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Monday May 4, 1998

Stefano sees his statue in a store window and thinks that Jonsey stole his things and sold them. Stefano goes inside the store and asks the man where he purchased it. The man tells Stefano that all he knows is that a man sold it. Stefano goes to the townhouse and tells Bart that Jonsey has been stealing from him and selling his treasures. Stefano looks in a safe and is angry that all his cash is missing. Stefano looks in a secret compartment in the fireplace and is relieved that some papers are still there. Stefano orders Bart to do whatever it takes to find Jonsey. Bart leaves and Stefano is relieved that Jonsey hasn't gone into the basement

Roman comes to see Kate about what she's going to do to get Stefano out of Titan. Kate tells Roman that she's tried to get him out of Titan, but he won't sell his shares. Roman is angry that Stefano is involved with the company where his children work and he wants Stefano out now. Kate says that she'd love to get rid of Stefano as well as his hateful daughter.

Marlena comes home and finds a letter of Roman 's, that causes her to remember running into him on her date with John. Marlena then looks at the picture of her children and hopes that Eric will understand. Belle comes downstairs and Marlena gives her a medic alert bracelet. Belle goes into the kitchen to get some cookies and Marlena continues to think about Roman's sacrifice.

John runs into Eric at the Java Cafe. They talk and John tells Eric about Belle because he doesn't know what is going on. John is about to tell him what happened with Roman. Eric asks what John's done this time, but John says he hasn't done anything. John tells Eric that Roman has stepped out of Marlena 's life. Eric accuses him of forcing his dad to give up. Eric tells John not to count his dad out just yet. John tells Eric that he feels it's best for everyone that he accept this. Eric refuses that and still believes that his dad was forced into this decision. John tells Eric that he wishes they could be close again, but Eric says that he's just one of Stefano 's creations that he can't trust. Eric tells John he'll be keeping an eye on him and then he leaves.

Sami is at Titan looking at pictures of herself and Franco and is upset because she finally realizes that she's fallen for Franco. Sami says out loud that no man will ever love her. Franco is standing outside the door and realizes that he has to act quickly in order not to be deported. Franco enters the room and tells her that he's sorry for hurting her and he wants to make up. Sami then tells Franco that she knows he was using her to keep her from telling Hope the truth. Franco tells Sami that at first he was only with her because of Kate, but he began to have feelings for her. Franco says he told Kate what he did only to throw her off. Franco tells Sami that he does have feelings for her and if she searches her feelings he knows she has feelings for him as well. Franco begs Sami for another chance and he kisses her. Franco asks Sami out to dinner, but Sami still has her doubts. Sami tells Franco that she'll think about it. Sami leaves for the photoshoot and Franco vows not to give up until he gets what he needs from her.

Eric goes to Titan and tries to calm himself down. Roman shows up and Eric asks him why he gave up on his mom. Roman tells Eric that he realized he was fighting a losing battle and that deep down he knew that Marlena always wanted John. Roman tells him that they have to accept it and move on.

John goes to see Marlena and tells her that Eric knows the truth about them. Marlena is further upset when she learns that Eric has a new job and hasn't told her. Marlena feels that her children are pulling away from her. John tells Marlena that Eric and Sami aren't children any longer. John asks Marlena if this is really about Eric and Sami, or is this about something else. Marlena doesn't understand and John asks her if she's having doubts. Marlena tells John no, but she's just been a little unsettled since Roman's speech. John tells her that she is upset that Roman took the decision out of her hands. Marlena realizes that John is right. Marlena tells John that she just feels like she has an obligation to Roman, Sami, and Eric. John shows Marlena the watch she gave him and he tells her that he doesn't want to pressure her into making a decision. Marlena tells John that she doesn't need anymore time because she chose him a long time ago and they kiss.

At Titan, Sami shows up and talks with Eric about John and Marlena. Sami tells Eric that they just have to accept it. Eric asks why she is taking this so well and Sami tells him about her new relationship with Franco. Nicole shows up and Sami directs her to the makeup artist. Franco shows up for the photo shoot and tells himself that Sami will make sure he's never thrown out of this country. Meanwhile, Roman goes off to Salem Place and considers taking Shane up on his offer.

Hope arrives at a hospital in New Orleans and a nurse takes one look at her and says "Oh my God!" Hope questions the nurse, but she won't talk to Hope. Later, other nurses have similar reactions to Hope. Hope decides to give Bo a call and tell him what is going on, but Hope is told that Bo is at the hospital with Billie. Hope then tries to ask a nurse why she is staring at her, but the nurse just walks away. Hope eventually confronts the nurse and she tells Hope that they all knew her as Gina, but she didn't look the way she does now when she left. Hope asks for her last name, but before the nurse answers, a doctor comes out of his office and greets "Gina." The doctor tells Hope that he knows something that believes she will be very interested in hearing about.

Tuesday, May 5, 1998

Billie and Bo return from the amnio and she says she is nervous about the result. Bo tells her they need to be patient and positive. He asks if she is hungry and she says no and he comments that the doctor said she was not gaining enough weight. She says she's not hungry and hesitates, so Bo asks her if she has been drinking. She nods her head yes and he starts complaining.. She says it's an occasional glass of wine with a meal and it helps increase her appetite and Dr Bader said it was OK. Bo can't believe with her history that she is drinking and that Dr Bader OK'd it. She promises she will not do anything to jeopardize the health of their baby. She says that she lost a best friend in Hope and she is sad too. She continues whining, but when Bo goes to get them some lunch, she smiles and says score one for me - now if I can just keep Bo around 'til the baby comes, maybe I will have him forever.

Bo returns with Henderson in tow and they sit to eat. Bo notices a bottle of wine and asks Henderson why it's there. He figures they might want one with their snack. Bo says they will both just have milk and Billie replies, why Bo, you do care about me.

The make-up, hair and wardrobe girls show up and Nicole realizes this is the big time. She begins to get nervous immediately. Sami is confident this will go well and wants to order champagne to celebrate, but Franco tells her not to be premature in that - to wait until the shoots over. Nicole comes out and Sami is very pleased with her hair and make-up and sends Nicole back to put on the blue sequin dress. She returns with everyone commenting on how well she looks. Eric starts snapping away, but Nicole is very stiff and not smiling at all.

Sami hollers stop and rushes over to Nicole and tells her that she better loosen up or there won't be a next time. Eric fusses at Sami for jumping on her and then reassures Nicole that everything will be OK. She still is not doing very well and Sami is ranting and raving about how bad it's going. Eric goes over to Nicole and she says she is nervous with everyone looking at her. He tells her that he's sorry about that, but they have to stay. He says think of them wearing each other clothes. She does just that and we see Sami and Franco in each other's clothes. She loosens up some and things go a little better.

Nicole tries to apologize to "Miss Brady", but Sami thinks it's too little too late and that Kate is just waiting for her to fall on her face. Sami tells Franco that he makes her feel better and she's glad they worked out their rift. He is glad too and says to himself that after tonight he will have Sami where he needs her. In the photo room Eric comes out and we see Nicole crying. He offers her a shoulder to cry on and says everything will be just fine.

Carrie and Austin are still in bed. She says they have been lolling around in bed and Austin laughs and asks is that what you call it? He says he has enjoyed spending time in bed with her. Then all of a sudden she remembers that Laura's evaluation is today and jumps out of bed. Austin asks why she needs to be there and she say for damage control with the press and that Mike has done so much for her, she is just repaying him. He asks if she has a few minutes to spare and she says about 30 so they jump back into bed. When she says she has to go, he mentions he is going to see Will and check on Lucas. He is worried about Sami saying that Lucas is drinking. Carrie thinks Sami is lying to get Austin there, but he believes her or a least needs to check for himself. He asks her again about children and if she wants to have any and she says yes but not right now. The doctor tells Hope that he did not complete her surgery - that she was with him about 6 months and then she went somewhere else for about another year to have 3 more surgeries but he has no idea who did the surgery. She asks why he didn't tell her this 3 years ago and he said he thought she already knew that. We sees a lady come in that seems to stop and stare at Hope and we see her arms are scarred but we never see her face - she seems to be interested in Hope though. Dr Harper finally tells Hope that he lost all her records in a hospital remodeling, but he later found something she might want to see. She tells him he has to give it to her and he says it's a pic of her when she left him. He gives her an envelope and says if he can do anything for her just call. She nervously opens the envelope and says oh Bo, I really need you now, I wish you were here.

Viv and Ivan are outside the townhouse trying to find they keys so they can get in. Stefano is still inside and getting madder and madder that Jonesy stole from him. He says he will make him pay when he gets his hands on him. He hears the commotion outside and thinks it may be Jonesy and rushes to open the door. He hesitates in case it's not him and says he will just lie and wait for the person to get in. Ivan returns to say he found the keys but they are locked in the car so they go off to retrieve them. Stefano thinks since whoever was outside has left that maybe they were trying to break in and he decides to head to the basement. He gets down there just as Viv and Ivan get in the house. Stefano turns on some music and walks around the basement. Viv and Ivan hear it and think it is coming from the basement but then decide it is coming from next door? In the basement we see Stefano peering into a room - it's a freezer and he says that no one can know what in there until the time if right. Then he goes over to another closet and says all Gina's memories are in that and they are his secrets now. He is concerned that someone might tell Hope about her past but then he says there is no one to tell her except.... but no he says there is nothing to worry about. Bart calls and says he traced Jonesy to a flight to England so Stefano orders him to go and find him. He then returns to the closet and pulls out an envelope. He pulls out a picture He shakes his head and we see the picture of a badly scarred girl.

Wednesday, May 6, 1998

John takes Marlena onto his jet where he has a romantic lunch set up. Marlena asks John for hints as to where they are going. John agrees to give her a major clue and shows her some masks. Marlena thinks they are going to Paris and hugs John. John tells her that is a good guess, but wrong. Marlena and John kiss and Marlena tells John that she hasn't been this relaxed since they were planning their wedding. Marlena asks for another hint as to where they are going and John gives her a statue of a saint, which prompts Marlena to guess Venice. John tells her no, but where they go is full of romance. Marlena asks him for one more clue and he shows her a steamboat, which prompts her to select Steamboat, Colorado. Once again, John tells her that she's wrong. John gives Marlena her final clue and gives her a glass pelican. Marlena realizes that they are going to New Orleans and John tells her she's correct. John puts on some Dixie music and they dance.

Carrie shows up at Jennifer's place to be there for Mike at Laura's evaluation, but Mike tells her that he doesn't want her to go. Jennifer excuses herself so Mike and Carrie can talk. Carrie tells Mike she'd like to be there for moral support as well the media. Mike thanks Carrie for her concern, but he tells her that he feels like he should deal with the media if needed. Mike then tells Carrie that he thinks the time she spends with him may be causing problems in her marriage, but Carrie says that Austin fully supports her. Carrie says that she's been so insensitive and didn't realize the feelings he must be reliving now that Laura is going back to an institution. Mike tells her that she has been wonderful towards him and his family and is very grateful to her, but he thinks she needs some time for herself. Carrie tells Mike she can still be there for him and have time for herself. Jennifer returns and Mike steps out for a moment. Jennifer thanks Carrie for all her support and Carrie speaks to her about what a great guy Mike is and how she loves working for him. Jennifer and Mike get ready to go and Carrie asks Mike to tell her mom that she's routing for her. Carrie leaves and Jennifer tells Mike that she's so sorry that he had to push her away. Jennifer tells Mike that she is positive that Carrie is in love with him, and now he has a decision to make.

At the Kiriakis Mansion, Kate is reading the invitation to Vivian's party, but she thinks it's from Stefano and she has to attend. Lucas sees how upset his mom is and eventually realizes that it's Stefano that has her upset. Kate tells Lucas that she's not afraid of Stefano and Lucas says that perhaps they could use Stefano to their advantage. Kate tells him that she does not want that man in their lives. Kate says that Stefano could have hidden interests in their family and she doesn't want to become the next Brady Clan.

Sami learns from one of the photographers that the first two roles of film are horrible. Sami hopes that Hope will come back for one last shoot and try to call her. Sami becomes upset and accuses Franco of still loving Hope. Sami cancels their dinner plans and runs off. Franco followers her and he tells her that his meeting with Hope was random and begs her to come to dinner with him.

Sami goes to see Eric and tells him that if the other roles of film don't turn out, Kate will make her the laughing stock on the company. Nicole shows up and hears Eric and Sami arguing as to whether Nicole is good enough to be a top-model. Sami thinks she should find another model, but Eric convinces her not to judge her until the final prints are developed. Eric goes to check the film and Nicole once again apologizes to Sami. Nicole tells Sami that she'll practice at getting better and Sami tells Nicole that she's waiting for the last set of pictures before making up her mind about her. Sami also warns Nicole not to hurt her brother, which Nicole says she'll never do. Later, Eric shows Nicole the last set of pictures and she tells her they are fantastic.

Kate finds Franco standing in the hall and she tells him that she wants him out of Titan. Franco asks Kate why she wants him to leave and Kate tells her that if he's no longer with Sami, he's no use to he. Franco tells Kate that he's changed her mind and he's once again going after Sami, and this time he means Business. Kate tells Franco that she doesn't approve of this game he's playing with Sami and she warns him to stay away from Sami. Franco tells Kate that he won't give up on Sami and he can't. Kate goes home and an immigration officer shows up to see her.

Austin shows up at the Kiriakis Mansion and talks with Kate about Lucas' drinking. Kate tells Austin that Sami prompted Lucas. Kate leaves and Lucas shows up. Austin asks Lucas why he's home all the time instead of at Titan. Lucas says that he's just staying home with Will to attempt to bond with him. Austin apologizes and thinks that Sami was lying to him. Will suddenly runs into the room and jumps on Austin and calls him Daddy. Lucas is hurt, but tries to cover up his pain. Lucas tries to have Will show Austin a trick, but Will clings to Austin and keeps calling him Daddy. Austin takes Will up to his room and he plays with Will and tells him that soon he may have a cousin. Downstairs, Lucas pours himself a glass on wine. Sami shows up and tells Lucas that she doesn't want her son around a drunk and she doesn't think a judge would either.

In New Orleans, Hope puts the picture down on the counter and walks away. A mysterious woman shows up and looks at the picture and says "It is you, I remember you." Hope returns and gets the picture and then asks Dr. Harper if he has other photos. Dr. Harper says that he lost them with her other records. Dr. Harper looks at Hope and asks her if she's lost weight or changed her hair color. Hope admits to losing weight, but she says she hasn't changed her hair color. Dr. Harper comments that is funny because he doesn't remember it being this color, he recalls it being darker. Dr. Harper is beeped and has to leave. Hope recalls talking with Celeste about her surgeries and wonders if Celeste was telling her the truth. Hope recalls going to the compound and wonders if Dr. Rolf completed her surgeries and perhaps she was kept at the compound before going to Maison Blanche.

Thursday, May 7, 1998

In New Orleans, John leads Marlena into their hotel room blindfolded. He takes off the blindfold and she is delighted to see the room decked out romantically in candles and flowers and champagne. They share a romantic dinner to the accompaniment of Marlena's favorite music played by a band outside their window. John takes out the engagement ring he had for Marlena last time they were getting married and asks her to marry him again. Marlena accepts and they embrace joyously. John then gives her a silver charm bracelet with a tree charm and says the tree is to represent their new life together and the trees he will plant with her, Belle, and Brady when they return to Salem. John carries her to bed to make love.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Sami and Lucas are arguing about Lucas' drinking. Austin comes in with Will and asks what's going on. Lucas takes Will upstairs for his bath and Sami tries to convince Austin that Lucas' drinking is out of control. Austin says she's overreacting and probably trying to manipulate him. Sami begs Austin to believe her and to check on Lucas one more time for Will's sake. Lucas comes downstairs after Austin leaves and immediately starts fighting with Sami again. Sami storms away and Lucas takes another drink.

At Titan, Franco intercepts the INS agent who wants to speak to Kate. He tells him that he has not received a notice about having a fake green card. The agent looks at his card and says it's counterfeit and Franco will be deported. Franco says it was an innocent mistake and he can clear it up. The agent says it has gone beyond that point. The agent gives his card to Marie and says to give it to Kate. Franco takes it from her and says he wants to be the one to tell Kate. Marie tries to tell Kate as she is leaving, but Kate is in a hurry and takes off without letting Marie talk.

At the townhouse, Vivian and Ivan start setting up for their dinner party. Vivian invites Roman Brady, who says he is not doing anything better and will come. Vivian is getting very excited about her party and can't wait to see the look on Kate's face when she shows up and sees Vivian with Stefano.

At the Salem PD, Roman stares at a picture of him with Doc and tells himself that it's time to move on. Just then, Billie shows up and asks him how he's doing. Roman says he's fine and he hopes Bo realizes what a wonderful woman he has in Billie. Billie says Bo has been a lot more attentive since Roman talked to him and thanks Roman. Billie asks Roman what he will do now, and Roman says he is talking to Shane about leading the investigation on the old case in Paris. Billie begs Roman not to endanger his life by taking the assignment that almost killed him the first time he left Marlena. Roman asks Billie about the amnio, and Billie says they won't know for a couple of days. Roman tells Billie about Stefano's 49% of Titan, and Billie reminds him that if he is away on assignment, he can't help protect his kids. Billie starts talking about how Hope has tried to break up her and Bo, and Roman reminds her that Hope is as much a victim of Stefano as any of them. Billie obviously doesn't want to talk about Hope any more, so Roman apologizes and says sometimes he wishes he'd never left Paris. Billie gives him a significant look.

Stefano gets a call on his cell phone from Bart, who has tracked Jonesy to Violet's pub. When Stefano hears that Jonesy arrived in a limo with a friend, he is furious and tells Bart to make Jonesy pay for stealing from him. Celeste bumps into Stefano and he drops his picture of "Kristen" and Elvis. Celeste asks what he is doing with it, and Stefano tells her that Susan is sending him pictures from time to time. Celeste asks Stefano if he is going to kidnap Elvis, but Stefano says there is too much to be done in Salem and he has given up on Elvis for the time being. Celeste laughs and says Stefano would never be satisfied with a minority interest in anything, including Titan. Stefano tells her she knows him well. Vivian calls and reminds Stefano she will send a limo for him. Celeste tells Stefano that she, Lexie, and Abe will all be at the dinner party. Stefano says he's glad and leaves Celeste alone. She has a sudden vision of Vivian and the townhouse and wonders if she will figure out its secrets this time.

Stefano runs into Kate and reveals to her that the party is at Vivian's. Kate is at first furious and decides not to go, but Stefano says that now the surprise is on her side, and she will go with him. Kate realizes she has no choice. She returns to the mansion and sees Lucas, who is still drinking. Kate tells him she's going to Vivian's and Lucas expresses surprise.

At Violet's pub, Edmund sees Bart come in and talk to Violet about Jonesy. Bart says he's a relative and they need Jonesy for a marrow transplant. Edmund immediately smells a rat and takes Violet aside, telling her to call Susan to warn her away from the pub. Edmund confronts Bart and asks if Stefano DiMera sent him. Bart says he never even heard of the guy. Edmund says in that case, he can find Jonesy up the hill, about 150 yards to the left. Bart thanks him and leaves. Bart follows the directions and sees Jonesy's grave. He calls Stefano and tells him that Jonesy is six feet under. At the pub, Edmund calls Vivian and warns her that a man claiming to be Jonesy's relative showed up looking for him. Vivian thanks Edmund and worries that someone will contest her inheritance.

Friday, May 8, 1998

Stefano is stunned to hear of Jonesy's death, but relieved that his problem is solved without his having to do anything. He discusses with Bart the fact that the townhouse and its treasures were put in Jonesy's name to preserve Stefano's anonymity, but Stefano says he made sure Jonesy's last will and testament left everything to Stefano. Stefano heads off to pick up Kate while Edmund rushes Bart out of the pub, leaving Bart to wonder what that was all about.

Kate dresses in a sexy evening gown for her dinner party at Vivian's. She's already upset that she has to go to avoid angering Stefano, but things get worse when Sami comes down and goes on the warpath, reminding Kate of her sordid past as a hooker. Kate slaps her across the face. She tells Sami her threats no longer have the power to scare her. As they're arguing, Lucas comes in. They're nervous that Lucas overheard what they were talking about, but he didn't. Sami starts harassing him about his drinking again when the doorbell rings. Sami and Lucas are stunned to see that Kate's escort is Stefano DiMera! Sami is sickened by the man who has destroyed her family, but Lucas is falling all over himself fawning over Stefano, whom he idolizes as a rich and powerful business tycoon. Kate and Stefano leave and Sami tells Lucas Stefano is evil. Lucas says they could learn a lot from him about successful business. Will takes a minor spill while Lucas is watching him. Sami totally overreacts and tells Lucas that his drinking is making him a bad father and any judge would agree with her.

At the station, Roman tells Abe that he's thinking of heading the ISA investigation in Paris. Abe says he sees a pattern and that the last time Roman ran away from his feelings for Marlena, he almost got himself killed. Abe says there is a job and a life for Roman here in Salem, and he might even fall in love again. Roman laughs and says that's unlikely, but he does want to watch over his kids while they all work for Stefano. Roman and Abe leave for the party at Vivian's together, where they plan to meet Lexie and Celeste.

At the hospital, Lexie and Mike chat about his feelings for Carrie, and Mike reveals that he will be going on a date tonight with Allie in an attempt to move on with his life. Lexie congratulates him and tells him to have a good time and then goes to meet her mom to change for the party. Carrie arrives and is about to knock on Mike's door when she remembers how distant he was at his house earlier. She decides to wait to talk to him and runs into Craig, who pesters her about being seen coming out of Mike's office. Carrie gives him the cold shoulder and her usual song and dance about it being strictly professional. Craig rubs it in that he and his wife will be dining with the board members tonight. He leaves and Mike comes out and asks Carrie what she's doing there. Carrie says Jennifer called and told her Laura's evaluation was postponed and she hopes they're doing all right. Carrie says she has put together a stack of paperwork for them to go through and she was hoping they could order a pizza and do it right away. Mike tells her he already has dinner plans. Carrie smiles and says that knowing Mike, he's eating alone, so she would be happy to be his date. Just then, Allie walks up in a glamorous outfit and asks Mike if he's ready. Carrie looks embarrassed and a little jealous at her faux pas. When Allie walks away to answer a page, Carrie says she's glad Mike is seeing Allie, but she doesn't sound very sincere. She asks if Mike will go over the papers with her tomorrow, but Mike says tomorrow is busy and if she leaves the papers with his secretary, he will go over them alone when he has time. He tells her to go home and spend some time with her husband. Carrie gets the sense that Mike is avoiding her and obviously doesn't like it one bit.

In New Orleans, John and Marlena give in to their passion and spend the night together. They happily discuss their engagement plans, but it throws a dark note into things when John mentions that he will never be complete until he figures out what happened during the years of his life that Stefano erased from his memory.

On the way to Vivian's, Stefano makes Kate uncomfortable by reminding her of their past (as lovers?). As the car pulls up outside of the townhouse, Stefano is confused and angry and wonders what is going on; this is his house, not Vivian's!

Dressed in a sexy white gown, Vivian is totally in her element as she orders around a caterer and waiter at the townhouse. Ivan is pleased to see her so happy, but wishes she would stop scheming to make Stefano her ally. Vivian can't wait for Kate to get there and realize that Vivian has Stefano in her pocket, or so she thinks. Vivian counts on her past relationship with Stefano to help her win the battle against Kate, but does not know that the townhouse she inherited from Jonesy in reality belongs to Stefano. She mentions to Ivan that before Jonesy died, she made sure his last will left everything to her. The guests start to arrive and Vivian is charming to everyone. Lexie, Celeste, Roman, and Abe are clearly impressed with the rich surroundings, although Roman and Lexie do some giggling behind Vivian's back at her prima donna attitude. Celeste gets weird vibes from the house again and has the feeling that something dreadful is going to happen tonight. The doorbell rings and Vivian opens it to Kate. Before Vivian can sink her claws in, Kate reveals that she knew the party was Vivian's all along - she found out from her escort, Stefano. Stefano appears with a thunderous face. He can't figure out what's going on, but he knows that if Vivian tries to take his house and treasures - especially the mysterious clues in the basement - he will make her pay dearly.

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