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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of May 25, 1998 on ATWT
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Monday, May 25, 1998


Tuesday, May 26, 1998

Eddie sleepwalks again and wonders downstairs where he swings at the air and knocks a vase to the ground, breaking it. Adam hears the noise and goes downstairs to investigate. Adam finds Eddie hiding under a table. When Adam hears Margo coming down the stairs he covers for Eddie and tells her that he bumped into the vase and broke it. Margo send Adam off to bed and goes to clean up the broken vase but finds that the mess has already been cleaned up. Tom calls to report that he will be working late. Margo turns around and bumps into Eddie. She asks him if he is interested in working in a restaurant. He says yes. Eddie tells Margo that she looks good without makeup. Later she finds him repairing the vase.

John goes to the Falcon Club and celebrates with Lisa. Andy stops by and also congratulates his dad. He is glad that Barbara has called of the divorce. Lisa wants to know why John isn't home with Barbara. John tells her that Barbara wants to take it slow. Nikki stops by and Andy offers to help her study for a big test in the morning. They stay up all night studying. Finally Nikki is ready to take the test.

Still in the basement waiting out the storm, Jack and Julia talk about their futures and what they invision their spouses and houses will be like. Both want to live in a farm house. After the storm finally breaks, Julia thanks Jack for being so wonderful during the storm. Jack then kisses Julia.

Carly tells Hal that she is scared of the future. She then tries to explain it to Hal. Hal tries to cheer her up by talking about the nursery. He tells her his plan about adding another room off of their bedroom where it will have a huge bay window. Carly is happy. She tries to get Hal to drop the lawsuit against John but he won't. In the morning Carly calls Lisa and asks her to come over.

Wednesday, May 27, 1998

Camille is thrilled when her agent calls and reports that her modeling campaign has been expanded and her fee has doubled. Ben finds her cancer pamphlets. She covers and says they are for a paper she writing for school. Camille's mother stops by to apologize. Camille has another pain and calls Susan to tell her the pain is stronger and burning.

Molly goes to David's place and hops into bed hoping to surprise David, but finds James there instead. David goes to his place and finds his dad waiting for him. James tells David that he is there to offer his help in getting Lucinda. James tells David that they have 2 goals: To bring down the Walsh family and for David to build his own empire.

Molly goes to see Lucinda and wants to know when her book will be published. Lucinda calls the publisher and he tells Molly the book will be done by Christmas. Molly has a fit and tells him to have it done by July 4. Molly tells Lucinda that James is at David's. Lucinda goes to David's to see James.

Carly asks Lisa what is going on between her and John. Lisa denies that anything is going on. Hal stops by his place and Lisa asks to talk to him. Lisa tells Hal that "so many people will get hurt" by the lawsuit. John stops by Hal and Hal tell him that he is dropping the lawsuit. Which makes everyone happy.

Thursday, May 28, 1998

Tom and Emily stay up all night working on the tornado story in Tom's Chicago hotel room. Tom is nervous about his article, but Emily loves it and sends it to print. While celebrating, they discuss Margo and Eddie.

A frightened Camille calls Susan to inform her of a new burning sensation in her chest muscle. Susan convinces Camille to come into the clinic for further testing. Afterwards, Susan reports there is a small mass in Camille's breast and a biopsy will need to be performed. Camille tells Susan she can't get a biopsy today because she has a photo shoot. When she prepares to leave the hospital, she runs into a very surprised Ben.

Lucinda arrives at David's suite looking for James. David tells her he's not there, but he has something else to show her. He pulls out a photograph of James and Lucinda locked in a kiss. David taunts Lucinda with the information and the legal implications of his "proof." Molly is also shocked to see the photograph. Later, back at her Worldwide office, Lucinda questions her feelings for James. When she opens her desk drawer, she finds a framed copy of the photo signed by James.

Margo meets Eddie at the Mona Lisa to help him get a job there. When Lisa is detained, Margo and Eddie have lunch together. They discuss Deana, but later discuss Eddie's childhood and what he wants out of life and Eddie starts to loosen up with Margo.

Friday, May 29, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Meredith Thompson

As Camille is leaving Susan's office, Ben walks in. Molly comes to hear Carly's "big news" and hands Carly her morning edition. Carly sees the City Times with its headline about the tornadoes in Chicago and worries about Jack. Ignoring Molly's protests, Carly calls Jack. In Chicago, an awake and fully dressed Julia tucks the blanket around Jack, who's dreaming of the two of them dancing and kissing. But in the dream Julia turns into Carly, and Jack wakes up shirtless, in a cold sweat. Julia reminds him who she is and where they are, commenting, "some nightmare". Jack doesn't have a chance to reply-his cell phone is ringing, and he can't remember where he put it.

Molly has the understatement of the year when she tells Carly, "I am the poster child for wrong moves you can make with a guy." She tells her cousin to hang up before it's too late-what if Hal were to find out? She's just checking up on a friend, Carly rationalizes. Not if that friend's name is Jack Snyder, Molly retorts. Oops-Nikki walks in. Back in the hospital, Camille explains away her presence in Susan's office-she was doing research on that paper about cancer. After Ben leaves, Susan urges her to tell Ben so she won't be alone. She doesn't want Ben's help, Camille snaps. At Oakdale U., Andy looks at Nikki's photography project with a big red A on it. He remembers their trip to Chicago-how they kissed, then he backed away because he's her teacher. Back in the present, he castigates himself for having told her, "This is wrong." Enter John Dixon. Andy is irked when his dad calls him "professor." The job is fine, Andy reassures his bewildered father-but what he really wants to do is ask Nikki out. Dad doesn't think that's such a great idea just now.

Please, Nikki tells the two cousins, don't let me stop your talking. Carly fibs that she was just calling to get a bid from a contractor on that extra room they want to build. Molly says oh yes, she was there to help with the...paint color, Carly supplies. Nikki leaves for class. The stepmom and daughter exchange insincere smiles when Nikki promises to pick up Carly's prescription for vitamins at the pharmacy. Once outside the Munson mansion, Nikki mutters that what would make really make her dad happy is if Carly would stop calling Jack Snyder. Jack, now in a bathrobe, finally locates his cellular, but only after it's stopped ringing. Guess it wasn't that important, he surmises. He and Julie trade quips about his Gene Kelly moves from the night before and they talk about the tornado headlines in the newspaper that Danny brought them. Jack can't believe it was only last night. Julia agrees, saying it was a once in a lifetime thing. She backs down from the kiss they shared the night before, saying that in a crisis you do things you normally wouldn't....or things that you always wanted to do, but never had the nerve before, Jack finishes.

Do you think Nikki overheard? Carly asks her cousin. She worries-if Nikki did hear about Jack, she's cooked. Still worried about Jack, she calls and gets the number for the Magic Lantern. Meanwhile, Molly is still reliving the appearance of "the brat." She blabs about the chemistry between Nikki and Andy "I-Can-Do-No-Wrong" Dixon. Carly, surprised at the idea of Nikki and Andy, jogs Danny's memory when he answers the phone, reminding him about her and her husband being there with Jack a few nights before-she's the blonde. Carly asks him if Jack is okay. "Jackie" is fine, Danny replies-he and Julia came in early that morning. Should he tell them to call Carly when they get up? No, Carly hurries to tell him-when Jack's alone tell him she was worried about him and is glad he's okay. Remember, she instructs Danny-tell him not to call her back. Molly can only shake her head and make reference to her own holdin' to Holden past. But Carly doesn't see the connection-she's always going to care about Jack...a little bit. But onto her big news-she's pregnant. That's great, Molly enthuses. Who's the father? Carly is angry-who has Molly been talking to?

Andy gets John to admit that the real issue is between him and Hal. Andy doesn't care that it's bad timing, or that he'll get flak from the university about it, that they'll question how Nikki got her A. John does a reversal and gives Andy his approval, urging him to dump his job if it's giving him such trouble. Andy agrees-nothing is going to stop him. Nikki appears in the doorway. It's back to reality, Jack & Julia reluctantly agree. Jack finds an article about Prince Xavier in the paper, saying he has left New York after searching for his beloved Julia Lindsey-they both hope he has given up. Jack finds the racing section and remembers his older brother taking him to the races once, sneaking him in over the fence. He was too young to bet, but his brother promised to bring him back one day. He never did, Jack muses. So let's go today, Julia suggests. They'd need money. Jack reveals that they can't use the money that the prince gave him to find her-he gave the $10,000 to the children's ward of the hospital because he felt guilty about accepting the money in the first place. Julia says to leave the money issue to her. When Jack is in the shower Julia takes out the bracelet Xavier gave her and with Danny's advice, heads for a pawn shop.

Back in Oakdale, Susan & Camille apologize to one another. Camille explains why she won't tell Ben-when she's with him she can forget. He's her oasis-she can pretend she doesn't know about her family history of breast cancer. She can forget about what's waiting for her. Susan tries to reassure her. John exits as Nikki enters Andy's classroom. She hugs her teacher as she sees the A on her project. Now she can get into the advanced class-that is, if he can stand to see her all summer. There's no one he'd rather see, he says, then kisses her. Molly is puzzled by Carly's reaction-she knows Carly is still in touch with Jack, so she just figured he could be the father, too. Carly is not amused by Molly's assumption. She doesn't want Molly to blab about her pregnancy to David-she wants to avoid Molly's blackmailing boyfriend knowing about it until she can figure out a plan. Molly's worried about keeping secrets from him, and Carly, groaning, divines that Molly has real feelings for him. Molly brings up Jack's name again.

At the track, Jack places a "pretend" bet on a long shot named Princess Folly. They watch as the horse lags behind at the start of the race but charges back to win. Jack & Julia rejoice-too bad they didn't bet for real, Jack says. Check your back pocket, Julia tells him. He finds a betting slip. She has a thing for long shots too, she tells him. At the swimsuit shoot, Camille is worked over by both the makeup artist and her mother. The shoot begins, and the photographer's instructions are interspersed with images of the mammogram technician and Susan telling her about the mass in her breast. Camille runs off as Ben arrives on the scene. Ben tells them to cancel the shoot, it's upsetting her. Meanwhile, Sara Ruth tries to tell Camille how important this job is. Forget it, Ben says-it's over. Don't fret about it anymore. No, Camille says, it's a job, and she has to do it.

Nikki is confused by Andy's change in attitude-what about what he said in Chicago? He'll explain it-on a date that night. She'll be there, she tells him. After she walks out, Andy exults, then throws out his nameplate. Carly berates Molly for comparing Jack to David, even bringing up David still having feelings for Emily. She senses Molly's wants to say something-'fess up cousin. Okay, Molly says-but if David knew, he'd dump her. Camille resumes the shoot as Ben stands by. Sara Ruth praises her beauty, while Ben looks more worried. Afterwards, she dodges Ben's dinner invitation-she has to finish that paper. After she leaves, Sara Ruth & Ben square off-Ben tells her to stop trying to relive her life through her daughter. Molly tells Carly that the "secret admirer" responsible for her lavish lifestyle is really an enemy-she's paying Molly to spy on David. You're working for Lucinda Walsh, Carly guesses. She promises to keep quiet, but urges Molly to get out of her deal. Molly says it's too late-if she does, Lucinda will tell David everything and she'll lose him. So is the money really that important? Carly asks. You tell me, says Molly.

Jack's not happy when he returns from claiming their money-where'd Julia get the $1000 for the bet? She tells him she sold some jewelry. He worries that Xavier could track her down through it. It was worth it, she says, just to see him so happy. Jack thanks her, and they kiss. Ben & Sara Ruth argue. She tells him that she gave up her own singing career to raise Camille, and Ben had no right to stop the shoot. An emotional Ben tells her he had every right-he's the man who's going to marry her. Camille waits in Susan's office for the specialist to arrive. Jack & Julia continue to kiss, oblivious to having been spotted by Prince Xavier. Carly tells Molly she only wants Molly to be as happy as she is-with a husband who loves her and a baby on the way. Molly threatens to throw her a baby shower in the meantime, even if it's only to book a table for the two of them. Nikki enters, and Molly exits. Carly opens the bag that Nikki brought home and finds not her prenatal vitamins but condoms.

Colleen Zenk makes surprise appearance as Y&R's Aunt Jordan


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