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Monday May 18, 1998


Today's recap was provided by Kate Metzger

Bobbie finds Tony at Kelly's Diner and they acknowledge the fourth anniversary of BJ's death. After hearing Tony lament for a while, Bobbie tells him that he has to stop blaming BJ's death for all the choices he's made in his life since the accident. You've always been like this, she reminds him. Every time something painful happens to you, you have an affair--first with your mother's nurse, then with Lucy, then with Carly. He reminds her about her affair with Damien Smith. She acknowledges her mistake, then calls Tony an unfit parent. Later, Bobbie visits Carly in a very bad mood. Carly gives her a keychain that she made to give to Lucas. Bobbie flies off the handle, and Carly just looks at her expectantly. You know, don't you? Bobbie asks. Yes, Carly responds. I wanted to make sure you were okay. Bobbie tells her that she's very grateful Carly is alive and that she won't forget what she just did for her.

Jax and Brenda celebrate their engagement in Malibu by toasting one another before making love in front of the fire. They discuss engagement rings--Jax is adamant about getting a new one for Brenda because the old one is cursed. They talk about Jason and Robin's reunited relationship and the fact that she could be hurt at any time. Jax thanks Brenda for not giving up on their relationship and that she taught him that it's okay to revisit the past so you can put things back together. Later, Jax says that they should go to Vegas tonight to get married. Brenda refuses, saying that she wants a big wedding with lots of prep time. Jax promises her that they'll always be happy.

Sonny meets his namesake, Michael, at the penthouse. Jason tells Sonny about Tony's abduction of Michael and Robin. Robin makes them both promise not to do anything to get back at Tony. Jason asks Sonny if he's back for good. Sonny warns him about Carlos from Puerto Rico and they question who his partner is in the states. Jason then fills Sonny in on the christening and how he named Mike as the godfather. Sonny asks Robin if she and Jason are okay. She explains their situation and tells him that Brenda had a nervous breakdown after he left and had to be hospitalized. "Because of me?" he asks. I only did it because I wanted her to hate me and be free. Robin makes him swear that he won't try to get Brenda back. She tells him that Brenda loves Jax, and the two of them are in Malibu. They're going to get married, she says. Heartbroken, Sonny thanks Robin for telling him everything. Do you think I was wrong, with everything I did? he asks. Maybe, she says, but I'm not qualified to judge. She then goes upstairs so he and Jason can discuss business.

Jason tells Sonny about his conversation with Brenda on the island. It's been hard without you, Jason says. At least you learned how to dress, Sonny replies. Sonny surprises Jason by asking who Michael's real father is. Me, Jason says. Sonny tells him that he knows Jason would never cheat on Robin, so he can't be the biological father. Jason tells him what happened with Carly, AJ and Tony. Sonny reminds him that this makes him even more vulnerable to Carlos. Later, Jerry Jax meets up with Carlos on the docks, promising to "take care of Mr. Morgan."

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Tuesday, May 19, 1998

by Soap Central

Audrey walks into Liz's bedroom having overheard her and Lucky talking about who the rapist may be. She is upset by what she's heard and thinks she should leave this alone. Audrey thinks Lucky is also to blame.

Katherine is sitting on the stone bench, admiring her ring, when Nikolas comes over. As she's talking, he is remembering Stefan telling him about the ring being his mother's when he was a young boy.

Stefan finds Alexis on the docks and hands her an invitation to his engagement party. She thinks it's a joke but he lets her know its sincere. She asks what changed and he only invited her because it is family tradition to have everyone there when welcoming a new member to the family. He still can't forgive her though. She tells him she will attend. Meanwhile Luke is hiding and overhears the conversation.

Katherine tells Nikolas she's honored to be wearing a piece of Cassadine history and is proud they are going to be family. He tells her he was happy when she came to live with them and hoped it would become permanent. She then goes off to meet with Edward.

Liz tells Audrey that she is all wrong and it is important for her to find the man who raped her. Audrey disputes her and tells Lucky he should leave now. She claims she was looking for the cat and then realizes there's something more going on. She looks under the bed and finds the blankets. Liz tries to talk her way out of it but Lucky owns up to what's been going on.

Luke thinks the invitation is perfect for their plan but Alexis isn't so sure. She thinks the place should be less public. He wants Helena to die at Wyndemere as he has planned.

Katherine meets with Edward and he can't believe she is really going to marry Stefan. He agrees to come anyway and toasts her happiness.

Jason brings Michael to see Carly and she's been a bit down since her visit with Bobbie. Just as they were getting close she was told visiting time was up. Jason rambles on about not expecting anything and then you just get everything you ever wanted and Carly's a bit confused as to where this is all coming from. He tells her that Robin has come back to him and he loves her. Carly tries to bad mouth Robin but he lets her know it's not going to work. She's afraid Robin is going to make him hate her. He swears that will not happen.

Luke says he will kill Helena on his own if she wants out but reminds her of all she has to done to her. Alexis doesn't like that he is making all the rules.

Tony approaches Helena regarding Alexis' help and wants to know what she wants now in return.

Lucky tells Audrey a little bit about his problem with Luke. She plans on telling Luke where his son is. Liz tries to explain - she's only been trying to give back to him since he helped her. Audrey has him leave and before he goes he reminds her that they didn't hurt anyone. Liz is upset and tells her grandmother that he's the one who's helped her get better. Maybe she just doesn't want to see it. She begs her to let him come back but her answer is no. Liz then wants to leave too. Audrey detains her and asks that she at least stay for tonight. That's all Liz can promise her.

Alexis is going to the party but will help him get Helena upstairs. He gives her instructions on how they'll do it.

Helena tells Tony she doesn't want anything from him. He's a little suspicious of that. She does ask him what made him do it and brings up BJ. He doesn't care to speak of his daughter with her. She then gets weepy over Stavros, claiming to sympathize with him.

Carly is worried that Jason and Robin will get serious and even get married. Jason says right now he is concerned with getting her out of the hospital.

Lucky comes back to see if Liz is OK. She tells him she's leaving tomorrow to go where ever he is. He says she has a home but they agree to talk about it tomorrow. He tells her he will see her at school.

Plans all set - Luke & Alexis shake on it and plan to meet outside before the party. She hopes Stefan will thank her for this.

Stefan and Katherine talk about the party and she tells him about showing Nikolas her ring.

Nikolas looks into getting a flight out to North Carolina.

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Wednesday, May 20, 1998

by Soap Central

Katherine and Stefan are sitting on the bench at Wyndemere, sharing some private time together, reflecting on their upcoming party. "Kathy" tells Stefan that she couldn't find a seamstress to alter the dress he asked her to wear and so she went out and bought a new one.

Maxie's planning her mom and Uncle Mac's wedding, setting a date of July 17th.

Liz prepares to leave with Lucky when Audrey walks in. Grams asks for a moment alone with Liz and is angry that she was going to go without telling her first. Audrey wants to know where the two plan on going and lets Liz know she can always call the cops who will just bring her back home. Audrey then calls Lucky in, wanting to speak to him in private as well.

Bobbie goes to see Carly who asks her mother if she'd be willing to take care of Michael if she ever asked her to. Bobbie wants to know what about his father, Jason, and Carly lets her know Jason and Robin are back together so things are now different. Carly does not want someone with HIV taking care of her son. Bobbie is a bit outraged at her daughter's behavior and defends Robin and her capabilities. Still, Carly doesn't want her around.

Mac questions his "fiancée" as to when they are going to tell the girls the truth about the wedding. Felicia doesn't think the timing is right yet. Luke shows up, interrupting their discussion, to ask them to keep an eye on Bobbie at the engagement party. He makes a point of letting them know he'll be at the club all night, just working on the books.

Stefan tells Katherine he'll find another seamstress if necessary. He questions his future bride on where she's been and Katherine lets him know she was at Serenity.

Audrey tells Lucky that he's had a bit unusual upbringing with parents like Luke and Laura but her granddaughter was raised a bit differently with a bit more structure. Even though Liz is determined to leave, Audrey thinks she would have never thought of it if Lucky hadn't brought it up. Lucky promises that nothing will happen to her granddaughter while she's with him but Audrey still is doesn't want her to go. She goes as far as to ask Lucky to convince Liz to stay. When Liz comes back into her bedroom she wants to know the deal; are they going or did her grandmother convince him to take her side?

Nikolas visits Lesley Lu in North Carolina and Laura walks into the yard to see him standing there. Laura is so happy to see him, she even asks her estranged son to stay for dinner. When he tells her he must get back, Laura realizes Stefan does not know he is there. This mother senses somethings wrong with her son and asks Nikolas what is troubling him. Nikolas wants to know if his uncle was in love with her when she was married to his father, Stavros. Laura beats around the bush to answer this one, but finally tells her son that Stefan felt sympathy for her, not love. Laura again apologizes for letting him believe she was dead and can sense there is more to his visit. Nikolas thinks coming there was a mistake and leaves almost as fast as he came.

Carly talks to Bobbie about her relationship with Jason. Bobbie reiterates to her new found daughter that Robin loves Jason and she can not judge their relationship. Taking on her new motherly role, Bobbie asks her daughter if Jason ever gave her reason to think otherwise and Carly admits no but she believes that if it wasn't for Robin they would have a chance.

Lucky tells Liz he agrees with her grandmother and this admission doesn't sit well with Liz. If he won't take her with him she'll go out on her own. Lucky does not want Liz to get hurt because of him (especially with the ongoing family feud of Spencer vs. Cassadine). Lucky finally agrees to let her go with him (although he still doesn't know where he's going) and the two sneak out her window. When Audrey walks back in she sees the open window.

Luke shows up at the Hardy's after receiving a call from Audrey and he's not as disturbed as she would have liked him to be. Seems this father trusts his son to be out on his own, even if he doesn't have a roof over his head. When Audrey threatens to call the police, Luke tells her he will find them and keep an eye on them as well. He'll call her when he has some news.

Maxie designed a wedding dress for Felicia and then drags Mac away to show him what she's made for him. Robin & Felicia are alone and Felicia wants to know what Robin's glow is attributed to. Robin tells her that she and Jason are back together. After explaining the feelings that she and Jason share, Felicia asks about Carly. She appears to be a woman who isn't happy when she doesn't get what she wants and Felicia warns her to be careful of Carly.

Carly says she would do anything for Jason but Bobbie tells her you can't will a person to love you; didn't work for her when Tony left her for Carly. Low blow but Bobbie claims she didn't say it to hurt Carly. Anyhow, before leaving, she lets her daughter know she would look after Michael if it was ever necessary.

Maxie made her Uncle Mac a mask for the ball. Robin needs to go and pick up her dress for the ball and Mac wants to know if she wants to come with him and Felicia. Jason's new woman is going with Nikolas Cassadine and her uncle doesn't think she has such good taste in men.

Laura looks at the invitation Stefan sent her. Will she be going?

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Thursday, May 21, 1998

by Soap Central

All of Port Charles prepares for the Bacchanalia. Katherine and Stefan meet before the party starts and Stefan tells her how thankful he is for all the light her presence has brought into Wyndemere. Katherine smiles and then gets ready for the party. Meanwhile, Luke and Alexis arrive on the island. They discuss what is to happen tonight. Alexis admits she is nervous, but Luke convinces her to go on. He tells her he will loosen the railing on the parapet, all she has to do is lure Helena onto it and make sure she leans against the railing.

Stefan awaits the arrival of the guests when he suddenly senses someone is behind him. He turns around and it is Katherine all dressed up. He tells her that of all the women who have worn the dress, she is the most beautiful. Robin and Nikolas then arrive. Robin takes Katherine aside to tell her how happy she is for Katherine. Katherine tells her she knows everyone thinks she is crazy for marrying Stefan, but she loves him. Robin smiles and says she understands. The guests then begin to arrive. The Q's show up minus Monica who has had to work late and Edward gripes about what a mistake Katherine is making. However, when he sees Stefan and Katherine he changes his attitude to one of happiness for them.

Liz and Lucky sneak on the island as Jax and Brenda arrive. A couple walk up to the front door and realize they do not have their invitation. They leave and Jerry steps out from behind the shadows with their invitation. Bobbie happens to walk up as Jerry is getting ready to walk in and he grabs her arm. Bobbie tells him nicely to move on, but when Stefan walks up, she takes Jerry's arm and tells Stefan he is her escort for the evening. Next, Felicia and Mac arrive with V. She trips on her dress and has it lifted up to show her legs while she is fixing it and happens to look over at Ned who is watching her. Alexis then walks in and thanks Stefan for inviting her.

Luke searches Stefan's office for something to loosen the railing with and finds a knife. He takes it and loosens the railing being unseen by anyone. When he goes to return the knife to Stefan's office, he finds Alan there taking a drink after downing some pills. Alan doesn't recognize Luke because Luke is wearing a mask that looks like death. Alan assumes he is security and tells Luke his disguise is wonderful because he looks like the executioner. Luke bows to him and Alan leaves. Luke replaces the knife and leaves.

While this is going on, Monica arrives home to find everyone has already left. She starts to open the mail before she gets dressed for the party and sees a credit card bill addressed to Alan which shows he wasn't at a retreat in April, but instead was at a hotel. To make sure she hasn't confused the dates, she asks Reginald if he remembers the dates Alan was gone and Reginald confirms Monica's discovery. Monica then leaves for the party.

At the Bacchanalia, Jerry again tries to make the moves on Bobbie, but she just isn't interested. Alexis spots Ned and goes to talk to him, but he still insists than nothing has changed. Helena then makes her grand entrance and to everyone's shock, her escort is...Tony!

Stefan and Katherine begin their waltz as everyone looks on. Felicia smiles and tells Mac it is so beautiful it is like a picture right out of a fairy tale. Mac asks her if she saw the size of the shrimp. Felicia frowns realizing he doesn't get it. Helena approaches Nikolas and tells him this party for Stefan is nothing and means nothing, but when Nikolas announces his engagement, it will be spectacular. Nikolas ignores her and then tells her it is time for him to dance now to signal everyone they may join Stefan and Katherine on the dance floor. Helena holds out her hand and tells him she would be honored. Nikolas tells her, "perhaps another time, perhaps not" and walks off to find Robin.

Liz and Lucky watch the waltz from a window on a balcony. Liz is amazed at the splendor of it all and Lucky scoffs saying it is no big deal. He tells her the Stefan and Katherine aren't waltzing and Liz asks if he can do better. He tells her yes then they start to get ready to dance. Liz starts to back away when she gets close to Lucky and he backs off saying it is cool he just wants her to be comfortable. Liz then looks at him and asks him to dance. Lucky then starts to waltz with her.

V dumps some champagne on her dress and as she is trying to get the stain out Ned walks up and tries to help her as Alexis looks on. Ned realizes Alexis is watching and he then tells V to do him a favor by not leading. He then takes V onto the dance floor. Tony walks up to Alexis and asks her to dance, but she refuses and leaves the room to find Luke. As she is going into an adjoining room, Helena bumps into her and degrades her as usual while Luke watches from behind a curtain.

Alexis and Luke meet outside. Alexis again admits she is nervous and Luke tells her he has everything covered. He has loosened the railing and locked the door to the parapet so no one will wander onto it and fall. Luke tells her all she needs to do is lure Helena there and when Alexis asks when she should, Luke tells her whenever she is ready. Luke then reminds her of all the nights she has woken up in a cold sweat because of Helena and tomorrow she will be able to sleep in.

Stefan and Katherine make the formal announcement of their engagement and he places the ring on her finger. Laura then arrives on the island dressed in a dress similar to Katherine's.

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Friday, May 22, 1998

by Soap Central

As the Wyndemere engagement party continued, Alexis tried to stay close to Helena, but failed to lure her to her death. Laura arrived and realized that Stefan had been trying to get Katherine to resemble her. Katherine found Laura in the guest house and locked her inside and went to find Stefan. Laura, however, escaped through one of the tunnels and begged Stefan not to reveal their past to Nikolas. Katherine stumbled onto the parapet and found the trunk filled with island-era artifacts and Laura's portrait. Katherine accused Stefan of being in love with Laura and realized that he was Nikolas's father. Luke was still on Spoon Island and saw Katherine at the parapet wall. Luke ran to stop Katherine, but the sight of Laura made Katherine take the final misstep that lead to her fall from the parapet. Meanwhile, Liz told Lucky that he was the only one who made her forget her troubles. Nikolas and Emily danced. Robin told Bobbie that she and Jason were back together and later learned that Jax and Brenda were engaged. Despite Jerry's advances, Bobbie did not dance with him. Amy saw Alan take more pills and Monica pondered the relationship between Alan and Amy.

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