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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of July 21, 1997 on ATWT
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Monday, July 21, 1997

by Jeannae Dickerson

DAVID ALLEN is talking with a little girl in an empty courtroom (except for her mother). She was a witness in a hit-and-run accident and has to testify tomorrow. He wanted her to see where she is going to be. As the girl and her mother leave, EMILY comes in. "I saw a more human side of you today talking to that little girl." He starts talking about what he wants in a wife and she diverts him by complaining about the air-conditioning problem. He leaves to see about it and MARGO comes in with some files for him. Emily wants to talk to her about the rape. Margo tells her it won't get better. Emily says that there is someone that she might be interested in. They are friends now and she thinks he wants it to be more than friendship. "Will I ever let myself be intimate with another man?" Margo tells her that she went through the same feelings after her rape. She tells Emily that the only thing that helped her was going to the Rape Crisis Center and talking to others who had been through it. Emily says she just can't do it. Margo leaves and David invites Emily to dinner but she says she already had agreed to have dinner with her mother and Alison.

LUCINDA goes to the Snyder farm to talk to HOLDEN. He tells her that Lily is talking to Damian right now about her and Holden. She is thrilled and Holden tells her that it is so strange to have her on their side--rooting for them to get together. Later, after Lucinda is gone, Holden has a fantasy about Lily coming in and telling him that she told Damian and he was disappointed but said he wanted her to be happy, after which Holden slipped a ring on her finger.

At the Falcon Club BARBARA thanks KIRK for their evening together. SAMANTHA is watching. JOHN comes in expecting to have lunch with Lucinda. John sees Barbara giving Kirk the key to her condo and thinks it is the key to her house. She tells Kirk the place is furnished and he can move in any time. John tries to tell her that Kirk is a poor choice for a companion. She tells him to mind his own business. She runs into BOB and he tells her that John has a right to know about the baby. She tells him about her plan. Lucinda comes in and sees what a bad mood John is in. He says Barbara and he are history. Barbara stays for lunch and watches both John and Kirk. She makes another date with Kirk.

Samantha sits down next to Kirk and says she saw Barbara give him a set of keys. "Are you having car trouble and having to borrow a car?" When he tells her no, she says she won't ask him what kind of keys they were. Kirk accuses her of being jealous.

DAMIAN is talking to LILY about their former life and says, "It was meant to be." She says that after the plane crash, she was finally able to get herself together and move on. She says that they have to talk about Holden. Damian raises his voice. "No, we don't. I don't ever want to hear his name again. Whatever happened while I was gone, I don't want to hear about it." Luke awakens from the shouting and Lily has to go tend to him. Damian talks to himself. "I realize that we are not feeling the same thing. Holden or no Holden, I will win her back." Lily talks to herself in Luke's room about what she must say to Damian. As she goes back to talk to him, he is talking to himself outside and she overhears him saying, "If Lily loves Holden and wants to be with him, I don't have a choice. This life is over. There is no point in going on."

Tuesday, July 22, 1997

by Jeannae Dickerson

MOLLY is "fixing dinner" for JACK (with Emma's "help"). Emma tells her that she can make the gravy. "How?" "On second thought, you keep that pretty dress clean. Let me do the cooking. It will be my contribution to our little secret." Molly sets the table outside. Jack arrives and is pleased with how she looks. Molly shows him the table and the fresh rolls. She says she made the whole thing herself. (She knows less than nothing about the dinner.) "Meat." "What kind of meat?" "The kind of meat that is in the oven." He wants to go in the house and change clothes. She doesn't want him to go in (because she doesn't want him to see Emma cooking). The strap on her dress breaks so he knows she will have to go in to fix it; maybe he can get a peek at what is going on. He comes in the kitchen. She says her souffle fell. He looks in the oven and says, "That is not a souffle. It's a pot roast." Emma comes in and tells Jack that this was her idea. As Molly and Jack are getting ready to eat, she tells him that she used to come to Emma's for dinner every Sunday night with Holden. Then she apologizes for talking about the past. They dance and she gets ready for a kiss but Jack says he can't as long as she is still in love with someone else.

LILY overhears what she thinks is Damian's suicide decision. She tells him, "We will work this out. I will make sure that you won't get hurt. I care about you very much." He tells her he is going for a walk. She calls for Holden to come over right now. He arrives and tries to give her an engagement ring. She says, "I can't take it. I think if I don't go back to Damian he is going to kill himself." She tells him about overhearing Damian talking to himself. She can handle his anger but she doesn't know how to handle the way he is now. She says, "I feel responsible for him." Holden tells her she has to convince Damian that he has to get on with his life without her. "Do you really think that Damian would want to be with you knowing that you want to be with someone else?" They kiss as he leaves. Lily says to herself, "I'll work it out--somehow." Damian comes in the back way. Lily says, "Are you all right?" "I am now that I'm with you."

BEN and CAMILLe are at the church supper. The preacher and his wife welcome them and ask them to help serve. She asks if he would rather be at the opera. He says that he would rather be right here--"with you." Ben says that he is not good with relationships. Camille says, "You give me your mama's secret recipe for sweet potato pie and I'll help you to loosen up." He takes her home and tries to kiss her, but she pulls away. As she enters her apartment, the phone rings and a man leaves a message on her answering machine--"Camille, I miss you." She shuts it off.

MARGO is waiting at the Falcon Club for TOM. KIRK tells Margo he is sorry. Margo tells him that he can't apologize for what he has done. Tom asks Kirk to leave. They have the evening planned, but Tom says he is not sure how long he can stay. Things are a mess at the office. Margo is upset. They had planned no work, no kids. She asks if he is trying to avoid her. His phone rings. It is Jessica. Tom later tells Margo that maybe he bit off more than he can chew by going back into private practice. He tells her that he is trying to give her a little private space and not hover over her. They have some small talk. His phone rings again. He tells Jessica that he will be there as soon as he can.

LISA sees Damian walking and asks him to get in her car. He tells her that he thought that everything with Lily was going so well. Then he tells her about the bird; she remembers about the bird from Holden and Lily's past. He says he thinks it was a sign. He let himself hope. Then Lily started saying things he didn't want to hear. Lisa says that it sounds like he got some mixed signals. Damian says he has to accept that Lily has feelings for Holden. That doesn't mean she has stopped loving him. "Now that I am back, I can turn it back around like it was before. I can win her back." Lisa--"What if you can't?" Damian--"You know the answer to that." Lisa--"You mean what we talked about when you first came back?" Damian--"If I can't get Lily back, then I have to say goodbye to her forever." Lisa brings him to the Falcon Club and says, "This is your world. This is where you belong." Kirk comes up and says to Damian that the plane went down because of him and he is half owner of the Falcon Club. He is waiting for Damian's furious reaction. Damian says, "I don't want vengeance. I already made peace with what happened. Why don't you try to do the same?" Lisa says, "I was wrong. You have changed." Damian tells Lisa that he knows he and Lily are going to be together. He talks to Margo and asks what is wrong. She says she doesn't know if he can understand what it feels like when you are losing the connection with the one person you care the most about. Damian says, "Just when you feel like there is no hope, you have to dig deep and give it one more try."

Wednesday, July 23, 1997

by Jeannae Dickerson

Thursday, July 24, 1997

by Bubblz

DAVID makes KIRK a proposition he can't refuse. David tells Kirk that he bought up a bunch of shares of World Wide Stock and coupled with the ones that "Daddy Dearest", James, left him...that makes him Majority share holder. David tells Kirk that he knows that he is great at running businesses and he wants him, Kirk to be the front man for him at World Wide. It might be conceived as a conflict of interest if he is Majority Share Holder and also the man prosecuting Lucinda Walsh. Kirk says he can understand that, but how is he going to explain where he got the money to buy the shares. David tells him to say that he had some investments a while back that finally paid off. Kirk tells him that he can't pull it off, because he doesn't have any spending cash and his clothes are getting threadbare. David just smiles and hands him over an envelope full of cash. "That'll do....for now." Kirk grins. Later, at the Falcon Club, SAMANTHA gets a note confirming a private party for that evening. Sam and LUCINDA had been sitting there discussing the "David Situation." Sam tells Lucinda that she has to run and prepare for this party she obviously forgot. Sam asks Lucinda if she'll be all right. Lucinda smiles and waves her on. Much Later, when it's time for the party guests to arrive, only Kirk shows, dressed to the nines. Sam is a bit miffed, but amused. Kirk hands her a gift. She open up the box, it's a flawless diamond bracelet. Sam immediately wants to know where Kirk stole it from. Kirk explains that it's not stolen, that he just had some old investments that finally paid off. Sam is skeptical, but accepts it with a mused smile. Kirk starts singing a 50's style song about he and Samantha and starts dancing with a playful Sam.

EMILY finally decides to go to the "Rape Support Group", MARGO takes her. Margo insists that Emily won't have to say a thing, unless she wants to. The session gets started and the ladies of the group start telling their experiences. One new lady to the group has a story a bit to close to home for Emily and Emily panics and runs out. After the session, Margo takes Emily back into the room. She tells her that eventually she'll need to come back to learn how to handle her deamons. Emily tells her that the support group thing might have worked for Margo, but it's not her way. She won't be back. Later Emily is with DAVID. She tells him a bit about the session and how she paniced. David tells her that he is her friend and that she is the only person he trusts because they are kindred spirits. Emily says that she felt that too. David tell her he'd never hurt her, and he doesn't want to pressure her, but...he thinks that she should go back to the "Rape Support Group." Emily looks surprised, but touched by his sincerity. She has a pang of guilt and tells him that she always wants to be truthful and honest with him. She tells him that there is something she needs to tell him, something she should have told him long ago, but she knew he didn't want to hear it and was afraid that he couldn't handle it at the time. She goes on to explain that while she was locked in the room off of James' library at Fairwinds, she overheard a conversation between James and Lucinda. Emily asks David if he understands where she's going with this. He tells her that he has NO idea. Emily realizes that this is going to be harder than she thought.

LILY is on the phone with HOLDEN. She tells him that DAMIAN isn't there at the moment. She tells him that she thinks Damian isn't suicidal like she thought and she's going to tell him the truth, that she and Holden are going to be married. Just then Damian comes through the front door. "I've got to go." And Lily is off the phone. Lily asks where Luke is and he tells her that he is at Emma's helping her feed the chickens. Damian tells Lily that he has a surprise for her, she says good they need to talk anyway. They leave. When they arrive, Damian asks her if she remembers the spot. Lily smiles and tells him of course she does, that this is the first place she took him in Oakdale when they first came there years ago. "We were really happy then." He smiles at her, "I want to get that back." He finishes as they look across the lake glistening in the sunshine. He tells her that today is a special day, an anniversary of sorts. She looks a bit puzzled. He tells her that a year ago today is when he awoke from his coma, Lily takes his hand. "Things would have been different if I'd gotten my memory back came home then wouldn't they." He suggests. "Maybe." Lily says, pulling away. They talk about the goodtimes and how its not usually good to go back, that you have to look toward the future. Damian changes the subject and asks Lily if she knows what kind of wild flowers those are, pointing in a certain direction. He then tells her the names of many and Lily is surprised by his knowledge of such sweet simple things. He tells her that where he'd been rehabilitating they had beautiful gardens with all of these flowers and many more and that he tended them while he healed. Then... ***DAN RATHER BURSTS IN WITH A CBS NEWS SPECIAL REPORT, AND THE NEXT THING WE KNOW....**** Damian and Lily are swimming in the lake, Damian in his shorts and Lily in her dress. They are playing and spashing around like children. Damian starts clowning around and says a snapping turtle has him and goes under. Lily laughes when he immediately bobs up and splashes her. He fains attach again and doesn't come up as quickly. Lily starts to panic and Damian grabs he leg under the water. She screams. This time she's upset. "Don't ever do that agian," Lily shouts, "You scared me." She thought he truly was drowning. Lily swims for shore and gets out. She looks back at Damian in the water. He looks exactly as he did in her vision she had of him at the lake in Maryland. Damian gets out and asks if she's alright. He appologises for worrying her. She tells him of her vision of him in the water with his arms outstretched to her she had at the lake in Maryland. She tells him that maybe it was a sign that he was returning to her. He tells her that maybe it was a wish she had that he'd come back to her that had finally come true.

RAINN hotline 1-800-656-hope

Friday, July 25, 1997

by Bubblz/b>

EMILY tells DAVID that Lucinda is his mother. David refuses to believe it. He asked her how Lucinda got to her. "Did Lucinda find a way to get The City Times back? Did she say she'd take it if you didn't go along with her?" David screams. Emily swears she's telling him the truth, that she over heard it while locked up at Fairwinds. That she even heard James try to tell him about Lucinda. David spats, "That's a lie." Emily tells him to think back to the time when James told him to get along with Lucinda, to befriend her. David is convinced that that was just for business purposes. And that James wouldn't confirm it when he asked him about Lucinda being his mother. Emily explains that it was because he's mad at Lucinda because she set him up to be arrested by his own son. "I wouldn't lie to you, David. I'm your friend." Emily pleads. David tells her that since she's known all this time and didn't tell him the truth, then she must have been lying to him. David is furious with her and starts raging at her. Emily gets backed up against the his desk with him screaming in her face. She starts to panic. Visions of Diego yelling, degrading and attacking her flash through her mind. David realizes that he's being to hard on her and starts appologizing for losing his temper with her. She's still locked in the nightmare from the past. David reaches out to touch her, telling her he's sorry. She screams, drops her purse and flees the office. David goes to the door after her upset at what he's done.

KIRK and SAMANTHA are enjoying there evening Kirk planned. Kirk has a surprise for her. He's hired NANCY WILSON, one of Samantha's favorite singers, to preform for them. Samantha is thrilled and is completely drawn into Kirks web. They are holding hands and sharing caresses even before Nancy Wilson is finished singing. The songstess finishes and is graced with a standing ovation by her two person crowd. Sam thanks her over and over for coming. She tells Sam to thank her husband and it was her pleasure to be here for them, but she must be off. She has to be in Chicago tonight. Sam looks at Kirk and tells him what a lovely thing he's done, but she hopes the Falcon Club isn't footing the bill. Kirk tells her that the Falcon Club is NOT footing the bill, he's done something brilliant. He's back on top. He tells her that when the World Wide Stock dropped he bought it for a hat size and now it's back up, solid and he'd the proud owner 51% of World Wide and CEO of the company. Sam looks at him, stands up and slugs him in the face sending him out of his seat, sprawling across the floor.

MOLLY and HOLDEN are discussing the "Damian/Lily" situation. Holden tells her that he's going to call Lily about something. Molly tells him that she's not home, that Lily and Damian went on a picnic somewhere. Holden isn't thrilled with the idea. Molly tells him that maybe she'll break the news to Damian there. They talk a bit more and get some lemonade and go out side to the picnic table, when JACK walks up. He tells them that he's glad he caught both of them together. "I have news about your daughter." Jack says. Molly is thrilled and wants to know immediately what he's found out. Holden waits patiently. Jack tells them that his contact found out the name of the adoptive parents. He doesn't know where they live at the moment, but they are working on that and things take time. An estatic Molly immediately asks, "Her name, Jack. What's my baby's name?" "Abigail, Abigail Williams." Jack tells her. Molly keeps repeating the name over and over. Saying isn't it a pretty name, I bet she's as pretty as her name. Jack tells her that she's a knock out, if she's anything like her mother. Molly just looks at Holden and tells him that she hopes Abigail has his smile and she goes over and hugs him. Jack is a little crushed. Holden asks Jack for the name of the contact who got him the information, he wants to call and thank him. Jack turn's over the information to Holden and that gives Jack and Molly a bit of alone time. Molly tells Jack how thankful she is, as she almost squeezes him to death. Jack tells her that it's only a small piece of the puzzle, there's still a lot to find out. Jack tells Molly that he's surprised that Holden wasn't more excited. Molly said he was, he's just got a lot on his mind. Holden comes out and hands Molly the phone and Jack has a chance to have a little one on one talk with Holden. He tells him that maybe they should put off finding Abigail until the situation with Damian gets settled. Holden tells him that he can't do that. He needs something to keep him busy, the situation with Damian is more complicated than it appears.

DAMIAN and LILY discuss the possiblity that her seeing a vision of Damian in the water at Maryland might have been an answered wish. Lily tells Damian that they really need to talk about something. He askes her, please, not to. It is such a lovely day, couldn't they just enjoy it, he wants to know. She puts it off. Damian tells her how he wanted to come back here, where it's quiet, peaceful and time stands still, to try to recapture the moment. He tells her that he loves and needs her. She tells him that he can't just live for her, make her responsible for whether he lives or dies. Damian is confused. Lily tells him that she overheard him talking to himself, saying if he couldn't have Lily then he couldn't go on with this life. He laughs lightly and smiles sympthetically at her telling her that he understands how that could have been misinterperated, but he was just talking to himself about his situation. He asks her if she thinks he's a desperate man. She tells him, no. He tells her that religiously he doesn't believe in suicide and he could never do something like that to her and Luke. He's just never been and would never be desperate enough to do something like that. Lily is so relieved. Damian is moved by how concerned she was for him. They go for a walk relieved by the discussion they'd just shared. They laugh and enjoy the scenery together. From time to time, Lily seems to be getting caught up in his dream, then as if clearing her head, she forces herself back to reality and tries not to enjoy Damian's company quite so much. They stop by the water once more and Damian softly tells her, "There is nothing I'd rather do right now, than kiss you." He gently pulls her to him and they share a long passionate kiss.

Colleen Zenk makes surprise appearance as Y&R's Aunt Jordan
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