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Adrian received an unusual request from Mike. Two people were abducted. Janet made a stunning discovery at her wedding. The results of Joy's DNA test were revealed. Adam met with a private detective. Liza issued a warning. Dimitri got close to Brooke. Gillian said something hurtful to Ryan.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of May 25, 1998 on AMC
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Monday, May 25, 1998

After being asked to leave Janet's bachelorette party, Trevor returned home to his children. He expected that both would be turned in for the night, but both were actually wide-awake waiting for his return. Amanda scampered downstairs to ask her daddy all about her mommy's party. Trevor, while worried that becoming a night owl might take its toll on his daughter, assured her that everything went well and that Janet looked beautiful. Amanda finally shuffled off to bed just as Tim went downstairs to find a magazine. Trevor worried that his son might still have some problems with his plan to dupe Janet. "I'm more than okay," Tim replied happily. He explained that he had originally decided to be civil to Janet for his sister's sake. Over time, Tim realized that Janet really had changed her ways. He explained that Janet's vow to his mother had proved that she'd reformed and that she had finally learned to put others' needs before her own. "She's the best thing to happen to this family," he remarked.

At Wildwind, Tad conceded that it was possible for Camille to vent her anger with Adam out on Hayley, but he claimed that it was very unlikely. Mateo came close to telling Tad about his prophecy, but he opted to first test Tad's acceptance of the paranormal. He asked Tad if he would believe someone who said that they could see the future. Tad started to chuckle and asked Mateo if he was referring to some type of circus performer. Mateo became quite angry. He snapped that Tad needs to stop questioning what he's saying and believe him. "Accept what?" Tad asked.

Meeting Camille in a dark alley provided Hayley with a definite feeling of uneasiness. Hayley let Camille know that she remembered her. She also let it be known that she knew her name and that she had probably been responsible for her uncle's elevator accident. Camille denied the allegations and insisted that she was on a peaceful mission. Camille asked Hayley if they could talk about Adam because she needed to understand Adam better. Hayley reluctantly agreed and invited Camille inside.

Once the women were gone, Mike and his fellow spy emerged from hiding---in a garbage dumpster. The other agent, whose name turned out to be Adrian, groused about having to hide in the trash. Mike put an end to the complaints by reminding Adrian how he'd once saved his life by hiding on a trash barge in China for several weeks. Mike lowered his head and told Adrian that he was suffering from heart problems. Adrian immediately apologized for having yelled at Mike. Mike then clarified the nature of his ailment---a broken heart. Adrian rolled his eyes and motioned for Mike to "get lost." Adrian reminded Mike of how he used to run games on the European women, claiming to be a husband separated from his wife by thousand and thousand of miles in order to get classified information and other favors. Mike insisted his wasn't running another scam. He told Adrian that he needed to win Erica away from a "Dudley Do-Right" kind of guy. He asked Adrian to punch him so that he would have bruises to bolster his claim of being a secret agent. Adrian refused, but when Mike playfully slapped Adrian's head, Adrian fired off a quick rabbit punch to Mike's mouth.

Dimitri refused to get involved in Jack and Erica's squabble. He stated that telling what he knows about Mike would be "a betrayal." Erica begged Dimitri to tell her the truth, saying that she needs to know the truth about Mike. Dimitri insinuated that Jack and Erica's uncertainty might have been fueled by the "jolt" of Mike's rise from the dead. The term "jolt" was an understatement, Erica replied. Jack tired of the bantering and demanded that Dimitri come clean once and for all. Citing how Mike had helped him track down and rescue Edmund, Dimitri refused to utter another word. Dimitri headed for the door and left without so much as a goodbye. Jack implicated Dimitri in Mike's apparent scam. Erica told Jack that Mike wasn't one of the bad guys. In fact, Mike hadn't allowed Jack to go along on his latest meeting because he didn't want Erica to relive the pains of losing a fiancÚ. Jack didn't buy into the tale and was furious that Erica actually believed that Mike was telling her. He looked down his nose at her and asked her to deny that Mike had made a pass at her. Erica made no effort to hide the truth. She admitted that Mike had kissed her on at least one occasion and announced that he desperately wanted to make love to her. Jack's face turned a bright shade of crimson as he muttered under his breath about what he was going to do to Mike. Erica insisted that she had not been unfaithful and that she had told Mike that she could not possibly be romantic with him because of her engagement to Jack. Mike sauntered through the front door and announced that Erica was telling the truth. Erica took one look at Mike's puffy and bleeding lower lip and raced to give him some first aid. Jack looked up toward the sky and raised his hands in frustration. He stormed upstairs while Erica applied a cold compress to Mike's injury. Upstairs, Jack phoned one of his contacts to check on the progress of their background search on Mike. The information was actually quite easy to obtain---it was all declassified information available to the public. Mike Roy had been a government agent, but he'd retired long ago. Jack asked that a copy of the report be faxed to him so that he could show it to Erica.

Inside a completely vacant Holidays, Camille asked Hayley if she trusted Adam. Camille couldn't understand why Hayley could not give her a clear-cut answer. Hayley explained that her father operates on many, many levels. Because of this, she's not sure if she trusts all of his business finagling, but she is certain that he loves her and the rest of his family dearly. Camille hinted that she'd never considered doubting her father, but now, well now she wasn't so certain. Hayley offered to put Camille in touch with some therapists who could help her sort things out. Before Camille could respond, Liza emerged from the back office. Camille went ballistic as she accused Hayley of setting her up. Camille rushed the door, but Liza intercepted her. Liza called out for Hayley to phone Mateo. Hayley did as she was told. Camille headed towards the fireplace and at one point wielded a poker. She dropped it, however, and took up a more straightforward approach in her attempt to elude Liza. Camille shoved Liza causing her to fall to the ground and hit her head against one of the steps. Camille raced out the front door as she remarked that "you people are all the same." When Mateo, Tad, and Edmund arrived on the scene, Hayley was already applied ice to Liza's forehead. Mateo was relieved that Hayley was okay, but he knew that they were not yet out of danger. Edmund took Mateo and Hayley back to Wildwind and promised to double the number of security guards stationed on the grounds. Tad and Liza briefly discussed Camille. Liza wanted to know if Tad's heart had been broken now that he knew that Camille was unstable. Tad stated that he had never been in love with Camille although he admitted to having a crush on her for several weeks after seeing her on his lawn. Tad announced that he was giving up on women. Liza doubted that he would, but she knew that no matter what, Tad would always have his son to love. Losing her baby had taken an emotional toll on Liza, but now she wondered if she'd ever have a "legacy." At first, Tad wondered if Liza was pregnant. When she assured him that there was no possible way for her to be pregnant, the former lovers agreed to be there for each other. Not as lovers this time, but as friends.

Back at Wildwind, Hayley told Mateo that she found his gallant rescue very romantic. She approached him and gave him a kiss, one that Mateo did not return. Hayley knew that Mateo was having some concerns and asked him to tell her what was bothering him. Mateo thought for several seconds about how he would break the news to his wife. Finally, he explained that his brain had undergone some remarkable changes during his comatose state. "I want to tell you everything," he said seriously. Suddenly, Mateo was hit by another of his gripping headaches. He clutched the back of his head and moaned in pain. He closed his eyes in an attempt to dilute the pain, but nothing helped. His mind was plagued by vision after vision of Hayley's death.

Janet turned around and came face to face with Natalie. "Of course [it's me]," Natalie said with a slight grin. She wondered why Janet looked so grim on the eve of one of the biggest days in her life. Janet explained that she would be happy---if she were marrying someone that she really loved. She asked Nat to "back off" and give her some slack. "How typical," Natalie snapped. "You promised to do one little thing for me and [are now] trying to back out." Janet's eyebrows raised and she rose from her seat. She rebutted that her promise was hardly a "little thing." She announced that she'd turned her life upside-down to live up to her promise. Natalie formed yet another slight smile as she informed her sister that her choice of Albert/Axel as a romantic interest was less than perfect. "Everyone's a critic," Janet sighed. Natalie explained that she wasn't criticizing Janet's decision to use Albert as a stand-in, but she wanted her sister to know that the actor had not succeeded in diminishing Trevor's romantic feelings for her. Natalie teased Janet about the peignoir she'd received at her shower. She mused that she knew that Janet had a fantasy about wearing the peignoir while in Trevor's company. Janet denied the claims for as long as she could, but she ultimately confessed that she is still in love with Trevor. Janet said that her heart aches when she thinks about not being with Trevor. Natalie admitted that she has similar pangs herself. Janet didn't realize that heartaches could transcend the life-and-death boundary. "Do you think it's easy to cross back into this dimension?" Natalie asked her sister as she promised to make sure that Janet doesn't make any more mistakes. Janet chuckled. She didn't think that anyone could ever prevent her from making mistakes. She reminded Natalie that they hadn't always gotten along and that some of her biggest mistakes affected their relationship. Natalie told Janet that she'd forgiving Janet for all of her previous wrongdoing. Janet told Natalie that she wants to be a wife to Trevor and a mother to his children. Janet was surprised when she did not hear any objection from her sister. Natalie remarked that she was impressed by the way that Janet had put her vow ahead of her own desires. Janet insisted that she wanted to make Trevor and his family happy---but she wondered if it wouldn't be best for everyone if she and Trevor did take the walk down the aisle. Janet turned and looked her sister in the eyes. "Release me from this vow," she pleaded.

Tuesday, May 26, 1998

As the headache tightened its vise-like grip on Mateo, Hayley screamed frantically for some help. Ryan answered the cries for help and immediately asked if there was anything that he could do to help. Mateo brushed off Ryan's attempts to help and asked for someone to bring him an aspirin. Hayley feared that her husband might be on the verge of a relapse---or worse and asked Ryan to call the paramedics. Mateo demanded that no one contact the hospital and pleaded with Hayley to take him to their bedroom. Gillian strolled into the room and casually asked what all the commotion was about. Mateo's pain gradually went away, but he was still shaken from this latest episode of pain. Hayley helped him up the steps while Ryan and Gillian were left to determine exactly what had transpired. Ryan worried that Hayley would crumble if anything happened to Mateo. Gillian agreed and snidely commented that that was the way Hayley was supposed to feel "because [Hayley and Mateo] love each other." It was an obvious remark about her marriage to Ryan. Gillian turned and walked away without further comment

While Tim and Trevor discussed their plans for the following morning's wedding ceremony, Amanda snuck to the stairs to listen in on the conversation. Trevor saw his daughter and played a little joke on her. He told Tim that he was "worried" that Amanda might be too tired in the morning to perform her flower girl duties. He suggested that they allow Amanda to sleep in all day and that a babysitter be hired to keep an eye on her. Amanda scurried down the steps and begged her daddy to allow her to go to the wedding. Trevor chuckled and told Amanda that he wouldn't keep her away from the church. Trevor did, however, suggest that both of his children head to bed so that they'd be well rested for the big day.

Erica scolded Mike for getting involved in another tussle. She told him that it might not have been such a bad idea to have had Jack tag along. Again, Mike insisted that his mission was just too dangerous for a civilian. Erica told Mike that she'd held on to the letter he'd written, but assured him that she hadn't read it because he'd told her that she was only supposed to read letter if he didn't return home. She then took the letter and hid it inside Raising Kane, the book she and Mike penned together, so that she could read it later if the need arose. Jack strolled down the stairs with a smug look of accomplishment on his face. He noted that Erica might have missed her calling as a nurse since she looked quite adept at nursing Mike's injury. Mike could feel the tension in the air and adjourned for the evening. Once Mike was upstairs, Jack wasted no time in telling Erica that he'd done a background check on Mike. Erica didn't approve of Jack's secretive background checks, but she was nonetheless interested in what he had to show her. Jack pulled the fax he'd received out of his pocket and handed it to Erica. He smiled as he told her that the fax proved that Mike had been employed as a government agent---but that he was now retired.

Janet's initial request fell on deaf ears. Natalie turned to questions about the wedding ceremony. She asked Janet what types of flowers would adorn the chapel. Janet shrugged and explained that she'd allowed Trevor to make all the wedding plans. Natalie asked her sister if she found it a bit odd that Trevor was helping her plan a wedding to another man. Now it was Janet's turn to dodge the questioning. She told Natalie that she believed that Tim was finally beginning to like her---or at least hating her a little less. Janet grew impatient and asked her sister if she would forget about the vow she'd made. Natalie told Janet that she would never forget the vow because it proved that Janet was no longer self-absorbed. "No good deed goes unpunished," Janet groaned. She accused Natalie of still holding a grudge. Natalie smiled slyly and urged Janet to "just go through with [the wedding] as Trevor has planned." That was not the answer Janet wanted to hear. She had no idea that Natalie was trying to help her. Janet groused that even in death Natalie always has to have things her way. When Janet looked up, Natalie was gone.

The following morning meant a day of anticipation. Hayley donned her bridesmaid gown even though Mateo had asked her to consider wearing another dress. Hayley told Mateo that she felt she had to wear the dress because Janet had picked it out. When Hayley left the room to search for her headdress, Edmund stepped in to offer Mateo some much-needed advice and comfort. Mateo was concerned that something horrible would happen to Hayley if she didn't change her gown. He recalled that in one of his visions, Hayley was standing in a spotlight---but she mysteriously disappeared when the spotlight vanished. In this vision, Hayley was wearing the same dress she was slated to wear to the wedding. Edmund reminded Mateo that Fredrick had told him that the future could be altered to prevent the forecasted tragedies. When Hayley returned to the room, Mateo once again attempted to get his wife to switch dresses. He reminded her about the vision he'd had and while Hayley assured him that nothing bad would happen at the wedding ceremony, she agreed to change into another dress. Hayley headed back upstairs to find something else to wear. Edmund returned to the room and he and Edmund celebrated the way in which they'd altered history. Mateo hoped that getting Hayley to change her dress was enough to thwart the outcome of his vision.
Once the room cleared, Ryan and Gillian returned from a dip in the Wildwind pool. Ryan was impressed by Gillian's diving ability, skills Gillian attributed to the training she'd received from her mother. Ryan remembered that Gillian's mother had died while Gillian was still very young---she was six. Ryan asked Gillian how her mother had died, but the subject was still too tender. Gillian did, however, stated that her mother had high hopes for Gillian's diving talent. In fact, Gillian was going to train for the Olympics, but after her mother's death, Gillian gave up on professional diving. Ryan asked Gillian about her father. Gillian thought for a few seconds before telling Ryan that he reminded her of her father. Ryan smiled proudly and asked if the similarity had to do with his "sculptured features." Gillian told Ryan that her father had squandered a vast fortune that her family had amassed over many, many years. Her father was, however, able to see his greatest love every day---himself through a mirror's reflection. In short, Gillian remarked that both Ryan and her father are "rats."

Tim dropped Amanda off at Janet's hotel room. There was only one problem: Janet was nowhere to be found. Amanda worried that something had happened to her mother. Belinda and Brooke were also concerned, but they did their best to shield their concern from the young girl. Belinda decided that she'd check the lobby for signs of the missing bride-to-be. On her way down the hallway, Belinda bumped into Adrian. Belinda still believed that he was a male stripper---even though the real male stripper had showed at Holiday's after Adrian had left. Adrian asked Belinda, who he called "Melinda," if he could tag along with her. Adrian actually hadn't forgot Belinda's name it appeared to be some type of ploy to endear himself to her. Belinda told Adrian, who still had not introduced himself to her, that she was headed to a wedding, hardly the place for a male stripper. Adrian didn't correct Belinda. After all, he couldn't very well tell her that he was a government agent. He nodded his head in agreement and offered to buy her a latte at some point.

Trevor arrived at the Wildwind chapel. He had no idea that Janet was fast asleep in one of the pews. He might have never noticed her had Janet not called out in her sleep. She was haunted by a nightmare of her previous wedding at the chapel---her almost-wedding to Trevor when she was pretending to be Jane Cox. In her vision, Janet remembered how Harold, the Dillon family dog, had broken up the wedding. "Get off of me you beast," Janet screamed as she woke from her dream. Trevor asked Janet why she'd spent the night at the church. Janet wasn't exactly sure. She realized that she was probably running late and asked Trevor how long she had before the ceremony was to take place. He assured her that she had just enough time to run home and get ready. He urged her not to be late because he didn't want "the groom" to be stood up. He smiled as he told her that in a few hours she would be ", Mrs. Everlasting."

Janet returned to her hotel room and quickly donned her gown. She looked radiant, but her face failed to express her excitement. Amanda worried that her mother was sad. She offered to cheer her up by providing the "something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue." The old, blue, and borrowed were covered by one item---the hospital identification bracelet that had been placed on her arm shortly after she was born. The new item was a new safety pin that would attach the bracelet to Janet's petticoat. Janet was moved to tears.

In the morning, Jack amused himself with more jokes about Mike's retirement. Erica repeated that there must be a logical explanation for Mike's situation. When Mike crawled out of bed, he helped himself to a cup of coffee. Jack asked Mike about his agency's policies on agents who were getting up in years. He asked if there was a retirement home for senior citizen spies. Erica slapped Jack on the leg and told him that she would handle the interrogation. Erica handed Mike the fax and told him that his superiors had confirmed that Mike was retired. The fax stated that Mike was retired, but it failed to list the date his retirement went into effect. Mike used that oversight to continue his yarn-spinning. He told Jack and Erica that his agency had created the phony retirement to throw the enemies off of his trail. Jack rolled his eyes and decided that he couldn't listen to any more of Mike's tales. He told Erica that he'd meet her at Wildwind and added that he'd arranged for a limo to drop by and pick Erica up. While Erica walked Jack to his car, Mike headed to the phone.
Mike claimed to have another meeting near Wildwind, so he hitched a ride with Erica in the limo. While en route to Wildwind, Erica realized that the car was traveling in the wrong direction. The driver announced that he had "other plans" for Mike and Erica. Suddenly the doors locked. Erica began to panic, but Mike promised her that he'd get her out of the danger safely.

Axel arrived at the church and received some final words of encouragement from Trevor. Hayley and Mateo were the next to arrive. Hayley asked her uncle if he believed that everything would go as planned. Trevor nodded confidently and hoped that he would some day have a marriage as solid as his niece. Belinda and Brooke arrived and were greeted by Dimitri. Belinda allowed the pair to have some space. Brooke told Dimitri that she was relieved to be spending the day in church in not in a courtroom---or a jail cell. Janet and Amanda stood near the entranceway. Amanda realized that Hayley was not wearing the dress that Janet had picked out. Janet assured Hayley that her dress swap was okay and hoped that the change of dress was the only thing to go wrong with her wedding. Axel asked Janet if he could have a few words with her. Janet agreed, but while the pair were chatting the minister passed by and told Janet how beautiful she looked. Janet's mouth dropped. She recognized the minister as a minister from her church---a real minister. Janet asked Axel why his brother, the actor, wasn't going to "perform" the ceremony. As Amanda, Tim, and Trevor listened on, Axel told Janet that he'd had a change of heart. He realized that he was truly in love with her and that he wanted to marry her. "Are you a lunatic?" Janet chirped. The gathered crowd inside the church suddenly became quiet. One by one they turned around to watch the spectacle at the back of the room. Janet told Axel that there was no way she'd marry him and begged him to find an actor who could pretend to marry them. Axel insisted that he wanted to marry Janet. "The only man I'll ever love is Trevor!" shouted Janet. Trevor stepped into the foyer with a wide smile on his face. "Did you hear me?" Janet asked Axel, still unaware that Trevor was standing behind her. "Loud and clear," Trevor beamed.

Wednesday, May 27, 1998

Even in the face of danger, Erica remained true to form. She demanded that her abductor tell her where he was taking her. Mike slapped his head and realized that the bad guys must have tapped the pone at Linden and overheard Jack's limo arrangements. Mike demanded that the driver allow Erica to go free since presumably it wasn't her that he was after. The driver said nothing. His only response was to press the accelerator and send the car speeding down the road. Erica remembered that she packed her cell phone. She secretively slipped the phone out of her purse and attempted to make a call to the police. Mike looked rather annoyed. The car suddenly stopped and the driver turned around to face his captives. He pointed a gun at Mike and ordered Erica to hand over the phone---or Mike would be shot. The gun then was pointed at Erica. This time the abductor demanded that Mike fork over his gun. Mike claimed that he wasn't carrying a gun, but the driver knew better. Mike knew he'd been foiled and bitterly gave up his weapon. Mike vowed that he would get Erica out of the mess in one piece.

Work summoned both Liza and Tad to WRCW. Both had been invited to Janet's wedding, but neither seemed in the mood to toast true love. While the two exchanged small talk about upcoming programming changes, Adam entered the office. Liza, whose had her back to the door, did not see her former husband enter the room. She knew only by Tad's frown that something was going on behind her. She turned and jumped slightly when she came nose to nose with Adam. She nervously asked if he'd dropped by to speak to her. Frigidly, Adam issued a resounding "no" and informed Liza that he wanted to speak to Tad. Liza left the office allowing Tad an opportunity to lay into Adam for treating Liza so coldly. Adam didn't really seem to mind the manner in which he treated Liza. He moved on to a new topic, asking Tad if he'd seen or heard from Camille. Tad told Adam about Hayley's encounter with Camille. Adam felt at least mildly foolish when he learned that Liza had gotten injured while trying to capture the elusive woman. Adam spoke very poorly of Camille, a woman he felt was out to attack his entire family. Adam announced that he wanted Camille taken care of and that he never wanted to see or hear from her again. Tad couldn't understand how Adam could have so much loathing for Camille, the daughter of the woman he claimed to have loved so dearly. Adam told Tad about the offer he had made to Camille in Pigeon Hollow---an offer that would have allowed Camille to be a part of his family. Tad reached for a large cardboard envelope on his desk. The envelope, he told Adam, contained the results of the DNA tests performed on the body found in Joy's grave. Adam showed little surprise when the results proved that the body could not have been Joy. While Adam ranted and raved, Tad slowly walked towards him. He urged the tycoon to stand still. He then swatted Adam's head, indicating that a huge spider had been crawling on his head. Adam cautiously thanked Tad for rescuing him from the bug. After Adam left, the truth behind Tad's bug tale came out---he hadn't swatted a bug, he'd grabbed a strand of Adam's hair. He rushed to the phone and called his brother at the hospital. He asked Jake if he could help him run a DNA test. Down the hall, Ryan dropped by Liza's office and was grilled on life at Wildwind. Ryan stated that things were going well, but that Hayley and Mateo seemed to be having problems. He said he felt sorry for Hayley because she'd waited by Matt's side for so long only to have him emerge from his coma with a grouchy attitude. Liza warned Ryan that he'd better not have his sights set on Hayley. Adam entered the room, but he hadn't heard any of the conversation. Ryan mused that he could toss "this guy" (referring to Adam) out of Liza's office if she wanted. Adam warned Ryan that he'd be permanently ejected from the station if he so much as wrinkled his lapels. Ryan walked away. Liza somehow knew that Adam had dropped by to ask her how her injuries from her grapple with Camille had healed. She was right. She told Adam that she didn't buy into his concern especially after the way he'd treated her so coldly before he could out about her injury. Adam agreed that his concern didn't look too sincere. He told Liza that he wanted to figure out "what kind of woman" she really is.

Erica and Mike were carted off to an unknown location. They were ordered to go inside an old, abandoned storage facility of some kind. Mike whispered that he was going to create a diversion so that Erica could escape. Erica nodded and waited for her cue. Without warning, Mike slugged his abductor and tried to gain the upper hand. He yelled for Erica to run and she frantically dashed towards the door. By the time she reached the door, the tide had turned in the brawl. The abductor was now yielding an oar and flailing away at Mike. Erica's eyes nearly popped out of their sockets when the mystery man got control. Disregarding her own safety, Erica forgot about gaining her own freedom and grabbed one of the other oars that rested against the wall. She snuck up behind the abductor and beat him several times with the oar! He fell onto a cot and Erica jumped on his back and did her best to suffocate him with pillow. Mike told her that she done enough and urged her to get off of the man's back before she harmed him. It was a peculiar request considering that the man had abducted them at gunpoint. Erica ignored Mike's instructions Mike actually had to pull Erica off of their captor. Erica broke free of Mike's hold and stomped on the abductor's foot! Immediately thereafter, the man pulled a gun on the pair and contemplated shooting them on the spot. He opted to tie them up instead, but warned them that they had only a few hours until he would finish them off. The man tied Erica and Mike belly-to-belly with Erica on top of Mike. After the gunman left, Erica wiggled around in an attempt to loosen the ropes. Every move made the rope's grip tighter. Mike asked to remain still. He thought about a possible means of escape. He urged Erica to move slightly to one side. He cooed in pleasure, telling Erica that "that feels good." He quickly cleared his throat and explained that it felt good because the ropes had gotten a little looser. After several minutes of wiggling, Erica determined that she and Mike were going to have to spend the night toed to one another. Outside the makeshift prison, the abductor removed a wig---the abductor was really Adrian! Limping from Erica's stomping, Adrian swore that Mike owed him in a big way.

The crowd of spectators gathered in the chapel's foyer to observe what was happening. Trevor took a few seconds to explain to the crowd that Janet had hired Axel to pretend to be interested in her. Janet confessed that her plan had gotten "a little out of hand." She apologized to everyone and announced that there was not going to be a wedding. Trevor told her that she was wrong. Despite Janet's pleas, Trevor knelt before her and asked her to marry him. Janet said nothing. Opal's twang broke the silence. "Oh c'mon, Janet. You've got to say something before his knees wear out!" The crowd chimed in for Janet to accept the proposal. Janet looked at Trevor and told him that they needed to talk. The pair went into an adjoining room where they were joined by Mateo, Hayley, Amanda, Axel, and Tim. Janet told Trevor that Brooke's murder trial must be clouding his mind. Janet shook her head and breathily told Trevor that she couldn't marry him because of reasons he'd never understand. "It's the vow," Trevor said in frustration. Janet was amazed that Trevor knew about the bow---even more so than knowing that Trevor knew she'd hired Axel to pretend to be her ex-husband. Janet cast a piercing glance at Axel and scolded him for telling Trevor about her vow to Natalie. Janet told the group that her refusal to marry Trevor went beyond the vow. She explained that she'd talked to Natalie in church the night before and that Nat had told her that she was supposed to go through with her marriage to Axel. Hayley stepped in and urged Janet not to let true love pass her by. "Love is precious," she remarked. "Don't ever take it for granted." Amanda told her mother how Trevor had arranged the entire wedding so that he could end up marrying Janet. Janet heard Natalie's voice telling her to "do everything as Trevor had planned it." She then realized that Natalie must have known about Trevor's plan to pull a fast one on her. Trevor confirmed her suspicions, at least partly. He told her that the plan had always been for him to end up as the groom. Janet turned and looked towards the ceiling. She saw Natalie's image encouraging her to marry Trevor. "Take care of Trevor," Natalie smiled. "You're going to have a wonderful life." With tears in her eyes, Janet accepted Trevor's proposal. Trevor and Janet shared a kiss until Hayley pointed out that they were supposed to wait until after the I Do's before they could kiss. Hayley helped Janet apply some touchups to her makeup. Amanda realized that something was missing from the ceremony. Harold pawed his way into the room and Janet immediately worried that the dog would attack her. Harold slowly walked over to Janet before bowing his head and taking her train in his mouth. Their past now a part of the past, Harold was showing Janet that he was okay with her plans to marry Trevor. During the unplanned recess, Jack told Dimitri that he found out that Mike was a retired government agent. Dimitri claimed that he did not know that Mike was no longer in service, so to speak. Since Erica was still a no-show, Jack determined that Mike was somehow involved in her failure to appear. He reminded Dimitri that he once had claimed to trust Mike with his life---but was he willing to entrust Erica's life to Mike? Dimitri refused to answer. He replied that Jack must trust Mike or he would have surely called for the police to track down Erica and Mike. Jack nodded calmly and told Dimitri that he was correct. He told Dimitri that his relationship was strong enough to survive Mike's challenge. Once the ceremony began, everything went very smoothly. In any wedding, the part that provokes the most anxiety is the "speak now or forever hold your peace" portion. No one said anything, however, Harold did bark in an apparently unrelated vocalization. Trevor told the minister that he and Janet would recite their own vows even though neither had planned what they were going to say. Trevor told Janet that he was not sure when he first fell in love with her. What he did know was that he saw things in a different light whenever she was around. In Janet's vow, she told Trevor that she knew exactly when she fell in love with him---the first time she ever laid eyes upon him. "Of course my timing was wrong," she joked. She commented that she was overjoyed that she'd finally undergone a "metamorphosis" that allowed her to become a woman that he could love. Amanda felt left out of the process and recited a few vows of her own. She pledged to go to bed on time and to keep her room clean---or at least to "try really hard" to keep it clean. Tim had picked out ring for the occasion and even had them engraved with Trevor and Janet's names and the date of their union. Without hesitation, the minister proclaimed them husband and wife. The two shared a passionate kiss as the onlookers applauded them. The traditional walk out of the church took a Trevor-like turn. Instead of the usual post-wedding theme, Trevor had the organist play "Sugar Pie Honey Bunch."

Thursday, May 28, 1998

On a beautiful late spring day, Marian headed to the Gatehouse at Chandler Mansion to spend some time with Stuart. When she arrived, she found a peculiar note dangling from a piece of string. In verse, the note told her that a surprise was waiting for her and that all she needed to do to find the surprise was to follow the string. Easier said than done. Marian opened the door to the house and walked inside and found that getting her surprise was going to be a bit of a challenge. The string did not meander gently across the room. Instead, it zigzagged wildly across the room, around the legs of the coffeetable, around paintings, and around every other stationary object in the house. After several minutes of following the twine, Marian reached the end of the line. She opened up a closet door and found her surprise. "Surprise!" Stuart chirped as he leapt from the closet. Marian smiled happily and thanked Stuart for the surprise. Stuart, however, had only just begun to surprise his friend. He told her that he'd planned a picnic for them. Marian gleefully accepted the offer to join Stuart for a bite to eat. At the picnic site, Marian and Stuart readied to chow down on chicken, potato salad, and a rare Spanish wine that Stuart had taken from Adam's private reserve. The picnic had at least one uninvited guest---a bee that dive-bombed Marian. Marian's first instinct was to swat at the bee, but Stuart advised her to remain calm. He told her that bees only sting "when they have to." He told her that without bees there would be no flowers. Marian wasn't well versed on the process of pollination and Stuart feared that explaining the process would bore Marian. Marian appeared mesmerized by Stuart's ability to understand the workings of nature and urged him to tell her the entire process. He obliged her and told her all about pollen, stamens, pistils, and flowers. "We'd be out here alone," Stuart said referencing how flowers and trees would cease to exist in such large quantities without bees and other insects to aid in the pollination process. Neither wanted to be alone as evidenced by the kiss they were about to share. The two slowly leaned towards each other, closed their eyes, and kissed.

"You know me chapter and verse," Liza responded. Adam thanked Liza for going out of her way to protect Hayley from Camille. Liza explained that her divorce from Adam doesn't mean that she no longer cares about Stuart, Scott, or Hayley. In fact, she announced that she'd never stop caring or visiting them. Liza pointedly commented that Adam must have forgotten what it's like to care about someone. She used her mother's feelings for Stuart as an example to further bolster her claim. Adam gritted his teeth hoping that he could hide his disdain for Marian and Stuart's relationship. "I told you," he smiled slightly. "I'm fine with that." Liza didn't believe a word he'd said. Adam asked his former wife if she wanted him to take a polygraph test to prove he was telling her the truth. Surprisingly, Liza nodded her head. Even though she'd only been married to Adam for a few short months, Liza felt she was more than qualified to determine if Adam was lying or not. Adam laughed and informed Liza that he's managed to bluff some of the most brilliant business executives without so much as batting an eyelash. Liza announced that she would serve as the lie detector. She walked to a nearby table and sat in one of two chairs. Adam sat across from her and awaited his instructions. Liza held her hands out palms-up and asked Adam to put his hands on top of hers palms-down. One by one Liza asked Adam a series of questions ranging from "Is your name Adam Chandler" to "Do you snore." Irrelevant as it may be, Adam claimed that he never snores. Then he quickly changed his statement to say that he rarely snores. Liza asked Adam if he planned to spring any surprises at the dinner he had planned for Marian and Stuart. Adam remained silent for several moments before admitting that he had a few tricks up his sleeve. Adam, however, explained that all were good surprises---like a three-piece ensemble to play music and a menu that contained all of Stuart's favorite foods. Liza knew all the right questions to ask. She asked Adam if it was okay with him that Marian and Stuart were spending the entire afternoon together. Still Adam remained calm and his tone of voice never changed. "I told you the truth," Adam replied. He insisted that he was happy that Stuart and Marian were getting along. "You are a liar's liar," Liza told Adam calmly. She told him that he would have been able to deceive her had his palms not become cold and clammy when she mentioned her mother and Stuart's name in the same breath. Adam argued that Liza's lie detector test wasn't foolproof. He told her that he'd rather not think about her mother's insatiable need to have sex. Liza warned Adam that if he even thought about hurting her mother, she'd track him down and make him pay for the rest of his life.

At Holidays, Mateo and Edmund scoured the restaurant for signs of Camille. Mateo realized that having Hayley changed her wedding gown might have been enough to alter his visions. When the wedding party arrived, Mateo showed signs that he didn't believe that things had taken a more positive path. Tim popped a bottle of champagne and Mateo mistook the noise for a gunshot. He raced over to Hayley and pulled her close to him. Hayley knew instantly that Mateo was still worried about Camille. He asked his wife to leave the party early so that they could spend some time together. Hayley told Mateo that their private time would have to wait because she wanted to be by her uncle's side. When it came time to issue to customary speeches, Janet, Amanda, Trevor, and Axel all argued over who could speak first. Janet won out in the end since she said that she'd been the only one who did not know that she was going to marry Trevor. She apologized once again for deceiving everyone with her phony ex-husband routine and thanked them for showing that the lying can be a very "toxic." Trevor thanked the Academy Award-worthy performance from Albert, the Faux Axel. In a side chat, Dimitri and Brooke briefly discussed another recent wedding---Gillian and Ryan's. Since things were not going well for the pair, Brooke said that she was relieved that she was not the only one whose life was in turmoil. Trevor and Janet shared their first dance together and afterwards Janet took a stroll around the floor with Albert. Amanda reminded Mateo that he'd promised to show her how to slow dance. While Matt's hands were full with Amanda, Trevor asked Hayley if she'd mind dancing with him. Opal found it odd that Brooke was able to enjoy herself at the party while facing a life sentence for murder. Palmer and Phoebe scolded her for trying to ruin the festive mood and both assured Opal that Brooke was going to be cleared of all charges. The bouquet and garter tosses proved quite unique. Dimitri caught the garter belt, but he placed it on top of Albert's hairless head. When the men cleared the floor, it was the ladies' turn to see who'd be the next to wed. Janet overthrew the group of women---and Albert ended up catching the bouquet too! The newlyweds announced that their honeymoon to Hawaii would be more of a family vacation. After Brooke's trial had ended, they entire Dillon clan would head to Honolulu. But for tonight, at least, the two lovebirds would be spending time alone at The Valley Inn. Before leaving, Janet told Albert that she'd never forget him. Mateo searched around the restaurant for Hayley, but she was nowhere to be found. He began to panic. Kevin told his boss that Hayley had left a while ago---but that she'd left a note. The note told Matt that Hayley had reconsidered his offer to spend some time alone. She asked her husband to meet her at the apartment. Mateo flipped out and dashed out the door.

Hayley, toting some flowers she'd taken from Holidays, entered her darkened apartment. Since her hands were full, she left the door opened behind her. The light from the hallway was suddenly blocked as a shadowy figure slowly walked into the apartment. Hayley could sense the presence and turned around. She took one look at the intruder and screamed.

Friday, May 29, 1998

With the bride and groom gone, there wasn't much of a party left at Holidays. Brooke and Dimitri engaged in meaningful conversation with Brooke finally admitting that she was worried about her upcoming trial. She told Dimitri that when she was a young girl she nearly drowned after turning her turning her back to the ocean and getting walloped by a huge wave. She likened that experience to the way she's trusted Jim. In the end she realized that Jim was a creep, but she seemed to be the last one to make that determination. Brooke laughed nervously upon realizing that---had she not killed Jim--- this would have been her wedding day. Dimitri was confident that Brooke would not have gone through with the wedding. She, however, wasn't so sure. Phoebe pulled Edmund aside and asked him what was going on between Dimitri and her niece. "Just conversation," Edmund replied. "Nothing else." Albert walked over to Phoebe's table and asked her if she wanted to help him polish off the final bottle of champagne. Phoebe had had more than her fill and declined the offer. She called out to Brooke and told her that it was time to go home. Brooke stated that she'd lost all track of time. Phoebe "Mm hmm"ed under her breath. Dimitri offered to escort the women out, but Phoebe assured him that they could manage on their own. Edmund asked his brother if everything was okay. Dimitri bowed his head and smiled slightly. Albert realized that the end of the party meant the end of his stay in Pine Valley. He bumped into Winifred, who had volunteered to help clean up for Hayley and Mateo. Albert told Winifred that he used to work as a waiter before he broke into acting. Winifred was dazzled; she had never met an actor before. Albert was likewise enraptured, but by Winifred's beauty, not her occupation. Albert dashed over to the jukebox and selected "As Time Goes By." Then in another performance, he asked Winifred to imagine that they were starring in the movie "Pine Valley Apocalypse." He told her that he'd wandered into the bar and fell for her at first sight. His character wanted to seduce her slowly, he said, but because there was a war raging just outside the door he knew he didn't have the time. He then took Winifred by the hand and told her that he wanted to dance with her until sunrise.

He had promised not to interfere in Marian and Stuart's afternoon, but Adam couldn't stop himself from breaking that promise. He made a mad dash for The Gatehouse and called out to his brother. He had hoped that he'd arrived before Marian, but when he couldn't find a sign of his brother, he knew he must have been too late. He looked curiously at the ball of string on the sofa, but decided it meant nothing. A few seconds later, Liza also arrived at the house. She scolded Adam for lying to her and reminded him that she'd make him pay if he hurt her mother. "They care for each other," Liza stated softly. She tried to appeal to Adam's sentimental side. Adam insisted that he wanted the pair to be happy and that he would never come between them. "We'll see," Liza replied as she looked ahead to the dinner Adam was planning for Stuart and Marian. Liza picked the ball of string up and looked at it curiously. "I wondered about that myself," Adam said with concern and a trace of amusement. "Maybe they were wrapping present," Liza offered weakly.

Hayley's screaming came to an end and she took a deep breath. Her face demonstrated that she no longer feared for her safety. The mysterious intruder was Mateo's roommate from the hospital. He'd just been released from the hospital and he wanted to drop by to check up on Mateo. Hayley told the man, who'd yet to introduce himself by name, that Mateo wasn't home but quickly noted that he'd be showing up soon. She smiled sassily as she told the man that she was planning a romantic evening to celebrate their first wedding anniversary. The just-released patient could almost feel how much Hayley needed to make the evening perfect. He offered to help her get things set up so that everything would be perfect. The two rummaged through a shopping back looking for candles and other items to set the mood. Mateo entered behind them and had no idea what was going on. His back to the door, Mateo didn't know who the man next to his wife was. Mateo rushed the stranger and put him in a headlock. As he dragged him to the door, Hayley called to her husband to halt his attack. Mateo realized that the man was not a stranger and quickly apologized to him for jumping him. In addition to seeing how Mateo was doing, the man was also hoping that the couple could help him find a job. But considering Mateo's outburst and Hayley's plans for the evening, he decided to leave. Hayley did not yell at Mateo for his wild behavior. In fact, she said that she was glad that it would be just the two of them. As Hayley lit a candle, Mateo recalled another of his visions. Mateo immediately told his wife that they had to leave. Hayley wasn't about to go anywhere. Mateo told his wife that he'd booked a room at the Sleepy Hollow Inn and that he wanted them to spend the night there instead. Hayley was flattered that her husband had made the arrangements, but she demanded that they be allowed to make love in their own bed for a change. "What's so damned important about this place?" Mateo snapped. He referred to "their bed" as "the bed we almost died in." Hayley now realized why Mateo was so upset. Whereas she believed that Mateo was afraid to sleep in the bed in which he nearly lost his life, Mateo was actually worried that his premonition would come true. Hayley agreed to go to the inn, but she asked if she could pack a few things first. Mateo told her that everything that she needed was already at the inn. Hayley blew out the candle she'd just lit and the couple left.

Marian and Stuart laid on the ground and their kisses grew more passionate. Suddenly someone from a few yards away cleared their throat. Stuart looked up and saw his brother hovering over them. Liza was just a few steps behind him. Stuart pointed out that he and Marian were having a picnic and invited Adam and Liza to join them. Adam said that he couldn't join them because he was supposed to meet with Scott in a few minutes. Stuart had forgotten all about the meeting that he too was supposed to attend. Marian urged Stuart to keep his date with Scott, citing that one's family is one of the most important things. Stuart smiled and told Marian that he's see her tomorrow. "You look wonderful mother," Liza said. This was high praise coming from Liza. Marian climbed on an old swing and gently swung back and forth in the breeze. She told her daughter that she feels like she's in heaven. "Stuart brings out the best in you," smiled the daughter. Liza didn't want to rain on her mother's parade, but she wanted her to be leery of Adam's planned dinner. Liza explained that she feels that Adam is up to something. "Stuart and I will handle it," Marian remarked. "Stuart and I---that sounds absolutely marvelous. Not even big, old, bad Adam Chandler can ruin this."

At the Gatehouse, Adam and Stuart were ready to walk out the door when Adam remembered that he needed to make a business call. He urged Stuart to go on without him, saying that he'd catch up in a few minutes. Once Stuart was gone, Adam placed an urgent call to someone and asked him to meet him immediately. A man showed up only a few minutes later and assured Adam that the "surprise" was ready. Adam seemed to have doubts about going through with the plan---especially when he recalled Liza's threat to unleash pain on him if he crossed her. Adam shook the voices out of his head and told the man to go "full speed ahead."

Mike was enjoying being tied to Erica and he made little---if any--effort to break free from the rope. Finally Erica managed to wriggle one of her hands free. After that it was only a matter of seconds before both were untied. Erica celebrated loudly at her accomplishment. Mike, however, was less than thrilled. Eric dashed to her purse and grabbed a nail file. She told Mike that she might be able to pick the lock with the file. Mike rolled his eyes and sighed. Erica was proving more resourceful than he'd imagined. First the cellular phone and now the file. Fortunately for Mike, Erica's file broke in half before she was able to pick the lock. Mike sat across the room and urged Erica to sit down and relax. Erica begged Mike to kick down the door. Mike knew he had to at least make an effort. And he did. Mike made a very lame attempt to kick down the door. He did little more than push the sole of his shoe against the door. Erica now started to fear the worst. She knew that in only a few hours the gunman would return and take their lives. Mike was amazingly calm. Of course, he knew that they weren't in any danger. He started a fire in the fireplace. Erica seized a poker and carried a piece of burning wood across the room. She planned to set the cabin ablaze and thereby gain freedom. Mike grabbed the poker and tossed the wood back into the fireplace. He told her that he'd already been trapped in a burning building and explained that it wasn't any fun. Erica had also been in a similar situation. Erica, however, was not thinking clearly. She feared for her life and sobbed as time slowly crept towards her date with the gunman's bullet. Mike urged Erica to think of a place where she felt most at ease. Erica envisioned a field of flowers. The image helped Erica relax. Mike told Erica that he always pictured her when he was in a jam. Thinking of her laugh, the smell of her hair, and her face helped him keep calm. Slowly their lips moved towards each other.

At the Sleepy Hollow Inn, Mateo and Hayley entered their suite. Both were impressed with the romantic and cozy atmosphere. Hayley called her husband the "most romantic man in the universe." Mateo asked Hayley to forget all about the past. He wanted to forge a new future with her. "Home is right here," Mateo said softly as he held Hayley's hand over his heart.

Back at their vacant apartment, a muted rumbling sounded from somewhere in the walls. The apartment began to shake slightly and dishes and glasses tumbled out of the cabinets. The shaking grew more and more intense and eventually nearly every item in the apartment had been toppled over. Suddenly a loud bang sounded as a ball of fire enveloped the apartment.



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