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Port Charles Recaps: The week of April 20, 1998 on PC
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Monday, April 20, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Marguerite Czajka

Serena is talking to Lucy about the new Jax Serena line. They come over to Kevin and Serena sings the song she wrote for it (it's really more of a rap), it starts: "I'm gonna tell you a story, so listen to me, You wanna get real clean," then something I didn't understand even after several listens, then she forgot the rest. Serena wants to stay over for the day - Lucy says they'll have to ask Scott.

Eve and Scott chat the morning after about who seduced who. Scott realizes that Lucy and Serena will be there soon - they kiss and Eve runs down to get the scattered clothes. They are dressed when Lucy calls. Scott agrees to let her stay. Serena talks to Scott and told him 'Ta!" Eve wonders what they will do with the day - Scott kisses her and opines that something will come up. Later, undressed in bed - Eve pretends to call her boss at the lab and Scott pretends to answer. She told him she can't come to work - she has pneumonia. He told her she can have a day off with no pay, but she better be in tomorrow. They "hang up" and talk about what a pushover her boss is and start kissing.

Lucy and Serena ask Kevin to help with a rhyme for soap. He suggests "it's dope" and "it gives you hope" - neither are taken seriously. He's offended that they are dissing him and pouts that those in the rap biz get no respect. Serena went off to get ideas from the radio. Lucy talks to Kevin about his desire to know what happened at the picnic. He didn't sleep well and has a headache, he needs answers. Later, Serena raps the finished song, which I still can't get the words to, maybe someone else can fill them in. Kevin pronounces it brilliant. Serena says she and Sigmund are a team (he's in the rap), Lucy suggests they go home and talk to Scott.

After dressing, Eve tries to tempt Scott with an apple. He's suspicious of Eves tempting men with apples. They realize how late it is - just then Serena calls out for Daddy. They go down to meet Lucy and Serena and Scott tells them that Eve was just taking "her first slide down his fire pole." Lucy smirks. Serena told Eve that she must like the shirt she's wearing - since she's worn it two days in a row. She told Scott about singing her song in a commercial. He sends her upstairs to put her stuff away. Scott yells at Lucy about exposing Serena to the public. Lucy thinks Scott is overreacting and being overprotective.

Joe and Karen talk at the hospital. They gets nauseatingly gushy sweet, my brain shuts down. I manage to pick up that Karen will be staying at Joe's since a pipe burst in her apartment. (They need to see Scott and Eve to learn how to be sappy without being sickening.)

Grace meets her Dad and complains about his not wanting to meet Matt. Dad, Evan Sullivan, is not too interested in meeting the man that got her shot. She calls Matt over and introduces them. Evan is barely civil and leaves. Matt doesn't want to come between her and her family, but she makes her own choices and her parents must accept that. Chris comes over and told them that Ellen is extending her stay in California. Grace heads over to The Recovery Room for some take-out and some of Mike's shoulder. She doesn't know if she should upset her parents for a man who is not sure if it's her he wants. Later, after she's gone, Matt comes in and talks about Grace to Mike. Mike asks if he's serious about her, Matt doesn't know.

Frank told Julie that he doesn't want to be treated by Devlin anymore and is checking himself out. She tries to stop him. She finds Joe and Julie and tells them that Frank left. Joe takes off to find him - asking Karen to cover for the last half hour of his shift. Julie is pissed (I think someone should slip her some of Devlin's stuff - I think the actress would make a good bitch!) Joe gets home and asks Frank what the hell he is doing home. Frank told him the hospital food sucks. They argue and after pointing out that he lives in a house full of doctors, Frank walks out. Later, Julie, Karen, and Joe worry about where Frank is - they are not pleased when he returns with Lark.

Kevin is getting ready for a romantic evening with Lucy. He knocks over a glass and cuts his hand picking it up. He looks at his bloody fingers and flashes back to a knife slashing down (Psycho like), with a leafy background (like at a picnic or something). Lucy comes in as he starts to freak out!

Tuesday, April 21, 1998

A furious Joe told Karen and Frank that Bennett had published the results of their research on the experimental drug DL56 and had claimed the work as his own. Frank then learned more about Karen's research and realized how similar it was to Bennett's work. Meanwhile, at the hospital, Chris confronted Bennett about being left out of the article and Bennett assured Chris that he would get the credit he deserved. Later, Jake and Joe confronted Bennett and warned him that he wouldn't get away with stealing their research. Chris realized that Bennett had been lying about giving him credit with the project and he approached Bennett, who threatened to cut Chris out of the profits from the drug and also deny him the Quartermaine Fellowship. Lucy bandaged Kevin's hand and assured him that they would figure out what his visions meant. Even with Lucy's help, however, Kevin couldn't remember the details of the picnic Victor had previously mentioned. Kevin then learned that Bennett was suing him for defamation of character over his supposed portrayal in "General Homicide." Later, Kevin saw Ryan in the mirror and Ryan taunted Kevin by saying that he couldn't remember the past because he didn't want to remember. Kevin then told Lucy that something horrible was happening to him. Lark tried to get along with everyone at the Scanlon house, but Julie refused to be forgiving. Frank told Lark that Jake was working with Joe and Karen on the research project and asked Lark to try and befriend Jake again in order to get more information about the drug. Eve testified against Bennett in front of the hospital board at his sexual harassment hearing. Scott then produced a witness named Alison, who also claimed to have had an affair with Bennett. Julie recognized Alison as being the girlfriend of her late brother, Buddy, and was sickened to learn that Bennett had slept with her.

At the coffeehouse, Devon spilled his drink. Kay approached him and asked if he needed a hand. Devon said he was just clumsy. Kay offered to help Devon if he ever needed a hand.

Wednesday, April 22, 1998

Frank confronted Bennett and said that he knew Bennett was giving him injections of the experimental drug DL56. Frank physically threatened Bennett and demanded to know everything about the drug. Chris interrupted and Frank then left. Chris gave Bennett an ultimatum and said that he would tell the pharmaceutical company the truth about the drug unless he was given proper credit. Bennett then revealed that he had been tape recording Chris, who had no choice but to back down and keep quiet. Victor became upset when he heard Kevin making an appointment to meet with Gail to talk about his recent visions. Later, at the hospital, Victor learned that Bennett was suing Kevin for libel. After a run in with Bennett, Kevin went to meet with Gail and Victor went to have his scheduled tests done. While talking to Gail, Kevin said that he had started to see Ryan in his visions. Gail then told Kevin that the answers to his questions were buried in his subconscious and assured Kevin that he was on the right path. Scott told Joe, Jake and Karen that there was no legal recourse to take against Bennett for stealing their work. Joe, Jake and Karen then confronted Bennett and demanded credit for their work, but he easily dismissed them. Julie spoke with Alison, the ex-girlfriend of her late brother, Buddy. Alison confirmed that she had slept with Bennett while dating Buddy. Alison also told Julie that Buddy had found out about the affair and Alison believed that was why Buddy committed suicide. Later, Julie angrily confronted Bennett and accused him of being responsible for Buddy's death. After walking out on Bennett, Julie told Frank about Alison and Bennett's affair. Julie then said that she wished Bennett had died instead of Buddy. Bennett encountered Eve and threatened to reveal her past as a paid escort unless she dropped the harassment suit against him. Eve slapped Bennett, who responded by punching her in the face. Scott saw Eve a short time later and realized that Bennett had hit her. Over Eve's protests, Scott then went off to find Bennett. While speaking to Chris, who offered to treat Eve's black eye, Eve realized that she had lost the bracelet Scott had given to her. Lucy waited for Kevin to meet her as planned after his meeting with Gail but Kevin was nowhere to be found. Victor then appeared with blood on his shirt and told Lucy that the inept lab technician had made a mess while trying to take a blood sample. Meanwhile, Scott found a dead Bennett in the hospital lab. Scott noticed Eve's bracelet next to Bennett's corpse and he pocketed it.

Thursday, April 23, 1998

After pocketing Eve's bracelet, Scotty slips out of the lab while Lark watches from her hiding place. As Chris tends to her black eye, Eve vows to send Bennett to jail for what he's done. Victor told Lucy and Kevin that the stains on his shirt came from an incompetent lab technician who stuck him repeatedly while trying to draw a blood sample. Karen fears the worst after finding Joe leaning over Bennett's lifeless body. After discovering that the blood on the floor is already starting to dry, Karen realizes Joe couldn't have killed Devlin but wonders if Eve might be guilty of the crime. Meanwhile, word spreads throughout General Hospital about Bennett being stabbed through the heart with a fountain pen. After breaking the bad news to Julie, Garcia asks Eve where she was when the murder occurred. Kevin rejects Lucy's suggestion that they ask Victor to find a place of his own. Julie admits to Garcia that half the people in the hospital probably wanted to see her tyrannical father dead. Later, Garcia's suspicions center on the victim's daughter when strands of curly brown hair are discovered on Bennett's lab coat. Scotty shows Eve the bloody bracelet he found next to Devlin's body.

Friday, April 24, 1998

Eve told Scotty she has no idea how her bracelet ended up next to Devlin's corpse. After Mac divulges some details not yet generally known, Kevin is dismayed to realize that Bennett's murder mirrors exactly his character's demise in General Homicide. When Scotty admits he has some doubts about her story, Eve reminds her lover that he had just as much motive and opportunity for the crime as she did. Lucy tries to take Kevin's mind off his problems but the media begins to circle round with questions about his novel being a blueprint for murder. Scotty assures Eve he believes she is innocent. As it becomes clear that Julie is a prime suspect in her father's death, Frank warns his girlfriend not to speak to the police again without an attorney present. After they make love, Scotty spoils the mood by wondering aloud why Chris came to Eve's rescue with a bogus story about witnessing her fight with Devlin. Thinking about the bloodstains on Victor's shirt, Lucy asks Kevin if he believes his father could have killed Bennett during one of his less lucid moments.

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