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Monday, May 11, 1998

As we left off Friday Gregory walks into his office and spots Cole rummaging through his things. Gregory confronts Cole asking what exactly he "thinks he's doing". Gregory threatens Cole with the fact that he will soon be 'out of there,' "that he should be happy and enjoy himself now because he's not gonna be around for long. Caitlin walks in and sees Gregory and Cole glaring at each other. When she questions the goings on they cover quickly indicating nothing special. Cole and Caitlin head for upstairs as Gregory rummages through the puzzle box trying to figure out what Cole was up to. He spots the paper with the case number referring to the break- in and robbery/ assault at his home but decided Cole must not have taken notice of this and brushes aside any worries. As Gregory discovers old love letters he is, for a moment, walking down memory lane, recalling how much he loved Olivia when they were young and just married; other letters spoke of her unhappiness and his lack of love - and he then reminds himself that Olivia, he is sure, killed his baby. Cole and Caitlin leave for their bedroom where a short discussion takes place about Cole's father never being around for him and how he will never leave Caitlin and Trey. This reminds Caitlin of the hoax that she has played on Cole and the fact the baby is not really their baby. She hugs Cole thinking she will have to live with this lie the rest of her life.

We left off last Friday with what looked like Olivia with one foot over the railing of the boat she is cruising on. Before she can jump she is snatched back by a tall man with a mask. He told her nothing could be so bad that she would take her life, and after hearing of her family could not understand why she would take her life when she has so many people to love her. She flashes back remembering all the times Gregory accused her, told her she did something to 'kill' their baby. She bellows this out to the stranger and again leaps for the rail. The stranger lunges after her and holds her in his arms while she crys with the pain she feels at the loss of the baby and even more because Gregory has accused her of killing it The stranger takes her into his cabin to rest and calls Olivia by name. It is obvious this stranger is not a stranger and does know Olivia. Could it be Armando?

As we left them Friday Derek was in the 'holding' room talking to Ben when he heard Sarah and Meg readying to pick up a picture they saw which had fallen out of Derek's bag. Hearing this Derek runs into the room and asks them not to look - that these are pictures of the renovation for their 'dream home' and he wants them to remain a surprise. Hank calls (Sarah and Meg's father) and told Sarah he wants to see her. He has returned to Sunset Beach and Casey has made up a ruse to get rid of the reporters so that she's free to return to Ben's where they can talk. As Ben and Meg begin to leave Sarah lags behind asking if she can take a little peek, Derek told her no and later when a suggestion is made that she return to the warehouse to hide out Derek reminds them all of the 'rats' making the warehouse a terrible place to hide.

Hank and Joan, Casey, Meg, Derek and Sarah discuss their next move and Derek suggests a hotel at which he has already made arrangements. Everyone agrees and while Casey once again scams the reporters they (Casey, Sarah, Hank and Joan) slip out without notice. At the hotel Sarah apologizes to her parents for all the problems and commotion and after they leave the room, with Casey still with her, Sarah breaks down in tears. We are left with the impression that the whole story has not been told.

The most emotional and heart-wrenching scenes today were between Annie and Bette. As we left off on Friday Annie and Bette are exchanging hugs with Annie vowing to 'be good' and in seconds Aunt Bette hears her own voice exclaiming to Olivia she must not seek a divorce. Bette is stunned and questions Annie as to what she has done. There is a tape recorder having fallen at Annie's feet and it becomes clear to Bette the tape is recording words in sentences she did not put together. She realizes Annie has once again used her and the conversation they had earlier, she had doctored the tape and planned to show it to Gregory in an effort to once again, in her hate for Olivia (Bette thinks) destroy their marriage. Annie tries to explain but Bette told her she is going to hell like her father. (Of course Bette has no idea of Annie's little talks with her father in HELL.) Annie gasps and is shattered, crying for Aunt Bette to listen to why she has done what she has done. Bette does not care at this point. She is not listening to anything Annie has to say. Bette thought Annie had a good heart, she now told Annie she was wrong, that Annie has no heart. She has had enough and told Annie their relationship is through. She told her what she has done is despicable. She has stepped over the one person who has loved her all her life; the person who has cared for her, stood up for her, been there for her....but no more. Annie keeps trying to tell Bette about the lousy deal her father put in his will but Bette has no use for any of her excuses`. She told Annie what she has done is unforgivable and the last straw. She will not be used by Annie again. Bette storms upstairs and Annie thinks she will just make her a cup of cocoa - like Bette used to do for her when she was upset - and she will calm down. Before Annie can even get to the kitchen Bette descends the stairs, suitcase in hand. Annie becomes hysterical begging Bette to listen. It is made crystal clear by Bette she is leaving, she will have her things picked up later. She has had it with Annie and that's that. As she leaves Anne is sobbing for she seems to think her Aunt Bette would understand if only she knew why she did what she did.

We next see Annie at the pier sobbing uncontrollably. Gregory walks up and questions her as to what is wrong . And obviously something is terribly wrong.

Tuesday, May 12, 1998

Aboard The Cruise Ship,
Olivia is in the stranger's cabin and wondering why he stopped her from jumping off the ledge. The room is dark so she doesn't see his face, but she does asks him who he is. The man told her to just consider him as a friend. Olivia told him if he where really a friend he would have let her jump ship and drown. He told her he couldn't let her do that and Olivia told him there is nothing else to live for. The man asked her how it is that she has nothing to live for. Olivia told him that she killed her baby. The man told her that he doesn't believe it and asked what happened to her baby. Olivia told him it was stillborn. He told her he still believes she has more to leave for in her life and asks that she think about her children and her new grandson. Olivia tells him that she does what to know her grandson better, but it kills just to look at him every time her daughter brought him over. The man then told her that he can't believe she is dealing with this all by herself and ask her where is her husband at. She told him that he blames her for everything that has happened and hates her, but not nearly as much as she hates herself. As she went on to explain what has happened in her life and how she doesn't recall what happened the night she had her baby, he asks her if she tried to kill herself because agrees with the blame. Olivia told him if she killed her baby, then she deserves to die. She then told him that she is tired and is going to return to her cabin. The man pleads with her to stay because he feels that she shouldn't be alone right now. She told him she is so tired and just wants to sleep. He offers for her to sleep there, telling her she would be safe with him. Olivia agreed to stay and told him that she hasn't felt this safe in along time. He told her to sleep tight and then went over to the other side of the room and says to himself that he promises not to ever run from her again.

At Sunset Beach Pier,
Annie is down there crying to herself because of what she has done to her Aunt Bette. Gregory shows up who was also down at the pier taking a midnight stroll. As Annie cries, she doesn't notice that Gregory is standing behind her. As he comes up to her, Annie tries to compose herself, but Gregory tells her that he knows she has been crying. Annie told him that it is just the ocean mist, but Gregory told her that he knows it is tears. Getting defensive, Annie asks him what does he care. Gregory told her that it looks like she needed a friend. Annie asked him if that is what he was trying to be. He told her sure why not. Annie then went on and on about her father and how this is all his fault. Gregory asked her that how did Del get into this. Annie said is it so crazy to want to be loved. He told her not at all, for the right reasons. Annie said never mine, you don't know me. Gregory told her yes he did, adding that he watched her grow up and watched all the things she did to get attention from her father. Annie said yeah but he couldn't love me and neither could Ben and now Aunt Bette. She then gets tearful again and asks Gregory why can't someone love me. He told her to be careful what she wishes for, she might get it. Annie turned around to look and him and Gregory told her that it would be so easy to make love to her right now, but it's not what she needs or wants. As they discuss how similar their fathers where and how they always tried to please them to no end, Annie and Gregory bond on the docks. Gregory told Annie that Bette will come back once she's had a chance to cool down. Annie doesn't think so and told Gregory to go away and leave her alone and to go reject someone else. Gregory told her she wasn't alone and he won't leave her alone until she listens to him. He then told her that she is not the only one hurting and kisses her.

At Vanessa's Place,
Michael is on the phone with Jimmy and told him if Vanessa shows up to have her call me. The doorbell rings it is Virginia and Tyus. Tyus asked Michael if he heard from Vanessa. Michael told him he called everywhere and nobody has seen her. I was about to propose to her tonight. What if something happened to her. As they all speculate about what might have happened to Vanessa, Tyus spies Vanessa's letter on the ground and hands it to Michael. Michael opens the letter and reads it. It flashes over to Vanessa at the airport crying. Michael said I don't believe this, she is leaving for a job in the far east. Tyus said maybe she will realize she made a mistake and will come back. Michael said it doesn't sound like it. Tyus told him to call him if he wants to talk and then leaves. Michael says out loud that it doesn't make since, she was just telling me how much she loved me and wanted to spend her life with me. I don't believe she wrote the letter, something else is going on. I am going to the airport. Nervous, Virginia told him not without me. Meanwhile at the airport, Michael and Virginia have arrived and Michael said he didn't see her. Virginia said maybe she took an earlier flight, lets go home. He said she maybe still here. He then says, wait a minute, I think I see her. An announcement for flight 243 is boarding now. Vanessa stands up and gets ready to board the plane when a hand touches her shoulder.

At Ben and Meg's Place,
Derek has the room rigged so that Ben will be able to hear him and Meg making love from over at the warehouse. Derek carries Meg up to Ben's room. Meg said I love you. He said hold that thought and went over and turns on the speaker phone so Ben could hear everything at the warehouse. She thanked him for taking care of everything tonight. They will finally be alone. Ben hears them kissing. Derek said you are so beautiful, Meg, your eyes your lips, I have waited so long to make love to you. That is about to change right now. He starts to take off her dress and rips it. She told him to take it easy. Derek apologized, and told her it has been a long time he got a little impatient. Meg said it was ok. He said he wanted it to be special. She told him it is special every time and then recalls when he filled the Java Web with white roses just for her. Meg then told him that he is always doing things for her. Like tonight, planning the night to be alone together. He said he wanted it to be a night she would never forget. She told him they both wouldn't forget and then excuses herself to go slip into something more comfortable. While she is in the bathroom, Derek leans over to the phone and said, I hope you are enjoying it Ben, listen closely while I have Meg, body and soul. Meg comes out of the bathroom and says, you know how happy you make me. Derek says, do you have any idea how happy you are making me. He then told her that he has wanted her so much. There is no one else but you Meg. Meanwhile at the warehouse, Ben shuts his eyes tight and thinks Meg don't let him near you, get away now. Meg pushes away from him and looks scared.

Back Aboard The Cruise Ship,
Olivia has wakened from a bad dream and the man told her it's okay her is there. Olivia told him that she keeps having these dreams of the baby crying and he is not dead, but my husband....The man told her don't listen to Gregory he is wrong. Olivia told him that she never told him her husbands name and then asks who is he? He says I told you just an old friend, he leans into the light so she can see his face and Olivia says, "Oh my God..."

Wednesday, May 13, 1998

Michael is frantically searching for Vanessa, hoping to find her before she boards the plane. Virginia is with him and as usual, trying to lead him home; to give up the search. He continues looking and hoping but to no avail. As far as he can tell Vanessa is gone. In the meantime Vanessa feels a hand on her shoulder and as she holds her breadth turns around to see Tyus anxiously looking down at her. They talk, Tyus telling her of Michael's proposal (re the party) , Vanessa telling him she knew and heard Michael on the pier. Tyus tries with everything he has to convince Vanessa to stay, to get treatment . (He seems not to notice the horrid welts over half of her face, or maybe he's just being polite.) He finally convinces Vanessa to stay at his place where she can have a private room and plenty of time to think. She reluctantly agrees.

Cole can't sleep and he's staring up at the ceiling (hmm) when Caitlin wakens and asks him what is wrong. (Seems he has some sort of ESP, for when he is talking to Caitlin, Olivia is talking to his father.) They embrace and Cole speaks of his past and his hopes for the future..

Derek and Meg begin to make love (still trying) when Meg suddenly pulls away . On the other end of the town, Ben is trying to free himself. Derek has left the phone line open so that Ben can hear his and Meg's love making. At one point Ben is trying hard to get thoughts through to Meg telling her to pull away, danger danger...Meg seems to understand as she pulls away with a look on her face that seems to say she knows this is not Ben. She races for the bathroom as Derek went for the knife. He is sure that Meg knows the truth and sees that he has now got to kill her. However, she returns from the bathroom and they sweet talk each other She told him how much she loves him and he is now satisfied that she does not know he is the 'fake' Ben. Later in the evening Meg is downstairs looking through Derek's wallet. She has some unsettling thoughts as the went over the past few days (or are they months?) and all the strange things that have happened. As she is checking over Derek's wallet he calls from upstairs. As she rushes to return to him a picture of what looks like Derek and Ben as young boys falls from the wallet. Meg is not aware of this and continues on upstairs, still unnerved and unsure.

ANNIE is at the pier crying over the fight with Aunt Bette and her harsh words of recrimination. She is sobbing for she feels that no one loves her or has ever loved her. As she stands there - a truly pathetic soul - Gregory walks up and tries to comfort her. As he seems to think that making love to Annie might be a good idea for them both (something Annie has wanted desperately) Annie pulls away. She decides one night won't have any meaning for her after all and runs off sobbing for the love she feels she may never have. Gregory went after her and though she seems not to want him to make love to her, she asks that he spend the night...she just needs someone to be with her.

THE BOAT OLIVIA continues to pour her heart out to the masked stranger (who is now unmasked and still a mystery behind the dark of night). At one point this man refers to Olivia's husband Gregory at which time Olivia, for the first time, takes are really good look at him as he comes closer into the light. She is horrified to see that the stranger is Armando Deschanel, Cole's father, Elaine's lover and someone to whom she was in love. She is furious that he knows all her feelings and secrets and reprimands him for not telling her who he was at their first meeting. (And, of course, this would be difficult because she was about to jump off the boat.) Armando, knowing all that has been going on in Olivia's life, and most especially, the baby saga, offers Olivia hope. He explains that he will help her and they will find out the truth about her baby, bout what happened and how and when he died. Armando let her know he was on her side and he does not, nor could he ever think Olivia killed her child, intentionally or unintentionally.

Thursday, May 14, 1998

Aboard The Cruise Ship,
After Olivia reveals the existence of a son he never knew he had, A.J. arranges for both of them to fly back to Sunset Beach. Olivia thanks A.J. for doing this for her. A.J. told her it was for the both of them. Olivia tells him it should be quite a homecoming for both of them. A.J. told her that she was right all along and he should have never run from his problems like she shouldn't now. Still digesting the fact that he has a son by Elaine, who is now a father himself and married to Olivia's daughter. A.J. wonders how well Olivia knows Cole and ask her to tell him something about Cole. Olivia has a flashback of her and Cole's affair, but told A.J. that immediately when she first saw Cole, he reminded her of A.J. Pleased to here that Cole takes after him, A.J. asks Olivia to tell him more about Cole. Olivia told him he'll find out for himself when he meets Cole, but says that she is more interested in finding out why he suddenly ran away from Sunset Beach all those years ago without saying a word. Before A.J. can answer her, the phone rings to tell them that the helicopter is there to take them to A.J.'s private jet. A.J. turns around and told Olivia it is time to go home.

At Annie's Place,
Annie and Gregory wake up at her place fully clothed and Annie is surprised. Gregory asks her what did she expect. Annie told him that she has woke up with a lot of men in a lot of different ways, but this is a first. Gregory tells her that he didn't want to leave her alone in the state she was in and would never take advantage of her. Annie told him that she only has one thing to say to him, thank you. They head downstairs and Annie told Gregory that he has now seen a side of her that nobody else has. He told her he'll never tell anyone she is a human being if she doesn't tell anyone that he is. Annie thanks him again and Gregory leaves. Once he is gone, Del appears from Hell and asks Annie is she has lost her mind. Annie told Del that she is tired of fighting and she just needed a friend tonight that is all. Del asked her if she has really given up pursuing Gregory or does she have something up her sleeve. She told him she doesn't. He then ask her after all that she has done to get Gregory is she just going to give in and hang it up now? She told him she was trying to do the right thing for once and only needed a friend. He then told her she has lost it because she forgot the number one rule, you don't mix business. Annie is unmoved by his words, until he reminds her about the addendum that comes along with his Will and told her once it has gone through and she hasn't completed her task, she can say bye, bye to all the Liberty Corporation Stock and won't have a penny to her name. Annie told him it is not true, but he told her that she is not worth having around if she doesn't have any money. Annie then told him that he may think she has lost it, but she will prove him wrong. Out of Hell, Annie told herself maybe she did blow her first chance to have Gregory, but maybe she'll have a second chance if there was only some way to get him back to her place. She looks around and spies his cellphone on her floor.

At The Richard's,
Cole is in the living room with baby Trey and his dog spike relaxing on the sofa. He glances over and looks at a picture of Olivia and Caitlin sitting on the coffee table. He then has a flashback of he and Olivia's affair and says to himself poor Olivia must be going out of her mind, adding that he doesn't know what he would do if he ever lost Trey as he holds his son up and looks at him. Just then, Caitlin walks in worried and Cole asks her what is the matter. She told him that Gregory didn't come home last night. Cole says nothing, but Sean walks in and Caitlin asks him if has seen Daddy. Sean told her that he was probably at the office all night, adding that he stays there a lot now that Olivia is gone. Caitlin turns to Cole and ask him if he is ready to take Trey to the beach yet. Forgetting about that, Cole told Caitlin that he has a few things he needs to take care of today and will meet her there. Sean offers to go along with Caitlin and keep her company since he doesn't have any classes today. Caitlin says that's fine and told Cole not to be too late, she then kisses him goodbye and her Sean and the baby leave. Alone, Cole calls Gabi and told her that he needs to meet with her to talk about Gregory some more. As Cole is leaving to meet with Gabi, Gregory is entering and says that's right I have been out all night. I thought I would give you free reign of the house so you can dig through all my stuff. Cole makes some remark about not apologizing to Gregory for anything and if that is what he is waiting on then he has a long wait, because he has things to do and was just leaving. Gregory wonders what Cole is up to, but before he has time to think about it, Annie calls him to tell him that he has left his cellphone at her house. Gregory told her he'll be back over there shortly to retrieve it.

At Tyus's Place,
Tyus comes in to find Vanessa still up. She told him that she couldn't sleep, because she felt the blisters all night, adding that Martin's Syndrome has come back with a vengeance and she doesn't know why she let him talk her into staying when she should have just got on the plane. Tyus said she was better off being with a friend and told her to get some rest and he would be back he was going to the store. After he leaves, Vanessa went over to the mirror and says to herself that she can't stand looking at herself, how can she expect anyone else to. The phone rings and the answering machine picks it up. It is Michael, he leaves a message telling Tyus to help him with finding Vanessa, because she would never just leave. Tyus arrives back to tell Vanessa something and hears Michael leaving the message. Vanessa is crying and Tyus asks her if she is alright. Vanessa told him she loves Michael and has to stay out of his life for his sake. Tyus told her he wants to help her get back her life. Vanessa said she couldn't stay. He told her not to give up so soon because research is his specialty. He then told her that he will help her, but first she has to help herself. Vanessa asks him how and he told her by letting him examine her. He then told her he needs to see her face. Vanessa takes off her scarf but won't look at him. Tyus gently turns her face to check her blisters and told her it's ok and then writes something down on his form. Vanessa starts crying and Tyus wipes her tears away. Vanessa tells him she is afraid to be all alone and have no one to turn to. Tyus told her he wants her to stay and she is not alone, she has him to turn to.

At Surf Central,
Virginia walks in after hearing Michael leaving Tyus a message and told him that she hates seeing him like this and asked him how could she help. Michael tells her he has to find her. Virginia told him that she left him a letter and it is there in black and white. Michael told her that he doesn't understand why she wrote for him to find another woman, adding that he has to find out why she took off without any warning. The phone rings and it is Vanessa's editor. While Michael is on the phone with him, Virginia flashes back to spraying Vanessa's dress down with the potion and smiles to herself. Michael gets off the phone and told her that Vanessa's editor heard from her, he got her resignation through email. He then says it is weird the way she is cutting off her ties and not in person. Virginia told him that time he walked in and Vanessa and her were talking, she said if she was ever gone for Jimmy and I to watch after you. Michael told her none of it makes since and he isn't buying it, he knows Vanessa. Virginia asked him how does he explain it. He told her he knows something is wrong and she was trying to tell him. He then told Virginia that he needs to find out what it is even if he has to go all the way around the world, he will find her.

On A.J.'s Private Jet,
Olivia told A.J. that he never answered her question. He told her that it was a long time ago and all that matters is that he is going home to see his son. He asked if she had any pictures of him or his grandson. Olivia grows sad and told him they are in her suitcase. He asked her if something was wrong. She told him that she still can't bring herself to look at Trey or the pictures. He said he was sorry, it must be hard. Olivia said she realized that running away is just excepting Gregory's blame and now she is going home to remember what happened and prove she would never do anything to put her baby in danger. A.J. asks her if they can have dinner sometime and she told him she would love that and thanks him again for stopping her from committing suicide, adding that they both have to look forward to new phases in their lives and hopes that it will be everything they expect it to be. A.J. agrees as they both sit back and await their arrival back to Sunset Beach.

At Sunset Beach Police Station,
Cole shows up and he and Gabi continue to probe deeper into the disappearance of his father and the incident that happened at the Richards. They come up short, but Gabi told Cole that the computer shows a lot of cross reference that she will check out. Cole told her great, but he has to leave to meet Caitlin, Sean and his son at the Beach. Gabi told him to go ahead and she will call him if she finds anything. As soon as Cole leaves, Gabi does find something and can't believe her eyes and says wait until Cole sees this.

Back At Annie's Place,
Gregory arrives and the door is opened. He enters and calls for Annie, saying he got the message about leaving his cellphone there. She comes downstairs all decked out in a nice sexy white dress. He eyes grow wide and he told her that she looks like someone all dressed up with no place to go. Annie says, who said I wanted to go anywhere. She told him that he left in the morning and she never felt all alone, it was a feeling she didn't want to feel. Gregory asked her if she had a point. Annie told him she's been thinking and she now agrees that they could get through the tough times together. He asked her how's that? Annie told him she would rather show him. As they start kissing, Olivia arrives outside Annie's and gets ready to knock, but stops and tells herself that she thinks she will just surprise Bette and then reaches for the door.

At The Beach,
Cole finally shows up and apologizes to Caitlin for being so late. She asks him if he took care of all of his business and he told her that he still has a few loose ends to tie up. He then turns around and watches Sean and his friends playing volleyball and comments on how well Sean plays. Caitlin agrees, but unbeknownst to them, Cole's father A.J. is also at the beach just above them on the pier. No one notices each other and A.J. says to himself that he thinks it is time that he meets his son and heads off to find Cole......

Friday, May 15, 1998

SUNSET BEACH SARAH and CASEY We find Sarah and Casey on the beach having run away from reporters, out of breathe and planning a strategy to get to Ben's house.... AT BEN'S
Sarah and Casey catch up with Meg and as they talk Meg sees Ben's calendar - something clicks. She suddenly realizes, what this date means to Ben. She believes this must be the reason the why Ben (Derek) has been acting so strange, unlike himself in so many ways She then relates to Sarah and Casey that this is the date of his first wife Maria's death and how last year Ben (Derek) went through a lot of emotional turmoil and strange behavior on this day. This explains everything, she thinks; all the odd things and the way Ben (Derek) has behaved. Meg now believes she must find Ben and make up for the suspicions she'd had. She leaves the house in search of Ben at the warehouse. After Meg leaves, Sarah spots the picture on the floor. She picks it up, commenting to Casey that she never knew Ben was one of twins.

Meg walks into the room. looks around and strolls to the mirror. As she gazes into the mirror she speaks about what she will do when she sees Ben. She is desperate to help him through this day of bad memories and, of course, she is unaware that Ben is on the other side tied up and frantically trying to get her attention with mental telepathy if nothing. May 16, 1998 else) Suddenly Derek walks into the room and Meg flies into his arms. She told him how much she loves him and how she knows why he has been upset lately and she wants to help him get through it. She wants them to 'make love' and give herself to him; as she is saying these words and they embrace Derek looks over his shoulder at Ben, once more taunting and with just a look letting Ben know he has won. He (at another time) brings a bottle of Champagne to toast himself and his new life. He tells Ben that he will take over his life and Ben guesses that Derek has fallen in love with Meg. They discuss Maria's infidelity and affair with Derek (which Ben knew seemingly knew about) and it is mentioned that both Derek and Maria died on the same day. Derek is quite pleased with the way things are and at this time things do not look good for Ben.

A perfect day for a picnic for Caitlin and Cole until a phone call (from Gabi) . Cole pretends it has to do with work and Caitlin decides she'll go over to Elaine's. As Cole leaves and trudges across the beach he passes, unknowingly, his father, Armando who is headed also for Elaine's.

Caitlin is 'hanging around' when Armando comes in and someone points out that Caitlin is Cole's wife. He went up to her, they have a little conversation but Armando does not give away his identity.

Gabi shows Cole something on the computer and whatever it is Cole is less than happy. It has something to do with his father Armando and Cole leaves the station upset.

As Bette walks to the door she hears a familiar voice. Olivia has returned and they rush to each other and embrace, Olivia suggests they go inside and have a talk. Bette explains she does not live there anymore, it would be too awkward and suggests they go elsewhere.

Gregory and Annie are going 'at it' hot and heavy on Annie's couch. Suddenly Gregory pulls away and says he has to go.

The two women are discussing the latest happenings and Olivia realizes she must go to her house (which she doesn't want to do) when Bette tells her that Cole and Caitlin have moved in with Gregory. Olivia realizes she must go to the house for it is the only way she can see Trey.

Annie sneaks into Gregory's -- she isn't going to take no for an answer. The dog - Spike - begins to bark, she told him he's a stupid mutt and to shut up and continues on. As the approaches the master bedroom she sees a pile of letters on a table. She sits herself down and begins to read them. With her usual sarcasm she spews forth pure hate and jealousy at Olivia. She wonders if these letters that Olivia wrote are ( speaking of first love) to Gregory or for someone before him.

Gregory meets his maid at the door as she leaves to go shopping. He tells her he will work at home and he starts for his office when Spike begins barking and eventually leads him to the upstairs portion of the house. Gregory makes a remark "Who do you think you are, Lassie?" as he follows Spike to the master bedroom. There he sees Annie rummaging among his things and he is LIVID. Annie screams; Gregory screams; Annie screams some more, Gregory screams some more and when all the yelling and screaming is done, just as sure as shootin' (an old expression) they end up in a passionate embrace which you just KNOW will not be stopped this time.

Olivia hesitantly reaches for the door, begins to knock, sees it's open and walks in. As she calls Caitlin's name Spike once again does his barking dance. Olivia is intrigued and when he again runs upstairs she follows. She went down the hall, walks to the doorway of the master bedroom and sees Gregory and Annie - silk sheets covering them - Annie moaning with passion. Olivia is stunned, shocked and very, very angry.........

Bette had spoken to Olivia of her concern for Eddie and when they parted decided to go by his place to see how he is. Eddie had given Bette a key so she thought she'd use it. Bette walked in the door calling his name and then - shocked and terrified at what may be -- she sees Eddie sprawled on the floor. She pushes the papers that were laying oh him (put there by Derek to look like a 'gambling' 'owed money to a bookie' murder). We last see Bette screaming .......

Cole is standing looking at the waves. He seems troubled by whatever it was that Gabi showed him at the station Just a few feet a way Armando is standing and calls out Cole's name. Cole starts to leave thinking he has been sent by Gregory for some evil purpose. Armando stops him; he tells Cole he is his father....

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