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Erica made a confession. Opal and Palmer fought. Hayley and Mateo made love. Janet and Trevor shared a close moment. Adam told Stuart about what had happened in Pigeon Hollow. Jack tried to find out the truth about Mike's mission. Hayley faced off with Camille.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of May 18, 1998 on AMC
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Monday, May 18, 1998

Mateo was surprised that Hayley was not mad at him. In a matter of seconds, the couple was making love.

Downstairs in the castle, Gillian strolled around the livingroom looking at some of the many photos placed generously around the room. Gillian stopped to admire a photo of Maria unaware that Edmund had entered the room. Her audible sniffling was enough to let Edmund know that something was wrong. Gillian called Maria a "very beautiful" woman and knew that Edmund must miss her greatly. Edmund sat down on the sofa and patted his hand against the cushions, signaling Gillian to sit next to him. He asked evasive princess to tell him what was bothering her. Gillian asked Edmund if he thinks that Ryan will ever be able to love someone the way in which he loved Maria. Edmund turned his body and face Gillian. He asked her if he was correct in assuming that her marriage to Ryan was just to elude the INS. Gillian cleared her throat and nodded. "Oh," she said stumbling to put up her wall of defense. "It is." Edmund told Gillian that he doesn't really approve of Ryan and that he's glad she doesn't have any true feelings for Ryan. Ryan walked into the room and took a few shots at Edmund for referring to him as "shallow." Ryan denied that his charm and good looks mean that he's incapable of an intelligent thought. "I love to hear it," Edmund commented sarcastically, but announced that he needed to get some sleep. After Edmund left, Ryan took pleasure in Gillian's inability to get to sleep. He told her that she would never sleep as comfortable alone as she did when they shared a bed. Gillian retorted that sleeping alone allows her to have more space in bed. Ryan slowly leaned towards Gillian and tried to coerce her into confessing that she wanted to sleep with him. "What I really want," Gillian said, leading him on slightly. "Is a hot toddy and to go to bed---alone." Gillian rose from the sofa and left the room.

Curiosity got the best of Tad. He couldn't help but wonder why Jack had stopped by Camille's motel room. He showed up at the motel hoping to get some answers. His knocks on the door to Camille's room went unanswered. He turned the doorknob ever so slightly and found that the room was unlocked---and unoccupied. He immediately searched the room for signs of Camille, but the young woman was nowhere to be found. A short time later when Jack returned to the room, he found Tad frantically searching the room. Tad demanded to know what Jack had said to Camille to make her run off. Adam happened upon the scene and was not happy to learn that Camille was missing. He accused the woman in absentia of planning a surprise attack from the nearby bushes. The multi-billionaire demanded that Jack find Camille and arrest her for attempted murder. Jack finally got an opening to tell Tad about his conversation with Camille. He explained that he'd questioned her about possibly being involved in sabotaging the hospital elevator. He noted that Camille disavowed any ties to the incident. When Jack informed the men that he'd also asked Camille about her job with the magic troupe, Tad accused Jack of unfairly questioning Camille with her having an attorney present. Jack assured Tad that he was just asking questions and not giving her "the third degree," as he'd accused him of doing.

In his hospital bed cuddled next to Marian, Stuart couldn't help but smile. He carefully watched over Marian until a knock on his door disturbed his sentry duty. Stuart scrambled to cover Marian with the sheets and quickly got out of bed so he could meet his visitor at the door. Liza was surprised, but also relieved to see Stuart out of bed. Liza explained that was concerned because she couldn't locate her mother. She told Stuart that Marian had been out drinking and was supposed to have returned home---but she wasn't answering her phone. Stuart smiled and pulled down the covers that hid Marian from view. Liza never expected to see her mother in Stuart's bed. She apologized for her mother's intrusion and told Stuart that she'd have her mother out of his way immediately. Stuart assured Liza that Marian's presence was not an intrusion. He said that he like the "nice, warm, and cuddly" feeling she provided. Liza wasn't quite sure how to respond. She searched for words, but couldn't think of anything to say. Finally, she announced that she'd return first thing in the morning to retrieve her mother. Stuart smiled and told Liza that she shouldn't rush because Marian likes to "sleep in."

Opal thought that her ears were deceiving her. She asked Palmer to repeat what he'd said. "You're beautiful," he smiled. Opal looked around the room to make sure that everything was in order. She took another look in her mirror before looking at her husband. She asked him how he could say that she was beautiful when she was wearing no makeup and had her hair combed down. "Sometimes less is more," Palmer said with a lascivious smile on his face. "Well less is what you're gonna get," Opal snapped. The comment should have comforted Opal. Her husband, who she had feared had lost all interest in her, was now eyeing her up and down. Palmer's turnaround was seen more as an insult than a compliment in Opal's eyes. She now knew that he was telling the truth when he told her that her usual attire embarrasses him. She explained that women do not want to be given attention because of how they look. Palmer walked towards her and tried to place his hand on her shoulder. She quickly turned around and demanded that he not touch her. She ordered her husband to take a walk down the hall and sleep in one of their many guestrooms. Palmer didn't feel that he'd done anything wrong---he was trying to be sweet. He shrugged his shoulders and slowly walked out of the bedroom. Opal laid down on the bed and could no longer hold back the tears.

"We can't do this," Erica said in between kisses. Mike insisted that their thirteen years separation warranted at least once night of passion. He urged Erica to pretend that there was no such thing as yesterday or tomorrow. He hoped that asking her to forget about their past and her future with Jack would open up a new realm of possibility for him. "Tell me you want me," he encouraged her. Erica admitted that she wanted Mike as soon as the words left her lips, she was ready to call it a night. Erica stated that simply admitting that she wanted Mike was enough of a thrill for her. She told Mike that she was engaged to Jack and that she could not sleep with another man. Mike told Erica that she wasn't in love with Jack, a charge Erica neither confirmed nor denied. "I can't do this," Erica said rising to her feet. Erica, out of breath and showing signs of an inner struggle, turned and left the room. Mike was disappointed that his first attempt to seduce Erica had failed, but he wasn't ready to call it quits. "If at first you don't succeed," he told himself.

The next morning, Tad remained in Pigeon Hollow hoping to find Camille. His search failed to produce any noticeable results.

Mateo and Hayley were still partially asleep when a knock sounded on their door. The person on the other side of the door claimed to be room service. The couple told the person to enter the room. The door swung open and Ryan entered the room carrying a breakfast tray. The couples' peace and quiet was next disturbed by the exuberance of youth---Sammy. Sam escaped Peggy and dashed into Mateo and Hayley's room. Gillian, in search of her breakfast, wandered into the room as well. Ryan had taken Gillian's breakfast and gave it to Hayley! Gillian pulled Ryan aside and let him know that she didn't appreciate having her breakfast stolen. The party wouldn't have been complete without a visit from Eugenia---and she showed up a few minutes later while trying to locate her granddaughter. Edmund could hear the ruckus and stopped by the save Mateo and Hayley from the three-ring circus that had erupted in their bedroom. Surprisingly, Hayley did not seem too bothered by the distraction. Downstairs, Ryan and Gillian bickered back and forth about the manner in which he stole her breakfast. Gillian accused him of having eyes for Hayley and he likewise accused her of lusting after Mateo. Both were speechless when Peggy entered the livingroom and told them that Mr. Pinkerton was there to see them.

When the first ray of light peeked through Stuart's window, Marian slowly awoke from her sleep. She had no idea where she was or even how she'd gotten there. Her mouth was parched and her speech still slurred. Stuart offered her a glass of lukewarm water and some fluffed pillows. Marian worried that the nurses would arrive soon and find her in Stuart's bed. Stuart, displaying a bit of naivete, told Marian that he'd already told the nurse about having her in bed with him. He had---but he didn't know that nurse hadn't believed him. The door to the room swung open and Adam walked into the room. He was flabbergasted at seeing Marian in bed with his brother. Adam had a few choice words for Marian, but Stuart put an end to his brother's tongue-lashing. He jumped out of bed and ordered Adam to stop badgering his friend. He insisted that he wanted Marian there with him and told Adam that he's old enough to make his own decisions. In fact, Stuart was two minutes older than Adam! In a remarkable turnaround, Adam backed down. He apologized to Stuart for raising his voice. He realized that Marian made Stuart happy and announced that as long as Marian continues to make Stuart happy, he will support the friendship. Marian and Stuart were stunned. Adam told the pair that he'd like to take them out to dinner just as soon as Stuart is well enough. When Liza entered the room a little later, she worried that she'd walked in on a potentially explosive situation. She didn't know how to interpret Adam's sudden acceptance of her mother and his brother's relationship. Adam explained that he'd "taken a page from Liza's book" and become supportive. Liza asked Adam to wait out in the hall while she spoke to her mother. Adam agreed. Stuart wondered if Adam had finally seen the error of his ways. After a few moments of deliberation., everyone agreed that Adam must be up to something. Out in the hallway, Liza told Adam about her concern over his sudden change of heart. She told him that she wants to accompany him when he dines with Stuart and Marian. ""I'll be at the dinner," she warned him in an almost comical tone. "I mean it!" Adam smiled and told her that he'd look forward to it.

Over at Linden, when Mike woke up, he grabbed a photograph of Erica and told the picture that it would be only a matter of time before Erica chose him over Jack. Downstairs, Erica opened the front door and picked up her copy of the morning paper. She took deep breath of morning air and looked up at the clear, blue sky. Erica returned inside and headed towards the kitchen. Opal showed up on her doorstep and, seeing the newspaper had been picked up, knew that Erica was awake. She was surprised to find the front door unlocked, but that didn't stop her from letting herself inside. She looked around for a sign of her gal pal. With everything quiet, she decided to check upstairs. Opal wandered upstairs and entered Erica's bedroom. Instead of seeing Erica, Opal found a completely naked Mike Roy getting ready to enter the shower! Opal screamed in horror, a scream that echoed throughout the house. "Who on Earth was that?" Erica wondered aloud as she carried a silver tea tray upstairs. Erica returned to the hallway outside her bedroom and found that she needed to do some quick explaining. Erica claimed that "Mike Smith" was an old friend of hers who had been in town when he'd been injured an accident. That did not explain why Mike was staying in her bedroom. Opal knew that something else was going on even though Erica strongly denied that anything was going on between her and Mike. Opal might have believed her friend's story had Jack not been out of the state. Erica asked Opal why she'd dropped by, but Opal no longer wanted to talk. She explained that she was going to ask Erica for some romantic advice but noted that "I see you have a romantic pickle of your own." Opal refused to say anything more and headed back downstairs. When she opened the front door, she received quite a surprise---Jack was back in town. Opal tried everything in her power to stall Jack, but he finally tired of the small talk and told Opal that he wanted to see Erica. Back upstairs, Erica told Mike that Opal's inability to keep anything a secret meant that soon the entire town would know that she had a naked man in her bedroom. Mike laughed at the way Opal had reacted to seeing him naked. Erica told Mike that it wasn't funny and gave him a firm push. Mike tumbled backwards onto the bed and began moaning about his bruised ribs. Erica raced over to him and apologized for re-injuring him. Mike was playing possum. When Erica came within arm's length of him, he grabbed Erica's arm and pulled her on top of him. The twp began laughing gleefully unaware that Jack had entered the room.

Tuesday, May 19, 1998

Mr. Pinkerton's surprise visit accomplished its goal---surprising Ryan and Gillian. The INS agent overheard Ryan and Gillian's loud squabble over their apparent lust for Mateo and Hayley and threatened to pull the plug on their sham of a marriage. Ryan tried to convince Pinkerton that the argument was a lovers' quarrel, but Pinkerton didn't guy it. Fortunately for the squirming newlyweds, Mateo and Hayley wandered into the livingroom and were able to offer some help. When Pinkerton told the couple what he'd overheard, Mateo broke into forced laughter. Hayley figured that her husband was up to something and laughed along with him. Gillian and Ryan, completely unaware of what was going on, decided that they'd laugh along too. Mateo noted that every couple has fights but was quick to note that making up after the fight was a pleasure all its own. Pinkerton agreed with Mateo's logic, but that alone wasn't enough to convince the agent to call off the dogs, so to speak. Pinkerton asked to see Ryan and Gillian's bedroom. He wanted proof that the pair was sharing a bedroom and not just claiming to be a married couple. Everyone exchanged nervous glances. Mateo and Hayley "remembered" that they had something to do and excused themselves from the room. Ryan and Gillian tried to stall as long as they could, but Pinkerton demanded that he be allowed to see their bedroom. Even a speech by Ryan proclaiming that he is in love with "every part" of his new bride failed to satiate the agent's hunger for proof. Ryan and Gillian led Pinkerton a tour of every wing and nearly every room of the castle. Finally, he became tired of the tour and demanded that he be taken to their bedroom. Hayley popped out of one of the nearby rooms with a plan. The room from which she exited was really her and Mateo's room. Since the newlyweds were not sharing a room and their personal affects were in separate rooms, Mateo and Hayley decided to pretend that their room was really Ryan and Gillian's room. That spared them from having to hurriedly move Ryan's stuff back into Gillian's room or vice versa. When the group entered the bedroom, Mateo was rummaging through "Ryan's" closet looking for one of his ties that Ryan was said to have borrowed. Pinkerton went into the bathroom to make sure that there were two toothbrushes and the like. When he returned to the adjoining bedroom, he asked Ryan and Gillian to tell him what shampoos they use. Hayley, her back turned to the INS agent, carefully mouthed the names of their shampoos to Ryan and Gillian. Pinkerton conceded that everything appeared to be on the up-and-up, but he stopped short of telling the pair that he believed everything they'd told him. Once Pinkerton left, it was time for Mateo and Hayley to have a little discussion with the new bride and groom. Hayley asked to speak to Gillian in private. She told Gillian that "playtime [was] over." Hayley told Gillian that she knows that times have been hard for her---she's lost her family castle and her bottomless supply of cash. So Hayley issued Gillian a warning to keep her wandering eyes off of Mateo. If she caught her flirting with her husband, Hayley assured Gillian that she'd waste no time in sending her "back to Hungary on a Popsicle stick." Downtairs, Mateo asked Ryan if he enjoys "being a man." Ryan shrugged and replied that he loves being a man. "I mean the whole package," added Mateo. "From head to toe." Mateo asked Ryan to think of the one part of his body that he'd "hate to lose in a vicious manner." Ryan cast a quick glance down towards the ground. Mateo smiled. He warned Ryan that he would lose "little Ryan" if he flirted with Hayley or even blinked inappropriately in Hayley's direction. The ladies entered the room and Hayley announced that she and Gillian had come to an agreement. Mateo nodded and said that he and Ryan had likewise reached an understanding. Matt and Hayley left the room and allowed the newlyweds to mull over what had just taken place. They looked scared---very scared. They both agreed that they needed to act more appropriately in the future. Ryan asked Gillian if they could at least try to make their marriage look legitimate and then asked if he could return to sharing a room with Gillian. "You can move your stuff into my room," Gillian replied. She quickly clarified that while Ryan's belongings would be in her room, Ryan would still be sleeping in a separate room. Mateo and Hayley returned to the room with a pitcher of iced tea as a peace offering. Gillian showed Hayley a copy of the latest fashion magazine. Both women took particular interest in a rose tattoo that one of the models was sporting. Mateo heard mention of the word "tattoo" and immediately recalled another of his visions---the vision in which Hayley got a rose tattooed on her back, a tattoo that mysteriously started oozing blood. Mateo became very worried, so worried that he crushed one of the glasses he'd been holding in his hand.

Jack stood silently at the entrance to Erica's bedroom. Something made Mike look up from his position beneath Erica and when he did, he saw Jack standing in the doorway. He waved, a move that prompted Erica to ask him why he was "practicing [his] parade wave... to thin air." Erica continued her attempt to free her necklace, which had gotten stuck on Mike's robe. When Mike calmly noted that a stoic man was standing at the doorway, Erica forgot all about possibly damaging her necklace. She gave the chain yank and stood up from the bed. She knew she'd have a lot of explaining to do. Mike approached Jack with his arm extended. He introduced himself as Mike Roy. "Mike Roy," Jack growled. "You're dead." Erica quickly stepped in between the two men, unsure if Jack was threatening Mike or merely stating that Mike was supposed to be dead. Outside in the hallway, Opal listened carefully to the conversation. "I'm here because I'm her fiancÚ," Jack said coldly as he motioned towards Erica. "She's here because she lives here. Why are you in her bed laying on top of her." Erica was furious that Jack was questioning her actions. She felt that Jack should have taken her at her word when she said that she and Mike hadn't done anything. Erica blurted out that Mike was a spy. Mike slapped his forehead and shook his head. So much for the secrecy of his mission. Jack listened as Erica told him how she, too, had doubted that Mike was really a secret agent. She told her fiancÚ about her near-death experience at the warehouse. Still Jack didn't believe a word of Mike's tale. He asked Mike which agency he was a part of and what mission he was on. For reasons of "national security," Mike refused to answer. Jack referred to Mike's top secret agency as a "fertilizer factory." Again, Erica insisted that she and Mike hadn't engaged in any hanky panky. Jack didn't think it was unfair for him to wonder why Erica and Mike---both wearing very little clothing---were in bed together. Mike could see that he was causing problems. And even though that's exactly what he wanted to do, he knew that he had to pretend that he was concerned. He announced that he was going to leave. Erica, however, worried that Mike's "injuries" would make hit a sitting duck for the bad guys. "Tell him to pack his bags," Jack ordered Erica. Erica reminded Jack that Mike was her guest and in her house. She made it known that no one orders her around. Erica tried her best to turn the tables on Jack. She blasted him for not taking her on her word when she said that she and Mike were just friends. She implied that had he not been traipsing around "Pig Slop, West Virginia" he could have seen that for himself. Jack was furious. He turned and stormed out of the room. In the hallway, Opal called out to Jack and started chasing after him. Erica scolded Mike for getting her into trouble. Mike told Erica that Jack would come back after he cooled off---but that wasn't enough assurance for Erica. She dashed out of the room and tried to catch up to her angered lover. Downstairs, Opal chased after Jack all the while claiming that she had not been eavesdropping---she'd simply been looking for an earring she dropped in the hall. Jack stormed out of the house and Opal thought that it might not be a bad idea for her to leave too. Erica ran to the door just as Jack was speeding down the driveway.

Janet stopped by Trevor's house to drop off Amanda's wedding dress. Trevor was down in the dumps because he feared that he might not be able to prove that Brooke committed justifiable homicide. Janet called Trevor one of the sharpest legal minds in the game and didn't waver in her confidence that Trevor would win the case. She explained that Trevor and Brooke had the truth on their side. She told Trevor that all he needs to do is tell the truth about what kind of man Jim Thomasen was. She even went as far as to suggest that Trevor tell the jury that he would have acted the same way in a similar situation. Trevor appreciated the pep talk. He gave Janet a hug and commented that it was ironic that they'd become such good friends. The hug stirred up feelings of romance in Janet, but she managed to fight off her feelings long enough to mount an escape. Janet once again suggested that her wedding date be postponed. Trevor told Janet that she deserved the perfect wedding and that her love for Axel could not wait. He then forced her into promising that she wouldn't try to postpone or delay the wedding in any way.

When Opal returned to Cortlandt Manor, she found Palmer sitting on their bed with his head in one of her romantic advice books. Palmer skimmed several of the passages, but he didn't put much stock in what he saw as "psycho-babble." Opal worried that Palmer's disdain for the books meant that he was not interested in repairing their tattered marriage. Surprisingly, that was not the case. A mellowed Palmer first commented that he liked Opal's new and less flashy outfit. He then told her that their marriage means a great deal to him and pledged to do whatever it takes to get things back to the way they were. Opal kissed Palmer and told him how happy he'd made her. Opal then remembered that she'd walked out on Erica in a time of crisis. Palmer asked for the details on Erica's latest conflict. Opal told him all about Erica's fling with a government agent. She wondered aloud about why a spy would be in Pine Valley. Palmer's face dropped and he stared off into space. Opal asked Palmer why he looked so concerned. The smoldering embers of love had been inexplicably extinguished. Palmer told Opal that his problems were nothing for her to worry about and headed off to his private study to be alone. Opal was left alone---again---to wonder what she'd said wrong.

Back at Linden, both Erica and Mike had gotten dressed. Mike remained sure that Jack would return after he cooled off. When the pair entered the livingroom area, they found Jack sitting on the far side of the room. Erica was relieved to see that her beau had returned. Jack told Erica that he'd reconsidered his position and decided that there was more than enough room at Linden for all of them. Then, putting a campy James Bond twist on the situation, Jack asked the secret agent how he likes his martinis prepared.

Wednesday, May 20, 1998

At Holidays, Brooke met with Trevor for some final discussion before her preliminary hearing. "I think we can win this," Trevor said enthusiastically. He told Brooke that's stayed up most of the night to look over similar cases. He reminded her that her court date was for a preliminary hearing, not the actual trial itself. In a preliminary hearing, he informed his client, the prosecution tries to show that there is enough evidence to warrant a full-fledged trial by jury. Dimitri rushed the table and asked Trevor why he'd been subpoenaed by the prosecution. Trevor looked over the legal document and determined that it was legitimate. Trevor explained that the prosecution needed to call Dimitri as a witness to lay down the groundwork for their case. They needed Dimitri, the first person on the scene after the shooting, to tell the judge what Brooke had told him. Tad appeared a few seconds later and announced that he'd been served too. Trevor advised the two men to tell the truth when questioned on the stand. By telling their stories, Trevor explained that he could see how the prosecution planned on handling the case against Brooke. Dimitri wondered if Trevor was going to call Edmund to the stand to tell the judge how he'd been kidnapped by Jim. Trevor shook his head and explained that it was not necessary from him to do that at the hearing since the purpose of the hearing wasn't to prove Brooke's innocence. Janet stuck her head in for a second and wished Brooke well at her hearing. She commented that she was sure that Brooke didn't need luck because the truth---and the best defense team around---was on her side. Janet asked Trevor if she could speak to him for a few minutes in private.
At a nearby table, Janet reaffirmed her belief in Trevor's ability to defend Brooke. She told him that she wanted to give him a good luck present. She reached into her purse and pulled out a beat up rectangular object. She explained that the good luck charm was an old pencil and pen box given to her by Natalie. Still inside the box were a couple of chewed up pencils. Janet explained that she nibbled on her pencils when she got nervous. She told a tale about one of her high school debate team's matches. The team was cruising to an easy win and Janet had all of her arguments memorized. The problem to resolve dealt with the supposed energy crisis. Janet was set to argue that the crisis was a diversionary tactic to make the public forget about Watergate. Janet only had to hammer home a few points to cinch her school's win and impress the team captain, who Janet had a crush on. When it came her time to speak, Janet was unable to say anything. The only thing that came out of her mouth was a squeak. Trevor decided that he didn't need that kind of luck, musing that he'd "rather speak than squeak." Janet told him to bite his tongue. Not only did her team win the competition, but she also got a date with the captain.
Back across the room, Tad showed Brooke some pictures of Jamie and Junior. Brooke was relieved that Jamie's arm was feeling a little better. She could not believe how Junior had grown so quickly. Brooke worried that things might not go so well in court and that she'd have to watch her son grow up through pictures. Tad assured his former wife that no jury would convict her of murder. Brooke reminded Tad that they've both had to put twists on the truth because of their work in the media. She wondered what would happen if the prosecution put that kind of twist of her "truth." Janet and Trevor returned to the table. Brooke told Janet that she'd see her later that evening for her bachelorette party. Janet was amazed that Brooke could think about partying. Janet nodded slightly and told Brooke that she might want to wait until after her hearing before she decides on attending her party. At a side table, Dimitri asked Trevor what statements were likely to be used in court. Trevor rattled off a list of several that could be used---everyone's statements at the gallery were on the list. Dimitri took particular interest in knowing that Brooke's videotaped confession had been quashed. The time had come for everyone to file off to the courthouse. Dimitri motioned to Tad and told him that he had a plan---a plan that might require Tad's help!

Erica was surprised to see Jack helping himself to a glass of liquor. Jack explained that he'd been caught off guard by the resurrection of Erica's former beau. Erica offered to help Jack take his belongings up to her second guestroom. Jack's eyes widened. He asked her if she was banning him from her bedroom. Erica smiled and explained that Jack will, in fact, be sleeping with her---but explained that the closets in her bedroom were too full for any of Jack's belongings. Jack told Erica that he'd spoken to Bianca and that the young girl had been asking questions about their wedding date. Erica commented that she didn't want her daughter to get her hopes to high. By that, she meant that she wanted Bianca to focus on her recovery---not a wedding that she hadn't set a date for, picked out a dress for, or even selected rings for. Mike lifted his hand into the air and told Erica that they should opt for simple wedding bans much like the one that she'd slipped onto his finger well over a decade ago. As hard as he was trying to remain cool, that comment nearly pushed Jack over the edge. He forced a smile and asked Erica to start taking some of his things upstairs. Jack explained that he wanted to speak to Mike in private. Erica flat out refused to let the two men alone and the same room. She worried that they'd beat each other to a pulp! Mike assured Erica that they would not break anything. "We'll be the poster boys of civility and decorum," he smiled. Erica reluctantly agreed, but warned that she'd be right upstairs just in case things got out of hands. Once Erica had left the room, Jack got right to the point. He told Mike that he wanted him to pack his bags and hit the road. Mike said that his secret mission prevented him from uprooting. Jack commented that he'd be willing to use his position as district attorney to expedite Mike's secret mission. "If that mission is to get Erica back," Jack snarled. "Forget about it." Mike explained that thinking of Erica during some of his darkest days helped him survive from day to day. Jack agreed that if the thought of a woman could help someone stay alive, Erica was definitely one of those women. Erica returned to the room and found the two men sitting on a sofa and having a drink together.

Hayley couldn't see why Mateo objected to her decision to get another tattoo. "Absolutely not," Mateo yelled in defiance of his wife's decision. He asked her if someone had told her to get a tattoo or if she'd seen someone else with a similar tattoo prior to seeing the model in the magazine. Hayley explained that she'd been thinking about the tattoo for some time. She then clarified that she was no longer thinking about getting a tattoo---she'd decided to go through with it. Hayley started to walk away, but Mateo grabbed her arm and prevented her from leaving. This prompted Ryan to jump to his feet and order Mateo to back off. Mateo turned and angrily told Ryan to mind his own business. Hayley also asked Ryan to keep quiet because their argument did not concern them. Mateo calmed down and apologized for grabbing his wife's arm. He asked if they could speak privately in another room. Once the squabbling couple had left, Gillian leapt to her feet and applauded wildly for Ryan's display of chivalry. She taunted Ryan about the way in which Hayley rejected his gallantry, an obvious sign that she was not interested in him. Ryan snapped that he hadn't been trying to impress Hayley. He stated that Gillian couldn't possibly understand why he'd acted the way he had. Gillian's face became concerned and she asked Ryan to open up to her. She compared bottling up his feeling to a shaken bottle of champagne: it was only a matter of time before his top popped off and he lost half the champagne. It was an interesting analogy and it showed that Gillian really was concerned. Ryan still didn't want to talk about it, but after continued badgering he confessed that his mother had been "roughed up" by his father. That was all that Ryan wanted to say. He rose from the sofa and told Gillian that he had some phone calls to make. Eugenia> entered the room just as Ryan was on his way out. She worried that the newlyweds had gotten into another argument. Gillian assured her grandmother that she hadn't been arguing with Ryan. In fact, she added as sort of an afterthought, she'd actually come to the realization that she may have misjudged Ryan. Eugenia could see that Gillian was beginning to come to terms with her feelings for Ryan. Gillian commented that Ryan appears to be a lot different that his tough outer shell. Eugenia agreed and even remarked that Ryan and Gillian are more alike then they realize. "If you stopped protecting yourself," Eugenia lectured. "You'd discover... I'll let you make that discovery for yourself." With a smile, Eugenia left the room.

Upstairs, Hayley warned Mateo that she wasn't going to chastise him for his public outburst. She acknowledged that he's been going through a difficult readjustment since he'd come out of his coma. Hayley warned her husband that she has never accepted ultimatums from anyone and that she was no more likely to bow to his commands than anyone else's. With that, Hayley stormed out of the room.

She returned downstairs where she found Ryan waiting to see if everything was okay. Hayley blasted Ryan for the way he stuck his nose into her personal business and told him that he'd almost made things worse by racing to her rescue. She assured Ryan that Mateo had never yelled at her before. She chalked up his irrational behavior to his accident and near death. "Mateo's a lucky man," Ryan commented. Gillian listened in the foyer with a jealous look on her face.

Back at Linden House, Jack and Erica exchanged passionate kisses on the sofa. Both wanted nothing more than to go upstairs and enjoy each other's company. Jack urged Erica to head upstairs and get things ready for him. Once she was out of site, Jack picked up his cellular phone and placed a call. He told the person on the other end that he wanted background information on a supposed government agent---Mike Roy. Outside in the driveway, Mike was making a call of his own. He left a message for someone saying that he'd "gotten [himself] into trouble" and that he needed this person's help to get out of it.

In the courthouse, Brooke became concerned when Belinda was nowhere to be found. Trevor assured her that that his partner would show up. Tad and Dimitri entered the room midway engaged in an argument over the way that Dimitri sped through a red light. Dimitri, however, insisted that the light was yellow. The two men also wondered why Belinda hadn't shown up yet. Trevor asked to speak to Brooke elsewhere. Dimitri then pulled Tad aside and told him that he'd come up with a way to "get Brooke off today."

Mateo raced out of his bedroom and tracked down Edmund. He told Edmund that another of his visions was coming true and that he feared that Hayley's life was still in danger. Mateo told Edmund that he tried to yell at Hayley to make her back down from getting a tattoo. Edmund knew right away that Matt's tirade didn't go over too well. Mateo suddenly grabbed his head and doubled over in pain. He told Edmund that he was having a vision. He saw Hayley entering Holidays. He could tell from his vision that Hayley was very happy---and very unaware that she was in danger. Edmund asked his brother-in-law if he could tell who or what was causing the danger. "A person," Mateo groaned. "A woman." In his vision, Mateo saw a young woman hovering around the door to the restaurant. The woman, unknown to Mateo, was Camille.

Thursday, May 21, 1998

Until this point in time, Mateo had never experienced a new vision outside of his unconscious state. Not only was the vision and experience something new for him, but the accompanying pain was a first time occurrence. Mateo doubled over in pain and nearly passed out on at least two occasions. Edmund, concerned for his brother-in-law's health, desperately wanted to contact a physician. As though his eyes were a camera zooming in and out of focus, Mateo tried to get a better "look" at the unknown woman's face. It came into focus for only a brief moment, but it was long enough for Mateo's mind to take a permanent record of the face. Mateo had never seen or met Camille, so he had no idea of knowing who she was. What he did know was that this "pretty, young, blonde" woman posed a definite threat to his wife. Another vision suddenly flashed into Matt's mind. He saw Hayley's body sprawled lifeless on the ground. He bent over her body. Hayley struggled to lift her hand up in order to gently brush Mateo's cheek. This was to be her final act in this world. As spontaneously as the visions had been thrust upon Mateo, it was just as quickly that they disappeared. Mateo feared that his vision of the future meant that it was only a matter of time before Hayley was taken from him. Edmund took Mateo by the shoulders and assured him that they would not let anything happen to Hayley. Together, he explained, they could alter the future in a way that would save Hayley from her seemingly predetermined fate.

Stuart was discharged from the hospital and his released probably didn't come a moment too soon. While Adam searched the house to make sure that Stuart had enough food and snacks to get him by, Stuart stuck his head out the window and took in a deep breath of fresh air. Stuart noticed that Adam was talking or at least commenting on everything except for one noticeable exception---his trip to Pigeon Hollow. Stuart surmised that the trip had gone well and that Camille was no longer angry with Adam. Of course, he was wrong. Stuart was confused when his brother informed him that the coffin they filled with sandbags and buried was no longer empty. Neither knew how a body, or more accurately a skeleton, had found its way into the simple pine box coffin. Adam told Stuart that he had tried to reach out to Camille by telling her more about her mother and offering to let her into his family. Through it all, Stuart refused to believe that Camille could be possible of harming anyone. Adam noted that he and Jack both believe that Camille was responsible for the sabotaged elevator that nearly took Stuart's life. He explained since Stuart was wearing his clothes, Camille probably mistook Stuart for him. "I have the most amazing adventures when I wear your clothes," Stuart remarked. Of course in addition to his accident at the hospital, Stuart also had an "adventure," as he called it, while wearing Adam's silk pajamas. Adam left the room to get Stuart some tea and while he was gone, Marian dropped by with casserole for two. "For me and you?" Stuart asked. Marian said that she didn't want to assume that she was going to be invited to join Stuart for dinner. That allowed for another awkward moment between the pair because Stuart now thought that Marian didn't want to want with him. Adam returned to the room and did his best to hide his displeasure are seeing Marian. He nearly fell over when he learned that Marian had brought a casserole. Marian asked that he not get overly excited because the casserole was not homemade. Scott returned home and walked in on a very forced conversation. Stuart commented that "this is like a surprise party---only better because everyone is surprised." Marian had dropped by unexpectedly as did Scott and no one expected to see one another. Adam flashed Scott a piercing glance and stated that there has been a lot of disappointment in his life. Later while Marian and Stuart were looking for some snacks, Adam explained that one of the disappointments he'd referred to was Scott's inability to keep Marian away from Stuart. Marian and Stuart returned to the room and a sharp exchange between Adam and Marian ensued. Marian told Stuart that he had enough snacks in his cupboard to satisfy a whole regimen. Adam used the latter part of her statement as a ribbing of Marian's notorious libido. Adam insisted that his offer to take Marian and Stuart to dinner was still on the table. Adam asked Marian if there were any foods that she was allergic to or unable to eat. "I can take just about anything," Marian replied. "Or so I've heard," sneered Adam. Adam tired of his tete-a-tete with Marian and announced that he was leaving. Before going he asked Stuart to make sure he told Scott all about Camille.

Dimitri told Tad that he had a plan that would clear Brooke of all charges. Tad somehow knew where Dimitri was headed and urged him not to do anything that could further jeopardize Brooke's case. Belinda arrived a little late, but Brooke was just relieved to see her. Belinda was disappointed to see Dimitri. It wasn't that she disliked Dimitri, but had he not been subpoenaed as a witness for the prosecution, she could have implied that Dimitri was a suspect to show doubt about whether or not Brooke had been the one to kill Jim. Dimitri waited until Belinda and Brooke were reviewing some legal documents before turning to Tad once again. He repeated what he'd heard Trevor say several times: the only proof that Keith has to tie Brooke to the shooting is their confessions. Tad gritted his teeth and battled an urge to do the wrong thing. In the end, Dimitri's side won out and Tad agreed to go along with Dimitri's plan. Brooke saw the two men with their heads together and asked to speak to Dimitri. She knew that Tad and Dimitri were not friends and determined that they had to have been plotting. Dimitri mused that he and Tad were planning to commandeer the men's room until the judge set her free. Brooke quipped that they might attract more attention if they hole up in the ladies' room. Brooke asked both Tad and Dimitri to promise that they would not try any heroics to save her. Brooke was certain that the truth would set her free. Brooke headed for the courtroom. Tad wondered if Brooke knew what he and Dimitri were up to. Dimitri also had a feeling that Brooke was on to them but added that there was nothing Brooke could do to stop them. In the courtroom, Janet told Trevor that she'd be in the back of the courtroom rooting for him. Trevor read a very mushy speech that he plans to read at her wedding, but Janet asked him to nix the speech because it might be too personal. The paparazzi hovered around the courtroom and at least one photographer had to be removed from the courtroom. When court was gaveled into order, Keith called Tad to the stand. He asked Tad to tell the court what time he'd arrived at the gallery and whether or not Jim was dead at the time. On cross-examination, Belinda agreed with Tad's testimony that Jim was already dead when he arrived. She asked him who was in the gallery at that time. Tad stated that Brooke and Dimitri were there and that Dimitri was holding a gun when he arrived. Dimitri was the next on the stand. Keith wondered why Dimitri had shown up at the gallery. He testified that he'd had a fistfight with Jim and worried that Brooke might be in danger. That didn't answer Keith's question. Dimitri added that he'd received a call from Brooke about her plan to lure Jim to the gallery. "Was Mr. Thomasen alive or dead," Keith asked in reference to the time that Dimitri appeared on the scene. Brooke leaned over to Belinda and whispered that she believed Dimitri was going to lie. Brooke jumped to her feet and called out Dimitri's name before fainting. Dimitri and Tad quickly carried Brooke to another room where they prepared to get her medical attention. Brooke, whose eyes had been closed up until that time, opened her eyes and pursed her lips. She sat up on the sofa and told the two men that she'd faked her fainting spell to prevent Dimitri from committing perjury. Dimitri claimed that since he wanted to kill Jim but failed, he wasn't really lying. Belinda questioned why Dimitri would perjure himself to protect Brooke. Brooke responded that Dimitri was trying to repair his image. Perjury didn't seem like the way to start the restoration process. Brooke demanded that Dimitri tell the truth and back in court Dimitri did just that. He confessed that Jim was already dead when he arrived at the gallery.

At Holidays, Camille lurked in the shadows until it was safe for her to sneak inside the restaurant and take up a secret position near the entrance. Camille had to be very careful since Hayley had already bumped into her at Chandler Mansion. She had even more to worry about when Liza showed up. Liza could tell that something was bothering Hayley and assured her that she could confide in her. Matt's continuous fits of rage were beginning to worry Hayley. She quoted Ruth's statement about the emotional stress involved in a situation like Mateo's, but Hayley showed signs of doubting that things would ever be the same for her and Mateo. Hayley told Liza that all she wants is to go away for a brief vacation and "try to make a baby." Liza was caught off guard by Hayley's announcement, but supportive nonetheless. She gave Hayley a big hug and assured her that things would go back to normal very soon. Mateo burst into Holidays and demanded that Hayley gather her things and return home with him. Hayley refused to budge and told her husband that they do not have to be around each other twenty-four hours a day. Mateo sighed heavily and apologized for his latest outburst. He explained that he'd panicked when he couldn't find her. Adam entered the restaurant and raced over to Liza to discuss "unfinished business." Camille decided that there were far too many people at Holidays to identify her, so she slipped out the front door. Adam gathered Mateo and Hayley and told them that he fears that they might be in danger. He pulled out an old photo of Joy from his wallet and told the couple that a woman who looked identical to the woman in the photograph might try to hurt them. Hayley suddenly remembered seeing the woman snooping around the grounds at Chandler Mansion. Mateo then noted that he had "seen" the woman in one of his visions. Mateo thanked Adam for helping him identify the woman in the photo. Adam told Matt that he could express his thanks by protecting Hayley. "With my life," Mateo said with determination.

Friday, May 22, 1998
byy Dan J Kroll

At the Wildwind chapel, Trevor looked forward to Janet's wedding. He recited what the minister would say while presiding over the ceremony. Faux Axel, whose real name is Albert, entered the chapel applauding Trevor's performance. Albert told Trevor that he was a very lucky man to have found love with Janet. Albert determined that true love is only a once in a lifetime occurrence. Trevor disagreed. He told the actor that he'd experienced true love when he married Natalie, when he first held Amanda in his arms, and then again when he married Laurel. The minister entered the chapel and told Trevor that he was not going to be able to perform the ceremony because of a problem with the marriage license. Trevor told the minister that his refusal to perform the ceremony would break Janet's heart. The minister could tell that Trevor cared about Janet very much and agreed to go along with the unorthodox ceremony. Trevor thanked the minister and all three men exchanged high fives.

On his way out of the house, Mike found Erica adjusting the ribbon on a present she planned to give to Janet at her bachelorette party. He announced that he was going out and asked that Erica not wait up for him. Erica was more than a little curious to find out where Mike was headed. When he told her that he was headed out for another potentially dangerous meeting, Erica forbade him to leave the safety of Linden House. Mike didn't seem worried by the prospect of dying---for real this time. He noted that he prefers the term "terminated" over "killed" because it sounds more professional. Erica commented that her former lover has "more lives than a tom cat," but feared that he was running out of lives. Mike removed a letter from his pocket and handed it to Erica. He told her that if he does not return home by morning, he wants her to read the letter. Erica started to take a peek, but Mike asked her to promise that she wouldn't read the note until he was gone. Jack entered the room and snatched the letter away from Erica. Erica demanded that her fiancÚ give her letter back. Jack, however, wanted to see exactly what Mike had written. The first line of the letter referred to "my dear, sweet Erica." Erica tried to grab the letter back, but Jack held the note just above his 5'3" lover's reach. Finally, Jack agreed to stop reading the note, but he wasn't finished toying with Mike. Citing his numerous trophies in various sharp-shooting contests, Jack felt that he could provide excellent backup for Mike on his mission. Erica was stunned by Jack's offer to accompany Mike on his mission, but she agreed that Mike might be safer if he had someone to watch his back. Jack headed up to his bedroom to retrieve his gun. Mike, however, wasn't about to let Jack tag along. He told Erica that he didn't want to be the one responsible for her fiancÚ's death. He gave her a kiss and walked out the door. In the driveway, Mike commented that Jack was really beginning to get on his nerves. Jack didn't expect Mike to be waiting for him when he returned downstairs. He used Mike's quick getaway to try to convince Erica that Mike was a fraud. Erica refused to consider that she might be wring about Mike and explained that Mike didn't want Jack to tag along because he might get hurt. Erica picked up her present and headed for the door. Once Erica's car left the driveway, Dimitri slipped into the house through the back door. He called out to Mike unaware that Mike had already left and that Jack was still in the house. Dimitri strolled into the livingroom and stopped dead in his tracks. Jack's mouth formed easily into a smile as he looked straight ahead at Dimitri. Jack told Dimitri that he already knew all about Mike and his secret agent status. That, he said pensively, accounted for the radioactive isotopes in Jim's bloodstream. Dimitri did everything in his power to avoid Jack's questions, but his evasive replies made things look ever more suspicious. "Tell me the truth," Jack demanded. "About what?" Erica asked as she returned home. Jack and Dimitri both turned around and looked at Erica. Jack told her that Dimitri was about to tell him the truth about Mike's mission.

In order to facilitate Janet's bachelorette party, Hayley closed Holidays a little earlier than usual. Mateo phoned Liza and asked her to keep an eye on Hayley. Liza assured Matt that she wouldn't let Camille anywhere near Hayley and if Camille did make an appearance, Liza promised to show muscles that no one has ever seen. At a side table, Belinda congratulated Janet for being able to pull off an incredible acting job. She wondered how Janet would get out of an actual exchange of vows. Janet explained that she and Axel were going to be married by an actor---not a real priest. That way, she noted, they wouldn't really be married. Belinda wanted Janet to track Trevor down and tell him how she really felt about him. Janet reminded Belinda about her promise to Natalie. Janet vowed to make sure that Trevor was really happy. But Janet wasn't making Trevor happy, Belinda argued. By marrying another man, she was breaking his heart! Hayley rushed over to the pair and told them that they had a major problem on their hands: the male stripper that had been hired for the party was running late. Janet didn't know that a stripper had been hired and said that it was unlike Brooke to hire a stripper. Janet appeared embarrassed by the idea of having a nearly naked man dance at her party. Hayley asked around and learned that Opal had been the one to book the stripper, not Brooke. Hayley headed to the back office to phone the stripping agency and ask that they not send the stripper after all. She managed to slip out of Liza's sight, sending Liza into a panic. Opal pulled Brooke aside and praised her for being able to forget about her own problems long enough to plan a party for Janet. Brooke looked around and noticed that Opal's best pal, Erica, was nowhere to be seen. Opal told Brooke that she didn't think that Erica was going to make an appearance because she was having some problems at home. Opal's gossip meter hit overload. She told Brooke that she had information about Erica that would have the whole town talking. Then she realized that she couldn't blab Erica's business. Opal fought the urge to keep quiet, but she declared defeat and told Brooke that Erica was "co-habitating with a government agent." Hayley returned and told Janet that the stripper couldn't be reached because he was already en route to Holidays. Trevor and Axel crashed the party, but Janet gave the okay for them to stick around. Phoebe took one look at Axel and raised her eyebrows. She leaned over to Myrtle and commented that while she doesn't know Janet very well, she believes that she could have found a better man to marry. Myrtle chuckled and told Phoebe that anything is possible when it comes to love. In fact, she told Phoebe that she once knew a beauty contestant who fell in love with one of her carny buddies. It was gift time at the party. One particular gift above all others provoked emotion from Janet---a blanket or tapestry with "In love all things are possible" scrawled on it. Janet rose from her seat and softly said, "I can't." Trevor dashed across the room and asked her what it was that she couldn't do. Janet turned and looked towards the entrance of the restaurant. There she saw a woman who looked just like her late sister, Natalie. Janet lowered her head and when she looked back up, the woman was gone. She told Trevor that her outburst was fueled by her pre-wedding jitters. The other ladies in attendance asked that Trevor and Axel leave so that Janet could "let her hair down." Janet was later forced to field questions about her post-wedding plans---where would she and Axel live and where were they going for their honeymoon. Janet spoke softly and haltingly, saying that Axel had to leave on a business trip right after the wedding. A tall African-American man with a bald head and single gold hoop earring entered Holidays. Belinda raced to intercept him before he began his stripping routine. The man eyed Belinda from head to toe. Belinda apologized to the man for making him travel all the way across town for nothing. She offered to pass a hat among the ladies to raise enough cash to make up for his lost time. The man had a better idea. He told Belinda that he'd forget all about his lost time if she agreed to go out on a date with him. Belinda declined his offer and the man left without shedding even a single layer of clothing. Belinda breathed a sigh of relief because she knew that Janet didn't want a stripper. Janet decided to call it a night and told everyone that she'd see them at the church in the morning. She headed for the door, but before she left she peeked out the window possibly to make sure that she didn't "see" Natalie again.

At Wildwind, Edmund and Mateo planned a poker game with Tad to help learn a little more about Camille. When Tad arrived, the conversation focused squarely on his love life. Edmund remarked that those who are unlucky at cards are lucky in love. Tad, who was winning every hand, wasn't so sure that his love life was doing all that well. He told the two men about Camille and how he wondered how he could have fallen for a woman who lurks in passageways and pretends to be a ghost. He also mentioned that Adam thinks she tried to kill Stuart. Edmund wondered why anyone would try to harm Stuart. Tad explained that Camille had mistaken Stuart for Adam because he'd been wearing Adam's clothing. Mateo broke his silence and asked Tad if he believed that Camille might be capable of harming Hayley. Tad stated that he doesn't believe that Camille would intentionally hurt anyone. Edmund, however, disagreed. He told Tad that he and Mateo had spoken to Adam and that Adam told them that Camille appeared to be ready to fly off the handle at any minute. He suggested that Tad was too close to Camille to be objective. Edmund asked if he knew where Camille was. Before Tad could reply, Mateo started to have another vision. He relived the vision in which he found Hayley lying on the ground. Sirens roared in the background. Edmund asked Mateo what was wrong. Mateo told him that Hayley was in danger.

Back at Holidays, Opal groused about the way in which the stripper had stood them up. Phoebe jokingly claimed that she needed change for a fifty so that she'd have money to put in the stripper's g-string. The door to the restaurant swung upon and a man---different from the man who believed to be the stripper---started dancing around wildly and removing his clothes!
In the alley behind Holidays, Mike met up with the man Belinda had mistaken for a stripper. The man was apparently one of Mike's fellow agents. He asked the man for help in getting Erica back. The man looked at Mike and let out a slight chuckle. He told Mike that he doesn't believe that his love life is crucial to world peace. Mike grabbed the man and demanded that he agree to help him. They were forced to scatter when Hayley exited through the back door with a bag of trash for the dumpster. She squished the bag into one of the trash bins and turned to head back to the inside. When she turned, Camille was standing directly in front of her.

Janet headed to the chapel for some final prayer on the eve of her wedding. "I Janet," she said solemnly, "take thee Trevor to be my lawful wedding husband." She lowered her head and commented that it just wasn't possible for her to marry Trevor. A familiar voice suddenly sounded from behind her. "You've always had quite an imagination," said the voice. Janet slowly turned around to see Natalie sitting a few rows behind her.



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