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Monday, July 21, 1997

by Marcia Elgart

Outside the church Mike puts Carrie's necklace with the engagement ring back on her, and Mike sees this, but it doesn't look like they are just friends. Austin approaches Carrie to talk to her, and Mike leaves. Sami rushes out and tells them that the wedding is going to start, so they have to go in, and they leave. Lucas tells Sami once the wedding is over Austin will tell Carrie. Inside Sami continues to rub her marriage and happiness with Austin in Carrie's face. Sami says she just wishes her dad could be here, but he would be proud of Carrie for standing by Sami, we then see a fake flashback of Roman asking Carrie to watch over Sami.

Franco continues to pressure Hope to move on without Bo. Hope then begins to daydream about marrying Bo again, and this time they says it's forever. Hope thinks there has been a terrible misunderstanding, but Franco says she's deluding herself. Still, Hope says if he and Billie were together she doesn't understand why Billie didn't come back to Salem.

Kate is worried that Billie hasn't been seen in days, but Bo assures Kate she is fine. To make Kate feel better he calls the police in Rome and have them track her down. Kate says she knows Billie is upset about losing him again, but Bo is sure Billie is fine and she knew how he felt from the beginning. Bo says he wishes he knew what to do about Hope, and Kate tells him to go back to the woman who really loves him, Billie. Bo says he loves Hope but he just hurt her. Kate says he hurt Billie to, but she still wants him back. Bo tells her he loved Billie very much once but his future is with Hope, and he assures Kate he and Hope will be back together.

Back in the church Lucas notices how Will looks more like Kate than he looks like him. Austin says he's going to take Will out for a walk. Meanwhile Sami goes to see Kate about Austin's good news. Sami warns Kate that if Austin gets the annulment she will blab her secrets to all the papers. Kate says she can't stop him, and Sami says that she (Kate) is going to talk him out of doing it. Suddenly Austin shows up and asks "Talk me out of doing what?" Sami says she was just hoping Kate out of talking them from leaving, but Austin says he has no plan to leave. Austin gives Will to Sami, who takes him down to the daycare center with all the other kids. Austin then tells Kate that he may be able to get the annulment, but he's afraid to tell Carrie because he thinks he may not be the right man for her. Kate tells Austin that he is the man for Carrie and she'll make sure they are together, no matter what she has to sacrifice. Suddenly Kate gets a call from the Rome police about Billie.

Hope approaches Bo, but Kate gets to him first about a call from Rome. Franco tells Hope that Billie comes first, and Hope says he's right. Kate tells Bo that the police says Billie hasn't been seen for days or she hasn't left Italy. Kate yells to Bo that he should never left her in Rome alone!

John is standing at the altar and is getting anxious because Marlena hasn't shown up yet. Laura tells John she'll go check on Marlena to see what's up, and that makes him feel better. In the bridal room Kristen wheels Roman into the room, but Marlena says that is not Roman! Marlena refuses to believe it's Roman, and Kristen says she's shocked she doesn't recognize her ex-husband. Marlena tells her this is just a sick trick, but then Roman wakes up. Roman asks if they are in Salem, and Kristen tells him yes, but Marlena still doesn't believe he's Roman. Roman then calls out "Doc, it's me, Roman." Kristen tells Marlena to look at him and that she knows in her heart it's Roman. Laura walks in and sees Kristen, who says she's brought a wedding gift. Laura tells Marlena that Roman is dead, and she orders Kristen to get out and take this person with her. Marlena wonders if it is Roman, but Laura tells her it isn't and she must not underestimate Stefano's power. Laura says this man is a fake, and she says John will know the truth, and leaves to get him.

Laura goes to get John and tells everyone that Kristen has shown up. The wedding is delayed. Susan says she hopes John deals with Kristen cause she is "mean, mean mean," and says she's" just like all the other DiMera's."

John comes into the room and tells Kristen that Roman is dead. Kristen says she found him in a Caribbean hospital, and can prove it's Roman. Roman wakes up and calls to Marlena. John asks him who he is, and Roman says he's Roman, and he's come back to Marlena. Marlena says oh my god, I know that voice, it's Roman's voice. Marlena asks Roman if it's him, and he says yes. Marlena asks Kristen what is wrong with him, and she says he's been sick. John asks Laura to get Bo, Abe, and Mike. John is sure this is just a man who Stefano brainwashed into think he's Roman, but Kristen says if Marlena looks into his eye's when he wakes up and she'll know the truth.

Abe, Carrie, Shawn, and Caroline come into the room and are shocked. Shawn asks what's wrong, and Kristen says she has the name of the hospital and the doctor who cared for him. Bo shows up, and John is sure that Roman is dead and if they believe otherwise they're setting themselves up for a fall. Kristen then suggests John only wants to believe he's dead so he doesn't lose Marlena. Suddenly Sami comes into the room and starts crying and groveling that it is her daddy. Bo tells Abe he can't tell if it is Roman, but it sure looks like him. Abe promises him he'll do everything he can to find out who it really is. Marlena asks John if it is Roman, what does it mean? Roman wakes up and sees Sami and recognizes her, and Caroline and Shawn. Roman asks where he is and when he learns he's in St. Luke's. Laura says there is going to be a wedding, then Roman asks who is getting married?

In Rome Billie is trying to escape before Max comes back, but she can't get free. Billie then starts daydreaming about how happy she an Bo were once, and if he loved her he'd come save her. Max returns and then warns Billie she's going to get a dose of her past. Max tells Billie that he and King are going to give her a new life, something that will destroy her testimony as a witness. Max then pulls out a syringe and says it's time to resurrect the old Billie. Billie begs him not to do this to her.

Tuesday, July 22, 1997

by Marcia Elgart

Mickey goes to see Jack and Jen. Mickey says that they have circumstantial evidence that Peter is alive, but Kristen is being uncooperative. Mickey tells them he's going to try to get the conviction overturned without Kristen. Mickey goes to make some calls and Jen tells Jack she knows his conviction will be overturned. Jack then says if it is he's moving out of the house. Jen doesn't understand him, and he says that he doesn't want to set her and Abby up for another disappointment. Jen says they can take it one day at a time then. Before Mickey is going to leave Jack asks Mickey to try and find his ex cell mate Travis, he wants to thank him for what he's done.

Travis calls Stefano to inform him that Mickey has shown up at Jack and Jen's place, and Stefano yells it him to find out what he can without getting spotted by Jack. Later Jen calls Trent to invite him over to meet Jack, but Trent says he's busy right now.

At the church Hope is whining about how big of a fool she was trying to talk to Bo. Then she goes off about how she knows just how Marlena feels, and recalls trying to get married to Bo, and she says if she only believed Bo back then maybe they'd be together. When Hope sees how upset Kate is she wonders if there could be something else going on. Kate is ranting that Bo should never have left Billie alone. Bo tells Kate that he has learned that an American women in Rome who's in trouble with the drug cartel, and he'll fly there to check things out. Kate thanks him, and Bo says he will always love Billie and protect her, and of course Hope overheard that part only.

In the bride's room Roman wants to know who is getting married and Kristen just says it's just some friends. John still doesn't believe this man is Roman and wants to tell him the truth, but Kristen advises John against doing that. Mike tells John that the scars on this man's face aren't from plastic surgery, it's from a battle. Marlena explains to Sami that Roman wrote her and John a letter forgiving them, and Sami says she didn't know that. Everyone leaves, but Kristen refuses and stays. Roman wakes up and tells Marlena that Kristen told him that she and John were married, and that Marlena never re-married because she was waiting for him. Marlena and John then glare at Kristen, who just smiles. Roman asks Marlena if she remarried, and she says no. Roman begins to cough violently, and Abe gives him some water. John drags Kristen out of the room and tells her he can't believe how cruel she is. Kristen swears he's Roman, and he says he doesn't believe it and asks her to tell him the truth. Kristen claims that someone called her and told her about Roman, and she went to the hospital to find out about him and believes he is Roman. Marlena shows up and yells at Kristen as well, and John says he'll never believe anything she says and asks her to leave him the hell alone. Marlena then tells John that if that man is Roman, and they tell him the truth, what will it do to him. John says that if that man is really Roman then he'll accept their love.

Carrie runs out to Austin who comforts her, but then Sami comes running out screaming her dad is alive. Carrie, Shawn, and Caroline all say they want him to be Roman, but they can't be sure it's not one of Stefano's tricks. Sami yells at them all that it is her dad. When Carolyn goes to see what is happening with the wedding, but Sami says there can't be a wedding now. Carrie says I thought she was okay with the wedding, but Sami says it would be insensitive to be married today. Sami says she knows that man is Roman and she says that she thinks Kristen is an angel for what she has done.

Caroline finds John and Marlena together and she believes that this man really is Roman. She also asks Marlena if it's proven that he is Roman, what will she do? Abe comes outside with news about Roman, that man's finger prints match Roman's. Marlena says oh my god, and Abe says there's more. He says if that man is Roman he doesn't have long to live. Abe tells them the ISA wouldn't tell him everything, but he's asked for them to contact them once they learn everything.

Kristen calls Stefano and tells him what's happened, and that John has an intense hatred for her. Stefano assures her John will come back to her one day, and that all the evidence will show them that it is Roman, though they have reason to doubt him. Marlena and John go back to the room and she says she wants Roman to go to the hospital. Roman says no hospitals, Kristen promised no more hospitals. Kristen says she intends to care for Roman at her house and that they can stay there as well, but Marlena says never! Marlena wants to take Roman to the penthouse, but Kristen says her house will be better for Roman. Laura tells them all this man needs to be in bed now, so they better make a decision. For some ludicrous reason they decide to use the DiMera mansion, and when Kristen arrives home Stefano is there!

Mike goes looking for Carrie, and Kate tells Mike that Austin will take care of Sami, and that Austin may have a solution to his problem with Sami. Mike finds the family, and says Roman is stable, but he has to take him to the hospital. Suddenly Sami starts faking pains, and Mike says she really needs to get some rest. Austin tells Sami he'll take her home, and Carrie tells Mike that whatever Austin had to say it must not have been that important. Carrie says that the longer she and Austin are apart the worse things may get.

In Rome Max is going to hook Billie back on drugs, and Billie tells him if he does this he'll kill her. Billie says being an addict is hell and pleads with him not to do this to her and says that her father got her addicted. Max then sympathizes with Billie because when she describes her dad he says it sounds like his old man. However, Max says he has to do this, it's part of King's plan. Max then shoots her up.

Wednesday, July 23, 1997

by Marcia Elgart

Vivian is busy getting drunk and flirting with some man when Ivan tells her she can't afford all these drinks she's buying. Vivian says she still has her jewels, but Ivan says the police confiscated them too. Ivan tells Vivian that he's managed to find a place for them with his savings, and they leave. Ivan and Vivian arrive at their new home, which is a complete dump. Ivan helps her out and then they meet their neighbor, Big Bertha from prison.

At the penthouse Susan is wheeling Elvis around when someone comes to the door. Susan opens the door and says "How did you find me!" At the door is Susan's sister, Sister Mary Moira! Mary says she found her because of the letter she received. Susan invites her sister in and Susan goes off about how much she loves living here.

Susan says she is getting help from Doctor Marlena Evans, and she now knows she not a bad girl, but Kristen is. Susan says those DiMera's are bad bad people, and they can bring people back from the grave, they just did it with Marlena's ex-husband! Susan tells Mary that Kristen brought Roman back to ruin the wedding, and Susan say weddings never go right in this town. Mary wants to talk to Susan about her baby's father, and Susan says she never married the father because he's already married. Mary then screams who is the baby's father! Susan says she promised she'd never say a word about it. Mary says she can tell her sister, and because she's a nun Susan thinks she can tell her.

Susan tells Mary how they met, flashback time. Susan says Elvis transported her someplace else, to a room all in white. Susan claims hat there were people there in masks, she thought they were angels (they looked like doctors). Then Elvis made love to her and told her to never tell as soul. Susan says the only one she ever told was Lisa Marie, and makes Mary promise never to tell a soul.

At the DiMera Mansion everyone has arrived, and Abe is having his men check the house for Stefano. John says he knows Stefano has had a hand in this because Kristen couldn't have found this man all by herself. Meanwhile Stefano watches from the patio and says he has so much in store for all of them.

John and Marlena go into the living room to talk while Roman is taken upstairs. John tells her he's sorry about everything, but Marlena can't help but wonder if that man is Roman. John tells her that Shane will call them with all the answers about the man. Kristen comes in with tea, and Marlena tells her to leave them alone.

Kristen says she's prepared her old room for Marlena, and Roman will be next door. Kristen says because Roman thinks she's with John, John will have to stay with her. John tells her it's not gonna happen. John wants to tell the man everything, but Marlena says that in his condition that might not be the best thing to do.

Meanwhile Mike tells Laura that Roman has a bacterial infection that's quite severe, and he's been sick for a long time. Laura says she hopes it's Roman for the family's sake, but she hates what this could do to John and Marlena. Marlena comes upstairs to see the man and Laura goes to talk to Marlena. Marlena says everything is changing so fast, and though she still loves John she doesn't know what Roman's return will mean. Laura tells Marlena not to let Kristen and this man destroy her happiness with John, but Marlena says all she can think about is saving the mans life.

Downstairs Kristen tries to act like nothing has happened, but John tells her she is selfish and evil and he despises her from bringing that imposter home. Kristen says that is Roman, but John says he knows Stefano had a hand in all of this. When he asks where Stefano is, we see a shot of Stefano watching them from his own little private hideout via the camera's Kristen had installed for the secret room. John asks her once again to tell him where Stefano is, but Kristen says she doesn't know.

John accuses her of being totally incapable of telling the truth, and wonders where the woman he first met went to. Kristen assures her it's Roman, and Stefano says she's right, it is Roman. Kristen says she got a phone call that Roman was in an ISA hospital and she flew down and brought him back to his family. John yells at her some more, and when she begs him to give their love another chance John says she destroyed their love. The phone rings and Kristen answers it. Kristen looks at John and says it's Stefano! Abe returns, and John takes the phone. John asks Stefano what he wants, and Stefano tells him that the man upstairs is Roman. Marlena comes down, and John hands her the phone, he wants her to keep Stefano talking as long as possible. Marlena tells him she thinks he is despicable, and Marlena asks if she is happy he brought Roman back to her.

Marlena tells him that this is a sick game of his, and Stefano says it's a game where he is going to win her, the queen of the night. Stefano then hangs up, and Abe says they couldn't get a trace on it. Marlena goes out for some air, and to be alone. John says he doesn't care what it costs, find Stefano! Stefano laughs as he watches and says he's right here in Salem, and they'll never find him.

Out in the garden Marlena asks God to help them during this very confusing time, to bless Roman with the hope of healing, and to grant John and her happiness. Back inside John gets a call from Shane and he tells Shane what is going on. Shane then tells John that the man is Roman. John asks him if he's sure, and Kristen smiles. John doesn't understand much, the connection is bad, but he asks Shane to send the hospital records to Mike. Kristen tells him that she was telling the truth, and that she convinced him to come back to his family. Kristen claims she could bare letting him die alone, and John says that she only brought him back to stop his and Marlena's wedding.

Upstairs Marlena is alone with Roman. Roman looks at her and tells her there is so much to talk about. Roman says he's so sorry he let her think he was dead, he just thought it was best that way. Roman says he didn't want to be a burden to anyone, and he didn't want to disrupt her life with John.'

Roman then says that when Kristen told him she wasn't with John he decided to come back, to be with her. Roman asks her if she got her letter, and says that he couldn't die and leave her with all the guilt she felt, and that he forgives her. Roman tells her the biggest mistake in his life was divorcing her. John shows up and listens in the backgrounds as Roman asks Marlena to forgive him for divorcing her. Marlena forgives him, and when Roman says he loves her so much Marlena tells him she loves him too. Around the corner Kristen watches John, watching Marlena and Roman.

Thursday, July 24, 1997

by Diane Dix

Kristen exults at the expression on John's face when he hears Marlena tell Roman she loves him, too. Marlena emerges and asks John if he overheard, and he tells her he did. Marlena assures him that her love for Roman is a deep connection which can't be broken, but is very different from her love for John, who is her soulmate. John feels better, and tells Marlena that Shane has confirmed that the man who has returned is indeed Roman. They are happy he is alive, but John worries that it will come between him and Marlena. Marlena assures him it won't. They go to the hospital together to await word on Roman's blood tests. As they pass through the garden on their way out, Kristen intercepts them as they meet up with Carrie, who has come to visit her dad. Kristen tells them that according to an ISA fax, Roman was exposed to chemical weapons while rescuing hostages. When Kristen nastily remarks that Roman would not have taken such a chance if it hadn't been for Marlena, John has to physically restrain Carrie, who wants to belt her across the face.

Carrie has a few words with Mike before going up to see her father. She reminisces about her childhood with him while he sleeps. Downstairs, Austin and Sami and Lucas have arrived, and Austin and Mike have a guarded confrontation, and Mike insists he is just Carrie's friend.

Sami thinks all Roman needs is love to get better, which is why she brought Will to the mansion to visit with Roman. Roman wakes up long enough to see them together. Lucas takes Will out of the room and Roman tells Sami he had a dream about a baby. Sami tearfully tells him that the baby is hers, and she is blissfully married to a wonderful man, Austin Reed. Roman is confused, remembering that Austin was Carrie's boyfriend, but Sami hastily assures him that Carrie and Mike Horton are madly in love and he shouldn't worry. Before she goes, Sami asks Roman to do her a favor...

Downstairs, Mike makes Carrie some tea while Carrie vents about her concern for her dad and her hopelessness about her and Austin. Mike says all the right things again, and Carrie tells him that when she feels lost and alone, being with Mike always makes her feel better. They share an electrically charged moment, only to be interrupted by a spying Lucas, who doesn't want them getting too close. Carrie sends Lucas to fetch her a glass of water, and while he is gone, Mike tries to return the conversation to its earlier intensity, but just then he gets a phone call. He tells Carrie it is the lab results, and the news is not good. Roman has contracted a mysterious bacterial infection which they don't know how to treat. Carrie insists on knowing how serious it is. Mike gently tells her it is fatal. Carrie sobs and collapses into Mike's arms.

Marlena and John arrive at the hospital where they consult with several specialists who have worked with Gulf War veterans. As they await the results of Roman's lab tests, a couple of nurses see them and congratulate them on their wedding. Marlena tells them that the wedding didn't happen. The nurses are mortified and rush off in embarrassment. Marlena tells John that although she is happy about Roman's return, she can't help feeling they were robbed of their wedding day. John tells her it will happen. Just then, the lab results come in. Marlena takes a look and slowly, the color drains from her face and she starts crying.

Kristen meets up with Stefano and tells him that now they have to make sure John and Marlena are broken up for good; if Roman dies, they will get married for sure. Stefano yells at her that he has it under control, and he already has a way to keep them apart forever.

Back at the mansion, Chelsea takes Will to play as Austin is about to make some phone calls. Then the doorbell rings and Austin opens it to find a man with legal documents. He says he's Mickey Horton's assistant and he has papers to deliver to Austin Reed. Austin accepts them and learns that they are the annulment papers. Lucas overhears, and is frantic, as Austin smiles in relief.

Friday, July 25, 1997

by Diane Dix

Hope is in disbelief as her latest attempt to talk to Bo ends with him rushing out of the church to find Billie. Hope, not knowing that Billie is missing, assumes that Bo just couldn't wait to rejoin her in Rome. In despair, she cries on Franco's shoulder and he tells her that Bo is no good for her. She wonders where she'll go, and Franco tells her they could find a place together and split expenses. Hope balks at the idea, knowing Franco has feelings for her, but he points out that he could help out with Shawn-D, and she starts to melt.

Bo arrives in Rome and heads to the hotel where Billie stayed. His fears are confirmed...all her things are still there and no one has seen her for two days. He learns from an informant that someone saw Billie with an American man two days ago, but that's the only lead he has. Bo fears for her life, and tells Kate that regardless of what is happening in Salem, he won't stop until he finds Billie.

Billie screams in fear and despair as Max injects her with heroin. She immediately has a bad trip, and dreams that Curtis has returned to tell her that it was pointless for her to try to get clean, that she is a worthless slut and junkie and always will be. Just as she is starting to come out of it, Max returns and injects her again.

Sami begins to put her latest scheme into action. She tells Roman that Carrie needs his blessing to feel comfortable getting serious about Mike, and that nothing would make Carrie happier than to hear her father say that she should marry Mike. Roman is reluctant at first, wondering how Carrie could possibly be over Austin and happy with Mike, but Sami puts on her best show, convincing Roman finally that Carrie supports Sami's marriage and would be happiest with Mike. Sami redoubles her efforts when she learns from Lucas that Austin now has the annulment papers in hand and is on his way to find Carrie. Downstairs, Austin finds Carrie crying in the garden in Mike's arms, as Mike tells her that Roman is dying. Mike's comforting presence means a lot to Carrie, and she tells him so, and naturally, that's the part Austin overhears. When he does talk to Carrie, she has just enough time to tell him Roman is dying and that Sami doesn't know. As he holds her, he tells her Sami is in for another shock, but before he can tell her about the annulment, Lucas interrupts and tells Carrie her dad needs to see her. Carrie rushes upstairs, remembering that Mike said she should do whatever it takes to make Roman believe she is happy. Sami tells her the same thing, but Carrie is floored when Roman teases her about the new man and tells her nothing would make him happier than to see her marry a fine man like Mike Horton. Just then, Austin comes up the stairs to break the news to Carrie. Listening outside the door, he hears Carrie tell her father that she is very happy and Mike is everything she ever wanted in a man, not knowing that Carrie lying through her teeth to spare her father stress. Sami and Lucas smile in triumph as Austin closes his eyes in despair.

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