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General Hospital Recaps: The week of May 25, 1998 on GH
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Monday May 25, 1998

Helena won't follow Alexis to the parapet, which is going to lead to disasterous results. Alexis even claims to be carrying her husband's bastard grandson but that doesn't even work. When Helena gets loud with Alexis, Ned intervenes. He kisses Alexis and tells her that he'd like her to come home with him. This one time she must say no and when Alexis runs out Nikolas informs her that Helena said to meet her at the stone bench.

Katherine wants Stefan to stay away from her. Right now they are both in the parapet. He pleads with his fiancée, trying to make her believe that she is the only one for him and that he loves only her. Katherine tells him she saw the note he sent to Laura and believes his intention was to hurt Laura by saying he was giving Nikolas the mother he never had. It's at this moment that Katherine realizes the secret Stefan has been keeping all along; that Nikolas is his son. Laura is inside and hears their conversation and when she also realizes that Katherine knows, she comes out. Seeing "the other woman" only upsets Katherine even more and she takes a step back and falls right off the ledge. Stefan and Laura watch in horror as Katherine falls to the ground. Realizing no one must know Laura is around, Stefan pushes her back in the room and tells her to leave at once.

Nikolas and Robin stumble upon Katherine's body and rush to her side. Mac appears and tries to help them. All Nikolas can say is that he knows she fell from the parapet.

Luke and Alexis meet at the launch and without any explanation he tells her they must leave at once. Something very wrong has happened.

Jax brings Brenda home after the party and instead of staying the evening, he is planning on going home. She'd like him to stay but he insists they can spend the following afternoon making love. He knows that all she'd like to do right now is go to sleep since she fell asleep in the car ride home. He's acting noble and she loves him for it.

Stefan rushes to Katherine and Nikolas asks his uncle how this happened. Mac calls for an ambulance and Bobbie and Monica begin helping Katherine. A few others have come outside but Felicia is inside trying to keep the guests under control.

Robin makes a call to Jason but sine he's out, she leaves her message with Sonny.

Katherine's condition is grave but she is still alive. Stefan informs the police commissioner that this was no accident; her fall was deliberate.

Alexis and Luke go back to the club and she wants answers now. Luke informs her that it was Katherine who took the fall instead of Helena. Alexis breaks down into hysterics; she believes Katherine to be dead because no one could have survived that fall. Alexis wants to go and tell Stefan the truth. Luke tries to comfort her by saying it was only an accident. Telling Stefan would be a mistake because they'd have no chance of getting out of this. Luke tries to get Alexis to come to her senses and she says she won't name him as an accessory. That's not good enough. This was an unfortunate accident according to Luke and Alexis is shocked at his casual attitude. Luke turns on his police radio for an update on "Blonde's" condition. They hear she is en route to GH and still alive. Luke wants to know what happened on her end of the deal and Alexis says she just couldn't get her up there and then she was detained. Luke thinks that Helena will soon realize she was the intended target. He gives them both an alibi for the evening and then says they must leave now. He goes first and then a cab will come for her. No way should she go to the hospital.

Laura walks into her house and just looks around. She's finally home.

Helena watches the scene from the side. Bobbie is holding Katherine's neck still as Stefan talks to his fiancée, telling her everything is going to be OK. He then asks Tony his opinion on her condition and Dr. Jones sums it up, saying she is not good. Monica then updates him on her end. Stefan thanks Bobbie for putting her personal differences aside to help them out.

Nikolas informs his uncle that he's been looking around and this was not an accident. Stefan shows him the concrete which is still attached to the railing; someone worked very hard to loosen it. Mac doesn't want them tampering with police evidence and has some questions for Stefan. Right now Stefan says he's not up to answering any.

The ambulance arrives and Katherine is taken away.

Alan is dazed and tells Monica he is going home. She's shocked and thinks he should be on his way to the hospital. Fine, he goes to the hospital.

AJ is in charge of Emily and grandfather. He asks Edward if he's OK but he's not. The old man is extremely upset over what's happened to Katherine.

Brenda gets up from the couch and puts on the radio, hearing about Katherine's accident. Immediately she calls Robin at Jason's and Sonny picks up but doesn't say anything. Brenda says hello and gets no answer but does hear someone breathing on the other end. All she does is hang up and there's a strange look on her face.

Luke walks into his house to find Laura standing there. They embrace and she tells him there is so much to talk about. All Luke cares about is that she's home. Laura tells him that she wants to be with him and Lucky. Luke asks if she's spoken to him and being the mother that she is, says his door was shut and she didn't want to wake him. Little does she know he isn't even there. Laura also tells Luke that she'd like to come home to stay and he welcomes her back.

Stefan and Nikolas talk to Mac about the fall. They want him to catch whoever did this to her. Nikolas sits down, clearly upset by the accident. Emily sees this and wants to help him out but instead Robin is by his side and so she keeps her distance.

Mac asks both of the Cassadine men to give a statement and Stefan says it had to be the one person who murders everyone in his family, Luke Spencer.

Alexis turns on the police radio again and hears that Katherine is at GH and so far, still alive.

Laura calls Stefan and asks about Katherine. He informs her it was no accident, someone loosened the railing. Laura can't believe him, she was right there, witnessing the whole thing. Stefan tells her it was Luke and he will repay him a thousand times over; she can tell him that if she wants. After hanging up, Laura leaves a note for Luke and walks out. Luke finds the note from his wife. She's gone to North Carolina to pack her things.

Katherine is brought into the hospital and a few minutes Alexis shows up to see how she's doing.

Jax calls Brenda to tell her about Katherine and gets her answering machine. He thinks she's sleeping and says that he's on his way over.

Brenda shows up at the penthouse and sees Sonny.

Tuesday, May 26, 1998

As everyone awaited news on Katherine's condition, Stefan told Mac that Luke was responsible for Katherine's accident and Robin comforted Nikolas. Alexis tried to console Stefan and acted as if she had heard the news about Katherine on the radio. An unconscious Katherine was visited by Helena, who also swore revenge on Alexis. Katherine soon died leaving everyone, especially Stefan, Nikolas, Robin and Mac, devastated. Nikolas overheard Stefan asking a dead Katherine for forgiveness. Meanwhile, Sonny told Brenda the truth -- that he left her in order to ensure her safety. Sonny was moved when Brenda recalled all she had gone through as a result of his actions. Sonny and Brenda then discussed some of good and bad things about their history together as they brought their relationship to a close. Brenda then went to Jax's penthouse and told him about her visit to Sonny. Brenda made it clear that she loved only Jax and that Sonny was in her past. Meanwhile, Alan got Amy into his car to ask her not to tell anyone about his pill problem. Seeing them alone together, Monica suspected that Amy and Alan were having an affair.

Wednesday, May 27, 1998

A grieving Stefan got Mac to search Luke's home for the tool used to loosen the parapet stone. Stefan admitted to Nikolas that he and Katherine argued about Laura's portrait just before she fell. Stefan told Nikolas that Luke would pay even if the justice system did not punish him. Luke tried to assure a disbelieving Alexis that Helena would not kill her and Alexis was shocked over Luke's apparent indifference to Katherine's death. Alexis then told Luke about Helena's plan to break up Stefan and Katherine by playing upon Stefan's obsession with Laura. Despite Alexis's proof, Luke downplayed Stefan's feelings for Laura. Bobbie and Luke discussed the implications of Laura's return considering that she still did not know what had happened between Lucky and Nikolas. Bobbie also learned that Luke and Laura had never discussed the rape. Luke was then questioned by Mac about Katherine's death and agreed to have the police search the club and his house provided they also searched Wyndemere. Lucky and Liz gamely coped with the hardships of living under the docks. Lucky resolved to find another place for them to spend the night. After telling Bobbie that she suspected Alan and Amy were having an affair, Monica resolved to make love to Alan. Alan's pill problem, however, made him incapable of making love to Monica which prompted an ugly argument.

Thursday, May 28, 1998

Jason and Michael visit Carly at the hospital. Carly asks how Jason and Robin are doing and mentions to Jason that she could let Bobbie take care of Michael if he is a problem for Robin and Jason. Jason tells her that he loves having Michael around and Carly then expresses her concern that Michael will begin to think that Robin is his mother since she is away. Jason tells her that Michael knows she is his mother and Carly starts to gripe to Jason about how she is locked away while Robin is taking care of her son and Jason tells her not to worry that everything will be okay.

Lucky and Liz spend the night in Wyndems. Lucky cooks dinner for Liz and as they are eating, Lucky tells her what his life on the run was like. Liz has Lucky realize that his best friend was his dad and then Lucky asks her if it is obvious why he has to be away from Luke. Liz admits she understands and then they both fall asleep.

Alan shows up at Luke's and when Luke tries to talk to him, Alan starts to talk strangely. Then Luke's old friend, Tammy the hooker, walks in. Luke goes to the stockroom and Alan starts to talk to her. He uses an alias and picks her up. They go to a hotel and Tammy starts to come on to him. Alan starts to let her and then he stops her. He tells her he can't and shows her it is because of the pills which make him numb. They talk about his problem and Alan tells her he knows what the pills are doing to his body, but he can't stop. Tammy then tells him she had the same problem with diet pills until last year when she got busted and had to spend time in jail. Alan tells her he couldn't do that because he has a family and an image to uphold and Tammy warns him he won't have a choice if he gets caught. She then leaves.

Stefan looks out on the parapet staring into space. Nikolas walks up and says he is sure Luke is the one who loosen the railing on the parapet. He then says he is leaving to make sure Luke pays for his crime. Later, Nikolas meets up with Stefan and says he is going to pay Luke back by going to North Carolina to tell Laura about Luke's involvement in Katherine's death. Stefan tells Nikolas he has already talked to Laura about it and she didn't want to hear it. He also tries to talk Nikolas out of taking revenge out on Luke. The doorbell then rings and it is the police wanting to search Wyndemere. Stefan agrees. Later, Taggert then asks Stefan why he has a portrait of Laura. Nikolas tells him it is because she is his mother. The police then bring down Laura's trunk and try to go through the contents. Then, while going through Stefan's desk, V and Mac find the knife used to loosen the railing.

Alexis pays a visit to Luke and informs him that Helena's yacht has left the dock. She starts to get antsy wondering what Helena is up to and Luke tells her not to get weak. He tells her she needs to be strong now because they are definitely now at war with Helena.

Friday, May 29, 1998

Stefan walks up to Alexis as she stands in the spot where Katherine fell. She apologizes for being there, but Stefan tells her it is okay that it is human nature to be curious. Stefan is obviously upset with himself and he admits to Alexis that he and Katherine should never have gotten together. He blames himself for hurting her and says he was looking for someone to free him, yet all he did was hurt her. Alexis expresses her sorrow and tells him not to blame himself. She tells him what happened was an accident and Stefan yells at her asking if she is so dumb-witted she can't realize Luke was to blame. He says he should pay Luke back and asks when it will all end. He tells Alexis it is already too late for the next generation and Nikolas walks up. Alexis goes to leave and Stefan tells her to stay. She thanks them both for not turning her away and Taggert and Mac arrive. Taggert harasses Stefan and then Mac arrests Stefan for Katherine's murder.

Laura arrives home with Lulu to find no one home. Audrey shows up and starts to yell at Laura wanting to know what she is going to do about Lucky and her grand-daughter. Laura asks her what she means and Audrey realizes Laura really doesn't know. Audrey then informs her about Lucky and Liz leaving. Laura isn't happy to hear it and asks Audrey to give her the afternoon before she goes to the police to ask Luke about the situation. Audrey agrees and leaves followed by Laura in search of Luke. Laura goes to the club and when she finds Luke not there she decides to wait for him. She then runs into Lucky who has been there to get some food for himself and Liz from Luke's kitchen.

The Q's argue at the house about what to do with Jason and Monica looks on exasperated. She finally gets frustrated and tells them all to shut up. She yells at them all and Alan walks in. They start to argue and Monica remembers the other Q's there and kicks them out. Monica then confronts Alan with the affair she thinks he is having with Amy. Alan laughs at her and Monica asks if he is going to deny it. He tells her of course because he could certainly do a lot better than Amy. Monica's pager goes off and she turns to leave the room. She changes her mind and then walks back to yell at Alan some more. She asks how his hand is and says it is a shame he is only using it for drinking scotch and fooling around with Amy. She then warns him he had better figure out what is important and what he doesn't want to lose because she has about had it.

Luke and Audrey find each other unexpectantly at the hospital and she tells him she has talked to Laura about the situation with Lucky and Liz. Liz happens to walk up and Luke asks her if Lucky is with her. She tells him she can't tell him anything Lucky wouldn't tell him himself and Luke asks her to just tell Lucky than it is very important that he see him tonight. Luke then leaves to search for Laura. Audrey takes Liz aside and says she is thankful Liz is back. Liz informs her she isn't. Audrey then starts to knock Lucky saying he can't possibly protect her and Liz defends Lucky and tells Audrey she can't protect her either. She also tells Audrey that Lucky is the only one who can help her right now that Audrey can't. Audrey then threatens to go to the police and Liz tells her that doing so would only make her run farther away. They talk some more and come to an agreement to leave things the way they are for a few days more.

Lucky isn't happy to see Laura and when she goes to hug him he refuses. They talk about different things and Lucky tells her about Nikolas being shot. She gets upset because she was kept in the dark and Lucky acts like he couldn't care less. Laura then wants to know why he is so angry with her and Lucky tells her it is because she married him. He continues to taunt her and then finally clues her in to what he is talking about. Laura justifies what happened the night at the club and then gets angry with Lucky for judging her saying she is the only one to whom it happened to and she is the only one who knows how it felt. Lucky then tells her he knows because he has seen it up close through what happened with Liz.

Emily walks in as Alan is sleeping in the chair. She tells him she has to go somewhere and Reginald isn't around. Alan offers to drive her himself even though he has been drinking and popping pills. Emily agrees and later Alan starts to doze off while he is driving. He runs the car off the road into a tree. Emily isn't hurt except for her neck hurting. Alan tells her she isn't hurt enough to go to the hospital and he will just take her home and put some ice on her neck. In the meantime, he offers he two of his pills.

Laura gets angrier with Lucky telling him that she is his mother and the person with whom he will always be the closest to. She tells him, however, that she had a life before him and she doesn't have to explain anything to him that happened before he was born. It is her life not his and what happened before he was born had nothing to do with him. She says the night at the club was one bad night and she and Luke have always loved each other. She accuses Lucky of using one moment to create a monster called his mother and a monster called his father and forgetting about what his life was like before he found out about an incident which happened before he was born. Lucky then tells her the reason he is so upset is because both his parents lied to him about who they were. He leaves and then Laura does.

Luke arrives at home looking for Laura. She walks in and slams the door. She glares at him and says, "How dare you".

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