One Life to Live Recaps: The week of July 21, 1997 on OLTL

Blair awoke from her coma but had problems with her speech. Maggie and Max were at odds over a warehouse. Bo and Nora went fishing. Viki was upset to hear that Todd had divorced Blair and married Téa. Nora's mood swings continued.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of July 21, 1997 on OLTL
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Monday, July 21, 1997

Today's show opens with Mel and Dorian frolicking about as usual in Mel's new houseboat. They talk about their relationship and Mel advises Dorian indirectly to butt out of his life and problems. They start to talk about Dorothy, Mel's estranged daughter. Dorian advises Mel to contact her. He says he has to let her know that he is alright etc. Then Dorian asks Mel if with Mel's work etc., is she enough? - rather nervously, since Dorian is overbearing and Mel does not like to be controlled or manipulated. Before he can answer, the phone rings. It's Kelly from the hospital regarding Blair.

Meanwhile at the hospital, Kelly talks to a comatose Blair. Tells her how much she loves her and how much she means to her as a big sister she never had. She is sorry about everything. She sobs uncontrollably and begs Blair to wake up. Blair's fingers move. Kelly calls the doctor and then races to call Dorian. She tells her to get to the hospital quickly because Blair is waking up.

In another part of Llanview, Téa and Todd discuss the upcoming custody battle and their strategies. Todd wants to discredit Dorian as a drunk with a former teenage boyfriend. Téa does not agree. She thinks the best angle to assure a win is to discredit Blair from the beginning so that if and when she does wake up, she would not be able to fight and win. Todd disagrees on account of Starr. How will he explain it all to his daughter who loves her mummy as much as she loves her?

The conversation switched to the latest Sun headline on the Whiting case, alleging new evidence in the case. Todd refuses to talk about it. Says it's just a friendly suggestion for the police to reopen the case. Gives various crazy scenarios on who could have killed Whiting and Armitage - could it be Patrick or Ian who has the same killer instinct as his father, Guy?. Téa is confused and dumbstruck. She asks how Todd can be so compassionate one minute and ruthlessly plot someone's downfall the next. Todd's reply - "what can I say, Patrick just brings out the best in me."

Patrick and Marty at Marty's house also discuss the same SUN headline. Marty is worried, but, Patrick explains that there is no evidence in the case. They are both worried about Mahoney - the "trigger" man in the whole case. What if he resurfaces and he's bitter about his life? If Marty is worried about going to Ireland, they can postpone the trip for a while until the whole thing blows over. He tells her there is danger everywhere, but he will protect her and reaffirms his love for her.

At the Banner, Clint, Jessie, Kevin and Mel discuss the same headlines. Kevin is worried about the Sun gaining even more circulation. If the Sun is printing lies, how come Patrick and his lawyer have not sued or said something? They all agree that it is time to dig deeper into this case and confirm what is and isn't true. Kevin asks Mel to cover the story and go to Ireland. He refuses, claiming that Kevin has been working on this story for a while and it is only right for him to continue. Kevin leaves eagerly to make his trip plans and get a hold of his contacts at the prison where Kenneally is housed to he can interview him.

While he's gone, Clint asks Mel the real reason he didn't want to cover the story and Mel skirts the issue. Clint knows he's hiding something. Kevin comes back and tells them that Kenneally escaped two hours ago while being transported to another prison. A manhunt us underway in Ireland.

Back at the hospital, Blair wakes up and Dorian tries to talk to her. Blair calls her "darkness" instead of saying her name. She recognizes Dorian, but, cannot say her name. She counts from 1 to 4 and on number 4 says flower again. Dorian is extremely worried. Looks like Blair is aphasiac - Partial or total loss of the ability to articulate ideas or comprehend spoken or written language, resulting from damage to the brain caused by injury or disease.

Tuesday, July 22nd, 1997


Max and Ian are trying to get Maggie to let them use the warehouse. They offer to build her a circus school on the grounds of Serenity Springs and they offer to carry the mortgage on the warehouse. Maggie is furious that they are trying to get her warehouse. Max makes a remark about how cute she is when she is angry and Maggie loses her cool. Ian takes a clue and vacates the scene promptly to attend a meeting with Todd. Maggie accuses him of using their relationship and her revealed insecurities to swindle her out of the warehouse. Maggie says that if Max doesn't understand her vision then they may have no business being together anymore. Max says that Maggie is just looking for an excuse to end the relationship. She insists that that is not true. He reveals that he has a lot invested in this waterfront project. He has not been an onsite manager at Serenity Springs or the Ski Lodge and they are really losing money. Besides, these were Luna's dreams. He wants to build something of his own from the ground up. Unfortunately, Maggie's warehouse is in the middle of all his plans. He says that he cannot afford to sell any of the land he has already bought up because he will lose money on the deal. Maggie says to ask Ian for the money, but he says that he wants to do this on his own. He doesn't understand why Maggie is being so hard on him. He feels that she is really pushing him too hard. She likens him to a tree that is bundled up and ready to be planted in a new spot but then realizes that someone else has already taken that spot. She says that it was never his spot to begin with and that she is not moving. Max gives in and they make up...for now. Ian comes in later after his meeting with Todd and sees that Maggie has won the argument. Max says that he doesn't feel that he has lost yet.


Nora comes into Bo's office while he is eating a juicy hamburger and fries. She is so tired and out of it that she doesn't even notice the food. Bo notices immediately and tries to perk her up. As he gives her a neck rub he says that what they really need is a vacation. She insists that she has no time. When they finally agree to take one day only, Bo starts to describe the place he wants to take her. Nora is imagining a beach on a Carribean island when Bo is really describing the lake that he wants to take her for fishing. She is none too pleased about the prospect of going fishing. Hank comes in and says that Bo will not be able to convince Nora to go fishing. Bo starts to describe all of the neat "stuff" that she can have to go fishing with including fancy vest with lots of pockets, some really cool flies, and some tackle. She gives up and agrees to go with him as long as he agrees to go with her to a spa for one day. He doesn't have any problem with a bunch of pretty women giving him massages and facials. Bo leaves to go down to the tackleshop down the street. When he comes back Hank is jealous to see all of the fishing equipment that Bo has brought back for Nora. Nora really likes the vest. Later that evening, Nora dons her vest, wading boots, fishing hat and a fishing pole over some sexy underwear. Bo comes in and is very pleased to see her outfit. They kiss passionately and retire for the evening.


Ian drops in for his meeting with Todd. Todd tries to get Ian to focus on Patrick. Ian says that he is not the least bit interested in Patrick. Ian says that he should actually thank the guy who did kill Guy because they did it before Guy could disinherit Ian, leaving Ian with a lot of money. Ian is not interested in printing anything about Patrick, but he does have a dozen or so tabloids that he would be willing to sell to Todd. Todd says that the Sun is enough for him. Ian shows himself out and Todd gets a phone call. It is a nurse at the hospital who tells him that Blair is conscious. Todd can't believe his ears.


Rachel and R.J. discuss the agreement that they are proposing to Jacara. Hank comes in and tells them about his run-in with Jacara. R.J. is very amused that Hank was arrested and had to pay a $200 fine. Hank tells them that Jacara has a father is now handicapped because of the war and so she has a thing for people who violate the rights of the disabled. Jacara walks in as Hank is telling R.J. that R.J. is either a fool or is clean. He knows R.J. is no fool so he must be clean. Hank leaves and Jacara thanks him for the dinner. R.J. looks confused. Rachel goes to leave to take care of business matters and Jacara asks if she has trouble handling confrontation. Rachel says that once Jacara meets her mother she will see that Rachel indeed has the ability to handle conflicts very well. R.J. tells Jacara to go to the source if she wants to know information about him. He explains that in light of her personality, R.J. had Gabriel draw up a new agreement that gives each of them an out clause every six months. She says that she would prefer it to be every four months. She says that since Gabriel is working for both of them, she has asked an outside person to help her in with the agreement. He says that she can do whatever she wants to do. He leaves her alone listening to some music by an unknown artist. When he comes back she is in a much better mood. She asks him who the hornplayer was on the song. He says that he is an unknown who has been working little clubs. She is interested in him. She says that she has ordered them lunch already and signs the contract. She tells R.J. to go ahead and sign the contract also, but not to forget to initial the new 4 month outclause.

Wednesday, July 23rd, 1997

Line of the Day
Nora to Bo: These are the hands of a killer!

Blair needs an interpreter. Nora needs Lithium. Eli needs a new home and Téa needs a safe corner away from Todd. What ever happened to those lazy days of summer!

Bo and Nora

Before the first light of day Bo crows, Rise and shine, it's fishing time! Nora just can't move her weary bones to accommodate the fishes feeding timetable. Bo has just the treat to bribe her out of bed. He brings her a cup of the forbidden coffee and tells her that fishermen have special dispensation. She takes a few swallows, but it does not have the desired effect. Bo says they have to get out to the lake, relax and get rid of her stress. Nora calls him a mean camp counselor. She is bummed out and is threatening to chop him up at the knees. He tells her to suit up and playfully smacks her on her posterior. He explains that theirs is not to reason why....Nora finishes, theirs is just to fish or die.

At the lake, Bo explains the rudiments of fly fishing. It is all in the presentation. They must trick the fish into believing the fly is a real insect floating on the surface of the water. Then the fish will bite. Nora tries valiantly. She gets the hook caught in her jacket. She gets the fishing line tangled in her hair. She whips the pole too hard and it falls into the water. Finally, she feels something on the hook and then she recoils back, telling Bo it is an eel. Actually, it is pantyhose. While Bo cuts it off her line, she fishes with his pole. Another tug. Nora thinks maybe she caught the matching bra. This time it is for real. Nora has caught her first fish! She is ecstatic. She is in love with her catch. The cutest little fish. Bo tells her they need to gut it and clean it. Nora's mood changes rapidly. She wants to throw it back, but her husband explains that it is already dead. Nora begins to cry. She looks at her hands and exclaims, "These are the hands of a Killer!" She will not eat the fish. She will put it in the freezer and maybe someday she can make peace with herself. Now they must go home. Bo agrees and comments that the fish has turned her into a wreck. Nora makes yet another emotional turn back from depressive to manic. She feels better. This has been cleansing, liberating. She kisses Bo and calls him the best husband in the whole world. Bo needs a scorecard to keep up with his wife's mood swings.

Llanview Hospital-Marty, Andrew and Eli

Marty has the unpleasant task of informing Eli that his mother has been admitted as a patient. Right now the angry young boy is sleeping in his room. She explains to Andrew that when her parents died in a boating accident, she was informed by their lawyer, who woke her from a sound sleep. She is still terrified when she wakes up suddenly that something bad has happened. Andrew agrees that Marty should let Eli sleep. He will help her with Eli after she breaks the news to him. They talk about Eli's mother and that she is about to die from AIDS and leave Eli without anyone to keep him on his drug protocol. Maybe with Todd paying the bills, she can delay his release from the hospital. That's a good thing Todd did, but it is hard to attribute anything charitable to Todd. She always looks for the motive. Andrew confesses that Todd worries him too. Téa should not have married him. She cannot understand the rage Todd operates from. He is honestly afraid for her.

When Eli wakes up, he asks if Andrew is Marty's boyfriend. Priests can't have girlfriends or wives, can they? Andrew tells him that Marty is just a friend, but in his religion, priests can marry. Eli knows Marty must have bad news for him with a priest in attendance. Marty is direct. She tells Eli that his mother was admitted with the type of pneumonia associated with AIDS. Eli wants to see her immediately. His mother told him if she ever came back to Llanview Hospital, she would be dying. Marty confirms the boy's suspicions and leaves to arrange a last visit with his mother.

Andrew stays with Eli and the boy warns him that his priest crap is not going to work. Before long, though, the two are engaged in deep conversation about comic book characters. Andrew mentions his son and Eli asks if Andrew's wife is a nun. He tells her she is a journalist and discloses that she has left him. He is angry she did that. It still hurts. Eli admits he is angry about his mother dying and leaving him. He is angry he is going to go from HIV positive to AIDS and then he will die, too. Andrew points out how the Shroud in the comic book comes back time and again, but the hero Alpha Man always defeats the Shroud with magic powers. His medicine will defeat death for him. Andrew tells Eli that he understands what it is like to lose a loved one to AIDS. His brother William died of it. He wasn't as lucky to have the medicine Eli has. The boy breaks down and sobs that he doesn't want to die. Andrew puts his arms around him and comforts him.

When Marty comes back, she sees Andrew standing by a sleeping Eli. He vows to her that the boy will not be abandoned. They will not allow that to happen.

Todd's Penthouse- Todd, Bird and Kinneally and Téa

The parrot plays dead as Todd talks about Blair coming out of the coma. Now all the bad things will be erased. Like Patrick and the story he told Blair about the Armitage bombing. What if they could go back to before Patrick ruined their lives? What if she forgets from the stroke and she drops the custody suit? What if, what if, the bird parrots back. Todd tells Bird to stop accusing him of living in a dream world. Téa comes down the stair unseen by Todd who answers the phone. Kinneally is calling. He is on the lam. He has a red fez on his head and he is jubliantly standing in a location that looks like Rick's Place in the movie "Casablanca" (Sidney Greenstreet has nothing on Mr. Kinneally when it comes to fashion sense. Rent the movie). He says that he wants to thank Todd for making his escape possible. And he wants to reward the favor with a friendly warning not to dig too deeply into the Whiting murder. Todd may not like what comes to the surface. Todd tells him not to call again, it could be traced. He doesn't want to be involved. Kinneally warns Todd that he is involved right up to his soulful brown eyes. They both hang up and a shaken Todd notices Téa, who says she has come down for a drink of milk. She wonders who he was speaking to in the middle of the night and Todd gives her some rules. Leave some milk for his daughter, don't ask any quesitons and don't creep up on him. She decides against the milk. She tells him that they will get a fresh start on the conversation later. They have to talk about Dorian's custody suit. Todd informs her that Blair has regained consciousness and he is going to see her. Téa goes upstairs to get dressed and leave the Penthouse.

Rachel's Apartment-Rachel and Téa

Téa visits her old room mate and asks if she meant what she said last time about still being friends. She wants to keep paying her half of the rent. Money is no problem and she needs to know she has a room whenever she need to get away from the Penthouse. Rachel worries that Todd did something to Téa, but her ex roomie replies that nothing happened. Todd is more than private, he is withdrawn and strange. If the situation gets too weird,she need somewhere to retreat to. Rachel agrees that everyone needs a safe corner. She is glad Téa came over and she apologizes for her reaction to the news of her wedding. Téa is forgiving and says she is lonely because Antonio, Carlotta and Andrew are all coming down on her over this. Rachel is sorry for having been so righteous the last time and is willing to make an effort to understand Téa's situation with Todd.

Blair's Rehab Center- Dorian, Todd and Blair

Todd arrives at the rehab center and overhears Dorian questioning Blair's therapist. Dorian says she is a lioness and the therapist has no idea how far she will go to protect her niece. The therapist believes that Blair is very determined and has a chance of full recovery from the stroke and the effect it has had on Blair's speech. When they go to speak to the doctor, Todd enters his ex wife's room. Blair opens her eyes and Todd tells her that she really gave him and Shorty a scare for a while there. He says that the therapist says she will be fine. He knows she is mad at him but he had to come and see her. He wants to work things out. Blair haltingly replies, Work some more out again? All her next words are mixed up. Most of it is gibberish to Todd. Did you hurt... Tell me, she says. She is frustrated that it is not coming out right and that Todd is not answering her. She is crying when Dorian and the therapist come in. Todd says she needs help and Dorian and the therapist escort him out of the room and away from an hysterical Blair. Outside in the hall, he makes the mistake of calling Blair his wife. Dorian reminds him he is married to Téa and explains about the aphasia and how Blair cannot say what she wants to. Some patients get the language back almost right away and some don't. Todd says he will pay for the therapy. Dorian replies that Blair does not need his money and does not need him in her life. He tries to come back into her niece's life, she will get a restraining order.

Back at the Penthouse- Todd and Téa

Todd tells Téa about Blair's condition and Dorian's threat. Téa says she understands that he is upset and that he was also upset this morning. But he needs her advice. She tells him not to give Dorian any ammunition. He is in a vulnerable position right now. She is going to expedite the custody hearing before Blair recovers. Todd apologizes for being such a jerk. Téa cooly replies that no apologies are necessary. It is a business deal and he owes her nothing.

Thursday, July 24th, 1997


Maggie talks to Andrew about her relationship with Max. She is not sure about if Max understands her. Andrew says they need to find constructive ways to deal with their conflicts. Then they start discussing their childhood and how much fun it was to hang out in the summer. Andrew tells her about Eli, and that he wants to find a home for him, and he is concerned about it. He is afraid it will be difficult. He says he called the woman who helped him adopt River to help him with Eli's case. Cassie comes in and asks whom they are trying to place. She says it sounds difficult. Cassie wants to do a profile him. Andrew thinks it might help. Cassie heads over to the hospital to ask Eli if he would like a story written about him. Maggie leaves to go see Max. Andrew meets with the adoption agency woman, Virginia. She says it will be difficult, but it will work out. She says the right people are out their somewhere. She leaves to make some phone calls. Andrew takes out an old picture of him, Cassie and River. He remembers Cassie coming to tell River that she is moving out. He remembers signing the divorce papers, and how sad it was. Cassie comes back as he is doing that. She says there is nothing she can do for Eli. Andrew says he understands. Cassie yells at him about telling Eli that she left him and River. She accuses him of slandering her all around town. He says he wasn't. She storms out.


Viki tells Todd how surprised and upset she is to find out he divorced Blair and married Téa. He tells her that it is Patrick and Dorian's fault, because they pushed Blair into it. Viki says she hopes Todd will not try to get custody of Starr. He says he is trying to protect Starr. Viki thinks he is being paranoid. Viki asks Todd why he would ever marry Téa in the first place. As she says this, Téa comes downstairs and says that she had expected a warmer welcome. Viki says she didn't mean to be unwelcoming. Téa said she and Todd understand each other. Viki says Todd has made a big mistake cutting himself off from Blair. She leaves, and then Todd leaves, too.


They discuss Mel's relationship with Dorian, and talk about life in general. Patrick likes the houseboat. Mel tells Patrick that the Banner is interested in his story. Patrick says he understands-and asks if they are closing in on Todd's part in the story. Mel tells Patrick that Keneally escaping. Patrick is surprised and upset. Patrick tells Mel that it is ok if he has to say what he knows about Patrick's involvement. Mel tells Patrick about Blair's aphasia. Patrick leaves after he hears this, he is upset.


Max comes in and brings Maggie a gift. It is a juggling kit. He says they will both learn together. She decides that Max is being very supportive. He says he will always support her. Max says the warehouse situation is scary, because it brings up a lot of issues.


Cassie goes to see Eli about writing a story. Eli asks how she heard about him. She tells him that Andrew told her his story. He says that she is Andrew's ex, and she ditched him and River. She says yes, they are divorced. He says he'll do the story. She asks him questions about his life. He says his mother has been sick as long as he has been alive. He says she had a lot of abusive boyfriends. She asks if he has any plans for the future. He says he has to go take a walk, and leaves.


Patrick is cleaning the stables when Todd comes in. He says that Patrick is up to his ankles in manure, as usual. He says it must be hard getting by on a professor's salary. Patrick says he is getting Blair's horse ready for her. Todd says it is Patrick's fault that Blair had a stroke. Todd asks if Marty will be there for him even when he goes to jail for murder. Patrick throws Todd onto the ground and pulls the pitchfork on him.

Thursday, July 24th, 1997

Patrick and Todd

In the country club stables, Patrick has Todd down on the ground with a pitchfork to his throat. Todd is goading him, telling Patrick to kill him, wanting to prove that he is a "murdering bastard." Saying he won't be the one to let Todd out of his own miserable life, Patrick throws the pitchfork aside and leaves.

Marty and Andy

Andy arrives at Marty's and gets a hostile welcome. Marty wonders if she's here to arrest Patrick for something he didn't do again. Apologetically, Andy tells her that she never wanted to arrest Patrick and didn't believe he was the one that blew up Guy Armitage's yacht. Marty apologizes and lets Andy in. They make up and agree to see each other more. Actually, that's why I'm here, Andy says, and she asks Marty to be her maid of honor. Marty agrees and they decide to go shopping for wedding dresses for both of them.

At the store, Andy is trying on some dresses for her wedding. At first she comes out wearing a very un-wedding like white suit. Marty finds her a more appropriate white dress with a white lace vest, which Andy tries on. It looks nice, but Andy's not sure. Next Marty tries on some dresses. There are a few not so nice ones before she calls out from inside the dressing room that she's found the right dress.

Marty and Patrick

Marty arrives home from her shopping expedition to find Patrick in a strange mood. When Marty asks what's wrong, he doesn't answer, just holds her and kisses her. Marty comments he looks like he had a "brush with death." Patrick refuses to tell Marty what's wrong, he doesn't want it near her. Marty says she wants their life to be full of love and joy and children. The romantic music starts and Marty and Patrick slowly take of each other's clothes and kiss. Later, they admire the view of the mill wheel out the window and say how they love each other. Patrick finally tells Marty what's bothering him, "what if I told you I nearly killed again today?"

Patrick has always been afraid of the type of rage he felt when he helped put the bomb on Lord Whiting's yacht. The rage took over his common sense and he did things he would never have done when he was calmer. He felt the same rage today when he almost killed Todd. But you walked away, Marty tries to reassure him. This time, Patrick replies, but he's terrified of the rage inside him. Every time you don't kill Todd, he loses, Marty says. Patrick takes some comfort from that thought. There's more important things than whether Todd lives or dies, Marty continues. She bought her wedding dress today, they will get married and build a love together so strong, nothing will ever harm them. They kiss.

Todd and Téa

Téa is unpacking some of her things and placing them in the living room when Todd storms in, bellowing her name. He tells her what happened with Patrick at the stables and wants her to call the police. Téa refuses. She's not having Patrick arrested and neither is Todd.

Any kind of ugly confrontation in court would be the worst thing that can happen right now. Patrick would make Todd out to be the aggressor and with the custody suit coming up, Téa doesn't want any negative stories about Todd. They've worked hard to present a stable, happy home for Starr and Téa's not going to let him blow it now. The custody hearing's tomorrow, Dorian's lawyer had it pushed up, which worries Téa. She can't figure out Dorian's motive for wanting the hearing sooner.Téa's confident that Todd will get full custody as long as he doesn't do anything to destroy the image they've so carefully constructed. Téa goes upstairs to do some work and Todd calls his office to dictate a fax. It's to the Chief of Operations at Armitage publishing group, requesting him to begin writing editorials demanding an investigation into Patrick's involvement in the death of Lord Whiting.

Larry and Nora

Nora's ranting at Larry that she followed his strict, sadistic diet for as long as she could, about a month, and she doesn't feel any better like he promised she would. "I feel like death warmed over, on my good days!" Larry asks her to be a bit more specific, "death warmed over" isn't very helpful. Nora doesn't really know how to describe it, yesterday she was reduced to tears over the death of a fish. "Was it a friend?", Larry jokes. Nora is not amused. She tells Larry about going fishing and catching the fish and breaks into tears again at the thought. Larry watches, speechless, as Nora sobs about how wonderful the fish was and how she was the one who killed it. She then jumps to the topic of her sister and cries how she misses her, even thought they never get along. Nora then babbles on about caffeine and laughter and them somehow being connected and begs Larry to let her have a little bit of caffeine. I can't stand the stress and pressure anymore, Nora tells him, grabbing him and shaking him. Larry tells her to calm down. Does Nora realize that this whole program was supposed to *reduce* her stress, not increase it? Nora gets upset again, blaming her obsessive compulsive personality making her strive to do this diet better than anyone else in the world. A bemused Larry has no idea how to answer her. Larry promises that he will find out what is doing this to her.

Larry takes some blood to do another CBC. In the meantime, he tells Nora not to get so stressed out over this diet. If she wants to have coffee or a hamburger ocassionally, she can have it. Nora is so thrilled she hugs Larry and gives him a kiss on the cheek. She babbles on about how she's been on a roller-coaster ride until Larry mentions her reaction to the dead fish and she starts crying again. Larry's got to do something, Nora begs. This can't keep happening to her, what if it happens in court, or worse, in front of Judge Fitzwater. Larry promises to help, but there may not be anything *wrong* with her. "If there's nothing wrong with me Larry, then what is wrong with me", Nora asks and begins to laugh rather hysterically and then bursts into tears.

Bo, Hank, Nora, Andy, Antonio and Carlotta

Bo is giving Hank the details of his fishing trip with Nora. Nora kept getting the line so tangled, he can't believe she actually caught a fish. But then she started crying because she took the fish's life. "It's a fish!", Hank says, laughing and wonders if they gave it a burial at sea. Not yet, Bo tells him, it's in the freezer while Nora comes to terms with her loss. *Her* loss? The fish is the one that's dead, Hank chuckles. Bo sarcastically thanks Hank for being so supportive. Nora never did this when she was married to him, Hank says more seriously. Is he saying that it's Bo's fault? Hank wonders if Bo is making Nora "happy." Bo assures him that is not the problem. Bo just hopes that Larry can figure out what's wrong with Nora.

Antonio and Andy, back from her shopping trip, are sitting at the counter at the diner. Antonio asks how things went with Marty. Fine, Andy say, Patrick and Marty and doing well together, too. Antonio wants a peek at the wedding dress that Andy bought, but Carlotta and Andy won't let him. Carlotta goes over to sit in the booth with Hank, who's still talking to Bo. Hank's telling Bo that R.J. will most likely be going into business with Jacara, and he thinks it's a good idea. Hank offers to help Carlotta with the wedding in any way he can. He can carry things, he can cook, and his car is at her disposal. Carlotta is thanking him when Nora burst into the diner. As soon as she spots Carlotta, she begins ordering..."I need a cheeseburger with everything on it, pink, um, not pink, um, medium well", an order of fries, onion rings, flan and two cups of regular coffee, one for each hand. Carlotta goes to get the order as Bo and Hank just stare at Nora in disbelief.

Bo and Hank aren't sure if Larry's news was good, or if it was so dire that Nora's decided to go out with a bang. Hank decides that from the way Nora's eating, she won't be leaving them anytime soon. Hank leaves them alone and makes a date with Carlotta to go boating tonight. Back at the booth, Bo wonders if they've been let off the "purgetory diet." Not really, Nora replies, offering Bo some of her food, but she can't let it rule her life. Bo is thrilled to hear it, when she starting getting upset over that dead fish, it broke his heart. At the mention of the dead fish, Nora gets upset all over again, the poor fish is alone in the dark, away from all the friends it grew up with. Bo quickly changes the subject to planning a party for Andy and Antonio. Bo was thinking about getting together at Rodi's and having a good time. Nora thinks its a horrible idea, she was thinking of the country club and men in white suits and women in pastel dresses. Bo, trying to not upset Nora again, quickly offers a compromise. He'll throw a bachelor party for Antonio at Rodi's and Nora will help Maggie throw Andy's bridal shower. At Nora's instigation, the two are soon betting who will throw the better party.

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