him that she almost didn't survive. she had to give up on her dream of being married, having a family. she wants to know why he couldn't confide in her, the woman he was supposed to marry. she says that she would not have made it if it had not been for his brother. she had no will to go on because too much of her was invested in him. " I can never put myself in that position again. You have this ability to move on with out me. I don't. I am talking about what might happen if I allow myself to commit to you."

Ridge promises that it wont happen again and acknowledges that he is impossible. He tells Taylor not to be afraid and promises that he wont hurt her again. they ki

Friday, July 25, 1997

by Gladys

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