General Hospital Recaps: The week of July 21, 1997 on GH

Jax and Officer V became stranded on an island. Sarah and Lucy went to a barbecue together. Sonny and Brenda arrived in Florida. Nikolas moved in with Katherine.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of July 21, 1997 on GH
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Monday, July 21, 1997

by Alexandra Anastasio

V. Ardanowski orders Jax to bring the plane down or she'll be forced to use her police weapon. He realizes she's only bluffing but lands the plane in a remote spot; informing her this is where she'll be staying while he takes off. Unfortunately mother nature does not agree with him and it looks like the two might be stranded.

Jason attempts to leave the hospital but is unsuccessful. His wounds reopen causing him to bleed; this freaks out Emily. Robin comes in and helps along with Amy. Jason tells Robin he needs to help Sonny. He's worried because there's no answer on the cell phone.

Bobbie tries to warn Katherine about the type of man Stefan is but she does not believe one word Bobbie is saying. Bobbie warns her not to cross Stefan.

As they speak Stefan shows up at Katherine's to find Nikolas there. He orders him back to the hospital to be checked out and then back to the house. Nikolas tells him he can no longer tell him what to do and that he wants his own privacy. Stefan tries to reassure him of his love and commitment to him but all Nikolas wants is to be away from Stefan. He also informs his uncle that he stayed at Katherine's upon her invitation. This takes Stefan by surprise and once again he yells at Nikolas. Katherine walks into the middle of all this and finds out exactly the type of man he is. Nikolas leaves and Stefan begins to get angry with Katherine. She tries to explain but he claims he's not sure if he can believe anything she says. Katherine orders him to leave after he tells her what she should have done.

Sarah and Nikolas meet up again at the old chapel and she tells him Alexis was looking for him. He tells her that he has quit his family and why; although he doesn't get into detail.

Ned & Alexis have an evening out together and there is definitely an attraction between the two.

Robin & Bobbie have a heart to heart conversation. Robin confides to Bobbie that she is afraid she's hurting Jason by not protecting him. She admits she doesn't like Jason working for Sonny and questions herself on her feelings. Bobbie offers whatever advice she could; she uses herself as an example. She also tells Robin to ask Jason questions and really listen to the answers. This might help her in whatever decisions she might want to make.

Tuesday, July 22, 1997

by Alexandra Anastasio

Jason is transferred to a new room. While talking he tells Robin that being shot isn't what hurts so much, it is being without her that hurts and he's glad she's home for the summer. She asks him to promise her that he'll always be careful-he says he will. He also tells Robin how the Quartermaine's treated him when he first came home. Jason receives a call from Joseph who gives him some information; although it's not about Sonny's whereabouts.

Brenda & Sonny awake and realize they are almost in Florida. Sonny thinks out loud about who is setting him up and why. They fall back asleep and Brenda dreams about being shot in the shower. (Sounds familiar). Sonny reassures her things will be OK and at that moment the truck comes to a stop and the two get off without being seen. They walk for a while and then plan to hitch hike; unfortunately Brenda has flagged down a cop.

Jax and V. Ardanowski spent the night on the island. They banter back and forth with Jax antagonizing her. He does apologize for trying to leave her there but says he's only trying to reach Brenda. Both blame each other for their situation but try to work together until they're rescued. The fighting stops but not for too long.

Sarah and Nikolas are at the hospital and back to work. He talks to her about LeslyLu and asks her opinion on what to but his sister for her birthday.

Alan goes to talk to Mac about Jason. Alan is the one to tell Mac that Jason tried to leave the hospital and he believes Jason was trying to go and look for Sonny. He asks Mac not to let Jason know right away if they receive any word on Sonny and Brenda; Mac agrees.

Alan goes to see Jason; Jason asks him about Robin and her status. Alan then proceeds to tell Jason he can't keep taking chances with his life and that he shouldn't continue to work for Sonny. Jason asks him to leave but Alan tells him he's not finished. Jason goes on to tell Alan that to him he is Robins doctor and although he may be his father, he is not his son.

Wednesday, July 23, 1997

by Alexandra Anastasio

Katherine goes to see Robin and asks about Jason. Robin detects something is bothering her. Katherine reveals what's upsetting her but does not say that the man is Stefan. On her way out, Katherine notices the letter Robin received from the university in Paris. Robin says she is not going but Katherine tells her not to forget about it.

Stefan tells Alexis that Nikolas is staying with Katherine. Both are upset over this arrangement. Alexis runs into Ned at the hospital and both agree they had a good time the night before. Alexis asks him if he'd like to out again. Meanwhile Katherine goes to the hospital where she approaches Stefan. He is obnoxious to her and she tells him she has done nothing wrong where Nikolas is concerned except completely misjudge Stefan from the beginning.

Monica & Ned go in to see Jason and he asks Monica what she meant when she said this was all her fault. She tries to talk her way out this one and is afraid of what Jason knows and what Emily is remembering.

The policeman Brenda flagged down questions Sonny and Brenda on what they were doing and asks for ID. He runs a check on them and then offers to drive them into the next town: Tiger Key. They check into a motel and miss an important clue on the floor, the animal gum wrapper.

Carly invites Keesha over for a drink. The two just hang out and talk, and in the process Keesha gets drunk. She is unable to drive home and Carly has AJ drove her. She's up to something again. Once they arrive at her apartment Keesha tells AJ what Carly told her, that he is still in love with her.

AJ drops by to see Jason and tells him he could be a good friend even though he wasn't a good brother.

Mike drops by to see Jason and Robin overhears him telling Mike to contact him if he hears about Sonny & Brenda because he'll be up and out to go and help them.

Thursday, July 24, 1997

Jax and officer companion are still stranded on the island. Jax is pretending to be asleep, so she goes over and starts drawing, when Jax sneaks up behind her. She gets angry and tells him just because we are stranded doesn't mean that you can sneak up on me, Jax asks her what she was drawing. He tells her that he has seen her draw before, she shows him a picture of them. She tells him the story of when she was growing up, the murals that she would draw on her walls, but when she became a cop, she no longer had the time. They lay down on the beach looking up at the stars. She reminds him of the night she arrested him and asks him if it was true what he said, that when you see a shooting star that you will be friends for life. They decide to stay up all night to find another one, Jax says look there, I think That's out shooter, but she has fallen asleep.

Nikolas asks Katherine how her day was, then tells her you've talked to my uncle, I can tell you have that look. What look, she asks? He replies, The Boy I just talk to Stefan Cassadine and my head hurts look. Nikolas starts to head up stairs, Katherine asks him where he is going, he replies, to pack. You have been nothing but nice to me since the first day that we have met and all I have done is make you unhappy. She lets him know that she wants him there no matter what Stefan's says. He decides to stay, but only till he can find his own place. Katherine brings up the barbecue and wants to know if he is going. He says no, that he doesn't want to run into his uncle. He decides to go anyway.

Over at Sarah's house Audrey asks he if she is having a good time. Sarah replies I am starting to. There is a knock on the door, it's Lucky. They sit down and start to talk about Switzerland, then Lucky asks her to the barbecue. She says yes, and to pick her up at 8:00. After Lucky leaves Nikolas show up at her house. He also asks her to the barbecue, but she tells him that she can't go with him, that somebody else already asked her, when Audrey yells out, is that Lucky again. Nikolas then realizes that Sarah is going with him, and sadly leaves.

AJ confronts Carly on the truth. The truth she tells him, that the night that they got drunk, he cried to her that he still love Keesha.That you can't live with out her, so I decided to do everything I could to make that happen. AJ is really embarrassed and tells Carly that he has to go, but that he will remember what happened that night. After he leaves, Carly sits on the couch and flashes back to that night, then says to herself, I hope not AJ please don't remember.

At the hospital Tony runs into Bobbi, and tries to tell her about the baby, but they keep getting interrupted so he asks her to dinner tomorrow night so that he can tell her. She says yes. Tony goes to check on a patient, Amy tells Bobbi, I bet he wants you back now that you and Stefan are broke up, and would she take him back if he does. Bobbi says nothing. At home Tony and Carly are listening to the babies heart beat, they are both so happy. Tony asks her if it would be all right to start to tell people about the baby? She happily says yes, but across the hall at AJ's apartment he is having a dream, he suddenly wakes up remembering some of that night.

Friday, July 25, 1997

Sonny and Brenda are at the hotel, not really knowing who or what to look for. Not far away at a bar in town is the Tin Man. He enters the bar, walks up to the bartender, pulls out a newspaper and tells the bartender to remember the faces the next time they are in here. Brenda wants to go home but Sonny tells her its not a option. They start to try to put things together, a common thread , something clicks and they take off. Over at the bar the Tin Man on the phone, he tells the person at the other end that he is expecting company soon. All you see of this other person is his hands, and you hear opera music in the background. Sonny and Brenda get to the bar, walk up to the bartender, order 2 beers, he asks for a book of matches, Sonny looks at the matches and realizes this is the place they have been looking for. The bartender comes back, its the Tin Man.

At the hospital Jason and A.J are discussing Carly's well intentions. Robin walks in and tells him that she overheard him tell Mike that if he hears from Sonny that he is out of there in a flash, so she wants to know if he is going to tell her first or if he is just going to take off. Jason is really angry because of all the people who are coming to the hospital to see him, especially the Quartermaines. As Alan is leaving the hospital Monica, Emily, and Ned show up to see Jason. Alan invites Emily to spend the day with him, you can tell that Monica and Ned are getting ready to object, so as Emily is writing Jason a note, he tell them if they no what good for them they won't say anything. Alan takes Emily to dinner, they are talking and having fun, when Alan mentions Monica's name.

A sad look comes over her again, Alan says what wrong. He tells her that there is nothing she can't tell him. That he won't tell anyone. He lets her know that he doesn't want to pry. She breaks down crying telling him they will take her away. Alan lets her know that he won't let anyone take Monica away, and why would they. She breaks down, telling him that Monica killed Dr. Dorman. Just as she tells him, Monica and Ned walk into the room. They see each other.

Bobbi is getting ready for her dinner date with Tony. At Tony and Carly's so how she got the impression that she was going to dinner with them. You can tell she is alittle upset about not being invited. Just after Tony left, she tells herself out loud, oh no, I am not going to miss this. Just as she opens the door, there is AJ ready to grill her again. They argue and she leaves. She goes to where Tony and Bobbi are dining, she enters the resteraunt, she sees them but she starts to get sick, she runs out of the room. One of the waiters walk up to the table where Bobbi is and asks her if she can help someone who is sick, she gets up to go help. AJ walks into the resteraunt looking for Carly. Bobbi goes into the bathroom, yells are you all right, the girl behind the door says, yes, I am just pregnant. She walks out and it's Bobbi.

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