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Port Charles Recaps: The week of May 18, 1998 on PC
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Monday, May 18, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Marguerite

Victor convinces Kevin to wait to talk to the police about the murder when he was a child. He then told Kevin that a clown killed her - he thinks a girl clown. He told Kevin it wasn't his fault there were so many clowns there - just tell the police that a clown did it.

Lucy is talking to the manager of the (apparently countywide) escort service that Eve allegedly working for. He wants Lucy to try on some outfits, but she has her own at home. She told him that she'd like to work for repeat customers. He also wants to rename her Madonna Mankiller, but Lucy wants to come up with her own. She arrives home, sad because it's the 4th anniversary of BJ's death - she went to the cemetery and put pansies, BJ's favorite, on her grave. (For non-GHers - BJ was the daughter of one of Lucy's ex-husbands who was brain dead after a bus crash. Her parents donated her heart to her cousin.) Lucy asks who was on the phone and Kevin told her he told Garcia about the clown being the killer. Lucy says that Eve was dressed like a clown. Kevin points out that a lot of people were. Kevin is worried about the killer knowing that Victor saw it happen. Kevin keeps calling the killer "he", Lucy keeps saying "she". Kevin leaves and Lucy tries out her seductive names on Sigmund. Victor overhears her and told her he likes "Lucy Coe". She covers by saying she's thinking of writing a romance novel and looking for a nom de plume (which she pronounces "plu-may"). He writes down a suggestion and gives it to her. Later, Lucy is paged by the agency - she uses the name Angela Delight. He was a customer of 8 years for her tonight. She agrees.

Kevin told Gail about how he used to long for a close father. Victor isn't that type and never has been. He told her he's concerned because Victor was missing during both murders. Gail says that is understandable given his dysfunctional family. He doesn't think that name does it - he thinks maybe insane or crazy would be better. He feels like he's coming apart. Gail reassures him, but he worries that Victor needs him, but if he's the killer - Lucy could be in danger. Kevin returns home and covers up a sleeping Victor. He picks up the copy of "General Homicide" that Victor has. In it there's a newspaper clipping of Bennett's murder. Kevin flips through the pages and notices yellow highlighting with pictures taped by the words. There is highlighting and a picture for each intern and Kevin. Victor awakes and yells "What are you doing with my book?!?"

Garcia listens to Grace's message on a cell phone. Scott told him he never did talk to Grace. Across the room, Eve told Chris about the call. Chris is relieved that Grace didn't talk to Scott. They snap at each other a bit, then Scott and Garcia come over. Garcia wants to talk to him tomorrow and Scott told him about Grace's call. Garcia leaves, followed by Eve and Scott, leaving Chris looking pensive.

Matt talks on the phone to Ellen, filling her in on the happenings and vowing to find the killer. Ellen wants him to back off - he might get hurt. She says that Grace wouldn't want him to go after the killer. (Note to readers: If I get murdered, I want you *all* to go after the killer, and don't let anyone tell you "Marguerite wouldn't have wanted that"!) Matt says "I miss you" and rings off - Ellen says "I miss you too" and looks worried.

Julie told Eve, Karen, and Joe that she thinks Chris is the killer. Joe points out that a lot of people hated Devlin - but Karen doesn't see the connection between Devlin and Grave. Joe says it's from "General Homicide" and Eve worries because "they all die in that book". The 4 interns exchange worried looks.

At the hospital, Joe, Karen, Julie, and Matt discuss what to do about a patient and discuss calling in a resident. Chris comes up and offers help - but they all snub him. He's unhappy and Julie asks him what he expects, after all, he lied to them. Chris thinks that's an odd sentiment coming from Dr. Julie *Morris* who lied to them all. Matt sticks up for Julie, and Chris counters with his name being Matt - or is it Eric? Chris told them the truth about him - he was poor. Mom was dead, and Dad a con artist. So he forged a check for $75 so he and his siblings could eat. He told them that people treated him like dirt when he was poor. When the car accident dropped a pile of money in his lap, he could finally be and act rich and people treated him better. Julie asks about the $20,000 from her Dad. Chris told her he sold Bennett a painting. He told them that he'll make allowances for Julie, but the others can go to hell. He walks away and told Julie she can pick up the painting anytime she likes.

Tuesday, May 19, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Kate Metzger

Kevin stares in horror as he turns the pages in Victor's copy of General Homicide. Victor awakes and demands to know what he's doing. Kevin asks why he has picture of the interns and drawings of various weapons next to the scenes where each character dies. Victor told him he loves puzzles and mysteries, and that he is going to figure out who the killer is.

Lucy meets her first client, 71-year-old Harry, at a motel. She not-so-subtly asks him if he remembers Eve, an "associate" of hers. He says no, and suggests that they play strip poker. Later, Lucy cons Harry out of most of his clothes and manages to leave him completely charmed by her--even though they didn't do anything. At home, Lucy gets a call from the escort service for another client tomorrow.

Garcia questions Chris at the station about the painting Chris supposedly sold to Devlin and about Grace's call to Scott. Chris covers by saying that the reason Grace called him was to tell him that she had seen Eve and Chris kissing. Later, Chris told Eve what he told Garcia. Why should I lie for you? she wants to know. He told her a very heartfelt story about how his father used cons all his life and he never knew where his next meal was coming from. Don't make me regret that you're the first person I've ever trusted, he says.

Julie told Karen that she feels alienated by all of her patients. Karen talks about all the negative side effects of the wonder drug, including major withdrawal and aggression.

Frank begs Lark to become friendly with Jake again in order to get access to the lab. He reminds her that he went out on that ledge to save her, and that it's her fault he needs the drugs. She refuses, and threatens to tell Joe. Frank freaks out and throws her to the floor. Joe treats Lark in the ER for a dislocated shoulder. She told him that she caught her arm in the bannister. Frank takes Lark home and apologizes. He told her he's quitting the drugs cold turkey, but he needs her help. She watches as he crushes the remaining bottles of drugs.

Victor and Kevin meet with Garcia at the police station. Victor told Garcia about what he saw, and how he was too frightened to get help right away. Kevin suggests they get a sketch artist in to draw the killer from Victor's memory. When the picture is complete, Kevin recognizes the costume of a particular clown--It's Julie Devlin, he says.

At the coffeehouse, Devon spilled his drink. Kay approached him and asked if he needed a hand. Devon said he was just clumsy. Kay offered to help Devon if he ever needed a hand.

Wednesday, May 20, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Kate Metzger

Lucy went to the Scanlon house, where she returns Eve's address book to Julie. Julie gives her a lab coat and stethoscope. Lucy went back to the lighthouse, puts on the lab coat, stethoscope and garters and contacts her next client. She casually mentions Eve, and is overjoyed when she hears that her client does, indeed, know Eve. She hangs up and prepares to meet him, when Kevin walks through the door. Where are you going dressed like that? he asks. She covers by saying it is a costume for the Nurse's Ball. As she's leaving Kevin told her that he's going to figure out what she's up to.

Lucy storms into the offices of the escort service, very angry because her date stood her up. You're fired, says the owner of the service. Apparently, Lucy kept her date waiting a little too long. She gets a reprieve--one of his other girls quit, so he needs an immediate replacement. The caveat: she has to jump out of a cake, wearing only a blond wig.

Scott accuses Julie of keeping secrets from him because he was just notified that she had previously been investigated for murder--of her brother. She told him that she picked up the gun after she found Buddy on the floor, and that any evidence the police may have had on her can't be used in court because juvenile records are sealed.

Later, Scott asks Eve her initial impressions of Julie. Eve told him about all the lying and secrets Julie told when she first arrived. In the midst of their conversation, Scott gets a phone call and takes off. He finds Julie and confronts her about what he just found out--that a sketch artist had drawn a picture of the murderer and the clown face had been identified as Julie!

Frank and Joe stumble upon Gary, an old school buddy of theirs, who's attempting to steal drugs from the GH supplies. Frank convinces Joe to let Gary go, and give him a second chance. Later, as Frank is going through withdrawals, he asks Karen if he can get the keys to the lab because he left his sunglasses there. As he's about to leave with the keys, Joe arrives with the news that Gary was just found dead in the men's room upstairs--of a drug overdose. Frank takes off.

At the lighthouse, Kevin finds Lucy's pager after it went off. He calls the number and is perplexed when the person on the other end asks for "Angela Delight."

Thursday, May 21, 1998

Frank steals more vials from the lab and told a worried Lark he intends to slowly wean himself off the drugs instead of going cold turkey. Lucy reluctantly agrees to pose as Lady Godiva and pop out of a cake at a bachelor party. Julie tears up the police artist sketch of the clown and shrilly informs Scotty she's tired of being accused of every murder that occurs in Port Charles. Safely concealed inside the cake, Lucy manages to escape arrest when the Enchanted Escort Service is raided by the police and closed down. When Lark tries to stop him from taking another injection, Frank becomes violent and shoves her around again. Upon her return home, Lucy learns that Victor has spilled the beans to Kevin about her "romance novel" and her nom de plume. After Lark accidentally makes him break his last vial of the experimental drug, Frank flies into an uncontrollable rage and begins ripping up the house while the terrified teenager looks on. Later, Frank told Julie that Lark was responsible for all the destruction. Joe and Karen try to help Neil forget about his illness for a little while.

Friday, May 22, 1998

After Victor explains how he's used a mathematical formula to determine that the next murder victim will be "Cherry Darden", Kevin reveals that he made up the character of the young hospital volunteer from thin air instead of basing her on someone he knew. Theorizing that the serial killer will select a person to stand in for "Cherry", Victor urges his son to call the police immediately. Meanwhile, Frank told Joe and the other appalled residents of the Scanlon house how Lark destroyed the living room before she ran away. Though a furious Julie vows to punish the girl for her insolence, Frank asserts that none of them will ever see Lark again. At the hospital, Neil's mother thanks Karen for being so kind to her dying son. After hearing Kevin's theory about the next likely victim, Garcia confides that Lark Madison has just been reported missing. As Frank tries to convince her to leave town with him, Julie suddenly collapses. Certain Lark is already dead, a guilt-stricken Kevin reminds Lucy how he set all these tragedies in motion by writing General Homicide.

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