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A psychiatrist with questionable techniques blamed Kevin for Laurel Dillon's death. Dimitri offered to help Gloria get back together with Tad. Liza prepared to tell Adam that she was pregnant with his child.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of July 21, 1997 on AMC
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Monday, July 21, 1997

Frantic and concerned for her child's safety, Opal raced Petey to the hospital after he had unknowingly poisoning himself. Apparently the child drank nearly a full bottle of cough medicine that Palmer had left laying around the house. Opal had done everything she was supposed to do, including administering syrup of ipecac, but Petey's condition didn't improve. Fortunately Opal had brought along the bottle of ipecac. Jake was able to look at the expiration date on the remedy and realize that the ipecac's potency had expired. Petey refused to drink any more of the vile tasting syrup. Not even his mom could convince him to drink it. Allie stepped in and told the boy that he needed to drink the ipecac if he wanted to feel better. Petey agreed and, after vomiting was induced, he was given a green light to return home. Allie cast a strange and longing stare at Petey. Perhaps she was feeling relieved now that her first treatment was safely under her belt. But the success of the moment was soon lost in one of Palmer's famous tirades. He blasted Jake and Allie for their lack of on the job experience and said that they should have found a more experienced physician to handle Petey's poisoning. Opal rolled her eyes as she listened to her hubby's rants and raves. Palmer threatened to report Allie to the chief-of-staff and ask for her to be taken off of staff. Opal assured Palmer that Allie had done everything in a professional manner and asked that he not take out his anger at himself on someone else. She said that Palmer did not want to blame himself for letting the bottle of cough medicine out in the open so he was being nasty to Jake and Allie instead.

Erica flipped when she saw the reported badgering her daughter. She raced up the stairs and prepared to "kill the witch." The witch, of course, being Liza. Liza was stunned at the results of the pregnancy test. Tad was speechless, torn between offering congratulations and condolences. At the moment, Erica burst into the room and gave Liza a piece of her mind. Liza told Erica that she should be used to living life under a microscope---it comes with fame and fortune. Erica agreed that her fame has thrust her into the public spotlight, but she does not feel that her child should have to suffer. But that was a pointless comment, Erica realized. Erica said that Liza could never understand the lengths that a mother would go to to protect her child. She then thanked God that Liza is childless. Tad stepped in and told Erica that she has said enough. Liza dashed out the room. Tad told Erica that Travis had contacted the station and announced that he would be suing WRCW over their "attack" on his daughter. Erica was stunned: Travis and Barbara know? She ran to the phone and prepared to make flight reservations for a trip to Seattle. Adam depressed the receiver and told Erica that she was not going anywhere... at least not as long as his million dollar bond was on the line. Erica saw the logic in Adam's statement and decided that it would be better to call Bianca. Erica dialed the digits to her daughter's house, but Barbara, Travis' wife, refused to let Erica speak to her daughter. Barbara vowed to keep Bianca out of the media circus and out of contact with Erica. Erica begged Barbara to explain to Bianca that she meant no harm to Maria's baby. Barbara uttered a chuckle of disgust and hung up the phone. Perhaps Jack could help. After all, he is Bianca's uncle.

At Holiday's Janet had to count and recount the money in the register. Her mind was cluttered with recollections of "the kiss"--- or is that "the kisses?" Jack showed up and told Janet about his hectic day in court. He said that he was trying to contact Trevor to discuss the case with him, but learned that Trevor was out of town. Janet claimed that she was the reason behind Trevor's sudden departure. Janet told Jack the whole story about kissing Trevor. Jack was surprised, but very happy for Janet. Kevin interrupted the discussion with news that Erica had called Jack's answering service. Jack refused to return Erica's call. He told Janet, who pushed Jack to return the call, that he could not show Erica preferential treatment. End of discussion. Before leaving, Jack told Janet to be patient with Trevor because he's had his heart broken more than once. Janet tilted her head to one side and look Jack in the eyes and asked "He's not the only one, huh counselor?"

Liza returned to her condo by the waterfront. Apparently she had not sold the property as she had once reported. She'd been keeping the place in mothballs as an escape pod from Chandler Mansion. Liza recalled her memorable encounters with Adam. Surprisingly, all of the memories were pleasant. She then fantasized about how she wanted Adam to react when she told him that she was pregnant. In the dream, Adam would give Liza a big hug and tell her what a wonderful and beautiful woman she is. When a knock sounded at the door, Liza hoped that Adam had followed her to the condo. He hadn't. Tad, toting a bag of cookies and other goodies, said that he doesn't want Liza to spend the night alone. Again Liza talked of not knowing what to do now that she's pregnant. She told Tad that Adam shows "glimpses" of a loving and caring man, but she stopped short of saying that she loves Adam.

Stuart returned to Chandler Mansion to take some pictures of the sunroom. He planned on using the photos for an upcoming painting project. Stuart learned that Tad had been with Liza earlier in the evening. He then asked Adam if Tad seemed sad. He showed, Stuart commented, now that he and Gloria are no longer together.

In the morning, a nurse found a corpse in an examining room. She asked Jake to look into the matter. When he did, he found that the corpse wasn't as dead as you'd expect. The corpse was actually Allie catching a few winks between shifts.

Erica tracked Jack down at Holidays in the morning and asked him why he had turned his back on her. She said that she was not asking for personal favors, she needed Jack to help Bianca.

Liza thanked Tad for spending the night with her with a hug. As they hugged, Adam arrived at the entrance to the condo.

Tuesday, July 22, 1997

The job search isn't going so well. Laura told Scott, Mateo, and Belinda that doors are slamming in her face before she even applies for jobs. Matt cocked his head to one side and a quizzical look appeared on his face. Why, he wondered, had Laura not asked for a job at Holidays? Laura was flattered that Mateo offered her a job at Holidays, but she thought that Mateo was just trying to be nice. Mateo shook his head. Holidays, he said, is short help by two or three people. If Laura agreed to join the staff, she'd be working her tail off. That's hardly a charity case. Laura was overjoyed that she had landed a job and thanked Mateo for helping her.

Scott later told Mateo about Laura's mysterious past and how he thinks something bad happened to Laura while she lived in New York. Mateo advised Scott to help Laura work through her past and then help her to move forward with her new life.

Across the floor, an explanation of how Barbara refused to allow Erica to speak to Bianca didn't sway Jack. At the very least it made Jack feel even stronger in his determination to hold Erica accountable for stealing Maria's baby. He told his one time lover that she was going to feel what it's like to be one of the "little people." Both Belinda and Mateo overheard the raised voices and raced to the table for two different reasons. Belinda felt that it was unethical for Jack, the district attorney, to be chatting it up with her client. Mateo, however, didn't want the discussion held at Holidays. He told Erica that her presence at Holidays was not only not needed, but she was barred from ever entering the restaurant. Belinda asked Jack what he and Erica were talking about. Jack didn't want to divulge the information, but swore that it was not related to Erica's case. After some pressure, Jack did part with the truth. Belinda found it odd that Jack would not help Erica get in contact with her daughter. Jack claimed that he, as Bianca's uncle, wanted Bianca to have a normal life. Belinda quickly pointed out that Bianca could not possibly have a normal life without her mother. Besides, Belinda said, allowing Erica to speak to her daughter might have a beneficial side-effect. Erica would not be able to lie to Bianca about why she kidnapped Maria's infant. Perhaps then Erica would realize the enormity of what she had done.

Liza was surprised that Adam was able to track her down to the condominium. Adam said that he had no idea that Liza kept the condo. Liza stated that she needed to be alone and decided to stay at the condo for a night. Alone means by one's self, Adam replied. How could Liza have been alone if Tad was there playing "kissy face" with her? Tad explained that Adam had drawn the wrong conclusion from the hug between him and Liza. Adam was quick to say that it was easy to jump to conclusions when his wife and her ex-lover were hugging in front of an open door. Adam's blood pressure rose and his face turned a shade of pale crimson. He reminded Tad that his sexual indiscretion led to divorce as well as Adam, being separation from his son. Tad claimed that he was not trying to break up Adam and Liza's marriage. Adam hit the ceiling. "Go ahead!," he hollered, "break it up! I don't give a damn!" Adam stormed out of the loft. Liza fell into Tad's arms, crushed that the man whose baby she is carrying hates her. Adam doesn't hate Liza, Tad commented. He's jealous. Tad told Liza that Adam is devoted to all his children. This was high praise from Tad, a man who at one time wanted nothing more than to see Adam torn apart by a school of piranha. Liza considered all of her adoption---adoption, abortion, and moving away from Pine Valley and hiding the child from Adam. Tad expressed concern at all of Liza's scenarios, but said that he would support her no matter what choice she made. Liza's next concern was that she would be a horrible mother to a child. Tad praised Liza as a caring woman who, unlike Marian, would make a great mother. Liza again broke into tears as she lauded her friendship with Tad. Had she known that Tad made such a good friend, she sniffled, she would have signed on to be his friend a lot sooner.

Erica returned to Chandler Mansion and played the video tape of Bianca being confronted by the media. Adam also returned home and was immediately confronted by Erica. Erica told Adam that she wants him to use his influence to move up her court date. Adam didn't think it was the best idea, but agreed.

Upstairs, Marian poked around Liza and Adam's bedroom for a set of keys to Liza's condominium. During her search, she came across Liza's pregnancy test. A wave of emotion nearly pushed Maria to tears when she realized that she was going to become a grandmother. Adam entered the room and asked Marian what she was doing. Marian said that she was looking for a set of keys to the condo. Adam blew up and told Marian that her daughter had been using the condo as a spot for her trysts with Tad. Marian defended her daughter and talked up Liza's love for Adam.

Downstairs, Jack arrived to tell Erica that he had rethought her request. He explained that he contacted Travis and that Travis agreed to let Erica speak to Bianca. Erica raced to the phone to call her daughter, but Jack told her that calling Seattle would do no good. Bianca was on her way to Pine Valley.

Dimitri showed up at the boarding house to speak to Gloria, but Myrtle blocked the front door. Gloria told Myrtle that the only way they could get Dimitri to leave was to hear him out. Gloria told Dimitri that her engagement to Tad was broken off. Dimitri looked genuinely surprised, but Gloria claimed that Dimitri had to expect the relationship to fall apart. She blamed Dimitri's constant meddling as the reason for her break up. Gloria stomped up the steps and said that she would not speak to Dimitri again. That lasted all of five minutes. When Gloria returned downstairs, Dimitri was still on the couch. He handed her a pillow and told her to hit him to relieve her anger. Myrtle, on her way to run some errands, told Gloria to stick a brick in the pillow and "trash" Dimitri. Gloria reluctantly agreed and flailed away at Dimitri. She eventually beat him into submission. She collapsed on the sofa from exhaustion. Dimitri gently caressed her cheek and told her that he cannot help it, but he's falling in love with her.

Wednesday, July 23, 1997

At the hospital, Tad finally told his mother that he and Gloria had broken off their engagement. Tad confessed that his problem was not with Gloria, it was with Dimitri. Ruth's advice was for Tad not to "marry Dimitri." As long as Gloria comes home to Tad each night, Ruth commented, Tad should not be upset with whom she associates during the day. Time is too short, Ruth added, to let trivial matters stand in the way of love.

Brooke and Edmund celebrated the news that Tempo had one the prestigious Endicott award for a series the magazine ran on prominent women in Pine Valley. Skye was told that she should be basking in the glory since she acted as organizer for the series. Skye smiled weakly and feigned joy, but Skye's mind was thinking about babies. No, she's not pregnant. And since she doesn't yet know about her future half-brother or sister, there's only one baby left: Madelyn. The issue became even more clouded when Edmund's secretary entered the office and commented that Madelyn has Edmund's dimples. Skye fled the office with the secretary right behind her. Edmund confessed to Brooke that does not mind being told that Sam is just like his dad. He sees that as a compliment. But when someone mentions a similarity between him and Madelyn, he can't help but think of Dimitri and Maria's affair. Edmund, however, rolled back into reality, saying that he cannot complain too loudly because he's been blessed with two beautiful children and a wonderful wife.

Dimitri claimed that he had not set out to fall in love with Gloria---it just happened. Gloria quickly rose to her feet and walked away from Dimitri. Dimitri's just lonely, Gloria told herself. Dimitri is not over losing Erica and wants to fill the void. Not so, replied Dimitri. Dimitri said that he and Erica are finished. He and Gloria, however, are friends. Dimitri then realized that he and Gloria have been friends for many years and that they've both been there for the other during difficult times. Isn't it said that close friends make the best lovers? Gloria shook her head. She and Dimitri are just friends. She still loves Tad. Dimitri approached Gloria and brushed his fingers through Gloria's hair. His hand gentled caressed her cheek as he told her that he'd always be there for her. Dazed for several minutes, Gloria eventually snapped back into reality and said that she needed to go to work.

Erica thanked Jack with a big hug. When she realized what she was doing, she quickly released her grip on the district attorney and took a few steps backwards. Erica brought her hand to her head as she told Jack how much she missed him. Jack was mildly enraged by Erica's "me, me, me" attitude. Has she even stopped to think about how difficult this case has been on him? Erica claimed that she was being held prisoner in Chandler Mansion. Granted this prisoner was a lot nicer than the Statesville prison, but she was still being cooped up against her will. Jack rolled his eyes. Adam wandered into the room and asked Jack if he had heard about Erica's trial date being pushed up. Jack was surprised to learn that Erica requested the date change. He said that Trevor would not be pleased because it would give him less time to arrange a defense. Erica claimed that she doesn't need a defense---she's not guilty. Erica wanted to head for parts unknown so that she and Bianca could have some time alone to visit. Adam, fearful that Erica might jump bail, offered use of his cabin at Willow Lake. He also appointed his burly chauffeur as a chaperone. Bianca showed up a few minutes later. After the hellos and kisses were out of the way, Bianca got right to the heart of the matter; Why on earth did her mother steal Maria's baby? Erica first apologized for the reporter who harassed Bianca outside her home. In what is beginning to sound like a recording, Erica recited the explanation for her actions: She wanted to return the baby, but heard Dimitri say that the baby was better off dead. But this time the story had a new and exciting ending, and ending that caught Jack off guard. Erica said that she was "confused" and "mixed up" when she took the baby. Bianca feared that her mother was back on pills. Erica quickly put those fears to rest, but said that her miscarriage had put her mind in a tizzy. Jack lowered his head. A look of awe formed on his face. Had he not taken into account that the miscarriage might have put Erica in an altered mind state? Or had he not contemplated that Trevor might use the miscarriage as a defense and now realized that he needed to do some more work to shoot down that defense? Bianca told her mother that she understands what she did and that she still loves her mother. Erica broke into tears and gave Bianca a huge hug. She turned to thank Jack for allowing her to patch things up with Bianca, but Jack had vanished.

Gloria showed up at work, but her shift was delayed a few minutes by a conversation with Ruth. There's no more need to make up excuses and hide behind lies now that Ruth knows of the broken engagement. Ruth gave Gloria the same advice which sounded more like a lecture. Gloria admitted her love for Tad, but said that she does not think that Tad will ever allow her to be friends with Dimitri. Ruth told Gloria that she needs to go to Tad and tell him how she loves him. Then the two lovebirds needs to get away for a few days. Gloria smiled and thanked Ruth for the advice.

At Holidays, Skye reflected on her paternity test swap. Her uncle Stuart saw her in heavy thought and pulled up a chair. He offered her a penny for her thoughts, but he might demand a refund if he knew what Skye was thinking about. Skye told Stuart that she had done something bad in her attempt to win over a married man. Stuart pressed for more information, but Skye suddenly became quiet when Maria entered the restaurant. It didn't take long for Stuart to figure out that the married man Skye had tried to woo was Edmund. What he needed to know now was what did she do to hurt him? Skye wouldn't part with the truth, but when Stuart reminded Skye of her AA vows, she realized that there was something she could do. One of the Twelve Steps in AA is to make things better for those you've hurt. Skye let out a deep breath and she said that she could make things better by finally telling the truth.

Dimitri and Tad crossed paths. Dimitri claimed that he wanted to take full responsibility for Tad and Gloria's current rough patch in their relationship. Tad saw through Dimitri's performance and told him to "shut up" and stay out of his way.

Adam found Jack studying his case files. He asked if Jack had anything new, but Jack refused to speak. Adam waited until Tad and Dimitri were done gabbing before he asked to speak to Tad. He demanded that Tad tell him where Liza was hiding. He should know, Adam said. Especially since he and Liza were sleeping together.

Back at Tempo, Edmund received a letter from the court system telling him that Erica's trial had been moved up. Skye poked her head in the office and asked Edmund if he had a few minutes. There was something that she needed to tell him---something very important.

Thursday, July 24, 1997

She might have been simply looking to gobble up some of his Jell-O, but Allie stopped by Joe's room to check on his condition. Joe had been having some disturbing flashback-nightmares and visualizing how Ruth would suffer if he were to pass away. As the two talked, Palmer strolled into the room and asked Joe if he had given Allie a reprimand for treating patients without being properly qualified. Joe told Palmer that Dr. Doyle graduated tops in her class and has been an intern for two years. Palmer found himself with egg on his face. No one had told him that Allie was actually a doctor. Allie explained that she had not told Palmer of her credentials because she thought that treating Peter was the top priority. Later on, she added, they could chat about her qualifications. Palmer apologized for lashing out at Allie, adding that he was pleased to have her on staff. Allie dashed off to make her rounds. Once she was gone, Palmer and Joe talked business. Palmer told Joe that a Dr. Chapman is soliciting Pine Valley Hospital for the vacant seat on the board. Joe was enraged by the doctor's interest in the hospital. He said that Dr. Chapman will never sit on the board and commented that the doctor should have his license revoked. Why such a strong reaction from Joe? It seems that Dr. Chapman is a therapist who specializes in "curing" people of homosexuality, a practice that Joe said has no medical basis as well as no proof that his techniques work.

At Cortlandt Manor, Kelsey and Kevin returned from a game of tennis. Kelsey told Kevin that she has second thoughts about her choice of college. Going to her first choice would require that she leave Pine Valley. So she's decided to go to Pine Valley University. Kevin was happy that his friend was sticking around and gave her a congratulatory hug, a hug that was seen by Opal. Kelsey told Opal that she's going to be staying in town. She then went to the phone to call her mom and tell her the news. Opal told Kevin that she thinks Kelsey is staying in town because she wants to be near him. Kevin didn't think so. When he looked at the clock, he realized that he was running late for his first counseling session---with Dr. Chapman.

Dr. Craig, a cardiologist, told Ruth, Tad, and Jake that Joe's condition was much worse than first thought. Three of the arteries leading from Joe's heart were severely clogged---90% blocked. In order to correct the situation, Joe would need triple by-pass surgery. The longer the surgery is postponed, the higher the risk of Joe suffering a second heart attack... as well as a higher risk of dying. There is about a 10% chance that Joe will not survive the surgery because of his age. The good news, however, is that the success rate of the operation sites around 50%. By success, it was explained that there is a fifty-fifty chance that the surgery will completely fix Joe's condition without the need for additional surgical procedures. But no one liked the one-in-ten chance that Joe might not survive the operation. Ruth explained to her sons that Joe has a reason for fearing the surgery. Joe's father had a faulty heart valve and it was determined that he needed surgery to replace the valve. At the time, however, the surgery was something relatively new. Joe's father died on the operating table.

Palmer returned to Cortlandt Manor and told Opal that he had managed to patch things up with Allie. Opal was pleased that her husband had given the doctor a second chance. Palmer went off to do some business, but not before telling Opal that he would not take any phone calls from Dr. Chapman. Opal recognized the name and asked Palmer why he did not want to speak to the physician. Palmer told his wife about the doctor's untested sexual "reversion" techniques. Opal's face soured as Palmer headed off to his office.

Opal called Judith, Kevin's mother, to discuss her decision to use Dr. Chapman as Kevin's counselor. Judith defended Dr. Chapman as a miracle worker. She said that the doctor could cure Kevin of his homosexuality and make him "normal" again. Opal told Mrs. Sheffield that everyone she's spoken to has said that one's sexuality cannot be changed. Judith chuckled as she told Opal that sexual orientation is a learned behavior. She turned to pleading with Opal not to say anything to anyone about Dr. Chapman because the doctor was going to help make her family whole again.

Ruth was set to tell Joe about his need for surgery, but she found it harder to tell Joe than she anticipated. Joe claimed that he was back to normal and made plans for a getaway vacation to Hawaii. Ruth smiled meekly and left the room without telling her husband that his heart is closing in on a shutdown.

Allie entered the room a short time later with Joe's dinner. Joe wasn't happy with the offering of broth and told Allie that he wants a hot fudge sundae. Allie giggled allowed and said that she hardly thinks a sundae is food suited for a soon-to-be member of the "zipper club." Joe's eyes drooped. He knew instantly that he was scheduled for surgery. At that moment Jake entered the room and received a thorough scolding from his father for hiding the truth from him. Allie apologized for telling Joe something that she thought Joe already knew. No one was safe from Joe's wrath. He order Ruth to call housekeeping and have them remove the floral arrangements from his room. He said the room looks "like a damned funeral home."

Just as Skye prepared to part with the truth about her paternity test swap, Maria and Madelyn entered the room. Edmund knew that Skye wanted to speak to him privately and asked Maria to leave the room for a few minutes. Skye shook her head and said that what she has to say also needs to be said to Maria. Skye began by rehashing her one-time feelings for Edmund. Maria said that she already knew about Skye's crush on Edmund and told the woman that there was no need to dwell in the past. Everything was better now and they'd all moved on with their lives. Besides, there is nothing so bad that it cannot be forgive, Maria smiled. Skye, now with tears in her eyes, asked Maria if she could ever forgive Erica for kidnapping Madelyn. Amazingly, Maria said that she could, one day, forgive Erica. She added that she was fortunate to have had Edmund forgive her past indiscretions. Edmund was another story. He said that Erica had robbed him of his child---something that he could never forgive. Skye instantly knew that Edmund would probably never forgive her for changing the paternity results and ran out of the room. She told her Uncle Stuart that she tried to part with the truth but that she could not risk having Edmund hate her. Stuart suggested that Skye write a letter to Maria and Edmund. In the letter she could pour out her heart. She doesn't even have to mail it, he said. Just the act of writing the letter will make Skye feel better. Skye agreed and sat down at her desk to write a letter to the Greys.

Kevin met with Dr. Chapman. The first topic was of the shooting death of Laurel Dillon. Dr. Chapman told Kevin that his family's problems appeared to have begun at that moment. But there's still hope that the Sheffield family can get back to some sort of normalcy. The doctor said that they need to address the cause of the problems and then "fix" the problem. The problem, as the doctor saw it, was Kevin's assumption that he was gay.

Friday, July 25, 1997

Dimitri pressed Adam's buttons in an attempt to make him think that there was more between Tad and Liza. It worked. Even though Adam shot back with a quick reply---he told Dimitri that he was just trying to cause trouble because he was still ticked off that Liza managed to swindle WRCW away from him---it was apparent that Dimitri's words had the desired effect.

Gloria and Mike met for coffee at Holidays. She told him that her wedding plans were on a indefinite hold. Michael suggested that Gloria take some time off from the men in her life---both Tad and Dimitri. Of course Michael isn't exactly Tad's biggest fan. He still holds Tad responsible for wrecking Dixie's happy life in Pine Valley. He asked Gloria if she had considered going to counseling with Tad. Perhaps it would help clear up some of their problems. And speaking of counselors, Michael put Gloria on notice that Dr. Chapman was lobbying for a spot on the hospital board. He told her of the doctor's controversial techniques in sexual identity. Michael's blood boiled when he thought about the doctor possibly coming in contact with someone that he knows.

As Michael left, Dimitri entered the restaurant. He told Gloria that he wanted to make up for putting her on the spot when he expressed his feelings for her. Anything, huh? Gloria took Dimitri upon his offer and told her that she needs him to stay away from her for a few days. She told him that she is trying to patch things up with Tad. In a transparent display of forced interest, Dimitri said that he would do anything he can to help get Gloria and Tad back together. Gloria smiled, but said that it wasn't necessary for Dimitri to get involved.

Liza phoned Rudy at the station and told him that she was not going to be able to go to work. In fact, she might need several days off. Rudy was surprised. Apparently Liza doesn't take very many days off of work. Tad asked Liza if she had come to a decision: What is she going to do about the baby? Liza explained that she had considered every possibility: adoption, abortion, you name it. But every time she thought she had made a decision, she heard a little voice telling her that she needed to be a mother to the child. So, she decided to go through with having the baby. Tad was overjoyed with Liza's decision. But one question remained: Would she tell Adam that she's pregnant?

Kevin was confused by the doctor's questions. What was he trying to imply? The doctor backed off. He asked Kevin if he has ever had a sexual experience with another man. Kevin blushed and lowered his head. He told Dr. Chapman that he had not met the right guy yet. The doctor's questions turned to Kevin's experiences with girls. Has he kissed a girl? Has he gone on a date? how does he know that he just hasn't met the right girl? Kevin became increasingly uncomfortable with the line of questioning. In what was a stunning comment, the doctor told Kevin that he is the reason his brother Jason committed murder. Had Kevin not made the announcement that he was gay, Laurel Dillon would still be alive today. That last comment closed the session. Dr. Chapman told Kevin to schedule another appointment on his way out of the office. Until then, Dr. Chapman advised Kevin to keep his mind open.

Tad tracked down Adam at the Valley Inn and prepared to give him "a talking to." Adam didn't even wait until Tad sat down to start hurling insults. He snidely asked Tad if his appearance at the bar meant that he had taken time off from sleeping with Liza. Tad repeatedly told Adam that he and Liza are not sleeping together, but it didn't seem to sink in. Tad asked Adam to show some compassion for Liza, saying that she needs Adam. Still Adam turned a deaf ear. He rose to his feet and left Tad sitting alone at the table. As he left, he bumped into Gloria. He told his ex-wife that he was very happy that she had not gotten married to Tad. It might be the best thing that's ever happened to her, he said.

Gloria sat down at the table and asked Tad why Adam was in such a huff. Tad didn't field the question. Instead, he asked Gloria why she had tracked him down. Gloria told Tad that she wants to talk about them... and getting their relationship back on track.

Opal phoned Dr. Chapman's office to see if Kevin had kept his appointment. Due to the confidentiality involved, Opal was only told that a young man had arrived and that he had met with the doctor. Kelsey was about to go home when Opal intercepted her and requested that she not leave. Opal told Kelsey that Kevin was feeling "lonely" and that she thinks Kelsey is just what he needs to cheer him up. Opal suggested that Kelsey and Kevin take in a movie---and she'll even pick up the tab. Kelsey knew that something was up and accused Opal of trying to play matchmaker. She reminded Opal, just in case that she forgot, but Kevin is gay. Opal nodded her head, but said that perhaps Kevin has never met the right girl. Kevin returned home and Opal quickly left the two teens alone. Kelsey tried to get Kevin to go to a movie, but he said that he was too tired to do anything. He just wants to go to bed. Kevin gave Kelsey a CD that he had just purchased and asked her to give it a listen to and tell him what she thinks of it. Kelsey gave her pal a peck on the cheek and dashed off. Opal again tried to prevent Kelsey from leaving, but this time she was unsuccessful. Opal quizzed Kevin on his session, but Kevin wasn't in the mood to talk. She told him that the counseling sessions mean a lot to his family and asked that he "keep an open mind."
At Holidays, Kelsey's mind ran rampant with the possibilities that she and Kevin might become an item one day. Her daydreams were fueled by Opal's comment that Kevin might not have met the right girl yet. In fact, Kelsey even had a "vision" of kissing Kevin. She snapped back to reality and reminded herself that Kevin is gay and that there is no chance of her ever getting to kiss him.

Liza returned to Chandler Mansion and looked longingly and affectionately at pictures of Adam's three children. Marian knocked on the bedroom door and made her entrance without first being invited. She told her daughter that she knows she's pregnant. She explained that she happened upon the pregnancy test in Liza's garbage. Liza was enraged that her mother was snooping through her things. Marian claimed that she wanted to help. All Liza has to do is to tell Adam that she loves him. Liza refused. She was not going to tell Adam because he hates her. Marian corrected her daughter. It is not that Adam does not lover her... he's insanely jealous. Ever since Adam learned that Tad and Liza spent the night together, Marian explained, he's been furious. Marian begged Liza to tell Adam that she's pregnant because it would finally give Liza the happiness she deserves. In a rare display of emotion. Liza and Marian shared an embrace. As the two hugged, Adam entered the bedroom. Adam quickly ran for cover. Adam blasted Liza for fiddling with the photos of his children. What use could Liza possibly have with the pictures? Liza told Adam that his love for his children has given her strength, strength to tell him something very important.



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