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Monday, May 18, 1998

Cole and AJ (Cole's father)
We pick up today as AJ is telling Cole that he IS his father. At first Cole thought this was someone's idea of a sick joke. Cole is angry; angry that AJ left Elaine; angry that AJ left everyone including his own mother and let them believe he may even be dead. Rather than the reunion AJ had hoped might happen; Cole spews forth all the hate and anger built up over all the years; years when he needed a father and no one was there. The anger became so intense that at one point he turned to his father, rose up his hand, and decked him, AJ went down. Cole told his father that as far as he (Cole) is concerned his father is scum and is DEAD. AJ tries to tell Cole he is sorry for what he has done, how he wants a relationship with Cole and his new family. Cole speaks in a trembling voice filled with hate as he told his father he is not interested in any relationship; that any contact with him will be over 'his dead body. '

EDDIE'S HOUSE (talking about dead bodies)
Bette has just found Eddie and believes he may still be alive. She calls for an ambulance and soon Ricardo shows up trying to lead Bette from the room. She rocks Eddie in her arms told him to 'rest now' as she sobs to Ricardo how Eddie never liked to be alone. She lays his head gently on the floor as Ricardo helps her to her feet and told her the best way to help Eddie now is to find his killer. Remembering the envelope Eddie gave her 'in case of his death' Bette reaches for it commenting to Ricardo that they "won't have to look far."

Olivia is at the door of the master bedroom; as she looks in she is shocked and angry for there before her is Gregory and Annie naked under the silk sheets moaning and groaning, No genius is necessary to figure out what they are doing. Gregory senses Olivia's presence and looks up as Annie keeps on moaning and groaning--Gregory says once - then twice " Annie, Annie" and finally Annie looks up to see what Gregory is looking at -- Olivia in stunned silence. The yelling begins. At one point Annie calls HER a whore. She says "how dare you come back after what you've done." (That Annie really has chutzpah.) Gregory once again speaks of the dead child putting the total blame for whatever happened on Olivia. He chastises her for probably and most likely drinking on the day of their son's birth. It is apparent that everything is turned around and poor Olivia is blamed for everything, as usual. Gregory questions her as to her plans when she told him she intends to stay and see her children and her grandson who she has not yet seen. Olivia told Annie that Gregory will not take the place of her father (Dell); that she did not have Dell's love and sleeping with Gregory is a pathetic attempt to find some. Gregory continues to shift responsibility for everything that went wrong in their marriage. He couldn't be more cruel or heartless (and we are not happy with him today). As Olivia leaves Annie confronts her - begins to open a mouth but Olivia told her to get her bags packed; she's moving into the house (where Annie lives and which Dell left to Olivia in his will). She told Annie she can go to the street where she belongs. Inside the phone rings -it is Ricardo telling of Eddies death and that he wishes Gregory to come to the station.

At the station Ricardo and Bette are waiting for Gregory and for whatever information he may have which might be pertinent since Eddie worked for him. Annie rushes in the door over to Aunt Bette and takes her in her arms. They embrace and then Bette disengages herself from Annie remembering that she is the last person she would want comfort from. Annie went to leave and asks Gregory for a ride. Gregory throws some money at her telling her to take a cab (ouch).

We once again see Sarah and Casey making a game plan to get away from the reporters. Sarah has found the picture of the twins -B en and Derek -and is anxious to speak to Meg. They leave the house but the reporters are once again on their heels. Casey suggests to Sarah she talk-give them a statement, maybe then they'll leave her alone.

Derek and Meg are (again) beginning to make love. Ben (in his room) is scrunching his face up with the pure will of trying telepathically to get through to Derek and force him, in some way to leave Meg alone. At one point Derek pulls away holding his head, obviously in pain. Ben believes his sheer will or telepathy or twin something is getting through. He keeps trying 'in his mind' to send signals. Meg told him he's almost been like someone else and she realized why. She says she is sorry she didn't remember what he was going through (for the fifth time) and she will help him through this time (date of the death of Maria, his first wife - Ben's first wife). After a while Derek seems recovered and again they begin; this time Meg suggests they have some champagne and as we last see them Meg has a troubled look on her face as Derek is undressing her ready to begin. This is not the look of ecstasy or happiness that should radiate from her whole being.

Tuesday, May 19, 1998

At Sunset Beach,
Casey convinces Sara to go on the offensive with the press by giving them a statement denying that she had an affair with the congressman. Sara tells Casey that she'll do whatever it takes to get the press off her back. Casey says great he'll set it all up and then told her once they get back to Meg's place, she needs to call Meg and tell her that she wants her to be there when it she makes her statement. They both then head back to Ben and Meg's place.

At Surf Central,
Virginia told Jimmy that Vanessa has left Sunset Beach for good. Jimmy asks her why would Vanessa leave Sunset Beach. Before she told him, Virginia has a flashback to her (spraying Vanessa's dress down with the potion), but tells her son that Vanessa got a great job offer in the far east. Jimmy asks if Michael is leaving too and Virginia told him no, that Vanessa left without telling Michael. Jimmy feels sad and says, that's too bad. Virginia agrees and tells her son that Michael is very upset by it and he is going to need them to help him get through this. Just then, Michael burst in the door and tells Virginia he is glad she is there, because he has got a list of all the newspaper companies in the far east. Virginia told him that's good and Michael told her that he even got something more better, a lead on how to find Vanessa. Jimmy told Michael had sad he is for him and that he is going to stay home from his baseball game to be with Michael. Michael is touched, but told Jimmy that he wants him to go to his baseball game because his team needs him. Jimmy acknowledges, and then leaves. While a nervous Virginia lurks about wondering what Michael's lead to Vanessa could be, Michael gets off the phone and told Virginia that Vanessa's father is on assignment in Africa and his editor can't even reach him, adding that was the lead he was counting on. Virginia sighs a relief that Michael wasn't able to contact Vanessa's father, but relief turns to worry when he told her he could always track her mother down, even though Vanessa has never said much about her. Gabi enters the room and told Michael that Vanessa had a good reason for never talking about her mother. Michael asks Gabi what is the reason, while a nervous Virginia is scared Gabi will tell Michael about Vanessa's mother. Gabi has a flashback to Vanessa telling her that (Michael is the last person she wants to know about her mother ) she then told Michael that she doesn't know, she just knows that Vanessa never sees her mother. Gabi hugs him and told him not to give up hope and then she leaves. Virginia says well Michael it looks like you hit another dead-end. Michael told her that there has to be another way. He then tells her he is going to Vanessa's place to look for clues and of course, Virginia tags along.

At Tyus's Place,
Vanessa walks into the living room caring her suitcase prepared to leave. She then went over to the mirror to look at her blisters and begins to cry again. Tyus returns and told Vanessa that he has some great news. Vanessa asks him if he has found a cure for Martin's Syndrome. He told her not that good of news, but he did upgrade his computer so that he'll be able to search all of the hospital libraries about Martin's Syndrome from his home. He then spies her suitcase over in the corner and asks her where she is going. Vanessa tells him she can't stay at his place anymore and has decided to check herself into a hospital before it is too late. Tyus told her it is not too late and he has barely begun his research and because she is giving him an opportunity to study Martin's Syndrome, she can help him find a cure for others like her who have the disease. Vanessa says it would be nice if he found a cure for everyone who has the disease. Tyus acknowledges and told her there is no guarantee that she will turn out like her mother. Vanessa says, "Oh my God Tyus, my mom". She then told him how she left her mother's diary at her apartment and in it her mother talks about when she first contracted Martin's Syndrome and if Michael finds and reads it, he will know why she ran away, adding that she has got to get the Diary along with other things that are there. Tyus then makes a phone call to see when Michael's shift starts and once he finds out, he and Vanessa leave to go retrieve some of her things at her apartment.

On The Anniversary of Maria's Death,
The Torres family gather together at the Mission to remember her. Carmen says she can't believe Maria's accident was 5 years ago. Antonio lights a candle and told her they can pray for her soul. Carmen told him she will not be praying for Maria's soul because she is not dead. Ricardo asked her when was she going to accept that Maria died 5 years ago. Carmen asks him when is he going to accepts her feelings that she can still feel that Maria is alive and then she leaves the room. Antonio told him he wants all of them to get on with their lives, and she is dealing with Maria's death in her own way and him attacking her psychic ability is not the solution. Ricardo says he needs to prove Ben killed Maria, adding that it would be best for all of them. Gabi shows up to pay her respect for their sister. A Nun also arrives to tell Antonio that the contractor wants to ask him some questions. They leave and Ricardo thanks Gabi for coming. She told him she wanted to be there because he and Antonio mean a lot to her. She then says, you mean a lot to me and I know it is not an easy day for you and then hugs him. As they are hugging each other, Madame Carmen returns to witness this, but then hides. Ricardo tells Gabi he has to go call the station and leaves. As Gabi lights a candle, Carmen comes up behind her saying she thought Gabi was going to stay away from her son. Gabi turns around and told her that she didn't come to argue with her today and her daughter's memory deserves to be respected. Carmen asked her if that is how she does it by coming here and making a play on the man you accused if raping you. Ricardo and Antonio have both returned, but Carmen doesn't see them at first standing behind her until Gabi looks past her. Antonio comes up to his mother and Gabi told her that she is sorry for her loss while Antonio walks Carmen out. Ricardo apologized for his mother and tells Gabi the way she handled his mother was very impressive. Antonio returns and also apologizes to Gabi about Carmen. She told them it's okay, she knows it is a hard day for all of them and at least they still have a family in Sunset Beach. Antonio told her that the people she lives with and the friends whose lives she has touched, is her family.

At The Warehouse
Meg finally makes love with Derek but afterwards can't shake the feeling that something is terribly wrong. Once Derek is asleep, she creeps out of bed and stands in front of the mirror saying, "What is wrong with me, why doesn't it feel right". Ben is on the other side still pulling on the cuffs, telling her to trust herself and she has to know it was not him. Derek awakens and sees Meg standing over the mirror and comes over to stand behind her while giving Ben one of his devilish grins. He then kisses her down her neck, but feels she is tense for some reason. Derek then asks her what is wrong. Meg covers and tells him nothing and she loves him as they kiss, Ben has pulled on the cuffs so hard that his wrist is now bleeding. Just then the phone rings it is Sara who told Meg she is about to make a statement to the press and wants her to come home and be with her. Meg then told Derek that she has to go because Sara is about to give a press conference. Derek told her to go ahead and he will catch up with her later.

At Vanessa's Apartment,
Tyus and Vanessa are looking for the diary. Tyus finally finds it and tells Vanessa they should go. Vanessa told him not yet and then searches her bedroom and yells out to Tyus in the living room that she wants to make sure nothing is there to make Michael find out her mother has Martin's Syndrome. Tyus told her to hurry and then makes a phone call. Just then, Michael and Virginia also arrive to search for clues and upon seeing Tyus, Michael asks Tyus what the hell is he doing here.

At Ben and Meg's place,
Sara has all of her family around her as well as Casey, showing their support when she faces the reporters. Casey told the reporters that Miss Cummings would like to make a statement. Sara told them she heard the rumors about the congressman and they are false, adding that Congressmen Blythe is a honorable and decent man and she was proud to serve in his office. She then told them that she would like for them to please leave her and her family alone. Unfortunately, the talk doesn't go well, as the reporters won't believe Sara's explanations. A reporter asks her why didn't she give a statement along time ago and why is it that she ran away to Sunset Beach and has been acting hostile toward the media. Sara told them she didn't runaway to Sunset Beach and just because she chose not to address the media doesn't mean that she has been hostile toward them. They then start asking her more questions. Casey gets it somewhat under control and escorts the press out. Later, the doorbell rings and Meg answers it and sees that it is Ricardo who is there on official police business. Casey comes in behind him as Meg is asking Ricardo if this has to do with the anniversary of Maria's death. Ricardo told her not this time, and he is here to tell her that Eddie Connors has been murdered. Shocked, Meg asks Ricardo who killed him.

Back At The Warehouse,
Derek taunts Ben by telling him that he knows Ben got into his head and tried to stop him from making love to Meg but it didn't work. Ben told Derek that he will kill him if it is the last thing he does. Derek told him he hoped he enjoyed watching him make love to Meg as much as he enjoyed doing it and that he was 100 times better at it than Ben was and it will only get better. Ben told him he was clueless and he wasn't fooling Meg. Derek told him that Meg made love to him and even though he never got what he wanted from Maria, Meg made it well worth the wait. Ben asked what was he talking about. Derek tells Ben about all the agony Ben was put through all those years ago thinking about him and Maria. He then told Ben that Maria never betrayed him, she and I never made love. Ben said he didn't believe it. Derek told him he should, because he had so much fun watching him live with the guilt of not saving her. He sees the hook and says too bad he didn't have it around when he killed Eddie. First the fools at the island and then the pest Eddie and now I have saved the best for last, only this time there won't be a body to find. Ben said kill me, at least I know you won't get your hands on my money. Derek tells him that he'll find a way, then he will step into his shoes and Meg's bed permanently. Ben told him that he won't be able to fool Meg for long. Derek taunts him so more and told him that he is going to be living the life with Meg that Ben thought he was and every night we go to bed, she is going to be calling me Ben. As he keeps taunting, Ben is pulling up his wrists some more. Derek continues to tell Ben that he'll be the best lover Meg has ever had, every night for the rest of her life. Ben then breaks his wrists free from the handcuffs and jumps up out of the chair and lunges at Derek.

Wednesday, May 20, 1998

Meg is disturbed that Ricardo is suspect that Ben may have had something to do with Eddie's murder. She accuses Ricardo of wanting revenge, of hating Ben and looking for every opportunity to 'get' him. Ricardo reminds Meg that he is looking for justice and this is nothing personal. He is trying to fill in the blanks; looking at every angle. She reminds him that Ben too is going through hell because this is the fifth anniversary of Maria's death. Ricardo told Meg she seems to have a blind spot when it comes to Ben. Later after Ricardo has left Casey takes Meg aside and told her Ben HAS had dealings with Eddie and the night before Casey himself had caught both Ben and Eddie talking in front of the house. Meg doesn't understand; she is of the opinion that if Ben were having anything to do with Eddie he would have mentioned this to her. Ricardo told her Ben is unpredictable and dangerous but, as usual she tosses this notion off (or does she)? Outside the house Sarah is thanking Casey for being such a good friend. When she walks back in she finds Meg in obvious distress. Meg told her there is something wrong. Their lovemaking was off. Ben seemed to be a different person. Things just haven't been right lately. Sarah mentions 'the picture ' (of the 'twins') to Meg and she is surprised. We last see Sarah holding the picture ....

Michal and Virginia step into Vanessa's apartment and confront Tyus. When asked what he is doing there he makes up some lame excuse and Michael seems not to care. He told Tyus he is there to search for clues as to Vanessa's whereabouts. In the meantime Vanessa is in the bedroom and shrinks back into a closet for fear Michael will walk in. Virginia, in her usual 'helpful' style keeps trying to influence Michael to go home to give it a rest. Tyus -unfortunately- agrees; he has no choice, Vanessa is in the other room. They finally turn to leave but before they do a noise is heard coming from the bedroom. Michael rushes in (Vanessa is in the closet trying to make herself small and invisible). Tyus and Virginia are on his heels but nothing is found. Michael professes his love for Vanessa and vies never to stop trying to find her. That whatever the problems are they can go through them together. For a moment it seems that Vanessa will relent, come out, be seen, but at the last second she decides she can not and will not have Michael going through the hell of Martin's Syndrome with her. She must stay away. Virginia, of course, told Michael how she will do everything in her power (yeah, right) to help him. They leave with Michael and his determination to follow.

Antonio is looking out at the beach, Gabi near by as he thanks her for keeping him company. She told him she is quite aware of what a rough day it is for him and his family and that the on-going feuds between Ricardo and their mother must be difficult for him. When Eddie's death is mentioned Gabi is shocked and the good (and gorgeous) father explains that Ricardo did not mention the crime because he was only trying to protect her. Gabi told Antonio and later Ricardo that she is quite the 'big girl' now and needs no 'protecting.' It is obvious and Father Antonio remarks that her therapy sessions seem to be of great benefit. She seems a more mature and capable person and not the (little bad) girl they saw when she first came to Sunset Beach.

We see the police detective checking out computers at Elaine's. It seems there have been some gambling going on through the computers and this could be a tie-in to Eddie's death (so Ricardo thinks).

Derek is in the torture room again taunting Ben with the juicy details of his and Meg's lovemaking. He told Ben he intends to take over his identity and 'be' with Meg. He went on and on about his lovemaking how much better he is (than Ben) and that Meg just loves him Derek continues to taunt and gloat and then lets go a real bombshell. "Oh by the way," he told Ben; "your wife, Maria, well, she never did really sleep with me." Derek went on to say Maria was never unfaithful to Ben during their marriage and Ben, eyes wide, is visibly shaken (for he had believed Maria had been unfaithful with Derek and hated her for it). Unable able to stand it a moment longer and with all the strength he could muster Ben, with one mighty jerk, pulls himself out of the chains and lunges for Derek. They fight, Ben went down, Derek went down, up, down, up, down, and in the end the REAL Ben is standing. He reaches for the 'hook' - the same type as killed all those on 'terror' island but is unable to complete the task. Instead he turns to leave the room and in only a few short steps Ben collapses. IN THE MEANTIME outside the warehouse Casey walking by notices Ben's car. He decides to check out Ben's whereabouts and comes upon the real Ben laying on the floor. Derek is in the other room, still out cold but he is ignored; after all, no one knows of his existence except Eddie and he's dead. And then there's Sarah ....

Thursday, May 21, 1998

At The Richards',
Annie shows up ringing at the door, determined to confront Gregory about their little tryst. When the servant answers the door, Annie pushes her way past her to where Gregory is in the study and told Gregory that they need to talk. Gregory says we need to talk about your manners. Annie told him they need to talk about his manners and it's impolite not to call a woman after you've made love to them, or is he forgetting that he made love to her last night. Gregory tells her no he didn't forget and Annie says she didn't think so. She tells him she can understand with him being preoccupied with Olivia and then went on about the nerve of Olivia walking in on them the other day. Gregory cuts her off saying what went on between him and Olivia is none of her business. Annie tells him that nothing is going on between him and Olivia, that's why he turned to her, because Olivia wasn't there for him, but she was. She then tells him that she is still there for him and kisses him. Gregory response and Annie says tell me that didn't feel good. Gregory told her it does, but it doesn't make it right. She asked then why they made love. He told her it was coming on a long way, but now it is over and he can't offer her anything more. She told him, yes he could and then moved on to Plan A and asked him when was the resort going to be ready. Gregory told her in a couple of weeks. Annie said, good, because she is interested in a corporate suite for herself. He asked her why. Annie told him, have you forgot that your wife owns my house. Shocked he asked, so she threw you out. Annie slinks up against him and asks him if he has any ideas where she could stay. He told her that he hopes she wasn't suggesting that she stays here. Annie says of course not, but adds that he does have plenty of room. Gregory told her yes, for his family and tells her the hotel is down the street. Just then, Sean arrives, and told Gregory that Rose told him that Olivia is staying with Annie. Annie told Sean that's not exactly true, but before she can say anymore, Gregory stops her from saying anything more. Annie catches the hint and told Gregory that she will talk to him later and then leaves. Sean has Rose pack up some of Olivia's things. Gregory asked Sean if he was taking her side. Sean says she is trying to remember. Gregory told him she lost her memory for a way to hide she was drunk. Sean told him the music box will hopefully help her regain her memory and tired of his dad's attack on his mom, Sean leaves. The phone rings, it's about Ben. Gregory leaves to go to the hospital.

At Olivia's Place (formerly Annie's),
Following a happy reunion with her daughter, Olivia explains how an old friend convinced her to come home and seek the truth, instead or running from her problems. She then told Caitlin about her recent confrontation with Gregory, but leaves out the Annie part. Caitlin told her she is going to pray that the both of them can figure out a way to work it out. Olivia told her to save her prayers for a better cause. Caitlin told her that she is not going to take sides. Olivia then asks about them moving in with Gregory. Caitlin told her that she and Cole both, did it for Trey. Realizing Trey is still a touchy subject, Caitlin asks Olivia if she received the pictures Caitlin sent her. Olivia told her she did, but that she still wasn't able to bring herself to look at Trey. Caitlin told her that she understands and Olivia told her that she is now ready to meet Trey and after she finds out what happened, she is going to be a great grandmother. Caitlin told her mom that she has to go and meet Cole at work and will catch up with her later. As she is leaving, Annie arrives and is surprised that Olivia didn't told Caitlin about finding her in bed with Gregory and also kicking her out of the penthouse. Olivia told her Caitlin knows Gregory isn't perfect and you aren't his first error in judgement. Annie told her she's not an error, Gregory prefers her and Olivia should do herself a favor and book another cruise. Olivia told Annie that it takes more than sex to capture Gregory. Annie confidently told her that she had him before Olivia even left. Olivia said, "you self absorbed tramp". Annie snaps back at her, if you look up tramp in the dictionary it has a picture of you with my father. Olivia explains to her again that she never wanted Del's money and in the end he turned into a reptile and tried to blackmail her into leaving Gregory. Annie told her after what she did, she should have left Gregory. Olivia told Annie that she is tired of going rounds with her about this and she is through. She has had it with Gregory and as far as she is concerned, Annie and Gregory are made for each other and they can both burn in hell. Annie told her to remember she can't hide from the truth, she fell off the wagon and killed her baby and if that is not enough, she had the nerve to come back to town and drag everyone down with her. Olivia told her there is no proof of any of that. Annie told her Gregory has the liquor store receipt. Olivia told her to get out. Annie taunts her some more and says she's surprised that Caitlin and Sean lived past 5, since Olivia was the town drunk then too. Olivia starts throwing Annie's stuff, telling her to get out. Annie says the truth hurts doesn't it. Olivia sadistically told Annie she is going to destroy all of Annie's things, including her if she doesn't pack up her stuff and get the hell out now. Annie went upstairs to pack.

At The Construction Site
A.J. is at Cole's job and talking to his foreman and asking him to watch out for Cole for him. Meanwhile, Cole is somewhere around the job site working and has a flashback of talking to A.J. at the beach the other day. The foreman walks over and told Cole to take a break. Cole takes his break and walks over and sees A.J. standing there. A.J. told him that he wanted to see his son. Cole told him he doesn't want to see him. A.J. told him he understands him for being upset and he should have kept in contact with his mother, but he had a very good reason for leaving and asked Cole if he would like to know why all of a sudden he left town without a trace. Cole sarcastically told his Dad, that his excuses for slipping out of town don't interest him. A.J. told him he was just like a Deschanel and he was as stubborn as his father. Cole told him he hopes not, because he doesn't want to be anything like him, a coward that left it all behind. A.J. told him he was right, he should have been there while Cole was growing up, but he is here now. Cole said it was too late. A.J. tells him he can't deny the fact that he is his son. Cole told him he doesn't know him and he doesn't want him to be a part of his life, adding that he doesn't deserve Cole's respect just because they have the same last name. A.J. asked for Cole to give him a chance and let him earn his respect. As they rehash the past about A.J. not knowing about Cole, Cole is still unwilling to let his father have a relationship with him. Just then, Caitlin comes upon Cole and his father arguing and recognizes A.J. as the man she met in the Waffle Shop. They keep quiet in front of Caitlin and Caitlin told A.J. it was nice to see him again. He told her like wise. Cole is shocked and said you two know each other. Caitlin told Cole she ran into him at the Waffle Shop, and he was asking questions about you. She then told A.J. she is sorry, she never got his name. A.J. told Cole he can explain. Cole cuts him off saying, you never told her who you where. A smiling Caitlin answers by telling Cole that he told her he was a family friend, and asks why who is he. Cole doesn't answer her, but asked A.J. why he went to his wife, to pump her for answers. A.J. explains to Cole that he wanted to tell Cole himself that he was back. Suspicious, Cole starts saying that it all makes sense now, the mugging, the stolen hair, you are the one that has been after me aren't you.

Meanwhile, the doctor who performed the analysis on Cole's hair calls his mystery boss for further orders. He says this is Dr. Merc, please call me back right away I need to know the procedure for the Cole Deschanel matter. The hair sample is a perfect match and time is of the essence.

At The Warehouse,
Casey is shocked to find Ben lying there unconscious and calls an ambulance. He told them It must have been a mugging, he assumes, not knowing that Derek lies just out of sight in the back room. Casey looks for Ben's wallet, but it isn't there. Casey then told them to take Ben and he is going to get in touch with his fiancée. Derek is still lying unconscious in the back room. After the paramedics take Ben away, Casey hightails it to Meg's to let her know about Ben.

At Ben and Meg's Place,
Meg continues to be plagued by doubts about her future husband. Sara gets ready to show Meg the photo she found of Ben and his twin brother, but before she can show Meg the photo, Gabi comes over to discuss Eddie's death. As they speculate about Eddie's death and Ricardo's suspicions, Casey arrives with news of Ben's injuries. Casey told Meg he found Ben at the warehouse and it looked like someone beat the hell out of him and he has been taken to Sunset Beach Medical Center. They all head to the hospital.

At Sunset Beach Medical Center,
The gang arrives and Meg, Gabi and Sara head towards ICU. Ricardo stops Casey to talk to him because he was first on the scene. Casey told Ricardo that someone beat Ben to a pulp and he was missing his wallet, watch, so he must have been robbed or something. Gregory arrives and asked if Ben was mugged. Ricardo told him maybe or maybe someone just made it look that way. Gregory asked who. Ricardo told him he doesn't know but Connors was found with a racing form over his body, but that doesn't mean the bookie killed him. Casey asked Ricardo if he thought it was connected. Ricardo told him they both work for the Liberty Corporation. Casey then told him that he knew there were people who were opposed to the resort but he didn't know it would lead to this. Ricardo then told Gregory to take precautions with his family as soon as possible. Gregory looks worried and asked Casey to keep him up to date on Ben's condition and then leaves. Ricardo told Casey that Tyus won't let them anywhere near Ben, so he wants to go back to where the accident happened.

Inside the ICU, Meg asked Tyus if Ben is going to be ok. Tyus told her it is pretty serious. Meg starts crying and takes Ben's hand. She told Ben it is back, that connection we have always had. She then told Ben he is going to be find and talks about all the plans they made for the future. As she is talking, Ben turns his head and opens his eyes. Ben tries to speak. Meg tells him he is in the hospital and he needs to save his energy and then went on about how she was feeling like he was another person lately and now she knows she was wrong. Tyus comes in and told Ben not to talk and to save his strength. Ben falls back into unconsciousness and Meg is scared. Tyus asked Meg to wait outside until he checks Ben's vitals.

Back At Olivia's (formerly Annie's),
Annie is upstairs packing and Olivia is downstairs looking at the death certificate, she told herself no matter what everyone says she doesn't believe she was drinking or caused her sons death. Sean arrives with Olivia's things. She sees the music box and says she thought it was broken. Sean told her he bought a new one to help her remember, he told her to open it. Just as Annie is sneaking down the stairs. Gregory also arrives outside and hears the music box playing. Inside as Olivia is listening to it, Sean asked her if she remembers anything as Annie is watching in horror.

Back At The Warehouse,
Ricardo and Casey arrive and Ricardo looks around and told Casey there is no sign of forced entry or a struggle. Casey told him the door wasn't locked when he got there. Ricardo says maybe Ben knew the person and then asked what was in the back room. Casey told him that he doesn't know what is back there, only that Ben wanted to keep it private. Ricardo said he didn't tell you anything. Casey then told him all he knows is it was suppose to be a surprise for Meg. Ricardo says that he doesn't like surprises and told Casey lets check it out, as they go over to the door.

Back Sunset Beach Medical Center,
Tyus returned out of Ben's room and Meg asked him what was the prognosis. He tells her Ben has a concussion, bruising and severe lacerations to his wrists, and there maybe internal bleeding. Worried, Meg asked if he will need surgery. Tyus told her it's possible, but the major concern is his breathing. A nurse comes over and told Tyus that Dr. Winston is on the phone. Tyus excuses himself and Meg asked if she could go back in to see him. Tyus said yes. Inside, Meg told Ben she was back and everything would be fine. Meg then says that she just didn't understand how this happened and wondered who would want to hurt him. She takes his hand and told him that she loves him and will be there by his side until he is better. Just then, the heart monitor flat lines and Meg yells Ben, somebody help me, Ben wake up...

Friday, May 22, 1998

We open today with Cole explaining to AJ once more, in a 'not so delicate' manner, the fact that he wants nothing to do with him. Cole told AJ he doesn't need him now. He says when he needed a father AJ wasn't there and now it's too late. Cole accuses AJ of having him attacked, of clipping that lock of hair - for god knows what and says sooner or later he will choke the information out of him . Caitlin is stunned to learn that AJ, the man she'd met earlier, the man who claimed he was a family friend, was really Cole's father. AJ tries to convince Cole that he will be robbing his son, Trey, of knowing his grandfather. Cole lashes out at his father becoming more angry and determined to have nothing to do with him; "You didn't do a damn thing for me" he calls out as AJ leaves. Cole is angry, so angry he slams his hand on a nearby car and blood spews forth. He has harmed himself and Caitlin is shocked. She has never seen this side of him and, when she sees the blood insists they go to the hospital and have his hand checked out. Cole stubbornly resists and Caitlin accuses him of pulling this 'macho' crap. ":Do it for me" she says and he relents, wrapping a kerchief around the bloody hand they make way for the hospital...

Olivia and Sean are listening to the music box Sean has brought to his mother in the hopes she will remember what happened the day of her baby's birth and death (so she thinks). As she is visibly aching to remember Annie is on the staircase terrified that at any moment Olivia may realize what really happened and Annie's part in it. Gregory, standing at the open door, out of sight -also listening. We see flashbacks of the phone call Annie made to Olivia; the cabin; Annie taking the baby and the heartbroken Olivia begging for her baby. We are unsure if Olivia is remembering or it is Annie reliving the memories and praying with all her might that she will never be found out? Sean asks her "Do you remember anything." It seems for a moment....yes...she remembers a phone call..."somebody asks to speak to Gregory"....she can't remember. Sean assures her that she will, in time. Gregory then steps in "Good performance," he begins as Annie also steps into the room. Gregory begins his tirade "What happened? Admit you were drinking; admit your killed our baby; I have proof; I have liquor receipts; cremation papers; YOU KILLED OUR BABY OLIVIA, YOU KILLED OUR BABY." With fire in his eyes he grabs Olivia trying to get her to admit fault. Sean breaks them up. "Leave her alone," Sean yells, but Gregory isn't finished! He continues to drive the knife in; to verbally attack again and again. (This is not a nice guy.) Once more Sean pushes his father away telling him to get away, to leave his mother alone. Annie, as usual must put her two cents in so she can add one more nail to Olive's baby's coffin (so to speak).Olivia finally has had it (no wonder) and told both to leave but before they do Gregory informs them of Eddies murder and Ben's beating and before you can count to two Annie is flying out the door. Gregory will not leave until he warns Olivia and Sean that they must be careful.; that the police believe Ben's beating and Eddy's killing may involve the Liberty Corporation.

Later AJ comes-a-calling; flowers in hand. Olivia is thrilled to see a friendly face. He asks Olivia how she's doing and gives her a pep talk. She, in turn, gives him a pep talk when he relates his meeting with Cole. During their little talk we notice AJ taking Olive's hand.(Will romance bloom?)

Casey and Richard are checking out 'the room' at the warehouse and it seems they see nothing they can use for evidence - not yet anyway. In the meantime, Derek is hiding behind 'something' and is quite alive and well and upright. He looks into the mirror, with a picture of Ben nearby. Cutting himself in the exact spot where Ben's cut is, he is a total match to Ben's face. He seems to have released himself from handcuffs as he rubs his bloodied wrists. When Casey and Ricardo leave the building and after Derek has done his slight surgery we then see him dousing a pile of wooden carts, with pictures of Ben and Meg and it moments they are up in flames. It is clear the warehouse will shortly be a memory.

Meg is at Ben's bedside while her parents and Sarah and Gabi wait outside talking and pondering as to what could have happened. Suddenly Ben's monitor begins beeping -he's flat-lining-his heart's stopped. Meg screams "HELP, SOMEBODY HELP, NURSES, DOCTORS HELP." Tyus comes racing into the room scurrying Meg out as several nurses rush in with a crash cart. 'CLEAR, CLEAR' everyone hears from the hallway. Frantic everyone waits until it seems the crisis is over. Tyus is curious because he finds Ben very dehydrated. There are questions as to how that could be possible. Tyus has no answers but will give him the proper medical treatment. Meg went back to the room. She talks with Ben. With tears running down her cheeks she tells Ben of all they have to look forward to. She told him how very much she loves him and needs him. Outside Sarah begins telling Joan, her and Meg's mother, about the picture she found. Sarah told her mom she didn't know that Ben was a twin. Joan is surprised. She knew of a brother but did not know they were twins. They both decide this isn't the time to discuss any of this with Meg as she had enough on her mind. Annie comes rushing up to Ben's door. She's stopped and told only family are allowed in to see Ben. With her usual defiance she says "I'm as close as family can get" -or something to that effect but she is turned away. Annie is furious (who'd a thunk it). Hank and Joan see Annie and Hank remarks that the last time they saw Annie was when "she sprouted chicken feathers in her miniskirt....when she came to Kansas to try to steal Ben." Annie didn't think much of that remark or the fact that she couldn't see Ben. Gabi asks Ricardo if she can be of help and he agrees. They give that look to each other again. That somewhat shy, sort of sweet, kind of something could be happening kind of look.

We see Derek skulking the halls dressed as a surgeon...mask and scrubs. He stands at Ben's room and peers into the window watching both Ben and Meg. Meg has fallen asleep on Ben's chest and in a short time we see Ben's hand caress her face. Meg raises up, tears in her eyes. No words are spoken (that I can remember) because the moment was sheer bliss. Ben will be OK after all. But we don't yet know what Derek is up to.

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