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Sharon was sure Nick was hiding something from her, but he denied that anything was wrong. Nina told Tricia that Ryan was a married man. The paternity results showed that Danny was Daniel's father. Victor saw Diane and Jack in a passionate embrace.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of July 21, 1997 on Y&R
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Monday, July 21, 1997

Victor visits Diane at her office. Oh, you are so beautiful. Diane wonders who was left standing at the meeting with Jack and Jill. Victor says he gave it to them with both barrels. I had to tell them that I was wrong. Diane is stunned. It is wonderful that you had a positive encounter with Jack. Victor then shows Diane some photos of some castles overseas. A honeymoon/wedding gift. Ohhhhhh Victor! Kiss Kiss.

Jill and Jack rehashing the meeting. Jill is happy, Jack is cynical. It ain't over till it's over, and it isn't over, not by a long shot.

Megan and Jeremy try to set Tricia up on a date with Alec. There is a concert at the university. Alec agrees to come over. Tricia doesn't want anything to do with a blind date. Megan and Jeremy leave. Alec stays to finish his soda. Tricia comes back down stairs. Alec tells Tricia he knows how she feels. He was dumped three weeks ago by his year long girlfriend. And I'm still here! You do get over it. They talk. Alec leaves.

Grace and Sharon on the phone. Sharon is so concerned about Nick. Grace does a good job trying to reassure Sharon about Nick. Hang up. Grace to Nick. This is really bothering you isn't it? It makes me sick Grace. Can't you see that you can trust me? I just want to be your friend Nick. Please believe me! I do believe you Grace. I owe you a lot. We've just got to put this behind us and get on with our lives. They shake on it.

Phyllis, Danny and Daniel return home. Phyllis tells Danny how much it hurts for him to believe Paul and Chris over her on this paternity issue. I don't mean to hurt you Phyllis. It will be over once and for all with the test results. He calls the lab; results ready later today. I've got something important to do then I'll meet you at the lab. Danny leave, Joni arrives. She asks Mrs. Romalotti about the trip and test. Phyllis flashes back to her sample switch and feels more confident again.....Paul and Chris at Gina's. In her office, Chris notices a business card from the paternity lab. Gina admits that Danny/Daniel took the test and tells how Danny wanted to cancel. Gina and Chris get into a heated discussion. Danny walks in when Gina is saying I hope you're wrong Chris. Chris says, but what if I'm not, what if Danny isn't Daniel's father?!

Tuesday, July 22, 1997

Nikki tells Josh about Victor's engagement, noting that she thinks Victor has ulterior motives regarding hurting Jack. He's surprised when she says that she's not thrilled about it, but surprises her more when he says he couldn't be happier by the news.

Meanwhile at the hospital, Dr. Gallagher continues to try to pry some information about Josh's picture from Veronica. She doesn't divulge anything, and after he leaves, she looks in the mirror and wonders if she'll even recognize herself when the bandages come off.

Victor and Diane go for dinner at Yves, and Victor suggests they have their wedding reception there. He also tells her that he can get some time off for an October 4th wedding. Diane says that will be fine although she'll have to get someone to work on the new Newman HQ during that time.

Cole drops by Nina's to see how she's doing and is pleased to find out that Ryan and Phillip have moved back in. He wishes them the best of luck and says he's sincerely happy for them. After he leaves, Phillip comes into the living room to say good night and tells his dad how happy he is that they're all together again. Once alone, Ryan thinks to himself, "I'm happy to be with you too, if I could only feel something again for your mother."

Nick's shocked when he comes home and Sharon immediately pounces on him for being out of the house for a few hours. She demands to know where he's been and why he didn't call. Nick casually explains that he had a few errands to run and can't understand why she's so upset. "I was out, and now I'm back. End of subject," Nick says. "What are you hiding?" Sharon asks suspiciously. Nick tells her that he's had a long day and wasn't expecting an interrogation so if he seems perturbed, that's why. Sharon doesn't let up and soon they're having an argument. It ends when Nick tells Sharon that she sounds like a paranoid, insecure housewife, and she tells him he sounds like a man with something to hide. "I'm out of here," Nick says as he heads off to his night class. "When will you be home?" Sharon barks. "When I feel like it," Nick sniffs on his way out the door.

Grace is furious when Tony tells her that he took Cassie to the ranch. She accuses him of trying to ruin everything for her. "Because Sharon is her mother or because you have something going on with Nick?" Tony asks. Grace realizes that he suggested to Sharon to call Grace while Nick was there and accuses him of wanting Sharon to find out that he was there. Tony blasts her right back and starts grilling her about Nick's visit. When Grace can't stand the heat, she says she's going to spend time with Cassie in the other room but Tony stops her. "I don't care what you say, I know there's something going on with you and Nick," he growls, "You're story keeps changing and one of these days I'm going to find out the truth!"

Danny explains to Chris, Paul and Gina that the results will be ready anytime. Gina suggests that he just phone the lab, but he tells them that he wants to go there in person to ensure there's no screw-ups. "You mean you think Phyllis might be up to something?" Chris asks quickly. "Yeah, think about it," Paul adds, "She could've concocted just about anything to intervene with the results." Before they get into it, Phyllis marches in. She tells them in a confident voice that they should kill two birds with one stone and bring Paul and Chris with them to the lab. Danny thinks it's too personal of a moment to share, but Phyllis points out that her personal life has been raked over the coals for years by these two, and there's no need to keep it to themselves now. Chris and Paul agree to go, of course. Once at the lab, Phyllis continues her tirade about how confident she is and tells the others to lighten up. "Despite what you think, I've never tried to stonewall these tests," she says, "I just didn't think a paternity test was necessary, but I can see that I was wrong." No one responds as the nurse announces that the results are ready....

Wednesday, July 23, 1997

At the lab, Phyllis continues to taunt Christine and Paul with her confidence about the test results. Danny reads the report and announces, "It says what I would've known if I'd listened to my heart -- Daniel is my son!" He and Phyllis embrace as Chris and Paul go into shock. Phyllis rubs it in Chris' face that she was wrong to suspect her, but says that she's willing to put the whole experience behind them and start fresh. She even suggests that they all go back to the Romalotti apartment to celebrate with Daniel. Danny encourages them to come too, but Chris and Paul decline the offer so Danny and Phyllis go home alone.

Sharon seeks Cole's advice about Nick's behaviour, explaining the fight they'd had and why. She insists that something is going on with Nick, and is sure something has happened, yet is also sure that her husband would never be unfaithful. "I just can't figure out what happened, he won't open up to me," she says. Cole suggests that she's just imagining a problem, but Sharon tells him how defensive Nick was before he went out again. Cole tells her that he can't offer any help as he has no idea what Nick's problem is, but advises her to give it time. "One thing I can tell you thought is to never doubt how much Nick loves you," Cole says, "That I know for sure." "I've never doubted my husband's love," Sharon says staunchly, "Why would you say that?!"

Nick doesn't go to night class after all, and goes to the Crimson Lights instead. Grace is working and he tells her about the fight he and Sharon had, adding that he can't seem to stop himself from behaving defensively. Although he knows that he agreed to forget what happened, he says that he can't. Grace tells him not to tell Sharon about their mistake, as it would only hurt her and there's no need for that. Nick thanks her for listening, noting that it's nice to have her to talk to like this. Grace tells him that that's what friends are for, and promises to always be there for him.

Tricia recalls the fabulous memory she has of the day she cooked Ryan breakfast. Overcome with emotion, she calls him on his cell phone, but to her surprise Nina answers! She doesn't say anything, but Nina tells her she knows who she is and why she's calling. "Ryan's not here and even if he was, he wouldn't want to talk to you," Nina snaps, "He's come home to me and our son, don't ever call him again!" Tricia bursts into tears when Nina slams down the phone.

Ryan finds Neil working late as well in his office and goes in for a chat. Neil tells him that he's heard rumours that he and Nina separated and that he's seeing someone new. Ryan explains that he and Nina are trying to work things out but he doesn't think they'll ever get back on track. Neil confides that he's felt that way about Dru before, but given time it all worked out. "Are your doubts because of this new girl?" Neil wonders. Ryan admits that he has a good time with Tricia and she helps him forget about his problems, but insists that he ended things with her. Neil advises him to give his marriage his all and not to let a pretty face mislead him.

Danny and Phyllis come home to find Joani reading a story to Daniel. Knowing they just came from the lab, she makes a quick exit to give the family some time alone. Danny plays with Daniel all evening until he goes to bed. Alone with Phyllis, Danny tells her that when he read the results he realized two things -- 1) he was incredibly relieved and 2) he was sorry he ever doubted her. Phyllis tells him that it's behind them now so there's no need to apologize or explain himself. They embrace then Phyllis asks him to make love to her.

Chris and Paul go home feeling quite numb. They rehash the whole Sasha story, and why they believed the test results would be different. "We had suspicions based on circumstantial evidence," Paul reminds her, "The real proof was at the lab tonight. We have no choice but to accept it." Chris knows he's right, but isn't ready to give in. Paul suggests that they go away for a long weekend to get their minds off everything and relax. He goes to make reservations but Chris stops him and says, "If Phyllis could change one test, who's to say she couldn't change another?" Paul lets out an exasperated sigh and tells her to just let it go.

Dru thinks about Neil telling her how much he wants a second child and shudders. She goes to his office as they have plans for a late dinner. She tries to look calm as he tells her how lucky they are to have such a great marriage. "We have love, honesty and trust," he carries on as Dru gulps, "What would a marriage be without that?!"

Alec drops by Tricia's to see if she's doing any better. He tells her that Ryan is a fool to let her go and says she shouldn't be sulking at home. He suggests that they go out, but Tricia says she's not in the mood. Alec tells her that he'll call her tomorrow and the day after that, and continue to call her until she accepts his offer. "You and I should get to know each other better," he says, "And I'm going to make sure that we do!"

The technicians at the lab review Danny's chart and see something they didn't notice before. "We'll have to call him, he'll want to know about this," they decide, "But it's too late tonight, we'll call him first thing in the morning."

Thursday, July 24, 1997
Erin Goldsby

Victor asks Jill if Nick has contacted her at all about a possibly returning to Newman Enterprises. Jill tells him that she hasn't heard from him. Victor explains that Nick will be graduating soon, and he hopes that he'll return to the family business as he'd like Victoria and Nick to run it one day. He adds that under the circumstances, he can't ask Jack any favours, but wonders if Jill would mind checking in on Nick and seeing what his plans are. Jill tells him she'll handle it discreetly, then asks if they can discuss the men's line. Victor tells her that he'd rather surprise Diane for lunch, but asks her to come back in the afternoon to go over the line.

Meanwhile, Nick goes to Jack's office and tells him that he's graduating in a few weeks and is thinking of coming back to Newman Enterprises. He adds that he and Victor are getting along much better now and thinks they both learned something from their big blow up. Jack doesn't encourage him, which prompts Nick to ask his advice on the matter. He's somewhat surprised when Jack rants and raves about Victor being an arrogant egomaniac, and notes that he wouldn't advise anyone to work for the man. Lightening up a little, Jack tells him to just do what he wants, but don't expect Victor to change.

Joani reports for work in the morning and can see that Phyllis had a good night. She tells Joani how she "pushed the blonde bug into the dirt with her heel" and says the look on her face was priceless when she found out the results of the paternity test. Joani is shocked to learn that Paul and Chris went to the lab with them but Phyllis laughs when she tells her that she invited them back to celebrate but they wouldn't come. "Those two have no class," she sniffs. Joani offers to take Daniel out for the day so Phyllis decides to go shopping and buy a new negligee to surprise Danny with. Before leaving she pops another fertility pill. She's on her way out the door when the phone rings, but she decides to let the machine get it. Too bad she didn't wait around -- it was the lab calling for Danny.

Danny shows up at Christine's office to tell her that he really does want to let bygones be bygones. "I don't have time for this," Chris pouts. "Don't have time?!" Danny asks, "You're in denial! Admit it, you were wrong!" He goes on about how Sasha was a sick woman who lied to her, and it's time to admit defeat. Christine blasts him right back, noting that she can't forget how Phyllis ruined their marriage and isn't easily convinced to forgive and forget all that's happened, no matter what that test says. Angrily, she leaves, snidely wishing Danny good luck in his marriage. Danny sticks around long enough to calm down then reviews his paternity test results again (for some reason, he walking around with the folder in his hand). Anyhow, something odd catches his eye and he calls the lab. They tell him they've been trying to reach him as there's a problem with his test and suggest that he come right over.

Jack goes to Diane's office to thank her for calling him to warn him about Victor's wrath but assures her the meeting went fine. They get talking about her engagement and Jack warns her again that one day Victor will kick her to the curb as he chases after someone new. "It always happens like that with him -- always," Jack insists. Diane starts to cry and apologizes for how she handled their breakup. "No matter how hard I try, I can't get you out of my mind," Jack says. Passionately, they embrace and kiss. Neither of them notice Victor come in and see them, then quietly slip back out. Later, Diane's secretary tells her that Victor came and went while Jack was there, and Diane gets a sinking feeling in her stomach.

Phyllis goes to Christine's office and finds her putting her photo in her desk. She tells her that she wants to put their animosity in the past but Christine tells her she knows she's just there to gloat. Phyllis tells her that it was a nice try, but her marriage is stronger than ever now thanks to her attempts at sabotaging it. They banter back and forth until Phyllis admits she is there to gloat. "I suggest you leave," Christine growls, "Before this conversation turns ugly." Phyllis is impressed at this little outburst, but notes a threat coming from St. Christine is most unfitting. Chris tells her in no uncertain terms that as of this moment, she and Danny are out of her life. Triumphantly, Phyllis leaves.

Jill returns to Victor's office as arranged, but is surprised to find him in an ornery mood. She figures out that his meeting with Diane didn't go to well, and leaves him alone at his request. Later, Jill meets with Jack and mentions in passing about Victor's mood. She explains that Victor went to Diane's office and when he returned he was very upset. Jack clues into what happened, and gets quite a grin on his face, noting it's a good day after all.

Danny arrives at the lab and the tech takes him into a private meeting room. Danny shows him his report, noting it says page one of four. The tech says that's why they called, and pulls out a four page report. Apparently Danny returned to the lab the morning after the family went together, and gave two more samples of blood, but didn't tell Phyllis! The tech hands over the whole report and sadly sums it up for him. "According to the total three samples of blood we had from you, it is medically impossible for Daniel to be your son," he says. Danny is outraged and demands an explanation. The tech explains that the first blood sample given was not from him, and the other two proved the paternity. He adds that after they noticed the discrepancy, they reran the tests, and he's sure the results are correct. "Phyllis was here that night," Danny realizes, "There's my answer." He begins to shake and cry as it hits him that Daniel is not his son.

Friday, July 25, 1997

Cole tells Nick about Sharon's visit, noting that he's going to have to come up with a good excuse to explain where he was the night before. He adds that Grace is up to no good, and warns Nick against trusting her, even though she's kept their secret so far. Cole suggests that he should just go home and tell Sharon and truth.

Grace drops by Sharon's and finds her fretting about her fight with Nick. She laughs at her, claiming that all couples fight. Sharon explains how bad theirs was, ticked that Grace is downplaying it without knowing the details. When Sharon notes how odd Nick's been lately, Grace snickers that he hasn't been acting weird at all. "How would you know?!" Sharon snaps. She notes that Nick is HER husband, and if she says he's acting odd, he is. Grace apologizes, and says she butted in where she shouldn't have, but was only trying to help. Grace advises her to trust Nick and give him some space, and maybe he'll tell her one day on his own.

Josh has a patient cancel so he makes it home for lunch with Nikki. While they're talking, Nikki asks about his marriage to Veronica so Josh tells her about the day that the cops came to his door and told him that they'd found her body in a lake.

Meanwhile in the hospital, Dr. Gallagher still tries to get some information from Veronica. She admits that she's had prescribed drugs before but won't say where. She also tells him that she was married once but she wants her husband back now, although he doesn't know that since they haven't seen each other in years.

Jack tells Ashley about his experience with Diane earlier, and she warns him not to get burned twice by her. She also warns him not to butt heads with Victor over Diane because she's not worth it. However, Jack tells her not to bother trying to get him to back off.

Over in Victor's office, Diane gets the cold shoulder. She tries to make conversation, but Victor keeps shrugging her off until he finally admits he saw her kissing Jack. She tries to explain herself, claiming it meant nothing. Victor barely responds, then leaves for a meeting.

Grace goes home feeling quite smug that things are certainly going her way now. Tony overhears her talking to herself and lectures her again about her hangup with Nick. He warns her not to underestimate Sharon, too.

Nick comes home with all intentions of telling Sharon the truth about his mistake with Grace. However, she insists on taking the blame for their fight and tells him that there's no need for him to tell her where he was. Nick tries a few more times to come clean, but Sharon keeps stopping him, so he gives up.

Phyllis is preening in the mirror over her new negligee after shopping. She notices there's a message on the machine, and hears the one from the lab. She just brushes it off, however, as she assumes it has to do with the bill, since they've already got the results. Danny comes in and she can tell that something's wrong. "I know the truth," Danny growls, "I know Daniel is not my son." Phyllis does try to lie at first, but soon realizes the game is over. She admits that she tried to alter the test, but claims that Danny is Daniel's father in every way that counts. Danny, however, doesn't want to hear it. He asks her not to lie anymore, and demands that she tell him if she really changed the tests back in New York a couple of years ago. Quietly, Phyllis says yes she did. Danny freaks! He grabs her by the arms as he screams at her that he could kill her right now with his bare hands. He yells that she ruined his life, destroyed his marriage to Chris, and swears that he hates her for it all. Before he goes to far, Joani comes in the front door with Daniel. Danny tries to keep his composure as he explains to Daniel that he has to go away and won't be home to tuck him in that night. He hugs him tightly and sobs as he tells him that he loves him before leavings. After Danny storms out the front door, Phyllis grabs Daniel tearfully and swears to him that his daddy will be back one day...

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