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Monday May 25, 1998

At the boxing ring, one of the amateurs challenges Austin to a fight. Austin apologizes to Daryl because he didn't come here to fight. Austin decides to help coach one of the boxers. Daryl reminds Austin that he was once a smart mouth until a pro stepped into the ring with him and knocked him flat. Daryl says that these guys need him to do the same for them.

Sami is daydreaming about Franco and he just happens to drop by the Kiriakis Mansion. The phone rings and it's Daryl from the boxing ring. Daryl tells Sami that Austin is here and Sami tells Daryl that they'll be down there ASAP and Sami tells Franco that they have to go down to the ring and make sure Carrie finds out. Sami assures Franco that she won't try to manipulate her way into Austin's life. Austin steps back into the ring to fight the smart-mouthed fighter and ends up getting knocked out.

Bo goes to the Kiriakis mansion and learns that Billie went to New Orleans to find him. Bo is confused and Kate tells him that Billie went to New Orleans to tell him that the amnio came back positive. Bo assures Kate that he is going to do right by this baby and Billie. Bo apologizes to Kate if he made Billie worry. Kate lectures Bo that her daughter shouldn't be alone at this point of her life. Once again, Bo apologizes. Bo calls the hotel and leaves a message that he's very happy about the news. Bo goes to the hospital and talks with Dr. Bader, who says if Billie avoids stress and gains weight she should deliver a healthy baby.

Kate tells Lucas that she is worried about his drinking. Lucas says he's just celebrating Sami's downfall and he says that Franco wins the Sami Brady Manipulation Award. Kate tells Lucas he should be worried about Franco because what would happen if he married Sami. Lucas thinks that will never happen, but Kate tells him not to be so sure. Lucas assures his mom that he won't let Franco Kelly become Will's stepfather.

Billie asks to hold her baby, but Erlene takes the baby and tells her that it is dead. Billie wants to take her to the hospital because she can't be dead, but Erlene tells her that the baby is stillborn. Billie breaks down and cries. Erlene says she's going to put the baby to rest, but Billie refuses to let her take her baby anywhere. Billie asks to hold her baby and say goodbye, so Erlene hands her to Billie and leaves the room. Billie rocks the baby and then says how much she needs Bo right now. Meanwhile, Roman shows up at the gas station looking for Billie and runs into Earl and Wayne. Roman says he's here looking for Billie, but Wayne and Earl lie and tell Roman they haven't seen her or any other strangers. Erlene comes out and tells Roman that they haven't seen a pregnant woman, but Roman decides to look anyway. When Roman comes up empty he decides to leave, but Swamp Girl throws a rock at him as he gets into his car. Roman gets back out and looks around for the source of the rock. Roman eventually returns to the hotel and learns that Billie still hasn't come home.

Back at the gas station, Erlene tells Wayne and Earl that the baby was stillborn. Earl plays Georgia on his guitar and Billie sings along inside the house.

Tuesday, May 26, 1998

Lexie is talking to Ali about the photo of her and Mike and comments that they appear to be quite the couple. Ali replies by saying that she agrees that their relationship is moving to new levels and Carrie hears her and abruptly interrupts. Ali says that she thinks her and Mike's relationship is moving along. Before Carrie can say much Mike walks up and all ask how the interview went. He thinks it went well and Ali suggests they go to Java Cafe to get his mind off the interview. He thinks it's a great idea and off they go. She says to Lexie that she thinks Mike and Ali are not a good match. She and Lexie also head to Java Cafe and she tells Lexie that she thinks Ali is an opportunist and is probably just interested in Mike to help further her career. Lexie takes up for Ali saying she's a very sweet and caring person and she was interested in Mike before he even applied for Chief of Staff. Lexie can tell Carrie is preoccupied with some thoughts but can't get Carrie to admit to anything. Finally, Carrie excuses herself to go to Titan and asks Lexie to call her if she has news.

Austin is still down and Darrell jumps in the ring to see if he's OK. Franco wants to leave before they are seen but Sami is concerned that Austin might be hurt. No matter what he says he can't get her to leave. Austin finally gets up and says that was a good punch but he's ready to go again. So the guys start sparring again and Sami talks about how great Austin looks in the ring. The guys throw a few more punches before quitting and Eddie tells Austin he is good. Darrell asks Austin if he is ready to give up pushing pencils and get back in the ring but he says no and excuses himself to shower. Sami is pleased with the outcome and tells Franco that just a few more pushes and Austin and Carrie will start having problems. Franco acts like he could care less and finally gets Sami to leave and head back to Titan. Once there, Carrie comes in just as he kisses her good-bye and she asks Sami if she has seen Austin. Sami wants to say where Austin has been but thinks better of it and says she is not Austin's keeper as she has other things and people to be concerned with. Sami tells Carrie she has been ignoring Austin by spending so much time with Mike and naturally she says she and Mike are working together and that's all. They start to raise their voices when Austin shows up. He asks what's going on and Carrie asks where he's been but he doesn't answer.

Bo gets a call from Roman in New Orleans telling him that Billie is missing. Bo tells Roman he will take the next flight back and help look for her. On the way to the travel agent he runs into Hope. He tells her about Billie being missing and they are both concerned that she might be in danger. But they forget about her real fast and begin talking about Hope and her returning to find more clues. Bo doesn't want her to go back alone and she is adamant that she can take care of herself. He asks about the other clues she has and she pulls them out and hears the waltz again but says the compact was of the most importance. Then Hope tells Bo he needs to get to the airport and that Billie is his number one priority. She says she knows he cares for her but he has to be there for Billie. He promises to be there for Billie and the birth of the baby.

Mike returns to the hospital and sees Lexie and finds out the board has made a decision. He turns to see two of the board members and says to Lexie "This is it". They pass him and go to the nurses station and asks them to page Dr Craig Wesley and Mike hears this. He turns again to Lexie and thinks he was not one of the finalists. Marlena and John have been shopping for the kids and returns with lots of packages. She says she loves being there but really wants to return to Salem. She wants to be there for Laura even if she doesn't want her there. John says they can return but he has one more place he wants to go to before they leave and Marlena agrees to go with him. They head to the lobby and see Roman and find out about Billie being missing. John offers to help but Roman says that Bo is on the way back and he has the police helping too. Roman tells them that he was there to see the ISA and Marlena asks is he is going back to work for them. Before he can answer he gets called to the phone and John asks if she still cares for him. She says she will always care for Roman but she loves John and will spend the rest of her life with him. He is happy to hear this and after realizing they can't help Roman they head out to see if they can find part of John's past. Next we see them at the remains of Maison Blanche. John hopes that they might find something there to help him and maybe Hope too.

Billie is in the bed now still holding the baby and crying. Erlene comes in and tells Billie she needs to give her the baby so they can have a proper burial for her. Billie says no she wants to hold her baby longer but Erlene takes the baby from Billie's arms as she screams for her to give her the baby back. Erlene tells Billie that the baby's soul is still with her. With Billie still screaming Erlene calls for one of the boys to comes get the baby and get ready to bury her. Billie says she wants to help bury the baby and Erlene agrees but only if Billie will drink some of her herbal tea because she will need it for strength. Billie drinks the tea and gets dressed to join them for the burial. She walks out of the house and sees a small wooden coffin sitting out front. She goes over and falls on it crying for her baby. The boys pick up the coffin and they all head to the woods while humming Amazing Grace. They place the coffin in the ground and Billie kneels beside it to say her good-byes.

Erlene tells her that the baby is in heaven and one day they will be reunited. Billie says I know her when I see her and Erlene says yes so Billie says she needs to name her baby. She says she hasn't thought of a name and thought she would know the right name when she saw her baby. She then remembers the song Georgia from earlier and decides to name the baby Georgia. She sees some flowers and wants to pick them to place on the grave too. With the grave covered Billie is looking around and finds the compact in the dirt. She picks it up and cleans it enough to see the letter "G" she thinks this is a sign that her baby will live on forever and says she will keep the compact forever. Erlene wants Billie to come back to the house and lie down but she says she needs to return to New Orleans so Erlene says one of the boys will drive her back and the other one will take her rental car back. The swamp girl is watching all this and when they all leave she goes to the grave and gently places some smooth stones in the grave to form a cross. Billie returns to the hotel and walks in to see Roman there. He rushes over to her glad to see her and says she looks upset and ask what is wrong.

Wednesday, May 27, 1998

Too much At the hospital, Craig is called over the PA to report to the nurses station. Mike tells Lexie that he's positive that he hasn't made the final cut because he hasn't been paged. Craig shows up and Mrs. Winston and Mr. Lewis tell him they have some good news. Mike and Lexie realize that Craig is one of the finalists. Mrs. Winston and Mr. Lewis go over to talk to Mike and tell him he's the other finalist for the Chief of Staff position. Mike thanks them. Craig shows up and congratulates Mike and says he's honored to be in the running with him. After Mr. Lewis and Mrs. Winston leave, Craig tells Mike that he might as well drop out of this race because he's got it in the bag. Craig starts gossiping about Carrie and how she can't wait to spend time with her loverboy. Mike gets angry and grabs Craig's jacket. Lexie pleads with Mike to let Craig go. Mike does and Lexie tells Mike not to let Craig let him get to him. Craig leaves and Lexie tells Mike to call Carrie and let her know the good news. Mike says perhaps Lexie should do that because he fears that Carrie will pick up on his feelings. Lexie says that Carrie is his PR person and deserves to know.

Franco is panicking and needs to convince Sami to marry him, but she could be dangerous if she finds out the truth. Lucas shows up and congratulates Franco him for taking care of Sami. Franco warns Lucas to stop trashing Sami or else. Lucas begins to wonder if Franco really would marry Sami, but he thinks nobody is that crazy. At Titan, Austin is surprised that Carrie isn't at the hospital with Mike. Carrie says that Mike will call her when he finds out and she asks him where he's been. Austin tells Carrie they need some privacy, so Sami leaves and tells them to use her office. Austin tells Carrie that he spent the day at the boxing gym. Sami overhears this and becomes angry with Austin for being so honest. Austin assures her that his boxing career is in the past. Austin tells Carrie that she should go over to the hospital to check up on Mike, so Carrie leaves and Austin breathes a sigh of relief.

Meanwhile Lucas shows up at Titan and asks Sami whose life she's planning on ruining now. Sami tells him to shut the hell up and walks off. Suddenly, Sami is grabbed by Franco, yanked into a closet, and kissed. Franco starts seducing Sami in the closet and Lucas hears them in there and is shocked. Austin shows up and they both listen as Sami moans "Oh Franco!" Lucas says it is discussing that they are doing that in a closet, but Austin reminds him that he did it with Sami in the photo lab. Carrie and Mike run into each other in Salem Park.

Billie comes back to the hotel and Roman tells her that he's been worried about her. Roman asks her if she is all right and she tells Roman that she's not. Billie says that nothing happened, she just didn't find Bo. Roman tells Billie that Bo went home and is planning on flying down here to find her. Billie says no, she has to go back to Salem now. Roman calls Bo, who is still in Salem Place with Hope. Roman tells Bo that Billie is fine and they are both coming home. Roman tells Bo that Billie is very special to him and he hopes Bo will take care of her. Billie and Roman board their plane home. Roman asks Billie what is wrong and she almost tells him, but the flight attendant interupts and tells the passengers that they will be landing in Salem. Roman tells Billie that he will always be there for her because they are life-long friends.

Back in Salem. Hope tells Bo that she plans to find the compact she lost and figure out what this waltz she keeps hearing is. Hope tells Bo that she wants to help him pick up a gift to give to Billie when she comes home to make her feel more secure. They go to a little shop and Hope is mistaken as the pregnant one. They correct the clerk and then buy a baby book. Bo thanks Hope and says he will do right by Billie and the baby, but Hope will always be first in his heart.

Bo goes back to the Kiriakis mansion and asks Henderson to have the cook prepare a special dinner for Billie, who will be home soon. Hope is still walking around Salem Place wondering what triggers her to hear the waltz in her head. Roman and Billie are also in Salem Place and Roman leaves to get Billie some ice cream. Roman brings her the ice cream and she tells Roman that he can go on home, she has a few things to take care of. Hope spots Billie and approaches her.

Marlena and John have arrived at the rubble of what once was Maison Blanche. John gets angry and kicks some of the rubble and exclaims "Oh my God!" John has found the chains that Stefano used to shackle him in the dungeon. John walks around the rubble and finds a picture and says "Good lord, what is this?"

Thursday, May 28, 1998

Bo waits for Billie at the Kiriakis mansion and has the cook make a special dinner for her, but can't figure out why Billie hasn't come straight home. Hope is puzzled to see Billie wandering around Salem Place when she should be home with Bo. Billie is staring at the compact with the letter "G" on it and remembering how she found it when she buried Georgia. Hope doesn't see it. Hope stops Billie and asks what she's doing there. She sees that Billie has been crying and asks her what is wrong. Billie says Hope is the source of all her problems. Hope tells Billie that she has given Bo up and is no threat, and Billie should stop playing the victim. Things get very heated between them, and Billie almost tells Hope she lost the baby, but stops short. Billie has a sudden pain and storms off, while Hope calls Bo to let him know she saw Billie at Salem Place and they had a fight.

Nicole is excited about her upcoming shoot in Miami, but the sight of a letter on her desk makes her depressed. She gets a collect call from L.A. and angrily refuses the charges and tells the operator to tell the party never to call again. She wonders how "they" keep finding her when she keeps changing her number. She packs her things and heads to Titan. At Titan, Eric gets a memo that surprises him. He goes to ask Sami about it, but can't find her. He finds Lucas instead, who tells him that Sami and Franco have slept together. Eric is disgusted with Lucas' attitude. They go to the studio and start looking over some clothes that are being shipped for the shoot. Nicole comes in and Lucas sweet talks her and asks her out to dinner when she gets back from the shoot. Nicole agrees, and after he leaves, she tells Eric that Lucas can be really sweet. Eric says Sami has problems with Lucas. Nicole says people who are friends should never date. Eric tells her that some of the best romances begin in friendship. Then he tells her that the location of the shoot has been changed from Miami to Los Angeles. Nicole looks shocked and tells Eric that she can't go.

Franco and Sami make love in the storage closet at Titan, unaware that Lucas is outside the door, listening. Lucas decides to play a little joke and jams the key into the lock from the outside, locking them in. When Sami and Franco are done, they try to leave, but can't get the door open. Sami, who is claustrophobic, immediately starts to panic. Suddenly, she sees a note being slipped under the door. It's from Lucas and it tells her to enjoy her night. Included in the note are three condoms! Sami is furious and terrified. Franco tells her that if they want to get out before tomorrow morning, they are going to have to climb through the air conditioning vents. Sami takes one look and says, "No way!"

Austin punches the bag at the Titan gym and remembers his sparring match with Eddie. While he is fantasizing about being in a real match, Darrel comes and tells him he still has all the moves, and offers to set up a fight for him. Austin says that his wife would never forgive him. Darrel accuses Austin of being whipped. Austin says he told his wife he was at the gym, but he has given up boxing. Austin leaves for Titan to go find Carrie.

Carrie bumps into Mike at the park. Mike tells her that he is one of the finalists for Chief of Staff. Carrie is ecstatic and starts planning their strategy to win. Mike tells her the other finalist is Craig Westley, which makes Carrie even more determined. They reminisce about the times they used to meet at the park. Carrie tells Mike what a huge crush she used to have on him. Mike fantasizes about kissing Carrie and telling her he loves her. Carrie notices his faraway look and asks what he's thinking. Mike says they have a lot of work to do, but Carrie should take the night off to be with Austin. They part, and Mike tells himself he has to stay away from Carrie or next time he will kiss her. Carrie looks thoughtful and says to herself that she almost thought Mike was going to kiss her.

Friday, May 29, 1998

Eric asks Nicole why she's so adamant about not going to LA. Nicole says she is scared of earthquakes. Eric says he thinks there is another reason, and asks why she won't tell him. He asks if she is seeing someone else. Before Nicole can answer, the secretary comes in with their plane tickets and asks if they have anything for the mail room. Nicole says yes and drops her purse. Eric helps pick up her things and notices a letter addressed to L.A. He asks Nicole about it and she says she has a friend there. Eric suggests they all go out to dinner, and Nicole panics and says no. Eric asks why not, and Nicole says she doesn't want to jeopardize her job by running up huge expenses. Eric tells her to quit worrying and asks her to remember him when she makes it big.

Lucas is in his office gloating over his trick on Sami. He's contemplating letting them out when Austin walks by his office and notices he's drinking. Austin questions Lucas about it, but Lucas says it's okay for him to have a drink after work and that he should quit listening to everything Sami tells him. Austin says every time he sees Lucas lately, there's a drink in his hand. Lucas says he doesn't have a drinking problem; he has a Sami problem. Austin says he is setting a bad example for Will. Lucas says the way Sami is carrying on with Franco is a worse example. Austin walks away, but notices as he passes by later that Lucas is drinking again. Lucas goes to unlock the closet and notices that Sami and Franco are gone and the air conditioning vent cover is off. With a grin, he makes a call and has the air conditioning turned back on and waits for them to come out.

Franco finally convinces a panicky Sami to crawl through the air conditioning vents with him. When Lucas turns on the air, they are almost frozen out, but it goes off and they are able to find a vent. Unfortunately, it's too small to get through. Sami and Franco overhear a couple of women talking about how cute Lucas is, but they say he's too immature. They start talking about Franco and how sexy he is. They wonder why he's going out with Sami, who is obnoxious and incompetent. They say everyone knows that Sami got her job because Kate is Will's grandmother. Sami is hurt by the gossip, but Franco kisses her and assures her he's going out with her because she's beautiful, smart, and caring. They head for another vent and Sami falls and starts getting hysterical again. Franco calms her down and says he can see a light, and he's going to go first, but Sami pushes past him toward the light.

Kate sits in Salem Place watching Vivian wooing a couple of Titan's best authors. Stefano comes by and asks her what is wrong, and Vivian tells him. Stefano says he can neutralize Vivian. Kate says the time is now, while her company is young. Kate suggests that Stefano take the townhouse treasures from Vivian, leaving her penniless. Stefano tells her he can't risk a scandal right now. He tells Kate to trust him to take care of Vivian. Meanwhile, Vivian tells the Titan authors that she can offer them better money than Kate and a personal touch. They tell her they will seriously consider her offer. Vivian and Ivan head home to the townhouse, where the danger sign is still up. When Vivian threatens to call the press, Bart has to let her back in. She immediately calls the codebreaker to come work on the basement alarm. Meanwhile, Bart calls Stefano, who comes to the basement, where there are still some things in the freezer. Stefano tells him to get everything out within the hour so that Vivian won't find anything. Bart starts working, but Stefano is still there when Vivian's locksmith finally breaks the code. Vivian promises him a date and then heads downstairs. She is puzzled by the empty basement and tries to get into the freezer, while Ivan goes upstairs to answer the phone and Stefano watches from a few feet away.

Billie drives out to the country to try to calm down, but she keeps remembering losing her baby and her conversation with Hope. She glances at the compact and cries some more for her baby. She turns on the radio and hears the song "Georgia on My Mind," which reminds her again of her loss. Suddenly, she doubles over with pain and crashes her car into a grove of trees. Dazed and hurt, she gets out and stumbles over to a house, where she pounds on the door until a man lets her in.

Bo sits at the mansion, getting more and more worried about Billie. Finally, he calls Hope and asks her to check around Salem Place again. Hope wonders what kind of a game Billie is playing and says she will come over after she is done looking. She gets to the mansion and tells Bo about her conversation with Billie. Bo feels guilty for not being there and for making Billie so insecure. Hope tells him that while she knows his place is with Billie, she is sick of Billie's manipulations. The hours pass and they start calling hospitals and the police station. No one has seen Billie. Bo goes out to check something and Hope gets a call. It's a doctor in the country, saying that he has Billie Reed in his house. She was involved in an accident and is in bad shape. Hope gets the location and says she will be right over. She grabs Bo and tells him what happened as they race out the door.

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