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Port Charles Recaps: The week of August 11, 1997 on PC
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Monday, August 11, 1997

by ABC Daytime

Karen arrived at her and Jagger's apartment in San Francisco and was shocked when she came face to face with Jagger's police partner, Fran. Fran confirmed Karen's suspicions and admitted that she and Jagger were having an affair. Fran, however, went on to say that Jagger never would have entered into the affair if Karen had been a better wife to him. Karen was devastated by this news and was even more hurt when Fran said that Jagger felt that Karen had always looked down her nose at him and that her medical work was more important than Jagger's police work. Karen ordered Fran out of the apartment and was determined to wait for Jagger. Kevin asked Serena to draw him a picture of the woman who took care of her while she was kidnapped. Serena's drawing, however, looked nothing like the woman she had previously described. Later, Kevin told Scott that Serena was either intentionally covering for the kidnappers, or that her memory had been clouded by drugs. Lucy met with Danielle and sympathized with her lonely plight. Lucy then offered Danielle a job at Jacks Cosmetics. Scott met with Rex and told him that he was looking forward to spending time with his new family. Later, Rex told Danielle that Scott was a pushover as Scott told Kevin that something was amiss with Rex.

Tuesday, August 12, 1997

Julie shows up at the Recovery Room with Chris. Frank is there with his mom and Mike. Chris offers to leave with her, but she says she is staying. They walk over and order some sandwiches and then sit down. Chris told her he feels responsible for her and Frank's problems, and explains that he accidentally told Frank about her brother.

Matt told Burgess that he told Cooper's lawyer he had to get back to him with some of the answers he was looking for. He also asked some of his own questions and found out Cooper had a visitor just before the second seizure.

While Karen waits for Jagger, there is a knock at the door. It is the a police officer with news about her husband, Karen panics. She asks if there is something wrong. He told her it is nothing like that, he heard about her message and came to talk to her. Karen tries to tell him she really needs to talk to him, but he told her Jagger is on assignment and won't be able to come home. The assignment may take months, and she tries to explain that this can't wait but he says he is sorry and leaves. She walks around their apartment and then throws some pillows, sits down and cries.

Cooper's visitor was a malpractice lawyer, Burgess doesn't understand why he would need one before the second seizure. Matt says he thinks he helped Cooper get the insulin that caused the seizure, and told her it is time for her to fight since blind faith won't help her now.

Chris didn't mean to tell Frank her secret. Julie says not to worry, it isn't her fault. She can't take it anymore and told Chris to meet her back at the hospital. Chris told her she shouldn't have to leave and offers to tell Frank to stuff it, but she told him she can't deal with this now and leaves. Chris gets the order and follows her.

Burgess meets Matt at the Recovery Room to tell him she has thought about what he said and she agrees it is time for her to fight back. He starts to gloat and says he will help her.

Grace asks Joe if they are still on for breakfast, he says sure. Chris walks up and asks when Karen is coming back because he is beat. Grace told him Karen has one more day in Heaven then she has to come back to work.

Karen is back at her apartment in PC. She walks in and went over to Jagger's picture, she asks him to tell her he didn't cheat on her. She checks her messages, there is one from Grace asking her to confirm that she will be home as planned. Karen calls Burgess and leaves a message that she is still in San Francisco and will be home as planned. She hangs up, sits down and looks at Jagger's picture and told him she couldn't tear herself away from him since they were having such a great time.

Julie comes home and asks Frank if they can talk, he says he has to go to work. She asks what she did that was so bad and he told her since she wants to know he would be happy to tell her.

Wednesday, August 13, 1997

by Nicole Berardi

Karen has spent the night eating junk food and watching television. She gets up and walks around practicing how to tell everyone what a great visit her and Jagger had. She calls Burgess to assure her that she will be back in time and hears someone coming in her front door so she hides in the kitchen.

Mary asks Joe what is wrong, when he says nothing she says it must be in the water because Frank is acting the same way.

Julie says she may have lied but he is making it into a much bigger deal. He told her that if she could lie about the basic stuff she could lie about anything. She never meant it to happen. Frank guesses that she used to sit around wishing she could be poor, but she says she lied because of all the pre-conceived notions everyone would have about her otherwise.

Mike walks over to Mary and Grace having breakfast and asks if Mary if she is treating. Grace guesses that Mary won in poker last night. Joe walks over to the bar to place his order, the bartender sees photo of the interns and recognizes Karen from her stripping days and Joe gets defensive. Mike told him to go get Joe's order and promises Joe that he will never work at his bar again. He told Joe that Karen has come along way since then.

Gail walks into Karen's house and is surprised when she spots Karen hiding in the kitchen. She told Karen that Scott must have gotten her arrival time wrong, she wanted to drop off a casserole so that she didn't have to cook when she got in. Gail sees the mess and Karen told her she doesn't know what she wants anymore. Then she told Gail about her visit from Jagger's mistress and how she accused Karen of neglecting her husband. Gail told her she is sorry and Karen makes her promise not to tell anyone. Gail tries to convince her to let her family help her, but Karen insists that there is nothing wrong until Jagger told her there is.

Joe says Karen is amazing because of the way that she bounces back after these things bring her down and the last thing she needs is him adding more stress.

Mike offers to walk Mary to the hospital and offers her more poker tips. She asks what him and Joe were discussing and Mike told her it is nothing she could help with.

Frank is upset because he has always been honest and he gets lies when Julie told Chris the truth, he doesn't know what to think. She told him to think about this and kisses him. Then she asks if that felt like a lie, her feelings for him were always true. She asks if he ever thought what it was like for her to be Julie Devilin? When he doesn't answer she says of course not and walks away.

Gail gets ready to leave and makes Karen promise to call her if she needs to talk. Karen walks over to the picture of Jagger and the phone rings. The machine picks up, its Joe. He told her that he has been thinking and decided that she is his friend and hopes that Jagger realizes how lucky he is. Karen listens and curls up on the couch and cries.

Thursday, August 14, 1997

by Pamala

Joe sees Karen and went to talk with her. Jake remembers what Rex said to him about Danielle. Grace seems annoyed at how Joe sees Karen and went to talk to her.

Danielle is at their apartment. Lucy comes over to ask her if she is going to accept the job offer she made to her, Danielle explains that she has not had the time to think about it. Lucy notices the present on the table, and proceeds to tell her how she just loves presents, and that she should open it wright away. Danielle proceeds to open the package, she reads the card out loud to Lucy. Lucy tells her how nice they sound and how that's great considering how most in-laws seem to be not such a blessing. Danielle finishes unwrapping and opens the box. It's a picture frame, with a picture of Jake when he was a youngster, from Jake's parents. Lucy takes it from her, going on about how great the frame was and how cute Jake was when he was so young. Danielle seems sad and has a somber look on her face.

Kevin gives Scott a package that he was expecting. Serena thinks that it might be something for her, Scott says no but he already has something for her. It's her dollhouse with the furniture he made for it, she was so excited. She told him that he is the best dad, he encourages her to go and play with it. Scott opens the package, it's Dominique's will. Kevin asks if he thinks he will find any answers out with the will. Scott hopes so because he is running out of options. He continues to say how there were dozens of requests of a copy of the will, told him about the trust he has set up for Serena. Kevin asks if anyone knows about it, Scott says that trusts are private. Kevin thinks its awfully coincidental that Danielle and Rex showed up when they did. They decide that Danielle and Rex possible think that no one will suspect them because it's too obvious. Kevin says there is another part missing to the equation, Lucy.

Lucy sees how Danielle is not just in a bad mood but that something is actually wrong. Danielle starts to cry and says everything is wrong, Lucy tries to comfort her. She explains how she used to do stupid things sometimes and everything worked out in the end, Danielle says it won't work out in the end. She apologizes to Lucy saying that she didn't mean to blow things out of proportion, but she doesn't know where to turn. Lucy says she can turn to her, Danielle says that she is the only friend she has in Port Charles, so she will tell her what is wrong.

Jake looks for his name on the extra hours (on call) list, Grace comes up and says he won't find it. She explains that now that Karen is back things will get back to normal, and he should go home and get some rest before he really hurts a patient. Joe and Karen talk about her trip to San Francisco, Karen says she wants to thank everyone by throwing like a pizza party at her house, Joe thinks that is a great idea, but she can't have jumbo pizza because it won't fit in her kitchen. Joe asks how everything went in San Francisco, She says okay, best thing she could have done. Joe's happy that she enjoyed herself, Karen says she wishes she had done it sooner. She thinks him for the message on her recorder the other day, he told her he just wanted to welcome her home and apologize for giving her a hard time about Jagger. He asks her if they can be friends again.

Lucy says maybe it's not a good idea that she told her, if its about Jake and her. Danielle says she wants to tell her. There is a knock at the door, it's Rex. He says he's sorry for intruding, he didn't know Lucy was there. Rex told Lucy that he just met Scott just the other day and had a talk with him. Lucy seemed surprised and then told Rex that Scott had told her, She starts toward the door making her good-byes. Lucy reminds Danielle to let her know about the job, Rex suddenly becomes all ears and asks about it. Lucy explains, and Rex told Danielle that it is a great idea, it would be a great way to learn things from Lucy. Danielle told Lucy that she will take the job. Lucy accepts and leaves, Rex starts telling Danielle that he knows that she was going to tell the plot to Lucy and that she should not do that ever. Rex mentions that he knows that Jake didn't come home last night, he is hiding out. He told her that she better pray that Jake doesn't do anything stupid or they will both regret it. She pulls away as he tries to kiss her on the cheek.

Karen told Joe that she misses his friendship, but she don't want to take advantage of it. Joe insists that that would never happen. Grace walks up and asks Joe if he is ready to go and welcomes Karen back, Joe and Grace walk off and leave. Karen answers the phone at the desk it's Danielle looking for Jake, Karen told her he left a long time ago. Jake is elsewhere drinking.

Kevin and Scott go over what they new about Rex and Danielle. Kevin and Scott think they both have legitimate reasons for being in PC, but they think that there is a piece missing to the equation... Lucy. Kevin explains that they need to tell Lucy what they think or Lucy will feel betrayed by them and that will undermine her self confidence, and make her doubt her ability to read people. Lucy get her self esteem from her instincts. Lucy comes home and told them she was at Danielle's and that she has this feeling that something is not right with Danielle and Rex.

Friday, August 15, 1997

by Pamala Carroll

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