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Sunset Beach Recaps: The week of May 25, 1998 on SB
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Monday, May 25, 1998

Tuesday, May 26, 1998

At The Richard's
A.J. is at the Richard's having a heated discussion with Gregory about his return to Sunset Beach and Gregory's involvement with Cole. A.J. told Gregory not to cause any problems for Cole and if he is as smart as he thinks he is, then he will regard that as a warning. Just then, Cole comes from downstairs and hears them discussing him. He walks up to A.J. and says so I see you are reliving old times with your old friend Gregory. A.J. told him that Gregory and he have unfinished business. Cole told him that he can imagine while Gregory asks Cole what's it like seeing in the flesh the father that abandoned him. A.J. told Gregory that he had no choice, he had to leave Sunset Beach his hand was forced. Gregory says so you say. A.J. ignores him and told Cole that he is glad Cole showed up because he was hoping to see his grandson again and Caitlin said it was okay as long as Cole agreed. Gregory says Trey is napping, besides you've over stayed your welcome. A.J. told him that he wouldn't want to appear rude and Gregory told him of course not, adding that he wouldn't want to tarnish that sterling reputation of his. Cole says perhaps he can see Trey another time. A.J. told him he would like that and Cole offers to walk him out. Outside, Cole told A.J. that he hopes he doesn't think for a second that the Dear Dad stuff was real. A.J. told him that he assumed it was for Gregory's benefit, but then asks Cole why did he do it. Cole told him he doesn't owe him any explanations. A.J. told him one day when Cole understands him, maybe he'll stop hating him and apologizes again for leaving Cole and Elaine alone to fend for themselves. Cole looks at his dad and then informs his appalled father how his disappearance set into motion a twisted series of events which nearly resulted in a lifetime of unhappiness for him and Elaine.

At South Bay Hospital,
A nervous Annie is listening in on Olivia's conversation with Dr. McCrea. Olivia told the Doctor that she is so desperate to remember and was hoping to see her today. Dr. McCrea told Olivia that if she can get over to her office today, she will squeeze her in. Olivia is grateful and rushes right over. In the meantime, Annie contemplates how she is going to prevent Dr. McCrea from helping Olivia remember. She thinks of Dr. Brock and decides to call upon him to find out if the drug he gave Olivia to make her forget what happened will hold up under hypnosis. He told her the drug will hold up, but there is still a slight chance that Olivia may remember. Desperate, Annie tries to think of some way she can keep the doctor from making Olivia remember. She thinks back to the time the doctor helped Ben remember that he had made love to Meg in the cave and she lost Ben forever. Annie told herself that the doctor cost her Ben, but she'll be damned if she's gonna let the doctor louse up her plans to marry Gregory. She then recalls how she and Eddie obtained compromising photos of Dr. McCrea during a failed scheme several months ago. Thinking this is the perfect way to blackmail the doctor into not helping Olivia, Annie leaves to go retrieve the compromising photos.

Tyus is discussing Ben's condition with Casey and the Cummings family when a reporter interrupts to speak to them. He lies and told them he is there covering the Ben Evans investigation. Tyus told him one thing about Ben's condition and then the reporter asks for one more question and cuts right to Sara and her involvement with the congressman. The family told him no comment while Casey strong arms the guy and hustles him away from there. Joan asks Sara if she is okay and with a gleam in her eye she says she is fine now, thanks to Casey. Casey returns from throwing out the reporter and is telling the family about it when Ricardo shows up. Seeing the worried look on Ricardo's face, Casey asks him what is up. Ricardo told the family about Ben's warehouse being burnt down and then excuses himself to go fill Meg in on what happened. Joan and Hank decide they are going to hang around Sunset Beach a while longer. Casey offers to help Joan and Hank find a permanent home in Sunset Beach, while Sara thinks to herself what a great guy Casey is.

Meanwhile in the ICU, Derek (donned in hospital garb) hides behind a surgical mask to avoid being recognized by Meg and Antonio who have just entered the room. Meg asks the doctor (Derek) if Ben is okay, but Derek just stands there frozen in fear of being discovered. Before Meg can ask anymore questions, a police officer arrives to tell Meg that he has been placed there to protect Ben. He then told Derek that he is going to need to question him and takes him to the side. The cop then told Meg that he is going to need the names of all the doctors and nurses who are on duty and tending to Ben. Derek uses this opportunity to slip out unnoticed. Meg tries to see if Ben has regained consciousness again, but he doesn't. The officer asks what is going on and Meg says maybe the doctor can tell them, but when they look around for him he is gone. Meg says where did he go. While outside, Derek says I am right here Meg, just waiting for an opportunity to kill Ben so I can switch places with him. Meg comes out the room exciting and told Tyus that she thinks Ben is trying to come to, but he doesn't seem to respond when she talks to him. Tyus informs a disappointed Meg that Ben is heavily sedated and that he will make sounds, but he probably won't wake up until in the morning. Meg then mentions the other doctor and Tyus told her that's strange because he is the only doctor assigned to Ben's case. He then thinks it was probably a colleague of his and Meg agrees and then returns back inside where Ben is. The Cummings and Casey return from the cafeteria and Casey gives Joan and Hank the number of a good realtor. Sara chimes in that she can't believe her parents are turning into real California beach bums. Joan asks her what about her living arrangements and if she has decided to stay here or return to Washington. Sara says she doesn't know, maybe if she had some close friends and looks at Casey. Casey looks right past her and over to Meg who has just come back out of ICU. Overhearing from Ricardo and Antonio talking that the warehouse has burnt down, Meg can't believe it and Ricardo told her that Ben will have round the clock security and he'll get back to her when he learns more about the investigation. Derek thinks to himself that if Ricardo wants the man who attacked Ben, he'll give him the man who attacked Ben and then leaves. Casey rushes over and comforts Meg, while the green-eyed monster emerges from Sara. Seeing Sara staring at Casey and Meg, Joan says Casey's a nice guy isn't he Sara and isn't Meg lucky to have such a good friend. Sara told her that with Meg it's not luck, it's just Meg. Joan is shocked and Sara told her that she loves her sister, but why is it that guys are always falling all over her, Casey, Tim, Ben and if his brother Derek where around, he and Ben would probably be fighting over her. Meg comes upon them talking and asks Sara what brother?

Back At The Richard's,
While Cole and A.J. are outside talking, Gregory calls one of his people and berates them for not informing him that A.J. Deschanel is back in Sunset Beach. He then told the person that he wants them to find out what they can about A.J. and hangs up. Outside, Cole told A.J. about Del Douglas kidnapping him when he was a baby and telling Elaine that he had died. A.J. asks Cole why Del would do such a thing. Cole told A.J. that his grandmother, A.J.'s mother paid Del to do it. Shocked A.J. told Cole that his mother would never do that. Cole told him that she did and he was furious when he found out, but then when she told him that she did it because of A.J., he forgave her. A.J. says me, I wasn't even around. Cole told him that's right, him leaving Sunset Beach left such a whole in her life she filled it the only way she knew how by kidnapping me. He then told A.J. that his mother told him that A.J. had died and his mother had abandoned him. A.J. then says he's gonna kill Del Douglas, but Cole told him that he doesn't have to worry about that because Elaine already did. A.J. says my God, what happened to Elaine? Cole told him that she nearly spent the rest of her life in jail, but Gregory Richards got her off on probation. A.J. says Gregory, isn't there any one in Sunset Beach who wasn't dragged into this mess. Cole told him very few, and then says do you see what your free spirit did Dad, it caused it all, the pain, murder. A.J. asks him where is Elaine now. Cole told him that she left Sunset Beach and he hopes for her sake that A.J. doesn't try to find her and as a matter of fact he should leave to he has caused enough pain. A.J. told Cole that he couldn't have possibly known what would have happened when he left Sunset Beach, but he came back to Sunset Beach because he wants to make things right with him and besides that he also came back to Sunset Beach because of Gregory Richards, adding that the man is truly evil and he won't allow him to harm his son or his grandson. Cole told A.J. that he has one thing going for him, Gregory hates A.J. as much as he hates him. A.J. adds like father like son. Cole tells him that is as far as the connection goes. A.J. told him he doesn't think so and nevertheless, he is in town indefinitely whether Cole likes it or not, he is on his side. He then hands Cole his business card and told him if he wants to talk this is where he'll be and then leaves. Inside, Gregory gets a phone call back from the person he was talking to who told him that A.J. was on the same cruise as Olivia. He then told the person that he doesn't think it was a coincidence and told him that A.J. Deschanel has some ulterior motive for being in Sunset Beach and he wants him to find out what it is. Cole returns from outside and Gregory hangs up and told Cole the reappearance of his father must have put him in a fighting mood. Cole told Gregory not at all and A.J. has told him the reason why he left Sunset Beach and Gregory played a big part in it. Worried, Gregory says so he told you did he. Cole says yes, he told me everything Gregory.

At Olivia's Place (formerly Annie's),
Annie has just come downstairs after retrieving the explicit photos of Eddie and Dr. McCrea. Just then, Bette walks in and asks Annie what is she doing here, she thought Olivia threw her out. Annie told Bette she did and asks if Olivia asked her to move back in. Bette told her yes, she's a good friend. Annie adds unlike your backstabbing niece. Bette says those are your words Annie. Annie says so your saying that you don't feel that way. Upset, Bette tells her that she doesn't want to say anything especially not to her. She then breaks down and starts crying and Annie went to comfort her. While Annie holds her, the pictures slip out of the envelope unto the floor. Bette notices them and asks Annie what is she doing with them. Annie lies and told her that she was just trying to clean out any memories of Eddie. Bette told her nice try and then warns her that she is just like Eddie, all ways up to some kind of scheme and if she isn't careful she is going to end up just like him. She then told Annie to leave, she doesn't need her now she has Olivia's shoulder to cry on. Annie leaves, outside she curses Olivia and blames losing her daddy and Aunt Bette on Olivia. She then heads to Dr. McCrea's. Meanwhile, Bette gets a visit from A.J. who has come looking for Olivia. When Bette opens the door to find A.J. standing there, she faints. A.J. pulls her up off the floor and Bette says that she knows the voice, but he is suppose to be dead. A.J. tells her that his is tired of hearing that and then spins Bette around to face him. Bette looks at him and says why I don't believe it, Armando Deschanel Jr. A.J. says in the flesh and then two old friends embrace each other.

At Dr. Crea's Office,
Olivia arrives and meets with Dr. McCrea. She told the doctor about the events leading up to when she lost her baby and about swearing that she heard her baby crying. She then stresses to the doctor how important it is for her to remember what happened and told the doctor about her attempted suicides because of her pain of losing the baby. Dr. McCrea sympathizes and decides to put Olivia under so she can see if she'll remember what happened the night her baby was born. Under hypnosis, the doctor asks Olivia to go back to the day when her baby was born. Olivia starts by telling about her morning and the wonderful day she and Gregory where having. She then gets closer to the event and talks about the mysterious phone call she received. Dr. McCrea asks her if she recognizes the voice on the telephone, but Olivia told her no it was muffled. She told Olivia to continue and Olivia says that the person wanted her to meet them at a cabin, so she drove up there to give them hush money on some evidence they supposedly had on her son-in-law. While Olivia is telling Dr. McCrea about what happened, a light keeps coming on from her intercom telling her that someone is there. She told Olivia she'll be right back and for her to keep on continuing to remember what happened. The doctor steps out of the room to find Annie standing there saying long time no see. Inside the room where Olivia is, she is still under hypnosis and recalls in her memory running into Annie who was also at the cabin....

Wednesday, May 27, 1998

Casey and Ricardo are seen talking about Ben's beating and Eddie's murder. Sarah is speaking to Joan (sounding slightly jealous ) about the fact that everyone falls all over Meg. That men seem to be drawn to her and she just doesn't know why. They look at the picture of Ben and Derek and Joan once again advises Sarah not to mention Derek or the picture to Meg, that she is burdened enough at this time. Meg is told by Tyus that Ben's injuries are not life threatening and he will make a full recovery. Father Antonio and Meg stand in Ben's room and say a prayer for his recovery. At one point it looks like Ben has something to say but he slips back into his 'sleep' (or is it grand slam sleep from Derek's fist).

Sarah answers a call while unknowingly Casey is standing nearby. It's her friend Melinda who wishes to come down to be with Sarah in 'her time of need.' Sarah refuses but Melinda talks her into it. They hang up with the understanding that Melinda is on her way. As she hangs up the phone Melinda takes the recording device from the receiver. She notes she has not gotten the information she needs and we suppose this will be her real intention for coming to be with Sarah (shades of Lewinsky).

We see Meg with her head on Ben's chest reliving their meeting, their first kiss; the first time they made love and even the day Ben came to Kansas and their two-step dancing. Meg reminds Ben of her love for him and swears their 'connection' will never be broken nor challenged again.

Derek is making a deal with some scuzzy character to buy what looks like dope of some kind. We next see Derek threaten this dude with being killed with his knife or with what looks like the dope he has just bought. Seems the fellow prefers death by drugs and before you can say 'one two three' the guy is gone. Derek then phones the police department, using a fake accent, and reports the death. This all comes together when we later see the police search this guy and low and behold he is carrying Ben's wallet. This, of course gives Ricardo (who has come to check it out) pause to think this guy might be Eddie's killer and the fellow who beat Ben . Derek is off in a corner (lot of people in this town hide in corners) congratulating himself for knowing just what the cops would do and THINK when they found this guy. He has now patted himself on the back and is readying for plan II, to get rid of Ben.

Cole is giving Greg a crock 'of stuff' pretending he knows why his father left town and whatever else went on all those years ago with both AJ and Gregory but Greg isn't giving out any information. He is none to happy to see AJ back in town and wants to get rid of him. He was hoping this might be a temporary visit but AJ seems determined to stay in Sunset Beach and this makes Gregory very nervous. Caitlin later asks Cole how it went with AJ and he lets her know nothing has changed. He is trying very hard to hold on to his anger. Caitlin thought her father might have hated AJ because he was Olivia's first love but she never really got an answer (that was of any consequence). As Caitlin leaves their bed, Cole reaches for the card that AJ has left him where he can be reached. Cole calls and sets up a time to see him the next day. Bette is very nervous as well as Gregory at AJ's intention to stay in Sunset Beach. Seems no one wants to revisit the past and that it may indeed come back to haunt some of the residents who live and love in this beautiful community.

Annie is listening at the door (uh huh, another door hugger) hoping against hope Olivia won't remember anything about the night of her baby's birth. Dr. Badar notices a light on in the outer office phone and assumes her secretary is out there. She excuses herself - why would Olivia care, she's already under - and as she enters the other room she is shocked to see Annie. She knows this woman. "What are you doing here?" she demands. Annie starts with telling her a cock and bull story about Olivia being to fragile to handle the truth of how her baby died, however, in the end told Dr. Badar if she knows what's good for her she'll see to it that Olivia remembers nothing. She takes out the pictures of a scantily clad Dr. all over the presently dead Eddie. Annie threatens Badar's reputation will be in shreds if these pictures become public. Af first the good doctor stays her ground. She lets Annie know that she won't put up with this kind of crap; then, before you can turn around and spit - poof-- she changes her mind deciding to go along with Annie's blackmail. In the meantime Olivia IS REMEMBERING. We see her remember the phone call for Gregory, the low nasty voice telling her to come to the cabin; we see her remember going into labor, we see her remembering Annie. She sees Annie at the head of the bed..."What is Annie doing here?" she told herself. Then...we see her having the baby...Annie holding the baby...we see Annie give Olivia the baby and in moments snatch it away. We see Olivia remember calling out...."Annie bring me back my baby..." She has remembered everything. We are so excited...until Dr. Badar walks back into the room and tells Olivia she will 'remember nothing.' Olivia is devastated. There is one ray of hope, however, Dr. Badar did tell Annie that Olivia WILL remember; SOONER or LATER!!

Thursday, May 28, 1998

At Surf Central,
While on the phone, A frustrated Michael is upset that none of his leads have nothing on Vanessa. As he slams the phone down, always a fly on the wall Virginia walks in and calmly says still no sign of Vanessa. Michael told her that it is beginning to drive him crazy. Virginia suggest to Michael that it would help if he got some sleep. He told her it would help if she minded her own business. Virginia is surprised and Michael apologizes to her. She tells him it's okay, he probably needs to make all those calls to try and find Vanessa ( Like she gives a hoot). She then looks an sees a list of all the newspaper agencies in the far east and is surprised to find that Michael has already practically contacted everyone on the list. Michael told her if it is how he is going to find Vanessa then so be it. He then shows Virginia a passengers list he got from Ricardo of all connecting flights, trains and buses leaving out of Sunset Beach in the last month. Virginia says maybe she went by boat and Michael replies, maybe she didn't leave at all. Virginia then tries to talk him into giving up, by telling him that maybe Vanessa doesn't want to be found. Michael won't hear of it and told Virginia about the love and connection he and Vanessa shared. As he is talking about his love for Vanessa, Virginia is secretly wishing that Michael will realize that she and Jimmy are the ones who truly love him. Gabi shows up and Michael questions her again about anything she may know that will lead him to Vanessa. A panicked Virginia tries not so subtly to get Gabi not to break Vanessa confidence by telling Michael what she knows. Gabi doesn't want to tell him and break her promise, but a desperately driven Michael talks her into it and Gabi told him Vanessa's mother is sick and confined to a hospital. Michael asked Gabi some more questions, but Gabi told him she doesn't know anymore. Michael then remembers the patient at Cedar Oaks Vanessa was visiting and is going to go check it out. Tag-a-long Virginia told him she is going too.

At Tyus' Place,
Vanessa finds out about Ben and asks Tyus how is he doing. Tyus reports Ben's conditions to her and Vanessa feels sad that she can't be there for Meg, plus she misses all of her other friends and all the things they use to do together in Sunset Beach. Tyus suggest to Vanessa that Lena might be the one person who can best help her isolation. He told her he thinks Vanessa and her mother could help each other and he thinks she should go see her. Vanessa is a little apprehensive, but then decides to go see her mother. She and Tyus then head out to Cedar Oaks.

At Olivia's Place (formerly Annie's),
Hurt that her best friend kept A.J.'s return a secret from her, Bette berates Olivia for not informing her that A.J. Deschanel was back in Sunset Beach. Olivia told Bette that she promised A.J. that she wouldn't tell any body about him being back in Sunset Beach until he had a chance to tell Cole first. She then questions a nervous Bette about why she doesn't seem to pleased to here about A.J.'s return, she thought they were good friends. Bette tells Olivia that they are and then says to herself that if only Olivia knew how good of friends they were. Olivia senses Bette's real reason for being so nervous about A.J.'s return and calls her on it. Olivia told Bette that she is worried that A.J. will find out about there little involvement with helping Del steal Cole when he was a baby. Bette asks Olivia if she isn't nervous about A.J. finding out about the hand they played in Cole's kidnapping and Olivia told her no. Bette told her she needs to be because of Gregory, adding that Gregory will use anything to drive a wedge between Olivia and A.J. Olivia told her that Gregory wouldn't use something she told him in confidence against her. Bette says, HELLO! We are talking about Gregory here. If he thought you and A.J. were getting close again, he would tell him in a minute, which is why you need to tell A.J. yourself about your part in the kidnapping and the affair with Del and the Deschanel jewels. Olivia told her that she can't. If she told him that she would lose him, as a friend forever. She then told Bette she is going to pay A.J. a visit and leaves. Once she is gone Bette says, Olivia you have a secret from A.J. and I have one from the both of you.

In A.J.'s Hotel Room,
Cole is there and told his father he has looked into some things and he knows about the robbery and assault charges Gregory filed that happened at the Richard's many years ago and wants to know from A.J. what happened between he and Gregory. A.J. told Cole that Gregory and he hated each other the minute they laid eyes on each other. Cole asks him why and A.J. told him their families were rivals and he and Gregory were constantly at one another's throats years ago until his enemy finally forced him to leave Sunset Beach. Cole asks him where does Olivia fit into all of this. A.J. went on to explain that he met Olivia first and she was his first love, but eventually circumstances broke them up and she went to go work for the Richards as a nurse for Gregory's mother. He told Cole he met Elaine and Olivia met Gregory. The night he was arrested he finally realized he didn't love Elaine, it was Olivia he loved and he went to the estate to tell her, but Gregory was ready for him and had set a trap. Cole says, you walked right into it. A.J. tells him he was arrested and he knew Gregory had the means to put him away for a long time. Then Gregory gave his ultimatum, go to prison or leave town, so he chose to leave. Cole asks him what about Olivia and A.J. told him that she married Gregory. Cole still can't understand why Gregory can't stand him. He told him Gregory Richards never forgives or forgets, but Cole must know that by now. Cole told him he does, adding that Gregory has never forgiven him for stealing Caitlin away. A.J. warns his son to never cross Gregory were Olivia is concerned and then asks Cole what is his relationship with Olivia. Cole told him that Olivia wasn't thrilled when she found out about him and Caitlin, but they have come to an understanding. He starts to leave opens the door and Olivia is there. Olivia comes inside and Cole blasts Olivia for not telling him about A.J. Olivia explains to a hot tempered Cole that they met on the cruise and A.J. convinced her to come back home and find out the truth about her baby and she on the other hand, told him he had a son. She then asks how are they getting along and A.J. told her that they were talking about her and Cole. Olivia looks at Cole a little worried and Cole told her he didn't tell A.J. anything and then leaves. Alone, A.J. asks Olivia why didn't she tell him about Del stealing Cole out of the hospital. Olivia told him she wanted to protect him. A.J. told her she is still the same loving woman she use to be. She told him about seeing the hypno-therapist, but she couldn't help her. A.J. told her he hates to see her in such pain. Olivia told him she has to leave. Outside his room, she told herself, that it is so hard to lie to him about her part in the kidnapping but promises she will tell him, and hopes it is before Gregory does.

At The Richards',
Gregory is talking about extra security for his family when Caitlin and Sean walk in on him. Gregory told the person he will get back to them, but Caitlin and Sean question him about the added security. He told them he is only taking precautions since Ricardo told him all Liberty Corporation people and their families where in danger. Caitlin leaves the room to go check on Trey and Sean rails at his father for failing to assign protection to Olivia in the wake of the attacks on Eddie and Ben. Gregory asks Sean why does he think he should protect Olivia since she has made it perfectly clear that she wants nothing from him. Sean says if mom died, you wouldn't even care. Gregory says, should I and Sean calls him a self-fish bastard and then leaves. He then heads to the beach where he runs into the girl-jogger who ran into him the other day. He finds out that she is competing for one of the lifeguard trainee positions. The girl shows Sean the lifeguard tryout sign. Sean told her he thinks she should learn how to tan and throw a Frisbee. She told him he wouldn't stand a chance if he were doing it. He asked her what her name is and she told him he'll find out next week when he comes back, when her name will be on the top of the list. She then went jogging off. Back at the Richard's, Bette arrives and told Gregory they need to do something about A.J. Gregory tells Bette it's nothing for her to get worked up about. Bette reminds Gregory again how important it is that they keep secret the fact that they schemed together to keep A.J. and Olivia apart years ago. Gregory told her A.J. is only interested in getting to know his son and he is not here for Olivia. Bette told him that A.J. has been digging into the past and if it weren't for them A.J. and Olivia would be together today and she believes A.J. is still interested in Olivia. Gregory laughs off this suggestion, but Bette told him that he needs to come out of his fantasy world and then leaves. Gregory goes into another room to make some calls. Cole arrives home and told Caitlin that he just came from seeing A.J. Caitlin is happy that Cole went to see A.J., but Cole doesn't think it's that big of a deal. Caitlin told him one thing she has learned from her father, is that family is important and she was going to call her mother to meet Trey. Cole says she isn't home, she's at the hotel with my dad. Gregory walks in and becomes concerned when he hears Cole mention that Olivia is with A.J.

At Cedar Oaks Hospital,
Vanessa and Tyus arrive and Vanessa enters Lena's room. Lena was happy to see Vanessa again and told her that she was afraid she wouldn't come back to visit her. Vanessa told her that would never happen. Lena told her she never wanted to hurt her and she has missed her very much. Vanessa told her she misses her to and it was a mistake to push them away from her years ago, but now they can change it. Outside Lena's Room, Tyus is listening in when A nurse comes up and asked Tyus to check on a patient. He leaves and back inside, Lena tells Vanessa how wrong she was and they could start over again. Vanessa tells her mother that she would like that and then Lena takes her hand. As she looks down at her hand she sees the blisters and says Oh no. She then pulls her sleeve up and sees her arms and starts crying oh god no! Lena screams I did this to you, I gave you the disease it's my fault. Vanessa tries to calm her mother and told her it isn't her fault but Lena becomes hysterical and a nurse comes in and gives her a sedative. Vanessa stands by while Lena rocks herself back and forth in to a quiet calm and cries herself to sleep. Just outside the door, Michael and Virginia have arrived and Virginia know which room is Lena's tries to convince Michael he doesn't have the right room. Michael told her this is the room he saw Vanessa coming out of last time she was at Cedar Oaks and starts to open the door, while Vanessa is on the other side of the door.

Friday, May 29, 1998

Ricardo and Gabi are discussing the case of the 'dead' junkie and his involvement with the arson of Ben's warehouse as well as Ben's beating. Ricardo told Gabi that it's too easy; he feels in his gut that there's more to the story. The fact that police found Ben's wallet and watch was a bit too convenient. Ricardo voices his hunch that the killer may still be out there. He feels he should warn Meg. He and Gabi head for the hospital.

Derek is in what looks to be the 'morgue.' He has donned a mustache, glasses and new 'do' to completely change his appearance. He went over -in his mind- his plans to kill Ben and take over his life. Derek went over to the computer and pulls up the file on the junkie he killed; the guy who everyone thinks beat Ben. He adds to the information a line about the guy having kerosene on his hands. This, Derek contends, will cinch it as far as the police are concerned. They will now think this guy is also the arsonist who lit up Ben's warehouse property. Derek is sufficiently pleased with himself and sets forth to cover his last duty.

Meg is in Ben's room when he seems to rally. Unknown to her Ben is remembering his imprisonment by Derek, seeing Derek make love to the women he most cherishes, envisioning the looks and threats Derek made over the last few days (or weeks). He tries to say something to Meg, to warn her, but he falls back into his comatose sleep once again.

Sarah comes into the room and brought Meg new clothes. She suggests Meg leave and freshen up. . Derek is lurking near Ben's door and as Gabi and Ricardo walk up it seems Ricardo has spotted him; but instead they head for Meg and Sarah. Ricardo warns Meg about his hunch whidh he later retracts after going to the morgue and reading the information Derek has put up on the screen. He told Gabi his gut still told him something wrong, but he has no proof.

(In the meantime, somewhere in the hospital) Derek has gotten into the medicine cabinet at the supply closet. He is looking for something. Something lethal from what we can surmise.

As Meg and Sarah speak of the violence that has come into their lives Sarah has flashbacks of herself in line somewhere (in DC no doubt) wearing her beret and greeting what is most probably her Congressman (supposed to be). They speak of the house their parents, Joan and Hank are checking out that day -thanks to Casey, who, as usual, is being a dear boy and helping them find a place to live. Meg notes how wonderful it will be for 'all the kids to be able to get together (all the kids??).

Since Ricardo has now told Meg they have caught the fellow who did the arson and beatings (though he doesn't really believe it himself) she feels better about getting the shower she and Sarah had talked about her taking earlier. She leaves Ben to 'pretty up' as Derek, still lurking (his best trait) enters Ben's room, closes curtains and blinds and goes over to Ben's bed. There he takes the syringe he has brought with him and stabs it into the IV where it will go directly into Ben's bloodstream. As Meg is about to change clothes and 'pretty up' she has a feeling, she told Sarah something is wrong and that Ben needs her..........

: Sean meets up with Emily as he is filling out an application for a lifeguard position. She informs him she is in terrific shape and the job will be hers so he shouldn't bother to even fill out the papers for employment. Sean is competitive and it seems they will be vying for the same job though Sean is not in shape as is his competitor. Seems Sean likes this girl and this is one way of introduction even if he loses.

After begging Gabi for information she relents and told Michael about what she knows of Vanessa's mom. He and Virginia head for the hospital but as they are to enter the door of Lena's room Tyus stops them. He tells Michael this is a very sick woman and cannot have visitors. IN THE MEANTIME Vanessa has gone to see her mother. They embrace and her mom has become terribly upset when she sees that Vanessa has signs of Martins Syndrome. She has been sedated but Vanessa continues to speak to her and as she turns to leave she hears Michael, Tyus, and Virginia on the other side of the door. She panics and is rooted to the spot as she continues to listen. Michael is furious 'IS THERE A RULE FOR EVERY SQUARE INCH OF SPACE IN THIS PLACE,' he bellows. Tyus tries calming him down, "If she loves you and you love her maybe she'll come back to you." This isn't good enough for Michael. As he is led away Virginia is just about to go when she spots Vanessa (who thought this was a good time to make her getaway). Vanessa grabs Virginia and propels her into an empty room. Looking at her face Virginia is horrified (and unexpectedly moved) at the reality and depth of the disfigurement (which she herself has caused to happen). Virginia seems to have a twinge of guilt and told Vanessa she never realized how very much Michael did love her. Vanessa tearfully says she cannot have Michael see her and ruin his life. This, of course, was Virginia's intention but suddenly she didn't look very happy at being the winner.

Vanessa asks a favor of Virginia. A favor that would have seemed all but impossible or ridiculous months ago. She asks Virginia to look afer Michael. "Help him forget he ever knew me, ever loved me," her eyes filling with tears. Virginia agrees (but doesn't look as happy as we'd expected, and we see a tear or two in her face as well)...............IN THE MEANWHILE Michael has sneaked into Lena's room. He starts to open the curtain, then stops and speaks to her outside the curtain, unable to see her face. He asks her if she is Vanessa's mom and when she finds out who he is she screams 'I HAVE NO DAUGHTER, I HAVE NO DAUGHTER." He is led out once again and it is obvious his heart is broken for once again he has no information to help find the woman he loves. The administrator, Mr. Forbish is seen very near Virginia...."WAIT. haven't I seen you before?" Virginia flashes back to the time when she worked there and when Laverne fired her, how she begged this man for her job....grabbing him by the legs, screaming for him to give her another chance. Uh Oh, she is sure she's in trouble; she will be found out. She makes up an story (no surprise) about working in the coffee shop or some such thing and Forbish buys it. She breathes a sigh of relief. Forbish walks on as Virginia joins Michael;, her arm around him they leave the hospital while Vanessa, heartbroken and as dejected as Michael, looks on....

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