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Miguel asked Veronica to marry him. Victoria and Neil admitted their love. Christine told Michael that she wouldn't stand in the way of him getting his law license back. Alice took interest in a newspaper photo of Victor Newman.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of May 11, 1998 on Y&R
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Monday May 11, 1998

VICTOR arrives home and tells Nikki that Nick is back in town. He also tells her that there are problems in his marriage. Nikki is surprised because they seemed so close on the day she came home from the hospital. Was it all a masquerade? Victor only wanted to spare her unnecessary concern at the time. He admits that he doesn't know what the problem is, but he suspects that it has to do with Nick; he is so damn angry these days. Nikki thinks that as soon as Sharon comes home from her mother's, things will be better, but Victor tells her that Sharon has been with her mother for weeks. Nikki is shocked. Something has to be done. She thinks they have to do something to help them see that what they have is special and they should hang on to it. She doesn't want them to be like she and Victor. She thanks God that he brought Victor back to her; now if the kids can only remember what they had to begin with.

DORIS wonders what Sharon is trying to decide. It has to be something important for her to be pacing so much. It is important, Sharon tells her. She is trying to decide whether to go home or not. A Doris think that she should go home, but Sharon doesn't know if that is what Nick wants; besides, she can't stand another rejection. Doris tells her that she has to reach out; it is her business to be there to greet Nicholas when he comes home. He may be thinking the same thing that Sharon is. She suggests that she leave Cassie here with her while she takes Noah to see his father. Show him you care, Doris tells her. "I've been hurt so many times," Sharon says. "Do I dare put myself in that position again?"

NEIL AND VICTORIA are at dinner talking business. While they talk and unobserved by them, Malcolm and Olivia arrive at the same restaurant and are seated. Malcolm says that for the first time in ages he has his wife to himself. Now she should just sit back, relax and forget the hospital exists. Olivia says she likes to be around when she has patients like Danny, but Malcolm tells her that Danny will be fine tonight; she can see him tomorrow.

NEIL wonders if they should be getting back to the office, but Vicki says that she wrapped everything up before she left. So did I, Neil says.

OLIVIA makes the toast. "To my marvelous amazing husband," she says. Malcolm says she is amazing also. He hopes Neil can meet a fine caring woman like Olivia. Maybe he already has, Olivia suggests. Malcolm wonders if she is talking about Victoria Newman.

VICKI tells Neil that she isn't in a hurry to order. Neil suggests that they dance. They get up and walk out to the dance floor. They begin a slow dance. Vicki rubs his arms and says that this feels so right. They are very close.

MALCOLM says that he wonders what is going on between Neil and Vicki. Neil keeps saying they are only friends and that is all that he will say. He won't tell me anything. Olivia says that Neil has to live his own life. She gets up to go to the ladies room. Malcolm drinks his champagne and looks around. Suddenly he almost chokes on the champagne. "Well, well, well," he says. "You may not be talking, but my eyes tell me you are in a lot deeper than you realize---a whole lot deeper."

CHRISTINE stares openmouthed at Michael. "You!" She gasps. "You are the live donor? I don't believe this!" Michael says that he explicitly left instructions that this was to be an anonymous act. Chris explains that she heard the nurse talking and followed her. She wanted to thank the donor. She asks how he is. Michael says that he is tired and weak, but he will be fine. As Chris stumbles for the door, he thanks her for coming by. Alone, he winces in pain before falling back asleep.

PHYLLIS is sitting by Danny's bed when he wakes up. She greets him and says she has been so worried about him. He asks about Daniel. After she tells him that Daniel is fine, he drifts off to sleep again. She hears the door open. Thinking it is a nurse, she says that he doesn't need to be disturbed right now. She turns and sees that it is Chris. What is wrong? She asks after taking one look at Chris's face. I have just had the shock of a lifetime, Chris tells her. But I'll bet it isn't a shock to you, she harshly accuses. Phyllis doesn't know what she is talking about and finally Chris realizes this. She tells her that Michael is the kidney donor. "It can't be!" Phyllis objects. "Is Michael dead?" Chris tells her that Michael is fine; it was a live donation. "I thought I knew Michael," she admits, "but right now, I don't know what to say."

"I don't believe you!" Phyllis says. "You are so incredibly cold. What Michael has done means nothing to you. You still think Michael is a horrible person. You can't stand it that you could have been wrong, but I think he is one hell of a man. If you are too blind to see it then Michael isn't the problem, you are the problem." Phyllis turns and leaves the room. Chris stands there, confused, and stares at Danny.

PHYLLIS goes directly to Michael's room. She congratulates him for coming up with the perfect plan. This was the perfect grand gesture for getting Christine to think that he has changed. My hat is off to you, she tells him. But, seriously, how will she and her son ever thank him for what he did for Danny? The real payoff will be when Christine admits that she was wrong; she never thought she would live to see that day.

Michael tries to tell her that it wasn't part of a big plan; he really did want to do something for Danny, but Phyllis doesn't believe him. Later, Christine comes back to see Michael. She wants to know how he knew that Danny needed the kidney. He explained about his job at the hospital. He knew when Danny went into distress. He also knew what it would mean to her if he gave one of his kidneys. "You ask me for some sign that I am a different man. Now you have your answer," he tells her. "I have changed." Chris acknowledges that because of him, Danny now has a chance at a normal life. She says that Gina, Danny's sister, will want to come and thank him, but Michael would rather that she didn't. It is enough to know that he has helped. "The bottom line is," Christine says, "that I cannot deny that what you did was incredible." She leaves. As he moves uncomfortably in the bed, he says to himself, "You did it, Michael." He is almost crying.

NIKKI talks with Miguel. She has questions about Veronica. Miguel tells her how he met her. He thinks he is falling in love with her. He says that she is looking for a job. Since they need to replace Sara, he was wondering if she would talk to Mr. Newman about hiring her.

NICK arrives home. He hangs up his bag and begins looking through the mail. "Hey, there, Stranger," he hears. Looking around, he finds Sharon and Noah waiting for him. "Your son and I just wanted to welcome you home." He speaks to Noah and takes him in his arms. He comments that he is growing like a weed. Sharon says he should be growing; he eats all the time.

Later, Sharon walks into the room and Nick asks if the "Little Scrapper" fell asleep. Sharon asks how his trip went. He is excited while he describes the things he was able to accomplish. How did things go here? He asks. She tells him that she missed him. "It is so weird how things got so off track so quickly," Nick says. "One day I had this good life and then life just changed. We have a good life, but it isn't the way I expected it to be." Sharon tells him that things don't always work out the way they are planned. "But this was my dream," Nick says. "All my life I dreamed of going to college then working for my father. I never planned to get married, but I fell in love with you. Then we had Noah. I love Noah, you know I do, but I thought it would be just the two of us for a lot of years." Again Sharon says that things don't always work out according to plan. "Now, out of the blue," Nick goes on, "I have this stepdaughter and my life is complicated."

"I understand what you are saying," Sharon says. "The fact is, you do have a family. You have a beautiful little boy and I have a marvelous little girl. She exists, Nick. If there is to be any future for us, Cassie has to be a part of it. That is the way it has to be. I have to raise my children. When you are ready to become a husband and a father to two children then let me know. I can't believe that there aren't other women out there in my position." Nick says that he thinks that a lot of guys out there would understand where he is coming from. Now is the time for him to grow as a man, to succeed his father. This isn't just a short time commitment. It is a life long commitment. Sharon says that she thought that their marriage was a life long commitment. "It doesn't look promising for our future," Sharon states. "Maybe some day we can find some way to come to and understanding." "Yeah, maybe someday," Nick says. Sharon says that she is hoping and praying that that time comes soon, because she does love him. Nick assures her that he loves her also. He comes over and kisses her tenderly. He then slowly walks out of the house leaving Sharon fighting to control her tears.

Tuesday, May 12, 1998

A NEW DAY has dawned in GC. Christine, dressed in a different outfit, comes by Paul's office and tells him that she didn't get much sleep last night. He wonders if Danny is worse, but she assures him that Danny is improving. He isn't showing any sign of rejection, so far. No, she doesn't know what to make of this new situation. What new situation, Paul asks. "You won't believe who donated the kidney," she says. "Michael Baldwin."

"How did you find this out?" Paul asks, stunned. "Did he send you a memo asking for congratulations?" Christine tells him that it was just the opposite. Michael left instructions that his identity was to remain anonymous. One thing for sure, she adds, Michael Baldwin never does anything without a reason and, sooner or later, they will find out what that reason is.

MICHAEL is being assisted out of bed; it is a painful process, but he makes it to the chair. He asks for the phone and his bedside table is wheeled up next to him. Alone, he looks at the phone. "I think I did it," he says. "I think I've proven to Christine that I am a changed man. Now for the next hurdle. How do I handle this next phone call?"

JACK asks Diane if her hotshot attorney has started any legal action yet. When Diane tells him that the case is still on hold, Jack explodes. He blasts her for letting this lawyer jerk her around. He knows lots of good lawyers who would die for this case; he will find her one that is more aggressive. Diane tells him that she likes the man and she feels that he is good, but she won't wait forever.

The phone rings and it is Michael calling. He wants to cancel their appointment for today. Diane says that if he cannot meet with her, then they should just forget about the case; she will find someone else. Please hear me out, Michael begs. He then tells her about being in the hospital because a friend in a crisis needed a kidney. Are you telling me that you donated one of your kidneys to this person? Diane asks. She is surprised and impressed. What an amazing thing to do! He tells her that he only needs a few more days to get out of the hospital and he can devote himself to her case. She tells him to take all the time he needs; she admires what he has done.

After hanging up, she tells Jack Mr. Baldwin's reason for canceling. Jack is skeptical, but she assures him that it is true. Besides, she may not need him. She doesn't know if she has waited long enough yet for Victor to come to his senses and come back to her. Jacks mouth falls in surprise. Diane says that Victor is only waiting until Nikki is back on her feet. Jack loudly proclaims that Victor is where he wants to be. Hasn't she learned yet that Victor Newman's word is worth zip? She tells him that she doesn't want to hear this; if he doesn't have anything positive to say, then get out and don't come back! Jack says he has one positive thing to say and that is that he will be there when she comes crashing down out of this dream world she is living in.

VICTOR in back from an early morning horseback ride. Nikki thinks she is almost ready for a ride herself, but Victor says that it is too strenuous for her. As he pours himself a cup of coffee, Nikki remarks that he seems distracted. You aren't by any chance thinking of Diane, are you?

Victor admits that he is thinking of a beautiful young woman, but it isn't Diane, it is their daughter. He says that Vicki has a new man in her life and he is interested to see what is going to happen. Nikki wants to know all the details but Victor avoids telling her any more. As he helps himself to one of Miguel's breakfast rolls, he mentions that he has outdone himself. Speaking of Miguel, Nikki tells Victor that he has met a woman and is head over heels in love with her. She seems a personable young woman; her name is Veronica. She tells Victor that Miguel wants them to hire her to replace Sara. Listening outside, Miguel hears Victor say that he will not hire anyone else without checking them out thoroughly---not after what happened to her before.

NICK is back in the office and he is Mr. Proficiency to say the least. He is giving Grace orders faster than she can keep track of them. She interrupts to ask about his Alaskan trip. He tells her it was all business; he didn't take any time out for sightseeing. Grace asks if he has seen Sharon and he admits that he did but it didn't work out. All the time he was away, he hoped she would have time to think about the marriage, but he was wrong; nothing has changed. "But, this is an office," he proclaims. "From now on, it is all business. We are up for a challenging year with a lot to be accomplished. Are you with me, Grace?"

"You bet I am Nicholas," Grace answers. "I'm with you all the way!"

SHARON tells Doris that Cassie is reading Noah a story while waiting for the school bus. Doris asks how things went last night. Sharon tells her mother that she and Nick kissed. Doris thinks that is a good sign, but Sharon reminds her that they do love each other; that isn't the problem. The problem is that Nick had his life planned out and Cassie wasn't part of that plan. Doesn't he understand that life doesn't always go according to plan? Doris asks. Good Lord, does he think I planned to be in this wheel chair?

IN MADISON, Millie is nodding over the morning paper when Alice comes back from a walk in a foul mood. She has been thinking about her little girl---the one you gave away, she accuses her mother. She grabs the paper from her mother and begins reading it. She sees an article that interests her. "Wow!" She says. "What a handsome dude. He's rich too. He's just the kind I'd like to get my hooks into." When she begins tearing out the picture, Millie objects. Alice says she is tearing out a picture of this bigshot tycoon; might as well aim high, she says as she looks for the tape. She takes the picture to a mirror and tapes it up. It is a picture of Victor Newman.

VICTORIA is surprised when Malcolm pays her an unexpected visit. He tries to say that he was looking for Neil. And you assumed he would be with me? Vicki asks, with a knowing smile. The two spend a few minutes dodging verbal blows until Malcolm decides to tell her why he is really there. "I want to be straight with you," he begins. "I care about my brother. I don't know what is going on between the two of you, but I would like you to think about something. Just think about who my brother is then think about who you are. Then think about all the implications that could mean for my brother." Vicki says if he is thinking of his brother, then don't meddle. We'll see what happens and what doesn't happen, she says.

Just then, Neil comes in with some reports to show her. He is surprised to find his brother in Vicki's office. Malcolm explains that he is just spreading a little sunshine, but now he has a client waiting, so goodbye. When he leaves the office, Neil and Vicki look at each other and burst out laughing. When the laughter is over, Neil tries to find out what Malcolm wanted, but Vicki says it wasn't important. Neil shows her some sales figures for Brash & Sassy which shows that they are outselling their major competitor by two-to-one. Vicki says that she will be running all the product lines by next year and Neil remarks that the girl has ambition.

"Was Malcolm here because we are dating?" Neil asks, seriously. "Because it isn't any of his business and I will make that perfectly clear to him." Victoria says that he was only looking out for his brother---he only wants what is best for him. I know what is best for me, Neil declares, and I think that YOU are best for me. Are you sure about that, Vicki asks. Yes, Neil assures her. Does that make you uncomfortable? No, Vicki assures him. Then she tells him that where they go from here is up to him. "When we get there, let me know," She tells him. "Oh, I'll let you know exactly where we are when we get there," Neil assures her.

JACK is in a really bad mood when Ashley stops by. He is fuming because that SOB, Victor Newman, has lied to Diane and made promises that he can't and won't keep. And to top it off, she still loves the guy. It seems that he will be an eligible bachelor for the rest of his life. He asks about Ashley's love life, and she tells him that everything is wonderful between her and Cole.

CASSIE comes into the room with Doris and Sharon. She asks if Sharon and Nick are getting back together, but Sharon has to admit that they aren't getting together---at least not right now. Are you going to get a divorce? Cassie asks. It is my fault, isn't it? You and Nick are fighting because of me. Sharon doesn't think that they will get a divorce, but Cassie must remember one thing: none of this is her fault. You are not to blame for any of this, Sharon emphatically tells her daughter. She admits to Cassie that Nick wasn't ready for another child in the family, but she hopes that he will be ready soon. She has to believe that, she says as she hugs Cassie to her.

Wednesday, May 13, 1998

CHRIS visits Danny and comments on how much better he looks. He tells her that she looks all dolled up; is she ready for a quick date? He could scoot over and let her crawl into bed with him. He gets serious and says it blows his mind that some stranger would donate on of his or her kidney's to him. How do you repay someone for giving your life back?

PAUL is whistling while he works and Lynn gives him a hard time for being in such a good mood at work. He tells her that he thinks that things are getting back to normal and Chris will realize that she is only feeling nostalgia for a lost love. She will come back and choose the detective over the rock star. Getting really serious, Lynn tells him that it could go the other way. Why are you trying to bring me down? Paul asks. Lynn says that she doesn't want him to get his hopes up, then get them dashed. Angrily, Paul slams back into his office.

PHYLLIS visits Danny and tells him that it is quite a treat finding him without his entourage. He allows her to tease him about Chris being there day and night. He tells her that he knew she was there also and he appreciated the thought. When he says that he wishes he could thank the donor for the kidney, Phyllis realizes that he doesn't know the donor. She tells him that it wasn't a stranger; it was someone that he knows. She tells him that it can be arranged; just wait here, she tells him.

ASHLEY goes to see Vicki to tell her about the new sales figures and is disappointed to learn that she already knows. Vicki says that Neil told her and Ashley says that she really admires Neil. Vicki agrees. Ashley says that there is another reason she came by; she would like to extend the proverbial olive branch. She would like things to get back to the way they were between the two of them; they were such good friends once. Why would I want to do that? Vicki asks. Under the circumstances, that is not very likely to happen. I'm not interested in hugging and let bygones be bygones. You and I will never be friends again, not in this lifetime! Ashley was afraid that she would feel this way, but she wanted to try. Just then, Vicki has a dizzy spell and Ashley asks her what is wrong. I was just feeling a little weird but it has passed, Vicki says.

JACK is still in a foul mood when Jill comes in; she accuses him of having his head in the ozone layer. It must be Diane, she guesses; she is the only person who could do it. Jack spouts off about the Black Knight putting Diane through Hell and happens to drop the news that she has hired an attorney who is in the hospital at the moment after donating a kidney to a friend. Jill gasps, "A lawyer with a heart. Isn't that an oxymoron?"

JILL begins to complain about living at the Chancellor estate with Katherine. Every day she wakes up and remembers that that used to be her house. She reminds Jack that Phillip did give it to her when he married her; never mind that Katherine, that old bat, went to court and got it back! She even reminds Jack that Katherine was responsible for Phillip's death. When she lost him, she lost everything! Jack says that he can think of any number of things that should have been hers. WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY THAT?!? He tells her that he remembers a cabin in the woods, a cold night and two people desperately clinging to each other for warmth. He also alludes to a hot steamy shower. You were one hell of a sexy lady---still are. A fine woman is like a fine wine, both just get better with age.

Speaking of showers, Jack you need a cold one, my friend, Jill says as she struts out of the office.

AT DINNER, Ashley tells Cole that she offered the olive branch to Vicki and was turned down. He tells her not to let it get her down. He then tells her that he wants to cancel dinner and head for a nice little bed and breakfast that he knows. Ashley tells him thanks, but no thanks. He asks her to dance, but she says the music is too slow. Cole talks to a waiter and asks if he can get them to crank up the music a little. He then leads Ashley out onto the dance floor just as the music stops. Before they can leave, the band begins to play "In the Mood." Cole wonders if she can dance to this music and she says that the question is, can he keep up with her. As they begin to do the jitterbug, the scene goes to black and white and the characters are dressed in period pieces. The scene shifts back to color and Cole and Ashley are dancing. At the end, the scene goes to black and white again and when it switches back to color, they are in their regular 1998 dress.

DANNY is in a wheel chair and the nurse asks if everything feels okay. He promises he won't die on her shift. When he sees her face, he tells her he is only joking. As they begin to leave the room, Phyllis promises that the donor will be so moved that he wants to express his thanks. Okay, Danny says, lets do it.

DANNY is pushed to the door of Michael's room and the nurse is excused. Phyllis pushes him into the room where Michael stands by the window in the shadows looking out. Danny begins to tell him how much he wants to thank him for the kidney when Michael turns. How did you find me? He demands to know. "Michael Baldwin," Danny stammers. "What in Hell is this? Is this your idea of a sick joke? The nut ward is not on this floor, Pal."

MICHAEL limps over to a chair and sits down. "I had a feeling you would react this way," he says. "That is why I requested that this remain anonymous." Why, what could you possibly gain? Danny asks. Michael explains patiently that he works in the hospital so he knew when Danny was in trouble; there was no match available so he had himself tested. It was a desperate situation. Danny still doesn't get it; he doesn't see why he would do this. Phyllis thinks that he should be a little more grateful, but Michael tells her to stay out of it. He is angry with Phyllis for bringing Danny to his room and he tells her that he doesn't want to be made a martyr. Danny reminds him hotly that he was the one who sexually harassed and terrorized Christine. Michael tells Phyllis to take Danny back to his room. As they reach the doorway, Michael says, "Regardless of how you feel about me, I don't regret what I did for a moment."

NEIL AND VICTORIA are at dinner. They are conducting a "mutual admiration society." He says she is very special; she has never leaned on her name in either her professional or personal life. She has earned what she has achieved. She is intelligent, interesting, unpredictable, and incredibly beautiful---and he is just getting warmed up. She tells him that he is really fun to be with; the last few weeks have meant a lot to her. They both needed someone in their lives and the timing was right. He hands her a pink rose and tells her that timing is everything.

AT THE RANCH, Neil is telling Vicki good night when she moves into his arms. He shakes his head no, but she reaches up and kisses her. He pulls her closer and they share a deep kiss. When he leaves, she smiles and brings the rose up to her nose.

CHRIS visits Michael again and tells him that he is looking better. He tells her that he has already submitted the papers for getting back his law license. Will you help me or not? He asks. He reminds her that he has a potential client and time is of the essence. Chris tells him that she still has the same reservations about helping him. You are an enigma to me, she says. Your compassion and willingness to sacrifice impress me, but I wonder if this isn't just some grand design to mess with my mind. Michael reminds her that she asked him to prove he had changed. Doesn't what he did prove anything? Ask yourself this, would the old Michael Baldwin sacrifice a body part for someone else? What more can I do to prove myself to you? Chris needs more time; she will let him know in a day or two. Michael says that will not do; he needs her answer now. She reconsiders and says she will let him know in two hours.

"Whatever you decide," Michael says, "I do not regret what I did. It has been a revealing experience for me. Doing something without thought of reward feels damn good."

Sitting in her room and smelling the rose, Vicki smiles. She picks up the phone and calls Neil. I just wanted to say good night, she tells him. And I wanted to say that I think I am falling in love with you. On the other end of the line, Neil signs and smiles dreamily up at the ceiling. Vicki hangs up the phone and experiences another dizzy spell but it goes away.

Thursday, May 14, 1998

VICTORIA has just experienced another woozy spell when the phone rings. It is Cole. He had the feeling that something was wrong with her. She tells him that she is fine, but she thanks him for calling anyway. Hanging up, she reclines on the pillows on the bed with a concerned look on her face.

CHRISTINE is pacing while Nina tries to get some work done. Nina asks if she is trying to decide who to spend her future with. This is an entirely different problem, Chris says as the doorbell rings.

Opening the door, they find Katherine. She wants to know how Danny is doing. Chris tells her that he is doing very well with no signs of rejection so far. Nina says that it looks like they don't have to worry any more. Katherine agrees and it is all because of the generous act of a total stranger. Christine tells the two ladies that the donor wasn't a total stranger---it was Michael Baldwin. Why? Nina asks, shocked. Chris says that is what she is trying to figure out. He wants me to speak on his behalf in getting his license back, she says. I promised I would let him know in two hours and my time is almost up. Katherine wants to know what is the rush, so Chris tell her about the client whose case could help him to regain his career and reputation. Katherine reminds her that she once said that she had to be sure he had changed before she could help him. The man has already given the gift of life, Chris says. What more can I ask of him? I want to believe him, but I keep remembering the kind of man he used to be. Whatever you decide, Katherine advises, you will have to live with yourself; that is all that matters.

PHYLLIS visits Michael and brings flowers. She says that the look on Danny's face was priceless. She is laughing, but Michael isn't. He tells her that this isn't about fun. It would have been nice if he had been given some advance notice that she was bringing Danny to see him. This is not the way he would have wanted Danny to learn about him, if he learned at all.

JILL is trying to reach Victor but is told that she can't see him until next week. As she puts the appointment on her calendar, she notes the date. It takes her breath away. She gets up and begins to look out the window. "After so many years, I still think about you, Phillip," she said. She remembers the time when Phillip told her that Katherine had agreed to a divorce and soon they could be married. They, her, her baby and Phillip, would be a family. "Oh, Phillip," Jill murmurs. "We could have shared so much together if it hadn't been for Katherine."

VICTOR walks into Jill's office and says that he heard she needed to talk to him. He notices how distracted she is and asks her what is wrong. She tells him that she was just remembering another time and another person. She tells him that she is now living with Katherine and it isn't very pleasant, especially knowing that it all could have been hers. Victor is sorry about how she is feeling but he has some advice for her. One thing he has learned in life is that the past is the past and cannot be changed. So forget it; leave it behind and concentrate on where you are today and where you want to go tomorrow. But, how? Jill asks. How do you forget the past when it is always there to remind you of what might have been?

NIKKI is reclining on the sofa when Miguel comes in all dressed up. He tells her that he is going into town.

COLE tells Ashley that he was away from the table making a call to Vicki; he still feels like something is wrong. They talk about honeymoon plans; he has that all worked out, but he won't tell her where they are going until they are on the plane.

MIGUEL and Veronica have had dinner and now they are sharing a coffee. He wants her to consider taking a job at the ranch so they can be together, but she tells him that she isn't a maid. He will teach her the ropes; it isn't hard. He has always been alone, he says. He has always felt incomplete, but since he has found her, he feels complete. He has never been so happy and he wants to make her happy. "No one has ever loved me so much before," Veronica says. "Why? You don't know me." Miguel says that he thinks of her every moment of every day from the time when he wakes up until he goes to bed at night. He has never been in love before now. He wants to marry her. Veronica's eyes grow wide and she jumps up from the table in a panic. Wait, calls Miguel. Think about it, he asks her. You don't have to give me an answer right now. Just remember that I am someone that you can always count on; I will always be there for you.

DIANE visits Michael in the hospital. She wants him to be perfectly clear about how she feels about Victor. She loves Victor very much and believes that he loves her. She is sure that it is only a matter of time before he leaves that marriage to his exwife and comes back to her. Before the shooting, he told her that he wanted nothing more to do with Nikki and promised that he wouldn't let her interfere with their life again. He is my life, my future, she strongly states. I cannot give up on him, but if I am wrong, I want to be prepared to take action. He has to know that he cannot do something like this to me and not pay a price. So, how much will I get? How rich will I be? If he is serious about not coming back to me, he owes me big time.

VICTOR arrives home and gives Nikki a long kiss. He needs to speak to Miguel about something, but as he heads toward the kitchen, Nikki tells him that Miguel is in town again tonight. He goes to see that girl every chance he gets! She tells him that she is worried that Miguel might marry this girl and leave them. She wants him to reconsider his request and hire Veronica. No, Victor says. Not after what happened before with the last maid.

VICKI calls her doctor's office and learns that she is on vacation. The nurse connects her with the doctor who is taking he calls. Vicki is pleased to learn that it is Dr. Winters. She describes her symptoms as much as possible. When asked, she says that she only had a glass of wine. Dr. Winters doesn't think it is anything that can't wait until tomorrow but if she wants to come in, she will examine her. Vicki begins to feel foolish for calling and tells her that she will wait.

NIKKI looks up and tells Victor that here Miguel is now with his young woman. Veronica speaks to Nikki and Miguel introduces her to Mr. Newman. He rises and takes her hand. Sitting back down, Victor mentions that Miguel has said a great deal about her and he can see why; she is a lovely young woman. Miguel says that the past months have been the happiest of his life. He wants to build a life with Veronica and he wants Victor to reconsider about the job at the ranch. Victor tells him that it is complicated, but Miguel doesn't see how. Victor says that he is not inclined to bring anyone new into the house. When Miguel repeats that he wants to build a future with this woman, Victor says that he will not be swayed. Anyway, he has someone else in mind. Veronica says a pleasant goodbye, but a very disappointed Miguel looks at Victor and says, "I am very disappointed with you, Mr. Newman." He and Veronica leave the room.

CHRIS is alone when she begins to recall the time when she was wired to trap Michael. She remembers how he tore at her clothes and pulled the wire and recorder off her body. She was hysterical by the time that Danny and John Silva broke into the hotel room. Meantime, Michael had thrown the wire and the recorder off the balcony. There was a fight; Danny wanted to call the police, but John told him that it was not a matter for the police. Not unless you count the assault charges, Michael sneered. When the memory is over, Chris walks over to the phone and calls Michael. She tells him that she needs more time. Anyway, nothing can be done at this late hour. She promises that she will have an answer for him the first thing in the morning.

MICHAEL hangs up the phone angrily. He fights to control himself. When he is calmer, he says, "Timing is everything."

Friday, May 15, 1998

RYAN and TRICIA awake. He tells her that if he has many more nights like last night, he won't be able to keep up with her. She entices him to stay in bed a little longer, promising to send Mr. Newman a note to explain why he was unavoidably detained.

VICTORIA gets a call from Neil. He tells her that he had a wonderful dream last night. He got a phone call from an incredible woman saying that she was falling in love with him. While talking with him about his "dream," Vicki has another woozy spell. When she is okay, she hears Neil telling her that it is true for him also; she isn't the only one that is falling in love. They agree to meet later at the office.

KATHERINE is having breakfast when Jill comes downstairs. Finding the coffeepot empty, she yells at Esther that there is no coffee. Well, I will get you some, Esther says. You don't have to swear at me! Jill remarks that she will swear if she wants to. As Esther leaves, Katherine remarks that somebody is in a foul mood. As for her, she is in a good mood, and plans to remain in a good mood!

CHRISTINE visits Michael. He tells her that he is doing fine physically, but mentally, he is in a lot of discomfort. It is torture waiting for fate to decide his future. She suggests that he is being a little melodramatic, but he says it isn't from where he is sitting. Have you arrived at a decision? Are you going to help me get my law license back?

OLIVIA and MALCOLM are in a rush to get Lazy Nate down to the bus in time. She tells him that he is going to have to start getting up a little earlier so there isn't such a rush. Nate says he can't wait for summer so he can stay in bed as late as he wants. Didn't you tell him? Malcolm asks Olivia. She thought he was going to tell him. What is going on? Nate wonders. Malcolm says, "I signed you up for summer school. You will be going every morning." Nate looks devastated; then he smiles. You are kidding me, aren't you? Malcolm laughs at him as Olivia rushes him out the door.

Coming back and putting her arms around Malcolm, Olivia asks, "How do I ever thank you for coming into our lives? We needed you!"

ESTHER brings back the silver pot of coffee and puts it on the sideboard. "Aren't you going to pour me a cup?" Jill asks. "No, I wasn't planning to," Esther answers. Jill tells her to change her plans, but Katherine sends Esther out of the room and tells Jill that she doesn't appreciate her speaking to Esther in that tone. She is more than a servant; she is a friend. Then I feel sorry for you, Jill responds. Getting up and pouring her coffee, Jill adds, "This all should have been mine anyway."

ASHLEY is in the boardroom when Cole tracks her down. He says that he was determined to find her; he would have spent the rest of his life looking for her because she is the most incredible woman he has ever known.

NIKKI surprises Vicki who is on her way to the office early. She wants to have a little talk with her daughter. She says that she just wants to touch base, find out what is happening in her life. Vicki would rather talk about Nikki's life. She thinks it is incredible that her mother and father are back together. Nikki proudly tells her that their love is stronger than ever. It has to be for Victor to go to the lengths he went to to get them back together. She just wishes Vicki's husband would go to the same lengths. "Mother," Vicki says. "Cole is in love with Ashley and I am moving on with my life.

VICKI tells her mother that she has met a wonderful man and she might just be falling in love. Nikki warns her to be careful and go slow; she doesn't want her to do something just to get even with Cole. Vicki says that she has thought about this and she has decided that she isn't trying to retaliate. She is going slowly even though caution has never been one of her major traits. Tell me the name of the man, Nikki asks. Vicki hesitates. Once it becomes public, she says, it becomes more real. Right now she just wants to revel in the moment. Okay, Nikki says, I'll let your mystery man remain a mystery for a little longer, but don't keep me waiting too long.

MALCOLM asks Olivia if she has heard from Dru recently. Olivia says that she called just a couple of days ago; she and Lily are fine, but she barely asked about Neil. Did you tell her about Victoria Newman? Malcolm asks. Of course not! Olivia responds. Malcolm goes on to say that there is definitely something going on between her and his brother. He admits that he stopped by to see Vicki and pointed out how that relationship could affect Neil's career. He doesn't care if she liked it or not; he will do whatever it takes to stop her from ruining his brother's hard won career.

CHRISTINE tells Michael that it is important that he understand how she arrived at her decision. Oh boy, he says. I don't like the sound of that!

RYAN is getting ready for work while Tricia tells him how much he means to her. She just hopes that the time will come when Phillip will accept their relationship.

ASHLEY appears nervous and self-conscious. Can I tell you something? She asks. It is kind of bizarre, but last night I dreamed that I had a baby. It was unreal, the way dreams are. I was in the delivery room, but there wasn't the usual pain and sounds around me. It was quiet. Someone placed the baby in my arms and it felt wonderful. The baby was clean and dry and it had clothes on; then it smiled at me. I will never forget that feeling. Maybe it happened because of all the talk of marrying, the honeymoon, children, etc., I don't know. But it was a great dream. The father wasn't present, but there is only one man on the planet that I plan to have babies with, so you must have been there somewhere. During the entire recitation of the dream, Cole just stands there with a foolish, happy smile on his face.

OLIVIA tells Malcolm that love is a hard thing to stop. Also, Neil won't appreciate him messing in his life. Malcolm doesn't care. He is my brother and a brother has to do what a brother has to do. He decides that he is going to talk to him now before he leaves for work.

After Malcolm leaves, Vicki calls. She has had another spell, she says. Olivia tells her to come by her office at the hospital and she will try to squeeze her in between seeing patients.

KATHERINE tells Jill that she doesn't know what she is talking about! Jill says that she thought she could put the past behind her when she moved into this house, but there are too many memories here. Every time she looks into a corner or turns around suddenly, she sees her and Phillip---the one man she has ever really loved! She should have had a lifetime with him; instead, she has looked for love and never found it. She could have been happily married here with the only man she ever really loved.

Now I see it, Katherine says. You don't want to blame yourself, you want to blame me. Go ahead; I can take it.

Jill says that when she looks around, all the memories come back to life. Memories of her and Phillip. She was so young and innocent; he was her first love, but she had no idea how devious a woman Katherine was. She is still living with those memories.

"My God," Katherine says. "You still have those same personality flaws that got you into trouble in the first place. You really haven't learned much in all these years, have you?"

RYAN is sure that Phillip will learn to like Tricia; he will like her a lot. Everything is going to work out, because it is so easy to love her.

MALCOLM pounds and pounds on Neil's door. Neil finally opens it and complains about all the noise; it will disturb his neighbors. They will get over it, Malcolm says. I want to talk to you. Neil however, isn't in a mood to do any talking.

CHRIS says, "Donating your kidney was the most generous act I have ever witnessed." But you are wondering if it really was a generous act or just a manipulation to get something out of you, aren't you? Michael asks. "I am prepared to say that you have changed, but a part of me can't forget the hurt you have inflicted on me in the past." Christine goes on. "I have to wonder if you are merely paying lip service to the principles and ideals you say you have. I hope you are this man you claim to be, but I cannot go before the committee and say you have changed. All I am prepared to do is to stay out of your way. I won't object to your getting your license back, but I won't help you get it either."

"I appreciate that, but it is not enough," Michael says sadly.

ASHLEY says that it is so weird because she doesn't usually remember her dreams. She thinks it is a sign that she is finally ready to settle down and have a family. Maybe it is a sign that everything will be all right; everything is perfect. I am never going to be bored with you, am I? Cole asks.

VICKI arrives at Olivia's office and begins to tell her the symptoms that she is experiencing.

KATHERINE says that she is willing to let this whole matter drop if she will stop right now, but Jill tells her that she is furious at what Katherine did to her. I was the wronged party, objects Katherine. You came in with your youth and beauty and stole my husband. You drove him away, Jill accuses. You drove him away with all your drinking and endless supply of stable boys!

"Stop that!" Katherine says, raising her voice. "Stop it right now before things get way out of control! I don't want to discuss this any further. Now, I am going about my day. Come and see me if you have anything nice to say; if you haven't anything nice to say, then . . . stay away." After Katherine has left the room, Jill says that she is right; this could get out of control.

VICKI tells Olivia that she is having dizzy spells; sometimes her stomach does back flips. It only lasts a little while then things get back to normal. Olivia says that she will need some blood work done; she will walk her to the lab and try to put a rush on it. Then they will return and she will do a physical exam.

MALCOLM pushes his way into the room with Neil accusing him of trying to play love counselor. Malcolm wants to know how far this thing has gone. Neil tells him that he is falling in love with Vicki. He doesn't need any advice; he is happy and wants to stay that way. How does Vicki feel? Malcolm asks. Do you think that if she weren't happy, she would keep seeing me? We are enjoying our time together. I am looking forward to the future; life is good---real good!

PHILLIP calls for Ryan, but Tricia tells him that Ryan has gone to the office already. She tries to talk to him, but as soon as she mentions him visiting her and Ryan more often, he tells her rudely that she is not part of the family. "I don't have to get along with you," he says. "In case you don't know it, my Dad is not going to marry you. We had a talk and he promised not to marry you---not ever!" Tricia doubles over in pain at his words.

MICHAEL tells Christine that the proof of his progress is that they can stay in the same room and have a civil conversation. Could they have done this a couple of months ago? "I gave Danny back his life; please give me back my life. I am going ahead with my plans and I just pray that you will change your mind." Chris walks slowly out of the room.

OLIVIA finishes her examination and informs Vicki that she is in excellent health. Now all they need is the lab results. Then I am okay? Vicki asks. Just then, the nurse comes in with the lab results. Olivia studies them for a while, then turns slowly to Vicki. "I don't think this is what you were expecting to hear," she begins. "You are pregnant."

"That can't be right!" Vicki exclaims. "It has to be a mistake. The test has to be wrong!"

Olivia assures her that the test has a high percentage of accuracy. They can repeat the test, but she feels sure that this is correct.

"I cannot be pregnant!" Vicki says. "It can't be! How could this happen? What am I going to do?"

When Olivia tells her that there are options, Vicki hurriedly tells her that no one can know about this. Do you understand? No one can know. Olivia promises her that doctor-patient confidentiality protects her. Her beeper goes off. She tells Vicki that she has to leave, but she can stay in the office as long as she likes. Vicki is left alone; she is crying copious amounts of tears.

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