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Port Charles Recaps: The week of August 11, 1997 on PC
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Monday, August 18, 1997

by Nicole Berardi

Chris walks into the Recovery Room where Frank and Julie are celebrating their making up. Mike and Mary are talking at the bar, Mike told Mary she ought to go home before she embarrasses Frank. Julie has been drinking martinis and Frank told her she shouldn't drink anymore.

Jake throws Danielle out, he told her that he has nothing else for her to take from him. Danielle tries to tell him that they have to work together to stop Rex, but he says he still wants her out.

Rex introduces himself to Kevin. Kevin invites him in and Lucy and Scott are there. Rex thanks Lucy for offering Danielle a job. He also told everyone that he is beginning to get attached to his new family.

Mike is still trying to get Mary to go home. Frank asks Julie if this is the real Julie and she says maybe. When she asks where her next drink is he told her that it is too late for another one, and she gets defensive. Frank takes her over to say goodnight and Mike asks if he would mind taking Mary home since he can't. Julie says she is going to wait here and Mike says he will keep an eye on her while Frank takes his mom home. Chris walks in after Frank walks out and sits down and asks how Julie is. When he says he is going home to get some rest before rounds tomorrow, Julie says she won't let him be a step ahead of her and gets up to leave. Chris offers to take her home. As they are leaving, Mike asks her where she is going...she says she is going home and Chris says he will look out for her.

Rex told everyone that he had hoped he could help Danielle when he found her, but she didn't seem too happy to have been found. Kevin asks Rex more about Danielle. Serena walks in and asks what all the noise is about. She remembers Rex from the picnic with Lucy. Rex told Scott he is very lucky, and if he had a little girl like her he would never let her go. Lucy went to get everyone something to drink. When Rex walks up behind her and flashes back to the time she was in the lab with the kidnapper and tries to cover her feelings.

Danielle asks if he is really throwing her out and Jake says yes. She refuses to leave and told him he has every right to hate her, but even if she leaves Rex will not leave her alone. Jake says not to worry, he can't be framed for kidnapping because he was being held hostage the night Serena was kidnapped. The phone rings...it is his mother and she is upset.

Frank returned to the Recovery Room and asks Mike where Julie is. Mike told him that Chris took her home and apologizes. Frank heads home. Chris gives her some aspirin, and told her to get some rest. Julie says she has to study. Frank comes home and hears the music from Julie's apartment...then he hears Chris telling her to rest and drink lots of water. Chris comes upstairs and Frank asks how she is. Chris says she is fine, but it was a good thing he was there to bring her home.

Jake is on the phone with his mom trying to reassure her he would take care of everything. He hangs up and Danielle asks what is going on. He told her that an immigration officer called and threatened to deport them....his name was Rex Stanton. When she says that is all the more reason for them to work together, he told her he hasn't changed his mind. Nobody attacks his family and gets away with it.

Serena says goodnight, and Rex told them she reminds him of Dominique at this age. Lucy says they should become a real family with family dinners and traditions. Rex agrees and says he must get ready to leave. After he leaves, Kevin says they don't have any proof since Serena didn't recognize him as the kidnapper. Lucy told him and Scotty about her feeling, she says there is something about his aura. Scott doesn't want to wait for Rex to crash and burn, but Lucy and Kevin tell him the three of them can keep Serena safe.

Tuesday, August 19, 1997

Lee and Ellen are talking about Cooper's lawsuit. He told her that Cooper's lawyers won't drop the suit without her claiming responsibility.

Frank told Joe about Julie, Chris is there and says it was a good thing he was there to take Julie home and Joe has to pull Frank off of Chris. Matt and Karen show up. Eve tries to wake up Julie, but she rolls over and told her to leave her alone...Eve says okay and went upstairs. While Eve is upstairs getting her breakfast Scott shows up. She told him to go away. He won't leave so she asks what he wants. He asks her about Danielle, he says he wants to know if she is trustworthy...he covers by saying it is for Lucy since she just gave her a job. Eve says she doesn't really know her, Scott gets ready to leave and offers her a lift to the hospital. She turns him down at first and then reconsiders.

Lee asks what Ellen is going to do. She says she should have removed herself, she worked so hard to get where she is. Off the record, Lee told her that a suit like this is costly to the hospital and right now they can't afford it. He advises she get herself a lawyer to protect herself. Burgess looks away from Lee with tears in her eyes saying that she has something in her eyes. Lee offers to get her time off, she says no, and Lee told her that he will make sure she is treated fairly.

The interns all show up, minus Eve and Julie, ready for their first day of their surgical rounds. It's every doctor for themselves now. Matt finds Lee and Burgess talking and asks Lee why she would need her own lawyer. Burgess tries to tell Matt to stay out of it, but he says he can't because this is wrong. He told Lee that Cooper caused his own seizure and Lee says that is the best news he has heard yet and asks for proof. Burgess told him that Matt has none.

Frank went home and finds Julie still asleep on her couch and tries to wake her up. He puts a cold rag on her and she says she wants to die, when she tries to get up she feels sick. Frank gets an idea and picks her up, carries her into the bathroom and puts her in a cold shower. Julie told him she is sorry for lying to him and he says he was wrong for judging her so harshly. They make up and start kissing in the shower.

Scott's car dies on the side of the road. Eve is upset, this was supposed to be a fresh start for her, but now her chance is ruined. She tries to flag down help, but the car just speeds by. Eve told him that he is bad luck. Scott bets her $50 he can get her to work on time, and told her that this wouldn't have happened if he had his truck. They try his cell phone, but that doesn't work either. Scott told her that if he can't get her to work then he will build his own and put her in charge. She says she can't trust him and gets out and starts walking.

The interns are looking for Eve and Julie, it is a good thing that the doctor in charge is running late also. Burgess says if they aren't there in 20 minutes they are toast.

Ellen is checking on a patient and the nurse told her that the patient was transferred by her husband. The nurse tries to avoid the subject, but eventually told Ellen that it was because of Cooper's lawsuit. Matt overhears this and says it is outrageous. The surgical doctor walks up and asks Ellen where the eager interns she was supposed to bring him are...or was she too busy dealing with her legal problems to bring them. When he walks away, Burgess told Matt he is right now she needs to start fighting back.

Wednesday, August 20, 1997

by ABC Daytime

Frank and Julie started to get carried away in the shower, but then came to their senses in time to get Julie ready for work. As Julie was racing around getting ready for work, Frank grilled her on post-op patients. Julie struggled, but then rose to Frank's challenge. Julie feared that she would be late for work no matter what, but Frank came up with an idea and rushed Julie to the hospital in an ambulance. A stranded Eve regretted the day she had ever met Scott. Eve attempted to hitchhike to the hospital until Scott convinced her to help him fix the car. Eve and Scott managed to get the car started, but Eve was streaked with grease. Scott assured Eve that he had friends at the hospital and that he would fix things for her. The new surgeon, Boardman, was incensed when Eve arrived at the hospital late. Scott tried to smooth things over for Eve, but Boardman remained unimpressed and made it clear to the interns that he would not tolerate tardiness. Later, Julie evaded a trick question with a correct diagnosis and Chris wasn't pleased to see the renewed bond between Julie and Frank. Ellen asked Lee for the transcripts of the interview with Cooper's lawyer, but Lee told Ellen that the transcripts were not public record. Matt urged Ellen not to give up and she later approached Scott for help with her dilemma. Ellen passionately pleaded her case to Scott, who subtly suggested that there were means to her ends outside the law.

Thursday, August 21, 1997

by Pamala

Lucy and Kevin talk about how Danielle is working at Jax. Lucy notes that she is a quick learner, Kevin is quick to remind her that she is an actress. Lucy is pretty sure she is very scared of something and Rex is written all over it. Kevin says that soon they will find out who and why she is so nervous and scared.

Danielle is looking on top of Lucy's desk, she finds a baby name book. She tries to open all of the drawers, but they are all locked. Then she finds the keys in a little box on the desk, they fit. She then hides the book in the top middle drawer. Lucy walks in and catches her, Danielle looks at her and slowly closes the drawer. Lucy told her that the first rule is to never go through her desk. Danielle quickly walks around the other side of the desk. Lucy asks what she was looking for, Danielle comes out with "I was looking for supplies". Lucy just snickers and says that is what the supply cabinet is for, and she is very curious as to what she was looking for and what she found. Danielle says she wasn't looking for anything, Lucy told her not to streach her trust in her. Lucy sees the baby name book and starts to cry as she picks it up.

Frank went to see Julie, he has to go to orientation night at the school and later he has a game with his summer baseball league. He gives her a container with liquid in it and says it is the Scanlon family secret hangover cure. She asks what the ingredients are, he says if he told her he would have to kill her. She doubts it will work, Frank says that he has done extensive research. Also, he gives her two little kisses,(the chocolate kind) for replacement of sugar, he says.

Matt and Ellen are talking about how she can get her transcripts. Matt told her that she need to call in all of her markers, she says she never loans or borrows. Audrey Hardy comes by to lend her support after talking to Lee. Just in the nick of time for Ellen.

Kevin sees Jake over looking his fathers medical chart, and asks what he is doing. Jake proceeds to tell him how he is into genetic research, and he wants to help with Kevin's father, since Kevin is so busy and with the loss of their baby. Kevin asks what Jake thinks of his father's case. Jake told him he wants to follow his research. Kevin decides to welcome the help.

Danielle told Lucy that she wanted to hide the book so she wouldn't be sad. Lucy told her how she is still waiting on time to heel her wounds, but it's not happened yet. Lucy expresses how she wants to be like Dominique was strong, and courageous. She told Danielle that she considers her a friend, Lucy decides to send Danielle home for the day. Danielle says that would be great, and that she really likes having a friend in her.

Ellen works up the courage to ask Audrey for her transcripts.

Julie thanks Frank for saving her career, he says it's all part of being a paramedic. She asks him if they are well past all that she did, he says that they are. Frank says how about a do over, start over again, no rash judgements. Then Chris walks in, he is not very happy at them getting along again.

Kevin comes by to see Lucy, she told him what happened and that she thought it was a good idea to purge her office of any incriminating and personal data in the general viewing area. Kevin told her about seeing Jake, they both agree that the visit with Rex has them on edge. Lucy says she can't believe that Danielle and Jake would do anything wrong. Kevin says they are perfect targets for someone like Rex.

Jake went to the intern lounge, he is all upset and throws his lab coat on the sofa. Rex is dressed up as an doctor, and sneeks up behind him. He talks about Jake needing a lawyer for his parents and the imigration laws. Jake says he's not going to get away with this, Rex says this is not a game. Rex leaves and Jake kicks the door open and hits the wall.

Audrey gives the transcript to Ellen, she told her a malpractice is not to be taken lightly. Ellen says she will never forget what she did for her. Matt comes by and says he noticed that she has more friends than she thought. Ellen just smiles, she is really happy. Ellen passes Julie getting off of the elevator and told her she heard she did a good job on rounds. Chris asks Julie if she is back in form, she says emotionally she is, then she leaves. Chris pulls out a little black book, and dials a number, he asks for Bennett Devlin.

Friday, August 22, 1997

by Pamala Carroll

Lucy and Kevin are at the hospital to visit his father. Frank is waiting for Julie to come home, Mary is a the bar on the phone with Frank, she is watching his team for him till he gets there. Julie walks in and they kiss passionately.

Karen in the lounge takes off her scrubs and she is just in her lingerie. She walks toward the showers and Joe exits dripping wet and in just a towel. She sees him and drops a piece of her clothes, he bends over to pick it up for her, and he almost looses his towel. They both turn around and scramble to get dressed, Karen turns around and sees him buttoning up his pants, her eyes get real big from the view. They talk about almost nothing as they finish getting dressed. She asks what he plans on doing tonight and in walks Grace, and she asks Joe if he is ready to go. Joe told Karen that they are going to see Frank's team play. Gail comes in and asks if she can talk to Karen. Joe and Grace leave. Gail wants to know how she has been and if she has told anyone about Jagger yet. Karen told her that she is not going to tell anyone and it's none of their business anyway.

Julie wants to be with Frank all day. Julie is going to get ready and meet Frank at the game later.

Kevin and Lucy approach Jake, he says hello to them, and asks if Lucy is feeling alright. Lucy told him how much she enjoys having Danielle working at the office with her. Jake got real quiet and then said how great he thought it was. Kevin and Lucy look at each other as Jake changes the subject. Jake receives a phone call from a lawyer and has to take it. Lucy and Kevin agree he is a nice guy, but he has a lot of problems. It's Rex pretending to be a lawyer at first, Jake asks him if this will be confidential. Rex says yes " OLE, Uncle Rex won't find out about this at all". Jake is stunned that this was Rex on the phone. Lucy and Kevin watch as Jake's expression is one of shock. Rex told Jake that he is always one step ahead of him. Kevin and Lucy wants to find out why Jake needs a lawyer. Kevin went upstairs to see his father and Lucy asks to use the phone next to Jake. Rex told Jake that he should listen to Danielle when she says that no one is safe from Rex. Jake hangs up the phone and walks away. Lucy stops him and says that she can help him.

Karen says it is no ones business and she don't want Ellen to know that she has personal problems. She don't know if Jagger even wants a divorce. She definitely doesn't want to tell Joe about this. Gail asks why Joe gets such special treatment.

Kevin is in his father's room. No changes are noted in his condition on his chart. Kevin told him that they lost the baby that Lucy had told him about. He told him that he was at first scarred when he found out, but then he was really happy. He told his father that he just wants him to know that he thinks he loves him. He told him to blink or something, Kevin feels like he has to deal with the wall all the time. Kevin starts to walk away, and his father speaks, he ask Kevin to stay.

Lucy asks what Jake is running from. She told him that she knows the best lawyer...Scott. She told him that they all want to help him and Danielle.

Karen says that she's not treating Joe any differently. Gail says she sees the way she looks at Joe, and she knows that Joe is fond of Karen. Karen told Gail that she was making Joe fill in the voids that Jagger had made empty in her life. Gail asks if she is reluctant to tell Joe because of his feelings for her, Karen says no it's the way she feels about Joe.

Frank told Joe that Julie wouldn't miss this game for anything. Julie went for the door, thinking that Frank had returned, it was her father. Julie asked him what he was doing there.

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