Another World Recaps: The week of July 21, 1997 on AW

Gary and Josie were married, and Gary learned Josie was pregnant. Nick became a suspect in a second rape. Sophia stood by Nick even as Michael began to doubt him. Alexander told Rachel that Carl had killed Alexander's wife.
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Another World Recaps: The week of July 21, 1997 on AW
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Monday, July 21, 1997

Well, they finally did it -- Bay City's tortured twosome Gary and Josie were able to exchange vows in front of family and friends with only a slight interruption from resident psychopaths Grant and Cindy Harrison. But let's start from the beginning. A jealous Alexander was not pleased to find an semi-dressed Gary in Felicia's apartment, until he found out Felicia was doing her best man duties by occupying the groom the night before the wedding. Gary cheerfully invites Alexander to the wedding and Alexander leaves to insure the groom makes a grand entrance. Before he leaves, he presents a surprised Felicia with a statue of an African fertility goddess. Josie prepares for the nuptials in the station house locker room with Vicky and Paulina attending. Both comment on the strength of Joe and Paulina's marriage -- sure enough, Joe and Paulina get in a tiff about her diet pills right before the wedding. There was some tension when Toni arrives and Vicky makes a quick exit. At the Harbour Club, Lila thanks Donna for letting her come to the shower but Donna was not taken in by the simpering southern belle act and takes exception to Lila's comment that Shane will fulfill his "obligation" to Vicky and the boys. Donna told Michael she will testify as a character witness for Nick if Michael will help with her campaign. At first skeptical, Michael admits he'll do anything to stop Grant. Outside the station house, Center Street was transformed into a fantasy wedding spot -- Vicky and Shane lock eyes across the way but are interrupted when Grant and Cindy arrive. Before the uninvited guests can be ushered away, Grant grabs a photo op by donating money to a fund for orphans and widows of slain police officers. Shane was furious when he finds out Grant was Lila's lawyer. Grant steals the fertility statue from Felicia and puts it in Cindy's bag. There are some tense moments between Sharlene, John, Felicia, Alexander and Michael. Gary arrives to the wedding on horseback while Josie shows up on a police motorcycle. Sharlene, instead of Joe walks her down the aisle. When the chaplain asks the guests to think quietly about marriage, Shane and Vicky steal glances at each other while a jealous Lila watches. She was lost in her own memories about her wedding to Shane. Donna notices and asks when Jake returns. Gary and Josie pledge their love and loyalty and Toni sings a special song. The episode ends with a freeze frame of Gary and Josie's first kiss as man and wife.

Tuesday, July 22, 1997

Gary and Josie's wedding celebration continues -- Josie gets her wish and walks down the aisle as the new Mrs. Gary Sinclair under the tunnel of police swords. Gary was just plain giddy through out the reception! Shane and Vicky share more long looks but Lila was never far away. When she brought up her and Shane's wedding again he told her to get over it and demands that she find the separation papers he sent her by the time he gets back from taking the medical boards in Chicago. After listening to another Grant Harrison campaign ploy -- Donna told Vicky she'll beat Grant no matter what. Vicky asks what her mother will do if she really gets elected. Toni gets uncomfortable around the crowd -- something that was noticed by both Tyrone & Chris. Paulina and Joe make up and she promises to lose weight the healthy way. Alexander proposes to Felicia for the ten billionth time but she still puts him off. John asks Sharlene if he can visit her at the cabin before the summer was over. Amanda enjoys the attention of both Neil and Tomas (!). Meanwhile, Sophia comes up with a plan to see how Nick acts when he's drunk -- she has the psychiatrist hypnotize him into believing he was drunk. They notice he was loud and obnoxious but not violent. Then the psychiatrist makes Nick believe Sophia was Toni to see what he would do if he came upon her in the parking lot. Nick gets upset and told Toni to leave him alone. when the doctor and Sophia are distracted a hypnotized Nick leaves the office and went to confront a scared Toni. Back at the reception, Vicky catches the bouquet and was happy when Jake shows up. Alexander offers the newlyweds his penthouse in a fancy hotel. As they stand on the balcony with fireworks exploding around them, Gary and Josie bask in their wedded bliss. Gary comments how it feels like its just the two of them in the world and Josie corrects him that its really the three of them.

Wednesday, July 23, 1997

Gary shock turns to pure joy when he finds out he's going to be a father. there were some very sweet scenes when his concern for Josie was apparent. The newlyweds make love and contemplate the happy future in front of them. A hypnotized Nick comes upon Toni who freaks out and starts screaming. She thinks he's going to attack her again but he seems like he's trying to explain. Tyrone grabs Nick and Joe arrests him for drunken disorderly despite protests from Sophia and the psychiatrist. The doctor brought Nick out of hypnosis, telling him he will remember everything that happened. Sharlene, Felicia, John and Michael sit down for the first time. Sharlene says they need to let go of the bitterness and move on with their lives. John admits he's hurt everyone at the table but it seems like Felicia's and Michael's wounds are still raw. Later, John told Felicia he's taking her advice about sorting out his feelings for Sharlene. He told her that even though he'll see Sharlene this weekend -- he still wants a future with Felicia. Felicia responds that she doesn't know if its possible. Sharlene is ecstatic about Gary and Josie's news and wishes them luck and love in their lives. Vicky told Jake about catching the bouquet -- he suggests its a good omen for her and Shane but she insists there was no her and Shane. She shows him her scrapbook from Lassiter (remember she showed it to "Bobby" on their first date -- saying she'd shown it to no one, not even Jake or Ryan). They reminisce about old times in Lassiter again and they share another kiss, this one initiated by Vicky. The next morning, Jake brought her the bad news about Nick but cheers her up with a promise for a real date and a dance on the front porch. At the precinct, Nick was stunned and hurt when Michael now acts like he believes Nick was guilty. Nick and Sophia are shocked when Joe reports that there's been another rape and Nick was the prime suspect.

Thursday, July 24, 1997

Nick was questioned by Joe again about his whereabouts during the rape of a security guard at BCU, which was very similar to Toni's rape. Nick insists he remembers everything about the night before and he DID NOT rape anyone. Sophia was upset about Emily's lack of support for Nick, especially after she mentions the possibility Nick came by the apartment last night to Tomas (which would have given Nick an alibi) but refusing to make the same statement to Gary. Sophia was horrified when Michael starts to act like Nick may be guilty and asks Sophia to try and convince him to plead guilty (she refuses). Nick's bail was taken back much to Toni's relief. She was still convinced that Nick raped her. Unfortunately Tyrone, Josie and Tomas are having doubts -- especially when sophia points out holes in the story (example -- the two rapes were obviously committed by the same guy according to Josie where the attacker came up behind the victim and hit her over the head while smelling of alcohol. But how could Nick's breath have smelled of alcohol when he wasn't really drunk just hypnotized to think so. Also Sophia points out that Toni remembers scratching Nick on the right arm and seeing his watch but she says Nick always wears his watch on his LEFT hand). Donna casts admiring looks at her good-looking new waiter, Rusty -- unaware he was under Grant's employ to get some dirt on Donna. Grant reminds Cindy that she must produce children according to their pre-nuptial agreement and insists she get tested to make sure she can conceive. Cindy manipulates Paulina into waiting at the hospital with her and lets some of her insecurities about being alone show. Cindy comes out of the doctor's office upset but changes her attitude before she can tell Paulina anything b/c Grant shows up. Cindy told him the test results won't be in for a while. Rachel confronts Alexander about his animosity toward Carl and Alexander tells her Carl killed his wife (which was a BIG exaggeration IMHO but oh well). Rachel says she will ask Carl to explain but cautions Nikos that she knows who Carl was and who he now is. Despite having to postpone their honeymoon because of Toni's rape trial -- Gary and Josie celebrate the confirmation of her pregnancy.

Friday, July 25, 1997

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Multi-soap vet Robert Hogan has died


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