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Port Charles Recaps: The week of April 27, 1998 on PC
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Monday, April 27, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Marguerite Czajka

Victor doesn't understand why Kevin and Lucy are so concerned about his shirt. He told them he put it out with the garbage - and it was just picked up. Kevin and Lucy go to GH and check with the technician who took Victor's blood. She told them that she did spill blood on him, but assures them that it was Victor's own. The duo is relieved. Lucy wonders if Kevin really thought Victor might have offed the Doc. Kevin admits that the Collins family are not the most stable of people. They return home, where Kevin gets a phone call from Garcia. Garcia just finished "General Homicide" and wants to talk to Kevin tomorrow.

Garcia went through a list of why Scott hated Devlin. Scott denied Eve is his girlfriend - she's just a friend. Garcia still thinks Scott would defend her honor. Scott said if he found Devlin, he might have got violent, but he saw no-body, get it - no body in the lab. Garcia asks if there is something he should know about Eve. Since Scott's her attorney and wouldn't say anything, this is a blatant excuse for TPTB to use their flashback machine and show Scott picking up Eve's bracelet near the body. He went out and it's Eve's turn with the looking very good Garcia. She asks Scott if he said anything, but Garcia comes out before he answers. They all go back in for Eve's interrogation. Eve told Garcia that this was the first time Devlin ever hit her. She says yes. G asks where Chris was during all this. Eve changes the subject by saying if she killed Devlin she'd be bragging about it, using self-defense as her defense. Garcia isn't distracted - so Eve says that Chris heard them arguing and came in and took her to the on-call room. Garcia notes that she and Chris are each other's alibis. Back home at Scott's, he told Eve she shouldn't have lied about Chris being there. They argue a bit - it boils down to Scott thinking Chris could change his story and leave Eve hanging. Eve thinks that Scott thinks that she killed Devlin and isn't too happy about it. He says he knows she's holding something back. She says that she isn't and she wonders if he's planning on telling the police about his evidence. He says he wouldn't. She asks if he wants her to tell the police everything - including about the bracelet. He says he doesn't want that - he wants her and they start to kiss.

Frank arrives home where Lark is studying. He teases her about seeing him coming and pretending. She told him she had her first meeting with a shrink and it was fine. She's staying out of Julie's way to be considerate of her feelings. Frank thanks her for the help she's given him and then starts berating her about not stealing more of the drug. He calms down and told her he has other sources - he's going for more. He heads for the lab where he's surprised by Karen. He pretends to be looking for Joe. She's going o meet him and takes Frank out with her, locking the door.

Julie is making arrangements to accompany her father's ashes home. Lark comes in and tries to be nice - Julie, even given her bereaved state, is snarky to her. Julie accuses Lark of playing games. Lark acts innocently concerned, Julie is a bitch (and the actress does a very good job!)

At the hospital, Lark makes an anonymous call to the police and accuses Julie of being the killer. (Cliffhanger)

Tuesday, April 28, 1998

Jake triumphantly informs Karen that the pharmaceutical company which had been dealing with Devlin now wants to make a similar arrangement with them. When Matt criticizes his colleague for celebrating a man's demise, Jake retorts that Bennett richly deserved everything he got. Garcia comes to the lighthouse to ask Kevin about the strange parallels between his novel and Bennett's murder. Forced to admit he was at General Hospital at the time Devlin was killed, Kevin told the detective he was looking for Victor. Frank reassures Julie he'll stay by her side throughout her father's memorial service. Karen and Joe speculate about which one of their fellow interns might be capable of murder. Scotty reminds Eve that they'll look guilty if they don't show up for Bennett's service. Kevin has a close encounter of the annoying kind when an obnoxious reporter corners him outside the chapel. Meanwhile, Lucy guesses that Scotty is covering up for Eve after she overhears a snippet of their conversation about the intern's bracelet. Matt's private detective gives him the inside dope on Chris' financial problems. As she finishes delivering her father's eulogy, Julie is arrested for murder while her friends look on in shock and disbelief.

At the coffeehouse, Devon spilled his drink. Kay approached him and asked if he needed a hand. Devon said he was just clumsy. Kay offered to help Devon if he ever needed a hand.

Wednesday, April 29, 1998

Thursday, April 30, 1998

Returning from the false fire alarm, Joe, Karen and Jake find Frank standing in the middle of the lab. Julie is shocked when Garcia reveals that her father was killed with her pen. Worried about his brother's increasingly odd behavior, Joe wonders if Frank is suffering a relapse. Meanwhile, Frank slips into the men's room and gives himself another injection. Matt suggests to Chris that he had ample motive and plenty of opportunity to off Dr. Devlin. Ellen returns from San Diego and told Matt that her job interview went well and resulted in a lucrative offer. Scotty asks Kevin to act as a character witness for his client. Certain Eve is the killer, Lucy frets for Scotty's safety. Ellen explains to Matt why she's torn between accepting the job in California and staying on at General Hospital. After spending a night in jail, Julie pleads not guilty during her arraignment but Dara asks the judge to deny bail. Later, Kevin testifies that in his professional opinion Julie is not capable of the kind of rage which the murderer exhibited. Armed with new information from Mike, Matt decides to report his suspicions to the police.

Friday, May 1, 1998

When Scotty argues that his client is being unfairly denied bail, Dara informs her startled opposing counsel that she has an eyewitness who saw Julie kill her father. Lucy's suspicions about Eve deepen after she overhears the intern bantering with Chris about her real reasons for getting close to Scott. Frank is astounded to learn the identity of the assistant district attorney's key witness. Lucy attempts to plant a seed of suspicion in Chris' mind. Meanwhile, Scotty sheepishly apologizes to Eve for ever doubting her innocence. Dara asks Frank for his permission to allow his ward to be formally interviewed. Certain Lark lied to punish Julie; Frank quietly assures the girl he won't be angry if she admits to her misdeed and retracts the statement that she made to the prosecution. Later, an angry Dara accuses Frank of pressuring Lark to recant just so he could get his girlfriend off the hook. Garcia quizzes a nervous Chris about the twenty thousand dollars Bennett deposited in the intern's account just before he was murdered.

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